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Found 78 results

  1. I have full physical custody, my ex-husband and I share legal custody. I do have a domestic restraining order against him and he is constantly demanding I drop it. He refuses to tell me the address where he lives, he is constantly coming up with excuses on why he cant pick up the kids, he now has no job, behind on child support by 2 months, slandering myself in front of my 6 and 4 year old, has now brought the children around multiple woman whom I haven't a clue even their name and the judge even stated in our DRO hearing their names and places in which my kids will be staying has to be shared, he has refused to bring them home on one occasion, We have a set visitation, every other weekend 530pm Friday pick up at a public location, and a 530p drop off at that same public location on Sunday. He can also take them one day a week for a few hours after school. He refuses to follow any of the children's outlined structured times. The kids refuse to talk with their father, and at times I have to hold the phone up to them and beg them to talk with him, same if they are going with him for the weekend. He is and alcoholic, and has a tendency of using illegal substances. I am really trying to stay as positive as possible about the entire thing it is just getting to be overwhelming. I have had to call CPS on him twice and so did the woman shelter that is helping me. He has also been to jail for violation of the restraining order. Do I have a leg to stand on to fight for sole custody for my children? Also, is there a way I can get the transcripts from our court hearing of what was said?
  2. We made an appointment and took our truck to an automotive repair shop. We parked it just outside the office entry in their parking lot. We met with the service advisor and discussed what we thought needed to be evaluated for repairs the next day. The service advisor took the keys assured us he would bring our vehicle inside their locked gate for overnight. Our truck was not brought inside the locked gate and was broke into overnight. The dashboard panel was smashed, and the DVD stereo was stolen. The service manager called the county sheriff the next day to report the theft and damage. The service manager called us later that afternoon to tell us and said they are not responsible, and we will have to file a claim with our own insurance company. The service manager has refused to pay for the replacement and installation of a similar DVD stereo.
  3. My ex agreed to pay my medical, dental and eye insurance for three years beginning June 2017 and it was included in my settlement that if he didn't, he would be liable for any bills incurred. He was paying through COBRA, and was late making his payment by 3 days ,even though I reminded him a week in advance (messages saved on my phone), so they dropped my insurance. They had already given him a break because he'd failed to pay the premium on time before. I have called and texted him with no response. I have a doctors appointment scheduled in a week with my endocrinologist and I'm wondering how to go about getting the bill put in his name so that he is responsible for the payment. Would bringing my court documents and giving them his information ( name, address etc...) be a legal way to handle this, or do I need to do something different? Thank you!
  4. I have sole physical and legal custody of my 10yo; her father has parenting time twice a month. He plans to begin taking her to church every visit "no matter what." She does not want to go, and I don't believe in forcing her. With sole legal custody, is this decision mine, or can he make religious decisions during his time with her? If the right is mine, how can I enforce it? I do not have an attorney.
  5. Both me and my ex live in MN. We have had a Child Support case for about 9 years and haven't had issues until my ex got a new job. He has shown proof of the child support payments bring deducted from his paychecks however, payments are not being sent to the county by his employer, or they will send partial payments every few months. After the county did some investigating, and got the state attorney involved, they found out that the company is based out of Wisconsin. The county claims there isn't anything they can do now. Is there any way they can be held accountable? Should I hire an attorney and sue the company he works for? We're unsure as where to go from here.
  6. I went online and got a Durable Power of Attorney form. It is asking for a Attorney signature on the form. Does a attorney have to sign it in order for it to be legal?
  7. I have been arrested and charged and have a public defender who is obviously very busy. I was convicted in 2005 Misdemeanor 5th degree Domestic Assault MN Statute609.2242 S1. I completed my probation and everything I had to do. Since 2005 i had not got in to any trouble and I do not have a felony on my record at all. 08/05/2017 My friend wanted to test drive my car i was selling and i noticed he had a gun so i asked him for it so i can out it away. He forgot the gun and I get pulled over and held on a PC charge and was let go after the PC hold was up. On 12/22/2017 the courts decided to put a felony warrant out for my arrest with out notice with $150,000.00 bond. Seen the judge the next day bail did not go down but IM out on conditions. Charged with --Possess Ammo/ firearm- Conviction or Adjudicated for a Crime of Violence MN Statute0624.713.1(2)with reference to 609.11.5 (b), 609.11.9 And there stating i had been convicted or adjudicated delinquent in the state or else where of a crime of violence, Assault in the 5th degree. Now i was doing some research in MN statutes and its states a crime of violence has to be a felony. And IM not or was charged for a felony.
  8. One of my pet peeves is people parking in a Handicap space who do not belong there.. Would the city police act on a complaint if I took pictures showing proof and date, time they were parking illegally? I would have Photo of plates, photo of sign showing it's for handicap parking only. photo of car showing no handicap plates or placard displayed Can they issue a ticket then?
