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Found 69 results

  1. Can I add my daughter to my insurance even though my cousin has custody of her; my insurance would be the secondary insurance? And would it effect my cousin taxes cause she claims my daughter as a dependent as far as the insurance is concern. The HR department said that it wouldn't affect it at all, but I am trying to make sure before I add her to my insurance.
  2. How do I personally handle my divorce with no cost acquired if it is not contested?
  3. My bankruptcy notice from 2017 shows US Dept of Education as being sent notice of my discharge but the loans are still being handled by a collection agency. Were they not discharged even after appearing on the discharge order?
  4. Pulled over for missing a screw from license plate no citation then asked if had any drugs or weapons said no asked if minded if he searched asked him why he wants to search said I was nervous step out of vehicle then searched was this a illegal search he had no video and in report said I consented
  5. What is the job of a court appointed mediator in determing custody and visitation rights of parents, especially when the male parent is establishing a legal history of battering girlfriends? what is the judge's respnsibility in relation to the mediator?
  6. My husband has a question about how his overtime is being calculated. I did a search and didn't find anything about this unique situation, but I think I learned enough to give most of the required information upfront. If I missed anything, I'll be glad to answer any questions. He is a skilled laborer and many weeks he spends working out of state, which requires several hours drive time there on Monday and again to get home on Friday. He drives a company truck on these trips, and usually carries a passenger. He is paid about half of his usual pay for this drive time. Is that allowed? He does go to the office first, then picks up his passenger, and sometimes materials or tools, then leaves town. None of this travel has been outside of his normal working hours, but if he had a job that was further away, I guess it could. He often works more then 40 hours on these trips, if you include drive time, but his paycheck doesn't reflect it. For example, this week's check has 46:28, but only 2:55 of that is paid as Overtime. 7:21 is paid as Drive time and 36:12 at his regular rate. (Note that this is displayed as hours and minutes, not as a decimal. It took me some time to make the number work because I am used to seeing a decimal.) So, my questions: 1. Are they allowed to pay him a different amount for the time that he is driving? 2. Are they allowed to not pay him time and a half for hours over 40 when those hours are spent driving? 3. If they are required to pay time and a half for drive time, should it be calculated using his "working" rate or his 'drive time" rate? I appreciate any help I can get! He wants to be as informed as possible before he discusses this with his boss.
  7. I am the brand new owner of a house in Knoxville that has been rented with no lease for many years. The renter made regular payments to the past owner and is current. I contacted the renter several times to set up a time to meet and sign a new lease. The renter does not want to meet me or sign a lease. I told him that he would need to meet me if he wants to rent from me in January and he has not responded. I need to do major repairs to the house and don't mind renting to him before I am able to begin, but he needs to sign an agreement with me and I need his information. The past owner has no information on him besides his phone number and copies of money orders. How shall I go about evicting this uncooperative renter and does it make a difference that he rented the house for so many years without a lease from the past owner?
  8. I'll be going back to court in December 2018 for the 4th time in 2 years . My mother in law is repeatedly tried to get custody of my 2 kids. How can I stop this she has lied in court lied on paperwork for courts. Fraudulently use kids ss to receive state families first help .
  9. I run a clothing business. I am toying with the idea of allowing my customers to design their own products. They would have the artwork - where ever it came from - they would upload it, complete the purchase & I would manufacture and ship. What is my liability on potentially producing items that are using copyrighted materials, i.e. NFL logos, Disney Characters, etc? Is it still my responsibility to "police" what is being ordered or would the liability fall onto the customer?
  10. cew


    I gave my email address to the car salesman. Then he asked me a 68 year old disabled veteran my password. Next thing I was asked for was $1000 down. I signed a screen with the alleged contract, then I was sent a paper contract except I did not accept the FedEx delivery because I needed an electronic transmitted contract. The finance person told me to come in about two to three weeks later for me to sign the contract. I went under duress 200 miles and sign another contract. The car price was $5600 then with a four interest the balance became $7579, plus the down payment the balance became $8579? They told me that I do not know how to add.
  11. A car that had a contract breach, because the car dealer sold me a vehicle for approximately $5600 in 2016. The dealer charged me interest for a four year loan, totaling approximately $7500. Then I paid $1000 down except the contract I signed the second time under duress added the $1000 to the $7500 to total $8500, which the dealer told me I owed the $7500. Is this a criminal act or do I just sue for a civil violation. Oh, they repossessed the car last year in 2017 because I paid them in person but they did not pay the finance company even though I got a receipt. I made a second payment timely but the car dealer sent the mailed check back and told me to pay the finance company. My credit was lowered because the finance company said that they did not get my first payment. I filed for a lost or stolen check with my bank. The second contract has additional charges of administrative charges of $495 and a license charge when I paid my registration fee transferring my old plates. The financial company has my credit report listing $5600 owed or bad credit while the car dealer got the car back. Do I file criminal or civil charges?
  12. I work for a company that is based on a percent of performance for the week. Such as, each product is worth a certain amount of time, and should be completed within that time or better to obtain 100 percent or better for a base pay. The problem is first of all, we may obtain over 100 percent by our break, but during the break with no production being produced, the time for break is included in that hour of production, resulting in lowering the production for that period of time. I didn't know they could take away what we had already earned. Another, is our supervisors have the right to add or take away time that we were clocked out of our production job, doing something else, thus also lowering or escalating the production rate. This also does not seem fair, as some people are showed favoritism. So it seems that for the first two hours of work, we need to work to earn our break in order to have 15 minutes over our production time in order to stay at 100 percent or higher. And then again for our second break of the afternoon.
