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Found 232 results

  1. impatientone

    Elder Law-Texas

    My mom is 76 and has recently been placed in a assisted living. Her husband (my stepfather) has moved out of the house they shared and is now living with his daughter. The property is in both names and he has decided to put the house on the market. He says the proceeeds will be split 50/50. My stepfather has primary POA and my sister is an alternate. Can my stepfather sell the house and sign any documents for him and my mom?Can my my mom get a new POA that replaces the one in effect now? Is there a way to ensure any proceeds are split as promised? I am afraid my stepfather and his daughter will try to do something backhanded. I want to make sure my mom is protected.
  2. Carol

    Theft from grocery store

    Walked out of HEB wit approximately 200 worth of groceries, they insist on pressing charges. What will happen? I have never been in trouble before
  3. tonjaykay

    Bank Garnishment

    I have a question. My bank account was garnished going on 4 years now as of 1/13/2019! It was a bank loan from back in the late 90"s early 2000. They sold the loan to another Bank who put the garnishment on my account and cleared my bank account. What I would like to know is how long do I have to wait to open up another bank account without having to be concerned about this happening again from the same bank? Also, can I be added as a beneficiary on someone's bank account not as a co-owner or someone authorized to sign on their account just as a beneficiary if something were to happen to that person? I just don't want my garnishment issues to affect their account! Thanks Tonya Johnson
  4. WCL

    overtime pay is late

    the company I worked for misclassified my position as exempt for the last 3 years. I tracked my overtime and used some of it as comp time. Now they gave me a check for the overtime less the comp time and fired me. Am I entitled to liquated damages?
  5. If you have a non-drug, non-violent, white collar federal felony conviction, have served your time in prison and have been off of probation/parole for at least 5 years with no other legal issues can you get you rights back to own a gun? In Texas?
  6. Long story, short - I went in to purchase a vehicle and was not able to get financing. The salesman recommended a co-SIGNER. I couldn't think of anyone. He suggested my grandmother. She was sick and on bed rest and couldn't get to the dealership. So he called and got her info over the phone. Supposedly, I was able to get the approval with her being on TOP of the loan and me on the BOTTOM. Ok, that's fine - just as long as I am on the loan. Now, as mentioned my grandmother could not leave the house so I took the paperwork in the blue folder to her house for her to sign. She never stepped foot in the dealership. I brought the paperwork back and turned it all in. I asked if there was anything else I needed to do and the answer was no. Later, when receiving the "Welcome" paperwork in the mail, I discovered that it was solely addressed to my grandmother. Ok, well, since it came to my address, I assumed maybe they could only fit one name. It was until it was time for to make my first payment. I went to register online and the system couldn't find my name or social security number. I called the finance company and same thing. I called the dealership and they couldn't find me in there system. My name was no where on the loan Tom Peacock Nissan sold the truck that I purchased to my elderly grandmother with no drivers license from the comfort of her home. She never stepped foot in the dealership. They didn't put me anywhere on the loan, TOP, BOTTOM, NO WHERE. I went round and round with the salesman, the finance department, the general manager. They threatened to come and pick up the vehicle, they turned the everything around on me. Later, they said they would pay the vehicle off and I would have to bring it back and consider every payment paid as "rental" of the vehicle. Now, I have issues with insurance and I am having a time getting my registration updated because it's not in my name. I just drive it and pay the car notes. How can I get this fixed?
  7. someone in payroll is was using my identity to steal money form my ex employer and what should i do idk what damage he may hay have done to my credit or what mess my taxes will be. my ex employer didn't even contact me a sheriff informed me when i reached out to them i got no response. the guy who did it has already been arrested
  8. atx3314

