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Found 142 results

  1. A friend of mine owns a condominium and because of circumstances beyond her control she was not able to make her condominium maintenance fee which is $200 a month. The bylaw agreement states that the condominium will maintain the common areas like trimming the bushes and trees and cutting the lawn. They have not done any of those since she stopped making the maintenance fee payment. So she has been doing all of that herself. She is 76 years old and this is hard on her. The director told her that she could not go onto any common areas until the arrears are paid. That includes the swimming pool. The issue is, part of the common area is the ground that she mows. I helped her trim the arborvitae trees and I fixed the common area sprinkler system as a line was busted and shooting water everywhere. I have read through the bylaw which were created in 1977, and it does says that a lien could be put on the property in the event that the maintenance fees are not kept up to date but does not say that she cannot go on the common area’s like the swimming pool and cutting of the grass on the common area by her house. She has now filed for bankruptcy and has money freed up to pay the maintenance fees. She is paying the $200.00 monthly fee plus another $400.00 toward the past due monies owed, every month. It will take her about 19 months to get caught up. Here is my question: 1. Since she was ordered to cease and desist going into the common areas. Does she need to stop mowing the grass in the area that is common but is on her property? She only started because they won’t do it. She just wants to do the right thing so she has stopped going into the common areas but is concerned about the grass that is growing. Thank you, Ron
  2. If you have an original charge but never followed up on any court date after, does that warrant and charge have a statute of limitations or does that warrant last forever until the charge has been settled in court?
  3. I went to jail and was charged with domestic violence and Malicious mischief. I also have a parenting plan that says I have visitations every other weekend. I received a restraining order as I was released saying I can’t contact here or even a no 3rd party contact. I can’t go with in 100 yards. How can I exercise my parenting plan without breaking the restraining order.
  4. I have a restraining order against me. Am I able to exercise my parenting plan and how.
  5. My girlfriends lawyer did not meet with her to go over her case not one time nor did he turn in papers to get charges dropped or lowerd. he did not defend her in any way he also did not object to a juror knowing the ci in the case .he never did any thing she asked him to do like hand wrighting analysis to prove that pay owe books were not hers she was never cought or found with any drugs on her but yet was charged with upcswid the wrong address on the search warrent. school bus stop was changed to her driveway the day before the controled buy happend .there was never no drugs or money exchanged .the evadence in her case was gotton out of a car in a mexicans name at another address 8 days later is a appeal the way to go or is it a writ ?she receved 84 months in prison
  6. Last night, i got into an accident inside the mall parking lot. It was dark and there were no street lights besides all the mall lights. I made a full stop at the stop sign and then continued to make the left turn and that’s when i saw the other drive coming at me. It didnt seem like he was braking until i was able to drive forward for him to hit the backseat door behind me. There was damage to the front of his car, but it didnt seem like his damage was worse than mine. Unfortunately i didnt get an image of his damage. We both exchanged insurance information, but he said he wasnt going to file an accident report. His insurance will most likely contact my insurace. He lives in Oregon and The accident occured in Washington state. The conversation was pretty brief i would say it lasted about 7-10 mins then he left. Honestly, i freaked out because this has never happened to me. We talked about how the accident happened andi ended up admitting fault.. but in the end it’s his word against mine since there was no official report or police there. Should i still file a police report online? Should i contact my insurance company or wait until he makes his claim?
  7. If DOC gives you 23 days for a violation can the state take over and charge you with Escape Community Custody. or wouldn't that be double jeopardy?
