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Found 123 results

  1. I drive a maroon Infiniti, which I drove past a Subway today towards the O'Reilly that I bought oil from within the same strip center. The Subway had an armed robbery, assumably simultaneously to my O'Reilly purchase of oil with the attendant's assistance under my hood. I was pulled over leaving and rushed from all directions by officers with their fingers on triggers. Hand cuffed without explanation.The Subway employee had reported my color and model of my car to be the get away car, I finally learn. Handcuffed, not once, but twice! They were going to release me when they saw my O'Reilly receipt and searched my car. (Not the trunk) However, since they did see my car on the video, they slapped the cuffs right back on. Tighter this time. My twin 8 year old boys were to be home from school, and I could not contact any one to care for them. I saw my Mother get shot in the head when I was young, so the barrels at my face and then handcuffs for an hour has me completely traumatized. I'm so glad my boys were safe when I got home. Not to mention one of my business affiliates watched the event. Absolute horse ****.
  2. I went to a dealership with my friend to buy her a truck. I also found a 2004. Jeep that I wanted for $4000. We got her truck, and my Jeep (sold as is), on Friday and my friend wrote them a postdated check to pay for them for the Monday following. She had to bring her truck back on Tuesday for extras. I drove the Jeep home about 40 milles and noticed a burnt oil smell and what look to be a leaking wheel seal so I let it sit till Tuesday and followed my friend back to dealer to show them. They said leave it for a few days and they would check it. Two days later, on Thursday, they called and said the repairs to fix everything that's leaking, will cost me $2800 more. Help! I can't afford $2800 to fix something I only drove home and back. Sincerely, Used car woes
  3. I have a roommate who I felt bad for. She was about to lose her home and be homeless so I offered her to stay with me until she could get on her feet. I have known her for 3 years and she’s been living with me for now 6 months. She’s not trying to find her own place and has a very aggressive side to her. I’m 5 months pregnant and she’s came very violent. Yelling screaming and trying to fight people. She’s not on my lease I’m actually a month to month tenant myself at this point as my lease expired. I have asked several times for her to leave and she refuses. Im a mother of three already and my kids are becoming fearful of her and I’m lost on what to do. I don’t have money for an attorney or I would go there.
  4. I met this guy who is a Real Estate Broker on a dating website in October of 2016. Three or 4 times he ask me out to really nice restaurants. Having worked as a licensed professional in my own career for 25+ years, I was looking for another job on the West Coast to be closer to my family. As I was making several trips out there for this purpose, he began to insist on flying out there to see me even though, clearly I was distracted looking for another job and staying with family, I eventually agreed to let him fly out a couple times. He then began doing his very best to persuade me that I would make much more money if I got by real estate license and went to work for him in St. Louis. So I did this, and began to work for him in April 2017. Two months later he announced that he was no longer "in love" and wanted to date other people. I said was shocked but said fine, but please just live up to your agreement to coach me through this new career curve. Approximately 2 weeks later began the sexual harassment, whereby he made it clear to me that if I wanted to receive the "coaching" I was going to have to give in to his advances. I realized this was way more than I bargained for and began to step back as much as possible, working more from home, and over the course of the next 6 months he gradually started sabotaging me w/ the real estate referrals behind my back. Even though I had referred him 9 of my own family and friends, behind my back he was moving my co-listings to another agent's name in MARIS, not returning phone calls or texts or emails concerning clients questions.. and numerous other underhanded tactics.. Finally when I discovered what he was doing had to be intentional, I confronted him, demanding an explanation as it was clear he was not doing this type of thing to the other full-time agent.. and he fired me. I have audio recordings, unwanted pornographic photo's he took of himself w/ my phone + plenty of documentation I saved from my records, that will support my version of events.. However, am I just SOL as an Indep. Contractor.. Also have some poss. ethics violations re: his business dealings, that I had complained about early on.. Any recourse?