    toxic mold in apartment

    My apartment has mold from a ceiling leak that was never repaired correctly and repeated requests were ignored. Leak started 6/2017 and every time we have heavy rain it continued to leak. Requests for repair were made in person through leasing office and written at least 5 times. My 9 month old son has been exposed to the mold, his crib is only approx. 5 feet from the leak. He has also been hospitalized 3 times for respiratory problems, including lung failure causing loss of breath. In addition, he has been to doctor over 10 times for respiratory illness including croup and bronchiolitis. On Monday, December 13th, after telling apartment leasing office that we were going to hire a mold inspector to inspect air quality and do some mold tests, they immediately came up to apartment to begin pulling out drywall and sheetrock. The next day they hired a 3rd party “inspector” to run some of the same tests as my inspector but they refused to give me a business card or any information about the company doing the inspection. They also told me that the results would not be shared with me because they work for the apartments. They also have not relocated us, offered any assistance My kitchen has sheet rock falling and is blocked off to where it is hard to even get to my bedroom, which is also where my son sleeps. Medical bills total over $25,000 alone, this does not include the time I have had to take off work and emotional stress this has put on myself and my family. Please see below of the pictures taken after sheet rock , etc was removed. Any legal advice, lawyer recommendations would be much appreciated
  9. macy

    primary lessee

    How does property management decides who is primary lessee when we both signed the rental agreement. The bill only shows the roommate's name instead of both. Also when the leasing office sends correspondence to our apartment its written To primary and other occupants.. Like really wtf!!
  10. Satyam

    Sublease issue

    I had a leases apartment in my name suddenly I had to move to other state so I gave the apartment for a friend to stay till lease ends but in between suddenly the friend is saying he is leaving out and not responsible for further payments. What can I do in such situation.
  11. Hi, I saw an offer in offerup regarding a motorcycle. Its a 2011 Kawasaki S1000 priced at $ 6,500. I contacted the seller and we came to an agreement to pay the amount in 3 months, Month 1 - $2,500 Month 2 - $2,000 Month 3 - $2,000 The agreement was to transfer the title once the payment was cleared. I paid the amount promptly, and at the end of the month when I talked to the seller he hesitated to give the title. It went on for almost 8 months. I called the DMV and came to know the vehicle is still under finance. When I called back seller (which on many trials), he received and accepted the same. He was not even ready to take back the vehicle and refund me. Now after 1.2 years, still it is the same situation. Because of this, I am rarely using the vehicle. Now the vehicle inspection is also expired. The seller is not responding and I have the bill of sale. Could anyone pls suggest what I can do? I really love motorcycles and this was the main reason I blindly fell into this problem. Thanks, Naveen
  12. tonlok

    Ilegal deportation

    A person was deported inspight the fact that she had just fled her home country from a life or death situation in return is gave her refugee status or an asylum seeker which there is a law on the books that says that no way no how should anybody be ordered back if harm and violence still exists do I have a case
  13. I beleave police procedures are there to keep police with in the line and when they break procedure they breaking the law like this case and in this case chief of police did not follow procedure and arrest a person commiting child indangerment his job does not allow him to leave child in a situation that could be causing her harm, his job would be arrest her take child and then call cps. Well he didn't he broke procedure and in turn violated the law he called cps making all sorts of allegations so did he do wrong avoiding his duty as a police officer
  14. Dklohn


    A man dressed as a Sheriff came to my door and asked me to step outside which I did. He told me I needed to come with him to The hospital for a mental health exam. I said ok let me get my shoes and brush my teeth. He told me No that I could not go back into my house and he walked me to the car. He never properly identified me by last name or ID. He took me to the hospital where they did a urine drug screen and drew blood. He stayed outside my door the 4 hours I was there but left right before discharge. So the person I had to call to pick me up ended up assaulting me leaving bruises on my arm by forcibly removing from the car. What I found out 2 weeks later is a warrant was never issued but a set up to lock me out of my house. I learned the guy posing as a police officer is a firefighter and good friend to one of the people wanting me out of my house. No medical record exists of me being at the hospital but is stated in the assualt report. Would this be considered kidnapping??
  15. timella

