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Found 35 results

  1. Where may I post questions about motions to alter or amend Nevada state court judgments? My civil rights case was dismissed. I filed a motion to alter/amend under NRCP 59(e). The court agreed that my case should not have been dismissed for the reasons it used. The court issued a new set of reasons to dismiss my case. May I once again file another 59(e) to address and argue against those new reasons? Will that continue to toll the time to appeal? If there is a more appropriate forum to bring these questions, please direct me to that forum if one exists.
  2. I completed the final walkthrough on 8/6/19....at that time I had not paid rent for August as the mobile webpage stated I had a credit and therefore would not allow me to make a payment. I printed this report. On 9/3/19, after not getting a refund check, I contacted the management office and was asked to verify my current address. I was told that the statement was mailed to the address I'd given them on my 60=day notice form. I requested it be emailed to me which to date is the only copy I received. I found it interesting that it was dated the day I called. At that time I was told I was not getting a refund as I owed for late fees and rent not paid. I have bank statements and cancelled checks to prove this is not true. On 9/3 I emailed their customercare website (as listed on the statement emailed to me) inquiring on the errors in their report. No one contacted me despite an auto reply that someone would contact me within 48 hours. I called on 9/6/19 and spoke with Mitch. He gave me an email to send my documentation which I did. I have made follow up calls where I've only been able to leave messages. I have not received a response. A follow up email to the address I sent the documentation has only yielded the same "someone will contact you within 48 hours" response. Its now six weeks since my final walkthrough and two weeks since I sent documentation to the customer care email I have not received any statement despite their claim that it was mailed to me. I also never received any requests or notices that my rent had not been made. Bottom line is that place was a living hell. Two men were shot in February 2019, one of them killed. I also witnessed a man try to commit suicide. Lighting issues were not addressed. They began in December and were finally addressed in late July. These included covered parking....at one point 2 of 22 bulbs worked...lighting in stairways and sidewalk areas at the pool...2 of ten bulbs actually worked. My dog got glass in her paw pads as I didn't see glass on our walk which consisted of sidewalk areas. I have documentation of multiple attempts to get management to address lighting issues. Most were answered with a 'we have a plan'. Mandatory sprinkler tests turned out to be false as it was really police raiding an apartment in my building. When my deadbolt broke I had to make several calls and finally go the to leasing office to demand it be replaced. Despite the ongoing police activity that surround the premises the lighting required for first responders either has bad bulbs or is faulty in that they don't illuminate the actual building addresses. This is concerning when there were already events where emergency responders were required. Sometimes seconds count and those seconds shouldn't be spent searching for buildings in the dark. I was told by county officials that working lights were only required for new builds...that there was no enforcement for existing structures. Bottom line is I want to put this part of my life behind me. I do not owe them money and want validation before this turns up on my credit report After deducting the erroneous non payment and late fees the result is they owe me. I want my money.
  3. Can a parole officer require the collection of court fees that have been written off by order of the court? I have attached a partial copy of one of the Orders. If possible, please provide any citation to authority if possible. Thanks!
