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Found 75 results

  1. I have Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. My shitzu qualifies as a psychiatric service animal because she performs the action of licking my face until I calm down from a panic attack, thus "performing a specific function (action) related to my disability". I have to file with BOLI literally weekly because businesses dont know the law, and apparently the LOCAL health dept literally everywhere tells businesses that I need my service animal to have a "license, certificate, documentation, etc", upon request, even thought the ADA specifically says if the local health dept says this they are violating the ADA. I know this is NOT in conformity with the law. Since most of these occurrences originate from the health depts instructions, can I sue the County Heath Dept under the ADA? I already have filed complaints with BOLI against 2 businesses and one prospective employer....why should i have to file almost daily/weekly with BOLI and have my life impeded constantly as a disabled person??? Is there no other means by which I can alleviate this problem without succumbing to the whims of the businesses and making my life as a disabled person more difficult??
  2. My son’s wife left with their two minor children ages 4 and 6 months old. She stated to my son and myself(Paternal Grandmother)that she needed physical and mental health care in Australia due to the inadequate health coverage my son has through his employer. My daughter in law is from Australia with a mother, brother and other relatives who reside in Australia. My daughter in law recently told my son on FaceTime she is not coming back to Oregon with their children, my son became very upset and yelled at her because, she told my son and myself she would be back to Oregon in a month or two. My son was unaware she was videotaping his anger when she stated she wasn’t coming back. Now she is claiming my son is abusive to her and the children. My questions are what steps should my son be doing as soon as possible? Would an international attorney be the best to deal with this situation? We are at a loss as to, where to start. I know the 4 year old has a passport. Both children were born in Oregon. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.
  3. Not sure if this is the appropriate Topic on which to post this. Looking for a DC lawyer to discuss suit brought by DC resident against my son, claiming harassment and causing emotional distress, posting words and images on social media. Named with a high profile offender, with an unpopular point-of-view; my son's involvement is minor, relatively. Difficult to locate anyone with knowledge of how to proceed; time is of the essence.
  4. I am 72. I have three daughters by a previous marriage, in 1972. They are all in their fifties now. They have all agreed to let me adopt them, after all these years. I am not their natural father, but we are extremely close. They have been calling me Dad for years. Both their natural parents are long since dead. No one is contesting; we are all in agreement. Assuming I get all the adoption petition paperwork filled out properly, signed, notarized, etc., and the filing is accepted by the filing clerk at the courthouse and all the fees are paid, is it automatic that a court appearance would be required? Or does it ever happen that a case like this just be granted by the judge and all the parties notified, without a court appearance?
  5. I became aware that I was being investigated by the DHS worker that showed up at my home. That was in Oct 2016. The entire investigation was initiated when banking employees became concerned about money transfers to and from my senior citizen friends bank account. She is the primary investor in the progression of my invention, the company managing the product and the money I used for personal expenses, living and entertainment costs included over the last 4-5 years. ($200k) The initial contact by DHS was sparked by Global Security and led to the bank freezing both my checking account and the person they were supposedly trying to help, this created a disastrous result as the freeze would not be released until they determined no fault, neither the DHS office or the Global Security would take responsibility for the freeze, both claiming the other, either D.H.S or G.S. as the responsible party, this of course all depending on which group you asked to remove the freeze. It decreased both my FICO score and the investors by as much as 160 points, leaving less than a good credit status that is still an issue today. They even made an effort to get the investor to allow the bank to pay her bills - for her, I can only guess that this action, if agreed upon would have helped validate the effort that DHS was working towards, to prove that she had a need for financial management, simultaneously giving life to a case of abuse by yours truly. The resulting investigation was never requested by anyone we know and it was not ever approved of or requested by myself and never by the person they are trying to protect. If that's what you call protection then I don't want it when I am a senior citizen. This women is 87yrs old and I am 49yrs old, she is like a mother to me and the relationship is not in any way improper, or emotionally based. Furthermore, the people who are constantly with me are less than discreet and at times intentionally antagonizing as they pursue me no matter where I go and at all times of the day and night. I am not a weak man, and it takes a lot to get my attention let alone to have an emotional and mental impact on me. I am not free as you experience freedom, I have been depleted and I am exhausted beyond explanation. I have nightmares, I have wrecked (totaled) two vehicles months ago, both within a thirty day period. I have been taking pictures and video of this experience beginning over a year ago and the proof is abundant and without question. FBSavvyFBSavvyt þyy gv gv r5ŕ r I do not have anywhere I can go to, to get help. the authorities are no longer the good guys in my world and I cannot afford to fight the government let alone the crooked and ignorant managers and leaders of those agencies that were formed to help not harass and abuse the public. I understand the reason and the concern they had, however they are putting and had put to many resources into this case that I fear they will charge or indict me for no other reason but to save face and to keep there job. I can only imagine how much money this lengthy investigation has cost this county. It's not a problem for the investor, it's being paid as scheduled and still they travel with me, from one state to the other wether it be business or pleasure they are in numbers and that is abusive and it has created a stress disorder for me, my work and my personal happiness are suffering because all I think a bout is who and where are they at today. I still have to find confirmation that this is real, even after 18 months it is scary to consider that I am being accused of a crime that doesn't exist and that never needed the authorities participation. I have left a lot out to create the overview for those that read this. I thank you very much for any advice and information that would help me with representation and any tools that would be helpful for this issue I am experiencing.
