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Found 85 results

  1. Hello i have a 2 year old daughter who my mother has custody of her and i am trying to get custody of her and not knowledgeable of what paperwork or motions to file as i currently filed wrong ones and no money for lawyer if anyone can help me thank you
  2. I just wanted to ask a question. Hi im Annie. Im on probation, and the other day went shopping with my boyfriend, his friend, and his nephew, we all walked around for a while and pur stuff in the cart we needed i went through check out and had to use 3 different credit cards cause they only had little amount on each anyway got done in check our and start going to the car, thats when the. Mananger stop me and asked me some questions about something that was seen in my cart then 30 sec after wasnt in my cart anymore asking if i knew where the item was or if i knew the boy i was with took it or what did he do with it of course i didnt know so he told me to stay where i was and said please so to be respectable i stayed where i was well a few seconds later the police come in and walk past me im still sitting there, they end up arresting him for theft, the cops come to me and ask if there is anything in my bag that i need to tell them about i said no i didnt steal anyrhing and they ask if they coukd search my bag i really didnt say yes or no well he reached his hand in my bag and found a box which had a controlled substance in it which they placed me under arrest but didnt put any cuffs on me and they didnt even read my mirada rights to me, Do they really got a case??? I was booked and released later that night. And in the paper it says arrested for a controlled substances( not more then 35 grams of marijuana)....
  3. I was seeking mental health treatment in a in patient facility, resident for almost 2 weeks. I made a request for a treatment plan with a discharge date with the nurse practitioner and was refused. Next day,I again requested a discharge date with a rough draft treatment plan and supporting claims. Again denied and I mentioned requesting AMA if I wasn't given a plan for treatment soon. NP stated I looked manic, I admitted to feeling anxiety over the issue. She left to speak with the psychologist (I hadn't met) only to return and state that if I filed a request they would hold me involuntarily and move me to the acute wing. I was very upset by the threat and retreated back to my room and layed on the bed reading for a couple hours. The next day the N.P. calls me into her office and tells me they overdosed my meds and it was best for me to stay at least 2 more days to balance the chemicals. I agreed. The following day a Friday. I was told I was being discharged, went to fill my prescriptions and was informed my insurance dropped me that day. Could the N.P. a/o Dr. a/o facility be sued for discharging me knowing I was without medications/insurance? Insurance approved the in patient stay and Bills incurred but stated I failed to return a form, mailed to my house, during my hospitalization. Could the insurance company be sued for cancelling my policy knowing I did not have access/ ability to perform such a request at that time?
  4. I was told by my PO to file for early release that I had a good chance of getting it so I did Well when the government responses came back my PO put on there I had a dirty UA which I have never had. That I also went and got prescriptions for adderall after UA when in fact I have been on for years. I have proof of medical records and PO cannot produce paperwork on dirty UA. So what can I do about his lies to US attorney?
  5. Myself and my legally married husband(we're a gay married couple) co-owner of our residence, which was purchased after our marriage are being charged and prosecuted separately for city ordinance violations. With each violation we have been written separate tickets and have individual court cases for the exact same violation. Is this legal or is it a form of double jeopardy?
  6. Would an equity grant be as of the contract date or the litigated judgment date if it was never awarded previously? In a employment contract dispute regarding equity, would the equity grant be as of the contract date (2015) or judgment date (2018)? The equity was never awarded and was litigated. If its retroactive to 2015, it causes MAJOR accounting and dilutions problems. If its as of the judgment date (or subsequent grant date) then the award is much more valuable than if awarded in 2015 because of avoiding significant dilution. Thanks!
