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Found 97 results

  1. Last September, I accepted a job that was referred to as a Debris Monitor. I was living in Wilmington, NC at the time. Hurricane Florence had just hit the area recently, and now the cleanup was beginning. The responsibility of my job was to watch a grapple-style dump truck (see image below) collect vegetative debris from the sides of residential streets. I worked this job for about a month before I was released. The job itself was in North Carolina. However, I was working through a staffing agency that was based out of Florida. FEMA was responsible for this entire project, which is why they had to hire people to do what my responsibility was. I watched a truck collect debris until it was completely full. I would then print out a ticket on a hand held device. This ticket was then given to the driver who would in turn give it to the person at the landfill once they arrived there to dump their load of debris. I recall filling out a Federal W-4 Form and also an NC-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate for North Carolina. I ended up receiving only a 1099 Form from the staffing agency, and no taxes of any kind had been taken out. I had earned about $3800, but when I began entering my info on Turbo Tax, I learned that I would owe the IRS about $340. I don't have that kind of money right now. I've tried contacting the Florida staffing agency to ask about this problem, but so far, I've received no reply. I would like to amend my tax return so that I can have taxes taken out of my earnings with this staffing agency and therefore not have to pay the IRS such a large amount. Is there any way I can somehow get a W-2?
  2. I am looking for some advise, I had to quit my job of 20+ very good years, here is my situation. I believe this new manager was determined to get rid of me from the beginning. He thought I was on the job too long and too old to be the employee he wanted me to be. He never missed a chance to let me know, I was too slow, not “getting on board”. Belittled me at every turn, with phrase’s like, “just stupid”. “you need to move into the 20th century”, “Baby things change” we need some young blood around here” just to name a few, there a lot more. Once he put his hand on my forehead and said, “wake up in there”. My office since 1998 was in my Customers building, and I changed trucking companies 5 times, in the 20+ years I was there. I never had any complaints from my Customer, and one outside customer concern the whole time. I never got a bad review as matter of fact, I never got any reviews from the company I worked for. They VP of the company called me at least 3 times before I was forced to quit, to ask me if this manager was harassing me. I told him, “yes he was”. The VP said he was hearing that, from all the terminals. He told me to hang in there, that was in 2016 I believe. The same thing with the other calls, just hang in there. I was so distraught I was physically sick. I told the VP, how degrading this manager is and at my age 60 it was taking a toll on my health. VP told me to hang in there again. This manager said women should not be in trucking business, but I am sure he only meant me. I told this manager “I need training” for the last almost three years at every opportunity. He never provided it until around August 14th, 2018. Which was a total waste, the place I had to go had no time for me, I got about two hours training, for the 2.5-day trip. I ended up having to quit my job, because I was so constantly belittled, and made to feel, so inadequate, so disrespected and totally ignored because I needed training on new equipment. I never understood WHY he would not provide me with training. They last time I ask him he, he laughed and mocked me saying, “but I don’t know how to do it”. Then he said, I’m sick and fu**king tired of hearing that. I also ask the VP for training on several occasions, he always said he would provide it, but never did. I of course was on salary, worked a normal week of 10 to 14 hours per day, almost every day, 7 days a week for 2018. When I told the new manager I needed help, he “ask me if took vitamins”. When I told him I was tired, he said, “well hell so am I, get you some Geritol” I loved my job, and was very happy doing it for many years before this new manager came in.
