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Found 380 results

  1. I signed the lease to a brand new apartment about a month ago. It was a nightmare getting in, and it is a nightmare now. I have had three different technicians from the internet company come out and all of them said I need to have the manager call and have whoever installed the lines come out and fix it. Each time, I call her and she says she will get it done. I have been waiting 3 weeks for the manager to get the internet in-line fixed in my apartment so that I can have internet installed. My calls are ignored and when I went into the office the manager sends back one of the office staff telling me that I need to make an appointment to even talk to her! I have online college and work a full time job that I sometimes have to do work from home and it is very inconvenient for me to try and find a place to do everything I need to get done. I almost failed one of my classes because I couldn't find a place to take my final. Is there anything I can do? Is there any legal responsibility for them to get it fixed within a certain amount of time?
  2. My wife was helping a friend move into a new apartment complex. There are reserved spots but some are not labelled, and visitor spots are not labelled at all. The spot she parked in had a very faint number, and the 'reserved parking' label on the curb at the front is completely faded and nearly impossible to see. Anyhow, fine, car got towed. It's a Nissan Rogue, AWD. When we picked it up the next day, turns out the rear differential is damaged and we had to take it to the shop. Tow company claims they towed it properly, all four wheels on a dolly. Oddly enough, the repair shop we took it to also happens to service the tow company's vehicles, and the shop owner knows the towing company owner and they have talked. Apparently tow company did an internal investigation and they have pictures showing car was on a dolly (I have not seen these pictures). I just find it incredibly unlikely that a car with no problems the day before, suddenly the differential is broken the next day after a tow. Be that as it may, I have no proof otherwise the two company did anything to damage it, and the shop owner says that it's an electronic differential that is engaged only when the car is 'on', so it wouldn't have been on or engaged while car was being towed. I'm no car expert, but I know enough that I can buy that explaination. Anyway, question is, can I recoup maybe the towing fee from the apartments because of improperly labelled spots? The new tenant was not made aware of the existence of visitor spots, but she did find a mention of it in her lease. However, visitor spots are NOT labelled anywhere that I can find on the property (even up front where visitor spots usually are). I have seen properly labelled reserved spots, but the one my wife was parked in was not such labelled. I can share a picture of the spot if you like as well.
  3. My grandsons 20 and 18 yrs old now tell me their own father showed them porn. There was sexual contact , this started occurring when they were 6/7 yrs old and stopped around 10/11 yrs old. I am trying to help them cope. One of them has had severe mental problems, this includes involuntary incarceration. The oldest says he is pretty sure there was no kiddie porn.
  4. We bought a 2016 Infiniti QX60 pre owned certified back in November 2017 from Clear Lake Infiniti. At the time they we noticed nothing wrong with the suv, and they even provided a CarFax report showing the 2 owners and no issues had been reported. Now it’s April 2018 and we when to a new dealership and had it appraised to trade it in and they only offered us half of what we paid for it. So just to get a second opinion we went to a Texas Auto Direct. They gave us the same amount as the dealership, but what he did tell me has made me sick. He said he couldn’t give us any more money because the suv looked like it had been wreck. He said that there was a RDOT sticker on the passenger side door. I didn’t know what a RDOT sticker was so I asked him to educate me. He said that when junkyard or aftermarket non manufacturer parts are used to fix a vehicle, they have to put these stickers on the parts used to show they are aftermarket. That hit me pretty hard. Now I have a luxury vehicle that I paid what I think is a luxury price for, and that they sold that was “Pre Owned Certified” is now only worth half of what we owe on it. My question, is there anything I can do about this? I read up on this CarFax buyback guarantee and it’s a waste of time. Do we have any legal ground to stand on?
  5. During mediation, I did not agree with the terms. The lawyer that was supposed to be representing me, informed me that if I did not sign the mediation agreement, the opposing company would place liens on everything that I own and could take ownership of my other royalties. I felt like I was forced into signing the mediation agreement. Is there anything you can do after you sign the mediation agreement?