  13. My boyfriend and I were accused of shoplifting and burglary (bc I was banned) I was falsely accused of skipping scan and they thought he stole a crane machine carebear and put him in handcuffs and security tackled me so I ran ? we went to jail and posted bond and it’s been almost 2 years ago and court keeps getting continued. Shouldn’t it be thrown out?? They even humiliated us by putting our face in the paper and lied saying he walked out w a bag and a bear ?
  14. I work for a security company in Memphis called TPA ( The Protection Agency ) I've been waiting on my check for two months but keep getting excuses saying the particular contact hasn't paid them yet aren't they required to pay me even though they haven't been paid ???
  15. Ok, this is not straightforward. A man named [redacted] Prince, of South Carolina, needed to borrow some money, and asked my brother David, if he would buy his truck. David gave Prince the money, and Prince KINDA signed over the truck to him. They were pals, so David never SIGNED the title, thinking Prince might want it back. The transfer was never officially completed, paperwork-wise. Prince's truck sat at David's house, in South Carolina, for some time. Prince died. Then my brother David died last year. David had no Will, so his estate went to his daughter, my niece, Holly. Holly and her husband found the old title to the truck, not properly filled out or transferred, and decided they didn't want to mess with it, so they just left it out of Probate, as it wasn't OFFICIALLY Davids, and gave the truck and title to my mom - also Davids mom - Holly's grandmother. My mom brought the truck to me, in Tennessee, and gave ME this title, such as it is. On the back of the title where it says "Assignment of a Vehicle" someone has put Davids name and address, but David never signed it. It looks like someone penciled a date in at a later time, 1-4-17, I think, but it doesn't look like pen. By "Signature of Seller" is [redacted] Prince's name printed, signature, and address. I don't know what to do with this. I could sure use a vehicle, but this title stuff is a mess, and some people say I should just sign MY name, others say I need a certificate of death on one or both men, and some say Holly must reopen Probate and find some way to complete the transfer of the title into Davids name, THEN put it in HER name, then sign it over to me. Of course, just to make things as complicated and difficult as possible, mom and I are estranged from Holly, so working with her, expecting her to do a bunch of paperwork and such, on mom's or my behalf isn't really likely. Mom was amazed that she brought the truck to her. Anyway, how can I get this truck properly titled and registered to me, here in TN? [redacted]
  16. If my children’s father has not informed me that he has moved into a motel with his new girlfriend(alcoholic person) for weeks now, can I withhold my children from going with him for visitation if I let him see the kids at my home? The motel is full of druggies and illegal activity, he keeps telling me he is still living at his old roommates which they informed me he’s been gone for weeks now in our papers it states he has to tell me immediately if he changes addresses.
  17. In 2014, I made an on-line purchase of software. It was last year's version and I purchased it through an on-line retailer. I have the receipt and paid about 1/3 of the new price for the software. As it turns out, the retailer that I purchased from was not authorized to sell it. Over a year after the purchase, I was contact by an attorney accusing me of copyright infringement. Basically, they say that I purchased stolen software. I have offered to return the software. Have made no money from its use. Indeed, I have only used it 2 or 3 times and only minimal applications, at that. Now they want me to pay full price for the product and are refusing my offer to return it to them. What are my options?
  18. I discovered that my ex signed up for a Credit Karma account in my name and SS#. They won't do anything about it without a copy of a police report (which I just got). I wasn't going to push it but for the 2nd sraight year, she has claimed both of her kids on her taxes (against the terms of our court ordered agreement), and she's pretty much a caricature of a bitchy ex-wife. She will probably lose her job as a Special Ed teacher because she used her work email address to register the account (possibly used work computer - find out when Credit Karma gives me details) which means she may have to payback a state grant that paid for her masters in SpEd. To my knowledge, she didn't open any credit accounts in my name, but per the deputy that took my complaint, the Credit Karma thing is prosecutable as Identy Theft - a Class D felony. My question is, since I had no monetary loss, can I sue her? Not that she has much to give up, but I'm done putting up with her crap. Or better yet, can I sue her and the department of education since she used their email system to setup the account and possibly their computer(s)/network to access the site? Per their terms of use for Department email, I can see no reason they should or would allow correspondence to or from Credit Karma. Before I get called out, I have my kids 50% of the time, pay my child support, and don't have any interest in her life. She dogs me to my kids, has admitted to making efforts to harm my reputation/character/income (I'm a Realtor), and I have put up with years of harrassment from both her and her husband. Thanks.
  19. If a tenant lets loose one of the landlord's animals, and the animal goes onto a neighbors property and destroys property, who is responsible? the tenant? the landlord? if the tenant releases the animal as an act of mischief?
  20. Where does one find a printable PDF Tennessee civil warrant form for general sessions court or small claims court on line?
  21. I lack access to any Tennessee case law, but by computer. What is a good site on line to find Tennessee cases about the duty of a renter of a farm to pay rent after a low crop yield? what Tennessee statute covers that subject?
  22. Does Tennessee allow a petition or referendum to make a state law? how? does the legislature have to refer it to the ballot? Can a person distribute a petition to put a proposition on the ballot to make a state law in Tennessee? how many signatures must sign the petition?
  23. What forms do you need to complete and file to pursue a civil action in a Tennessee small claims court? to collect past rent and damages to property? Also, can another non-attorney person or relative represent the complainant or filer of the action in court?
  24. Does any school have to tell anyone who asks for any reason whatsoever, especially to deter fraud, that it gave a person a diploma in Tennessee?
  25. Can a landlord successfully pursue an action for unlawful detainer by just saying in court tenancy at will is the lease made orally between tenant and landlord?
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