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Found 242 results

  1. I am the custodial parent. Non-custodial is 30k behind in child support. The past year I’ve fallen on hard times and agreed our 14 year old could live with non-custodial parent until I was back in a better financial and emotional position to bring her back home. Question is: if parent owes so much, yet is now demanding child support payments AND refuses for me to see child because I refuse to “conform” to his rules etc. would the courts force me to pay child support or deduct the amount from his outstanding balance? I would like to have visitation in place and work out a child support agreement but I don’t feel I should have to be out of pocket after years of non payment and him being so behind in arrears. We have a 19 year old in college that I paying for 100% without his help as well.
  2. We found out that my husband supposedly received a ticket for no insurance on 23 Aug 1997. That became a arrest warrant on 8 Mar 2008. It is now Feb 2015! My husband has been stopped since then, he went to take his state inspectors test, has had a couple of background checks and the Navy has done a security search for his security clearance. At NOW time has this thing showed up. Can they do this?
  3. A friend of mine is currently incarcerated in Gregg County Jail in Longview, Texas. He has a common law marriage to a woman, who has been told by Gregg County Jail that she is not allowed to visit him, as they do not recognize common law marriages as "legal marriages." Is there any particular legislation that either allows or prohibits the County Jail from engaging in this practice? It strikes me as there should be some form of prohibition against this policy, given that the State of Texas recognizes common law marriages as full legal marriages for all purposes, with no additional restrictions or difference in marriage rights than a "traditionally" married couple. Any and all help is greatly appreciated and, if possible, please provide links to any legislation/policy/government code you are referencing in replying. I will need this information to hand to my friend's spouse for their records. Thanks in advance!
  4. I was in an auto accident in which I was the plaintiff and the attorneys that represented me and the auto insurer's company lawyers reached a final settlement. I received a copy of the settlement towards the end of 2018. I received a MRI, and saw two additional doctors referred to me by my attorneys. I signed the payment arrangement in which the MRI company and doctors defer receiving their payment until, and if a settlement is reached. When I received the final settlement documents I called and left a phone message and also emailed my attorneys asking for copies of my doctors' charges and the MRI charges, and stated I needed to know if the settlement amount was suffice to cover the charges after the attorney charges are deducted. I have never received a reply from my attorneys. So that's where everything presently sits. The amount of the settlement is only $4500. I did not like the doctors my attorneys send me to. The MRI revealed I have bulging discs in my neck. One pain doctor my attorneys sent me to wanted me to have some type of injections (perhaps steroids) in my discs. I declined at the time as the pain was slight and I always prefer if possible to let my body heal itself. So as you can imagine, by the time of the deposition, I wasn't exactly my attorneys' favorite client. I thought perhaps with the beginning of the new year, if not but any other reason for year end closing out business statements, etc., I would hear from my attorneys. Meanwhile, the other reason I have been waiting to sign the settlement was to see how my neck's discs were. I now have more pain in my neck. I fear to sign this settlement would be a mistake as I may be now having significant medical issues in the future with the discs. One reason in the beginning that I went to my attorneys' doctors was I had no health insurance. In a couple of months I will have Medicare and the supplement including Part B and can see the doctors I prefer. What should I do? If I don't sign and obtain other attorneys what happens to my original attorneys and their charges? I don't want to sign away my rights as this neck pain increases and I may be having a great deal of trouble with it in the future. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.
  5. If you have a non-drug, non-violent, white collar federal felony conviction, have served your time in prison and have been off of probation/parole for at least 5 years with no other legal issues can you get you rights back to own a gun? In Texas?
  6. I know of someone who committed an insurance fraud many years ago in Texas it's been 20 years but it was for a lot of money is it to late for charges to be filed
  7. If there is a fight between 2 individuals at my house, 1 with possible injuries, will I be held liable? I had nothing to do with the fight, and promptly broke it up.
