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Found 234 results

  1. I was left a specific bequest of $2,500 in my Aunt's will...I contacted the lawyer to find out the time span it will take to settle the estate as I received a letter with a Notice of Probate and was advised that the amount left me may be considerably less. Is this true!?
  2. Hello, l entered the US on a resident visa, however I need to go back to my native country for an extended period of time. Can I request a permit to leave the US and come back after an extended amount of a time like a year or two?
  3. I am a self-employed individual as a active member of an LLC, so I pay the employers side and employees side of FICA taxes on my personal return. I have calculated the reduction to my gross income to arrive at income used to determine spousal support. Arriving at this number I used line 57 of my 1040, which is FICA taxes paid. My attorney says I only get the amount from line 27 which is the deduction the IRS gives you because I pay the employers side of taxes. I have informed her that is not the law under codes section 236 and 240 under the NYS Domestic Relations Law. And she refused to research as she claims she is right. I have asked her to show me the law that I only get the amount from Line 27 as a reduction to my income when calculating spousal support. Can someone that has experience with this help as does not believe me. Thanks, Frustrated in NY.
  4. This is how my tenant left my home and disappeared. I can not find her new addresss but I know where she works. A little background.... she had sent me texts stating that if I try to sue her, she will report my illegal apartment. It may be illegal, but I’m not sure since the home does not have a C of O, I purchased it as a two family, report the additional income to the IRS. TO DATE, I’ ve spent over $11,000.00 dollar so far in repairs,cleaning, trash removal and appliance replacements. Any ideas on how I shrould address getting back the repair costs, lost rent.
  5. So my current living situation involves myself and 3 of my roommates. We all moved in the first of November and from that point on, the female roommate quickly showed her true colors as far as her lack of cleanliness, lack of consideration for other people and their property, and disturbing the peace with her dog. Things have politely been mentioned to her about her actions making the other tenants including myself uncomfortable but she'll either act oblivious or extremely offensive. So a few months I sent a group chat to my roommates regarding something we all needed to do for the apartment. I sent the text around 5:30am. The problematic roommate took it upon herself to tell me her issue with sending a text so early in the morning. It "woke her up". So I had no problem with her telling me how she felt, we can compromise, but as soon as I tried telling her my issues with her, she got extremely defensive, proceeded to not listen to anything I had to say, called me rude and said "we shouldn't speak to each other anymore" and slammed the door on the way out. Ok, no problem. So from then on I did not speak to her or even bother to be in the same room. We barely saw each other. Fast forward again. I have one of the mail keys. One evening I was in the kitchen cooking and she came up to me obnoxiously asking for the mail key. I tell her I have to look for it in my room but she doesn't believe me and continues to harass me about it. I tell her again I have to look for the key and then she gets upset and tried to rush me out of the kitchen and do little petty things to get me upset. I ignore it. Fast forward to a night where everything escalated.. she came home from a night of drinking and I was in the kitchen. She starts harassing me once again about the mail key and I can tell she's looking for trouble. So I ignore her again and continue to my room. Now my room is in the basement, I have to walk downstairs. I don't have a door or anything so for privacy I bought a room divider and just placed it along the banester so nobody can look down into my room. So that night as I'm ignoring her and walking down to my room she bangs on the wall right next to my face. So at that point I'm trying to calm myself down and am in disbelief that she's even provoking me. Next thing I hear is her slamming my room divider to the ground, breaking it into two. I was LIVID after that. My boyfriend had to hold me back all the while she was still provoking me and further breaking my property and my other roommate who is black was trying to talk sense into her but she didn't care to hear anything. After that night I sent an email to management telling them what happened adding her racial slurs saying that I'm "ghetto" and to "go back to the hood" and "I don't trust other colors". How ironic. So the next morning the landlord comes and we speak individually to him. She tells him that she'll be moving out by the end of March. It is now nearing the end of May and she's still living in the apartment. She has stopped paying utility bills. We have told the landlord but he doesn't do anything about the situation. The con ed bill is under her name. We haven't seen a bill since November and we got a notice saying the electricity will be cut off if the bill is not paid (obviously). The bathroom that I share with her is completely TRASHED which is very inconsiderate and disgusting. So now as far as the bills, it's only getting split 3-ways which is completely unfair. I don't know what to do with this situation, especially since the landlord isn't doing anything about it. I am unable to move out right now so I need to know what my next move can be. Also she hasn't replaced the property of mine that she damaged and I doubt that she will. The landlord does nothing about all of this. The pictures uploaded is just a little bit of what the bathroom looks like. It looks much worse in person and there's also been a strong smell of urine for weeks.