  3. I was shown a sample apartment which was nice, clean and actually furnished like a model apartment. I was told by the rental agent that the apartment available for rent is substantially the same but in a different building and is not available for 5 days because it is being cleaned. If I want to rent it I have to sign the lease within 2 days but can only see the apartment in 5 days because it is being cleaned. It is the policy of the complex that they have 5 days between renters for cleaning. I signed the lease because I couldn’t find anything else since Asheville NC was in high summer / fall season and there were no empty 1 BR apartments I could find. My husband had passed away and I wanted to be near my son and his family. My son came with me when I went to move into the apartment and we found it had a very strong odor which made my eyes burn and my nose run almost immediately. It was also quite dirty with glue stains on the carpet and many scratches in the walls and trim. Faucets were leaking and the bathroom door could not be closed. I am not an allergic person but this odor was making me ill. The landlord's representative said they would move me to another apartment if I pay a moving fee of $300 to change to a different apartment. I balked at that and eventually they said ok, they wouldn't charge the moving fee but again I would have to sign a lease within 2 days even though the apartment would be available to be seen only in 5 days because it was being cleaned. I didn't want to fall into that trap again so I stayed in the original apartment hoping the smell would go away as they said it would but it did not. I would have moved out the same day but had no place to go. Before the end of the first month I sent a letter stating that I had to move out because the apartment had made my eyes burn and my nose run for the entire time I was there. I had paid a month’s rent and a deposit, bought the required rental insurance and paid deposits for utilities. The landlord would not break the lease. They locked the apartment and did not offer it to anyone else to rent even though there was a high demand and they could have rented it if they offered it to qualified applicants. Now they are charging me rent for an additional 2 months, plus utilities that were not used. This is unfair. I think this was a bait and switch resulting in a windfall profit for the landlord. What can I do? The total amount is approximately $3,500 which is a lot to pay to an attorney, if I can find one, who may not be able to get a judgment in my favor since I did sign a legal contract. The costs may actually increase for me if I have to pay an attorney on top of what the landlord is demanding. I would appreciate advice on how to handle this. Susan
  4. I recently ran a simple online background check on someone using 2 websites. Both sites showed 2 criminal cases but said the details of each case were unavailable. This young man is my daughter's new fiancé so I would like to know these details without involving him or my daughter. He was born in 1991 and I believe, based on the case numbers, that these incidents must have occurred within the past 10 years. The case numbers are 9402014CR 701083 and 0402013CR 700511. In the past I've run background checks on several people and have never seen this kind of result for criminal activity. I don't intend to ever say anything to him or to my daughter unless I find proof of serious or ongoing criminal activity. Why am I getting this result now and should I be concerned?
  5. My father contracted deadly staph infection from knee replacement in dec 2017. Prior to surgery he tested positive for MRSA but was not treated for with med put in nose to prevent. He was a healthy man before the knee replacement and is not now. He was treated at a facility for 6 weeks with intravenous drugs monitored properly causing total kidney failure, He is now on dialysis and is a very sick man that can no longer work like he use to and is facing financial trouble. Would he have a strong medical malpractice law suit to consult an attorney? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. So my motorcycle was stolen in another state I was in (at a motorcycle rally) on October 6th, 2018. The insurance company received the police report and told me everything was almost done. They told me "they are at the end of the investigation, and I needed to provide them with my receipt of parts and pics/videos of the bike, and I would be reimbursed" They then escalated it to their "special investigation unit" because they said "my bike is a high dollar amount" (it was built as a show bike) I believe I should have been reimbursed to start building my bike back again, but instead their "special investigators" have been going to all my neighbors, and asking telling them about my claim, and asking if they have seen me riding the bike around. I am now being embarrassed and the talk of my neighborhood because people think I've done insurance fraud. Now they are asking for my past 90 days phone records, text records, bank statements, credit card statements etc. I have been told they are currently doing a bad faith claim act, and I would like to find legal representation from someone who specializes in bad faith insurance, as they are purposely delaying my claim.
  7. I have 2 children who are 14,with my ex, we were not married. We both have live in partners,but neither married. The children have lived with him for the past 6 years. I have been in their lives. They come for weekends, holidays, vacations, weeks in the summer. Unfortunately, he just passed away, unexpectedly. We had no formal paperwork of our living agreement. I was willing to allow my children to stay with his fiancee during the week and maintain a weekend schedule. That is until Aunt and fiancee said I couldn't come get my children. I went and got my children with the assistance of the police.They have a huge home,that my kids love, in a great neighborhood, where they have lots of friends and close to everything.They are involved in lots of sports. They have more money than me. I live in the country, in a 3 bedroom mobile home, away from it all. I do work and able to provide for them.The issue here is that I, the mother and she, the fiancee both want the children to stay with us. They would like to stay with the materialism.I was told that some legal papers have been filed, after I had the police help obtain my children after she refused allowance. What papers could she be filing? Do I need a lawyer? I have the children. I really think its a fight over money. I don't want any part of that, just my children. Please help.
