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Found 65 results

  1. I have sole custody of my two children, we have had an ongoing restraining order against my ex husband and my children’s biological father for almost 3 years now. He was granted no contact and then after his parents hired him an attorney it was changed to supervised visits which he has not excercised in 2 years. He has a diagnosed mental illness and a long history of mental illness issues, substance abuse and domestic violence. He has struggled with taking care of himself, cannot/will not work and is not mentally capable of taking care of his children. Since the birth of our children he had neglected and abused our oldest who at the time was 2 and a half years old. The last time my children had a supervised visit was at ages 9 months and 3 years old. My children are now 5 and 3, and now calls my fiancé dad. I am thankful to be in a loving, co parenting relationship with my fiancé and my children have flourished with the love and support of my new significant other. He is the only dad they know, they recognize and my 5 year old hasn’t talked about the trauma of “daddy hitting me” “daddy hurt me” etc. for almost 2 years now. My ex in-laws have made this entire legal process difficult. Their son is an adult 35 years old, and was incapable of making decisions and attempting to maintain being in my children’s lives, he wasn’t going to counter my restraining order after he physically abused my oldest therefore his parents hired attorneys and have since over the last 3 years have been trying to get my restraining order dropped, and trying to force their son to see my children and trying to fight me legally on behalf of their son using him as the “client”. My fiancé and I would love for my fiancé to be able to adopt my children however with my ex in-laws controlling my ex husbands life, money, and legal team it will be very unlikely he himself would sign over his rights. He is mentally unfit to parent, he has proven he isn’t even capable of attending supervised visits or maintaining mental health treatment and continuing his substance abuse issues. I’ve been told over and over again Oregon doesn’t and won’t terminate parental rights. I want my children growing up in a loving environment, with a loving and supportive family which they have thanks to my family and my fiancé’s family. They are growing, healthy and happy and trying to “reunite” or Allowing “biological parents rights” to take precedent over the health and well-being of such beautiful children who have recovered from the trauma and neglect is absurd. Has anyone else overcome such issues? We are not wealthy and don’t have thousands of dollars to try to fight my ex husband and in-laws in court over keeping my children safe and happy and secure with their new lives and relationships and keeping the abusive, neglectful and toxic people out which could potentially lead to our deaths. (YES my ex husband has made actual multiple threats against my life and even my children’s lives) help.
  2. Greetings. I would like some advice about what I have for options about my previous job. Let me give you a timeline as best I can. I have been with this company for ten years. I was promoted to graveyard lead by the manager and this kid that worked there followed me to graveyard shift. He admitted he was a narcissist by telling people (myself included) he could teach them "how to manipulate women". This person also happened to be an absolute brat that really had something against me. Ever since he got in my life, I have not been myself at all. At first, it was pester, pester, pester (also a pest to me). Then a very obnoxious temper tantrum. He just isn't normal. He was not under any sort of special program or as a lead, I would have been informed. My landslide started just after Thanksgiving 2017 and went downhill to January 2018. A female coworker was applying for a new position in our call center and she was having an absolute blast talking to me about it. I mean she was glowing. That evening at graveyard, he threw a temper tantrum directed right at me about seeing it. He caught me completely off guard with his tirade topping it off with, "NOW YOU ONLY SEE HER ONCE A WEEK!" really emphasizing "ONLY" and he pushed his palm at me. I felt it. It was like a blow to the chest because he was sitting right next to me. I didn't even say anything to him. Nor did I email supervisors about it. She was also enjoying talking to another male employee. No attitude with him. Just me. But I did want to talk to this other co-worker about it. She had temporarily changed her schedule to start later Sundays so I didn't see her those days. I was off at 6AM, she started at 6AM. The following Sunday, she changed back. I asked her if she would mind if I join her at her break and have a little talk about him to see if she knew a way to keep him off my back. She agreed. I wasn't prepared for what happened next. Her break