  6. I was reading into the Civil Service law. I would like to understand better. If a employee is working for an agency and takes the promotion exam, 1 and or 2 people in the agency pass the exam, and there is an open position and or a position held by a provisional, does the agency have to consider promoting the employee? Does the 1 in 3 rule still play a role in the hiring process of a promotional list if only 1 or 2 people pass? Can the agency ignore the promotional list and not hire if only 2 or less are on this promotional list? Thank you for your time. Josue
  7. How can one find out which law firm that was hired, by my parents has a copy of a person's first will, estate planning, living trust, and other legal and binding documents in Bronx County, New York, USA from 1989 to 1991. I believe my brother destroyed the first will, and I do not know the law firm that was hired. My mom is still alive, but would not remember this information.
  8. Hello, here is the situation: I bought 3 Diesel jeans to and a tshirt - At check out I saw that one of the item was non returnable. It was a Diesel jeans for $30 so I was willing to take the risk. However, I received them all and the only item I want to keep is the one at $30. Then, I go to initiate a return and found out that I cannot return the other one for $80 and the tshirt. I know I made no mistake and it was not "final sale" because I paid attention and noticed the other one and I would not have bought a jeans non returnable fro $80 EVER. I looked at my order confirmation and there is no information about "non returnable or final sale" for any of them. How can I prove that they changed it and I was not informed one that one? I called their customer service and they told me they will look at an exception... then hanged up on me and I received no email or traced that I placed the call... sot hey are not doing anything. I won't buy from this place again. But I am curious about the law, being myself a french attorney not exercising in the US. Additionally I have over $100 of merchandise that I should be able to return. I live in California but Yoox juridiction is NY state. Here are their policy: It is interesting to note that among their policy, they state that if they make a mistake they will update the information or cancel the order but will not take responsability. My issue is how to prove they change their product information? or are they allow to not display this information within the order confirmation so the customer as a trace? ERRORS AND INACCURACIESFrom time to time, there may be information shown that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing, promotions, offers, and availability. YOOX reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information or cancel orders if any information on the Website is inaccurate at any time without prior notice. Even after you have recieved confirmation or shipping notification. YOOX has made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors of the products that appear on the Website. However, YOOX cannot guarantee that your computer monitor's display of any color will be accurate. Thank you for your advises :-)
  9. I need as much information about patent and trademark my idea. Can someone directly in the popular steps into begining my business, with my idea patent ame trademark
  10. A police officer stops a car based on a traffic infraction. He gets the motorists driver's license and goes back to his car. The computer to check the motorist for a suspended license or warrants is not working. The officer decides to give the motorist a break on the traffic infraction and lets him go with a warning. 10 minutes later, the police officer checks to see if the computer is working and runs the motorist's name. It turns out the motorist had a warrant for his arrest. 3 -4 hour hours go by and the same motorist comes into the precinct to file a police report for lost property or a crime that took place. Regardless, he comes into the precinct. The officer recognizes the motorist from the car stop and puts him under arrest for the warrant. Is he justified? Doesn't the officer need a reason to stop a person and then arrest him on warrant? If he comes into the precinct, can the officer just arrest him like that or does he need to commit an offense before the warrant can be applied? Also, let's say the officer arrests him on the warrant hours after the traffic stop and finds cocaine on him? Can he charge him with cocaine? That would be also be good as search incident to lawful arrest correct? Would there be a difference between an arrest warrant and bench warrant in this scenario? This is for NYC.
  11. New York city Landlord included electricity in rent. Can he now charge us for excessive electricity caused by our server farm?