  8. We bought a house. Remained paying rent while work was being done on house, even after we moved into the new house. Began slowly removing belongings beginning of December. Continued moving items and packing boxes.Once again continued paying rent. Had discussed sub letting option. Manager told us absolutely not. Confirming phone call from staff member to be sure we were aware we are responsible for payment of rent through entire lease which is up in April. We agreed. February rent was paid in full.February 15th i went to retrieve a few more items from loft. Front entrance card worked and locks had not been changed. All remaining belongings removed and loft cleaned. No contact was made to inform us of this removal. When questioned management their response is that they thought loft was abandoned. Asked how they tried to let us know of their removal of our belongings,was told they left messages. When asked for documentation on dates messages were left management could not supply and simply told us they would be in our phone. There were/are no said messages. Belongings were not stored! Management disposed of everything. There was many packed boxes, clothes, medical supplies, medical records, fine crystal etc... How does Texas law require landlord to give notice to removal of belongings. And what is the time frame for premises to be considered abandoned.
  9. A woman became ill with a serious form of cancer that over the course of about 7 years took her life. She had been deserted by the man who she was married to when the illness began and during the time, she had to be transported to a large metropolitan area by helicopter. The expense was something like $42,000. The insurance company paid off, but not directly to the provider, so the check for out-of-network coverage of $26,000 is sent to the woman at her address. But she is not at home, being in another city for treatment at the time. Her husband takes the check and 'loses' it while divorcing her. The bill is sent to collection and the attempts to collect it are finally discontinued. Four years after the check was initially cut by the insurance agency, the woman dies from her illness and is buried. Her parents who supported her (she lived with them) paid for her burial and interment. However, since she had virtually no income and was unable to work, just barely able to maintain her insurance until she finally went on Medicaid for her medical expenses which were many. Her parents also decided to not become executors because she was intestate and destitute. She did have children, but taking care of the estate was not interesting to them. so the final arrangements and such was left to the woman's parents. Then the unthinkable happens, the insurance company finds that the check has not been cashed. They sent a letter notifying the woman, now deceased, that the check has not been cashed. The woman's father writes a letter to the insurance company apprising them of the situation, not expecting any response, but instead, the insurance company provides them with a check made out to the estate of the woman only. Who does this money belong to. Since there is no executor, the check can not be submitted for payment. What is the responsibility of the family? Do they need to determine where the money originally intended or is this money part of the estate? Since no one is named as the executor because none was expected to be required, who can cash the check? In other words, would the family be required to now go through the process of being named the administrator by a judge in order to cash the check? Is there a better way to handle this, such as submitting the check to the person who was not paid for their services and allowing them to go through the legal motions of becoming executor in order to get the funds paid, but then wouldn't they be required to pay the last expenses, etc., before they would be in line to receive the payment toward their bill?
  10. Our grandfather passed 1.5 years ago and left his living son as executor. According to the will our uncle receives 50% of estate and me and my two siblings split the remaining 50% (our mother passed so we split what would have been her 50%). We trust our uncle but he is 70 and still works a full time job so he says he does not have time to to what he needs. It has been 9 months since the probate court issued the drop order. He direct deposited money into our personal accounts but we still are waiting for bonds to be transferred. Is there a time frame executor should be done distributing funds? There were also smaller items like plots and cars that should be sold and distributed but we are not sure that has happened. Are executors supposed to keep records of all they do? I know it's a lot and have offered to help but he is paying money for lawyers and cpas and that is draining the account as well but he just says they don't know what they are doing. I just want to make sure there is no tax penalty on the bonds since they still have not been release to us. Hope it makes sense, thanks!
  11. The Divorce decree said 180 days it’s well past the 180 days. At the time of the divorce To end the negotiations i had signed a quit claim on the property. She has 1.5 million in land assets and $350,000.00 in a 401 K. She doesn’t work but has remarried a very wealthy man And they live in that house. She says she can’t qualify for the loan but drives a Ferrari. What does the law say about her assets and do I have recourse to force her to refinance. They have retained an attorney who sent a letter saying the new husband has no responsibility to be on the mortgage app with her so she shows no income by herself.
