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Found 5 results

  1. if my charges were Amended on the 12th of September to intent to distribute shouldn't I get more time to prepare for my case?
  2. We are one of three homes on a large lake that share a private road easement across a neighbor's property. This easement has been in place for over 40 years. Over the lastfew years, 2 trees have grown sloping into the road, along with deep underbrush on both sides. We have been notified by the fire department/ambulance and UPS, that their trucks can no longer come down the road to our property. Who is responsible for maintaining the easement for the purpose of access? All of us lakefront property owners are retired and might well need ambulance service at any time. Furthermore, forest fire incidence has grown sharply in the last ten years. We need access via the easement both for the Quick Response Unit as well as the fire truck. Our insurance company does not know about this situation, but if they were to find out, they would probably refuse to insure these large vacation homes.
  3. My husband and I very worried about our daughter and her 2 boys. A year and a half ago, my daughter was a single mom working a fulltime job, raising her 3 yr old son and doing awesome at it. Then she met her husband. After their first date, everything just went wrong. he cheated on her constantly, lied to her, even got married to another woman, and still dated my daughter. My daughter didn't know he had married, when she found out, He claimed, that he was blacked mailed into it. He charms his way out of trouble with her all the time. This man has lived with my daughter off an on that first year. He has nasty anger issues, very controlling when it comes to my daughter, but indifferent when it comes to her son. He was always sending my grandson to me or his nana. My husband and I tried talking to her about him, her brothers, her friends, but it went nowhere. Even pointing out how he treated her 3yr old son. She's in love and he will get better. This man has 2 little boys of his own, he rarely see's the oldest one (2yr old) and the second one's mother won't let him see him either (1yr old). My daughter said he's a caring and loving father, and that the baby momma's are punishing him, because he won't do what they want. He doesn't have a job and pays no child support. After all this she marries him a day after his second divorce comes final. Now she is pregnant and do in 5 weeks. There is a whole lot more I didn't include. My daughter lost her house, she hasn't been able to work because she has been very ill most of this pregnancy.They live with us now, only because she is pregnant and our grandson. This man has had 3 jobs since they moved in, 2 he walked away from because my daughter didn't answer her phone, the last one he didn't let them know that she was out of the hospital, and he could come in to work. We love our daughter very much, and our grandbabies. We try very hard to be supportive of her. This pregnancy has been very hard on her. She has pneumonia in both lungs, and an infected mass in her left one. the meds have not helped her much, and they are talking about surgery, but they won't do anymore until the baby is born. God forbid anything happens to our daughter, but we want to be prepared if it does. Her husband is not responsible enough to take care of the boys, He simply just doesn't care unless there is something in it for him. What can we do????
  4. Have new dentist, mine retired, I have a $3,000+ bill, and was paying in small increments, That was not fast enough. I am in bankruptcy and my wife has had 5 major surgeries in less than 3 years and that comes first. So I am in small claims court and the Judge decides against me, I appeal and now have 3 days to file and serve briefs, etc. For the proceedings my dentist doesn't show up but sends his non-dentist office manager/wife. Honest, I am not making any of this up. I based my appeal on that silly old constitutional notion of facing one's accuser and being able to question him/her. Isn't that enough? Before retiring last year, I was a Professor and I taught an "ed law" class. This gives me just enough knowledge and experience to be disturbingly dangerous to myself. But, no choice (see bankruptcy & spouse surgeries above). I could take a phonebook yellow page section and randomly, blindly (sale on adverbs I guess) point to pages and ten out of ten times would point to things way less nonsensical than this. But I must do something and any insight would be appreciated.
  5. My fiancée and I currently live in Montana, and we plan to get married in October. We were both married previously so naturally, we are both careful when it comes to financial issues. My fiancée has an existing will dated 2008 in which his father, and siblings are the executors and beneficiaries, respectively. I have my own will in which my family (parents & siblings) are the beneficiaries. The question I have- are wills still valid after two parties marry? I am aware that situations change when people divorce, so I was wondering if the same applies when two people get married? My financial situation is good, so this isn't a situation where I were to depend on my inheritance. I am however, a little nervous about making investments with my future husband (although I trust him implicitly), and it involves his family, if something were to happen to him. Same applies to me, of course, but I intend to change my will after we get married, and add my future husband in it. However, my fiancée said he isn't going to change his will any time soon (trust issues he has with other people), and in fact I don't really know much about his financial status, other than he is solvent, and he has no debts (phew). Money and greed can change the dynamics of a relationship and despite the fact that I respect my future in-laws, there is no guarantee they would treat me fairly should my beloved die before me. This is based on previous history of their family, and who knows, perhaps I'm too negative and unfair here. On the other hand, I have seen too often situations where people squabble and turn on each other, when it comes to wills and inheriting. I suspect that once we get married and stay married a while, my fiancée will change the situation, or at least I hope so. He's been married three times before, each marriage lasting for less than a year- so I completely understand his reticence. His last marriage/divorce happened more than twenty years ago. I was fortunate to be married to the same man for seventeen years, so perhaps I'm a little more trusting in relationships, and the institution of marriage. Any thoughts or advice on the topic of will validity, and my legal situation in the event of my husband dying before me (where his will includes his family but not his wife), would be kindly appreciated! Diana U.
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