  6. My divorce case is in Washington and I need it transferred to Oregon so I can make needed changes to the parenting plan. I have tried calling both court houses. WA says OR has to request it, but OR does not have any forms for state transfers. We have been in OR for several years. Long story short, her father is not adhering to the current parenting plan and is neglectful with her special needs, including both medical and educational.
  7. I was attacked at the Safeway in Ashland, Oregon. The store claims they have cameras. An employee of the Minute Markets at the south end of Ashland had tried to overcharge and steal from me. I caught him. He sent his friends out to intimidate me at the Safeway parking lot. I want the video from the Minute Market and Safeway so I of course can sue both businesses. They refuse, saying only the police can ask for things like that. Is this true? How to I get copies of the videos of the crimes committed against me. If anyone is interested, intentional infliction of emotional stress, false imprisonment, assault and attempted larceny are all acts committed against me. Oh, I am 64 if that matters.
  8. I live with my elderly mother. I went camping for the weekend. While home alone she fell and needed help she called 911. The police and paramedics came and helped her. While in our home they said that our (working) smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors were out of date. They removed our working equipment. One night I burned dinner and usually our smoke alarm would have went off but these didn't I took one down and they are fake and have cameras inside. Without our knowledge. Now we currently don't have any working detectors in our home.
  9. In a nutshell, I left my house to avoid an escalating argument with the wife. I parked at a boat ramp park a few blocks from my house that was closed after dusk. I drank beer and listened to the radio. Cop pulls in behind me and gives field sobriety etc. Takes me to station and I test .09. Cites me and releases. I had my dmv hearing and won because cop didn't show. Went to 1st appearance and the court had nothing. Now 2 months later I get a letter and a court date and the DA has added Reckless driving. I have 2 issues of contention, the 1st is that in Oregon you have to drive a vehicle in an area open to the public to be guilty of DUI. The park was posted closed at dusk. I might be grasping at straws on this but on the citation it has a box for the officer to check that says was this in an area open to the public and he checked yes. The second is I never drove impaired and I told the cop after failing the breathalizer that I was sober when i got to the park and drank beer that caused me to be impaired. He said he saw the cans in my vehicle. So I have to weigh the risk/reward of fighting this and I am eligible for the Diversion program which would result in no conviction and since i won the dmv case I would not lose driving privileges and need to file SR22. So I was pretty much resolved to the Diversion plan when now the DA has added Reckless Driving which I never drove and the cop never witnessed. I intend to fight the reckless driving and seek the Diversion for the DUI. Is the RD charge just a standard add on by the DA? If I contest it will it influence the DA's decision to offer Diversion? Thanks for the advice.... I know I will be told to get a good attorney but I am wanting to avoid 5K in legal fees and still have a dui which is most likely.