  5. I need help! Let me start from the beginning. In May 2016 I bought a trailer home, single wide, from a family member. Anyway he had the trailer given to him as Payment for a job he’d done for some guy. And I bought it 3 weeks later. No title at the time. Fast forward to December 2017 and the guy mails the title to my family member finally. But the guy hadn’t even titled it himself! It still has the original sellers name on the title he signed the back and everything! So all I’d have to do is fill out the amount, date of purchase, and sign and take it to the DMV! Easy right? Nope cuz I’m stupid! I wasn’t aware that I had to even go to the DMV and get it titled! Never had to do it before except for my car I have but I didn’t know trailer homes where like cars so I didn’t know all this stuff. Anyway you know what I do! I’ll tell you and hopefully someone can help me. Now it’s the beginning of March, I go to the court house to pay my taxes on my vehicle and I thought I had to report my trailer home to the assessor! You know so I could pay my 2017 tax on it since I got it in may 2016. And I told her I got it from my family member, told her the name of them, and where they lived and where I lived. She even pulled out maps! So I did. Well surprise she cant find record of it even when I tell her the vin# and where it is on the map and who I bought it from. She chaulks the whole thing up as maybe someone already paid the taxes on it. So she put it down for 2018 for me! Well I’m confused at this point so after I leave I ask a good friend of mine and they told me I was supposed to of titled it first! Now here’s my question: What do I do? Do I go ahead and Title it even tho the name on the title of the seller won’t match up to what I told my assessor or the date of purchase? I’m scared I’m going to get fined a huge penalty and get my family member in trouble.
  6. First of all let me make this completely CLEAR. I was NOT on any drugs. I was not driving erratically. There was absolutely no reason for me to be pulled over. Everything the officer said in his narrative was complete lies. NOW. Weather you chose to believe me or not is irrelevant. The below is the report my public defender says is the result of the blood drug test. And he is saying that is all. The first two is the diazepam I had a 10mg tablet 12 hours before I was arrested. The other two are my anti depressant and anxiety that I took TWO days before. I swear everything I am stating is 1000% the truth. Drug confirmation by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry: diazepam nordiazepam oxazepam temazepam The blood collection tube, sample and method of analysis are compliant with the requirements of 19 CSR25-30.070 or 19 CSR 25-30.080, as applicable. I, the undersigned, performed the analyses described in this report. Xxx DHSS type 1 Permit # Expires 09/14/2019, assisted in the analyses. This report contains opinions, interpretations and/or conclusions of the undersigned. I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and accurate summation of the results of analyses conducted. I asked my public defender for the detailed report. Here is what he replied with. Spoke to your prosecutor yesterday. The state says there is not a more detailed report. They say in terms of DWI that does not involve alcohol, the lab only tests for the presence of substances and not the actual amounts. With alcohol testing the lab reports produce an exact BAC reading, but that's not the case with non-alcohol blood testing. So you can be charged with a DUI even if you hadn't had any prescribed medication in days? How is this even possible or legal?
  7. Eviction notice from Sheriff's Department wanting to know if there's anything we can do to buy more time than the 3 days that we have to be out and the property has been rented illegally and not registered as a rental
  8. I live on a half acre lot, the property behind my house is wooded and to my left is my neighbors half acre lot and on My right is a half acre that was left wooded and owned by the company that developed my subdivision, it was left empty because it wouldn't be practical to put a house there because of how the terrain is. I do plan to make an offer on the property in the future, but i would still like to use it now to make a play area for my kids, I know that if I were to make improvements and actively use the property for 10 years, I can file for legal ownership of it, but I wasn't sure if I would be in a lot of trouble if the owner would happen to see me using it. Right now it is a wooded mess, with trash and an old abandon car and everything, so any work I do would be improvments, and there arnt any privet property or no trespassing signs posted.