was 8:15AM and no one was around. She came out shouting hitting me with both barrels about something that didn't make any sense. I already beat myself up over this but I was drawn into it with her and completely forgot what I wanted to talk about. I don't know how long we shouted at each other because it's all a blur. But she calmed way down and smiled and just said, "Don't worry about him. I know how to handle him" and walked back in. I stood outside for a couple of minutes dumbfounded and just went home. I said nothing about her except about a chance of promotion. Nothing untoward. The manager came in early to talk to me about this. Then I told her about his attitude. If an employee had been on a call, their customer would have heard it. I demonstrated to her the most obnoxious part as stated above, she immediately said, "You should have said, what are you talking about,? you shouldn't judge him, he's a kid (28 or 29), maybe he has a crush on her so leave him alone..." changing subject several times until I forgot. She refused to let me talk. She let me know I almost lost my job for harassment and talked and talked and talked but the other coworker forgave me for it. Bless her heart. When I was drawn into it with her (I was her best friend once), I shouted at her, "Have I betrayed you somehow!?", she shouted back, "What are you talking about", "I'm still your friend!", she went off like a firecracker before she calmed down. I would like to know if this is in my file and the language of it. (I'll get to that later). I mentioned to the daytime supervisor about him being a manipulator (AKA the rat talking behind my back). See, I was her best friend once before he started this nonsense. He emailed the supervisors about it since he saw a concern and my supervisor came in early again. Bear in mind, I never saw her until this started and when I worked days, we got along great. But she changed drastically. She came to my desk and said he's in the office and there is some confusion about something. I followed her in and she said to him (leaving names out), "I just wanted to make sure you were just picking on him when you told him he only sees her once a week". At "only", she lightly flicked her wrist with her hand held low. (I had forgotten about his attitude at this point and didn't dare bring it back up). He bowed his head like in submission pointing to he chest he said in a sheepish tone, "I said I only see her once a week". I kid you not, in a coddling voice she said, "That's okay. You can go now". That's called "feigned confusion" or "feigned innocence". An effective way of lying to someone's face. It worked too. I started to leave. "NO! WE ARE NOT DONE! SIT DOWN!" So I sat back down. She brought up me mentioning he is a narcissist and harassed me hard about it. Her verbal beat down was very stressful and seemed like it lasted forever going on about "mind control". I was trying to say, "The word he used was manipulate" but she wouldn't let me answer. They both lied to my face but I couldn't tell the truth. It was so stressful, I ended up going to the ER. It was just heart palpitations but it kind of worried me since I'm 55 years old. I didn't notify her supervisor of this. I know I should have but I was worried it might pass onto her, the next person, the next person, so on and so on. A couple of days later, she came in early again. She came in early to try to talk to me into quitting because I use mass transit and the company was moving in six months. It was a walk from the bus line but it didn't seem like much. I told her this and said I already planned a trial run and I would let her know. Then she brought up the falling out with this other gal and I. She pretended to give me advice on how to fix things with her. Like an idiot, I followed her advice. What I did (in fear of another shouting match), I just wrote her a note since I told her to block me on messenger. It was thoughtful. Nothing bad and the next day, I got the call. It was my supe and HR on the line. HR said first, "We're letting you go because you were trying to be her friend (whatever that means) and without missing a beat, my supervisor said, "And you said he could brainwash women!" with a hateful tone. To wrap up, I would like to know what is in my file. I was not "trying to be her friend" and the word he used was, manipulate. It turns out I was manipulated. I was so bad for a little while, I had to go through counseling and I called HR about three months later to request to see my personnel file. They said I would need to talk to a police officer? So I did and he said I should contact BOLI (Labor Bureau), I contacted BOLI and they said since I am not of a protected class, they couldn't help me. Is there any avenue I could take to set the record straight? Does it count as harassment for being drawn into an argument and is that in my record and would they tell this to future employers? I reiterate, ten years and I felt terrible about that.