  8. On December 24, 2017 my boyfriend was arrested on a DOC warrant. He went and hid in attic, during that time the police were getting a search warrant. About an hour and half later they entered the home and could not find him, my mother-in-law told them she thinks he might have went up in attic. They kept calling for him but no answer (He had fallen asleep). They had his Mom try and call him to come down, knowing my boyfriend he would do anything for his mother. She told them maybe he passed out or fell asleep. They were calling for him for a good hour to hour and a half ( so this is 2 1/2 hours he has been in attic). They kept saying if you don't come down we are going to send up the dog, They never once checked to see if anyone was up there, for all we know a kid could have gone up there (as his mom didn't see him go up there she assumed and she is 81 years old). So about a half and hour later they threw the dog up there. A few days later when I went to see him in jail he said " I woke up to the dog growling in my ear and the next thing I know he bit me in the head then the ear" The K9 officer said "quit strangling my dog". and you hear my boyfriend telling the to "call off your dog" which they did not do right away. Again I asked my boyfriend what happened and he told me" I grabbed the dog by his mouth and pushed him away then put my boot up so he would bite my boot instead as he kept going for my face and head. After he was in custody they took him to the hospital (where I sat in waiting area), while there the Dr. in ER said he is going to need reconstructive surgery on ear and a MLPD officer Welsh said " no because that would mean we would have to send an officer and that would cost money"' So the Dr. put 14 staples in head along with 13 stitches and multiple stitches in ear but left the inner part of his ear open. They sent antibiotics and some antibiotic cream to be administered three time a day to his ear. Well lets just say this this the nurse at Grant County jail in Ephrata WA, just gave him his cream for his ear February 1, 2018. He has terrible headaches, he thinks they left mesh in ear, and he cannot hear any longer out of ear. The nurse at the jail also told him if I have to go upstairs to get you an Ibuprofen its going to cost you $10 so you better hope there is one down here. He also has sent 3-4 kites asking for medical attention and all of them have been ignored. As of today February 19 he is still in jail. His Doc officer gave him 23 days for the violation. The State is trying to charge him with Escape community custody (he only has 4 violations), 2 obstruction charges and cruelty to an animal. First of all I know of multiple people on DOC with 20 plus violations and they are not getting charged with Escape community custody. And the cruelty to animal charge the officer checked dog next day and he was just fine, but really what did they expect him to do when the do repeatedly kept biting him and the officer never once tried to call his dog off until my boyfriend said your dog will not stop biting me call him off. The K-9 dog known as Chicka is a Belgian Malinos. I have a friend that rode in the K-9 car and I quote she said "I rode with officer Rik and his K-9 to Ephrata and it was clear to me the dog was malnourished, he stunk and was clearly in control of officer Rik." "It even appeared that he was intimidated by his k-9". If u could please help me or give me some ideas thank u for your time and consideration Justine E, Green one more thing here is a picture someone sent to me from the ER room of my boyfriends ear (i found out later it was a nurse in the ER, I guess she waited until the cops left then took picture. The only reason I think she took picture is because she did not think it was right what the dog did to him)
  9. This last December marks 3 years since my father has passed away his girlfriend has taken off with everything she had told the coroner's that he had no living children we have no info on his condo Financial assets or anything else because we believe she had the will has it been too long to file for anyting if not what can we do
  10. Hello, I was hired in March of 2017 for a telecommuting position, this position allowed me to work in any state in the USA. Just two weeks ago, they changed their policy and people that work for them must now live in Washington or Oregon. The company is based in Washington. I had made plans to move to North Caroling in June of 2018. I had not told anyone yet at job, as it was not required of me to notify as the policy I was hired under stated I can live anywhere in USA. Does this new policy include me, or am I exempt as I was hired under the 50 state policy? I do not want to say anything to them till I am sure of my rights.. I am now living in Washington... Thanks
  11. I moved to the state of Washington on June 23,2017 Leaving Johnson County in the state of Kansas. My Family and I officially arrived at our destination of my Mother’s home in the State Of Washington until June 25, 2017. I moved here with My Boyfriend as well as my two year old daughter she has lived with me all her life, Prior to leaving Kansas City I had told the father of my daughter that I made the decision to leave Kansas and move to Seattle. I got off work and I went by there like I did everyday to bring her home with me after spending the day at her grandmothers house where her father also lives, her father tried to intimidate me after I had told him the news on my decision to leave the state of Kansas then he argued with me in his mothers home when I told him I was moving in a couple days. He then kept me and my daughter in his mother’s house against my will after I had attempted to leave he would pull me back into the house repeatedly. Her Father who is on her birth certificate and I have a history of domestic violence before and after our daughter was born. He