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Found 94 results

  1. In short, many violations of Ohio Conduct Code rules (1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 2.1). Without getting too detailed, I provide the following: Since engaging his services over two years ago and from the start, it has been a horrifically frustrating and aggravating experience to work with him due to some, many, or all questions, not being answered (short on real answers so basically non-responsive) and those that he did were usually vague and or incomplete. He has shown a lack of courtesy and respect for me, my authority and directives (as if I worked for him) and doing his own thing with my life. Lack of due diligence – pursuit, delays, commitment, etc. Poor communication and failures to communicate or doing so ineffectively – lack of prompt communication, information, requested information (and refusal to provide), consultation, counseling, keeping me informed on the status of matters (gross delays in providing some court documents and others, explanations, explanations to make informed decisions, withholding information, excessive fees for quality and level of service provided (like Mercedes prices with junk yard service), some lack of preparedness, and running up the bill with the above to get started. Refusal to provide my file and other information when requested months ago even after committing to do so. Failure to keep his commitments. Additional issues of insubordination, failing to correct that which wasn't addressed early on, refusal to provide my file to another attorney for a second opinion on QDROs, lied and misled, demanding payment yet not performing on enforcement of Decree, and on... He has ridiculed me and threw me under the bus to opposing counsel (causing me to answer for myself). I have brought issues up to him of his conduct in writing many times to no avail. I wanted to fire him after the first two months, but without a better option, I felt I'd try to stay with him. Having spoke with other attorneys later on, their advice was to try to finish with him and not to pay if he isn't doing what I want. He has been paid through to trial where a settlement was reached, but even temporarily delaying payments did have any affect on his behavior. From this spring to date, I have not paid him due to his telling me what I want to hear then doing something else and not taking action as expected. I’m in the process of going through my information to get this together and there are two years of emails that demonstrate my experience. Going through this process is bad enough, but the mental torture of his deliberate behavior and "games" he's played have been extremely frustrating and aggravating. There is much more to all of this and some questions remain: Does this constitute legal malpractice? Can he be sued for pain and suffering? How do you find an attorney that will take on another without requiring losses of $250K or more? I've looked and haven't come up with much. How do you file an effective complaint with the Bar or State office with two years of stuff that's shows details? What to include, etc.?
  2. Idk1234

    Ira beneficiary

    There are two primary non-spousal beneficiaries to an inherited ira and only one beneficiary has come forth and claimed their portion. It has been ~two years since the account holder has passed. How long does the other beneficiary have to claim their portion? If they don’t claim their portion, what happens to the money? Does it go to the other primary beneficiary, or is it just lost?
  3. Daughter (age54) Divorce final 4 months ago. He is court ordered to give her $60,000 which is 1/2 of his retirement account that he chose and amount of money he chose. She is now starting on the third attorney. First one passed the case to another attorney when she retired, 2ed attorney did some small thing and she was paid. She now has appointment to see third attorney. They both agreed to the divorce, no problems.no children, no assets. Easy cut and dry, but no, now he promises every month that he will get it for her, but he does not. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Could she take the court order to the judge that did the divorce?
  4. should LLC operating agreement signatures between two foreign real estate investors sharing be verified by a notary ? if yes, must the notary by US notary?
  5. I'm a foreign real estate investor, i opened an LLC to register my property on it. when registered the LLC (in Ohio state) i used my friend's ITIN to create EIN for the LLC. the LLC exists less than a year but there is a property registered on it and i paid fully for it. will the fact that i used my friend's ITIN , give him any ownership or control over the llc or llc earnings? what must i do to prevent that? what kind of legal document he must sign to accomplish that?
  6. Hello does anyone know if Ohio is one of the few states that allow a renter to clear an eviction in Bankruptcy, even AFTER the landlord gets a judgement of possession?
  7. Angela Sowers