  10. Hello, We are a trucking company and like all others we have to keep an account for miles reporting with Oregon state. We do report them regularly from the past two years, with 1-2 exceptions. We have got a violation ticket from ORDOT for our account has been suspended and the driver was stopped. There are certain things on which i would like to get some consultation on: we were not sent any notification that the account has been suspended we had a conversation on the phone last month and we were still not given a hint that if any miles reporting month is missing, it will lead to account suspension our record for reporting is good, straight from January till September, and the missing month has not been mentioned as a red signal, rather we were told to report on time for the next months Now as much as we like to clear this off our SMS , we are considering to contest the ticket. Though it is for $450 but still we were not at total fault. OR has been a messy state and as much as we try to keep up, this happened. Which in my opinion not completely our fault. I would like some legal opinion if it would be a better option to challenge the ticket or it might not end up in our favour. Please do feel free to let us know, if we are missing something.
  11. I just was told my brother had my dad change his will leaving me nothing. i asked my brother about it and he said that yes he had but said it wasn't a malicious act, that it was done to avoid some penalty if my dad needed to apply for Medicaid. the change in his will was to have my adult son inherit a piece of property that I had previously been the one to inherit. my brother had been given a piece of property of same size a number of years ago, and at that time it was with the understanding that he was basically getting what he would have inherited early. the properties were adjoining, and my brother has made use of the property he didn't own for a number of years and that was fine, my dad didn't mind, but since my dads health and mental capacity has diminished and considering they lived next to each other my brother was given POA, a couple of years ago my brother began asking me what my intentions regarding the property after my dad passed would be, and I had said I was planning on keeping it and if my son wanted to live there add him to the Deed. if he did not want to live there I would most likely sell it, which my brother took issue with since that would mean he would have to have a well dug, since he shared well with my dad. according to my Brother after telling my dad about some property tax issue, and the Medicaid penalty my dad decided to change his will. it isn't something my dad would have normally done, and if he had decided to change will I have no reason to think he would not have told me about considering previously I had been given a copy of his will and had been designated Executor in.
  12. Is it illegal to frequently hang out at a drug dealers house in the state of Oregon, even if that person does not partake in purchasing or distributing those drugs but simply being present there? I was arrested for walking up to my friends house to borrow some tools while the police just so happened to be in the process of serving a warrant on the house. I had not even technically walked through the gate when I was surrounded, interrogated, and eventually handcuffed and thrown in the back of their police car to be taken to jail. The police claimed it was illegal in the state of Oregon to even hang out at a drug dealers house regardless of partaking in the buying and selling of those drugs, but to simply be present hanging out. Throughout this whole process I was never read my Miranda Rights, and have a hard time seeing what my offense was that caused me to be arrested and sent off to jail. So is this really true, is it illegal to simply hang out at a house that illegal business transpires even if not themselves partaking in any aspects of the illegal activity being carried out there but to simply hang out at the house with that person? My friend and I were working on refurbishing a steel pan drum, and so I frequented the house often for tools to borrow and such which was the crime the cops claimed I had commited leading to my arrest and incarceration. Is this a valid arrest and crime I had committed, or were they lying to get information out of me and illegally arrested me? Again at the time, I had not actually even stepped on to the property when approached by the police, and was never read my rights when handcuffed and thrown into the squad car to be taken to jail.
  13. The DOJ sued the City of Portland Oregon, and determined that they were guilty of violations of the 4th amendment and a "systematic use of excessive force against mentally ill persons." It created an Independent review committee to try and alleviate the problems of corruption and corrupt police investigating themselves. However, the trimet/ MAX transit system in the city uses a "transit police" force made up of portland and other city police officers, in which only the officers from Portland proper are under the consent decree (incidentally, the transit force is the MOST abusive of the mentally ill and disabled and homeless, as they have the most direct contact with them.... two questions... 1) can trimet bus service be sued as a governmental entity because they are associated directly with the city of portland through employing transit officers that are regular police officers? 2) Can other officers NOT under the jurisdiction be sued under the consent decree, for being a part of the force partially made up of officers that ARE under consent decree? (something akin to guilt by association?? or supervisory liability??) I am interested in somehow extending the consent decree against Portland to its other associated police forces. considering they unite as a single force under the banner of "transit officers"....
