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Found 170 results

  1. I live in a borough in PA and it is aleged tenants in a neighboring property feed snakes with live mice and do not maintain their property clean. As a result, mice are invading my property, which I own, at a rate that I could not keep up with it. I hired Terminix and unless they set monthly traps on my property, the problem continues unless the alleged source does not repair the structure and engage pest control to eradicate the mice. Presently the borough does not have a fine for rodent infestation and the present codes only require an inspection but no certificate of pest control. This property in fct is illegally rented. The landlord does not have a license to rent it. Yet, the borough, behaves as if he has the right to ask for a 90-day extension which it seems to me he is not legally entitled to since in the first place he is violating the borough codes by not having a license. I am told by the borough that they could do nothing until June when they will inspect the property. They stated it will take until next year to update the codes and fines for rodent violations. I did TWO tv interviews and the issue is out in the open. After my interviews I discovered on the community board that in fact the mice problem is spread in other parts of the town. People who rent move out because landlords do not want to hire pest control. I received pictures and stories from people who moved out of state. One person took the landlord to court and won. IT IS TOO LATE TO WAIT as rodents will take over even ore in a year! Is the borough in violation of the International Property Maintenance Codes? They adhered to the International Codes. Do they have to comply by them and where could I find the codes on rodents? Finally, since this is a public health hazard, but PA Health Department told me they could not help, and the borough seems to not want to take timely action,what are my options? Thank you.
  2. I have a son in law who was diagnosed to be schizophrenic bipolar in his 20's. He was in a facility for 14m and was out on medication for this illness. Our family knew none of this until 2yrs after the marriage. They married in 2013, moved in with us in fall of 2014 because he couldn't find a job. He stopped taking his medication at that time which we became aware of 6 months later. He couldn't hold a job, verbally attacked me, displayed manic highs and lows which I was beginning to question. I worked in the mental health area for 21years. Eventually it all came out in March 2015 when he went to hit me. My husband intervened, state police came, and they were all asked to leave. The relationship with my daughter slowly repaired and,as there were 3kids now, I was there for them . My daughter and her husband ended all contact with her family and his family in June 2017. No reasons were actually given. We have made numerous attempts to speak with them, to see our grandchildren, no response. Recently, my son in law has been sending emails to his cousin and his dad, stating that someone was going to kill his family and him. His dad lives in California and was so concerned by his behavior, he called the state police in Pa. They responded with a welfare check and found my son in law to be mentally "exhausted" , he is unstable. My daughter believes he is not mentally ill. All of us are concerned for the 3 children living in this home. The oldest is homeschooled, the kids seem happy so there is no abuse at this time but my son in law is a walking time bomb. The incident of someone going to kill him is not true. He is now showing signs of delusional thoughts and ramblings in his social media posts and emails. Is there anything that we, both sets of parents, can do to ensure the safety of our grandchildren? At one time when he was first diagnosed, after leaving the mental facility, he did have a job. Since he met my daughter and married, he cannot hold any employment. He recently saw an IME examiner who told him he was not mentally ill, he had applied for disability again. He is college educated 4yrs, neither him nor my daughter is working at this time. My daughter receives child support for her eldest child and that pretty much covers her rent. The eldest child's father has no idea of any of this. Since none of us have contact with them, we do not know if they are on any type of public assistance. I feel that my hands are tied with this and, having a sister who was murdered 23yrs ago by her husband because he went off his meds, I just can't sit here and wait for a tragedy to happen. I'm sorry this is so long, and there is so much more to this story. I have documented incidents and photocopied all correspondence since the cut off last June. Any help or directions to the proper people would do much be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  3. I live in pa and my boyfriend wants to move in with me and my grandparents once he turns 18? Could he start moving out 4 months before ? We just dont wanna hurt his moms feelings and suprise her with this.
  4. In July of 1992, when I was a senior in college, I was having a party at my apartment. I was arrested and plead guilty for misdemeanor disorderly conduct, specifically "excessive noise". The incident occurred in Pennsylvania. This is the only time I have ever been arrested. I would like to take a certain job soon; however, I will not even be considered, if I have any misdemeanors or felonies. I would like to know if I can have the record expunged. If so, how would I go about this and do I need to have an attorney.