  8. This is a very complex story. It started in 2010, and it continues to fester. This past week, I was served with a Civil Summons to appear in Union County, NC. I currently reside in New Hanover County. The plaintiff claims that I have been harassing him, although I have not made any recent attempts to contact him directly. The origin of this conflict involved an action that the plaintiff and his church did to me in 2011. What I openly admit to doing is continuing a little "crusade" of my own about this church's hypocrisy and archaic practices. They essentially "kicked me while I was down." I was going through a very painful divorce at the time. Then, in January 2011, I received a letter from them demanding that I appear before a Judicial Commission that had been convened to deal with me. I was facing accusations of immoral behavior, abandoning my wife, and pursuing unlawful divorce. I was infuriated, and I still am to this very day. The plaintiff was the Chair (or Moderator) of this Commission. He has been on my "sh*t list" ever since, and I've spent the last eight years letting him and his church know just how angry I am at what they tried to do to me (I left the church), and how their actions affect me to this very day. This incident left me very wounded spiritually, and it continues to have a negative impact on my life even now. Later this week, I will be facing the plaintiff in Civil Court. I haven't seen him since September 2010, and I'm not looking forward to this "reunion." Maintaining my composure is going to be a challenge. This is only a hearing to determine whether or not a permanent no-contact order should be granted. What concerns me is what will happen after that. If the plaintiff wishes to pursue any further legal action against me, then he runs the risk of "sinking himself" also. I've already sent the Union County District Court office all relevant documentation that explains in detail what led to this "showdown" with my former friend and church member. It actually began in 2008 when my now former wife developed a unique medical condition. The toll of that ordeal is what helped end our marriage two years later. What I'm wondering is how much the judge will take my side of the story into consideration. I'd like to think the court will show at least some compassion over what I've already been through, but I don't know. As far as I'm concerned, the plaintiff in this case could just as easily be the defendant. He and his church (Presbyterian Church of America or PCA) stepped over a line with me and involved themselves in my business in a manner that was very inappropriate. Had I not resigned my membership, then they would have excommunicated me, and all this was in the wake of a painful divorce and then a nervous breakdown. I had to admit myself to the same hospital where I was employed at the time as a Medical Lab Courier. Forgiveness for this has yet to happen. It may never completely. Being that I can't afford an attorney, I was hoping this group could offer me any feedback on what I could be facing. Thank you.
  9. I hired someone to do a remodel job for me. He was to put up drywall and cement board in a 5 X 12 room , finish plumbing, put in a tub, toilet, vanity, sink, faucets, light fixtures, fan, tile the tub surround, tile the floor. I purchased all the supplies and fixtures for the job and if he needed anything additional, he was to let me know and I would reimburse him providing he had permission to purchase them and if he had the receipt. He quoted me $1250.00 labor for the completed job with the exception of additional items he may need to purchase . The first time he wanted reimbursed for supplies, I gave him $360 and he did not have any receipts. After numerous discussions with him about the urgency to complete the project so that we could put the house up for sale and a year and a half later, the job is still not complete. My husband told him that he would complete the rest of the job and to send us a bill for what we owed him thus far. I was floored when he sent me the invoice of what I owed. He put up the drywall and cement board, finished the plumbing and placed the tub. He hired additional help to paint the room for 8 hours @ 25/hr, which I did not agree to. It took me 4 hrs to paint a 12 x 12 room including the ceiling. He doesn't have receipts for supplies nor had permission to buy them where I agreed to reimburse. No tile work, no vanity, no toilet, no faucets or light fixtures were placed and a year and a half later, I owed him over $1500.00. I plan to enclose $1068.00 and a letter explaining why I will not be paying the additional costs. My question is, from a legal stand point, with just a verbal quote, an incomplete job and no receipts for the items he had no permission to purchase and the hiring of additional labor I did not agree to pay for, how likely would I be made to pay whatever he has asked for, for an incomplete job after almost 2 years if he were to take legal action? I've already been told by others that this is not the first time he has done this, charged way over what was quoted. There's no telling what I would have owed him if I had allowed him to complete the job. Does he have a leg to stand on here?
