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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. My truck was searched upon entering the naval base in Newport, RI. They found a couple grams of Marijuana and a couple grams of meth along with paraphernalia & such. I confirmed the substance was meth. I was arrested, booked, and immediately returned to my truck with two citations of simple possession. I have to go to Providence for court this month. I believe this would be considered federal court since it was on the base. I only have a couple of misdemeanors prior to this. What do I have to look forward to and is there anything I can do beforehand to receive the least penalty as possible?
  2. Greetings, I am seeking information in regards to having guests and/or visitor's signing medical waiver forms to refuse medical treatment when an incident occurs. I manage several large properties overseeing the safety and security operations for this preservation and we take thousands of people conducting daily tours of our properties. On occasion, we receive a call due to an employee or visitor incident i.e, trip, fall, slips, etc, however the policy states that whenever this happens, that 911 is automatically called regardless of how minor the incident and regardless if the individual refuses to seek medical treatment from EMS. This as a result, has caused concerns and tensions from our FIRE/EMS providers on being called needlessly and tying up resources, which I completely understand. I am wondering if I could provide a waiver for the individual to sign, with witness of course should they refuse medical treatment. If so, would someone be kind enough to point me in the direction of obtaining such forms? Obviously liability and safety is a paramount concern and wish to proceed in the correct manner, however I would hate to keep calling 911 for a scraped knee or cut finger? Please let me know any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or concerns and will look forward to hearing back from anyone that could provide any useful and prevalent information. Thank you for reading and viewing my inquiry.
  3. I was married in USA in 1996. Lived in USA illegally and have been deported back to Canada since 2011. Husband can not come to Canada. We both have moved on with our lives and BOTH would like to be divorce. We are extremely amicable and there is no property, or things to split. We have been legally separated since 2011. He lives in Rhode Island, I live in Montreal. What are the procedures for getting a divorce..........should be very simple
  4. Auto accident 7/2014 while working in company vehicle . Physical therapy and orthopedic procedures were required for 6 months and then shoulder surgery in 1/2015. Went back to work 1/2015. Orthopedic doctor released me as of 1/2016. Workers comp paid lost wages, scaring and % disability. Auto insurance carrier for vehicle at fault wants to settle. I am interested in the amount of pain and suffering I should be awarded. The workers comp carrier has forwarded file to auto carrier for subragation.
  5. A guest assaulted my wife and myself while a friend of ours was present. The woman was 300 lbs and my wife is 97 lbs. I am disabled and have mobility issues so neither of us were able to stop the attack. The woman broke two of my wifes fingers, sprained her ankle, and fish hooked my wifes cheek. We called the police but she denied assaulting me and said my wife attacked her and bite her finger. The cops arrested my wife and myself and charged us with domestic assault. We have medical reports from the doctors who had to wrap my wifes ankle, put a cast on her arm, and did a AIDS test because of the damage to her cheek. I am a Disabled Marine Veteran and do not understand what we should do in court and afterwards protect ourselves from further harrassment from this woman. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I let two guest stay for two weeks in my spare bedroom. I aked them to leave and they signed a letter saying they would leave. Two days before they were to leave they assaulted my wife breaking her fingers, spraining her ankel and fish hooking her. I called the cops but they claimed squatters rights and denied the assault saying my wife was the attacker. They then placed a no contact order against us both and we have been unable to return home. I returned the next day with a police escort to coolect some belongings but they stold my wifes purse, our phones, my VA medications, and the keys to the house and my bedroom. The cops asked if they had any of the items and they said they did not. The cops said that there was nothing that they could do about the missing property. Mean while I have had to rent a apartment, had my mail opened and stolen, and still have to maintain utilities and pay my morgage. We have been unable to return home for over a month now. I filed the court paperwork to have them evicted when the court day came only one person showed and claimed that her boyfriends mother died. The judge then gave them a 10 day extension and told her that they both need to return on the new date. Any help with getting back into my home and these squatters out will be appreciated. OIF Disabled Marine Veteran.
  7. I live in Rhode Island and my children live in Oregon. I have been paying child support for my three children for the past sixteen years, and it has recently come to my attention that my children have either changed or are waiting to change their last name. When I called the state of Oregon and spoke with the case worker she informed me that she was unaware of this. What are my rights as the father, do I still have to pay child support?
  8. my son is bi polar and has incidents when he disowns us. he has a 4 year old daughter. when he gets this way he stops all visitation of our granddaughter. we usually babysit 3 times a week. she knows us well and we love her dearly. now my daughter in law has disconnected with us and we have no contact with our granddaughter. what our my rights?