  5. Hello I just had a question. I am currently in a custody battle with my ex girlfriend. They are 6 months old and we just had a custody conference a few days ago. My time got increased from 4 hours everyday off to 1 overnight a week. Then on the 5th week it bumps 2 overnights a week and we go back to court in 90 days. In the court order its says "and more time may be awarded if both parties agree." Since I got my 1 overnight I lost my visitation on my days off. I figured I would ask her just for those 4 hours on my days off. She says no. But I'm more than welcome to come see them when she gets off work. Ok that's fine I will see them then at her house. But why can't I get my kids for 4 hours instead of them being with a sitter. That troubles me. But, if I have to see them at their mother's house so be it. I understand they are infants. I have no criminal record or child abuse record. Hell I don't even have a DUI. I don't understand why I didn't get 50/50 right from the start. I have everything my children need and more at my house. Why didn't I get 50/50? And why do I have to see my children at their mother's house when she gets off work? They are with a sitter. Why can't I have them for a couple of hours? She says she doesn't to give up anytime unless she has to. But she's at work. She wouldn't be giving anything up.
  6. I'm looking for case law for an appeal. My boyfriend's attorney failed to tell him at the time he hired him that he was under indictment for intent/successfully distributed drugs in jail to his drug dealer. The judge refused to let the attorney withdraw 11 days before my boyfriends trial. Attorneys trial was the same week. The newspaper article came out 2 days before the trial. 6 jurors read the article. Needless to say the attorney did a shotty job. The outcome was a conviction through false testimony. So if someone could direct me in the right direction to a case law for appeal I would be forever grateful. Thank you.
  7. My ex and I have one son together, age 9. We have a 50/50 custody order that does not outline or mention how "summer care" should be handled. When I was working full time, I paid for summer daycare or private sitter during my custodial time and father had free child care provided by paternal grandparents. Now that I am not working full time, I've asked my ex if I our son could stay with me while he is unavailable/working. Being that they live with the paternal grandparents, I didn't think it would be a big deal to at least ask if I could have that extra time with our son. It's not like he wouldn't still see the paternal grandparents very frequently since they live together. My ex has always be extremely unwilling to be flexible and now is giving push back on my request. Am I being unfair or unkind or inconsiderate in asking? That is not my intent. I just feel like if I'm available I should be able to have the extra time with him. I'm wondering if a mediator could help or maybe how it would be viewed by the mediator. We don't have a "first right to refusal" clause or verbiage in our custody order. The order itself is ridiculously vague and I didn't know any better at the time. So the way it's currently written, he and I can both provide alternate care during our custodial time, regardless of whether other parent is available or even agrees with care giver each other have chosen. Any advise would be appreciated.
  8. I work at a high school. I work 40 hours a week, bi-weekly that is 80 hours,,,,obvious right?? Well for over a year, all the workers were only being paid for 77 hours every pay period.
  9. In 2016 I was on unemployment , I had an at fault over payment which I went to a hearing with an referee and the overpayment was changed to an not at fault over payment. Which made my debt approx $1300, during this time they were withholding my unemployment benefits and withheld in excess of the amount owed an additional $1200 approx. i called the unemployment office a week ago because I remembered that I kept getting letter stating that I owed $3500 so I wanted to see if it was resolved , at the time I was going threw more important things and just assumed the letter was due to an error that would resolve itself. I spoke to someone at the Scranton office that told me the judgment was never entered in there system so it still shows that I owe $3500 and she isn’t able to fix it bc my case is from the Erie office. She has tried to have someoen resolve it but cannot. She said “ I would be furious, you would think they would refund you but we are talking about the federal government here.” According to her they owe me approx $1000 from benefits they withheld and now the $3500 they garnished from my tax refund. I need help!!
