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Found 27 results

  1. I just stayed at a local Hotel/Casino Resort for the holiday weekend. I arrived around 10:30-11:00 pm , walked up to the counter, stated my name and that I had a reservation and would like to check in. To my astonishment the gentleman behind the counter replied "You have already checked in." "How?" I said, "I just got here". He asked "Is anyone else was on the account?" "No". "Authorized? "No!" "Associated with Credit Card used to book, wife, relative?" "No!" I replied. "Only me... Period." I could tell he was realizing someone really messed up. "How in the world is this even possible?" He did acknowledge that there was a definite mistake made but rather than owning up to their mistake he just tried to b.s. me stating well you might have checked in on Expedia site. I told him "No I didn't" (Since I didn't even get the room on Expedia) and then he told me that sometimes they will check in for you or something like that.... pretty much saying I'm an idiot and I'll believe any absurd explanation just as long as the blame didn't fall on them. He informed me that not only did she check in, they issued her AND 1 of her friends, 2 room keys, pool passes, full access to the room and the icing on the cake... added BOTH of them as authorized users to the account/room. I asked who it was and he told me her name. She was an acquaintance of mine. I told him i knew her but NEVER gave authorization. I told him I was deeply concerned with what had just happened and that I wanted to talk to her to find out. He asked if I wanted security to go up to the room, but obviously it was a little late to get security. He worked to remove them from the account/room, cancel the keys, and issue new ones to me. I went up to the room and she told me that Since I was going to be there for the weekend and I had mentioned that I wasn't going to be there until later that night, she wanted to go to the pool that day so she called the hotel the night before. The only information she gave them was that she was a friend of mine. The hotel never contacted me, never called, no voicemail... nothing. I know I wasn't injured but surely there must be some regulations in place to prevent this right? I can't see how that can be allowed to happen and I don't think I should let them just "sweep it under the rug" because the next time might not end like it did for me and if I can do something to possibly prevent it, it's my obligation as a human being to do it. p.s. My apologies if this is too long
  2. I am selling a home in Oklahoma. I did not see the Oklahoma Uniform Contract of Sale of Real Estate so I didn't signe it. Does it matter? I signed a counter so am I bound?
  3. I bought a new house about 70 days ago. My neighbor has been coming over, compulsively to complain about the retaining wall between our houses that our homebuilder constructed. He has been taking pictures of my home and property (including my entire back yard). He told me about pictures he also took while the house was being constructed. Recently, my children noticed a security camera on his porch in his back yard that is pointing directly into my back yard. Is there anything that I can do to have the camera pointed away from my back yard? I intend to plant trees as a buffer; however, trees take time to grow. I hate the thought of my every move in my own back yard being filmed! If he is providing Surveillance for the security of his home, his cameras should be facing his home; not into my back yard!
  4. Ok my credit union has raised my car payment for putting collateral insurance on my car loan. My insurance lapsed on March 1. I have to loans when I went in to make Septembers payment in loan L0050 payment is $423 the teller said the payment owed was $790 I did not have 790 so I paid the regular amount. It was because they added collateral ins I said I did have insurance and that I had emailed a few days latter I went to pay loan L0051 regular payment $524 teller said the payment was only$390. Why she said I paid That much more when I got the payments caught up in August. both payments were higher at higher payments in October. remember I emailed the insurance info. The said that they could go back in time and add that to the loan $300 month more nor on L0050 and $470 more on L0051 for 12 months. I lost my job November the year before fell behind didn't pay insurance I fell behind on L0051 and they want to repo I made the payment and the deferred 2 months to make me even this was End of August that's when they asked if I had insurance on that loan I said no they said have it by the time you make next payment which would have been September I did that. Can they go back and for the life of the loan any months I don't if insurance The can add it to my payments ?