  14. Hello there, So I have an issue that I need legal advice on so that I can proceed to do things correctly. I moved to minnesota for a little over two months to be with my family and I returned to pdx on Tuesday September 5th, 2017. During my stay in minnesota my car was at a friend's house where he said it would be safe and it would be there for me when I returned home. I am the registered owner of the vehicle but I am still making payments on it through my former employer which is a scrap medal recycling/automotive dealerahip. My monthly payments where $100 and I had made 2 payments on it then I lost my job and my friend said that since he works there and was the one who helped the business get started and grow into a successful business that he would help me out and make a couple payments so that I can be current and so that it would not get repossessed. He made 3 payments on my car for $100 each so. Total of $300 which we discussed I would eventually pay him back. But I don't have any proof he actually made any payments on it so I have to go to his boss today and get the receipts. So while I was out of town he decided to sell my car to some gal that use to live with him and for $800 which he did not receive and now she is not answering his calls and his boss had no idea that he sold it to someone else and neither did I. I was told when I got home from minnesota that he sold it about a month ago. When I had talk to him within that time frame he assured me that my car was still on the property where he lives and that it was safe. So now I'm forced to take action and get my car back and procced with charges but I'm not sure how to proceed. I never knew he sold my car and I never authorized him or anyone for that matter to sell my car. And he never told his boss either. So what do I do and what criminal charges can I file with the police? Thank You, Dominique
  15. Purchased a salvaged car from a used car lot in Portland, Oregon unaware of the status of title. I had wrecked the car on Cornelius Pass, Oregon due to the prior damage done to the car. I heard the car lot salesman was suppose to inform me that the car was a titled salvage and he can only sale the car for half of the value of the car. Is this all true and if so what should I do? Please help I have no income to fix. I gave all that I had to purchase the car so I could get around to find employment. WHAT A MESS
  16. In January I was cited for failure to obey traffic control device. The situation was as such: I was leaving my home, which is on a culdesac, and at where the culdesac meets the road there was a maroon SUV in the center turn lane and a police vehicle in the northbound lane (which is facing to my left as I am facing generally east). There was a line of four cones to the north blocking all lanes of traffic right where my culdesac meets the road. After these cones there is a railroad crossing which is raised and blocks the view further to the north. To my right, the south, approximately forty yards down the road there was another line of four cones blocking all lanes of traffic. There was no other temporary signage of any kind present. I waited between nonety seconds and two minutes at the mouth of the intersection for instruction. I could not see anyone on foot nor could I see anyone in either of the vehicles in front of me. I surmised the section of road was closed and it made more sense to travel northbound since it involved driving through almost none of the closed off section of road. A slowly maneuvered my vehicle around the cones, rejoined the northbound lane before going over the railroad crossing, and proceeded north. When I crossed the railroad tracks and was able to see down the road I saw a flatbed truck stopped in the road roughly fifty yards away. There was a local police officer standing by the truck observing some workers load sheets of either drywall or plywood onto the truck from the area to the right of the road. There were triangle caution reflectors on the road and I stopped immediately after the rail crossing and well short of the first triangle reflector. The officer started walking towards me and I remained stationary with my window down waiting for instruction. He got within twenty yards of me and began yelling for me to turn around and leave so I put my car in gear but beforw I could start moving a police vehicle came around the corner, approaching me from the north. The officer stopped next to me, exited his vehicle, demanded my license and registration. The officer did not give a reason for asking for them, but I surrendered them anyway. He cited me for failure to obey a traffic control device, refused to explain anything, and left. After looking up the statues in Oregon that regulate traffic control devices, I found that the regulation of traffic control devices that apllies is the Oregon Temoporary Traffic Control Handbook. It states that cones used as traffic control devices must be a minimum of eighteen inches in height. The cones used were, admittedly by the police, twelve to fourteen inches. The OTTCH also states that, in emergency situations, responders can use whatever is available until proper signage is practical as long as they do not cause additional hazards. The incident happened before 3pm. I was cited at 4:42pm. The incident occured less than four miles driving distance away from police headquarters. I'm working off a few different points. 1. The cones are not traffic control devices 2. The emergency response exeption does not apply as there was ample time to replace them with proper signage and there was no effort to do so at any point. 3. There were cones set up blocking the southbound route, away from the incident, which created a hazard as it did not indicate which direction was safe to travel in. 4. The officer tasked with stopping traffic moving north was sitting in their vehicle, which is outside of the established regulations. Anything I'm missing?