  4. My niece and her boyfriend both drug addicts and they just had a baby in November 2018, my niece also has a 2 yr old child from the previous relationship. My sister had been caring for that child and she goes out of state with her father and his family several times a year. When niece was giving birth to second child drugs was in the system and in the baby so the hospital called cps worker came and put an infant in maternal grandmother care. Baby stayed in the hospital for 12 days to withdraw off drugs and then discharge home to the maternal grandmother .two weeks later when the baby was two weeks old grandmother and niece called aunt me to take baby they can't care for baby with drugs and a possible Disabilities called in a panic , seen like grandmother was having a breakdown so I rushed over got baby she grandmother called the worker and explained to them you get baby put in foster care or can I give to my sister me.cps worker advised yes just have her file legal guardianship so grandmother went and got me a packet and everyone was in consent and happy the baby was going to be cared for, till tax returns time .on 1/26/19 I get calls demanding baby SSN card do niece on drugs can buy car not baby items a car I said no you need rehabilitation so it got messy and all of them went to my hearing objecting guardianship and lies were told so court left child in my care temporary till evidence hearing in April .evidence hearing I proved to be suitable and met all my factors plus some , but court gave child to grandmother with strong concerns cause sibling .i explained that my new few who lived in grandmother home molested a child when he was teen court did not explore, I explained grandmother lifestyle and leaves kid with new few and at times with niece the natural mother who an addition. Drug use unsupervised. Court still have baby and I lost temp guardianship and have not seem or talk to baby I. 30days grandmother been refusing my calls text and changed her phone .now grandmother been having a affair with a married man for six years and the wife knows , she blames me for that .when grandmother came to pick baby up after court ,niece spit on my face , yelling a me called me names all I said you got baby please leave my driveway.so now what chance do I have to get baby and other child visitation since court said keep sibling together even if not suitable but because of she the grandmother. We had a relationship with both kids I was the Godmother and I named the first child 2yr old.please can I reconsider, appeal or no chance of ever seeing the baby I care for since birth and fell in love but know it was temporarily so parents get clean off drugs and stable.the grandmother had. Applied for SSI on baby while the baby was still in the hospital NICU unit. She only wants money government. they wanted our military medical insurance for baby.
  5. I was on a month-to-month tenancy in Nevada. The landlord required 2 months notice to vacate. I gave the landlord 6 weeks notice, and vacated at that time, owing 2 weeks rent, approximately $450. The debt they sent to collections is $2,300.00. I have pictures of the apartment condition when I left and was in good condition. Now that the debt has gone to collections, is there anyway that I can dispute the amount of the debt? Thank you.
  6. So I messed up when I was younger and didnt live the most honest life but as I have gotten older I am paying for it. I never went to prison and the longest I ever spent in jail was 3 months and that was for A Class G Felony for possession of a Analog,"1 Valium''.That was 7 years ago this April. I Have not had any run ins or tickets nor anything do with the law, I woke up and realized it was time. I currently have a great job and have proof of employment from the last years. Ive been researching how to go about expungment but MI does not expunge they ''set a side''. So anything you can suggest to get a real background criminal arrest record and ect.. And or how I should begin doing this expungment please let me know I would be greatful
  7. I was refinancing a condominium last year and had all paperwork complete, in fact, my entire refinance file was complete, except for the questionnaire to my HOA. The property management company failed to fill out a couple of questions on the broker's questionnaire to them and instead wrote in " we do not track this information" The questions were in regard to 1)the number of units that were owner occupied and 2)the number of units that were rented. Those two questions were not filled out. I made several phone calls to the association, then a letter to the president of the board (I was denied my request for his phone number), and received the same response, "sorry we do not track that information". I had my broker call to talk to the president and the owner of the property management company just before one of our board meetings so he could save time and talk to them both. They both said the same thing again. He re-enforced the importance that Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac must have these two questions answered or they will not accept the refinance file. Again they both said, "no, we do not have that information". I asked the owner of the property management company for my money back ($160 submitted for them to complete the form) which was swiftly refused stating "we filled out the form to the best of our ability". To me it wasn't about the money, it was the fact that my loan could not be submitted without this information. I told her, I was not a cash buyer, and needed a lower interest loan while rates our down. That I would benefit enormously if this could be done. I told her this piece of information is the only thing holding this refi up. She didn't really care. This year, I am trying again and inquired in advance, emailing them the form that my current broker is using. Now I have found that they are having everyone report to them if they are currently renting their property. I received the HOA email request myself. Apparently the CC&Rs state that each owner must report to the HOA if they are renting their property and be able to show the contract. I checked and this requirement was in effect last year. What do you think of how my HOA and board president represented our homeowners? Did they know their job is to enforce the CC&Rs and if that had been done they would have been able to answer those two simple questions? The expenses I was out to process the refinance last year were the appraisal fees and the HOA fee for filling out the form? I would have paid more if the loan had gone through obviously, but it didn't. I'm sure the financial institute was out a lot more than I was. Do you think the HOA or property management company owes me for the expenses I incurred? And for the difference that I have lost in interest fees since I was not able to finance last year because of their error? Or more? Or simply an apology? What do you think? Is this worth going to small claims court or just drop it and move on?