  5. AT&T let an unauthorized person cancel all my service and what ever the person information the ATT CSRep gave this unauthorized person was able to use to hack my google acount it this not a privacey violation? ATT bill is $1174. For 3 lines D tv and U-verse that is $500 month higher then was told please help I have added a screen shot of my bill history
  6. My grandfather owned a home **** ***** Rd. Oklahoma City, OK ******. He passed away in 2003 or 2004. My mother and I (her only child) had lived with him since 1992. He left the house to my mother and me in his will. After him passing, it was too hard for her to reside there. She in return, gave the house to me in 2005. My Uncle R. H. and his spouse K.H. took advantage of me. I was unknowledgeable of what was going on. I was 19 and pregnant and the house did need work. My uncle and his wife said that they would give me $700.00 to move into an apartment so the baby and I had a place to stay while they fixed up the house for me. In return, I could come back. They wrote a check to me. At the bottom it said payment for house. I was unaware until my bank statement came in the mail a month later that the check even said that. I tried to contact my uncle and aunt and they wouldn't talk to me. My uncle then took all his brothers and sisters (my aunts and uncles) to probate court and legally took over the house. My uncle is now deceased and his widow K.H. lives there in my childhood home. I am now 30 years old and would like to get the home back especially since my Uncle is deceased and his wife(widow) is there. Please help.
  7. My friend had given me permission to go to his apartment to check on it for him while he was in jail. I had his keys. On my way up to his apt the on-site property manager stopped me, ask who I was going to see. I told her and she said I can't allow you to go up there. She said that he was in jail. I tried again a week later. Was stopped again. I told her I had his keys and his permission. She said I had to have his written, notorized permission before she would let me in. I got that from him. When I got back to the apt I went ahead and went up to his apt. His keys would not work. I went to find the property manager. She took the letter from me, did not ID me. She escorted me up to his apt and told me Rent-a-Center had come and got their sofa he had been renting from them. She allowed them into the apt without notifying my friend. I noticed the door jam had been tampered with. There were no indication of anything damaged, broke or missing. The landlord left no notice on the door about entering the apt. He was on a month to month lease. This happened like the 25 Aug 16. She told me his apt needed to be completely cleaned out by 02 Sept 16 when his lease expired. Nothing in writing. She allowed me access a couple of days later when I came back to remove his belongings giving me the key to let myself in. He feels that they illegally locked him or his representative out of is apt. His rent was paid. They we're supposed to come in to replace or repair his A/C unit prior to him going to jail. The unit was not in the window when I went into the apt. What recourse can he take? Does he have a Illegal lock out case?
  8. My dad passed on May 25, 2016 in OK and his 4th wife didn't bother to tell his 3 adult children of his passing or funeral arrangements. I want to find out if he left a will, how can I do this? Also, I was a minor when I became disabled and draw SS from my dad, am I entitled to any of his pension or estate if no will was left? He never did a thing for his children, being forced to pay child support by Indiana courts, and I don't feel his 4th wife should get everything. The children he helped create should get a part. Also, would I have to retain a lawyer in ok?
  9. I was contracted as a paid intern for a company back in Aug 2015 I worked Aug, Sept, Oct, and Nov 2015. Agreement signed by both parties promised $100/week. I sent an e-mail in December 2015, requesting the status of my payment, to no response. I e-mailed again in January and in early February he responded stating that I would be paid "Sometime soon." In early March, I e-mailed again asking for updates, waited 14 days without receiving any word. I e-mailed him again, and received the same response that I would be paid "Sometime soon." In May I e-mailed him asking for an update and did not receive any word for 14 days, at which point I e-mailed him again. He responded stating that he had already told me I would receive compensation "sometime soon." May 18, 2016 I formally told him that I would like my amount to be paid in full by June 20th, or I would have to escalate the matter. He replied asking is a payment plan was an available option, I said no. He responded June 11, 2016 stating that he would like to do a payment plan. At this point, I am prepared to take him to small claims. I would like to know exactly what laws he has broken by refusing to pay me in over 8 months since the end of my contract. As I am a resident of Michigan, and both he and the business are in Oklahoma, I am unsure of what law he may be breaking, and am having trouble finding them. Thank you in advanced. I am much appreciative of you reviewing this situation.