eventually went up stairs then my daughter and I left without physical incident and minimal emotional stress. Since living leaving the state of Kansas I was able to get established here in Washington. When I found that we were in a routine. My daughter’s Dad did send money to help out with Her expenses like Diapers/pull ups, wipes, clothes, ext. I reached out to my daughters Father and let him know that he is more than welcome to come visit Her or take her to Visit her other family in Kansas and visit for the holidays. We went over drop off plans so we could be coordinated with the parent Transfer of our daughter. We had agreed on a co parent plan that we were able to work out ourselves outside of court. He then sent me a message letting me know that he could not afford to bring our daughter to visit Kansas. My boyfriend of a year and a half and I decided pay to bring My daughter to Kansas to Visit her dad for a little for the holidays. We took the Gray Hound to Kansas City because it was cost sufficient, on the way I informed My daughter’s Grandmother that we would have her in Kansas City On or around September 5th 2017 and for her to meet us at the Gray Hound Station. Then a couple days later I left Kansas to Head back to Seattle while She Visited her Dad and her Grandma for the Holidays. I had a call with my mom who lives in Kansas a day or so ago saying the Sheriff was trying to serve me. I went online to the Johnson County Court website to look up to see if there was a case number with my name attached to it, there was. It is for a Paternity Suit, He is trying to file for full custody of my daughter with supervised visitation and he is also trying to have me pay child support. My daughter has lived with me her whole life and has had her own room. This was just supposed to be a visit. I moved here to get farther away from him due to our past history as well as Career opportunities due to me being a Dental Assistant. When he attempted to served me, that means that he signed those paper as being truthful and if he lied it would be unlawful. He knows I don’t live at my mother Address...he randomly popped up at my home in Lenexa, KS about a week or so before I decided to leave. I had Made it a point for him not to know where I live. The only person who knew was his mother. When My childs father popped up at my home at 8:00am yelling and cursing at me to open the door, He was not at the address he attempted to serve me at. I have not lived there since 2012 and he knows that. He also knows I was out of state because of the money wires for our daughter, so why send them there? Can I have this case to be dismissed? I have lived here longer than 6 months. The state of Washington is my daughters home state she was only supposed to be visiting Kansas then her father refused me from coming to get her. I have evidence backing this. My daughter is on my lease here in WA. I’m already trying to file for child support or was thinking about a Counter Suit for full custody since I live in the state of Washington. Thank you for your time and thought.
  12. Hey, so we've had plans to move my wife and her 2 year old from WA to VA for months. We filed all the paperwork and whatnot for this to happen. He's known about this move for at least 5-6 months. To keep the story short, the dad has had overnight visitation with the father, and when the daughter would come back she seemed very off. Wouldn't sleep, eat, was acting strange, and very angry and fussy. So my wife took her to the clinic and CPS was called. He dodged all the meetings with the CPS agent and has missed most of his scheduled visitation with his daughter. He apparently just got more info and now wants to take my wife to court (again). Thing is she's scheduled to leave the state, per the parenting plan we filed months ago, on January 1st. Needless to say, we've made arrangements for this scheduled move. I feel like this is a last ditch effort to keep her in the area... Help!
  13. If I was to be served by my landlord a temp protection order to my residence that I lived with her at would I be forced to vacate? She has moved out a few weeks ago but now doesn't seem to be happy about the fact that I continued to live in her home that is in foreclosure process. I have paid my rent and bills and tgen,some on top,of it.
  14. I rented a unit that was advertised as a fully remodeled unit. Within different cities in this state, under International Building Code, there are specific definitions for this term. When I moved into my new apartment, of which I agreed to pay a premium because I was getting a fully remodeled apartment, I saw that this was not the case. I documented everything immediately and demanded remedy. They have partially remedied the situation and stated that I would have a rent credit for the time in which the apartment was in poor condition. However, they rescinded this written promise. I have followed protocol and have a timeline, evidence in email, photographs and letters of demand sent via certified mail to the management company and its owners. I am preparing for a trial in small claims in Jan 2018. I understand that attorneys cannot be involved, however I am ignorant as to the strategies employed during litigation. The parent company is a publicly held corporation that is conducting this form of business across the nation. I firmly believe that this could be a class action law suit, both working in the writing of law and being a former property manager. I have not included all of the photos, just some. Sep 18 Letter A205.pdf
  15. If I was to be served by my landlord a temp protection order to my residence that I lived with her at would I be forced to vacate? She has moved out a few weeks ago but now doesn't seem to be happy about the fact that I continued to live in her home that is in foreclosure process. I have paid my rent and bills and tgen,some on top,of it.
