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Found 41 results

  1. Hello. I was an employee at a company where two co-workers loved to listen to rap and gangsta rap music very often, and if wasn't that It was screaming death metal, or mariachi. I hated listening to all of it but especially how it was mostly rap. I then asked them to please change it, because it had a ton of obscene language in it and it was way too loud. I felt it was un-professional for the workplace environment, and I let the managers know it bothered me. What I got in a return response was "I can't do anything about it" So I went back to work, and then this "Booty Hole!" Thing started happening. They would be yelling out, "Booty Hole!" all day long back and forth between two people. You would just hear the one closest to me always yell out first at random moment as loud and long as he could. I started to feel annoyed by this after a while and of course asked "Pease stop" but they only seemed to find that humerus.. So I talked to management and thought that was also some strange and rediculus behavior to allow in the workplace environment. So my efforts had no effect. They continued to yell out "Booty Hole" back and forth for about 6 or 7 months. Eventually the head boss came to me and offered me a position in a different area of the company. I accepted because it payed more, but mostly because these two people would not stop yelling out "Booty Hole!" All throughout the day. I think that this should qualify as sexual harassment because of how it made me feel, and because of the reputation in the company that they helped to give me. I am a quite hard worker type, and not a lazy talker type. So if they were stayting that I was a gay or an A-Hole, or if it was something else. I didn't appreciate it and it would never stop upon my requests. Does this qualify as sexual harassment? Thank you
  2. I am not sure where to go. A lot of back story and a lot into it. The main point is my son has a chronic illness and I kept trying to sit down with the admin to make a 504 plan. She refused. (I have substantial proof of all of this) he missed more then 10 days and she kicked my son out of the school. I also had a drs note for him kissing days. I went into school and worked with his teacher on all kissing assignments. The teacher even worked him him and came over and taught him things he needed to learn by lecture. He was never behind in school straight A’s. What lawyer do I need? And I’m able to prove in black and white on everything. And about 4 witnesses for everything she did.
  3. So I have a boss that I have physical proof is double ticketing me and the insurance companies. It seems like every single car I paint is always shorted time. I’m a Commision based employee and the only way I make money is if there is work so when my boss doesn’t pay me what the job time calls for it hurts financially. I’m not talking like a half hour or here and there every ticket is an hour or more. Now it may not seem like a lot but I add that up for the year and it’s 5,000$ plus. Is there any laws that protect employees from this?
  4. I recently terminated with a publiclically traded company who’s compensation plan is an hourly rate plus the opportunity to bonus on “Net Shipped Revenue “. I gave the company a written notice of my desire to terminate with three weeks notice. I worked from home and was asked to come in on my last day with all my equipment and return it the IT dept. and complete my regular day of sales on the floor. I inquired with HR if there was an exit interview scheduled and was told there wasn’t going to be one that l would receive something in my personal email. That was a week ago and have seen nothing from the employer. It was a regular workday like any other. I was asking a coworker who had left the company and then retuned about what he had done with his stock and then he proceeded to tell me that the company does not pay you your last bonus check. I was in shock. I worked the whole previous month and was estimating my bonus check to be around $575 on my Shipped Revenue. He suggested I confirm with HR. I was told by HR that they could not pay out the bonus since I would not be an employee when bonuses were paid out (the second payday of the following month.) Is this legal. I earned that money as part of my compensation plan. They will be paying out my 16 hours of wages, my earned PTO, on the payday that bonuses get paid so why can’t I receive my bonus compensation. Very confused.
  5. My wife and I called our landlord to come out and unclog our drains in our apartment. Our landlord was prompt to come out and fix the problem however, the wanted to charge us $90 for a repair that took 15-20 min. I was outraged. I looked up the law and it says that a landlord is required to fix things like plumbing. Is this something that would fall under the landlords expenses, and not my own?