  10. I will begin this post with the background of the situation. My wife, step-daughter and I were living in a tent on a 5 acre plot we were purchasing. The winter of 2014-2015 was approaching and it was getting very cold. Out of concern for our safety of getting through the winter, a friend we had met offered us the use of his trailer over winter. He charged us $500 rent and, as we had no way of bringing it onto the property, he moved it there with his pickup truck and set it up. He left his card with us in case we needed to contact him for anything. This person, I will refer to as D. Before he left, he gave us a little bit of food he had left over including deer sausage which we grilled. He informed us he'll come back after winter to pick up the trailer. That winter was a harsh one with very low temperatures, lots of ice and snow and heavy winds. The winds were so heavy it had partially destroyed some of the wind breaks and weather protection barriers that were built around the site to protect all of our belongings. We did not see D again until after winter when the police showed up at our door along with D. My family and I were being accused of taking the trailer from D without his permission. I explained to the officer that D brought the trailer on to our property and we paid him $500. I even informed the officer that D had given us his card in case we needed to contact him and gave the officer the card D had given us. After all of this, the officer told us that the best way to settle this matter is move our belonging out of the trailer and D will go ahead and pick it up. We were given three days to move all of our stuff and D will come and get his trailer and this dispute would be done and over with. Over the three days, we moved all of our stuff out and D came and picked up his trailer and left with it. We were instructed by the officer that this matter was settled and done with and it'll be best to just break off our friendship with D. And so, this dispute between D and us was settled, it was put behind us, or so we thought. And now, several days ago, my wife, step-daughter and I were arrested and charged with Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property - 21 O.S. §1713, a - which was filed on February 26, 2016. Every one of us are shocked and don't understand what is going on. We were told that since this all boiled down to one persons word against another's and that D came and picked up his trailer the matter was settled and forgotten. It's all so confusing as when D let us use the trailer and when he came to get it, it was given back with no problem. How can they accuse us and charge us with a crime when none was even committed and the matter was settled already between us and D? What are we supposed to do about these false charges against us? Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
  11. BobRobert

    Bad Neighbor

    I bought a house 21 years ago and quickly found out why it sold so cheap, it was because of the bad neighbor next door. She is now in her mid 60s but is a total bully, she is so loud and obnoxious you can hear her talk several yards away. I have had so much trouble I don't know where to begin. Parking her car on my yard, throwing trash in my yard, I put up a 8 ft fence 20 years ago and she immediately dug on her side and busted up the concrete that the posts were sitting in. She is mentally ill and is out of control. Right now she threw an old end table in my yard and refused to throw it away, I sent it back on her driveway, she just throws it back in my yard. Now I know better than calling the police as they have been out to visit so many times... she calls and I call as well... the police do nothing they just say its is a civil matter between neighbors that don't get along... she thinks that I am doing something to kill the grass in her yard so she keeps throwing grass killer on my yard and on my shrubs. I cant walk outside and even mow my lawn without her coming outside and calling me a fag or saying she has me on video tape doing something to her property. I would move if I had the money to . I put up video cameras but that was in Jan 2007 so the system is old and needs replacing I did it because she thought that I broke out the back window of her car and at night she threw oil based paint on the front of my house.. that was what caused me to put up the cameras...which cost over 3,000 I had lots of video of her drunk but for the most part the cameras kept her in line...now I haven't been living at the property for the last 2 years, I have developed mental health depression after being diagnosed with cancer and stay at my moms house and go over to my house to get the mail and do yard work. I