  10. I am a middle aged caucasian male. I was given the opportunity to be a fill-in supervisor at work which increased my pay approx. 2k, monthly. A year into this fill-in position, two new employees were hired. One is the younger brother of a senior supervisor. The other is the son-n-law of another senior supervisor. I continued to be a fill-in supervisor for another six months overseeing both new employees. Six months ago my niece passed away. She was African American. It was then known throughout the workplace that I have African Americans in my immediate family. Now, both of these employees are working the fill-in supervisor shifts and without explanation I no longer am scheduled for any of the fill-in shifts. *** Things to note: * There are no minorities working for my company, we are all Caucasian men with the exception of a few Caucasian women in the administrative department. * I have heard derogatory comments against African-Americans many times. Not by my superiors, but the comments were made in front of them with no repercussions. (once I posted a photo of my niece on social media, the comments stopped being said) I then stopped being scheduled as a fill-in supervisor and I feel I am treated differently at work now. * The two newer employees are also half my age. Is this just nepotism, or is it discrimination?
  11. Ok so my wife lapsed her car insurance in October. Which lead to them sending a paper saying she needed to send in proof of insurance, which she did. We then moved and she never changed her address on her registration. So they sent another paper saying she needed to send a paper stating she didn't drive it which we never got. So last week she got a ticket for driving without registration. She found out she needed to send an mvr221 in which she did to take care of registration. The lady at the courthouse I guess told her she would just get a fine I believe the cop told her it would be three points but today she got a letter stating her license was suspended plus a paper saying her registration was suspended since January. What is the best course of action? Can she appeal a guilty plea or at least appeal the punishment from it!!?? She's only ever had a parking ticket for 1$ on her license now she's about to lose it. What can we do??!!
  12. I work in a production situation in pa where we normally work a 9 hour night with only one break which they decided to put our 10 min and 15 min break together and call in our lunch. So we work 9 or 10 hours a night with only a 25 min break is this even legal at all!!???
  13. Greetings, I am wondering what my recourse is regarding discrepancy payments to LA Fitness.I have had a membership since August 2017 and have paid with gift cards, money order and cash payments. On Nov. 13, I had a zero balance and on 11/16 decided to pay for 6 months with $192 Cash. I have a receiept showing I paid $192 cash for a 6 month membership, good through May 2018. But they declined my entry on 2/20/18 for non payment. After informing the manager, she claims she only received $92 and claims someone at LA Fitness made a mistake and the receipt is incorrect?
  14. About 5 years ago my wife had her teeth cleaned. They scratched her teeth so hard it went way through the enamel, which ended up with her teeth being infected and ultimately having them taken out she was basically tired of the tooth pain and decided to get all pulled instead of most of them. Would she be able to sue over that??? If so how much could she get?
  15. I am in the process of being hired and I was given a form for an intensive background check from I feel a lot of it is none of their business. What are my rights with this? Thank you for your help. FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT DISCLOSURE In conjunction with my application for employment (including contract or volunteer services) with you, I understand that you intend to hire SELECTiON.COM® to obtain Consumer Reports and / or Investigative Consumer Reports (Reports) about me as defined in the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). These Reports may include information concerning my academic background, character, credentials, credit capacity, credit standing, credit worthiness, general reputation, mode of living, personal characteristics, reasons for work termination, work experience, work habits and / or work performance. You may also seek information concerning my civil litigation history, criminal record, educational background, employment history, motor vehicle record, and / or worker’s compensation history. I understand that you may rely on the information contained in these Reports in determining whether to extend an offer of employment to me or maintain my employment with you. If you contemplate making an adverse employment-related decision that will affect me based, in whole or in part, upon a Report obtained from SELECTiON.COM®, I will receive a copy of the Report and a written summary of my Consumer Rights under the FCRA before you finalize that decision. I have read the above disclosure and I hereby authorize you, SELECTiON.COM® or its authorized agents to obtain the above referenced information about me. I also authorize all agencies, bureaus, employers, information service organizations and individuals to provide any of the above referenced knowledge or information they have concerning me. This authorization shall remain on file and be valid for the duration of my employment with you. It shall serve as an ongoing 😳 authorization for you to obtain Reports about me from SELECTiON.COM®. A photocopy or facsimile of this authorization shall be as valid as the original.
  16. Has anybody lobbied to try to have the PA law changed as far as wage attachment when it comes to civil judgements. The law basically protects the defendant. The plaintiff has no option to garnish wages even if this is the only possible way to collect. This is extremely unfair and geared towards the defendant. Wages, bank accounts, personal property, etc., there are many exemptions that the defendant is awarded....Something needs to change. This law is outdated and needs to be addressed. Why does the plaintiff have to put out thousands of dollars to recoup money that is legally owed to them? Anybody know if there were ever any bills introduced to change these laws?