    Burning in Mobile Home Parks

    I'm trying to find the law which prohibits open fires in Mobile Home Parks in Harris County Texas
  16. what is my chances of wining if I go to court and what kind of court would I need to go to sue a plumber company that lied to me about having a broken water line? they checked the pressure and said it was broken, charged my card for a retainer that the plumber assure me I wasn't going to be charge until the end of the repair. found out I didn't have a leakage it was water from the rain and me and my neighbors had water going into our home through the slab. contacted the city and they came and inspected the houses regarding the construction of the houses but the plumber wants me to pay $1100 for a retainer that they charged me when they knew I didn't needed anything replaced. I'm willing to go to my neighbors and ask for their statement saying they have the same problem as I do and that its not because of leakage, I have paperwork from the city and I'm in the process of getting another plumber to come and check my water lines just to verify I don't have a leakage and that first plumber lied to get money from me
  17. We had an agreement for 15 yr. Fixed rate.verbal agreement, he kept saying "trust me I'll get the paper work to you" throughout the 15 years I kept asking for it with the same answer.now he is claiming that we owe more than the 15 years. 1st he tried charging late fees Then recently raised the payments stating insurance & tax reasons.hes claiming we still owe almost 20g on the home.
  18. TEXAS I received an inheritance when I was 18 from my father who passed at when I was a kid. I've been staying with another family for over 5 years because things weren't ideal when I was with my actual birthmother. I'm currently 22 years old. I've known this family for as long as I can remember, I call the parents mom and dad. I have brothers. I have my own room in the house we stay in. I received my inheritance when I was 18, after searching online and alot of research I found out how to retrieve it. I was convinced by them that I should add all the money to a moneymarket account, so that we could start a business and make more money out of it. Sounded like a good idea at the time. I'm still the primary on the account. There was only 1 deposit which was my own. I've moved out of the town where I grew up to go to college, but i frequently visit. One day I was out of town, and I noticed that a significant chunk of the money was gone. I didnt get a notice beforehand or even a phone call. It was just gone. I called to see what it was about and they had explained to me that my brother needed a car. They used my money to pay for it without asking. Things got a little heated and I went back home immediately. By the time we actually sat down and talked about it, they had moved the money out and into their private savings account. For my own good according to them. This happend about 3 years ago. Anytime we have talked about it, they're response is that they've taken care of me so long and that I'm being selfish. The talks really affected their view on me, and I'm pretty much non existent in their household. They go out to eat without me. Go on family trips, and im pretty much just there to stay home and watch the dogs. Some times they say I will get all of it when I graduate college. I'm struggling right now with a fulltime job and going to school full time and I dont want any more student loans. I'm almost convinced that they've spent all of it because they now own a "family" business that my brother runs and that I am no part of. Fully funded by my parents. What can I do about this? Whatre the steps I need to take to protect myself?
  19. I was hurt on the job with a cleaning cart to the back of my ankle in Dec 2017. I made a report the next morning due to the fact it was the end of our shift. I went to the floor to work in environmental services, but my ankle had swollen to where I couldn't put my shoe on so I told another supervisor concerning my injury, because the first one didn't act on it. By the end of my shift the first supervisor came to make a report and told me to go to the company doctor. I went and they started my therapy, gave me pain medicine put me on restricted duties. This went on till Feb 2018, and I'm still hurting so I asked for an X-Ray, to find out there was a bone spur and some of my ankle look like the bone was missing. I continue until April, when a specialist told me I either needed a shot (cortisone), in my heel or surgery to then be placed on 3 hours a day work with other restrictions . I in turned left there and got my own doctor for a