know that the only way this situation I ever going to be resolved is if I sell the house but I am afraid she will come in and look at the inside of my house just to be nosey ...then she will see that I only have an alarm sign in my yard and no real alarm, So I feel like the only way I can sell it to sell it dirt cheap to a house flipper. The neighbor is fixated on me and tells every one she runs into about her bad neighbor, if there is a new renter in the neighborhood she immediately goes to them and tells them about me, I am a very quiet person and don't have people over at my house. Right now she has a plastic tarp strung across her driveway attached to her house and to my fence, because she doesn't want it to rain on her car...she has a garage that she used to put her car in... but it seems she is doing anything to bother me.. I have tried to file a restraining order against her when the paint was thrown on my house that didn't work, she has tried to take me to small claims court and they dropped the case when I got my home insurance involved....I forgot to add that last summer two of the video cameras were stolen off the front of my house... one that pointed at her front yard.. I really have gotten to my wits end on trying to deal with this person. This neighbor was in a auto accident in San Francisco in about 1990 and collected $450K from a doctor that kept her from being paralyzed and she has never had any kind of job other than cleaning houses... she doesn't work now and so she seems to have all her time focused on me... she always has people over at her house, she would move in people all the time ....usually her nieces or other young people so I am constantly out numbered as she had all these people turned against me. She has adopted a boy and the boys mother lived ovet there for years as well she has been arrested for thieft and burglary, and heroin possession and for assault with a deadly weapon.. and she harasses me as well.... I know that I am rambling but there is 21 years of bad stuff that has happended.... just wondering if anyone knows how to handle a neighbor like this
  12. I purchased a rural 5 acre property and built a home two years ago (April 2014). We did sign to an HOA that required dues to up keep neighborhood roads but we live on a main mile line with no access to any of the interior homes and roads. In fact we can only see the tip of the roofs of 3-4 of the interior homes from our house. If you drove by you would assume our 5 acres did not belong to the neighborhood of 2 1/2 acre tract behind us. There is no park, pool, gate, lighting, or entrance for up keep. Here are the other hard facts The HOA formed in 2005 We moved in April 2013 The HOA paperwork presented to us at closing specifically stated the dues were specifically for road maintenance only. We purchased the home with the understanding of the HOA to be a defunct organization from many of the neighbors. There have been no meetings since before 2013... prior to this I can not determine but hear they were not yearly and very sporatic. Our first notification of who the HOA president even was happened about 3 weeks ago in a letter stating I, along with others, owed two years back dues or property liens will be filed. 5-6 other property owners out of 27 do not live in the internal addition as well. many new owners in the interior of the addition received the same notice. Dues have not been paid by the most residence and the dues have not been sought after since at least 2013... until now that is. No road maintenance has occurred since 2013 and none before 2013 from my understanding. The HOA has NO RECORDS AT ALL dating before 2013 as to who has paid in and who has not. Questions... What is the probability of being released from HOA dues as we have no benefit from them? With the HOA being defunct in its operations since before at least 2013 would that be a breech of contract and what legal action would I have to terminate it? What is the best course of action to take to request being released? What is the ramifications of a property lien when we are pretty much set on retiring here long after the HOA runs its course?
  13. I live in Oklahoma my boyfriend is wanting to see his children the grandmother has custody of she will not allow us to see them what can he do to be able to see them we can't afford a lawyer can we file something in court for visitation
  14. Unfortunately, our divorce with Joint Tenancy of our house. After divorce I stay in this house. My ex lives in apartment and he doesn't want to live in house. I understand that we have equal rights for house. May I rent part of this house?? and what are my rights in this situation. Please help! Many -many thanks.