  9. I was admitted into the hospital in Oct. 2015 with a very low white blood count. At about 0.2. I was given antibiotics and morphine because of my stomach hurting also. Because of the morphine I was told to hit the call button to get help up. Later that evening I hit the call button and 2 nurses aides came in and one took my arm and jerked me up out of bed telling me that, "I'm going to have to learn to do things by myself." Scared me half to death. The other aide after I was jerked up from laying down ran from the room. I proceeded into into the restroom and told her I got it from here but she wouldn't leave. She proceeded to kick the bedpan across the restroom/walk-in shower saying, "I bet you don't even know what this is for." I couldn't believe this and I went back to my bed and called my wife to come back up to spend the night as I was scared to go to sleep with her there. I made a complaint in the morning and all day people from offices (dressed in suits and nice clothes) came and asked me questions. They made her come and apologize but I told them I don't want her anywhere around me. I guess they told her to stay out of my room. Two days past. The hospitalist doctor came in and said that he didn't know when I would be going home and made it sound like a couple of weeks at least that I may be there. The next evening she was back in my room. I told her to get out of my room, called my wife who had to go home to attend to pets and she spent the night again. I was scared of what she might do again while I was sleeping. Morning shift came on and I told the head nurse about it and she said, "Rachael was back in here?" Within a couple of hours I was all the sudden better to go home. Although my white blood count had not gone up that much. I think they just wanted me out. I started to have pains in my shoulder and was told in Nov-Dec 2017 that I would have to have shoulder surgery. When she jerked me out of bed I know it was because of her actions. But 2 years had past and I guess now I can't sue. In Jan. 2018 I was admitted to the same hospital with another low white cell count, pnenomia and extreme hurting in my shoulder. I kept telling them about the previous incident and didn't see the Rachael until the 4th morning. Waking up at 6:30 for a sonogram on my stomach and I look up and see two nurses aides outside my door one behind the other on tippy toes. I told my wife to go see who the one was. She come back and said Rachael (nametag), Rachael was standing there looking at me taunting me. I heard the other aide say, "Yeah, I remember you." That made me scared again wondering if she had come into my room that night and did something to my IV, putting something in my drink or whatever. The hospitalist and I talked and he let me go home as I was scared. Because she came back and this apparently is and will be an ongoing situation if I am admitted again can I sue the hospital/hospitalist/doctor/nurse/nursesaide? What can I do? I shouldn't have to go through the pain and recovery of rotorcup surgery. I have had a cortizone shot in my shoulder putting off surgery because they want to focus on my white cell count. I had a Bone Marrow Biopsy about 12 days ago and I go in today to find out the results. I am disabled due to discs in my back, a car wreck and a blood disease. I did not know Rachael or had ever been in that hospital before. Why she did that I have no idea and I wonder how many other people she had done that to that are too old or afraid to say something. I was surprised she was still employed there. I think the hospital let me out too early the first time because of my complaint and what I would do. This hospital has a bad reputation in the community (people say they go to other hospitals) and just last week laid off 44 people possibly making it understaffed and more being taken out on patients. Thank you for any guidance or information that you can give me.
  10. i’m 16 , i’m on probation and recently just got put on house arrest. i’m on probation until july, and house arrest until march 30th. my birthday is in a month. my mother and i have major problems, we don’t get along and have a huge barrier between us. she doesn’t want me here living with her, and neither do i. i have major depressive disorder, odd , generalized anxiety disorder, along with a few other mental issues. it makes it very hard to deal with daily life here at my moms when we have these communication problems. we just can’t get along and haven’t been able to since i was 10. i’ve seen various psychologists and psychiatrists, been on a large variety of medications and countless family counseling sessions. nothing seems to work. my mom and i are trying to figure out what to do. i don’t have any family i can go live with either. missouri has no emancipation laws , so i’m not sure if that’s an option. i’m about to turn 17. i just don’t know what to do and i’m getting to my breaking point, mentally. i want to know what other options are, but i have yet to find someone to help me figure it out. i don’t have anyone i can stay with, family members or close friends. my probation officer would need to approve where i go too. can someone please help me ? i don’t know what to do.
  11. My question is will the IRS take my tax refund and put it towards my arrears for child support? I work full time and the state takes the current and $100 extra for the arrears each month. I do have a child that lives with me full time and I claimed her as a dependent and I really need the money from my tax refund. Is there anything I can do to prevent the IRS from taking my tax refund?
  12. Yes im looking for advice...i financed a truck through a finance company in texas. I feel as though im being railroaded as i pay high interest and ive been paying on said vehicle for 2 years and my balance owed has done nothing but go up. I financed $27,272 and they say i still owe almost $31000. My payment is $759.63 a month. Ive talked to other dealerships and they say i need an attorney because this is preditory lending. Can an attorney please get ahold of me for more information. I feel this can be class action becuase im sure this finance company is doing the same to others!! Thank you
  13. Is there a way to get an old (5 year) misdomeaner back into court after a plea bargain??????? I was mislead by the system and am a little older now and a bit more knowledgeable and want to go back and fight it because no crime was committed.