  12. A retired uncle who has passed away was living in New York state. He has left me with investment and annuity accounts from various US financial institutions. Some of these financial companies have already contacted me asking me to complete their 'Claim' forms (incl. not witholding Federal and State Taxes) and a W8-BEN (electing to have taxes dealt with in UK) I'm yet to find out the findings of a Probate hearing in court. I'm confused on the process - 1. Can I proceed with these financial companies directly before I hear from the Executor/Estate Attorneys? 2. Do ALL the elements in the Estate get summed up and attract a tax liability for them overall before they are processed individually by beneficiaries? 3. Once I have (I assume) the approval of the Executor/Estate Attorneys can I then proceed with the financial companies directly? 4. At least one of the financial companies has stated I need to open an account with them to transfer monies from my Uncle's account, then I can wire the monies to my UK bank - Do I need a W9 form for this? 5. How can I distinguish between the type of accounts as some are 'UK tax-free' (being benefit on death like annuities?) and others will attract UK inheritance tax? Thanks in anticipation.
  13. Hello, and thank you for your time! My Father, was in the Mafia my whole life. Colombo. Captain. Met him when I was a a month to few months old, probably not even a handful and Also, once when I was 16 because of his fear of knowledge to his lifestyle. Or should I say he wasn’t aspired, happy to or willing to on his own. Never again or before that. I am now 26 years old. Unbearable Mental and emotional issues and misunderstandings and non acceptances doesn’t begin to describe what it’s done to me. Never a hug . An emotion. A care. A penny. A, Sorry. He was caught years ago along with a lot others. and turned rat. But I had to live my terrifying life as a love child my entire life. He had a whole other family, married with 4 other children and all. He is now free, although people don’t know that, I do. Is there any legal action I can take towards him! I tried taking him to court after I met him at 16. Was proven to be my father, took the test. 99.9% positive. but never showed up to court for the dates. Case was never dismissed, he was taken in federal custody after what I BELEIVE was 3 or 4 court dates that he missed of ours. no justice served on my end. Left with nothing but distress and it just intensifies with time😔 If you cannot help, can you give me some advice, please. His name is D ino ( legally Diego ) Cal abro
  14. We have a US based company, with a US trademark. We are interested in International Trademarks. I believe there is no central "international trademark database" and trademarks must be filed by country, correct? Second questions, we had someone who was supposed to file a trademark for us in Bulgaria. I want to check and make sure that they filed the trademark under our company name. I tried the Bulgarian Patent Office website ... but I didn't see anywhere to search their database. I also tried the to search the european patent office, but nothing came up in my search. Alternatively, I tried and the trademark came up in the search ... but it didn't provide any information (i.e. who filed it, and what company it's filed under). Where can I search for a filed Bulgarian trademark online?
  15. My husband is a classified employee for the City of New York. He recently took 3 day sick leave from work. He did not see the doctor, and went back to work after the 3 days. He is now being required to provide a doctor's note. The policy posted online says the requirement for the note is more than 3 conseq days . He pointed the HR person to that policy at her request. Few days later the person came back to him telling him that the policy had been obsolete for the past 5 years. My husband has been employed there for about 15 years. The same policy is still posted online as of today... is this legal? should not the policy be current? and if it is not - can he even be required to adhere to some other policy that he was not made aware of?
  16. My roommate and I live in New York City. We occupy the majority of a townhouse. It's 2 units, us and one of her family members in the basement. Pretty sure we pay the majority of the gas in the house as well as electric, but I have no way of knowing. We have lived here 8 months, have paid rent 100% always on time and have receipts to prove it (landlord makes us direct deposit in her account) We pay our gas bill directly to her (because she kept it in her name for some reason that she fails to explain without going off on some 20 minute bullshit) We have never been late on gas either. Our electric bill is in my roommate's name. We are past due on the account. Pretty sure landlord stole mail from my box because she called electric company and knew our account number to find out if we had any amount past due. I speculate she cares because we likely pay a portion of the basement tenant's electric heat (her family member) I overheard her on speaker phone with her family member in the basement when I was doing laundry (paper thin walls) that she was planning on suing us for not paying our electric bill. I could understand this if it was in her name, but it's not. It's in ours. What grounds does she have? This sounds nuts to me considering we pay everything owed to her on time. If we don't pay Con Ed on time, that is different, no?