  15. Claim: I purchased a brand new home through well-known home builder company. The house was complete in June and I closed Mid-June. I have lived by myself since closing and I never had the need to go to my two guest bedrooms. It wasn’t until Thanksgiving until I had family stay in both bedrooms. After the family left my mother said there was a damp spot in one of the guest bedroom’s closet. I thought one of the children over the weekend spilled juice or water. I put a towel over it and went on with my business. About a week goes by until I go back into the room to get the towel and the damp spot was still there. That is when I called my home builder. They sent out their people to test if there were any plumbing leaks and there were no plumbing issues. Then they sent a water/moisture expert. He pulled back my carpet and placed dehydrators in that room and returned and picked the dehydrator machines up after a couple days. Now another week goes by and I still received no calls from my home builder or the water/moisture expert. I call my home builder to complain on why my problem has not been resolved and if/when somebody is going to replace the carpet. My home builder told me they wouldn’t be able to send somebody until the first week of January. And I was tired and stressed out from the problem and I agreed to wait until the first week of January. It wasn’t until Christmas when we had another rain storm and water leak became worse. Initially, the water damage was isolated to only one room. Now the water damage has moved to all three bedrooms, including my master bedroom where I sleep. I closed on this house back in June, so this problem has been here since the first day but I would have never noticed it until I needed to go to my guest bedrooms, which I did after Thanksgiving and that is when I initially discovered the issue and called my home builder. The whole reason why I bought a brand new home was to avoid any of these issues, especially water issues. The unnecessary stress this has caused me, the potential health issues, I’ve had to leave work multiple times just to be at my house for them to run tests and troubleshoot and multiple other frustrations. At first I was happy to deal with my home builder to resolve this issue and continue on with my life and live in this house after they fix the problem. Now, I completely want out of this mortgage. I believe my home builder has broken their contract. I am hoping there is some way I can get out from this mortgage. Please let me know if I have a claim. Thank you.
  16. Hello, my name is Dawson. I am 15 and live in Oklahoma. I have been adopted into an emotionally abusive home since I was 5. There is a family in Texas who wants to adopt me. I really want this to happen. I need advice about rehoming. Thank you.
  17. I worked for 18years for this company most of the time I filled in for people that where out.When I told I wasn't feeling well and I thought it was mental illness.He was fine but when he talked it got bad.From the top down everybody wanted to talk about it but I didn't the stress was unreal. Thank you. Mike
  18. I have searched and read so many statutes & cannot find (or understand) what I feel is an easy question. I appreciate any advice given. Here is my issue: I was arrested in Oklahoma & charged w possession of CDs (meth). It was a small amount & a really stupid mistake on my part for sure. The only thing on my record is a poss of paraphernalia (dr3) in 10/2001. In 05/2000 I received a deferred sentence for poss of CDs (meth) a felony & poss of CDs (Valium) a misdemeanor. Both charges were expunged & I can't even pull them up on Oscn.net. I found a statute stating that a deferred sentence cannot be given if the person has had one in the last 10 years. Mine was more than 10 years ago & has been expunged. The DA says that I cannot receive 2 deferred sentences in my life time for the same thing. I could have one if my new charge was robbery or something besides a drug charge. I cannot find anything that backs up his statement & he didn't give a reference point. I just really need to know if that is correct or not. I am set for trial & am a little nervous & am not totally confident in my lawyers abilities. I have a full time job, have been going to NA classes the last few months, had an assessment done stating I was a low risk to repeat, and have taken (and passed) a couple drug tests since arrest. Thank you again for any help you can give me.
  19. We have an Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) Ugly Green Box (UGB) in the southwest corner of our back yard. We are the owners of our property. Recently, we had a power outage, which affected several streets in our neighborhood including our home. Late in the evening, we were awakened by several voices in our back yard - Several men were standing around the UGB. I looked out front to and didn't see any identifiable OG&E trucks. Dressing, I assumed these were OG&E personnel or contractors here to address the power outage. Few of the personnel were identifiable as OG&E personnel and - other than explaining what they had done to temporarily fix the problem, none carried or showed OG&E ID cards. The following week, while I was away from home, several men showed up at our front door for further assessment. My wife, who has compromised vision (due to invasive glaucoma surgeries), answered the door. The gentleman-in-charge stated their purpose and asked for access into the back yard. Again - No IDs. My wife asked to see their IDs, which she assumed was shown (although she wouldn't have be able to see them clearly anyway). The next week, I was working in my backyard trimming trees, when a short gentleman, approximately 5'6", in a plain white hardhat stuck his head over our 6' stockade fence and asked if I lived in the yard. Resisting the urge to say I lived in the house, I asked what he wanted. He stated he was with OG&E and needed to do a further assessment on the UGB, and could he have access to our yard. Tired of the lack of willingness on the part of OG&E employees to identify themselves, I asked to see his ID - which was begrudgedly offered. The partially shown ID was in such a bad state, it could have been printed on a home PC and laminated at Kinkos. I have searched in vain for any Oklahoma State or OKC municipal law regarding an obligation and/or responsibility for utility employees to identify themselves upon entering private property regardless of easement. Is there any such protection for property owners, or should we arm ourselves before approaching the village people (just in case they are not who they claim to be)? A very close friend, who is a retired OG&E attorney, says that 1) easement gives the utility the absolute right of ingress and egress at any time, and 2) the utility workers are not required to volunteer their ID badges, but they have a duty to identify themselves on request. Is that truly the case or is my friend defaulting to OG&E attorney mode? If what my friend says __is__ accurate, what protects homeowners from fraudulent, violent, or criminal trespass under the guise of OG&E worker? Please don't say 911 and wait 10-15 minutes (typical response time). Thank you.