  7. My father died in December, 2006. In February, 2007 I received an email from my stepmother requesting the legal names and social security #’s of myself and my adult children. She told me it was my grandmother’s intention to put our names on some POD bank accounts since my father had passed. In June of 2010, my grandmother died. A week after I emailed my stepmother regarding the POD’s (I still have these emails). She informed me that nothing ever came of it and that there were no accounts in my name. She was getting ready to go to Germany to visit her family and said she would talk to me when she got back. I never heard from her again. There was no will. It was my impression at the time that everything went to my uncle. My stepmother died Oct. 30 of this year in an accidental death. My brother called to inform me. As my brother and I continued talking (we hadn’t talked in years) I found out that my grandmothers estate was divided between my uncle, my brother, and my stepmother. My uncle received 360,000, my brother 180,000, and my stepmother 180,000. My stepmother knew of my grandmother’s intentions to put me and my adult children on some of the bank accounts. I know for a fact that my grandmother would not have wanted any money to go to my stepmother as my grandmother always talked about “blood”. She considered those married into the family as outsiders. Is it too late to sue my grandmothers estate, and can I sue my stepmothers estate? Is there anything at all I can legally do? Edit: I should also mention that my grandmother's house is in question as to legal ownership. Something to do with my grandparent's tenancy by the entirety ending when they divorced...the house is currently under my father's name, my uncle's name, and my grandmother's name. The entire probate estate of my deceased grandfather is missing in archive. I and all of my deceased father's legal heirs were asked to sign quit claim deeds leaving my uncle as sole owner. I refused and the house is now being rented by my uncle.
  8. I plead guilty to misdemeanor theft of 500 dollars or less. I was sentenced to one-year county jail suspended to supervised probation 2 years. I did the 2 years probation but got suspended and put on another 2years probation for dirty UA. I am now into my 11 months of the second sentence and got violated for dirty UA. Probation is asking for the term of probation be suspended and violation hearing is scheduled.
  9. II have a civil case pending. Before it starts the defendant and his girlfriend pull ex parte on me. 1st hearing they say everything is ok. 2 month extension. 2nd hearing before I go into court. I use restroom.. i take lasik. 5-6 minutes tops getting to court. I dont see them.short version. They hired an attorney on the spot he transferred the cases all in 3 minutes (YES I TRIED TO SET ASIDE) Transcript show he is talking to judge about this trial and is twisting things around to make me look guilty. Alonmg with now on case.net im defaulted to those terms. I want to show Trial by media between being on public transcripts and case.net Any juror can pull that up and form opinion of me.and no unbiased jury. Can I do it?
  10. In an LLC, can the majority proceed on a legitimate business issue by written consent (written consents are allowed according to operating agreement) and not inform the minority of the vote because their votes don't matter? If so, is this also proper in a 2 manager LLC if one manager has tie breaker rights? Basically, can the single manager draft a written consent and sign it because he has tie breaking authority?
  11. Can I plant small plants beyond my front lawn, beside the sidewalk on the strip of grass owned by the city ?
  12. LL appealed, can't find Lawyer to represent tenant, disability only income,on sec 8 housing,LL did not make repairs, tried to enter apt. No notice given knowing I was not home, filed eviction saying rent owed when it was paid. Caused unnessary stress, worry, expenses, harassment & deflamation of character which caused tenant to b admitted to hospital, totaled van trying to get stuff ready for court possible stroke. Now more stress anxiety worry any lawyer available to help with appeal or information on how. His own Tex convicted him all entered into court as evidence
  13. Patient was in hospital, due to water retention from congestive heart failure. After being there a week, he spit up very small amount of blood, so an upper GI was performed. During that procedure, he choked to death. People dont die during this procedure, do they? When the hospital called his wife, they were still doing chest compressions, but obviously to no avail.