second opinion and that was on the net work for the company to pay. This doctor ordered my MRI, nerve test, and medications all with in weeks if being there in May. It showed torn Achilles, inflammation, bone spur. Just as all this had been done the adjuster had me to ask about this doctor was he a treating or specialist he was both so she had me to switch from there he wasn't in the net worth. I was referred another doctor, got more therapy, sent to a specialist, got another X-ray, and only working 2 hours a day with restrictions. This had been since May, now I'm folding towels for 8, 3, now 2 hours a day to be told in August, that I needed to work 3 hours a day (against what my doctor office said), I did it. We got a new manager things changed for the worst. She told me this been going on to long and something must be done. I had never had any attendance issues, never wrote up, no verbal nothing to be placed in a final for a no call no show. I argued the point and said I been calling in via handbook, to be ask to sign the form as my last warning which I refussed. The same manager that place me in a room with air condition, refrigerator, microwave, for 8 months came to tell me I had to go to a room without circulation, chemicals, bio bags with trash in them and on the floor were leaking products, used mops with cleaning products sitting in a tub. The fumes were so unpleasant and sickening to my stomach with no air and a fire door to be closed at all times, at my age (56 years old), having female issues to where I sweat, all in this room. I mention to general manager, leads, and operational manager, that this was no place for anyone to have to work. I asked on several occasions it was no right even tho I was just sitting for 3 hours in there folding towels. At the same time I was told there's no work for me for 8 hours signed a bona fide job offer to only work for 3 hours a day folding towels. Still in the room by the 3rd week I called home office and OSHA, waited another 2 weeks for anyone to respond, after complaining daily to no avail, only handed a desk fan for air. One morning when I look up I seen members of home office walking the halls when I left the rest room to be approached by a supervisor to ask me to go back where I was before. After all that I continue to do my 3 hours until 9/1, I was asked in the office to go back to 8 hours based on what the treating doctor has placed on my work status and after months of working for 2 hours. On the restrictions were my posture sitting for 8 hours, walking 2, no bending/squatting, pushing/pulling. On hours max a day was nothing listed until I brought it to my supervisor that my posture sitting had nothing to do with me working 8 hours a day. So i mention to the doctor after I was told 2 hours, my supervisor needed it to say 8 hours and he put it on paper. I was getting my TIB, until the adjuster said since I was back working 8 hours (with the same restrictions list above) she stopped payment. So i filed unemployment benefits then later in the month i get my back pay TIB payments. I got a call from home office asking had I been removed from that unsafe working condition also a letter from OSHA, asking did I need to further with the case? I told home office I feel this were to get me to quit placing me in that environment. Now I am having doctors appointments during working hours to be asked to use my PTO/vacation, which I don't think it's fair when I was off in time to get my appointments out the way. I asked for gas or a ride to and fro to just now on 9/25, started getting a ride, but from May until last week I've drove my own vehicle. I feel because of my injury and age they are treating me this way trying to get me to quit even the doctor is siding with my job in unfair treatment. He told the impairment doctor it's nothing else he could do for me but he's scheduling me appointments to see him for psych visit and therapy for my mind he even asked me did I have a workman comp lawyer the same doctor I've been seeing since May, why would that matter in my treatments. He has not given me any meds, I told him when the weather change my bones hurts my calf muscle stiften up on me and its hard for me to wear a shoe do to the tenderness, he hurt my ankle every time I see him by squeezing it real hard and say that's why it's called an examine when I tell him it hurts, he's very smart mouth with me, and it seems he has a problem with my color as well. I need answers now to go forward with suit to this company before they try to get rid of me. I have pictures, other mansgers, witnesses to this unfair treatment. Could I possible have a case
  20. Debra Atkinson