  16. I've been researching this for my significant other, who's overwhelmed with all of this. For my question, I'll call him Joe. He lives on property he inherited from his great uncle, who left the property to the children of his nephew to "share and share alike". Joe's father took care of and lived on the property in a "life trust", until he passed away and it went to his children. Joe's mother was trustee of her husband's uncle's estate, as well as the executrix. She had 2 other children who did not have the same father as Joe, and were never adopted by Joe's father. Joe had a sister and a brother, the latter lived on the property as well. When Joe's father passed, his will named his three full-blooded children as equal successors, and separately named his two step-children, leaving them a small cash amount. Recently Joe's brother died intestate. He had very little other than personal items, vehicles, etc. and his share of the property, which through contracts with government agencies has provided all 3 with a decent income for years. Now, Joe's half-brother (different father, not adopted) has come forward to say he wants to claim his share of his half brother's estate. Joe has been told that half-siblings are treated as full-blooded siblings when it comes to these matters, and was led to believe that his deceased brother's estate will have to be divided 3 ways, meaning his half brother will end up with 1/3 of 1/3 of the property. They all live in Washington State, so I have restricted my search of information to that pertaining to this state. I found RCW 11.04.035, Kindred of the half blood, which says "kindred of the half blood shall inherit the same share which they would if they had been of the whole blood unless the inheritance comes to the intestate by descent, devise, or gift from one of his ancestor's blood, in which case all those who are not of the blood of such ancestors shall be excluded from the inheritance". Wouldn't this apply in this situation? My take on this would be that Joe's half-brother would have no claim on the property but that the rest of the estate ( the personal items, money in banks, vehicles etc.) would have to be split actually 4 ways ; with 1/4 each going to Joe, his sister, the half brother, and split equally to the half-sisters 2 children, as she is deceased as well. Also, I read somewhere that property co-owned (joint tenancy ?) would revert back to the surviving owners should one die, so it makes me wonder if that rule wouldn't possibly apply. I would so much like to hear the opinion of someone who has more knowledge than I, as I have none other than going online and searching. "Joe" isn't very "computer literate" and has asked for my help. Joe's sister doesn't like me very much and therefore any information Joe tells his sister came from me had better be correct. The attorney his sister has hired hasn't mentioned anything about this other than half-blood is same as full-blood in this state. Thank you in advance for any advice on this.
  17. I bought a home in WA state. Long story but i landed up with a house with unpermitted additions. There is a lot to follow up and go behind different people but considering that sellers are no longer in this country, my attorney says i have limited options. I would not have known about the unpermitted addition had a contractor not come and called it out. I checked the county tax website that confirmed my house had the unpermitted addition. Anyways, I decided to do nothing. However, a few weeks ago i was checking my tax records on the assesor website and saw that the website now has increased square footage and counts the addition. I dont know how they got the exact information but the square footage matches exactly with appraisal that was done by the bank. It seems like the appraisal somehow reached the assessors. Then a few days ago assessor shows up at my house calling out the discrepancy. Only my uncle who came in from California was there, hence he told the assesor to come later. The assesor was only asking questions about number of rooms and bathrooms and did not want to enter the house. He left his card etc and asked me to get in touch with him. I know that the addition on the assessor website will lead to extra taxes. I am OK with that. I should pay that. My concern is that the assessors will now try to get the additional information about the addition and find out the unpermitted addition and force me to get permits. I am OK paying for the permits but the contractor said that although the work done matches the 1990's code, they will ask me to get to the current code and that could be 10s of thousands of dollars. I dont know if i should be calling the assessor back. I was told that if i dont call the assessor, then they would change nothing and only charge additional tax. This is because they wont care if the work was permitted as long as they can charge. I dont know if thats true and whether they will follow up with the city and check on permits turning the permit department on me. I was also told that these departments dont really talk to each other and hence nothing to be concerned if i am OK paying the additional taxes. Should i just let this go? Any experience, inputs?
  18. Hi Everyone, My landlord (kindly) asked my fiance and me to move out early. "the situation with my family has changed and they will need to move here very soon. We cannot extend your lease." Our lease ends in March. He first told us this on November 24 and we told him the earliest we could and would move out by was January first. We have found a place and notified him last weekend. He helped us through the interview process even. Now tonight, after we told him our last night in the place, is December 31st he became upset and we needed to stay till January 15 or he wouldn't give us any of our deposit. Next fun tidbit has he never included a clause in the lease that talked about terminating the lease or moving out early. What are my options? Because the lease is only 4 pages and so vague it seems like I could leave now and be fine.