  14. My landlord had her brother-in-law rent out her house. My lease started October 1, 2017. I signed the lease in September. However the owner/brother in law did not sign the lease until December 2017. The leasing agreement has " As is" on the top and the landlord states now, that it means they are not responsible for repairs. I was told by the owner's brother-in-law that doesn't speak very good English that "We fix, We Fix" in response to my question, before signing the lease, as to whether they will repair plumbing, or anything major. In October I noticed the bathroom tile was buckling. I also noticed there were a few wet areas on the bathroom floor near the toilet and tub. One of the tiles started to come up. Upon looking under the tile, I notice the wood floor underneath was wet. I had no idea why this was happening. Early December the sewer and toilet overflowed and was stopped up in the basement. After I called a plumber, it was later found that the previous tenants had flushed diapers in the toilet. I have no kids. Late December I went into the basement and saw water dripping from the ceiling directly under my bathroom. I took pictures, called the landlord's brother in law/sister and let them know water was leaking and now the basement ceiling was beginning to buckle and would probably eventually fall in and it did two days later (the owner lives in Korea). They are stating that they are not responsible for these repairs since they added "As is" to the leasing agreement The water is constantly running into the basement, between the walls and outside the house which now has frozen. Are they responsible for repairs? Am I legally bound by a contract with "As is" hand written on it? What can I do? Please help.
  15. Back Story... Mother and Father were married and had two children (boys). Mother and father divorced and both parents shared legal and physical custody of children. Father spanks oldest child for being disrespectful and leaves a bruise on childs buttocks. Mother sees bruise and questions father. Father ignores. 1 week later, mother takes child to police station to file charges of abuse. Mother takes own pictures of week old bruise. Police interview father and tell mother that if she wants to pursue further she needs to contact the state's child abuse and neglect department. Mother calls child abuse and neglect. Investigation starts. DCFS interviews father multiple times (including home visits). Mother also alleges drug and alcohol abuse by father. DCFS requires father to take a series of drug/alcohol tests. Father complies and passes all required tests. DCFS makes recommendation to court that custody stays the same, that there is no abuse. Judge decides otherwise and give father only supervised visits and has to complete the following prior to visiting children : 3 drug/alcohol tests, an substance abuse evaluation and a parenting class. Father is contesting the judges ruling and requesting custody and visitation stay the same. Court resumes at the end of January. Any advise or suggestions? Also, father has passed all tests, evaluations and parenting classes with flying colors.
  16. I'm a bartender in Missouri. As of a few months ago, we are no longer "allowed" to get our tip out at the end of the night. We are required to give all the money to the GM of the hotel who then takes the deposit and puts our tips into a safe until we come and get them. They claim every penny for us and there is no way of knowing if the tip out we are receiving is actually correct. Another issue is that when we work a banquet. They charge a "bartender fee" of $75 of which we do not see. It is supposed to cover our hourly wages. That is not necessarily the issue, the big thing is that no matter how big the tab that is ran at the bar, they charge an automatic 20% gratuity and then from that 20% they take 60% of it as a hotel and then the remaining 40% of the gratuity is put in a pool of tips from other banquets worked throughout the hotel that week. It ends up so that I never see a dollar of the gratuity at all. I have asked the GM, head of food and beverage, and my managers on how exactly we get paid for working these banquets because it seems that we are just free laborers. Every single one of them refers me on to the next person. I asked to get in writing on how we get paid and it is not written anywhere and was not offered to be written out. I think there is defiantly something going on behind the scenes with this place. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Can a Missouri judge order how to divide property in Mexico when the parties own property there? The parties reside in Missouri but own property in Mexico. and if he does, shouldn't the judge divide the property located in Mexico according to Mexican rules? for instance, in Mexico the division is 50/50 not matter what, which is different in the state of Missouri.
  18. Can an HOA raise the annual dues 250% or more when the covenants state: Until otherwise changed as provided herein after the Annual and Special assessments shall not exceed the following: One Hundred Eighty Dollars ($180.00) for each lot as per plat in said subdivision per year. This is in Missouri.
  19. ok, my husband is an abuser and he kept control of all our assets. We have enough assets to liquidate to pay for our legal fees. we are divorcing and I don't have money to pay for my legal fees anymore , I already spent all I had, he has all the access to the assets to pay for his legal fees. He is making this long on purpose. Is there anything I can do about that? I know sometimes legal fees are awarded at the end of the trial but I need the money now.
  20. Just wandering, was involved in a accident in March and insurance company wants to settle. This accident was not at all my fault. For pain and suffering for a cervical sprain they offered 3500.00 is this a fair amount. I have been to chiropractor, physical therapy, seen a neurological doctor.