  3. We rent out two bedrooms in our condo. We reside in the third bedroom. We have a 13 yr old pit bull who loves people but hates other dogs. Because of this, we have a strict no pets policy in our lease. One of our current tenents, after residing here for 4 months, was found to have a puppy living with them. After found, they admitted that they have had the dogs for months (though not at move-in). As this is a direct violation of their lease and causes an unsafe environment for our dog, we moved to evict them. They come back stating that it was illegal to evict them and that the dog could stay because it’s a service dog. They are also claiming it’s illegal for us to ask for proof that it’s a service dog. I can’t believe that a landlords hands would just be completely tied in a situation like this. We are new landlords so don’t know how everything works, admittedly. But we don’t want to keep our dog locked up for the rest of their lease just to ensure he doesn’t see it some day, attack it, and then have them take action against us and have our dog put down. What can we do to get them out or, at the very least, get the dog out?
  4. I'm in Oregon and inquired about a work and travel program. The commission-only representative I talked to was overseas. During the 3 phone calls, which I recorded all without him knowing, I let him know I was unsure I would be ready for the early March departure date. He said that by making an early deposit, that would save my spot for a year - if I wanted to reschedule to a later program that more fit my readiness needs. He said, "The main thing is that the deposit is non-refundable, and the rest of the Terms & Conditions is just general information." Without reading the T&C, I paid my high dollar deposit. When I asked to have my program rescheduled, I was told by someone else that the T&C stated the deposit is non-refundable AND non-transferable. I'm in talks with the Chicago-based company, hoping to come to an agreeable outcome - though at this time, they don't seem too concerned that I was lied to. Does my argument hold any water? If I decide to sue for deposit back - paid on proven false statements and misrepresentation, is it likely I would win? Is recording Zoom internet call the same as a regular phone call, legally? Anything else I should be aware of?
  5. Several years ago my mother and her husband set up a Revocable Trust in which they place two pieces of property they owned of which my siblings and myself where the beneficiaries. My mother died shortly after the trust was set up and her husband was the Trustee. He was suppose to have set aside half the value of the properties and half my mother's other assets to what would now be an Irrevocable Trust---I have now found out that he did none of this. He remarried a couple of years later and quick claim deeded his half of the properties into a new trust with his new wife. He has decently died and I have been made aware as the successor trustee of the original trust that the new wife wishes to sell the house and they need my signature to make that happen. They have offered half the net proceeds of the property after attorney fees have been paid. As well a loan was taken out on the property after my mothers death and this need to be repaid. I do not feel my mother's half of the trust should have to repay the loan or pay the legal fees of the new wife, I would except to pay my own legal fees as needed out of my share and she pay out of her share. Is this reasonable? As well my mother had other assets and retirement accounts that were to be divided at the time of her death, but the new wife's attorney says we are just out of luck and lucky they contacted us to let us know about the potential property sale.
  6. I was found guilty of a traffic violation for not having a valid license. However, I mailed PHOTOCOPIED evidence showing that I HAD a valid pass by Missouri DMV and Child Support Enforcement saying I could drive even though my license was suspended. I was STILL found guilty in absentia. Nor did I receive a mailed response to the case. I was fined a total of $280, and was told I had to 1) file an appea within 30 days of given notice, which I didnt receive. and 2) I had to PAY the fine BEFORE I could appeal..... 1) Is this unconstitutional to force me to pay the penalty in ORDER to appeal the penalty? 2) Does the court not HAVE to give any reasoning FOR the guilty finding and doesnt that constitute a due process issue if they dont provide it? 3) How do I appeal if I a) have no money, and am homeless and disabled b) it has been over the 30 day limit set forth in the statutes? I read the statutes and found nothing about appeal requirements...
  7. Oregon's policy on photo radar citations "...officer will cause notification of citation delivered." Plainly stated, they mail it USPS. I'll skip my legal argument and just say I don't except mail from government agencies without service. So having no knowledge of an alledged traffic violation & no notice of trial, a judicial decision was made, finding me guilty. I believe I can prove deprivation of due process. Where and how do I do that. Do I file a civil action against the State? District court? Appellate court?