    Against Free Will

    My friend has been out of her medication due to changing Doctors. I took her to the ER for help. Hoping that the Mental Health department could assist her, now we were aware that they may admit her to 1A which is the mental ward at the hospital. While in the ER i had to go home briefly to take care of something. The ER Doctor took it upon himself to send my friend to a mental institution 2hrs away. The Doctor or any of the other staff made no attempt to inform myself or her mother of this transfer. I spoke to my friend 2 days later and she told me that she begged the squad to turn around and take her back. Is this legal for the Doctor to do this to my friend?
  8. Hello, this is a property damage issue. The city I live in water department accidentally turned my water on and caused it to flood my home. Since the incident, I have been working with the water co legal dept while they conducted an investigation. After 3-4 months of investigating, they concluded they were at fault and was liable for the damages. However, they cannot pay until I go thru my insurance co first. Thus, they advised me to file an insurance claim with my homeowners insurance; the city said, if my insurance covers it (under the sudden and accidental) clsuse, then the city would pay my $1000 deductible and whatever else the insurance didn't pay. IF insurance did not cover it, the city would pay all damages. Now that I've file a claim with my insurance co, they are stonewalling me, and giving me the run around. They sent an adjustor out, did an investigation, and contacted one of the contractors whose estimate I provided to them. The contractor contacted me and said they received an "assignment" from my insurance co. The damages and repair were approximately $18,000. They went back and forth with the contractor and agreed on prices and work. Then out of nowhere, my adjustor said they are not going to pay, and have to conduct another investigation, but won't disclose exactly what is being investigated. They already have all of the documentation, 4 estimates, and my statement. Additionally, they said they would pay the claim, transfer my file to their subgorgation dept to recoup the monies from the city who actually caused the damages. I am perplexed. Isn't it practical and logical to conduct the investigation FIRST? not after you've talked to the contractor and approved the estimate? Something isn't adding up..
  9. Ok so this is a really weird situation but I’m thinking this cannot be legal.. so there was this guy that I’ve known for over 7 years and throughout the 7 years this guy has ruined my credit. He has paid for several different things that were in my name with his credit cards and then whenever we get in a fight he somehow cancels the payments and gets his money back. He has done it with many different things over the years. For example my cable bill, I owe spectrum over $750 and frontier around $200, I owe palm beach tan over $350 and most recently he got back almost $1,000 for car payments he had made for me this past year. There is several other things he had paid for me that he got the money back for but I just listed a couple of things to give you some examples. He also filed bankruptcy because he bought me implants and furniture that he couldn’t get the money back for so he claimed it on his bankruptcy and he told me that he hides money from the bankruptcy company because they would take it from him if they knew how much he really has. He’s also weaseled his way out of his alimony payments! This guy is getting away with so many things! He’s cheating the system and he deserves to go to jail! He has ruined my life and my family’s life in so many ways. Now I don’t know how he is doing this over and over again but please tell me that this cannot be legal and that there is something I can do?
  10. I was terminated from my job and wanted to see how long health coverage was in effect till application for cobra was in place
  11. My husband consulted with an attorney over a year ago, August, 2017. It was one Consultation only, and lasted under one hour. My husband was not given a contract to sign, nor was he asked to pay for services rendered that day. However; he expected that we would be billed for that "single, consult, even if at the minimum, we were billed for an hour. A year passed by. We hadn't received a bill. To be quite honest, we had put the issue, for the reason my husband had consulted this attorney, behind us. Today, a year and a month later, we received an $800.00 in the mail, for a 2.50 hrs., @350.00, an hr. I'm asking for advice regarding most billing practices amongst attorneys, as well as advice in regards to receiving an inflated bill, a year late. Thank you