  10. Hello, My child's father has filed a Motion to Show Cause/Contempt of Court and a Modification to Permanent Custody Order (Limited to Exchange Location only) against me, and we are due to be heard in court on Nov 5th. One of the Motions to Show Cause/COC is for tardiness at exchange times, and the other is for not paying part of our child's therapy bills quickly enough (even though I am currently paid up.) I have a Public Defender representing me, and he said I could file my own Motion to Show Cause/COC for a medical bill which my ex refuses to pay. I am also filing a Motion to Modify Perm. Order (Limited to reducing my Share of Parenting Coordinator Fees only.) Since I am the Defendant in everything as far as this case is concerned (even though I'm filing my own motions,) I need to know if I am the "Petitioner" or the "Interested Party" on the Notice of Hearing form? I am going to the courthouse tomorrow to file everything, and to my knowledge, they're not really allowed to help me with any of this, so I want to make sure I have all of the correct forms I need, notarized, and ready to go. Thanks in advance!
  11. We have been in our trailer for 8 months. We have fixed the heat, the toilet and had to keep a neighbor from drawing off of our power. We have ceiling leaks in our master bedroom and our kitchen, we have windows that are broken and/or will not open, our door does not have a working lock on it, as well as holes in the wood floor in our kitchen that lead outside. All of these issues we have addressed with our landlord time and again. He promised us a lock and that everything was safe before we even moved in. Given our previous situation prior to move in we let it slide when it wasn't done but as i said before we have continuously brought up all issues with said trailer. Now we have reached a point where we are fed up because there is now mold growing rapidly all over our trailer. What should i do? Do i have a case in small claims court? And what if i don't have a paper trail for all of our complaints to our landlord? How do i go about taking him to court if we do have a case?
  12. I moved in and signed a lease for my apartment mid August. Before I moved I had to provide the apartment complex with documents from the vet (so they knew I was bringing a cat). Before singing the lease I noticed the pet information was not listed so I pointed it out and she had to go back to add it. At this point I was under the impression everything was included especially the pet deposit since I had to remind them to add the information to the lease. About a month later they called to let me know that I had a $200 outstanding deposit fee. I told them I already paid everything and I should not have a balance. I was told I would hear something back within a few days and never heard anything. Another month goes by and I get an e-mail saying that $200 is owed ASAP. When I reviewed my lease it included pet rent but not the deposit, it also has electronic checked that “I certify that at this time I do not have a pet” right below that it has “Pets that will occupy this apartment” and list my cats name and breed. Since the lease has been signed and it includes my pet information, so I have to pay the pet deposit now? **please see attachment if lease**
  13. I had personal items stored at my parent's house. I had lived there before I married. Between moves I and other family members stored our possessions there. One family member is disabled with a brain injury and can't remember what items are there but can recognize them if allowed to view items in the house. The problem is that my dad's life estate (mom had died earlier) was sold before his death and most of the heirs were not notified as the sibling who has managed to take off with everything bought the life estate for almost nothing. This sibling and his lawyer wife have pulled more stunts and filed more papers than most have ever seen! All of this was done to knock out the rest of the heirs from getting a single thing. Since the rest of us were not notified our personal things became stuck with said sibling calling the house his and he won't let anyone in the house. He went as far as claiming dad was homeless and threw him in a nursing home where he died. When he died the sibling claimed everything in the house belonged to him. We have been unable to get our personal belongings back. What we have been put through is crazy. We are required to prove ownership via pictures, etc. even though this sibling knows who the things belong to...... But the disabled family member has little memory of what is there and is not allowed to look or even enter the house to look and just make a list. The courts put a lawyer over the estate itself but even this lawyer is unable to let family gain entrance to just list the things that they see and remember. This just seems wrong and is evil. But the personal items have value and and some have much sentimental value. No one dreamed the family would be this evil. What can be done in NC, especially for the disabled family member to gain access to just look and list belongings. Most have names in them, yet some things are already missing. It would seem this would be a violation of the ADA since this family member can't remember what was placed there. What to do? I want my things too as I have several items there also. We have been trying for years to get our personal belongings. It would seem that the estate could be charged with theft or stealing since they will not return our belongings? I know most families work these situations out but not my family. It is all about one person having the power to take it all and kill dad along the way. We fought in court to get dad to live with family but this sibling kept fighting us and dad was stuck and died in the nursing home before we could get him out. NC guardianship laws did not protect him at all. People with money win in NC courts. Clerks of superior court should never ever be over guardianship proceedings. But what can we do?