  6. How can I find a copy of my Will in the Sate of Utah?
  7. Hi, I am trying to help a friend. He has been in prison for 14 + years and has not gotten a original hearing with the board of pardons yet. He has completed all of the courses asked and plus some. He has taken many class course and is going to college to be a minister now. He has been a model inmate with no write ups and has been clean for 14 years. His case involved a DUI and vehicle man slater, killing one person in the accident. We just need to know what he can do to get into to see the board. He has no idea when his release date could even be. We would just like to see a small light at the end of the tunnel. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ,
  8. I am a concerned citizen. I know of a family from Hungary. Husband/Father brought family to Europe on a work Visa and was somehow eventually transferred to USA. He was working as a carpenter and has recently lost is job. His Visa has expired and he does not now what to do. He wants to work and refuses any kind of charity. He does not even know how to get back home. I suspect that the family would like to stay in the U.S. They all speak English and they all have a good work ethic. They are active members of a local church. How does he begin the process of renewing the Visa and/or becoming a U.S. citizen?
  9. I paid a bunch of money to an attornwy and he got the eviction thrown out and an order stating the landlord needed to return all of my belongings. The few belongings they did return were damaged. The attorney quit to move. I just have a stupid piece of paper that says my ex-landlord has to give me back my stuff. Since nothing else is being returned, what can I do? The last attorney literally took ALL of my money with him.
  10. Throughout the entire apartment complex, the air conditioner has not been working for a month and it is unbearable to be in our apartments. The landlord posts letters throughout the complex stating that they are getting it fixed as soon as possible. Is there any kind of reimbursement or deduction of rent we should receive for living in these conditions? In the lease it says that if any repairs are taking place, the rent shall not abate. We are thinking about staying at a hotel until the repairs are finished. Do we have a right to be reimbursed for staying at a hotel?
  11. We were evicted our of our apartment in April and just received a past due statement stating that we owe $1909.50 in damages. When we were living at the apartment their was a leak coming from the upstairs unit, which caused a water bubble to form in our ceiling. We called the maintenance department to come and take a look. The guy said it was caused by a leak upstairs. He then went upstairs to repair the leak, however he never fixed the damage to our ceiling. Then the same thing happened a few weeks later, we called - twice- and no one came to look at it. We assumed it was fixed because the bubble receded a little bit. Because the maintenance team left the water damage in the ceiling it caused mold to grow. Now we are being charged for the repairs done to the ceiling. We also had a flood in our kitchen through the back door, which we reported, they came and fixed the drain outside, but didn't do anything about the floors. Now we are being charged for replacing all the linoleum in the apartment. I went to the rental company and asked for copies of the repair work done on our unit while we were renting, and was told they don't give out that information. Because they would have to go through the owners to get it. Do we have a right to that information? And can they charge us for those repairs for damages caused by outside elements?
  12. Hello. The most unethical lawyer I have ever know has dragged my name thru the mud for over a decade now. It is so bad that the court said it had an entire redwood tree's worth of paper against me. My ex-wife has been jealous, vindictive, angry. I have remarried, she has gotten less and less attractive with her weight and age. I'm trying to be nice but she is fairly heavy and late 30s single mom with a massive vendetta against me. It's a vicious cycle. My question is that the courts merely look at how my case contains 50x as much paperwork as a normal case (thanks to her false allegations coupled with my intense desire to see my now teenage daughter). The court looks at the sheer volume of paperwork and treats me like absolute trash after. It is completely unfair. They even choose to disregard technical problems with her attorney's filings which fly in the face of statute. I fire an attorney and appeal, the court literally makes up some technicality to keep me from appealing. It's a really vicious cycle. Twice now I should have won by default but they shuffle my motions away for an extended period of time, claiming under advisement. I even have a recording of a judge's clerk whispering legal advice against me and suggesting what they should do to win. It was on my phone voicemail (she thought she hung up but didn't so it's her own fault that it was recorded). I even moved this from the old court (who were happy to get rid of it) hoping for a fresh start with a new case # and etc. The first things out of the clerk and courts mouths were OMG!! That case file required its own truck to move. And it is 100% lies. I swear to God. Please advise. Thanks.