  12. Around 15 years ago, my parents in Ohio ran into financial hardships after high medical expenses. I offered to help and "buy" half of their $300k house gradually over the years, as a way to give them funds for living expenses. There was no contract, I am not on the title, nothing but emails and cancelled checks. My thinking was they would sell the house after a few years as its large (4000sq ft), with land, (where they have lived for 40 years), and I would be paid back. Ten years later, they still needed financial help so I "lent" them another $50k gradually over 5 years. Finally, I did the numbers and realized their total living expenses far outstrips their income, mainly ss. They also have substantial credit card debt and a heloc, combined totaling over $50k . I stressed that they should move and I would no longer pay for them to stay there. Still they were reluctant and took on more debt - there has been little if any appreciation in the home value in 15 years. A sibling, (high income earner, but with lots of debt,) stepped in, and now wants to help them with their expenses and suggested getting a reverse mortgage. He also mentioned he could get another mortgage and buy out both my parents and me (not sure if he would be able to) . I do not wish to do this, as I want to push my parents to downsize from this unsafe, expensive-to-maintain home as soon as one of them passes (now in mid 80's) He also is planning to move back in with them to further split expenses I am fine with him living with my parents for now, in part as a p/t caregiver when the time comes, but when one of my parents passes, I'd like the home to be sold asap to preserve funds from all family members, for long term care if needed. My question is how to legally protect myself in the short and medium term. I fear my parents could become bankrupt should more medical expenses arise. I m concerned my brother may increase the Heloc or put on a reverse mortgage without my consent and wipe out the equity of the house. Do I need to go ahead and officially transfer 1/2 the property to my name, (which would involve fees, etc maybe just for a few years before the house is sold again) or can I have a letter of understanding between all parties? . Also, while obviously I did not receive rent from my parents over the last 15 years, should my brother move back can I expect to receive rent on my half of the home?
  13. is it legal for the court to destroy the deposition taken after final judgement is made?
  14. So what if an individual is stopped for a traffic violation and the cop says they smell marijuana , then they search the vehicle without permission by the individual driving or the owner of the vehicle. In the meantime they find marijuana, baggies and scales so they arrest the individual for trafficking and possession. The individual did not get a ticket for the traffic violation. Is it true that since they did not have a reason for stopping the individual then the other charges should be dropped ?
  15. My employer, a locally-owned restaurant, is requiring employees to get the hepatitis A vaccine with no mention of reimbursement. It may or may not be relevant to mention that there has not yet been an "outbreak" in the county (only three cases total with no foodservice links). While I have insurance that would likely cover this cost, several of my coworkers do not. Is this something they can legally do? If this is technically legal, is there some way short of mutiny to either dissuade this requirement or get them to pay for it?
  16. I have a issue I seen another lady have. I have a high sensitivity to perfumes and colognes. This started 2 years ago. I have worked there a little over 6 years. I ask to be in a cubicle that was more secluded then mine was. I was put in different areas and there was perfume all around . My reaction to these smells is itching a lot! Headache, nausea, lips numb, face numb. Plus ,I do not have a blockage that causes my 2 heart attacks. They are stress related. I had complained and complained and left as I could not work and itch and feel all these things. I finally got a FMLA to leave when it happens but I do not want to leave. I like my job and I enjoy it. I am a compliance Rep who grades calls the insurance agents make or receive to make sure they are compliant. It is stressful but I liked it. Just got worse as time went on. People were e mailed to stop spraying perfume and using on the floor. Not many people listen. I finally was put in the cubicle I wanted to be in. The top is off but I do have a window to open. It is the best place so far although if someone goes by with a scent on the problems are there again. That is the one issue. The other is a man who bullies me. I am 62 he is in his 50's and he has stated many comments about my age and stating I could get mental disability. Just many things over the last 2 years. I am a worker I am there to do that. He is loud obnoxious and all over the place. I know how he can be and no one will believe me they say I feed him but why are there rules about bullies and go to HR etc. It is told to me it is 1/2 my fault. It is also told to me when a person gets mad or yells at me "do not talk to me" (due to them not able wear perfume) my supervisor said I think I would to if I could not wear something I wanted too. I cry quite a bit and feel very hopeless. I am very depressed. I need someone to help me . I know some about this law. I have asthma. I do not want people to yell at me or treat me anyway just because I cramp their style cause I do not want to itch and feel all the other things I do when they wear perfumes. Thanks
  17. glyons

