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Found 80 results

  1. Hello im looking for the set guidelines police have to follow pretty much like there code of conduct and the laws they have to follow for search warrants, and for starting investigations like looking at a person suspected as a crime. rules and regs for C.I. for them watching a target if someone could point me in the right direction to finding this that would be very helpful
  2. Wife was caught changing price tags and arrested after walking out of the store for paying the lower price. The difference was not even $100. Husband is a full US citizen and not involved in the theft, but she is not a citizen, but a permanent resident for almost 30 years. She was allowed to return home but we have a court date in 2 weeks. She had a similar, even smaller theft amount in 1989, which was successfully expunged, sometime around 10 years ago. To deal with this latest misdemeanor(?) do they just pay a fine and after some time, get the charge expunged?
  3. I am a student working on an assignment that has to do with the case of William B***** in York, Pennsylvania, Docket Number: CP-*****. I have some questions because I have never looked at a docket sheet before and it is very confusing. William B***** was charged with criminal homicide, but the victims didn't die. Why does the docket sheet say 'criminal homicide' and not attempted murder? I thought homicide involved the killing of another human. He tried to kill the young woman and man, and I think he had the intent to kill them, but they survived, thankfully. I am confused. Are there instructions anywhere on how to decipher a docket sheet?
  4. injured on the job 9/7 after 7days employer decided to put me on comp received a letter today from dept labor work comp bureau stating employer decided to pay temp comp for wages and medical (max 90 days) everything i've read on this and other sites indicates ins co. has 21 days to accept or deny claim Does the 21 days start after the 90 days are up? I've been treating with a Dr. that the ins co. referred me to. (There is no posting of treating Drs at work), after cervical and lumbar MRI, Dr is indicating surgery may be necessary. This would put me well beyond the 90 day time frame.
  5. Many years ago I was attacked by a soldier with a knife. The administration lied and swept it under the rug meanwhile not only violating my rights as a victim but they further victimized me. Captain A. P. - SSGT A.- SSGT W. - "Where is my watch?" The next few should be proof of the truth that i not only had ongoing issues with this soldier as far as him being insubordinate but that i had asked for help. They can also validate the extra duty assignment as well as this individual getting in trouble more than enough in the past. The extra duty i was put in charge of never even was brought up as to why i was there in the first place. SFC S. G. - SSGT R. - SGT C. - unrelated to this or part of the proceedings SSGT D. warned me they wanted to make an example of me for some reason? She worked right alongside of those listed in charge and was this soldiers superior so she knew this smelled bad and they were up to no good. They not only should be charged with this crime but accessory to murder of the other if the rumors are true. Could this have been something created many miles or years ago. Take me out so i can't fight back about foster care abuse. How many kids end up in prison after they age out of care because no one is looking out for them? Facts: I came home looking for help with the situation and how to proceed with bringing them to justice. I complained about his actions more than once, was told i was the room commander to handle it. I was put in charge of this detail because he was in the same room as me. I was not on extra duty for any reason. In fact i had just came off a 16 hour shift supporting some exercise or whatever it was we were doing. I was making rank and even had passed unit armorer school Han many accreditation's as well including one of the best sites during an exercise from the Company Communications co or something like that. So i am asking how can I prove beyond a reasonable doubt they failed to be objective and truly investigate the situation. Which would open them up to both charges. Next issue a guy was killed shortly after and the only thing i was looking for was help with my situation where i was attacked. There were witnesses supposedly willing to testify against me but should have known the truth as to what i was talking about and i have proof because on numerous occasions these witnesses names have been brought up. One point they supposedly lived close to a relative. To intimidate someone over a incident is still a crime correct? Which would make the authorities not only an accessory to murder but both incidents right? The plot thickens I was a foster child from this particular county from 10 months old. The witnesses name never came up till i started blogging about foster care and the abuses we went through. Before that i had only heard about it from my ex wife who is really the instigator in that situation. She was the one who wanted to stir the pot and i tried to keep everyone separate as much as possible. I may not be able to prove her involvement but when the chips fall into place she will crack or slip up as she has already done when i get her on messenger and grill her for information. She blatantly stated like i suspected she would She did not do or say anything but went on about how she is always blamed for things. LMAO I then stated a poly and karma, she then stated **** you! I then brought up more and she left the conversation. All screen shot. I want them for foster care abuse, both incidents of stabbings, felony conspiracy charges as well as much more that I'm compiling.
