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Found 98 results

  1. i owe 325k for restitution and i am selling my primary residence and i need to keep money from proceeds to get a new home how do i do that homestead exemption?
  2. I was divorced in September of 2017. The divorce states that my ex had until June 1, 2018 to either buy me out or vacate the property. We are now selling and he is still in the house although he was supposed to be out 8 months ago. I received the title paperwork and I see that the original title paperwork says, "Kristen F, a married woman as a sole and separate property, purchased the house. It looks as though he quit claimed the deed to me when we purchased the house. I got a loan against my property that I owned prior to marrying him to purchase the property now being sold. The property the original loan was drawn off of was my property and he was never on the deed. How should I look at this? Do I have to split the proceeds with him legally? Does he have any right to the profit from the proceeds?
  3. The Will of my wife's father as far as the real property involved stated that his wife (who is not the mother of his children ) could reside at the property for the balance of her life but if at anytime should she no longer resides at the property ,sell the property or become deceased one half of the property's value of to be divided equally between his two daughters and grandson. With the change of title of the real property during probate the above information was made part of and incorporated into the deed for the real property What has happened is the stepmother sold the property and the title company failed to disperse the funds as per the Will which is filled with and as part of the deed. There were no notices sent and it took about a year for us to discover the sale. Two months ago the title company accepted responsibility for the error.this is where we are at .They tell us that they will pay when they get to it and they want to pay a reduced amount . We are in CA but the the property, probate and escrow is in WA
  4. A New Policy revisement 320.100 effective date 01\01\2019. Concerning the ability of ISRB in continuing to hold inmate to Life Time Community Service. Does anyone have any information concerning this new revisement To policy 320.100?
  5. I just started working at a new store. They opened doors and we were given full schedules 8/15, I was injured 10/22, and saw doc on 10/26 after missing three days. He put me on work limits until 11/26 but employer disregarded. Condition worsened and On 12/9 I could no longer out on shoes or get in or out of bed without extreme pain, missed all of december. When workers comp filed, the claims manager at employer averaged my hours based on all hours worked to date, which included two weeks in June (we were hired on June 16, but not given hours until 8/01) and the two weeks before store opening where I worked one 4 hr day orientation one week and one 4he training class the next week. It came to 25 hours per week. These weren't indicative of my average weeks which were between 30-37 hours for 2nd half of August once we opened and every week after until 10/22 when I'm out for injury. Should they be counting the injury week too? There was also a week between transferring jobs where they accidentally left me off the schedule. Can I protest including that as it was a management mistake and doesn't speak to my true normal schedule? How do you counter their calculation of show true average week hours? They are supposed to match my usual hours during light duty, but at 25 hours per week, we can't make ends meet.
  6. My husband purchased a car 3 years ago. Recently the loan company reported to the credit bureau that he was late 60 days. He had been calling in to pay his loan and no one disclosed that he had been paying late and getting a 12 dollar late fee tacked on. I'm pretty sure that this is breaking a law because they reported that he owed 700 dollars more than what was reported to the credit agency. What can we do to get them to rectify this? If they did break a law (aside from the Fair Credit Reporting Act as they have never disclosed he was late or paying late nor have the checked his address to ensure he was recieving notices) what other laws have they broken? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  7. I read that in WA State, if a person dies in a county other than the county in which thecwill was recorded, the state deems that intestate and will not follow the recorded will. That makes very little logical sense to me, so I am looking for confirmation or clarification on this law.
  8. I had work done a few years ago by a contractor on the wall of my house to prevent leaks in the basement. He gave me a bit to do the job for $700. He downplayed the need to move the heat pump to do the work. The job took longer than planned. The hoses of the heat pump broke. I let the contractor know who installed the heat pump to fix the problem. The contractor is telling me (now through his lawyer) that I have to pay the costs. I would have never had the work done if I knew that it would involve additional costs (another $600).
  9. My son's vehicle was seized in a homicide investigation 1 1/2 years ago, they recently solved the case and (with many phone calls) returned the vehicle. He was also harrassed, as was I, and his name smeared around our small community. We are in need of information on what time of lawyer we need to recover his losses.
  10. Mary and John set up a life estate in which they were the life tenants for a section of farm land. John Jr is the remainderman. John Sr passed away approximately 15 years ago, Mary died about 10 years later (5 years ago). An appraisal was done on the land after Mary passed. If John Jr chooses to sell the farm land now is he able to use the appraised value at the time of Mary's death as a basis to determine his gain for tax purposes?
  11. I need some help with jurisdiction? So I have a dependency court case that started in Washington state and now I live in Las Vegas Nv and I got petition by cps to have my parental rights terminated I want to know being that I no longer live in Washington do the court even have jurisdiction and if they don't have jurisdiction because I don't resigned in Washington anymore Can I get the case dismissed on top of false allegations within the petition to have my parental rights terminated? Any helpful advice would be appreciate it thank you
  12. I'm 24 I work for a contracting agency i make little over 25k a year my little brother is a 9 th grader he lives back and forth from a car to my little sister's couch and he needs a fair chance how do I get or take Custody of him from my dad step father) who lives in California with the rest of my immediate family . San Bernardino county CA . I live in kitsap county WA
  13. I co- sign on a car for someone, I had to take Car back because they have been late on payments, now they refuse to sign a release of interest on Car, they told me they will fill a harassment charges against me,
  14. I was married 17 years filed for a divorce a little over a year ago. I was injured in a auto accident 3 years ago now a settlement is being processed and there was no hardship to our family during my injury so my question is there a law in writing stating who is entitled to the settlement?