  14. My boyfriend has had child support taken out of his previous employer check he didn’t know until a couple weeks before he lost his job and now he has been trying to look for work but it’s hard in Hendersonville for arborists. He has two kids well he is behind in child support is there anything he can do to go to courts and file anything so he doesn’t go to jail? Also he tried texting and calling to talk to his children every night but they block him and won’t answer he messages when he asks about them he has no way of finding out if they are ok because they block him or don’t respond and when they do let them talk to him they have talked so bad about him the children say how mommy hates him etc. there is no custody order in place how can they do that or what can he do to be able to be in contact with them and also he never got a notice or anything about child support from the courts to even warn him or a notice to appear at court she has also lied to dss to get benefits we live in North Carolina we just want to know what the legal rights are with all this and with him not getting anything served
  15. Conflict of Interest; What legal rights do we have to recover funds spent on a law firm that did not do their diligence in researching conflicts of interests before they took on my complaint(s). No mention was made about conflicts of interest at any time during my first phone interview. Ironically during that conversation, I did mention to the attorney that a 1 million dollar D & O insurance policy was up to date, I did not mention the insurance company's name. I was not until late into this second complaint that a conflict of interest was discovered. The insurance company (the conflict) sent the attorney a letter asking for more information on a pending lawsuit. The attorney was unaware of any conflict of interest because none were ever investigated. He made no mention of checking for conflicts of interest at any time from the beginning. The complaint was ready to file with the court, the conflict stopped everything in process. In the process of finding another law firm to pick up the slack. This has been an experience that I do not want or need to go through again. We have spent thousands on this law firm, we feel that we are entitled to a partial or full refund.
  16. I want to set up the best tax and liability situation in North Carolina to operate under a ride share like Uber or Lyft. I do not want income, I only want the income generated to pay for the vehicle and all maintenance and grow the business into other opportunities. I would simply be able to operate the company car for personal uses. Then the ride share company file its own corporate taxes with no wage distribution. I have rental properties and other investments that I do not want any potential liability from the ride share. I'm familiar with aspects of record keeping, taxes, and structure for my LLC but I want this set up completely on its own with no wages or dividends paid. The research I have done says C Corp but I wanted to see what the folks that really know say.
  17. Okay well first off I am not the the mother of the little girl I'm talking about. I am the guess you would say ex-boyfriend of the mother. We started dating when the child was a little over two years old. The actual biological father last time he has seen her she was maybe three months old. He is a drug addict and a drug dealer and ended up doing for 5 years in State Prison. Me and her were together for like 3 years and I fell in love with the little girl the minute I met her I have done everything for I supported her I bought her the house and did the dis I was at every birthday and even to this day she calls me Dad. Everyone knows and respects me as her father even her grandparents everything. Well about maybe a year ago we broke up. But every weekend I get visitation I buy her stuff I just bought all her school supplies I bought her clothes I help pay off pretty much the house that they live in so that she has a place to stay and she doesn't have to worry about not having a house. So my two questions are. Is there a legal way for us to take his rights away from him. He got out of prison March of not 2008 but 2017. He has not tried to pay a dime or nothing he got out of prison with like 15 $20,000 in his bank account where he had work release he didn't try to get caught up on child support. Instead when he realize that the mother didn't want to relationship with him and we weren't just going to hand him over the little girl without him working staying clean and respecting my rules for the little girl since I have raised her for over 3 years now. So does she have a case to get full custody. Then when she gets full custody well I be able to legally adopt her the mother has is giving full consent to me adopting her or becoming a guardian. Thank you so much for any information you can give me I'm asking this because I might not be able to have kids myself and that little girl is my everything I'm not in a little girl's life just because I want to be back with the mom or something like that I'm in that girl's life because you touch my heart and I asked her from time to time do you still want me to be in your life do you still want me to be your father I tell her she says yes I'll do anything to stay in her life and I have it's really hard trying to be a father to a kid you have no legal right to sometimes it feels like the mother will use that against me. So what do you think and what steps do I need to take to try to become the guardian or stepparent adopt her I would love to legally pay child support.
