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Found 17 results

  1. So, 25 years ago i fell in love with a guy. I soon found out that he was here illegally, he had bought a birth cert. and gotten a DL with it. he also sent it in to the social security admin and received a SS card. he had a border crossing card with his real name that he used to go back and forth. he hasn't been back to Mexico since he was 17, hasn't been able to visit family. in 1998 we got married in his fake name, he had credit established, payed taxes, all very normal. My husband has worked his butt off to become a very succesful person. after September 11 everything changed. in two years he will no longer be able to fly because he does not have a "real ID". We are both very sick of this and want to fix the situation. We should have done this years ago but it was never the right time, we were terrified he would lose his job. we have 3 children. We have been advised to marry again in his real name. (do we get divorced first? will I be a bigamist if we don't?) We have gone to 3 attorneys and have gotten conflicting advice. We have been told to wait until the administration changes. We don't know what to do, and the stress is destroying my husband. any advise would be welcome. LB
  2. I have a question about joint tenants. Does having just joint tenants on a deed guarantee joint tenants with full rights of survivorship? Is there any way a WILL can overpower the joint tenant? My father left me his portion of the property in his will, My uncle is claiming that they had joint tenancy with full rights of survivorship? I can find nowhere on any deed records that it is full rights of survivorship? Only joint tenants? Do I have ay claim to the property?
  3. My vehicle was hit while it was parked legally in front of my house. The driver was driving on the wrong side of the street. She hit it and then left the scene, drove home which is about 4 houses down and wasn't going to come back butthe neighbors heard the crash and made her come back and tell me. Like a fool I didn't call the police because her parents didn't want her to have a police report on her record. My vehicle was totaled as was her vehicle. Her insurance company was not willing to give me what i think my vehicle was worth so I ended up going through my own insurance company. They offered me more for my vehicle but not what I think it was worth. My question is this; can i accept what my insurance offered me and still take her to small claims court for the diffeence of what i think my vehicle was worth....i have several comparisons that i can show the judge. I do not want to loose the offer from my insurance company but i think they (the person that hit me should put me in a better position to get a vehicle. I did the family a huge favor by not calling the police as there would have been numerous tickets such as driving on the wrong side of the street, leaving the scene of an accident, no seat belt, speeding.
  4. Can evidence be suppressed when police conduct a warrantless search.And saying in the police report that verbal consent was given to another officer who was not present during search and I never spoke with the officer or gave verbal consent to him or the officers who came on to my property and found a stolen truck that i was working on for someone else?
  5. Bout 3yrs ago my sons father got granted sole custody from judge because i didn't do the respond paper. I really didnt know what it was so i put the paper away because someone told me it wasnt important. He moved out of state with him took him out of his siblings life and really we all he knew he had just been in his life 9 months of him being 5yrs at the time whenever he got custody. I just got a visit to have him for 2 wks of the summer its been 2 yrs since i saw him. Only get to talk to him probaly once a month or once every 2 months. My son told me last time he saw his father was on his birthday which is 3 and 1/2 months ago. He's been living with his dad girlfriend who he says whoops him everyday but dont whoop her own kids. He'll get whooping for falling asleep before his bedtime which is 8:30,for crying for his dad or mom, abd etc. His dad have him calling her mom. My son say he crys for one of us cuz he really dont know her plus she's mean to him. It didnt bother me bout knowing he had a step mom. But, whenever i found out wat i found out it hurt my heart that i have to send him back in 2wks with someone he dont want to go bck to. Plz help
  6. in april of this year i had requested to a friend at a auto body shop, if they had anybody that was going to salvage there title of the same year of vehicle i had , i requested that if there was back seats to let me know so i can buy them before they salvaged the title. later that evening my called and said there was a vehicle that i could buy the back seats. i paid 75.00 when i picked up the vehicle and then 75.00 when i dropped it off. my friend told me to have the vehicle back by the next day. they gave me the keys which i had aliitle problem with but not anything to make me think anything weird. so my co defendant and i drove it up to my friends house and waited till morning to start cleaning the vehicles out so i can put the seats in my vehicle well later that day the officers pulled their guns on us and said that we needed to get down on the ground that there was a possible stolen vehicle on the property. i dont recall them reading our miranda rights but i made a statement. so now im sitting with a recieving and transfer conspericy to commit, larceny. i dont have any alibis because the friend is now in arizona and i havent spoke with him. what can i do oh yeah the vehicle that was supposally stolen had a gps supposally.