  8. Here I go again... Today, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit pertaining to the way that Clark County Nevada stayed open late on Saturday night. Allegedly, not only was everyone in line at the time the polls closed allowed to vote, but some stragglers were also allowed to cast ballots. While there are specific provisions in Nevada Law regarding poll closings on "Election Day" (Nevada statute 293.273) there are no such hard and fast rules regarding early voting (see Nevada statute 293.3576 ). The election day times are set in stone, and only the people in line at the time the polls close on election day can vote, The early voting rules specify only the times that the sites must be open -- there are no rules regarding what happens after the scheduled closing times each day. So my question is, is the early voting statute written so broadly that it can accommodate giving election officials broad discretion to allow "late arrivals" to vote during early voting? (My uninformed opinion: While there is very good administrative reasons why polls must be closed at a certain time on election day, those reasons do not hold for early voting. And the given that the purpose of early voting is to make voting easier/more accessible, discretion would seem to be consistent with the purpose of the statutes.)
  9. Where can I find a list of forms needed to allow me to be representative/file probate for my mom who recently passed away. She was indigent at the time of death, no estate, no will. What I need specifically are her medical records and I need the legal authority to obtain legal council on behalf of the decedent regarding the cause of her death. My mom lived in Reno, Nevada and I in Columbus, Ohio, at the time of her death. I need medical records from both states, so I assume that I would need to file for probate in each state. To further complicate the matter I may not be able to file and estate/probate in Nevada as I am not a resident . I do have an aunt there who I can co administer with, but prefer if I can, to not have to do that. I am the only child of my mom, she has 1 brother and two sisters living, and my two sons, her grandchildren as far as next to kin goes.
  10. Hello, i had a business which was sold at loss in 2007...through the business I received a loan (credit) 2006. As I recall I was not personally liable for this unsecured debt under the business. I was trying to do the right thing and was paying until it was just too much after the loss of the business. The summons states the default date of 5/9/2011. I had not had any contact until recently in which I was served with a summons on 10/16/2016. my questions are: is there anything I can do to fight this? Statue of limitations etc... I did contact them and requested a copy of original contract showing I did or did not sign as personally liable and they said it was done via phone? I honestly do not remember ever doing this via phone. unfortunately All paperwork from the business was trashed in August because it had been nearly 10 years since I sold the business which was sold only to pay off SBA balance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I was a tenured school teacher and I was arrested for selling non FDA approved herbal ED medication. The detective that arrested me gave the police report directly to my employer and I was fired from my job prior to ever being official charged with a crime. The union neglected to represent me and they signed off on my termination. I went to criminal court and my case was dismissed plain and simple. I was supposed to attended an arbitration hearing under NRS 391 and the Union, Las Vegas Metro Police, and the CCSD all prevented me from attending. I kept hiring lawyers to assist with my employment situation and they were all subcontractors of one entity or another. They all committed arbitration fraud R. S., F. F., J.O., and A.L. forcing my to resign in lue of signing a settlement. Basically I have ever top governmental lawyer perfectly caught red handing defrauding me. I keep calling every lawyer in town and the entire legal community is black balling me because everyone can get sued. I don't know maybe they are saying I'm a drug addict, or dealer. Perhaps they are saying I'm crazy. I don't really care at this point because I have absolutely nothing to lose. I suppose most of the reputable lawyers won't take my case due to a conflict of interest and I respect that. I don't ever care if a lawyer from this forum contacts me. After all the fraud I have had to endure it doesn't matter. I just want the people in the legal community to know it has nothing to do with me. The D. and L. Law Firm, CCEA, LMPD, CCSD, D. M. Law Office and R.S. can all get sued. If you don't care about being black balked like me. Just listen to my story there is no obligation. They are scared because what they did is criminal. Mark my words if I have to represent myself which is my intention someone is going to be prosecuted criminaly by the Federal Government before this all said and done. Sincerly, Michael R.
  12. Due to a recent storm, my fence needs repair. My neighbor is the common area. Does this mean I should send 1/2 of the bill to the HOA?