  18. July 16th I was incarcerated in Union County jail North Carolina. On the 19th I noticed unusual swelling and pain coming from my right leg that seemed to be getting worse and spreading by the moment. At that time I decided it was getting to the point that I should tell the authorities and see the nurse/doctor because the ice and heat that I had been advised to put on it was not working and it was so bad that I could no longer put my weight on it. On the 26th I was rushed to the hospital where I was put in icu for 7 days, it is now Aug 1st. On the 7th I was placed in the most unsanitary cell in the jail, where the bathroom was a hole in the floor, still unable to walk since I had a huge hole in my leg. Needless to say, I was back in the hospital within a week, at which point I had to endure surgery and get a drainage tube, and approx. 40 staples. Please help. I cant find an attorney in Union that will help, nor do I know how to pursue a lawsuit or what kind of attorney I will need to hire. I cant afford the medical bills and all this is due to their negligence.
  19. If an ex employee sues the company for wrongful termination, and the company lists a current employee as a 3rd party who had allegedly filed a complaint/grievance against said employee(along with others-the primary basis for dismissal), what are the rights of the 3rd party? Is the company obligated to alert the current employee of this status? Is it lawful to keep the employee in the dark until actually needed? How would the employee proceed if he did not file a complaint as listed and feels misrepresented by the company for their own gain? Would the employee have a right to a reveal of intentions of the company, so they could choose to rebut/decline? Can the employee just be listed in lawsuit paperwork with no consultation, guidance, or instruction whatsoever, and have no idea about this until called in out of the blue?
  20. Hello - thanks for reading this. I have been separated for 11 years. I was married 20 years to a wonderful man but, unfortunately, he started using drugs and became abusive. I had and still have a domestic order against him. He has been arrested numerous times and this time it looks like he is going to prison. I have been making the house payments for all these years plus all the repairs, upkeep, etc. I don't have the money to hire another attorney. The last one said that he still gets 50 percent of EVERYTHING. I just really don't know what to do. If you have any advice, it would be deeply appreciated.
  21. Hello, My ex and I resided in Raleigh, NC for about 15 months. He is still living there, while I moved with our 4 month old daughter at the time end of May of this year. We are now in a custody battle over our daughter, and because we left so abruptly I could not take my animals. I brought 2 cats into the relationship, and “we” acquired 2 dogs. I think he will have no problem handing over my 2 cats, but I also want both dogs as well. He has told many people that they are his because I abandoned them. My daughter and I were no longer safe with him and we left one night he was at work. I have the bill of sale for the 2 dogs and vet bills/shots that I have paid for. During my entire pregnancy, he was out of work (when we got these 2 dogs) so he was the one to take them to the vet, and to be spayed. I didn’t know this at the time, but he didn’t put my name anywhere on the vet or microchip paperwork for them, ONLY HIS. We we were never married, so it makes it harder it seems. I’m heartbroken over the thought that I might not get these animals or ever see them again. Is there anything I can do, besides trying to take him to small claims court??????? thank you, Lauren