  14. I have been dealing with ChiIdrens Division since December 19th 2017. My first interaction with them was an investigator telling my 17 yr old nephew I had 24 hours to get in touch with her or should would be back with the police to take my kids. I was at work when this occured. She left no name no number no contact information. I called the office downtown and they connected me with "abby" the investigator who came to my house. I left a voicemail on her phone and she called me back at 7pm at my work. She wanted to meet me so she told me she would meet me at my job the following day at 12pm. So the next day I went to work and she came in and we sat and talked she told me that there had been a called made in regards to My oldest daughters mental health being neglected. ( My oldest child who was 13 did not live with me she was living at a friends house who had power of attorney over her because of the school my child went to and i didnt live in that district anymore) ( She was only spouse to live there till Christmas break because we were spouse to move into a new house over the break and start the second semester at a new school) I had explained to the investigator our entire situatition and what all had happened and why she was staying with a friend instead of with me. The investigator procceded to tell me that I was not allowed to go pick my child up because she had been place on a "saftey plan" with this "friend" I was livid because this was the first day of christmas day and it had been planned for 3 months that I was picking her up this day. I expressed with this investigator how i felt about it and she then told me that she would speak to her supervisor and set up an emergency "team meeting" to discuss the concerns. The next day the investigator calls me and tells me the meeting is set for the following day December 22 2018 at 3 pm. We all go to this "meeting" and I learned that My daughter had been cutting herself with razor blades on her arms and theighs and that she had been talking about killing herself. The counslor from her school was there and addmitted to the "team" that they intentionally didnt not tell me that this was going on even though they had knowledge of it. Childrens Division was demanding that My oldest daughter remain where she was however my 2 younger kids could stay with me because they seen no concerning issues with them being in my care. I was then told that if I moved I couldnt take my kids with me. I then learned that the investigator went to my daughters Grandmas house and spoke to my younger kids without my knowledge. I kept getting to to stop talking and to shut up during this entire meeting. After this meeting my oldest daughter wanted to come to my house so the family friend brought her to me. Picked her back up from my house christmas eve while I was working. I didnt even get to have christmas with my kids. After Christmas break was over I went to go take my 2 younger kids to school and the school told me that they had a lady name abby call them over break and that lady told them iI didnt live in the school district when in fact I did, so they said that my kids could not return to school without me providing 3 more proofs of residency. I called the investigator to tell her what was going on and all she said is that she was aware of the schooling issue and she would speak to her supervisor and get back with me. Well she never got back with me. On January 17th my oldest daughter messaged me and told me that she felt like she needed another eval from the hospital and that she was feeling like harming herself. I took her to the hospital where she was later admitted. She was in the hospital for about 5 days got discharged. Had a follow up appointment on the 25th the lady she lived with couldnt take her i arranged for a ride I had no car or license my ride never showed up so I called the place where her appointment was and left a message giving them The number to reach the lady my child lived with to reschedule with her since she has a car its more reliable. The lady she lived with called the abuse and neglect hotline on me for not taking her to the appointment. On Januarary 27th this "friend" called me asked me if I was at work I said yes, she said she would be up soon that she needed to talk to me. About 20 minutes past and her and my daughter showed up I walked to meet them at the door. My daughter is in a hoodie and stopped me from hugging her. she then took her hoodie off and both arms were wrapped in gauze. She then took the gauze off and she had about 150 cuts up and down and side to side over both of her arms. She then tells me if she cant come home then she wants to go be with her grandma who had passed about 6 months prior. all i could do is hug her and tell her i love her, she then told me that she talked her way into being discharged last time and she wants to go back and promised she would be more honest with the doctors. During the stay at the hospital