  13. What does this mean exactly the judge used this term in court today!
  14. I applied to a job with a big company I had worked for in the past, through their online career site. In order to submit the application they required my full social security number to be entered in the application. I was conflicted about the security of entering it, but the site stated my application would not be considered without it. I went ahead and submitted on a Thursday evening. I received an email acknowledgement at the email address I provided, which included a full copy of my online application, including my social security number. They apparently did not have code to restrict the ss # from disclosure through unsecured email. This email account was with a well known service provider. By the following Monday, I received and auto reject letter, which was the fastest response I had ever received and I was alarmed in case this was a scam to get my ss#. I wrote to the CEO of the company and explained the breach of security that occurred. The following week I got an email from a talent manager at the company, asking me to contact her and I replied, but got her out of office notice. She did email back and gave me a phone number to call her as she was offsite all week. When I called I got vm stating she was unavailable, so I left a msg and my call back number, but she never called me back. I emailed again and asked that she at least delete my ss# from all their systems immediately. A couple of days later I received a terse email stating she had deleted my information, so I told her I was still waiting for an explanation as to why the ss# was visible in the email attachment. I never heard back from her, so I emailed the CEO and asked if someone could contact me as soon as possible as they didn't seem to be taking this very seriously. A couple of days later I received an email from the Director of talent services, apologizing that his manager had not responded to my concerns timely and asked to set up a call time, which we did. When he called me, I shared my concerns with him about the publishing of my social security number across unsecure email systems, the requirement of a full ss# in the online app, (which was new) and the failure to establish a secure system and code to remove the ss# from the emails. Also that nobody had bothered to talk to me about it and I was left worrying about the exposure. He said he agreed with my views about all of these concerns and then went on to give me an explanation. He stated the company had recently merged and there were so many job applicants who were former employees of different companies now all merged, that they were in a real mess. This is a major corporation and from my previous experience with the company, I new they had outsourced much of recruitment services to a big company. He explained that the servicing company had implemented this new requirement for the ss# in the online job app. so that they could verify who people were. He agreed with my opinion that obtaining the ss# at the beginning of the process was not a security conscious practice and that it was better to wait until a job offer was made. He then told me that I had brought a major security hole in their system and that a lot of people were working on it to try and fix the problem. He said he did not have access to alter the code, but were working on it to prevent the application being emailed back to prospective employees. I was anxious about it, but because he was frank with me, I didn't want to make a fuss. However, I was later notified by my service provider that my email account was one of a large number that were hacked and that my personal information was compromised. I was instructed to change security questions and my passwords, which I did, but I have no idea what, if any of my email has been accessible to the hackers. I believe Nevada does have a "Security of Personal Information" Statute, my question is, do I have any recourse against the company? They receive a lot of job applications, so thousands of people could have been impacted by this. It is rather an untenable position to be in, knowing that at any time someone could steal my identity. Thanks in advance to anyone who has time to respond.
  15. Sister attacked daughter w/hammer to back of head. State vs (sister's name). Assault w/deadly weapon. Court had police report, hospital report for daughters injury and daily condition for 1 week stay, thick strand of daughters hair. Called DA for explanation of "Dismissed w/o Prejudice". Emailed DA twice - no response. Called again, legal administrator took call. Said it meant could be tried again, possibly judge felt something missing. Asked, like what? She had no idea. Asked if there was Statute of Limitations? She said probably but didn't know exactly. Emailed requesting for court reporters record. No response. Sister in rest home paid for by state. (Previous info Dec 2013. Fast forward to April 2014. Daughter unlike herself. Fast forward May 2016 - first seizure. July 8 - second seizure. July 11 - CAT Scan and MRI. EEG scheduled for 21 July. July 15 - third and final seizure. Daughter dead at 42 yrs of age. How can I determine what more judge needed? I'm getting silence from authorities. Any info or suggestions much appreciated by mother in shock. Do_Not_Understand