  8. Need some input. My girlfriend of a couple of years is a sophomore in college and everytime I've seen her this year she has been drunk or stoned or high on something ...not only that but I just found out that she has been having sex with a couple or several different men in their 40's and 50's. who are paying her for sex. I am completely numb over this and told her that I was all done and that she needed to immediately stop being a prostitute and stop her drinking and drugging and get into rehab or I was going to go to her parents and tell them everything I knew ...also she told me that she was depressed and had had some thoughts of suicide. I want my girlfriend back and don't want to share her with anyone but I was told if I told her parents what she was doing or threatened to tell them that I could be the one charged with a felony in Oregon for coercion? AYFKM? She can always choose to stop acting crazy on her own and stop what she's doing so things can get back to normal. Aside from obviously benefiting from having her fix this on her own and coming back to me, if she doesn't, and I don't tell someone and something happens to her that would be devastating. How can protected speech (telling her parents) become a felony ? and is my friend correct?
  9. Is not the Department of Revenue (executive) being the collection agency for a (judicial) court a violation of separation of powers
  10. Before me and my boyfriend broke up I was going to buy a square body, I just had to wait a couple more weeks till I had the full amount. He kept insisting on helping me pay for it and I told him no 5 times. Finally I said fine, so he helped me purchase the truck, I put in on my own insurance, I have a bill of sale made out to me, I have the title and the truck. The title isn’t in either of our names. We broke up and he’s now trying to take the truck. I told him I’d pay him back but I told his dad over text messages that I’d either pay him back the $1,200 or give him the truck back by the 11th or this month. He’s now taking me to court over it saying it’s his truck, not mine. What do I do and is he right about it being his truck even though I have the title, bill of sale made out to myself, have proof of insurance that I paid for on my own insurance and I have the truck.
  11. My daughter has two young(9, 12, & 15) girls living at her home. They are sisters, and the daughters of a long time friend. There is no formal relationship with the parents. The parents have a number of issues. The father has been charged with several sex crimes like "luring a minor”, and is awaiting trial. He likely will be incarcerated for 3-5 years. The mother takes over the counter drugs on a daily basis to get high. She has been convicted of DUI for drug impaired driving and is tested weekly for drugs. She is careful to not use illegal drugs or drugs that she doesn't have a prescription for. She gets high on cough syrup and other over the counter substances. The parents have a home where the children have previously lived. The home has been described using the term “squalor”…..dog feces on the floor, unkept, non-working systems, etc, etc. The mother sees/takes the kids sporadically for short periods of time.....a few hours once or twice a week. The parents income consists of the father's unemployment compensation(will terminate on incarceration), donations from their church, and social security income from a resident grandparent. My daughter has had the 3 children living at her home for the last 5 months and pays all expense and provides all care. She has an Oregon DHS case worker that has not provided much help. DHS has told her as long as the parents provide a roof over their heads and peanut butter and jelly in the refrigerator, there is not much they can do. And, they(DHS) cannot provide any financial support unless my daughter has legal custody. Conversations with other parents, friends, and have indicated that terminating parental rights to gain custody has a high legal threshold and can only be successful with the most egregious behavior by the parents. My daughter is willing to care for the children on a permanent basis but she needs some kind of custodial rights and, some financial support from DHS. The parents have been unwilling to sign any kind of legal agreement to this end and continue to believe their ability to care for the children will improve with time. What can my daughter PRACTICALLY do? She has no rights and no financial support over/for these children.
  12. My father passed away in May. His memorial service is in July. I know Oregon has Bereavement Leave offered by most employers, but I'm curious if my boyfriend is someone that is covered to attend the service without being reprimanded by his employer. We are not married, but we have been together for a couple years, and he plays an active role with my son and my entire family. Would this situation qualify as a "domestic partner"? Thanks in advance.
  13. John


    I am installing a fence about 6 inches into my property line. There is a tree in the way which is on my property. I have reached the tree with the fence. How do I proceed now?