  17. I was wondering if I COULD GET SOME ANSWERS AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY CASE. I fell on some ice on a college university parking garage. I injured my back and had nerve damage on l5 and various other thoracic injuries. I went to therapy and my case is be handled by an attorney. My problem is my attorney doesn't tell me anything. I am reading the docketing sheets and what appears to be happening is the university is blaming property management, proprtty management is blaming snow removal company and the snow removal company is blaming another snow removal company. What does this mean in terms of my case?
  18. I need to know what kind of lawyer to get to seek to change the structuring of my son's lawsuit settlement. It is currently in a bank account designated "not to be withdrawn until 18 except by further order of the court". However, we plan to use it to fund his education at his private school, and his lawsuit lawyer helped us get the first year's tuition approved through the court. Now, however, we don't know how to continue to petition the court for tuition every year, and we would rather not have to- the county we used to live in is 2 hours away and we don't want to use his high-powered (and expensive) lawsuit attorney for something so small. Is there another way to make it easier to get his education expenses paid yearly? We don't want the money for anything else, and it gets paid directly to the school. What kind of lawyer do we need to get the settlement structure change, or what do we need to do? Should we get a trust lawyer or family law? Please advise. Thank you!
  19. This has been awhile ago I attended school, graduated September 2009 actually. Anyway,,,, I signed up at Business Institute of Pennsylvania in 2007 in a Legal assistant program. I started in January 2007 halfway through they came to us said were now Laurel Technical Institute no warning nothing. Then they tell me my major is now Office Administration because they do not offer the Legal Assistant program. I already attended half the 18months.Also come to find out I was getting charged as an out of state student because my ID was from ohio but I was living in Pennsylvania had been for years just never switched my id because my licenses was suspended. like I am paying double for something I didn't want to be never have pursued it. Irs has took my income tax last few years and I just received another bill for close to $10,000. Advice please?
  20. I have many questions regarding what it takes for a school to be shut down for safety reasons. By safety reasons, I mean leaks, broken stairs, ect. 1. Who can shut down a school? 2. Why can a school be shut down? 3. What law describes safety reasons a school could be shut down. 4. If there is no direct law, is there a law regarding what a school must have to stay open. Basically any information on this would be helpful. Thank you.
  21. I actually live in nj but the two incidents occurred in pa. I was seeking treatment in a facility in pa, voluntarily and I am a 40 yr old woman. One evening I chose to leave the facility but went into the counselors office to take my mother and brother off emergency contacts so they would not be called. After I left the counselor called my mother against my will. I then returned to the facility and changed my emergency contact to my friend Christy. The next day the administrator of the facility informed me that I had to leave there. After I left they then proceeded to call my mother again even though I clearly appointed my friend as my emergency contact. Does this qualify as a breech in hippa confidentiality ?? Thank you -Heather
  22. Hello, I’m from Pennsylvania and I just purchased a car a few weeks back. It came with a 30/day powertrain warranty. It is a 2005 Golf with 80,000 miles. Anyways, I purchased the car with a month left of inspection. So 2 weeks after I purchased it, the check engine light came on and I need to replace my catalytic converter. This part from VW is over $1,000 and I need it for inspection. I already contacted the dealership and they won’t do anything, they say it is my problem. Since they sold a car that won’t pass inspection, do I have any legal ground to get the car fixed at their cost or else get a refund? Thank you, Ben
  23. I actually live in nj but my car broke down on a major highway in pa. I didn't have a cell phone on me so I had to walk to get help. While I was making my call I saw my car passing by on a tow truck. The car was being transported back to my home so I could sell. According to pa impound you must provide proof of ins and registration in order to release the car. That has all been cancelled and the car will be picked up via tow truck. Will they release the car?? Why did they impound so quick it was less than a half hour. Thank you - Heather