  16. I am a shareholder of a company which originated in Nevada but operates its business out of New Mexico and keeps it offices in Arizona. It is trade publicly. Due to what many shareholders consider to be poor leadership we sought to have an annual shareholders meeting, which had not been held in years, to which they refused. Then it was scheduled and cancelled multiple times. This year it appears there will be a meeting. The Bylaws state that the company may have as many as 9 and as few as 2 Directors. Over the years the board had declined to 2 Directors. These 2 approved themselves a $15,000 a month raise including 100's of thousands of options, approved using corporate funds to "hire" companies these 2 owned, cancelled/continued the shareholders meeting until this September where the shareholders had nominated people to be added to the Board, and have failed to provide a full shareholders list to shareholders making proper requests to allow communication about concerns for the company. We sought to call a special meeting but without the shareholders list we had no way to acquire the necessary number of shareholders to support or even know about the desire to do so. In July, prior to the timeline of within 60 days and not less than 30 days prior to the meeting in September the Board amended the bylaws making it a requirement that those nominated must sign an irrevocable resignation from the Board should they "violate" a rule of the Board and they must sign an affidavit that they have no agreements between themselves and others on how they would vote should they be elected. Despite this, some of the shareholders, including myself, have been nominated by other shareholders to run for the Board. Upon being nominated the current two board members have added Board Members, are not accepting certified mail of additional nominations and agenda items sought to be added to the meeting agenda. Just today those nominated received mailings from a law firm from Minnesota, who represents the two Board members in personal matters, that there are now requirements that we answer a plethora of questions including; Have you ever been arrested, charged or convicted of a crime and when have you ever bought or sold shares, and have you ever been divorced or owe debt. The meeting of the shareholders is now scheduled to be in a remote location in New Mexico despite the shareholders from being from all over the country.. With all of that said my questions are: 1. What would be the proper jurisdiction for bringing a suit or injunction if needed? 2. What can we do about our being refused a shareholders list of names, addresses, emails so that those of us nominated can introduce ourselves? 3. Are the additional requirements of signing a pre-dated irrevocable resignation and demanding additional answers to an already properly filed nomination legal? Can a refusal lead to a proper refusal by the Chairman to allow that person being considered? 4. What is considered an effective "deliver to the Secretary no more than 60 days prior or less than 30 days prior to meeting" consist of if they are simply not accepting certified mail? Can we mail it to the attorneys sending out these demands for additional information since they say they represent the Board and company and consider it delivered to the Secretary? 5. Can the current board allow less than the 9 board members allowed by the bylaws being elected and limit it to just whatever number more than 2 they have? 6. Must all those nominated be included in the proxy mailings sent to all shareholders? 7..Can a shareholders demand to be able to review the corporate books be made so it is reviewed with that shareholders counsel present? Prior to the meeting?
  17. My mom and dad are staying at a motel with a rental agreement they have been there for a few years. Me and my brothers and sister come over a lot, but the managers just told us that as a new rule guests can't bring any of there stuff into a room they have to leave them outside. They told us its because they have a bug problem and don't want to take the chance of any getting into the rooms from the bags. We are wondering if they can do this rule since bedbugs travel on clothes also, so leaving everything outside wont really stop them from getting in since they could be on your clothes not just in your stuff.