  14. We took a 1994 Toyota Camry into get repaired it was slipping from the 2 gear to the 3rd gear. They said they could fix the car so we left it. The dealership did not offer a rental, they had our car for a month and a half.! also they did not give estimate or fix it, it was the same as when we brought it into them. They put a couple parts on but didn;t need them. The dealership charged us a total of 1349.00 for pretty much nothing. We sued and lost!!! What to do now??? Thank You, Can we sue them again? Our first time sueing anyone; I think we flopped , We needed the speed sensor repaired
  15. when the custodial parent in the state of Oregon becomes or about to become introduced to the prison system, what happens to the kids do they go to the custody of the other parent? he has been in jail county for a month now and has racked up 3 felonies and a handful of class A misdemeanors. what would be the best method for non-custodial parent do to regain her children? whom of which had been the primary custodial parent, to begin with?
  16. Well, my ex finally did it. finally got caught doin something he couldn't run away from or use his silver tongue to get out of. He's on his way to learning his ABC's. Felony class A, Felony Class B, and Felony class C, and 6 class A misdemeanours.. 6 counts of sexual abuse in the 3rd degree, 1 count sexual abuse in the 2nd degree,1 count sexual abuse in the 1st degree, and 1 count sexual penetration in the 1st degree. My Question is how much jail time could some one facing those kinds of charges be facing? And how did he get so lucky sorta? cxCuzuz I know he had to of done it more times than he's bein charged with. i'm going to file for sole custody of my kids. I'm going to try temporary post- judgement custody and Parenting time "immediate Danger" and kinda see what happens from there. ugh someday when i finish my degree i will be able to answer most of these questions myself. but any knowledgable and or inquisitive comments would be more than welcome.
  17. I'm a 21 year old female from Oregon and an honors graduate. I never imagined myself where I'm at right now and I really need some help. I have never been in legal trouble before and therefore have little knowledge in the nature of such a complex, dynamic bitch we call the system. Therefore I need your help and guidance. Any direction at all is appreciated. Here is my story.. Late March I was traveling 160 miles down the coast with all my belongings in the car packed tightly, ready to settle in Portland, OR to start a new chapter in life. I had a friend in the surrounding area and when they heard I was heading that direction they asked if I could pick them up and give them a ride because home was in the direction I was heading through Oregon. I accepted and on arrival my friend pointed out how exhausted I looked and insisted I let them drive. When asked they claimed to have their license, of course this was BS and my habit of wanting to believe others value peoples lives as much as I do buries me again. I allowed him to drive and as we headed down I5 a West Linn police officer coming from the other direction did a U-turn and pulled us over for the headlights being on (no this was not my friend setting me up and yes the highbeams were intended to be on due to one of my headlights suddenly going out and me improvising and not wanting to get pulled over). The officer approached the vehicle and told us about the highbeams and claiming that to be the reason for the stop, and didn't ask but more so confirmed with the guy driving that he was not licensed. Before walking away he stated that he also ran the plates and saw my Jeep wasn't insured. This is when I piped up from the passenger seat and said in the recent months I went from a 6 month policy to a month to month basis on my dads insurance and I couldn't imagine him not notifying me if something as crucial as my insurance being cut off happened, but apologized and said I would communicate with my dad and correct this before I got on the road again. I had showed him my old paper from 3 months prior showing the 6 month policy to back up part of what I was saying. He walked away and minutes later appeared on my side of the car, asking that I step out and talk to him. I ignorantly did so and was bombarded with questions such as "are there any drugs in the car, do you or your friend do drugs, is that your boyfriend", etc. When asked I told him there absolutely was not any drugs in the car and admitted to once having a prescription pain medication addiction, sharing my views on what toxicity drug addiction can bring in ones life and how my reason for moving to the area was partly to do with wanting to be away from the same surrounding that I was in during such a dark time. He asked the last time I took pills and I told him it had been months, that I had finally conquered my pill addiction. This was true, not that it matters. He asked for permission to search my vehicle. I denied this request but told him "I'm not sure the correct terminology you guys use but you may do the search procedure where you walk around my car and look in all the windows". He replied with "Well if