  13. My daughter bumped into the back of her best friend's car doing approximately ½ mile per hour. They were following each other in a long line of traffic when my daughter bumped her car. They both got out and looked and there was no visible damage, no paint transfer, etc. They did not file a report and they did not take pictures. This friend's car was rear ended previously and from her own statements, they never got the damage repaired. Now, this friends parents are going to get an estimate on her car and they expect us to pay for damages. My question is, can they do this? Do they have to prove that my daughter's car caused the "damage" before we pay for anything? Should we pay for anything? Should we just submit it to our insurance company and let them handle it? I'm at a loss here. I don't know why they didn't do this with the previous accident, but I do have my suspicions. This friend's parents are very wealthy. We are not. However, my thought is they are doing this because they know us (we are friends) and think they can manipulate us into paying for damages that they can't prove my daughter caused. Anyway, any answers to my above questions are greatly appreciated. Much thanks!
  14. Girl and guy meet and fall in love and he helps her buy a car, as a cosigner. They break up and she keeps the car and verbally agrees to pay the loan. A year later, they go through court and get a no contact order put in place. In the courtroom, guy reminds parties present that the car loan will need to be handled. It is added to no contact order paperwork that girl will refinance the vehicle. Two months later, and girl has stopped paying payments so creditor is coming after guy for amounts due. He can't call the girl. He can't send the girl an email. Should he try small claims court? Get a judge to let him have the car back so that he can trade it in? (Ie: judge to order car sold as other posts suggest) I think if he makes these past due payments he should have recourse to gain possession of the vehicle and sell. He doesn't want to destroy his credit and just let it go to re-po. Any other ideas or solutions are welcome. Thank you!
  15. DUI

    So my boyfriend was just pulled over and the cop thought that he was drunk and arrested him. They took him to the station and he blew 0.00 and they blood tested him. They took his medications and his asthma meds as well. They also took his gun shells when he has a gun license and he can have deathly withdrawls from his medications. Is this even okay and he has a clean record! They even impounded his car.. What should i do?
  16. i lost my job a couple of days ago because i am a felony. But my quetion is this .The company that i worked for sold the company But the new company has this policy that they do not hire felony. But i was already employed with the previise owner . Were do i stand as to keeping my job. And also there are still people there who are felonys as well.
  17. My question is two part. I'm moving out of my apartment at the end of this month with 5 months left. I have been living at this current apartment for 19 months and have been a low maintenance tenant having always paid my rent on time. I wrongly assumed that at the end of my first 12 months that I would be month to month after that. However, 44 days before my initial lease ended, my apartment complex contacted me to see if I wanted to renew my lease and that my rent was being raised by about 5%. The reason why the 44 days I feel is important is because in the initial lease it says as a tenant I must give 60 days notice if I plan to leave at the end of my lease. Yet my apartment only told me 44 days before my lease expired that my rent was going to raised, which I found rather unfair. At that point--even though I was planning on staying--I felt I had been almost coerced to sign a new 12-month lease as I wasn't within my the 60-day renewal date. So the first part of my question is: Is that a breach of contract or some kind of leverage I can use in breaking my contract early? Second part of my question: Because I have been a good tenant--one that's never had a late payment--what's the likelihood of a buyout?