  18. I was diagnosed with ADHD in August 2000 but never received documentation. I have never had to ask for official documentation because I have never needed accommodations, that is until now. I began my current job in April 2015 and my hiring manager left the company at the end of June, 2 1/2 months after hiring me. I have had 4 supervisors since then, and have received very little training or guidance. I have been subjected to humiliation and criticism over "errors" both real and perceived. Because I was guilty of some errors, I did my best to try and alleviate them, but some were caused by my employer's lack of communicating a consistent schedule to me. I asked my supervisor if he could please help me get a schedule because I can't ensure that I'm putting out a quality work product when the deadlines are changed on me from month to month. I told him that when I don't know my schedule for receiving inputs from others and when my outputs are due, it causes me great anxiety and because of my ADHD, I sometimes miss details when trying to meet a deadline that was changed to be sooner than I expected. After an emotional breakdown on June 22, 2016, I was referred to a therapist. During the 4th visit on July 27, the therapist did the ADHD evaluation to give me the documentation that I requested. She diagnosed me, not only with ADHD, but also PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I verbally informed my supervisor of the diagnosis when I returned to work that day. After reading information about PTSD, I decided that I needed help to deal with the situation I was in at work. On July 28, I emailed my supervisor and HR the following: " I am in the process of finding someone to work with me to help identify my triggers and how to cope with them, as well as to develop a list of accommodations for work. I have been giving thought to what accommodations would be helpful for me. You have asked a couple of times if I need time away from the office. While a day or two of vacation might be helpful, I think another more immediate solution would be for me to temporarily have a modified work schedule in which I work from home on some days and come into the office on others. Do you think this is something that we can do?" HR emailed me back, instructing me to set up a meeting for the next day. My supervisor informed me that my meeting would only be with HR and that I didn't have to inform him of anything that was said during the meeting. On July 29, although I had not met with a provider yet to develop accommodations, I did not want to come unprepared, so I brought a list of suggested accommodations from the Job Accommodation Network, and had marked the ones I thought would be helpful for me. I gave them to the HR representative, who set them aside without even looking at them and says to me "this isn't working out. This job will never be what you want it to be so would you consider your strategy to exit the company over the next month?" I was shocked. She said they didn't want to have to put me on a Performance Improvement Plan down the road and end up terminating me. During the emotional discussion, during which I argued that I could do my job, she finally looked at the list of accommodations and points to a few things on the list that were not items I had marked--"we did this." I said that I didn't need that accommodation and asked if they were just going to decide what accommodations they were going to do without consulting me? She then said that they were not going to give me any accommodations unless the list came from a doctor with the specific accommodations that I needed. At the end of the discussion, she said that as long as I did what my supervisor said then I wouldn't be put on a PIP. August 3rd was my final appointment with the EAP therapist and I asked her to help me with the list of accommodations. She argued with me that mental illness do not qualify as disabilities, and refused to give me the list, although she did give me the diagnosis that only contained PTSD and ADHD. On August 8, the HR representative asked for a follow up meeting, but I told her I wasn't ready to meet yet. On August 9, I went to a psychiatry office to see if they could do testing to identify my specific deficiencies and give me a list of accommodations. That office did not do testing but wanted to charge me $150 to review my file and write a list of accommodations. (It was my first visit and they couldn't do any testing. What file was there to review?) I got another referral from my insurance company and set up an appointment for testing on August 18th. I sent a follow up email to HR letting them know that I was still trying to get the list of accommodations and had an appointment scheduled. The HR representative has also told me that she didn't need a list of specific accommodations, but only if I required "modified duties." I know that a reasonable accommodation cannot be assigning essential functions to someone else--which I don't need. None of the accommodations that I am asking for requires anything that would cause undue hardship to my employer. I believe that they are trying to make me make mistakes so that they can argue that I can't do the essential duties of my job, therefore are not required to provide accommodations. During this last week at work, they allowed my supervisor to take time off in the middle of our month end reporting cycle, which is unheard of in my profession except in emergency cases. While he was gone, I was asked for my reports earlier than I could provide and meetings were scheduled earlier than normal. On August 11th, during my one on one, my supervisor told me that he had not seen any improvement and he was going to place me on a PIP. I said that I had not gotten the accommodations yet and asked if they couldn't at least wait until I got the list and put some in place before they decided that a PIP was needed. He is out of the office this week but has scheduled a PIP meeting for August 22nd when he returns. Sorry this is so long. I've tried to condense to give enough of the important facts--there is so much more that I haven't even mentioned...but with what I have put, would this be considered Disability discrimination? They have informed me of adverse action against me after I have informed them that I am a person with a disability. They have refused my request for accommodations unless it comes from a doctor but are not allowing me time enough time to comply--is this considered failure to accommodate? I want to file an EEOC complaint, but I want to make sure I have done everything right. I contacted a couple of attorneys about this situation on August 8th, but one refused to even talk to me because I am still employed, and I never heard anything from the other. Has this situation now progressed to a point where I should retain counsel? I also believe I may also have a case for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress based on other information I have not provided here, in addition to this latest development. Is this something that an attorney would talk to me about now?