  7. Can a conviction of breaking and entering, embezzlement and fraud that occurred fourteen years ago in New Mexico be expunged? No gun was involved. The person has not been in trouble in the fourteen years since.
  8. I've been looking for my birth son to leave everything to him in my will. He will be 48 September 18, born in Albuquerque, N.M. I will be 73 in November. The hospital has no records dating that far back. I wasn't allowed to know his adoptive parents. The father is Latino; I am Caucasian. I have deep feelings for him and wish I could know him. But even if I can't, I want to leave him my home, bank account, and savings. I've tried a search service with no luck. I had an FBI acquaintance who I hoped could help, but he couldn't or wouldn't. What can I do?
  9. we have a tenant want ciboa internet installed in his apartment. when he moved in nov 2015, he agreed to pay $100 deposit and sign lease addendum to install Dir TV when he is ready. now he wants internet. ciboa internet company want our sign permission. we ask tenant to pay $100 and sign lease addendum, he refuse to sign them. 3/17/2016, he filed in us district court that we break the federal law to ask for damage deposit and ask him to sign lease addendum. we did not receive the court served paper, but we find in pacer. the complaint is full of misinformation. since he is so unhappy, we call him this morning and ask him the possibility to sign the mutual recession and give us the apartment back. my husband just receive another text from him. he is so angry, the text is almost not readable. can we block his phone number? or give him another 7 days notice or violation the lease.
  10. Hello, My father passed away in 1998. At that time, a trust was set up. Over the years, my sister and I have finalized most of my dad's assets except for a few stray stocks. When he passed, his assets were being managed by a Financial broker. It turned out that they had lost some of our fathers stock certificates. After a lot of finger pointing and blah, blah, blah we are still without the stock certificates. I was putting up old files, and I came across a notice for a proxy meeting for one of the missing stocks. My question is, can I as the representative of my father's will write to them and ask what information they have on his stock? We have since changed stock brokers, but anything you ask them to do costs money. I would prefer not to ask them but I will if you believe it would make a difference. We can, of course, provide all the necessary documentation. Would it help to have a lawyer present the inquiry? Because such a large amount of time has passed, is the company still obligated to honor our claim? Thanks for any help.
  11. So my Ex got a restraining order put on me a few months ago, I have followed everything to a T, then this morning at 1 am I get 4 missed called and a text from him, what will happen when I report this does he get a warning or will the restraining order be dropped
  12. chamuko


    hi can anyone tell me if someone was charged for fleeing and alueding and resisting a officer but before he atempted to flee officer said he paced and estimated him at a speed of 70-80 around a half a mile before officer atempted to turn his lights on at stop light when person turned at stop light so shudnt have the officer stopped him as soon as he saw him speeding? and does the officer have to have proof of him speeding when he said he saw him speeding? instead he waited untill person was at stop light? if someone can help me with answeres or if they can tell me what are my chances on fighting this case? thank u
  13. ok so my mother purchased land 15 or so years ago. The land is paid for the works. A few years 2 or so we find out my mothers mobile home and all improvements made to land are on the wrong lot (gravel, cement drive in, steps trees and flowers gate all around) Which original owner advised my father 2 years ago that we were on the wrong lot never proceeded to what we needed to do nor replied to our suggestion of switching deeds per at the time of purchase lot 3 and lot 4 were at the same value same size. So now my father pasted away owner comes back in the picture is asking for us to move the mobile home or buy the lot at an outrages price per now has utility access, piping for sewer all added from my mothers pocket and landscaping do we have a case being that we did not know we were in the wrong lot all these years? is there anything we can do to prevent from having to move ?