I learned that a kids brought her a razor blade to school and gave it to her and told her to go kill herself. Feb 2 my daughter was released and I decided that I couldnt all my to go back to that house or school after this. I then took my daughter with me and called the investigator to tell her what all was going on and told her that since she stopped me from moving in December I needed her to help me get my kids into school or i needed her to get legal documents for my kids grandma to get the kids in school and they could remain with their grandma for the rest of the school year. I tried reaching her 4 times that week and finally on the 12th 10 days later she tells me again she will talk to her supervisor. Febuarary 16th my kids went to their grandmas for what was only spouse to be one night on the 17th my kids grandma tells me that i can not have my kids back that childrens division told her not to let me have them. I tried calling and calling never got a response. Finally Feb 23rd the investigator called me and told me we had a meeting that same day and i needed to be there. At this meeting I was told that she had placed my kids in states custody. She then seperated all 3 of my kids. My oldest went with her Dad my middle one with her dad and my youngest stayed with "grandma" my middle daughters grandma. I later learned that my youngest child was with My oldest daughters father and I then messaged the investigator and said" How dare you take my innocent children and place them in the hands of an abuser and predator I will not stop fighting to untill all the wrongs she has done to my family was made more then right" the next day they placed my youngest daughter back with "grandma". March 15th I got a call and was told there was another meeting the next day at 9 am and i needed to be there. When I showed up I was served with papers for court that very day at 2 pm. Durning this meeting the new caseworker yelled at the investigator asking if i asked her for help why did she not provide me with the help I needed. I was then told i needed to be at court early so i could talk to a lady and get screened for "drug court". I was confused as to why. I should up and when i talked to this lady she wanted me to go in front of the judge and tell him i had a drug problem and then i would get all the help i needed. I refused to do that because I had no drug problem and because i then didnt not qualify for drug court they had to change everyone on my case the judge the gal the caseworkers everyone. When we went to court the investigator on the case never even showed up. I then learned that the order of protection that filed on me was for "unsanitry living conditions" Not one time had there ever been a home study done. so i was even more confused. The last week of March they went to my kids grandmas house one day randomly and met my youngest daughter there after school one day and made her grandma pack her things and ripped my daughter screaming and crying off her grandmas leg told her she could stay because they were not blood related and made her go with my brother whom she didnt know at all. Me and my bother had not had any contact or relationship in over 5 years. Then the last Friday in March my kids grandma got a call from my oldest daughter and the police, she had ran away from her dads house where there was physical and mental abuse happening and My daughter then went to go stay with her grandma. the second week of april the ripped my middle daughter out of the middle of school and made her go with my aunt to go with my brother and her younger sister. Overlooked her grandma completely. The middle of may they decided to move my oldest daughter back into the same house that she was at when she was cutting before i took her. They never even told the grandma what was going on or why. nothing at all. A few weeks ago my oldest was placed back with her grandma and she told us that she lost her virginity when she was 13 in the foster home to her 15 year old foster brother. My 2 younger girls are bullied and torchered by my brother and cps does nothing about it. I am only allowed 3 hours a week supervised visits with my kids. My lawyer is a land lawyer and at first he thought there was more then enough reasons to get this case dismissed but he hasnt been able to get it dismissed nor has anything gotten better. i havent been able to speek at all through this case and my lawyer filed a motion for a rehearing and it was denied and our last hearing was Aug 7th and there still is no judges order and no one has any answers nor can anyone help me...
  15. My cousin is in a Missouri prison and going through the appellate process. He had a jury trial. The appellate court judge is the same judge he had at his trial. How can this be? How can a judge rule against the trial judges actions if he is that same judge? Is that not a conflict of interest? Also, how many judges should be at an appellate hearing? Thank you for your time.