  20. I was arrested for possession of cds it was and still is my first offense but have since found that my arresting officer should not have been a cop where does that leave my case
  21. My husbands grandmother died in 1978. Estate was probated and closed. In 2014 royalty income was discovered in state unclaimed funds. The executor hired a lawyer who took until now to complete distribution. In the papers my husband received it showed a little over $10000 being paid to US Treasury, does this sound correct? The royalty money was $36,000.
  22. In June, 2010 I ordered an Adjustable King Size Bed over the interned for $3,400.00...They charged my Credit Card and the bed was supposed to be shipped from New York...Within a few weeks, I changed my mind about the bed, and cancelled the order...The company sais I couldn't cancel the order, and that they were going to deliver the bed anyway...They had a return policy on the contract...and I told them I was excersising my rights to cancel...I then contacted my Credit Card Company and told them I was cancelling this order and for them to Decline the purchase... In the meantime, my husband and I separated, and I assumed the credit card bills...and I paid this credit card balance of approx. $25,000 through a credit coucelling program... Then in July, 2014 I ran across an old word document on my computer where I had notations regarding this transaction, and noticed that my Credit Card Company never backed out the charged for this bed...I called them and they tell me I've waited too long to get this problem fixed...so I've got to pay for this bed that I never recieved...The company in New York that sells these beds say that they sent the bed to me...but they won't produce any documentation to show that I ever recieved it...because I never did!!!! This company has many reports with the BBB for poor business practices and for scamming people... I reported the charges to be removed back years ago...I paid my debts to my Credit Card Company of over $25,000...I'm not trying to rip them off...but I don't want to pay the balance of something that I never got or never wanted...and I made several attempts to cancel the order over the phone with the rude merchant who didn't want to withdraw the charges... What can I do when I'm dealing with a merchart who is lying and my Credit Card Company is saying I've wait too long... I'm telling the truth!!!! Please help me.
  23. My daughter is 23 yrs old & I'm paying $500.00 a month in back child support, I'm not making the kind of money I was making when it was set up, is there some way to get it changed so I can support myself? THANKS!
  24. We live in Oklahoma. My son is in prison for something he did not do. The judge through the book at him even though it was his first time for any offense. The trial was done at election time for the judge. My son has already been through the appeals process. We spent all of his and our money on an attorney who said he would do a lot of things in order to prove my son's innocence but when it came time for court he did not even defend him. The Attorney only did what was required of him by law (i.e. turning in forms, being present at trial time,etc.) and nothing more. Is there some way we can report the attorney, so he does not do this to someone else? What can we do to help our son get his freedom back? He would be happy to pay an attorney when he gets his freedom and gets a job so he can pay. All the Attorneys we have spoken to want money up front and more later. Do you know of any Pro-Bono Attorneys? We are living on a fixed income. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  25. My dad died in 2011. He was 50% ownership with his brother who managed rents/taxes, whom went into full stage dementia shortly after his death, whom passed last week. The property is still in their mothers name. I paid delinquent taxes current 2011,2012, 2013. Who has rights to the property at this point?
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