there's no drugs in the car why won't you give me consent?". I told him the car had all my belongings packed tightly inside, it was unnecessary to tear it all apart. Immediately after saying this he tells me to turn around and says false claim of liability insurance is a misdemeanor and for that reason he handcuffs me and detains me in the back of the car. I watch through the windshield as my friend is pulled outside the vehicle and the officer begins searching through my car, so intensely in fact that I watched my stuff fly through the air and land in the dirt. Another officer shows up and before I know it there is 6 police at the scene and my car is being towed. Inside my purse in the car a pouch was containing drugs was found. Heroin, Meth, and a prescription bottle of 15mg Oxycodone. This prescription belonged to the guy with me and was something I was asked to pick up in my hometown before leaving because usually he traveled there once a month to see his doctor and get his pills, due to him not coming to town that month he asked me to pick up the paper script (if you are put on a list you can do something like this for someone) and fill it at the pharmacy so I could bring them to him when I traveled his way. I had this bottle in a zebra print pouch I threw in my purse to head up there and had handed this to him on arrival. The police informed me an array of drugs were found inside a zebra print zipper pouch in my purse. I quickly figure out a few more items had been added to a pouch that once contained just his medicine and was thrown in my purse when I was pulled aside from my vehicle. THIS IS SOMETHING I STILL HAVE NOT CLAIMED TO HAVE BEEN THE CASE. I had several thoughts run through my head when I was told what was found, including making the excuse for him that maybe he had these things were in his pocket and he removed them in fear that they would pull him out and search his pockets due to his record and him being the driver. Not thinking it would be bad on me. Despite his name being on the script my fingerprints were on the bottle and probably not his. I didnt know what else was added to the bag exactly but what I did know was that these things were found in my purse and it looked bad on me at that moment. Either way I'm a fairly smart girl and am usually pretty quick to think of many variables on the spot. I didn't say much at all after that point because I wasn't sure what to do, but I did explain to them I was allowed to pick up his prescription and that could be verified with his doctors office, which apparently my friend had said too. They refused to believe us, saying him and I were lying and it wasn't helping anyone. They told me I was being charged with PCS and DCS of Oxycodone (DCS for finding baggies in the pouch), PCS of heroin, PCS of meth, and false claim of liability insurance to a police officer. They were going to give my friend the same charges except for the insurance one. During the arrest they offered both of us the chance to be freed of some or all of the charges in exchange of doing 3 controlled buys. I declined their offer immediately while my friend accepted. I was taken to jail and held for 12 hours before being released due to overcrowding. I had no clue where I was and had no phone because they took mine out of my purse and kept it, which was nowhere on my item inventory list. I was able to get a cab to the place my car was impounded and luckily was able to borrow the portion of the $375 it cost to get out I couldnt cover. The police kept my old insurance paper on top of everything and I had to spend half the day at the tow yard until I had my brother back home 150 miles away break open my safe and take a picture of a document tying my name to the car to get them to release it to me. I found seeral of priceless antiques and other things damaged from this search. The following month at the arraignment, my friend and I were scheduled for court the same day as you could guess. The D.A. dropped his case and all charges completely, while all mine remained. It is obvious he agreed to testify against me, although he denies it to the end. The trial date was set for the following month and was around 4th of July, traffic was so heavy I was at a stop on the freeway many times. I called the courthouse and asked I be put at the end of the docket and explained why I would be a little late. When I arrived I was directed to courtroom 5 where when I entered there was one lady on a computer. I was asked my name and she told me I hadn't even been on the docket that day because a disposition had never been filed on me. I was told to confirm my address with the D.A.'s office and that they could pick my case back up anytime in the next 2 years. 