  16. I got in a accident with myself Nov 2012, busted head open and was ejected from car.I dont remember much, when I came to I was told I i refused brethlyzer, police took my license, I hired attourney immediately, was not aware of laws, thought lawyer would take care of it all. Never game a permit nor a appeal option we could have within 15 days, now all these yrs later has 2 driving while susp and 2 pending , now i need to appeal with satop as they put me on highest level witch it 75 hours of groups and counseling, i work alot have a disabled wife . Do you think a judge would look at this case ?? I was wrongfully charged the case went on for 4 yrs before they chrged with cni
  17. reed7714


    My boyfriend and I are from Kansas City KS, and he has felony DUI charges in Kansas. This weekend we went to Branson MO for a family vacation, he had left to go get our daughter some medication, but wasn't drinking that morning. He and I had both had several drinks the night before and were up fairly late (went to bed around 2am) and he was up at 7:30. He wasn't drunk anymore but I don't doubt there was alcohol in his system still with the amount we both drank and the lack of food we ate after 10pm. He was in a car accident, which was both drivers faults according to the officer I spoke with, but he has prior DUI's and was arrested on scene. They originally told me that he was being held on a 24 hour hold by Branson PD due to an outstanding speeding ticket in another county that he hadn't paid and that I could bond him out the next day after the 24 hour hold was up. Later that afternoon/evening they told me that wasn't the case and that he wouldn't be allowed to be released if a warrant was dropped on him by Branson PD before his 24 hour hold was up. 20 minutes prior to it being up, he was charged with DWI. How will or can he be charged in MO with his prior offenses being in another state? This is his first offense in MO of any kind, including speeding tickets or anything, we live on state line between KS and MO so we're in MO a LOT. What are we looking at here? I am really thinking that he's facing jail time, obviously, but I just don't know how much? In KS if he had been arrested, he would have automatically gone to jail for 12 months min. But I don't know how it works in MO and with his priors. HELP ME!!
  18. I was sent home to change before lunch because my blouse was considered unacceptable. Through a keyhole in back you could see a small portion of my bra. A week later i noticed another employee with the same issue but she was not sent home, and yet a 3rd employee who's bra straps were showing, but she was not sent home. 2 weeks later, my manager sent out an email to the entire department that was a discussion about sending another employee home. but it was sent almost at quitting time. In the email, it referred to my being sent home. the email was recalled, but not before all my coworkers had read it. what can i do? isn't that info supposed to be confidential? can it even be shared among managers?
  19. I am confused on some of the legal terms and what they mean or are in reference... 1) Motions in Limeline? I am confused on what this exactly means . I was also wondering, how on an (8) eight person indictment, how the very last person on an indictment can go to court and be charged first before anyone else on the indictment?
  20. Good morning, My ex and I are still in dissolution proceedings and it has been a year since the peitition was filed. We have 3 kids, the oldest in particular just graduated from high school May 2016 and he attended his first semester of college during the summer session May through July 2016. My ex is stating that because he is over 18 that he no longer has to support our oldest son but, my attorney, has assured me that as long as he is a full time student, he is not independent. My ex has not supported the oldest since October 2015 when he came back to live with me and his two younger siblings. He lived with his father from June to October 2015 and before that he lived with us both. We split in March 2015. My son would like to sit out the fall semester and resume classes in the winter 2016. My question: Can the oldest son still be considered dependent if he decided to work a part time job for the fall while still living at home and resumed classes in the Winter? My ex is fighting to not have him included in the child support obligations and currently doesn't pay any support for him (we have no final order as of yet because we are still in the middle of trial) and barely pays support for the other two ( he is in arrears $2600), he refuses to pay the oldest medical bills and tuition/books/fees for college, etc. He is also threatening to remove him from his medical insurance he has with his employer.
  21. I was arrested by an officer who had been in trouble for harassing me after our affair ended.. Shouldn't this be grounds for dismissal?
  22. I was arrested in January of this year, I was not asked for permission to search my purse but my boyfriend gave permission for the car. My arresting officer was asked to resign years before after I turned him in for harassment when our relationship ended. This was never taken to court and I never pressed charges, but isn't this a conflict of interest?
  23. I bought 4 brand new appliances for my home and my tenant hasn't paid rent in 5months and stole all of them and sold them. she also stole $30.000 from me in 5 months. Now she is claiming that she is disabled and has no where to go and will not leave,,, What should I do?