  17. We have bid and won a property listed solely with Hubzu. We found out from the county it is not a marketable title it is a land trust not a residential listing. We have documentation that Altisource/Ocwen is aware and that they would pull it from residential listing and sell it as land. They then cancelled the listing only to relist it once again as residential. There is more to this story to be explained. We have been told by several attorney's we have a case but we are not looking for a long ligation, but we are looking for someone to structure and facilitate the purchase of this property. We can explain more during a consultation as needed. We are looking for quick turn around due to the nature of the listing.
  18. ms

    I am curious if a medical surgery can be denied based only on the patient being overweight? If obesity is classified as a disability and law is in place no discrimination can be based on a disability then how can medical professionals deny surgery?
  19. my brother in law and his gf just broke up and now she is doing everything in her power to bring him down calling his job calling him keeping his child fropm him wont return the car that he let her use while they were togeather and etc etc now my brother is very unsure what to do because he is not legal here but to me that should not matter can anyone please help with what do or were to start
  20. I know it says can a cop bop you on the head for the heck of it but rather sever harassment. I have had the gamut of aresst to being murdered mentiond to me through the wall by servailing officers I know this is aside from there dutys and police actions so basically they are hurting me for there hatrid of me and there desire to make me suffer I have been looking for a lawyer actively but no lawyer that I have gotten ahold of is into litigation in that area the ones that I was seggested too havent awsered the messeges I sent them. I know there is actions that they are taking that go beond the need of there duty that is ment for the sake of upsetting and harming me so I have only the choice of going to a lawer to remidy the situation and get justice for the long term torment
  21. My name is Jan M. McCarron, and I recently rented an apartment in Lyons, Oregon. The carpet in three rooms of the apartment smelled so strongly of ammonia(from human urine), I slept in the living room the first night. The second morning I contacted the landlady, Sherri, and told her that the carpets were stained with grease and saturated with urine. I bought $53.78 worth of cleaning products and tried to neutralize the odor. I explained that I was having trouble breathing as a result of the toxins from urine, etc. She said that she would be coming to lyons in 4-5 days to inspect the carpets, and any other damages. That was 9 days ago, and Sherri has still not inspected the apt. I paid her the rent plus a $475.00 security/cleaning deposit. I am considered disabled, as my right leg and ankle are not fully functional. I am having orthopedic surgery on the right ankle on June 23, 2017. I have a disabled parking permit, and have to use a knee scooter to get around. I am 63 years old, and I told Sherri all of this befor I moved in. I have a disabled parking permit hanging from my rearview mirror, but was told two nights ago by Sherri that I had to park out back(approx 30 yards behind the complex, which is reached by a very narrow path.) When I told her that parking in the back was extremely difficult for me, she said that there were no disabled parking spaces in the complex. I am a teacher with a Master's degree, with a minor in special ed. and disability law. There are 12 units, six apts and 6 trailers To rent to elderly and disabled tenants, with no disabled parking spaces on the premises is a violation of disability laws for housing, as is creating a hostile environment when tenants question her rules. She made it clear to me that if I, disagreed with her rules, then I would be kicked out immediately. I could really use some legal advice from an attorney who specializes in laws governing housing and disability laws. Create New Topic - FindLaw Answers.html
  22. I filed a Federal Civil Lawsuit against my landlord Home Forward. They are in non compliance of my tenant and disability rights. I have been dealing with bedbugs consistently for the last 6 months. I suffer from severe anxiety disorders for which I'm medically treated with medications and therapy. I was denied "reasonable accommodations to be housed temporarily until Home Forward can fix this problem. I've suffered mental, physical,, and financial losses from this. Due to my unstable mental state dealing with these bedbugs I found myself finding other means of shelter including sleeping in a car at truck stops, paying out money for motels and so forth so that I may get a shower and a few minutes of sleep to move on. I developed a month of non payment of rent for which they served me with an eviction notice in landlord/tenant court. I'm being forced to use my Federal Lawsuit so I don't become homeless again. This is so unfair! I didn't create this problem and they aren't making sure I have a habitable living situation. They haven't any clue how to deal with people with mental illnesses or what we go through on a daily basis to survive and live. They have been rude and inhumane with their labels and convictions. Please help me to understand why this can happen and if there is anything I can do to make them be held accountable for their actions. Not only for myself, but the rest of the people in this apartment complex that have been too afraid to come forward!