  6. I've been working for company in West Texas for about 2 and a half months, I get paid on a bi weekly basis so anything over 80 hours they consider to be overtime. But I'm not actually getting paid time and a half for my overtime rate. I'm being paid an hourly wage, not on salary or commission, so once I hit the 80 hour mark my pay rate is cut and I'm being paid half of my hourly wage. I need to know if this legal. I've never dealt with this before and everyone that I talk to says they've never heard of "coefficient overtime" before. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have a question.... back in 2003 I had a bank loan well over time I did not finish paying off the loan. That particular bank sold it to another bank who in turned garnished my bank account adding a judgment to it! This led me to closing my other bank account that I had and I got me a pre-paid bank card to avoid them doing the same thing to my other account! My question is if I am on another person's bank account as a "joint holder" not the main person can this bank go in a put a "judgment" on their account or garnish their money? Thanks Tonya Johnson
  8. Hi there I have several questions reguarding my current living situation. I need to determine if what is happening is legal or not. My mother is currently homesteading within my grandmother's house. We were told by the state that in order for my mother to receive the house as intended, as an inheritance, she must reside within the home and remain living in the home for 2 years after her mother passes away. I don't quite understand that process or decision. I live in the home with my mother aswell and am responsible for paying the taxes, insurance, and all monthly bills. My husband has been responsible for renovations, yard work, tree trimming, painting, remodeling, and any other work needed on the home. All this is being done without receiving a discount on monthly cost for the bills, or payment for services. I need to know if this is legal. I'd like to add that we are taking full financial responsibility for this home and struggling to pay everything. My aunt is the person responsible for anything dealing with my grandmother, my grandmother is still living, she is in a nursing home with limited speech abilities. My aunt is legally responsible for my grandmother. My mother just got approved for disability, she has not began receiving her benefits yet. Once she does we will still be responsible for paying all monthly house bills, taxes, and insurance monthly. This is why I need to find out if this is legal. My family says "We are doing our part because we are family, are are paying much less than we would if we had our own home." this is untrue. We would be financially stable, with 3 small children, if we were not responsible for this house and all expenses. I'd like to add that we never agreed to take full responsibility once my mother was no longer able to work, I just happened to be the child living in her home when all that happened. There is no signed agreement for anything going on, our family "assumed" we could handle to responsabilities of taking care of a house and elderly woman.
  9. My ex-wife is living off of me. She uses the $1700.00 in child support for her bills and leaves nothing for the kids. She bought a new car and lives in a two story house but has no job to support herself. Is this legal? Can I do anything about this?
  10. If the non custodial parent has an income that tops out at 83000 and then drops to 71000 (because of contract renegotiations, company and employment never changed)) at which time a new order is drawn up because of other issues and CS is lowered not by the court but by agreement (both amounts were not maxed previously) of both parties is the 20% increasefor modifcation based off the high salary or the low salary of the previous job?
  11. Started working a job with employer contingent upon sucessful background check. I was on my 4th day when HR showed up and asked to talk with me. She said there were some issues on my background check. She showed me the report and it showed the 5 year deferred sentance I had from 10 years ago in a different state. She asked why didn't I just come to them and inform them prior to running the check. There was nothing on the application that asked if I had any prior convictions or deferred adj. If the application askes I don't lie about it. But I wasn't going to volunteer info 10 years old if I didn't have to. This was 10 years old it should not have come up. My salary was 65,000 so doesn't the law both Fedaral and state say that a background check by consumer reporting agency can only go back 7 years. If your salary was 75,000 then you could go back 10 years. She told me that if I could get it taken care of she could take it to the managing partners and see if maybe I could get my job back. I still owed some of the fines on it. She told me I would have to leave since this was healthcare that I needed it resolved (in other words be current with payments on it). I was kind of shocked because it had not showed up on my previous employers check and it would have been within the 7 years limit for them. I disputed the company Insperity to investigate what they had reported. They came back with the same results. They said I was on probation so that would change the disposition date. I told them I didn't know where they were getting their info but I had never been on probation. They stuck to their guns said the county jail told them that. I don't think so. I told the employer if I was going to try to take care of it I was going to have to be paid. They Fedex my check to me which was short. On the memo of the check it said Termination of Employment. What? No one said I was terminated. I was told I could have my job back if I took care of fines, maybe. I was never given a letter of termination. I found that out from it being on my check. Is this legal for me to be terminated because the employer went back too far on the background check and used informantion they should not have or use? Is there anything I can do about it?