  19. I recently moved out and today I received my deposit. I was charged a cleaning fee, maintenance fee and an unpaid balance. We did a move out inspection and they said everything was clean or the same as it was when we moved in. I know they are allowed to charge a cleaning fee upfront, but we did not agree to that. I feel like we shouldn't have to pay for cleaning because of the results of the inspection. Also the maintenance was all things that was wrong with the house when we got there. There was trash and weeds and on the inspection it states that. The unpaid balance does not worry me because I have the receipts. Do you think I have a case to get my full deposit back?
  20. I live in the state of Nevada. My father owns a condo that I live in and manage. I rent out my 2nd room and my current tenant in that room is smoking marijuana. He has resided in my condo just over a year and half as of now. However, I just found his weed inhaler while I was putting some personal items in my patio and came across it. I encountered him if it was his and he said yes and took it right out of my hand. I told him I do not allow smoking in the condo and he said he has been smoking off and on since he first moved in. I will not tolerate it, can I have means for eviction? I had him sign only a month to month agreement of renting,
  21. I have a brother and a nephew. Brother lives in New Mexico Nephew & I live in Minnesota If my brother passed away without a will, Would my nephew & I be the the heirs to his belongings? Or just me? We 3 are the only family left. Brother has a house, cars, money etc Not sure how much money thou My brother said he doesn't need a will since everything would go to me anyways. Is he correct?
  22. My mom was in ICU and a Resident made me think that he was my mom’s Doctor and told me my mom was NOT sedated and she would NOT wake up and she had brain damage and then pressured me until I said yes to withdrawal life sustaining treatment. And then 2 years later I found out that he lied, my mom WAS sedated that day and he was NOT my mom’s doctor he was an emergency room second year Resident. Do I have grounds for a lawsuit? Because the only proof I have is my word as to what he told me that day.
  23. My fiancee and I want to leave NV and go to his home state of KY after the current school year. My fiancee was offered his grandparents' house now that they have deceased and a job working with his family, but I have a joint custody order with my ex for our 2 children ages 2 and 3. Our 3 year old has been placed in early preschool because he has delayed speech. My ex has the kids 40% of the time and I have them 60%. I've read a lot of the posts here and most say to talk to the other parent but that isn't possible when any decision I bring up for discussion that I would like to do I am told I'm stupid, not a good mother, lazy and other insulting things all in front of our kids. The judge that ruled on the court case has told us to work things out on our own and he didn't want us back in there. He is late intentionally dropping them off to me when I am late getting them to him. I take the city bus do to a medical condition that prevents me from driving, so when I am late it is because the bus was late. He on the other hand gets driven to the designated location each time by his fiancee. When we split up I was pregnant with our daughter and we agreed he wouldn't seek custody unless I seek child support. 2 months after our daughter was born he files for sole custody for both our kids even tho he had never came to see her until he served me the papers. And I believe the only reason he filed for custody was because the woman he is with can not have anymore children and her kids are getting older. I tried explaining all this to the judge but he seem to care and set up a visitation schedule I knew wouldn't work. I believe he is causing problems and using our children as a weapon against me to try and make me give up custody and my rights. For the last few weeks I haven't received the court ordered child support but still give him his visitations because I don't want to breach the order even tho I have had to cash in change just to get money to get the kids to him on the other side of town. My question is... What would I need to do to get the permission to relocate for better opertunities? OR what can I do to get the meeting point moved? We meet where we do now because he lied to the judge about his mode of transportation.
  24. If a felon is let out on Parol the Officer from P&P will do a home check before parole is to be released. He happened to be at a family members home he did not Parol to and they surrounded the home forced entry. Not only beating him up in front of his 17 yr old daughter but tearing apart the entire home. They do not have the right to even search any area the Paroled person does not stay in nor have access to. So what do we do? There was no warrant nor was there any papers shown to any one in the home that they a right to arrest him nor the right to arrest his family member who is not on Parol. Do they have the right to just push there way into anyone's home they believe the violator of his Parol may or may not be at?
  25. Is a parent allowed to move out of the county lines with their two children to a location that is 200 miles away but still in the same state of Nevada? Prior to being granted temp custody, the arrangement was joint custody for parents and will and will likely return to joint custody once case is presented again. Thank You!!
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