  6. Hello all a couple of months ago I applied for a position that I am highly qualified for. thought everything went well did not hear back from the company that I interviewed for. today while speaking to the human resources (we share the same human resource department) I was told the following my current supervisor said the following " I am lazy, unproductive and I smoke pot" and that others have complained that I smell and have horrible body hygiene first.. my work employee performance review has never been anything less than satisfactory. i am obese - and also one day i arrived after work from a fire scene, i am a volunteer fire fighter i have never done drugs... so with all this being told to the employer i interviewed for they did not extend an offer i am lost
  7. wife and I arrested in 2013 on marijuana charge - recently paroled, both to halfway houses in Harrisburg, Pa., wife released from half way house recently but i"m not being allowed to live with her because of what they call co-defendant stipulation. My wife has never been arrested in her life, we've been married for 30 years, we have no no but our selves but this is causing a hugh problem. I've exhausted most avenues and now am looking to file civil suit against Pa parole board for "emotional Abuse/distress". Is this possible and can someone point us in the right direction to do this?
  8. My child just turned 15 and has lived with me full time for his whole life. His father and I have not had a legal custody agreement through the courts just a mutual agreement that we decided together. My child has basically spent every other weekend with his father and several weeks at a time during the summer. Two years ago we tried a different arrangement where he spend two weeks at his dads house then two weeks at my house all while still going to and from school from both households. His behavior has changed and his grades have gone down but his desire to see his father more made me agree to continue to keep it the same. He now is fighting with me to stay with his dad full time saying that now that he is older he can choose where he wants to live. My question is does a child have a right to dictate which parent he can live?
  9. I am a resident of Pennsylvania. I am in the midst of changing careers. I'm currently attending classes for this career change. Along with my coursework, I must complete an externship. However, I just learned that applicants will not be accepted into the externship program if they have been convicted of a misdemeanor. In 1992, I was convicted of a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge in Pennsylvania, when I was a college undergraduate. I was wondering if I could have the misdemeanor conviction expunged from my record, even though, I was over the age of 18 at the time of the charge. If I can have it expunged, do I have to report it on my externship application?
  10. A contractor performing work on the municipality sewer line as part or a larger contract performed work on the property owners lateral line resulting in damages to the line requiring 25K to repair. Municipality claims they are held harmess and the contractor is responsible. The contractor subcontracted the work and states that the subcontractor is responsible. The subcontractor claims they did not work on the branch line but later admitted to working on the branch line. The branch line was not verified to be operational following the work and had to be repaired by the property owner. . Did the contractor trespass by working on the lateral line without knowledge and permission of the property owner? The subcontractor indicates that the limit of liability for a claim had expired. Work was performed in June 2012. Problem was discovered in Oct 2014. Initial claim was filed Oct 2014 Municipality assisted the property owner in searching out the problem Response to Sanitary Sewer Line claim denial From Stefanick' Insurance Co..wps property owner
  11. injured at work 3 weeks ago Co. waited 1 1/2 weeks to decide if they were going with work comp. needless to say no treatment for 3 weeks. asked Co safety officer if they had panel drs for me to treat with. was told "no", and to wait to hear from ins carrier before i start treatment. ins carrier finally called to inform which dr to see. my question; If the Co. does not have panel dr's posted, can the Ins carrier require me to treat with a Dr of their choosing, or can I treat with my Dr?