  24. PA. DIVORCE , 33 yr maried, I added her to deed, mortgage my name. Wife never worked. She was caught having a affair with her long time attorney friend..... My attorneys failing health , not being able to handle work load, told me to get another attorney. He was paided for services and then some, being he worked alone, did not forward me with a referral, has all my records, Time and money not on my side... This is short version of what has been going on for over a year. Now I'm Pro Se, need direction in moving through this legal night mare, 1. I gave my WIFE exclusive possession of the home, with the mutual agreement we would sell the house. The Judge ordered us specific actions to do and not to. In a time frame, along with agencies, individuals by name and dates with deadlines. To Sell Home. Motion was made Wife was in direct contempt of all that was ordered and then some. Judge ruled her in contempt, gave her strick orders to comply with, also removed her exclusive possesion, but let her stay in home. WIFE again did not comply, Motion filed for contemp of court orders. being in contempt of his order. Judge finally ordered her to leave property, Nov 1, 5 pm 2017. with the ORDER to not remove marital assests, damage property, or impede sale. of property.... (After her departure I could proceeded with minnor repairs of home and only I could list property as directed by court.) The realator arrived on property after wife left premises. The trash covered the double drive way, she could not parked her car, The front door was left wide open with font door handle, locks, dead bolt removed, even after she was ask not to. Everything in the house was gone in addition to furniture, the oak Banisters, Custom wood removed from walls of walk in closets, along with custoom wood racks, all appliances stove, dish washer,hot water heater ect, light fixtures, ceiling fans, shower heads, window locks, light bulbs, the walls had holes through out the house, urine stain carpets , spray painted walls toilets full and broken. Then 5 days later she listed property for sale by owner with only her phone number on zillow, added a very long derogatory comment about me., on website. Neighbors contacted me letting me know. I contacted Zillow, they removed listing not coments then she had it put back up listed for sale by owner. WIFE texted me told me she was not selling for less than 188k. Totally going against what court had directed. My atty did nothing, so I stepped in. I provided Zillow the court order that stated she had no authority to list and it was removed after 10days and 439 veiws. Question ,1.) I file motion of contempt, in that she knowingly, maliously and deliberatly went against order of court. and Because of her intentional malicious disobedience. Based on her direct defiance of anything coming from court. A. Can she be removed from deed. B. OR be excluded so she has no right what so ever in sale process not even a signature required. C. Not be intitelled to any proceeds of sale of property. WHAT POSITIVE THING FOR ME COULD COME FROM THIS. 2. ) on Oct 26 2017, Motion To Schedule all counts conference was made by her attorney. It is schedule for Feb 3. 2018 She has removed everything, from property, has admitted via a voice mail she sold my car in Fl. tools and equipments from my shop in Florida all sold. Has devastated the property here in Pa. QUESTION, I present a list. Ill make a list of everything that was ours. But she has relocated to Fl. From Pa. (The home in Florida we lived in for 30yr, her mother owned that I put 60k for remodeling along with hundreds of hr. In labor. she/we were to inherit according to mother's will.) The 3 vehicles mercedes,GMC truckn,ford focus. In her name. A lot of jewelry hers mind, collectibles,antiques and guns. QUESTION 2. Being we have marital assests in Florida and the Pa. Assests we had here have been moved to Florida against court. What type of Judgement may I see coming from the judge as far a equal distribution based on this situation. Marital assets which are more than property equity. APOLOGIZES but to keep this concise and leaving out some details n sequence of events would not have given clear picture. Any incite as to what i am looking at or may be blind sided with and guidance in the direction I should be looking at case statue code, to better myself. It would be much appreciate. Thank You
  25. My son was arrested for burglary. During th police interview, they recorded his confession after they told him they would keep him out of jail if he confessed to other charges. On the recording, it is also stated him saying he is "F'd up on heroin. He has now been in jail for 10 months and he has had his public defender tell him that he was only looking at 7 to 12 months, but he has yet to go to court and be sentenced.. Since he has been in jail, the public defender has changed what she has told him to now he is looking at 3 to 7 years. The other party that was with him has been sentenced several months ago to probation. What can I do to help my son? Is it leagal for the police to tell him to confess while he was under the influance of drugs as they are promising him to keep him out of jail? I feel like he was being intimidated and they are stretching the law a bit.