  21. Last year, the boiler in my apartment building went out, and it took the landlord more than a month to replace it. My apartment was so cold, dropping to a low of 35 degrees, that I shivered until I ached. Several times the landlord gave notice that the problem was being fixed, but it wasn't. And even more than a month after the boiler no longer worked, the landlord gave notice that he was trying to decide whether to install new heating or replace the radiator boiler with a new one. I suffered immeasurably, and would like to know if there's any legal recourse. The landlord did supply heaters, but they were insufficient. And since that time, the building has been sold.
  22. My landlord keeps making excuses for not making roof repairs, while my apartment continues to show signs of water damage. In one room, chunks of the ceiling have literally fallen and hit me in the head, and now there's a gaping hole in the ceiling where water pours in during rainstorms. In another room, the ceiling is peeling away a little at a time, and parts of the ceiling keep falling to the floor. It's been three months or longer since this problem began, and the landlord keeps making excuses for not making repairs. One excuse was that a repairman "eye-balled" the roof, and couldn't detect where a leak might be. I also fear that with ongoing leaks from the roof into the apartment that black mold may have formed, and may be seriously impairing my health. What recourse do I have, if any?
  23. My son ( who is 21) and his girlfriend split up shortly after their son was born. She had a protection order but dropped it after spending weekends with my son because she said she was just angry. Since then she's hot and cold. He told her he didnt want to get back together, she yanked baby boy away and stated "then you'll never see your son.". In the beginning, He got to see him one time in four months because he pretended to change his mind. Each time when she left, shed get mad about something and make same threat. Since then he's seen him Twice here at our home. Mother is always part of the package. Environment isn't hostile toward mother because, I love baby boy and daddy and refuse to be selfish no matter what my personal thoughts are. She will always be mom and it can only serve to stress child if u hate on her. A few weeks ago, mom went to jail for probation absconding. She promised if that ever happened baby boy will be brought to daddy. But when it happened, my son called jail to ask about baby and she said ,"I don't want him anywhere near my son". She has hid the child within the circle of family members and friends. Son called authorities in the town she lives and was jailed in. They said even though he is on the birth certificate, there is no custody agreement so he has no right to his son.They said they can do a well-child check but they aren't obliged to even tell him where baby boy is. He has a disability and is filing for disability but can't afford litigation and everyone has pretty much said it's a lost cause. He is feeling very hopeless..... My heart is breaking for him because my son a d I were a victim of pare tal alienation for 16 years. I went through a similar situation with my ex. Only neither of us was incarcerated. He was just bitter about our breakup. My son is 19 now. Left his dad at 18 . He and I have a great bond and relationship. He wants nothing to do with his dad because of the alienation. I hope one day they can work thru their hurt. I shared my story with my son's gf when baby was born. She said she'd never do that. Anger is powerful. Is my son powerless. He's losing hope.
  24. My Gf and i split up and she has not stayed at the apartment for 2 months but only signed an addendum stating that she is no longer a tenant as of 18 days ago. We have a lot of items that were purchased when we were together and co-own and have a lot of items that were gifted to us. She says she wants all the items but they were gifts to us as a couple so how would that be split up? The gifted items include washer/dryer, dinning room table, TV, and dresser. All these items were gifted by her parents while my parents spent a significant amount of money to take her on family vacations and paying for plane tickets. Since it is a battle of physically gifted items over monetary gifts, i'm not sure what rights i have in this situation and what i'm entitled to. I should also add i am willing to give her back all of her personal property but i am not going to just let her take everything that was gifted to us.
  25. I hav some unsavory neighbors next to a rent house I own. I pulled up their public real estate records to find out who they are. There was a notice in records that their house was to be sold by government for back taxes. What a good way to get rid of them. Buy their house. I has a title co do a letter search to find out about any liens and whether it would be worth my time. It was not, BUT the title company mailed my invoice to the people whose home they researched for me. They were very threatening to me before and now I'm scared to even go to my rental property. They have threatened to shoot me and other vulgar things. I'm very angry the title company sent this info to them. I had to take out a restraining order against them And I'm looking over my shoulder all the time now. Do I have a lawsuit against the title company. They apologized and admitted their mistake. Their lawyer called me and did the same. They sent me reimbursement for the title letter search. I'm not cashing it till I know if the can be held liable for this