  18. This happened on July 10, 2016. I work for a dry cleaning company. My boss has me go over the weekend to pick up clothes from the rest of the stores and taking to the production plant for the production crew to start early on Monday morning. So I'm driving down the freeway and get off the freeway at my exit. I park the company van in the parking lot. I see two different police officers drive around me. One stayed looking at me for about 5 seconds and drove away. Each police officer was from a different city. I grabbed the trash and go behind the dry cleaning building and on my way to the dumpster. When I step outside I see the two police officers parked right next to each other. I start walking back to the building and I see one officer get out of the vehicle and approach me. He asks me if I have driven "company name van" and I said yes. Also asks how long have I been here. I tell him 10-15 minutes. I know I shouldn't have answered any questions. The other officer from a different city is out of the vehicle now. I ask him if I'm free to go or if I'm being detained? He raised his voice at this point and said No! You're not free to go! You're under arrest for a hit and run and reckless driving! At this point I tell him I'm going to record this. He says that's fine I'm recording too. He asks to see my ID and I ask what crime I'm I suspected of committing? He says hit and run and reckless driving. Later that night I looked up the law for my state of Utah. I learned that I shouldn't have given him my drivers license. Just state my name and address. Only give my license if I'm already in a vehicle like speeding or in a traffic accident. He also tells me "from the way you're acting. You're acting really nervous and that tells me you know you're guilty". I was freaking out because I've never been in this kind of situation before and the first thing I thought about was my two young sons. I was the only one working and my wife doesn't work because my sons needs medical attention. I kept thinking about no money for bail and the time lost from not working my regular job. Cop asks to show him the van I was driving. Second cop finally talks and tells the other cop "yep that's the license plate number that was reported". Second cop does a full walk around the van inspecting any scratch or dent. I told both cops I will not be answering any more questions. I keep unloading the van because I was 20 minutes away from clocking out and going home until the police showed up. I start walking back to the van and the one police officer that I've been talking to asks me "You understand you're the prime suspect of the hit and run?" "You understand that"? I told him I'm exercising my 5th amendment rights according to the Constitution. He rolls his eyes. He tells me you understand that the 5th amendment in the Constitution only protects you in a court of law. This is NOT a court of law. In my rebuttal I told him No. The 5th amendment protects you from any police encounter. He walks away at this point to talk to the other police officer. They call my boss and he comes over.Police later changed from being arrested to being detained. They told my boss I was being detained. My boss told me Whew! The police are not happy with you! My boss told me they gave the insurance information to the police officers. Police only called my boss because I was "being uncooperative". I did ask a few minutes before my boss showed up for my drivers license back. He said no. I said okay and went on unloading the van. Police gave my drivers license back. The police told my boss that further investigation will be with the Utah Highway Patrol since it happened on the freeway. The woman that called the police on me for an alleged hit and run and also reckless driving left a nasty voicemail in the company's phone system. Boss told me this. I was freaking out in the following week. I was really scared that the police will get an arrest warrant and my oldest son will see his dad getting arrested. I thought about all the bills and lost time at work. I couldn't 100% focus at work. The woman that accused me couldn't find any damage on her vehicle and neither her husband. My van was not damaged in any way either. Not a single thing on the company van. My boss only talked to her one more time over the phone and told me she was more relaxed at this point. I told my boss nobody honked at me to try to get my attention. I saw no one pull over. No response from police either. Not even from the Utah Highway Patrol. I do want to say I have most of the incident recorded on my phone. Except for the part when the police officer told me I was under arrest! But no handcuffs were put on me and I did not sit in the back of the police car. The whole incident for the detainment was an hour and 20 minutes. Do I just let it go? I don't know what to do at this point. If you were in this situation what would you do?