  23. I'm a 21 year old female from Oregon and an honors graduate. I never imagined myself where I'm at right now and I really need some help. I have never been in legal trouble before and therefore have little knowledge in the nature of such a complex, dynamic bitch we call the system. Therefore I need your help and guidance. Any direction at all is appreciated. Here is my story.. Late March I was traveling 160 miles down the coast with all my belongings in the car packed tightly, ready to settle in Portland, OR to start a new chapter in life. I had a friend in the surrounding area and when they heard I was heading that direction they asked if I could pick them up and give them a ride because home was in the direction I was heading through Oregon. I accepted and on arrival my friend pointed out how exhausted I looked and insisted I let them drive. When asked they claimed to have their license, of course this was BS and my habit of wanting to believe others value peoples lives as much as I do buries me again. I allowed him to drive and as we headed down I5 a West Linn police officer coming from the other direction did a U-turn and pulled us over for the headlights being on (no this was not my friend setting me up and yes the highbeams were intended to be on due to one of my headlights suddenly going out and me improvising and not wanting to get pulled over). The officer approached the vehicle and told us about the highbeams and claiming that to be the reason for the stop, and didn't ask but more so confirmed with the guy driving that he was not licensed. Before walking away he stated that he also ran the plates and saw my Jeep wasn't insured. This is when I piped up from the passenger seat and said in the recent months I went from a 6 month policy to a month to month basis on my dads insurance and I couldn't imagine him not notifying me if something as crucial as my insurance being cut off happened, but apologized and said I would communicate with my dad and correct this before I got on the road again. I had showed him my old paper from 3 months prior showing the 6 month policy to back up part of what I was saying. He walked away and minutes later appeared on my side of the car, asking that I step out and talk to him. I ignorantly did so and was bombarded with questions such as "are there any drugs in the car, do you or your friend do drugs, is that your boyfriend", etc. When asked I told him there absolutely was not any drugs in the car and admitted to once having a prescription pain medication addiction, sharing my views on what toxicity drug addiction can bring in ones life and how my reason for moving to the area was partly to do with wanting to be away from the same surrounding that I was in during such a dark time. He asked the last time I took pills and I told him it had been months, that I had finally conquered my pill addiction. This was true, not that it matters. He asked for permission to search my vehicle. I denied this request but told him "I'm not sure the correct terminology you guys use but you may do the search procedure where you walk around my car and look in all the windows". He replied with "Well if there's no drugs in the car why won't you give me consent?". I told him the car had all my belongings packed tightly inside, it was unnecessary to tear it all apart. Immediately after saying this he tells me to turn around and says false claim of liability insurance is a misdemeanor and for that reason he handcuffs me and detains me in the back of the car. I watch through the windshield as my friend is pulled outside the vehicle and the officer begins searching through my car, so intensely in fact that I watched my stuff fly through the air and land in the dirt. Another officer shows up and before I know it there is 6 police at the scene and my car is being towed. Inside my purse in the car a pouch was containing drugs was found. Heroin, Meth, and a prescription bottle of 15mg Oxycodone. This prescription belonged to the guy with me and was something I was asked to pick up in my hometown before leaving because usually he traveled there once a month to see his doctor and get his pills, due to him not coming to town that month he asked me to pick up the paper script (if you are put on a list you can do something like this for someone) and fill it at the pharmacy so I could bring them to him when I traveled his way. I had this bottle in a zebra print pouch I threw in my purse to head up there and had handed this to him on arrival. The police informed me an array of drugs were found inside a zebra print zipper pouch in my purse. I quickly figure out a few more items had been added to a pouch that once contained just his medicine and was thrown in my purse when I was pulled aside from my vehicle. THIS IS SOMETHING I STILL HAVE NOT CLAIMED TO HAVE BEEN THE CASE. I had several thoughts run through my head when I was told what was found, including making the excuse for him that maybe he had these things were in his pocket and he removed them in fear that they would pull him out and search his pockets due to his record and him being the driver. Not thinking it would be bad on me. Despite his name being on the script my fingerprints were on the bottle and probably not his. I didnt know what else was added to the bag exactly but what I did know was that these things were found in my purse and it looked bad on me at that moment. Either way I'm a fairly smart girl and am usually pretty quick to think of many variables on the spot. I didn't say much at all after that point because I wasn't sure what to do, but I did explain to them I was