  12. Grandmothers Estate: I’d like to mention starting off that I’ve called 3 attorneys so far. 1 says I should do a Dresser Deed(No....Next). One says he has to talk to my Grandmother(lol she’s 93…not now) The 3rd...I will be nice. We had a communication issue. I will find an attorney but for now Im trying to do my homework as much as possible. Issue: House in Texas was purchased in 1948 and payed off in 1972. No leins or subsequent loans. No other significant assets. Grandfather passed away in 1997. My mother (single child) passed away in 2012. So age is getting to grandma. She’s healthy for now but it’s coming. My brothers and I are wanting to keep this out of probate. The existing WILL: Typical Husband < ----- > Wife setup. Then to my mom, then to her 3 sons. My 2 brothers and I get along fine and will agree to whatever is best. My Grandfathers name is still on the Deed @ Dallas county. I pulled the deed and have a copy mainly for the legal description. We are considering either Enhanced Life Estate Deed or Transfer on Death Deed. These two Deeds are both simple and complex. Assuming our current course of action is best My 1st and most important question is regarding the current Deed. Do we have to do anything to pull his name from it before we proceed. I cannot find any info on this.
  13. My mom is 76 and has recently been placed in a assisted living. Her husband (my stepfather) has moved out of the house they shared and is now living with his daughter. The property is in both names and he has decided to put the house on the market. He says the proceeeds will be split 50/50. My stepfather has primary POA and my sister is an alternate. Can my stepfather sell the house and sign any documents for him and my mom?Can my my mom get a new POA that replaces the one in effect now? Is there a way to ensure any proceeds are split as promised? I am afraid my stepfather and his daughter will try to do something backhanded. I want to make sure my mom is protected.
  14. Walked out of HEB wit approximately 200 worth of groceries, they insist on pressing charges. What will happen? I have never been in trouble before
  15. I have a question. My bank account was garnished going on 4 years now as of 1/13/2019! It was a bank loan from back in the late 90"s early 2000. They sold the loan to another Bank who put the garnishment on my account and cleared my bank account. What I would like to know is how long do I have to wait to open up another bank account without having to be concerned about this happening again from the same bank? Also, can I be added as a beneficiary on someone's bank account not as a co-owner or someone authorized to sign on their account just as a beneficiary if something were to happen to that person? I just don't want my garnishment issues to affect their account! Thanks Tonya Johnson
  16. the company I worked for misclassified my position as exempt for the last 3 years. I tracked my overtime and used some of it as comp time. Now they gave me a check for the overtime less the comp time and fired me. Am I entitled to liquated damages?
  17. Long story, short - I went in to purchase a vehicle and was not able to get financing. The salesman recommended a co-SIGNER. I couldn't think of anyone. He suggested my grandmother. She was sick and on bed rest and couldn't get to the dealership. So he called and got her info over the phone. Supposedly, I was able to get the approval with her being on TOP of the loan and me on the BOTTOM. Ok, that's fine - just as long as I am on the loan. Now, as mentioned my grandmother could not leave the house so I took the paperwork in the blue folder to her house for her to sign. She never stepped foot in the dealership. I brought the paperwork back and turned it all in. I asked if there was anything else I needed to do and the answer was no. Later, when receiving the "Welcome" paperwork in the mail, I discovered that it was solely addressed to my grandmother. Ok, well, since it came to my address, I assumed maybe they could only fit one name. It was until it was time for to make my first payment. I went to register online and the system couldn't find my name or social security number. I called the finance company and same thing. I called the dealership and they couldn't find me in there system. My name was no where on the loan Tom Peacock Nissan sold the truck that I purchased to my elderly grandmother with no drivers license from the comfort of her home. She never stepped foot in the dealership. They didn't put me anywhere on the loan, TOP, BOTTOM, NO WHERE. I went round and round with the salesman, the finance department, the general manager. They threatened to come and pick up the vehicle, they turned the everything around on me. Later, they said they would pay the vehicle off and I would have to bring it back and consider every payment paid as "rental" of the vehicle. Now, I have issues with insurance and I am having a time getting my registration updated because it's not in my name. I just drive it and pay the car notes. How can I get this fixed?