  12. My spouse and I have been married 31 yrs, have 2 grown children out on their own with own families. I am looking seek a divorce in PA (cambria county). I was a state employee for 23 yrs, retired on disabily pension and also rec ss disabilty each month just under $3,000. My husband is earning aprrox $55-60k yrly. He has no medical or dental ins except thru me, premiums for him (he is not medicare elig, he is 58 yrs old) are ded monly from my penzion checks. We have a $82,400 mtg, and $$35,000 home equity loan in both our names, the home equity was for our daughters wedding ($30,000) and to pay off some bills, we also have about $10,000 in credit card debt in my name but both of us reaped the rewards if you may from it, did update on house. Our home is poss worth about $180,000- $200,000. Our mortgage will be paid in 6yrs at $1275 monthly, no pmt on home equity only intrest is due mnthly which is all I have paid on it. In 1993 I recvd a cash award from workers comp at approx $150,000. We both spent it on bills, home improvements, new vehicle for him (which he still drives by the way) and our kids. Ive sought counceling reg our marriage before, ive packed up and moved out only to return numerous times, for the kids sake and finnancial reasons as I see it now. With me being on disability, seeking a divorce on grounds of incompatability, could I recv allimony from my husband if so for how long and at wht % of his pay? He avgs $3,000-3500 monthly. I have my pension set up as well that if I pass before him he shall recv $1050 monthly til he dies, he has aprox $110,000 in a traditional IRA. I am willing to let him keep that $1050 a month IF he pays me $1,000 mon NOW to help with the mortgage and taxes and ins til the mortgage is satisfied and HE splits the home equity loan and credit card debt down the middle with me. I would be willing as well to let him keep his IRA to himself. If I have no recourse such as that as I have stated in the state of PA, then I will need a good attorney because I fear I would loose the house on just my income. He will keep all his paychecks starting with this coming friday as I am only paid 2x per mon, 2nd weds of mon and last working day of month. Please guide me in the right direction and into a good attorneys office.
  13. Can the owner of a mobile trailer sitting in a trailer park, that he or she is renting from the owner of that park, be forced to pay property and School tax to that State if they do not own that property?
  14. Wife went to sign up for a $25 once a week yoga class and comes out after high pressure sales tactics having signed a contract for $500 per month, 2 days per week, minimum 3 month commitment. Realizes she made a mistake and calls back within the hour and leaves a message (they would not answer) to say she has changed her mind and cannot afford the payment. In addition, she didn't receive a copy of the contract. In todays email, she received an acknowledgement of her call but said she signed a contract and they intended to hold her to it. My question, is the FCC's "cooling off rule" applicable here? I have read that courses of instruction and training are covered by this rule stating you have until midnight of the 3rd business day to void a contract simply because you've changed your mind. In any case, I was able to put a hold on the charge card and am trying to talk amicably with the representatives but they seem to want to play the heavy. Thoughts?
  15. We live along a rural township roadway. It is barely wide enough for two cars to pass by one another. It has a township right of way of 16 from its center. Therefore approximately 3 feet of that easement is in the front yard of my property. A troublesome neighbor enters that area in my front yard. He states that he can legally be there because he is in the township road right of way. I feel that he is illegally encroaching on my private property. Who is right?
  16. I have been having ongoing issues with visitation with my kids. Most recently my ex-wife encouraged my daughter to refuse to going with me for visitation, she is 12 years old. About a month back I was asked by my ex to have a talk with one of my daughters concerning inappropriate pictures between her and a boy that is 14. Since then my ex has become friends with this boys parents and so allowed a relationship to continue. My daughter wanted to go to a baby shower for one of this boys family members. Being my weekend for visitation and not approving of a relationship with this boy I told her she would not be able to go. My ex then influenced my daughter that she did not have to go with me that weekend because her mom didn't force her to go with her Dad. So now I receive a call saying that they someone how got alone and had sex. The local police say there is nothing illegal or criminal that can be done because of their age. I only wish I had money for an attorney, but after child support I am left with just enough to live on. I am currently trying to save money for a consultation and retainer for a lawyer but don't see this being done in a timely manner. Legal aide says I make to much and doesn't consider child support as a deduction. What can I do to ensure the welfare and well being of my kids to have the proper guidance in life. My ex leaves them home alone while she works cause my oldest will be 14 this year.