  9. State of RI Issue... My dear friend,"Linda" 30+yrs,her grandson,"Michael,"20yrs old,with NO types of arrests whatsoever;has been incarcerated since 2/2014 on word of "so-called," friend "RJ" who mind you had heroin-related felony charges pending; made deal w/prosecutor placing "Michael" on scene & conspiring, he is now facing: 1.Burglary 2.1st Degree Robbery 3.B&E Dwell/Person>60 on premise 4.Conspiracy/Felony 5.Conspiracy/Felony I am deeply concerned for my long-time friend "Linda's" health, she had 2 brain aneurysms removed 8/2013; and earlier this year finally started rec'ving back-monies owed from SSI. She is quickly becoming destitute in her mission to have 1st born grandson released while awaiting trial. After terminating prior 2 lawyers with no results nor satisfactory answers; "Linda's" family has retained yet a 3rd lawyer, earlier this week pre-trial 9/15/14; family is still left with no results thus far and "Michael" still sits in jail? The actual "accused" offender's parents' have even given written statements to county prosecutor and made appearance to Grand Jury with same, stating their own son's,"RJ's" guilt. I am no lawyer, I do, however, follow & try to understand the law. My question is why has "Michael" not been considered for "Pre-Trial Diversion Program?" is there no such program in RI? Are there add'l requirements to what I am already aware of...one being that percentage of bond must be paid? Also,I am very curious as to this being "Michael's" 1st time involved in system, why he was not upon arraignment given "Release on Personal Recognisance-PR?" I would be sincerely grateful with any/all links, advice,"steering-directions" as to where/how/who to turn to for assistance. The family does not have Internet accessibilty. Thank You All Very Much in Advance...
  10. I am trying to understand something that just seems so wrong.... I do understand some reasons for common law marriages and why if they end, they end the way they do... what I don't understand is how a court/judge is letting a process that I am going to explain, go on when there has been so much noticeable obvious perjury going on.... I am not just sticking up for my boyfriend because he's a Great guy and I Love him!, I am hurt for him because he is being dragged through the dirt from a woman that is just evil and it is so obvious.... And he has been going through a divorce for a year and a half.... the reason I say that I do understand common law and divorce that comes with it is because I am a VERY opened mind person... I beleive in fairness and what is right... But this is unbelievable! , My boyfriend was with his ex for 24 years, When he got with her she was pregnant with someone else's child, he accepted that and brought up the child as his own, one of the qualities I Love about him!, anyway, Sometime in the relationship he had proposed to her, she took the ring but said she did not want to get married... He also asked if he could adopt the child, she said no.... He bought a house and wanted her to have her name on it.... she said no... in 24 years they spent maybe 4 or 5 Christmases together, because she didn't want to spend it with his family. He took very good care of the both of them! She had jobs here and there, He has a good job, hes been at the ssme place 26 years, he's not rich, He struggles financially sometimes but that is because he was paying for everything, The house, the cars, car insurance, she would pay her car payment and insurance when she worked but.... He pays his and the childs (now adult) who thinks he is his Dad... all there cell phone bills, there clothes, her eyebrow waxing... and so on.... they had also been on cruises and nice vacations.... so in 24 years, he said the first 5 were great... After that he stayed to make sure the child was taken care of and treated his girlfriend at the time still very good because he is such a GREAT guy that he didn't care about himself, he cared about the child.... He slept in the finished cellar... It wasnt just Xmas they didn't spend together, he would have cookouts and she would stay in her room, At first I thought maybe she was depressed, like I said I am open minded, I have a heart, I tried to give her a chance. ... but my boyfriend has a lot of friends, and they are very nice people who wouldn't down her just because he's a friend. They all say the same thing, She's just a huge bitch that argues and complains and doesnt like anyone.... everything I say I am not assuming, even the thing where he slept in the cellar, at first I wasn't sure but I have seen it in her writing.... And that is why I am so bothered that this case is still going on... One time so her (there child) and beleive me i do consider him the dad, blood or not, I'm saying it like that so u keep in mind what he did for her when a lot of blood related dad's don't. ... but one time he put her and him on his employee insurance years ago and never took them off because he is a GREAT, caring person and just wanted to do the right thing for the child. they never introduced eachother as husband and wife, He had a lot of witnesses, she had one witness go up and screwed up so bad it was obvious.... she told the court that they got married on a certain date, the judge asked for witnesses, she said there was no one there, the judge asked my boyfriend about it, he said I wasn't there, the judge was obviously getting annoyed, she said her son was his and she was acting all distraught that he would deny him and then the judge called for a paternity test all the sudden, oh wait, she forgot... She had her doctors office fix paperwork so it would say married and it was obvious, she couldn't explain that, she put single on her sons FASFA papers, swore up and down she did not, then couldn't find them, but the court did.... i could sit hear all day with stories she got caught lying about... She never wanted to Marry him now shes trying to get half his house which is gone in attorney fees anyway, half his 401K. , His life insurance, alimony, she wants him to pay her lawyers fees. She wants him to keep paying her insurance... she quit her job a month after the divorce started.... I dont understand how a judge can sleep at night.... its all laid out and obvious! How can they do this to a man who has done nothing but be a good person???
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