  12. I had like the biggest question how is it possible for someone to have five years of probation left. And have one month knocked off their prison sentence all at one time. This is about my girlfriend. She is in the safe P prison in Texas. She has five years of probation she has to do and she did nine months of the presentations well actually she’s only done about seven months but she has not much to do. I got a call from her yesterday telling me that she got one month knocked off for sentence so if you’ll be coming home and one more month and all her Probation is done . And all taken care of when she has a decent mound of fines and community service that she has not paid or done yet.. how is it possible? How on earth did she manage to pull that kind of favoritism or something, she told me that it was because of good behavior. I mean seriously, come on, I don’t care how good you think you are you’re not gonna be able to get five years knocked off and you pretty much walk away Scott free and all your fines are not even going to pay for anymore what kind of law out there is there that can cause that to happen? because I don’t believe her when she tells me it was all because of good behavior the same buddy have any answers for me that they think it could be. I will thank you a lot for any kind of answers or series this could be for. thank you
  13. My parents set up a Living Trust in 1998. My mother died in 2002 and my father remarried and amended the trust to name my stepmother the successor trustee. My father passed away last year and my stepmother passed away 11 months later. I am now the successor trustee of my father's estate. Before my father's death, my name was on a bank account in the name of my family's Living Trust. Recently, I found out that my name is no longer on the account and that I will not have access to the account until I can produce proof that I am now the successor trustee. Could my stepmother legally have taken my name off the account while she was the successor trustee? Also, my father and stepmother had several joint checking accounts. My stepmother had children; how are commingled checking accounts divided between blended families?
  14. In April my roommate and I received a fee on our account due to damage caused from the washer connection. This fee was applied four months later without any communication regarding details of the charges. Damages were caused in December and had caused the smoke detectors from downstairs to go off for days. We contacted the courtesy officer and maintenance, yet no assistance until days later. If we would’ve received the assistance we requested days prior, damages could’ve been prevented. We asked for details and images of the damages in January and we did not receive the images until March.
  15. I work for company that has a no compete clause. A client of mine solicited me for employment and I was wondering if someone can take a look at the verbiage on the terms and conditions on the agreement provided from my company to the client. What would happen if i were to end my employment with my current employer and accept the client's offer?
  16. I filed for an extension in April 2017 for tax year 2016. There's been a lot of chaos and moving lately and I cannot find any trace of that extension filing (and no, i haven't filed in October. As mentioned earlier, it's been alot going on). The IRS website won't let me check for the status and how much I owe for 2016. I know interest and penalties have been piling up. My question: do I have to take care of tax year 2016 before filing for 2017? Thank you for your advice.
  17. In 2007 I was invited to participate in building on private property. I was told I could build anything I wanted as long as I followed the guidelines of the community. I have never once violated those guidelines. I have worked hard over the past 11 years to build and develop my project and I am even making profit from it. Recently the private property owner changed the guidelines, and made the type of development I have done against the rules. They have given me a deadline and are ordering me to destroy all my work myself, if I want to stay on the property, or they will kick me off and destroy it all. Everything I have built and done since day one has not only been in full compliance with the original guidelines, it is also in full compliance with all local, state and federal laws (which have not changed). It is only the property owner who has changed the guidelines for what can be done on their property. Now I know that under the theory of Adverse Possession, I would have a strong case, but in this case, I not only had permission to build and develop from the owner, I responded to an ad from the owner that invited me to come and build. So, I am not sure if Adverse Possession applies. Maybe Easement Rights apply here, I don't know. Can anyone help me with some legal avenue to not lose all my work? Thanks.