  22. My ex wife and I have 2 daughter, aged 7 & 11. Our custody agreement gives us joint custody, and says anything pertaining to the children that we can’t agree on will be decided by an arbitrator, whose decision is binding. Shortly after our divorce, my mother in law mother passed away suddenly. My ex wife moved into her mother’s home, which is paid for, and is 10 minutes from her office, but 60-90 minutes from where I live and where the kids go to school. The children have been in the same school since they started kindergarten, and have friends, extra curricular activities, and my family all close by. Shortly after our divorce (but before she moved),, she took me to arbitration to compel me to move the children to move to a school closer to where she lives. The arbitrator decided in my favor, and said there was no compelling reason for the children to move schools. She’s now trying to force arbitration again (we’re going to mediation next week to try to find a resolution, but it’s not likely, given neither of us are willing to move) to force the children to attend a school closer to her. Her work requires long hours and frequent travel, and there is no support system in place where she lives. I have a flexible work schedule, can be home most days when they come home from school, and have friends and family nearby that can help when necessary. The only grounds she has to revisit this is that she moved since we saw the arbitrator last time, and our oldest will start middle school in the Fall of 2019. Her only other argument is that the middle school they would attend with her is rated higher than the middle school closer to me. Both of us provide good homes, there is no abuse, neglect, or drug use. Because she makes significantly more than I do, per our separation agreement, she covers the children on her company provided health insurance, though I’m the one that takes them to dr appointments because of my proximity. She also pays me child support and alimony - the marriage because of infidelity on her part. My questions are 1) does she have grounds to have the arbitrator’s previous decision revisited? 2) Given the information provided, and all other things being equal, what are the chances an arbitrator would agree to hear her case? 3) Given that neither of us are willing to move, and that barring such a move, the children would likely remain with me for school, what are the chances I would be granted a request for primary custody? Thanks in advance
  23. I have a LLC in NC, ten years now. But it's e-commerce related. I moved to Indiana. Do I add a 2nd state? Or start over? Or just keep it in NC?
  24. My 17 year old child started assalting me, she was arrested 10/2017 for assaulting me. Then on 6/7/18 she assaulted me again in front of my 23 yr old daughter and my 2 younger sons 6, 9. The police were called they calmed the situation down, suggested i have her emancipated the next day. However because she thought i was going to have her emancipated she filed a false CPS case. DSS came out to my home the other children verified Alyssa assaulted me along with the police report. DSS wanted me to keep her while they looked for placement, i refused so they told me they would have to take all three children until the emergency hearing 2 days later on 6/13/2018 . Then they would petition for Alyssa to be removed only, this is per the Family Meeting Notes I have from the 6/11/18 family meeting at DSS. However at the hearing the Petition requested all my children claiming i exposed the younger children to DV. I am the victim i called the police, i refused to take her home to protect myself and my other children. I dont have alot of money they know this, so DSS can do what they want. This is not right i was the one assaulted. Can they do this, tell me they are going to do one thing so I would agree and then file a Petition doing something else. I have all the documentation that my daughters claim is a lie, and documentation that she has a mental illness, up until 11/2017 I was able to get her help but now she refuses. She also told DSS the same thing that she did not want help and would not go to counseling or take medication. Can DSS really do this to me; at the 7/13/18 adjudication hearing I would not agree to the stipulation of facts as I have all the evidence to prove it is incorrect, so they continued the hearing until 11/2/2018. I am only allowed to see my children 1 time a week supervised, even though I have never abused my kids I was the one abused and tried to get help for her. Again they removed my younger boys saying I exposed them to DV, even though I was demanding help from DSS expecially after she filed a false report with DSS the next day after the police came to our home because she assaulted me.