  15. In short, daughter's car was facing N stopped at a red left turn arrow on a 4-lane highway intersection (two left turn lanes in all directions). This is at 7:30 PM in early Feb so it was dark out and traffic was sparse. The left arrow turned green and she started through the intersection to make her turn. She never saw that there was a vehicle still coming through the intersection southbound (not E-W cross traffic) on the inside lane. She stopped but not before hitting the side of his car. The state trooper showed up, investigated, took statements, and ticketed the other vehicle for having run a red light. The speed limit on this highway is 45 mph and the yellow light holds for a good 4 seconds. There were no witnesses at the time. Insurance company says it's 50-50 because their client claims he entered the intersection on a yellow (which is legal) and that she did not yield, or wait for the intersection to clear. They will NOT negotiate a settlement beyond 50%. It's been almost 4 months. Damages to our 2004 Honda are around $4,000, which is basically totaled. We are only talking about $2,000 difference and they won't budge. We did not have collision on this vehicle so we are dealing with it instead of our insurance company. Is 50-50 ever a fair assessment?
  16. My 16 yo shoplifted an item less then 50 dollars from Target. The police were called he said he had his meranda rights read to him I assume that means he was arrested. Anyway we his parents were called to come get him. I have not received anything from the juvenile courts, but did get a letter from Target s attorney at law demanding we pay $250.00. the part I don't understand is that in the body of the letter it states, " this is not an attempt to collect a debt" but the goes on to say if we don't pay Target Corp may make further effort to enforce it's rights under this law. My question us this just a threat or do we really need to pay it?
  17. I discharged my doc sentence, in WA, from a MT interstate compact. 10 years 2 years doc 8 years suspended. Doc officer signed my paper work to discharge. Told me I was finished and completed my 2 year DOC commit also that Wa doesn't have me set to do any more time. I did one year in MT prison, where I was convicted, I did an interstate compact to WA. Where i did the rest of my time. One year left on a 2 year Doc commit. 2 weeks later the doc officer emailed me that i have an appiontment and place back on probation. Just wanting to know can they do that and do I fall under WA or MT sentencing guide lines?
  18. I am a retiree on a fixed income. My daughter currently lives with me. She's on a disability. This spring she, her then boyfriend and I rented an apartment in my name with daughter and boyfriend to be added to the 1-yr lease, but they were rejected. She and boyfriend have since split, but they were planning to move out. Now management is after my daughter to leave, which means I would move also, as she's medically and emotionally fragile and I have health issues too. Moving again would be a serious burden. I would like to see if there are any advocates/resources for people in that scenario.
  19. I dated a man for a while who told me he was widowed and then I discovered that he was actually married. I broke things off with him once I knew the truth. I want to tell his wife so she knows what happened, not to hurt her. Can I be sued by him or if their marriage breaks up? For loss of income, privacy issues, or defamation or anything like that? We are in WA state.
  20. I am trying to find some info about this cause I cant find it anywhere. My friends and I were on our cruisers the other day and got pulled over by an unmarked dodge charger police vehicle and gave us a ticket for speeding, we are totally fine with the ticket but we have heard from people an finding videos that it is illegal for a unmarked police vehicle to pull you over an give you a ticket because people can easily do this and replicate police officers. We are just trying to figure out if this is legal in washington state if an unmarked police vehicle can pull you over an give you a ticket or if it is illegal. We were in Clallam County and the car was a Dodge charger and the only indications that it was a police vehicle was that it had lights in the grill and visors. Any info would gladly be appreciated on the matter. Thanks
  21. I have an open style RV cover which we just discovered one 12" x 12" leg is over the property line by 5'. The cover has been there for about 9 years and the neighbor has not used their property for about 8 years. This is recreational property for both of us 1/3 of an acre each. They just had it surveyed and that is how we found out about the encroachment. They want me to move the RV cover so that the property line is not disturbed. I do not wish to pay that kind of expense to move or go to court over a pole that is over the line "by mistake" 9 years ago. We share a well that they have not used until now and we are not feuding yet. Hopefully it will not get to that. Does anyone have some idea that they my accept?
  22. Grandfather passed in 2010. A will was found (after gossip of wife wanting to sell the house) leaving his share of the house to his 7 children. His living wife has a bid on the house. An appraiser was at the house yesterday. Siblings want to keep the house. Would siblings be able to buy her out of her share? We have an open probate. We were told the will was filed some time ago, called yesterday and was told no evidence of a will in his name was filed. Called again asking if it was filed through the open probate, no once again. Is this the reason wife is able to not honor the Trust and Will he left. Didn't know you could do a private sale of a home when not all are in agreement of the estate. Need guidance..
  23. hi i have a important topic, i just recently did a trade with a friend of mine with a van and car. i was recently told that i have 72 hours to say i want my vehicle back and and he told me nod a deal is a deal but it wasnt a deal it was a trade and he said that if i wanted my van back he would give it right back and then he said no but im also dealing with child support and i dont wanna get in trouble for something i just found out about. is there any way that i can get my van back with out going to civil court
  24. In Washington state (King county), does the closing day equal to the selling/buying date? I mean, when I say I bought my house on 3/1, I mean that I closed on my house on 3/1?
  25. I live in the State of Washington and I have a question about temporary third party custody orders. If a judge orders temporary custody to a person other than the parents, can the person that was granted temporary custody give the child to another family member at a different address to raise instead of the person that was granted the temp custody? Sorry if this is confusing, but I have no other choice than to have to represent myself pro se and I have been dealing with this situation and trial is on Monday. Thank you for your time. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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