  18. someone in payroll is was using my identity to steal money form my ex employer and what should i do idk what damage he may hay have done to my credit or what mess my taxes will be. my ex employer didn't even contact me a sheriff informed me when i reached out to them i got no response. the guy who did it has already been arrested
  19. My apartment has mold from a ceiling leak that was never repaired correctly and repeated requests were ignored. Leak started 6/2017 and every time we have heavy rain it continued to leak. Requests for repair were made in person through leasing office and written at least 5 times. My 9 month old son has been exposed to the mold, his crib is only approx. 5 feet from the leak. He has also been hospitalized 3 times for respiratory problems, including lung failure causing loss of breath. In addition, he has been to doctor over 10 times for respiratory illness including croup and bronchiolitis. On Monday, December 13th, after telling apartment leasing office that we were going to hire a mold inspector to inspect air quality and do some mold tests, they immediately came up to apartment to begin pulling out drywall and sheetrock. The next day they hired a 3rd party “inspector” to run some of the same tests as my inspector but they refused to give me a business card or any information about the company doing the inspection. They also told me that the results would not be shared with me because they work for the apartments. They also have not relocated us, offered any assistance My kitchen has sheet rock falling and is blocked off to where it is hard to even get to my bedroom, which is also where my son sleeps. Medical bills total over $25,000 alone, this does not include the time I have had to take off work and emotional stress this has put on myself and my family. Please see below of the pictures taken after sheet rock , etc was removed. Any legal advice, lawyer recommendations would be much appreciated
  20. How does property management decides who is primary lessee when we both signed the rental agreement. The bill only shows the roommate's name instead of both. Also when the leasing office sends correspondence to our apartment its written To primary and other occupants.. Like really wtf!!
  21. I had a leases apartment in my name suddenly I had to move to other state so I gave the apartment for a friend to stay till lease ends but in between suddenly the friend is saying he is leaving out and not responsible for further payments. What can I do in such situation.
  22. Hi, I saw an offer in offerup regarding a motorcycle. Its a 2011 Kawasaki S1000 priced at $ 6,500. I contacted the seller and we came to an agreement to pay the amount in 3 months, Month 1 - $2,500 Month 2 - $2,000 Month 3 - $2,000 The agreement was to transfer the title once the payment was cleared. I paid the amount promptly, and at the end of the month when I talked to the seller he hesitated to give the title. It went on for almost 8 months. I called the DMV and came to know the vehicle is still under finance. When I called back seller (which on many trials), he received and accepted the same. He was not even ready to take back the vehicle and refund me. Now after 1.2 years, still it is the same situation. Because of this, I am rarely using the vehicle. Now the vehicle inspection is also expired. The seller is not responding and I have the bill of sale. Could anyone pls suggest what I can do? I really love motorcycles and this was the main reason I blindly fell into this problem. Thanks, Naveen
  23. A person was deported inspight the fact that she had just fled her home country from a life or death situation in return is gave her refugee status or an asylum seeker which there is a law on the books that says that no way no how should anybody be ordered back if harm and violence still exists do I have a case
  24. I beleave police procedures are there to keep police with in the line and when they break procedure they breaking the law like this case and in this case chief of police did not follow procedure and arrest a person commiting child indangerment his job does not allow him to leave child in a situation that could be causing her harm, his job would be arrest her take child and then call cps. Well he didn't he broke procedure and in turn violated the law he called cps making all sorts of allegations so did he do wrong avoiding his duty as a police officer
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