    seller bombed

    buyer seller sign purchase agreement which was prepared by sellers attorney...buyer seller both sign closing documents....deed is now in buyers name....buyer cannot move into home since seller did not evict tenants from home he sold before or by close date....what are buyers options and rights??.......seller did not honor purchase agreement since as is did not include tenants........we closed on a home that seller did not make available to buyer......
  18. How do I get my ex boyfriend out of my house, I filled a c p o and dropped it, my biggest mistake! Had a free attorney and won, domestic order and he munipalated me into disposing it, when he came to get his belongings he lied and will not leave now, it's my home he don't pay nothing and I want him gone, called the police over him breaking bedroom doors and being physical twice and each time they tell me there's nothing they can do, he's falsely munipalated his way in here by changing his address without asking, the last occurance he forcefully held my arms down and me and wouldn't let me up, once again police called he admitted to holding rests down(lied) but police said I had no marks to file a three day and 30 day they told me 25 dollars I called they say no 125.00 I don't have, why aNd how do I file trespassing on him with out going through another c po, please help! I'm scared of him and police tell him it's his house his things he can break whatever he wants, but then I have to vacate him? Then he is considered a renter? And follow the renters rules? Police are confused or confusing me
  19. Adam

    Medical Bills

    They´re were no medical claims from the accident from 4/12
  20. So orginally Sate Farm sent me a collision quote which wsa 8500 and then bell sent me a bill saying i almost owe 12000.. dont quite uderstand that... But I am most worried about, am I legaly requied to pay this back? I called the guy from Bell and he said they dont report to credit bureaus and that that they wouldnt sod they woulnt sue me? offered 20 bucs a month and he laughed at me.... I just to know what actins thy can take against you? Thanks for your helpQ
  21. I recieved a call today that legal action was going to be taken against me with the state of Ohio for a cash loan advancement from 2011 if I didnt pay the amount today. I have been paying Lexington Law firm for the past 6 months to clear my credit. If they sent them a challenge and the collection agency didnt reply in 60 days that I owed that money it was taken off my credit report. Since the collection agency didnt reply to the challenge do I still have to pay it? Please reply asap because I have to call them back today to pay or the state will press charges is what they are telling me. Thank you. Im not sure how I get your reply if it is by email?
  22. Jt2017

    Signing off

    I am just woundering how i can sign off on my child support in ohio? Can anyone tell me
  23. Hi, I have a tenant that has avoided paying rent for a year now by filing repeat BK 13. Finally got an order to lift stay and the trustee got the last one dismissed and also had a motion to barr him from filing anymore BKs. Well the judge ordered he was barred and case dismissed and I could go on and get a writ of possession finally, He is barred from filing further petitions of BK the judge ordered in those words. But he had always filed a chapter 13. Is there anyway he could go back and file a different chapter, like a 7 just to get more time in my unit? Or since the Judges exact words are barred from filing further petitions for a year he is finally done and cannot use the BK law to avoid staying rent free anymore. I know it seems pretty straight forward what she ordered, I am just paranoid he will find a way around it to file somehow again. Thank you for any replies!
  24. My husband and I separated in 2000. We have been married 32 yrs. No legal papers yet. He works for Ralston Purina (Benco), had a stroke and will be quitting or retiring. I don't know if there is a retirement, etc for him. Hes been there 34 yrs. How do I find out if there is retirement or some other kind? He is saying we are no longer married, which is not true (?).
  25. Daddy_O

    Restraining Orders

    2 part question. (1) If someone gets a restraining order against you can you get one against them. (2) If one court has jurisdiction where an alleged offense took place but the restraining order came from another court, would it still be legal and binding.