  19. In the state of Washington, a friend of mine belongs to a home owners association. She did not pay her dues for about 6 months because of income issues. She is now paying her dues but is in arrears. There was a meeting recently of members and a new director was appointed by the previous director. She was not notified of the meeting they said because she still owed money. She is requesting a copy of the current bylaw and the minutes of the last meeting. As of this writing she has not received a response. My question is can they exclude her because she is in arrears? Thank you, Ron
  20. Dui

  21. My child is double covered through private insurance (through dad) and state insurance through me). We are divorced. We went to a specialist a few months ago and needed a follow up appointment yesterday. The first appointment I didn’t tell them we were double covered because I knew they didn’t take state insurance. Yesterday I asked thinking maybe they started taking it. After telling the front desk person she said “ well, that’s a problem. We can’t see you, if you have state insurance. Even thought we don’t take it.” I’m sorry what? I’m not asking you to bill the state. The private insurance is primary. “ If you have state insurance we are not allowed to collect any money from you at all. It is illegal. The reason you have state insurance, is you are low income and you can’t afford to pay you medical bills.” She said. Talk about making me feel like a piece of crap. I am more than willing to pay the co-pay and or Deductible. I have a special needs child that has been double covered for years had has been to many specialist appointments that don’t take state insurance and have always been able to only use the primary insurance, and paid the remaining balance. I told the front office person this and said you must be mistaken. She needed to contact her supervisor. Her supervisor got on the phone with me and said the same thing again, “if you have state insurance you can’t afford to pay your bill and we can’t collect money from you so we can’t see you.” At this point I was so upset. Embarrassed, mad, and frustrated because I knew they were wrong. I went outside and found the information on the Washington health authority website and went back in and showed it to the front desk person. Wrote down where I found the information and told her to give it to her supervisor. Then left, I won’t be back. Does a private doctors office have the right to do this?
  22. My wife and I live in India. My daughter became an U.S.Citizen. We got our U.S.Immigrant Visas on 09 th June 2017. We flew into Seattle(USA) on 19 th June 2017 and were admitted as LPR. A day after arriving in Seattle,my wife fell sick. My daughter ensured medical attention for my wife. However, my wife was worried,that, in the event of hospitalization,the Medical/Health Insurance taken for us by my daughter,may not cover her illness,resulting in burdening my daughter with hefty hospital bills.My wife felt,that,our family doctor in Chennai(India) who is fully conversant with her health condition,will be in a better position to commence treatment. Hence, we rescheduled our departure to 27 th June 2017. It was my wife's health condition which compelled us to return to India. Our Original Plan was to be in USA from 19 th June 2017 to 03 Jan 2018. My wife has since fully recovered. In the meanwhile, our Green Cards and Social Security Numbers were received by my daughter, who lives in Sammamish,USA. My daughter in USA may visit us in Chennai(India) during November/December 2017, when she will hand over the Green Cards, etc., to us. We plan to visit USA in March/April 2018. As we were in USA from 19 th June 2017 to 27 th June 2017, do you envisage any issues we may face at Seattle Airport(USA) in March/April 2018,when we meet the Immigration Officers ? How do we get over the issues, since, we did not stay in USA for the minimum stipulated 183 days in a year ? My wife has the required USA Medical Records for the treatment taken by her during our stay in USA in 2017. Incidentally, before our daughter became an U.S. Citizen, we have visited our daughter in USA on Visitors Visa in 2009,2013 to 2015. Many thanks for your understanding. We look forward to your advice.
  23. I want to know who has the final say about how long a claim on a homeowner's policy remains open? My home in Washington State had a flood in 2013. I received absolutely no assistance from the insurance company (AARP ) in cleaning and claiming. I still have 3 windows to replace, a large box of rusted vintage tools and some recoverable depreciation to claim. It's been a long daunting process to get this far. Before I go to the effort to fill out their copious forms, submit the final claims, then be told that the claim is closed (I've received no information as to this status) I'd like to know what the industry standard is and does the insurance company have to declare the claim window on the policy? Who decides? I have read that a claim is open until the policy holder declares it is not open.
  24. I sold a car of the internet that I still owed the dealership 2000 the buyer paid me 1700 which is the money I put into the car and agreed to go to dealership to take over payments.he test drove the car bought it and now a few days later he is telling me that he took it to a shop and there is 2000 dollors of repairs he wants his money back there never was anything signed like a bill of sell what can he do for me not giving him a refund even though there is no proof that I even sold him the car and what can I do to make him switch it over so I dont get screwed with payments & now no car