  18. My fiancee had a horrible credit and needed a new car. I had excellent credit, but even with me as a co-signer, her monthly payment would still be very high. So the dealership suggested to put me as the primary borrower in a joint account. Interest rate was excellent. She promised me that she would be making all payments. This was 6 months ago. I knew this wasn't a wise decision. It was out of love and she was pregnant. Her is my question: what is a good way of shifting ownership of the car loan, or even getting out of it? I am just imagining different scenarios (if we break up, she can decide to stop payments just to hurt my credit (hers being already low, won't hurt her much). In addition, this loan affect my debt-to-income ratio negatively. Thanks for your replies.
  19. We found out that my husband supposedly received a ticket for no insurance on 23 Aug 1997. That became a arrest warrant on 8 Mar 2008. It is now Feb 2015! My husband has been stopped since then, he went to take his state inspectors test, has had a couple of background checks and the Navy has done a security search for his security clearance. At NOW time has this thing showed up. Can they do this?
  20. i was served with a sealed indictment for organized crime, stayed in jail for 4 months ,i was released the d.a said they dismissed the case but might re indict me in 30 days, wtf does that mean?
  21. Hello I was in the process of being added to the lease but today was declined due to my background check having criminal records. I have never been in trouble with the law so there is clearly a mistake any help in the situation is appreciated. The owner didn't give a copy of background check or name of screening company .
  22. If a person is assigned a court appointed attorney for a criminal case and within30days wants to pay another attorney are you able to fire the court appointed attorney in the state of texas witout a reason or repercussions?
  23. I am an employee of Coca-Cola southwest beverages. Several months ago I was told by my immediate supervisor that I was on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no set days off because of my position as ORM relief. After I contacted his supervisor, this issue was resolved and my position changed. My question is -am I due backpay for the time I was on call? Thank you.
  24. I am involved in a very odd case, I'll try to make a long story short. Back in June, there was a young lady who ran away from home, she landed on my porch (3 mi away). She said that she and her mom had a big fight and she tried to get my oldest son to drive her to town. He declined, and I put her on the couch for the night. The following day, the sheriff took her home, that evening, her father abandoned her on our porch, remind you I don't know these people from Adam and had only met her the previous night. We called local LEO and CPS. She was at our house for an entire month. The family didn't bother checking on her even once. It was like they just wrote off her existence. She got sick and needed medical care, I called the caseworker, caseworker calls mom and ultimately she ends up going home. The family took her to a mental institution the following morning on the grounds she wasn't taking her Prozac (family wouldn't let us have it). She was there for 10 days and released. When they got home, she hit the ground running and back to my house she was. I called the local LEO, they returned her home. This cycle continued about every week, maybe 2 for the next 2 months. The final time, she didn't run to me, she just disappeared and a missing poster went out. A week later, she showed up on my porch again. I called LEO again, and this time, they sent her to a shelter rather than taking her home. I have applied and was approved to foster her, we were supposed to pick her up on Sunday (her 16th birthday) - yesterday afternoon after everything was approved, the parents filed some motion to stop us from taking her out of the shelter and now we have to wait until court on the 17th to see what is going to happen. Is there anything I can do, and what will happen when the court date comes along? On another note, they filed to relinquish their parental rights and then repealed it a few days later and she is their adopted child. It's a mess to say the least, and I have lost lots of sleep over this. He abandons his child on my porch, and somehow we are the bad guys. I don't understand any of this, can someone please help?
  25. I am planning to bring my fiancé her he had a visa but he was panned from coming back to the US for 5 years since 2015 how long will it take him to get his papers going now to come back to the US