  25. I will try to make this as succinct as possible. My child's father and I share joint custody of our four year old son, both legal and physical, and have been in and out of court for the past 3 years going back and forth about everything from where he goes to pre-school to whether I am allowed to publicly refer to him by his nickname, instead of his legal name. We were never married, and from the beginning, I have been the defendant in everything. The Judge ordered us to see a Co-Parenting Therapist for 8 sessions (we have one remaining,) to hire a Parenting Coordinator (one has just been appointed,) and for our son to be in therapy until after he starts Kindergarten. My child's father makes over three times as much money as I do, and for the most part, the medical expenses have been a 33/77% pro-rata split. She also ordered for me to pay the first $250 of un-reimbursed medical expenses per calendar year because our son is covered under his father's insurance. We are supposed to alternate who gets to claim him on our taxes every other year. Prior to the Judge signing the final version of the Permanent Order, my ex and his attorney deceptively changed the Co-Parenting Therapist percentage splits from 33/77% to 40/60%, and no one--not the Judge, my attorney, or myself caught it before it was signed. On top of that, he has now filed a Motion to Show Cause to find me in Contempt of Court for "violating" the Court Order because of TARDINESS (due to traffic accidents/things beyond my control) and for Delinquency in Payment to Our Child's Therapist (which is not even true, as I am now caught up.) For the Tardiness Contempt of Court claim he is trying to have the Permanent Order modified by having the location where we "exchange" our child for morning & afternoon drop-off/pickups changed to one which is substantially closer to him (He lives & works from his home in Raleigh, & I live in and work at my office in Durham.) He is also seeking attorney's fees for both claims. Up until recently, I was legally represented by a family law attorney, but she has since withdrawn from my case because of a combination of family health reasons, the constant stress my ex has put on her life throughout this case, and my inability to pay her almost nothing since everything started. She said that because Contempt of Court is a criminal matter, I "should" qualify for a court-appointed attorney, but at this point, I don't know what exactly will happen when/if the case goes to trial in Nov. After I pay my bills (rent, utilities, car payment, credit card bills, etc,) I have less than $200 to cover gas, food, and all of the Court-ordered appointments. I receive the NC Guidelines Child Support amt of just over $250, but have been so broke trying to cover all of these new extra appointments bills, that I've had to take cash advances out on my credit cards just to deposit them into my checking acct to keep any payments from bouncing. This new Parenting Coordinator fee arrangement is just completely over the top. I have yet to even have my intake appointment with her (which is Thurs morning,) and I already owe her almost $200! I will owe her at least another $80 after my Thurs appt, and we were charged $17.50 just for the e-mail for me to schedule my intake appt with her to begin with! There are no payment plans available, and if it's not paid in 7 days, she can charge a $2000 retainer, and take me to Court. I cannot afford all of the financial responsibilities the Judge has now placed upon me--not by a long shot, I now have no legal representation, and am facing criminal charges. It is clear to me, my former attorney and everyone BUT the Judge, and the oblivious therapists, my child's father's ultimate intent is to bankrupt me to the point where I have no choice but to sacrifice joint custody of my child, as he keeps dragging me into Court for even the most ridiculous of reasons.I already filed for bankruptcy back in 2013, so he is quite aware of my past financial history and is clearly trying to use this to his own advantage as much as possible. He is essentially a predator, who uses every single Our Family Wizard Communication, anything our child might say, etc as an opportunity to try to find another reason to come after me in Court, and I virtually have no protection from this person any time I am forced to communicate with him. I have now taken on TWO extra part-time jobs in addition to my full-time one just to try to keep from having to go deeper into debt, but I cannot keep fighting a monetary battle which I obviously cannot win. Can someone please tell me what will take place on the day of the hearing now that I am currently pro se? The case is scheduled for 3 hours, but without an attorney, there is no opposing viewpoint, as I wouldn't dare go up against that woman myself--she is just relentless. Will the Judge ask me if I would like to have a Court-appointed attorney, and that if I cannot afford one, one will be provided for me? Will I need to provide financial documentation to demonstrate financial need? I have already had to turn over years' worth of bank statements, credit card statements, Paypal statements, etc, every time they demand Discovery, and obviously, that has not been enough to get the Judge to see exactly how little money I actually have. My attorney actually had to bluntly point out to her that while 40% of a $2000 retainer was not a lot to her, it was almost an entire paycheck for me. Still, that was not enough to get this Judge to see the grave disparity in our incomes, and how utterly impossible these orders are for someone in my current financial situation. One of the worst parts of all of this is, following my bankruptcy in 2013, once I returned to employment in 2016, I was actually on my way to having "good" credit. I had actually been given a fresh start, and was being very responsible with the credit cards I had, while building up my credit at the same time, and now, in a matter of 2 years, because of the relentless malicious attacks by one individual, it is almost all gone. I am certainly not trying to purposely make myself out to be a "victim," but I honestly do not know what to do any more?
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