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Found 4 results

  1. I was contacted recently by a young man (Not a minor anymore) who claimed that I am probably his biological father. I do not remember his mother with who I may have had a one night stand all these years ago, but timing and place made it very possible. He wrote to me explaining that she did not want me or him to know who his B. father was as he was growing up, until recently and just before she passed away three to four years ago. He is asking for a DNA test, which I am inclined to do, especially as he lost his mother, but I would like to know first if this could open a legal can of worm in term of retroactive financial responsibility during his childhood, schooling etc...or obligation in terms of inheritance or other legal/financial issues I do not foresee at this point ? If it does what can I do to protect myself and my family ? Have sign him some kind of release before the DNA test ? I have not answered his mails as yet. He mentioned that he doesn't want anything from me, only to know if I am indeed his father or not. Thanks Biological father
  2. Hi My x wife scammed me out of money. I want to know what law this falls under. I am building a small claims case against her. Basically she was collecting money from me under false pretense. Would this be fraud conspiracy etc. I want to reference the criminal acts she has broke. Should I report her to the police? Thanks P.S. Ontario Canada
  3. Can I claim social security for my child who was born in the US but living elsewhere??
  4. I'm from Malaysian and the Malaysia Law for the above topic noted similar with UK Law because it was copy from UK Law & brought here / to Malaysia since 1960an and below are the summary of my case: 1. On dated 24-Aug-11, the recommended certificate by Director General of Insolvency (Attorney) was submitted to creditors (3) for discharging me from bankrupt and no objection by creditor with the debt mentioned. It's from asset after saling my house 2. On dated 30-Oct-11, the Discharge of bankrupt by order of court was released to me via recommendation item # 1 above. All the creditors was released the letter about Proof of Debt and accept the payment EXCEPT one (1) creditor 3. It's because the mentioned creditor want rechange again me for attorney fee, cost, or other payment after case is concluded by court item # 2 above Below are the questions and accept the answers / advice in accordance UK Law / US Law 1. The attorney (Director General of Insolvency) was not that knowledgeable, and I took on the matter myself to settle 2. Can the mentioned creditor recharge again me after case is concluded by court and what myself should do Please my friends from UK / US. Thank You
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