  19. My ex and I broke up 2.5 years ago and he kept the cheaper car that he took upon himself to not put my name on. His car is paid off and I was left with a high interest loan, with him as a consigner, on a cheap car. I asked Reddit and they think I shouldn't file bankruptcy over a car. I don't make a lot, less than 15k this year, and as a single mom 30k on a 3k car is a little overwhelming to say the least. I dont want want to pay this alone for one. What are my rights and his obligation to pay? I'm thinking I just stop paying my phone bill under his name, which he also can't stop paying since our phones are in contract. That would at least save me $120 a month that can go towards the car. He has never paid anything on the car and we had 3 cars total that I paid for with him yet he kept my name off of against my will so I never got good reporting on my credit for paying. I read that he has a right to take our car - this is legal but seems really unfair since he's never paid a penny on it. Anyways, can I even file bankruptcy on this car since his name is on it? How would that work in a 13 or 7? Thanks for your time. -K
  20. 5yr old on rittlin for ADHD 12yrs old severe TBI always next next years problem 7th-12th grades ready to graduate in 1978 i was told Ca. now requires passing exit exam. struggling with communication, reading, math, oganizing, no time management, and interaction with people. injured in 1997 whent to High Tech institute to be surgical tech. schoolnot acredited frauded into get gov loan with no assessment to see if i would last in this field not able to get certified. 2005 devorced, no job, tested for disabilities. in devorce ex-wife ID thiefted me didn't pay school loan. need help to cancell loan. remarried and school skills still 5th grade with 4th grade reading speed. i struggle in my daily life because having a "Blank Brain" thoughts and ideas are not there. living with my mom need to move for she would like to move. With Boarderline Personality disorder im panicing. If the DOT agrees with medical Board i will lose my liscence due to severe TBI with reading speed 4th grade schools will not let me atend for i will fall behind and fail. time taken to type 1.25hr. Hhaa
  21. I am being charged $1000 after my lease for various 'damages'. Almost all of which were present when we first moved in. Including smashed cabinet doors, broken blinds, numerous holes in walls (some with the nails still in them painted over). Then I am being charged to both deodorize and to replace the carpet, which seems to me like you would either do one or the other, why would anyone deodorize a brand new carpet. Then there are multiple 'cleaning fees' , cleaning fee, cleaning blinds fee, etc. Can I dispute these charges successfully? I have been reading and rereading Utah code all day but there are still some confusions I have as to whether I can successful dispute these and how. My biggest Concern in all this is that I don't want to spend hundreds and something that I did not damage. Also, they almost certainly would have had to charge the previous tenant for the damages as they were already there when we move in, so are they just not repairing damages and then charging each new tenant for the exact same thing? that seems more like fraud to me or something? Also, we signed up for a 12 month lease but they put in our lease that we had to pay rent through the end of the month. From what I have known in renting, common practice is to have it end the day it started. So I already had to pay a full months rent when were moved out on the 2nd (lease began on the 6th). Are they exploiting a loop hole to do this? We also did not receive the reasons in which these things were being charged, only that they were. Doesn't Utah code require them to provide an itemize list and the reasons behind each charge? It anyone can help better explain what I have hear, that would be great. I have always been a model tenant according to my other landlords and we spent weeks and money scrubbing that entire apartment. We had the carpets cleaned twice during our year and we cleaned was left behind by the last tenants. (dog feces on balcony, caked on dust on baseboards and laundry room.)
  22. I am posting for a person who has been homeless a number of years and living in a homeless shelter in Utah. He receives a social security disability check of $ 700 a month. He has no other income or assets of any kind. He received a call from United Credit Recovery, LLC That he owed a $ 1000 due to a overdraft with a Utah bank nine years ago in 2007. He never received any notice of this but thinks he remembers an overdraft of $65 which he sent to them and they returned it saying it had been paid. The $ 1000 was supposedly because of accumulating interest, fees , and court cost. He told them of his personal situation and that he could not get a $ 1000. They said they would put in on 12 monthly payments or a onetime payment of $ 400, an offer good for one week. We are in the process of getting a statement from the United Credit Recovery company. We checked with the bank and they said they use this company to recover debt. We are also in the process of getting with the bank to verify the original debt. The telephone on the web site for this company has a recording that it is no longer in use. My question is can his Social Security disability check be garnished to satisfy this debt and if so how much can be garnished a month?
  23. Can somebody explain why UT is not allowing immediate deportation and/or international transfers of state inmates currently serving their time? They are only wasting hard earned tax payers' money.
  24. Hello and thank you for your time: I have been researching adverse possession because I would like to attempt to build a cabin in the woods. I believe this could be possible in Utah, is it? How do you pay the taxes on the land in question? -Hayden
  25. I am the sucessor trustee for my parents trust. 30 days after my mother passed I met with their attorney.He handled all the paperwork, Fed tax Id#, selling family car etc. He counciled me, on my duties as trustee, record keeping, compensation, as well as filing taxes. I was billed for 1-1/2 hrs $560. He has sent via USPS letters reminding me of a deadline for filing tax forms etc. My brother has filed with the Probate Court to have me removed as Trustee. This same attorney is representing him. Isn't that clearly a Conflict of Interest..