  9. I am moving toward dissolution of marriage and am uncertain as to who technically owns our home, which was purchased during our marriage. At the time of the mortgage, he chose to submit only his income for review as it was important to him to be able to afford the property on only one salary, if ever necessary. However, both of our names were put on the title/deed. Am I correct in believing I am entitled to a portion of the equity in the property? He is choosing to stay in the home after our marriage is legally dissolved. I will be relocating. He feels he owns the home and, therefore, the built-up equity. He wants to self-file for divorce and not involve attorneys. I feel this could be to my detriment. Thank you for your thoughts. They are much appreciated.
  10. I am looking for some help. I know and feel that I have been mistreated by the Robbinsdale Police Department. On January 20th, 2016 My daughters and my house was raided for drugs, they thought we were selling them. And this was not proven. They took the children that were here into protection. When they first came in the door Steven Crandell asked if they could change Moosie's (Moosie is my great-grandson) diaper and they said no. I am telling you this because it comes into play later. So, they tore up my house and yelled and cursed at me, because they think I allow this bad behavior. Yes in a way I did but it was Elizabeth who was using and bringing questionable people into the house. I did not know I had the 'power' to contradict her in regard to things like this. So after the children were taken one of the officers made comments about how we let the Moosie sit it shitty diapers. They were incredibly rude and mean to me and made comments like 'Call home inspections, let's get this house condemed'.And when they called my grandaughter Lisa to let her know what had happened and where her children were. They made a point of telling her that they were either going to have the house condemned or seized. So, a little about myself, I suffer from severe anxiety. I am agoraphobic. And I told them that. And that is when they decided to tell me they were going to take me to jail. I freaked, and they said they could take me to hospital.I had been sitting in the living room dealing with them for a couple of hours and I had just awakened and did not have a chance to urinate. I asked them if I could go pee before we left they told me 'No, you can go when you get to the hospital'. When it was time to go they took me out to a police car and I was wearing slippers and a robe and a nightgown.And they transported me with out a seat belt. No underwear and it was January 20th. There was snow on the ground, 5 inches, that day as well as being very cold , 15 degrees. And my destination was North Memorial, I had handcuffs on and they did not take them off until I was in the hospital. Later that day I was let out. I was only wearing slippers, a robe and the scrubs that the ER gave to me. They called a taxi for me but it took a few hours. So I got to sit in the entrance way of the hospital in my robe, slippers and scrubs until the taxi came and got me. And when I finally got home I could not get in my house. They locked it up and left the keys on the kitchen table. Luckily, my neighbor from across the alley was here and helped me get into my house. I can't believe that taking a women in her 60's out in public wearing only a robe, nightgown and slippers is acceptable. There are a few more examples of the mistreatment we received by the RPD but this is the one I consider to be the worse. Who does that to a 63 year old woman? I will most certainly own that there was bad judgement and drug use. But does this justify their behavior towards ME? Later in the day after I got home a social worker from Adult Protection came to see me. Apparently an officer in the RPD called on my behalf. This indicates to me they realized that something was askew Thanking in advance, especially since my question is rather lengthy.
  11. My daughter's father is ordered to pay monthly support plus 20% of his $11,000 in arrears. This was ordered when he signed a new payment plan with the child support magistrate. Since the new order, he has not paid anything towards his arrears. When talking to my child support worker, she states it only happens with income withholding cases. Is that the real truth? Also, my child support worker has allowed him to make half payments after this new order. I didn't know she has higher authority than a Judges order. Reason behind our new court order is I proved he has been working for cash and not reporting his income. He claimed he wasn't working cause of knee problems so the Judge had his monthly support amount at $0 a month. After the new findings, the Judge wasn't to happy and slapped him with $400 a month support, 20% of arrears and 61% of medical/dental expenses. The Judge also made him sign a new payment plan that day. In the findings, he was also receiving food stamps and medical without reporting income. Our daughter now has braces and I did all the proper steps and paperwork to get his share of dental expenses. He is taking me to court as he doesn't want to pay. I understand 100% that visitation and child support do not go together, but he hasn't exercised his visitation rights at all. Matter of fact, he hasn't seen her in 11 years besides the casual passing in the public stores. He doesn't know what her teeth look like, but I have the orthodontic paperwork to back me up. I also have new documentation that he is working for cash again and not reporting. I brought this up to my child support worker and she states, once again, there is nothing she can do. The last time I proved him working for cash, I did hire a lawyer as it can be difficult to prove in court. So, I have a few questions if I may... Can I hold him in contempt for non payment of arrears? Can I bring this up in our upcoming court appearance even though its in regards to braces payment? Can I ask for a purge payment or compel on arrears? Would the Judge look at my proof I have that he is working for cash without a lawyer, keeping in mind his past?
