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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I purchased a house last year which was an estate sale. The owner and her husband bought the house, and the wife ended up with the house after their divorce (years ago). The husband was awarded 2 acres just behind the original house. He built a house and the wife moved. She rented the house out for years. The wife passed away and the kids sold us the house. South Dakota law states that in the event of an estate sale, the seller does not have to disclose any information, and believe me, they did not! We asked about the septic, the water well, property lines, etc., and their response was always the same; they didn't know (or we would hear that same excuse -- that SD law says in an estate sale, the seller doesn't have to disclose any information). So, when drawing up the property lines (we purchased the house and only some of the land), we saw that the ex-husband's septic tank and leech field was on our property. We drew the new property line so he was forced to take his septic system. Now, I find out that he is connected to the water well that is clearly located on our land. There is no well share agreement. In fact, while negotiating the sale, we said no to a well share agreement. As our realtor said today, "...any future well share." This was introduced because of the vacant land the family still owns. The well pump is located in our basement and we have been paying the entire electric bill for the pump. I have called an attorney here in South Dakota, but will not hear back for a few days. I would like a few opinions/suggestions regarding how to proceed. The ex-husband is not a nice person and is very well known to local authorities for domestic violence. We were trying to establish good relations with all of our neighbors; however, we will not be taken advantage of. Thank you
  2. I purchased a newly constructed home in July 2016. A few things are starting to show up; wood floor buckled, water heater melted some wiring and burnt insulation (found out it was also used not new) & the water line connections to the water heater are leaking. In the home purchase inspection, he found the sewer venting was not properly installed, the windows/doors were not sealed and no dryer vent. However, these were fixed before we closed in July. The floor & water heater issue occurred after close. We had to hire an electrician to see why there was no hot water. I found out today, the State plumbing inspector did not inspect the inside of the home. Is it legal to sell a home that has not been inspected by either the county or state inspectors? Also, does the home builder have to be a licensed contractor in the State of South Dakota if he built the house with the intention of selling the home? Who has the financial responsibility to continually fix the issues and wouldn't you think a newly constructed home would have a new water heater?
  3. I had a sexual affair with my boss that happened over a 4 year period.He gave me many extras including multiple gifts & cash deposits into my bank account. My husband had suspected the affair for some time. When my husband approached me about it he( my husband) & I decided to move forward & try save our marriage. I told my boss (small company owner) it all had to stop from as of that day. My husband even went to his house to confront him. Seven months later after he became impossible to work with due to me ending the affair he fired me. In the time leading up to this he tried to cover up his tracks & was trying to make me quit my job. My husband had found several texts my boss had sent me trying to hook up. My husband saved some of these texts & was sick of all the gifts my boss was giving me throughout the affair. My husband kept close tabs on my boss & caught him in several lies. I was fired for questioning my Christmas bonus. Then my boss denied my enemployment benefits by lying & saying I was unproductive at work. I since filed for a unemployment appeal hearing & my boss didn't even show up for that. My husband talked to my bosses wife about it & she had suspected the affair for a while. I was treated terrible ever since I ended the affair. I felt pushed out & I think I was terminated so he could just wash his hands clean of the mess that he created. Do I have any kind of Harrasment case?
  4. Hi, I'm new to this and have questions that I don't know where to turn. My father passed away a few weeks ago. He did not leave a will. I have one brother that was added to my dad's checking account about a year ago, so he could pay debts at passing. My brother told me there is about $20,000 in the account(i didn't go to the bank with him, not thinking I can't trust him). I didn't think much of it. Until I came across a bank statement from just end of November that states there is a balance of $40,000. And there is no way my dad being very ill and housebound spent that money. I found this out a few days ago, and have not confronted my brother yet as a phone call or text just won't do. He was supposed to meet me at our dad's house yesterday but didn't saying he was sick. Anyways, I did find out from the bank that the joint account has NO rights of survivorship, and names both my brother and I payable on death, after 30 days. My brother has bought a pull trailer out of that account for his personal use after our dad passed. My questions are, isn't it illegal to hide assets in the estate(especially with no will, so law would state equal distribution)? And even though he is on the account, is it legal to use the money for personal use and not just for final expenses when there is no right to survivorship, and there is a 30 day waiting period before pod takes place? Also, when it is supposed to be equal distribution, does that go by values(like 1 vehicle is valued at $15,000, and the other 2 aren't even worth $5000 collectively)?
  5. What constitutes harassment in work place when employers actions create for me a hostile work environment? My supervisors (2 -direct area of work supervisor and director) have been watching my work for months w/o informing me and for the purposes of writing a corrective action plan on me. I had to sign a corrective action plan for weekly reviews for four months. "Job coaching" or training as employee manual directs was not done and this is being done after 18 months of employment, a raise I believe given for good performance b/c only select employees received a raise; I have repeated asked for training in specific areas but have not gotten it. I have been written up for responsibilities I did not know of, if I had known I would have complied. The first weekly review meaning for the corrective action plan was essentially job coaching ie telling me what I did wrong and what I was to do. (I work as an assistant teacher in a preschool program.) Had I rec'd this info I would not be written up. Given information they told me I believe they are talking to co workers to gain information against me b/c otherwise they would not have known. I suspect they have solicited information from parents about me also, but also cannot know for sure. I responded to corrective action plan by telling them I did not have a required six month or yearly evaluation. No one else is being monitored as I am; employees act differently toward me. The children LOVE me and that is a well known fact throughout the center and I have been given 4 cards from lead teacher and supervisors stating 'the children love you....thank you for your passion for our children.' of particular offense to me is that I am being written up, on way to termination I believe, but the other employee doing the same as me, such as talking together which is concluded as not supervising children at all times and though talk is about a child under our supervision; another situation was a child left the classroom (all three staff in room responsible for his supervision) w/o our knowing as supervisor found him in the hall. I was only one written up and part of my corrective action plan. If I ask a co worker about something relative to these actions, I will be written up as I am to "show respect for all co workers, children, parents, supervisors...) I am wondering if this scenario constitutes creating a hostile work environment and if so what legal consequences are there potentially. I am applying for other jobs as the stress and 'not being wanted' I cannot bear and it adversely affects my work performance. The least I would like is an attorney reviewing my case and if it bears basis of creating the hostile work environment if he/she could write a letter to employer advising them to stop this behavior or we would pursue further legal action. I want to be heard and they be told they have acted illegally. Thank you kindly.
  6. Hello, My divorce was finalized Feb-2012. We split up the assets and the divorce stipulation was signed by the courts. After my ex had received a notice from her "Uncle" who was hour financial adviser advising her that one of the accounts was supposed to be for "her two children from a previous marriage" My ex called me and advised that if I touched that money I would never hear from the children again. I decided not to touch it as i wanted that relationship, but after 2-1./2 years I have not heard from them anyways. I helped raise them since they were 3 and 6, at the time of divorce they were 22 and 26, but they remained on their Mother's side and she is one controlling you know what. So I decide I'm going to collect the outstanding money ($24,000). I emailed her Uncle to disperse the funds and he retorted that he cant because its in a different account and he would need a court order to do so. I discovered her "Uncle" got fired from where we had our assets and all of the money is now in a different account. How can I collect this using the original Divorce Stipulation? Do I file a motion and appear before a judge? Thank you,
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