  17. I went on SSD permanently at 46 and remained on it through retirement age. I still am disabled. My psychiatrist wrote a letter to my landlord over a year ago confirming my psychiatric disability and citing FHA/HUD re assistance animals. I do not use airlines. How long is an MD letter valid for someone with a permanent disability who remains under the same landlord in the same NYC complex and is treated by the same MD. Panic disorder and depression. I have proof of receipt of the letter by my landlord but no reply in writing.Thanks
  18. Here's the situation: I moved into a new place. I got kicked out. The person who told me to leave is now keeping my security deposit because I didn't give him 30 days notice before I left. Is this a thing? He kicked me out with 30 days notice to find a new place. However I did not take 30 days to move out. I moved out within the next few days because obviously it was very uncomfortable to be in a place I was literally not welcome. He is now telling me I am obligated to pay for those 30 days because I decided to leave early and didn't give him notice. ? I didn't decide to leave he decided I was leaving. Its a little grey area but this seems backwards to me and doesn't make sense. Who is in the right? Thanks lovely people.
  19. Here is our problem. My ex-husband(since 1992) passed away in December 2016. We both remarried many years ago. We had two children together and there are 3 grandchildren involved. Over the years, he has always told us that my daughter and grandchildren will be well taken care of when he passes. He had a massive heart attack several years before he passed...but recovered and was still very weak from it. Six months before he died, he came to our granddaughters sweet 16 party, and told my husband and myself that he knew he was quite ill and that our daughter and grandchildren are well cared for in his will. We always knew this. Then, after he died, my daughter waited a few months to be contacted by his wife about the will...and she heard nothing. Finally she called her and his wife said she was disregarding the will and keeping everything. I would like to find out if there is anything my daughter can do about this. The will supposedly was written up by the second wifes brother..but we can't find out if he filed it or not., and also if that was a conflict of interest. Thank you for any input into the dilemma.
  20. I was in a car accident where a drunk driver drove over to on coming traffic on a service road in queens ny and hit me head on. I sustained 2 broken ribs 1 broken foot and a fractured L1. 4 months after the accident the Detectives issued me a summons for speeding. On the summons my name is spelled wrong and they put my address wrong ( Street instead of Avenue ). How can I fight this summons and is it worth fighting. They claim to have my speed from the black box from my car. Do they need a search warrant to obtain it?
  21. Selling a investment property - profit will be in the neighborhood of $500K - in order to minimize my capital gains taxes - i was looking to invest in another property for rental. How much do i have to spend to minimize taxes and what is my timeframe to do so. I read about a 1031 Form
  22. I am looking for the best law firms in New York, who will have to check out certain features of the firm and to find out the efficiency of them. The firms should have lawyers who deal with different kinds of legal issues. Also, it must ensure that the attorney has proper and sufficient knowledge to deal with your legal matter.
  23. I am in need of clarification concerning a warranty issue on a product. This is a CleanEffect air cleaner by Trane. It was installed in new construction and put into use in January 2012. The electronic control / door have become inoperative. Trane is telling me my 10yr warranty is no longer valid because the product was not registered in a timely manner with them. I have supplied them with the Certificate Of Occupancy which allowed us to move into the house in January 2012. They are telling me there is only a five (5) year warranty. I have attached their warranty statement, which clearly states there is a 10yr warranty on electronic components. As I see it there should be no reason this component is not covered. Looking for clarification.
  24. Living in a tax credit building I submitted all documentation I am always asked to submit. This was done now I am asked to give all deposits and details of of the cash deposits which I feel is a violation of my constitutional rights being free from unreasonable search and seizes. I have never been asked to submit documentation for this ever and wanted to know if the compliance Dept has overstepped? I feel this Dept is looking for a reason to take away my section 8, I did comply stating what the transactions were for but they want all details ? My constitutional rights are being violated and not sure what the next steps are I need help. I am also on disability a person with several disabilities. Thank you
  25. I work 7 days a week with a set schedule of 25 hours. Until last Christmas I always got the holidays off and paid the amount of hours I normally was scheduled for. Without any notice, I wasn't getting holiday pay anymore. When I asked about it, the manager said, that it was a mistake to have paid me holiday pay when I'm p/t. P/T'ers don't get holiday pay. All full time employees are off and getting holiday pay. There is only one other p/t employee and I never see that person to ask if they don't get paid for the holidays. It's been said, that if I wanted to get paid for the holiday, I should work the holiday or not get paid. At my spouses job, all employees, p/t or f/t get the holidays off and get paid for it. Is this legal or should I just start looking for another p/t position?