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Found 8 results

  1. I was recently terminated from a job. The reason stated was "It's just not working out." I asked the employer for a written statement as to why I am being dismissed. He said, "It's just not working out. That's all it would say." I explained that I needed the letter to get assistance while looking for a job. He said, "I don't have to write a letter." I spoke with the foodstamp office who informed me that I needed a letter from my former employer stating the last day I worked. I called the employer and asked again, stating what I had found. Again he said, "I don't have to write a letter." So, my question is does he have to write a letter and how do I compel him to do so?
  2. The reason for my question is that my oldest brother and my youngest brother got into a fight and my oldest brother had charges put against my youngest brother even though my oldest brother started and my youngest brother did ever thing he could to not fight him. My youngest brother is on probation so that is y he didn't want to fight him and plus it was his brother. Well my youngest brother is in jail they have not revoked his probation yet but he can not get out on bond . we have had two preliminary hearing and they have been continued . My oldest brother has already meet with the state and told them what he wanted but now he wants to drop everything cause of the grief he has brought to the family and pulse he has realized that he was the problem . Can the charges be dropped even if he has already made a statement and all. Thank you Rose Barron
  3. I am a WV resident and had a local HVAC company come to my residence and perform a service call on my furnace which had stopped working. The HVAC technician told my spouse that that a gas valve needed to be replaced and it would cost between $700-$800. My spouse told the technician that we were not going to spend that amount of money on a furnace that was 13 plus years old and we had spent around $350 the previous year for a separate repair and would instead pursue buying a new furnace. The technician rechecked the manufacture date on the defective part and told us that it was manufactured in 2013and that the part was still under a manufacture warranty (part was warranted for 5 years) and we would only have to pay for the service call plus installation which would total around $200-$300. We agreed to have the repair done under this provision. One week later, a different technician came to our residence and performed the repair. He handed my spouse a bill for $607.38. She immediately disputed the charge and told the technician the part was supposed to be under warranty and we only supposed to be paying for a service charge plus installation. He annotated this on the bill and stated a manager would be in contact with us. We were never asked if we wanted the repair done if the part was not under warranty or told that the part was not under warranty prior to the installation. The next day manager called and told the part was not under warranty and the bill stood. My wife told the manager what she was told by the technician and the response we got was that she (the manager) would ask the technician about it. A couple hours later the manager called back and said the technician denied stating the part was under warranty which was a total lie. The manager offered to have the part removed but if I purchased a new furnace thru their company they would return the part and I would receive full credit for the bill ($0 balance). I had their company give me a quote for a new furnace which was $800-$1000 more than the quote I received from a competitor. Approximately three weeks later, I made the decision to go with the competitor. I called the HVAC company and left a message for the manager. She returned my call and I informed her of my decision and that the decision was based upon this whole ordeal that I didn’t feel comfortable with their honesty in making a major purchase. I offered to return the part and pay for two service calls; she refused and stated she could not accept a return of the part unless I purchased a new furnace thru her company. I asked her why buying a furnace was a condition of returning the part and never got a straight answer. The call ended with no resolution to this bill and I feel like this was misleading tactic to force me into a position to buy an overpriced furnace. What legal recourse if any do I have?
  4. My husband was arrested a few months back on an assault case, the only thing is there where two other people involved, the other two where never arrested, even after going in and making their statements. My husband does not have a criminal record where one of the people involved in a multiple time felon and the other was the only real witness. The arresting officer was a State Trooper that informed my husband the main reason why he was arrested and the others weren't was because he heard from someone that my husband had called him a pig, which my husband had never said at all. The Felon had violated his parole many times, after this assault and his parole officer knew of this but did nothing such as getting into fights aside from this case and the witness at the first pretrial admitted to lying to the cops. The State Trooper only has these two witnesses other than the victim who has stated that the other guy, the felon, was also there and had been the one to actually hit him multiple times, not my husband, then has changed his story to say my husband was the only one there a few weeks later. I am wondering was there any right to solely arrest my husband when they knew two others where involved and had statements from the victim of the other presents at the crime scene, especially when one is a felon who violated parole? Also since this trooper admitted to my husband that he only arrested him due to the fact he heard from a different person that my husband had called him a pig, is this not prejudicial considering all three would have committed the crime and should have been arrested?
  5. I have been separated from my wife 18 months. We have not filed any separation papers or divorce papers just living apart. Can we file separately and I still itemize on my taxes while she takes the standard deduction? If not who will the IRS penalize? The one who itemizes or the one who takes standard deduction? We live in west Virginia.
  6. If you are a Technologist employed in a hospital, and work 16 hour shifts - is there a required break time or dinner time? I work both 8 hr and 16 hr shifts.
  7. I'm looking for a place to start researching the search and seizure laws for West Virginia high school students. What are the rights of the student? Who can order the search? Who can conduct the search? And when and where can the search be conducted? What is the expectation of privacy of the student's person and belongings? Under what circumstances is a search considered unreasonable? Harassment? What recourse do parents have in the school system? In the courts?
  8. Is there a law in wv that a car lot that does temporary tags and title work has to be open at least 6 hours a day during the week?
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