2 and a half weeks later while at my friends house in my hometown, the police had been in the area and had saw my car outside so they came to the door to arrest me for a "failure to appear". I spent just under 3 days in Florence jail, where it was the absolute worst. There was hardly ever an officer there to check on the inmates and I spent the first 24 hours broken out in hives miserable with an allergic reaction due to my allergy to tags on clothing and the jumpsuit material that made it act up. There was nobody there from the time lunch was served until a late dinner finally came on my second day when after I ate lunch I had my toilet get backed up and water pour out everywhere, getting my blankets wet and the bottom of my pants on the jumpsuit (which I was already wearing only halfway on due to the tag causing an allergic reaction). I sat in the cell freezing cold with no blankets and water all over the floor for around 5-6 hours before the sergeant finally showed up with other officers and had immediately checked on me, shocked and appauled by what he found. I was practically happy the next night when I was finally moved to Lane county for 24 hours, and from there I spent 4 days in Clackamas county until I was released last Wednesday after being matrixed out, once again for overcrowding. Between what I believe was improper search of my car, the fact stuff was found in a separate container (my purse) which was also in a separate container which constitutes special warrants, the false arrest for failure to appear, and the foul and dehumanizing treatment in Florence jail don't I have something to work with? Please help, I realize this was ridiculously long but my story has many angles and I want all the help I can get. Thank you
  18. I am a 25% owner of my late parents estate and I am currently living in the house. The administration of the trust has been given to a third party and they are giving me 30 days to leave. I am willing to leave but would rather stay until the property sells. Does the third party have the right to evict me without the consent of the other trustees. At least two out of the other three won't make me leave before the sale of the property.
  19. I am looking to see how frequently people in the western states receive some form of clemency. I am applying soon, and hope that someone can help give me some info on what might help my petition out, in terms of what I could include in that packet. Thanks!
  20. I was sentenced in one county and then in another. Can the one county take my time served credits for that sentence?
  21. Is it required in the state of Oregon, to renew an officiates license to perform a marriage ceremony? And if so would a marriage be valid if the Officiates license was expired?
  22. Can a 911 call be admissible in court as evidence? If so, why would a prosecutor withhold such evidence?
  23. My friend is currently in jail looking at 36 months in prison due to getting arrested 2 months ago for absconding. His parole officer is a joke, and everyone who's been involved with her will tell you just that. She's known for having a serious lack of communication and treating people shes assigned to like garbage, especially ones with drug charges. She put a warrant out for his arrest, claiming he had been absconding for 2 years. The police arrested him after seeing him in my car and running his name. The distasteful, corrupt manner they demonstrated during this arrest was the most dysfunctional dirty police work I ever thought I'd witness. It went from the two cops being there and him in the middle of having a calm conversation with an officer through the window to one of the 4 others that pulled up ripping the back door open and trying to violently grab him suddenly. He had his hands in the air and was complying completely, yet all 6 police drew their guns and tasers and yelled "quit resisting", even when he was on his knees in the gravel following their commands they shoot him with the taser. Anyways! That is a whole other ordeal. However they searched my whole car after taking him out and found a backpack with meth inside. Hes now being charged with distribution too. There was a similar situation less than a year ago when police saw him and found he had a warrant for absconding when he had gone 4 months without talking to his P.O. He wasn't taken to jail but was just assigned a court date. I witnessed several times that he tried calling her office, left messages, etc. No call back or attempt to contact him yet she puts a warrant out.. Following this first incident a court date was set and a fire was lit under her ass where she was forced into meeting with him. I drove him to her office and met her myself. I've wrote a statement and faxed it to the head of Parole and Probation saying everything I know first hand. Tell me, if this is something he was dealing with less than a year ago, how is it he's been absconding for two years? She was probably asked what was going on with him and when she had nothing to say she once again blamed him and made a false accusation and another warrant followed. Please help! Who can I talk to that I havent already? This should be easily proven wrong yet it's like the whole ****ed up law family works together to keep things screwed up.
  24. Any possible reasons why the county of a particular state would deny an inmate his legal work when he was sent back to county on appeal?
  25. Would being forced by the court to be represented by an attorney who the defendant had a conflict of interest with be a post conviction issue?
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