allowed to pick up his prescription and that could be verified with his doctors office, which apparently my friend had said too. They refused to believe us, saying him and I were lying and it wasn't helping anyone. They told me I was being charged with PCS and DCS of Oxycodone (DCS for finding baggies in the pouch), PCS of heroin, PCS of meth, and false claim of liability insurance to a police officer. They were going to give my friend the same charges except for the insurance one. During the arrest they offered both of us the chance to be freed of some or all of the charges in exchange of doing 3 controlled buys. I declined their offer immediately while my friend accepted. I was taken to jail and held for 12 hours before being released due to overcrowding. I had no clue where I was and had no phone because they took mine out of my purse and kept it, which was nowhere on my item inventory list. I was able to get a cab to the place my car was impounded and luckily was able to borrow the portion of the $375 it cost to get out I couldnt cover. The police kept my old insurance paper on top of everything and I had to spend half the day at the tow yard until I had my brother back home 150 miles away break open my safe and take a picture of a document tying my name to the car to get them to release it to me. I found seeral of priceless antiques and other things damaged from this search. The following month at the arraignment, my friend and I were scheduled for court the same day as you could guess. The D.A. dropped his case and all charges completely, while all mine remained. It is obvious he agreed to testify against me, although he denies it to the end. The trial date was set for the following month and was around 4th of July, traffic was so heavy I was at a stop on the freeway many times. I called the courthouse and asked I be put at the end of the docket and explained why I would be a little late. When I arrived I was directed to courtroom 5 where when I entered there was one lady on a computer. I was asked my name and she told me I hadn't even been on the docket that day because a disposition had never been filed on me. I was told to confirm my address with the D.A.'s office and that they could pick my case back up anytime in the next 2 years. 2 and a half weeks later while at my friends house in my hometown, the police had been in the area and had saw my car outside so they came to the door to arrest me for a "failure to appear". I spent just under 3 days in Florence jail, where it was the absolute worst. There was hardly ever an officer there to check on the inmates and I spent the first 24 hours broken out in hives miserable with an allergic reaction due to my allergy to tags on clothing and the jumpsuit material that made it act up. There was nobody there from the time lunch was served until a late dinner finally came on my second day when after I ate lunch I had my toilet get backed up and water pour out everywhere, getting my blankets wet and the bottom of my pants on the jumpsuit (which I was already wearing only halfway on due to the tag causing an allergic reaction). I sat in the cell freezing cold with no blankets and water all over the floor for around 5-6 hours before the sergeant finally showed up with other officers and had immediately checked on me, shocked and appauled by what he found. I was practically happy the next night when I was finally moved to Lane county for 24 hours, and from there I spent 4 days in Clackamas county until I was released last Wednesday after being matrixed out, once again for overcrowding. Between what I believe was improper search of my car, the fact stuff was found in a separate container (my purse) which was also in a separate container which constitutes special warrants, the false arrest for failure to appear, and the foul and dehumanizing treatment in Florence jail don't I have something to work with? Please help, I realize this was ridiculously long but my story has many angles and I want all the help I can get. Thank you
  24. My father is in bad shape after a massive stroke where he almost passed away. He is still in danger and I was even allowed a bedside visit. I am in prison for assault 2 and attempted assault 2 x2 and assault 3 and assault 4. I've been in since 6-12-2011,I have zero misconduct and I'm in the college program here with a 4.0 GPA. I am also in the electricians apprentiship here. I have family support and am very much a model inmate. I need to find a way to release early to be there with my dad and kids. My release date is currently 12-12-2019. Please help! Any help is very appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  25. I emailed the apartments office the situations i have been dealing with my neighbors on the first floor. And when I went to the apartments office, I do not know if she was a manager or another worker in the office. But, she told me that me and the lady on the first floor have been violating the rules to these apartments because me and the lady don't have peace with each other. Instead of them find a remedy for me and the tenants on the first floor, they let me and the lady to resolve this problem. She said she sent a letter to both of us to warn us. And if we don't have peace with each other, they will make us sign a paper, then we will have a neighbor to neighbor meditation. Any kind of harassment or discrimination or disturbances tenants get in day time, the apartments office won't accept it. They said only after hours complaints call the police. So, am I violating the rules when I am the one reported to the office about the situations I am in?