  14. Occurrence dates, 08/14/2013 thru 11/01/2013 1.What are my option when my rights to due process have been violated? (a) While in custody of the county jail a warrant was issued for my arrest for failure to appear for arraignment on a new misdemeanor charge. New Mexico constitution Chapter 2 article 3 clearly states that "it is not the burden of the accused to deliver himself to trail but the burden of the state." New Mexico Rules Annotated 7-506 clearly states that any new criminal complaint arising while defendant is already in custody shall be arraigned with 2 days. Instead of the case begin dismissed for failure to prosecute(and refilled and is the prosecutions legal right) a warrant was issued for failure to appear After filing a motion to dismiss for these reasons, the arraignment simply rescheduled, noticed mailed to an address I no longer resided at and upon not appearing again due to no notice a second warrant was issued for failure to appear and the initial warrant was reinstated. Am I CORRECT IN MY BELIEF THAT THE INITIAL WARRANT should not exist because the F.T.A. was the fault of courts and the second F.T.A. should not exist because the prosecution failed to follow proper procedure? 2.What are my options when I spend time in jail because the prosecution fails to do a thorough investigation and to gain my freedom I accept a plea bargain when the evidence point clearly to my innocence. ( I accepted a plea of guilty to contracting without a license (under $5000.00) a misdemeanor which carries 90 days in jail. Because the jail had booked me in under the wrong name, I had already served 79 days of the that sentence awaiting trial and upon notifying my attorney, I was advised to accept a plea of guilty with no more time served. I explained that in our to have committed this offense, I would have to have agreed to install the product for the consumer and received payment, The consumer however paid a 3rd party by check for the task of installing purchased products: indicating such clearly on her personal check. In so much as she paid a 3rd party the consumer was well aware that her contractual obligation with my company was clearly and simply as the provider of goods for which New Mexico requires no license. My public defender acknowledged that I was correct however the mistake in identity would take far longer to correct than simply bringing an end to this matter with the guilty plea. I did point out directly to the prosecuting individual that the consideration for installation was paid to a third party and not myself or my company to wit she stated and I quote "I do not need to look into that, I have enough to convict you with now. I am aware that it is the ethical obligation and duty of the prosecution and it's office to investigate all avenues, even if they eventually lead to a finding of innocence of the accused. Do I have any legal recourse against prosecution for failure to perform his sworn duty and can I challenge the plea bargain agreement as it was entered into not because of guilty but as a means to bring to an end my confinement of 79 day as a result of the error made by the county jail in booking. And error the jail administrator has ben aware of and failed to correct since june of 2010?. .
  15. We have been late on our rent the past 3 months (but paid) due to no employment. Received a 5 day notice to vacate on Monday. We have no place to go with our 2 boys. We are looking into apartments and other rentals but the earliest we can move is 8 August. How long can we legally remain in the residence?
  16. I purchased a pickup that was in impound from a friend. I had no problem getting the pickup put into my name and getting it out of impound. The problem came after we got it out of impound. The old owner of the pickup still had a lot of stuff in the pickup so he was supposed to take the pickup to his house and clean it out but he never returned it. Can I press charges for anything? And what kind?
  17. I'm accused of sexual harassment by 2 female employees on which I had previous consensual relation and now they're claiming I'm a harasser; I have photo and text messages evidence of previous consensual relation. Agency removed me from my regular functions having me to do other non-clinical duties , but since then I've been subject to work hostile environment and supervisor asked for letters of resignation for me and other peer mate. Supervisor allegedly say have photo evidence of me and another peer taking a beer at lunch time; Supervisor states the photo was taken by a client consuming at the place but I have a witness that states “The photographer walked in and start taking photo”. As soon we got back to work our supervisor asked us take ETHO test at labs clinic at our employer facility, We both accepted to do labs in lieu of supervisor petition, on next day results went positive , but not at intoxicated levels ; I still believe the labs were tainted and manipulated by employer personnel. I challenged my supervisor by showing the allegedly photo evidence but he states "I'm not going to show it to you, this will go to the review discipline board, just accept that you were drinking at lunch time, and I replied , I can't admit something that you said that you have evidence , but you are not showing it to, then he accused me that "You know it was you at the photo" My supervisor keep saying my work is not been satisfactory although having a recent satisfactory year evaluation. Asked both of us for letter of resignation. We are looking for executive discipline review board to expose our case but our supervisor state "If you go through this process, you are on risk of losing your case and we can report grievances to, so I won’t be able to work in my profession again and they can report this to our respective state board and we face the possibility of having our licenses revoked". We personally believe that our supervisor is not acting in good faith and abusing his power since we are on probation period. Everybody at the clinic knows what’s going on and we started to be become the “fest of entertaining” pure gossiping and we think that’s the major reason that our supervisor is asking for our letter of resignations without being subject of disciplinary review without further retaliation and threating our professional careers on both public and private sector.
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