  17. I have a part-time sales position in Philadelphia, I work about 10 hours per week and payroll taxes are withheld appropriately. We receive commission for sales and minimum wage for hours in which there are no sales. There is a listing on my paystub, "Vaca Hrs" and each pay period the adjacent number increases a bit. I am not aware of being entitled to accumulate vacation hours, the number can't be related to Philly's part-time worker sick time law passed in 2015 (too big a number) and other sales agents dont know what it is either. Beyond the obvious of 'ask the boss', any ideas of what this might be???? Thanks,
  18. My question pertains to reporting statutory rape years after it occurred. Say someone is a mandated reporter of child abuse and is told about an incident of statutory rape that occurred years ago. In this scenario, the perpetrator is a 30-year-old teacher and the student was 15 and 16 when the incidents occurred. The victim is not yet 50, so they could still report because that statute of limitations in PA doesn't run out until victim is 50. Victim does not report, but does tell someone who is a mandated reporter. First, it is my understanding that if you don't have a name of a perpetrator, you cannot report. Is that true? Second, are mandated reporters required to report even if the victim is no longer a child, but middle-aged? Finally, who would you even report to--child line? What if the abuser is still teaching? What if the mandated reporter doesn't know if they are teaching or not?
  19. Interested to know how the medical work in the prisons here? My husband is in prison and will be till February 2017. He has a medical condition, he was on medication for that and other issues. Now the medical staff will not give Him any medicine. He was taken off all medicine. Why? He came in there with medical problems. Now he gets no relief why? Because he is a prisoner and deserves no medical help. Please can someone explain to me how the medical work in the prisons here? thank you
  20. My daughter in law was left a sum of money in her grandfathers will. She is 28 years old. Her parents will not give her the estate attorney's contact information. The attorney has not tried to contact her...she has questions she would like to ask him. Is there any way of getting the Attorneys contact information? Also she was informed the attorney decided to not send the settlement checks out until the first of the new year and when the checks are mailed, her check will be mailed to her parents address. This sounds a bit unusual and somewhat shady. Is this right? Her grandfather lived in Kentucky and she lives in PA
  21. In Pennsylvania, If a tenant continues to pay rent after the expiation of a 6 month lease is the lease then renewed for another 6 months with the same terms?
  22. Can a common carrier be fined for transporting freight without a bill of lading or a freight bill? Does the answer differ from state to state?
  23. I felt in a parking lot of a hotel with my two month baby on my arms, the ground was uneven with a hole on it. As a result my baby had blood on top of her and I had scratches on my arms a.as a mom my first instinct was to take her to the ER, thank God she was fine just a couple almost unnoticeable scratches. Meanwhile I have scratches on both of my arms, didn't have check out because I didn't have insurance and my baby did. On my way home I called the hotel explained what happened, told them to look at the cameras on the parking lot, and that I needed to be seen by a doc. Later on a insurance company called me to tell that they will pay for my doctors.... can I sue them for negligence ? Or emotional stress
  24. I have an unwanted "guest" from Airbnb in my private home, living with me. She has a 12 year old daughter with her and made a reservation to stay for 2 1/2 months before her move back to California -- she said. She has not paid for 4 weeks and has been given a Notice to Quit which is up on July 7th. I just found out that she is on welfare from her mail that has been forwarded to my home, without my consent. Can she consider this her primary residence when her mail is still going to her former home? She has obviously planned this and is a most unpleasant and uncooperative occupant in all ways and has damaged furniture, reported me to the police for "harassment" and called them to my home for "disorderly conduct". Can I expedite her exit in any way? She sleeps until noon and then leaves her 12 year old in my home all day. It's a nightmare and Airbnb takes no responsibility.
  25. I was terminated from a seasonal clerical position with the state of Pennsylvania's Department of Welfare in November of 2012, because of my attendance. It is 2016 and the agency and the state continues to block me from getting hired from any position and agency I apply to and considered for. Is there a statute of limitations in PA as to how long an employer can block someone from the state's civil service list? They're saying I'm not suitable for employment because of my work and attendance history. But, it was based on 1 seasonal job almost 4 years ago.
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