  24. I am a mom of three kids. Almost three years ago my three kids and I flew from Missouri to my homestate of Washington for a funeral and never went back to their dad in Missouri. I have worked my butt off so my kids could have a better life here than we did in Missouri. Their dad, since our departure, has lost the house we had, spent time in jail for stealing class c felony in one county and drug charge in another. He hasn't had a job in at least 10 years. After he was released from jail he has been put on probation and restricted from leaving the state. This last summer we agreed on the kids going to Missouri to visit him for the summer. If he would fund the trip then I would grant permission. Our original agreement of one of his sisters driving the kids there and staying for the length of the visit and driving them back, fell through four days before the kids were scheduled to leave. His other sister came to his rescue and bought the kids plane tickets. She provided an itinery to show who was taking them to the airport, what documents were needed for the trip, times of flights, the whole 9 yards. The flight down went as planned in the itinery. Two weeks before the kids were to return home my oldest child, 12, calls me and tells me that she is going to stay with her dad and her brother, 8, is staying too and I can't make them come home. The middle child, 11, wanted to come home and not stay. I told my daughter that I would call her back because I needed to think about what she just said. For that conversation and every conversation is on speaker phone for their dad to hear. I had to sit and think about how I felt about them staying and also look at things from their point of view. Their dad said he had nothing to do with the decision, they came up with it all on their own, and it would only be for the school year. I am the custodial parent. He was named persons NOT ALLOWED to pick up kids from school without contacting me first. Somehow he was able to get their school records transfered, obtain social security cards, and enroll them without any school, doctors, counselors anyone calling me or informing me of any transfers being made. When I talked to him verbally and through email to let him know how i felt and how I thought this matter should be handled, my wishes were ignored. I felt if our 12yr old wanted to stay then I would give my permission, our 11yr old wanted to come home, and our 8yr old, I didn't feel was ready to make that kind of decision. At his age he is easily persuaded and just wants to make his parents happy, and isn't mature enough to be able to decide where he lives. I suggested that he come home with his sister and at the end of the school year if he still wants to live with his dad I would give my permission for him to stay for that next school year. I put my plan for visitation and my request of how this living arrangement should work into a nine page email that he never read or responded to. Two days before they scheduled return home flight, his sister sends me a message asking how many kids she is picking up from the airport. I never told her that they weren't all returning home, or that I was okay with any decisions of any of them staying. It was clearly stated in the itinerary that all 3 were returning home. I believe she had something to do with the kids staying or knew what was being planned. So now is where I have the biggest moral ind maternal dillema. I haven't done anything to protest the 2 staying. He can't pay his bills and can't afford foodfor them. They dont have water because of an unpaid bill, their electricity is getting shut off for non payment. My daughter was complaining of an issue she was having that I believe is a yeast infection. I told her what to buy and that she needed to see a doctor to make sure. She is only bathing once a week and has only 4 pair of underwear so she doesn't change them every day. Their dad claims that their insurance won't work in that state. I called and their insurance, I have for them, is active and there shouldn't be any problems being seen especially for her problem. She first informed me of her problem October 24, 2016 and as of 11/7/2016 still hadn't been seen by a doctor and the infection is still there. Their dad quit his job because concerned members of the church across the street stopped by and expressed their concerns of the kids being left home alone from 4:30pm-6:30am five days a week while he went to work. I had a huge problem with them being left alone. I didn't feel right leaving them home alone when they were all under my roof, even if i was never more than 5 min away. I have been worried and stressed on what I should do. He can't afford to keep the kids, cant pay the bills and may loose his house. He is on probation and if he missed a payment he goes back to jail for remainder of hes 10yr sentance. They are living with no water, barely any food, about to loose electricity and the roof over their head. They don't need to live like that. I have plenty of food, my bills are paid, they have health insurance, all their needs are met. I don't know what to file, with what dept to file, or with what state to file in.
  25. My cousin is selling a lake house in southwest MO. The potential buyer put down 500.00 earnest money. They found that there were repairs to the house that needed to be made upon inspection, and my cousin agreed to make the repairs, the repairs have been made and the property reinspected, the repairs amount to almost 10,000.00 . She also gave them a home warranty and a 3000.00 carpet allowance. The buyer wants to walk away. I am curious if the agreement is binding or can they be sued for cost of the repairs on the property?
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