    Reopening divorce

    In my divorce papers it states that if my ex his an asset and it is over $500, I get the asset 100%. I found a hidden bank account, but do not know what was in the account at the time of the divorce. When i contact my attorney, he wants money up front and I don't have the money. I can't even pay him what I owe him. Also, he told me I could get spousal support since we were married for more than 10 years. For whatever reason, that didn't happen. Can I go back now and ask for spousal support. Also, what can I do to subpoena bank records and go after the money if my attorney won't do it without the funds upfront. I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place. Any advice welcome.
  21. I contracted with Rover.com to use one of their dog sitters (described by Rover as an independent contractor) to watch my 2 dogs during my week long vacation. The home has 2 adults, their 3 kids and their yellow lab, Sally. I was under the impression that only my dogs (along with the sitter's dog) were staying with them during the week I was to be gone. Turned out they had 6 dogs in total: Sally (dog sitter's dog), my two (Sprocket and Beau), Eeyore (13 year old blind, half deaf Basset hound), Buckley (boxer who attacked by dog Sprocket) and another dog who's name I don't know. Dropped off my two on Friday night. Saturday night, Buckley attacked Sprocket. Sitters broke it up quickly and wrote it up as "a one-off type thing". They saw no aggression, posturing, raised tail or other signs by my dog prior to Buckley's attack. They decided to separate the dogs and kept Buckley in another part of the house using a baby gate. They did not call me about this attack and did not report it to Rover.com or animal control. Sunday morning, Sprocket walked by the baby gate and Buckley "came through the gate like it wasn't there" (per sitters). He attacked Sprocket throat and latched on to his right ear. He bit a hole clean through the ear and made a long gash on the inside. The sitters say it took all of their strength to get Buckley off of Sprocket. They got Buckley outside. The wife called Rover.com demanding that Buckley be moved to a new home as she "feared for the lives and safety of her children". She described Buckley as unpredictable and unstable. The husband took Sprocket to the vet. As I was in church, I had my ringer turned off and didn't get the messages until after service. I had to pay via the phone for the emergency vet bill ($330) and Buckley was rehomed to another Rover.com sitter. Animal services was not called. Since then, Sprocket need 2 more vet visits as the site became infected and he developed a hot spot. My vet is trying to get the infection under control but it may leave lasting damage to his hearing; he will have scars on his ear. Current bills are around $1100 and still going up as his need for care increases. Rover.com refuses to give me Buckley's owners name for "privacy" reasons. They say they are a "neutral party" and that I can't sue them. Their policy on dog attacks is to review each case individually and decide if they will let the dog continue to use the service. They decide on a case by case basis to tell dog sitters if a dog wanting service has ever attacked anyone. They gave my info to Buckley's owner but he hasn't contacted me. I am filing a report with Animal Control today. Are the sitter's and Rover.com required to give up the attacking dog owner's information to Animal Control? Am I entitled to get a copy of the animal control report? Does the sitter have any liability here? What can I do to force him to at least pay the vet bills? Is small claims my only option? The owner is training for a new job in Florida and plans to move. I want to make sure Buckley doesn't attack anyone or any other dog. Is that up to Animal Control? Can they impound him?
  22. On Sept. 7th, I was charged with a Class A misdemeanor for Family Violence/Assault. This is my first offense and I'm extremely worried because I do not want to go back to jail once my court date comes. I am highly regretful of what I've done and I'm normally not a violent person AT ALL and feel as if I shouldn't be sentenced to any jail time. I am not a hardened criminal who is built for this kind of lifestyle. Can anyone offer me any advice on what may happen once I show up to court/ will I HAVE to go back to jail??
  23. Hello, My name is Sarita and I recently joined an LLC firm (small firm offering IT services to its clients here in Texas and other neighboring states. The company owner has multiple LLC firms in his and his wife's name. My role within the company is that of a HR Manager. I have been playing this role for last 1 month. My role is primarily focused on employee visa matters and helping place these employees in different contracts that my company has. My question is as follows As a HR Manager I am signing on several documents such as a) Purchase Orders (with other resourcing firms) where we pick up resources and then take those resources and deploy them in client locations b) Visa extension documents that are sent from my company to the Attorney office for employees that require visa extension or change in visa type for continuing their employment such as I140 and H1B related documents c) Also responding back to RFE when we apply for H1B or Green Card I140; LCA; G28; I129 (H1B) d) Offer letters e) Right of control documents My question is that since I am signing several documents as a petitioner for visa related documents; are there any concerns pertaining to me putting my signature on these documents and tomorrow if there is any malpractice that my employer is undertaking will I be in trouble. Whilst I do verify most of the documents I am unable to validate customer Purchase Order; Customer End Client Letter etc. I also use e-Verify for most of the Government issued documents to validate the authenticity of a candidate etc; but my worry is working in an LLC and my employment terms have unlimited liability with the employer what are the risks I face in playing the role and providing my signatures in many of these documents.
  24. It's been over 10 years since this accident happened in a private motor vehicle. The driver held a Class A CDL, with all endorsements. Approximately 6-8 months recovering, defendant had a family emergency in another state, so defendant left the charging state and never returned. What will a defendant have do to get this resolved without having to appear in court, along with the possibility of getting a Class E Drivers License. This was the defendants first offense. Defendant had no prior record of any infractions on their driving record.