  12. I own my home free & clear. It's worth a estimated $210,000 This is the first home I bought myself. I also have a life estate with my mother & brother on her home. Estimated value $275,000 Owned free & clear Now if we sold my Mother's home first, Would it be exempt from income taxes since it's the first time we sold a home? Then If I sold my home later, would I pay income taxes on the sale price? Not sure how it works
  13. Looking to develop recourse and find supporting case law to fight and invalidate unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious zoning amendment recommended by an incompetent and negligent bunch of planning committee members. Statutory city with council and planning commission. Planning commission displayed significant lack of expertise, knowledge and comprehension of the task at hand and what was being voted on and failed in their duty to adequately weigh, discuss or understand the nature of the recommendation and vote.
  14. Does a Will in Minnesota need to be notarized to make it legal?
  15. I completed a simple will for my mother using online forms. The form said it was for my state- Minnesota. We brought the will to a Notary at our bank. Mom signed it, Notary stamped it etc. Is the will legal now? Is there anything else we need to do? Do we file it with anyone or some department? The Notary wasn't sure. We are going to store it in our safe deposit box where both of us have access to it. Thank You
  16. Two relatives own 200 acres of undivided farmland (each owns 100 acres) that is worked by a single farmer, with a single lease that specifies that rent checks are to be mailed to each owner annually. 1) If one owner dies without a Will, will his property be sold by probate court? If so, will this prevent the living owner from receiving his own rent check? 2) If one owner dies with a Will, will the status of his property be determined by probate court?, and will this potentially interrupt the living owner from receiving his own rent check?
  17. My family and I live on a private road with 6 other property owners (7 total) and the shared road is 1/7 owned by each property owner. Upon purchase of the property the covenant states that the property owners are responsible for road maintenance and snow removal. Unfortunately, we have one family in this small development that refuses to contribute. He has failed to pay for any snow removal or road maintenance. The rest of the property owners are just as frustrated as us because we're having to cover his cost of everything. We want to move forward with some sort of legal action but are unsure what our options are and where to start. Any ideas?
  18. During our lease renewal some people signed electronically using DocuSign. One member never signed and I recently received an email showing the lease as void.... Every page of it had "VOID" printed on it online. I contacted management and they said this wasn't correct and it was saved in another file. My question is which lease is valid.... The one with VOID on it or another one they saved?
  19. I got into a minor fender bender in Oct 2013. I hit a car in front of me and the man in the car hit a woman in a van in front of him. The man filed a claim which came through my insurance company. No one filed a police report. The woman did not file a claim through my insurance company. My mother (owner of the car I was driving) and I just received a subpoena because the woman who was in the van is suing us for lost wages and medical bills for an extraneous amount of money. She tried to make a claim through her insurance company for medical bills and lost wages but the insurance company would not process the claim. What can I do to fight this?
  20. Can the owners of a small neighborhood of twin homes 25 or so- vote to form a HOA? What is needed to form one?
  21. if found drugs in a baggie is the weight of the baggie considered the weight of the drug or do they weigh the drug with out the baggie
  22. Where or who do I go to have wright county CPS investigated or looked into on how they handle cases. They do not do their job whats so ever. Not only that have social workers who work there use meth. Ex got a domestic and interfering with 911 call, he then flipped the switch making all these allegations that I was a horrible mom and use with my kid around. Basically, to get the eyes off of him, they asked me to do ua, which i did was negative (I had nothing to do with case besides call the cops for safety of my kids). Two days later asked me to do another ua, said if i didn't do it I would get in trouble and they'd take my kids because I was refusing to take it. I took another one here it comes back 121/50 ml of meth, I asked for the test to get a second opinion at another lab cause I haven't used, i would've even paid for it, and they say they dont do that. Next day did another ua and past that. They came and took all 3 of my kids still. The last time I used was right after my dad died in June 2016, along with my ex who made all the accusations. A case started middle of November, took roughly 28 ua as all neg even did hair follicle negative as well. a case plan didn't get made till middle of January, Not once did they give me any resources or guide me threw any of this, they are lazy and corrupt setting people up to fail. Judge order to see the kids 3x a week, I was lucky if I seen them once a week. I went 16 days not seeing my 6, 5, and 1 year old. Went to court end of Jan, nothing changed , I followed every little thing and took all these UA's with negative results and little over 3 months into it not one thing changed. The ex who got the charges had court they ended up dropping both charges when even in the police report it says they found my phone and keys in his pocket. The night of the domestic, i couldn't do or call anyone, so the first chance i got away from him i ran and the kids followed right behind me, this is at 4:30am. Now today, they wouldn't extended my case, I used because they were not giving me nothing, i did everything and bent over backwards you could say. Told me they were terminating my rights which, they said that i had 3 days of option to voluntarily give up rights. My lawyer said I should do that because we have received nothing the whole process and i wouldn't want to be declared an unfit mom. I just need help on where i can go to get my case or the county investigated, what they did is wrong on so many levels. Here I sit with no kids, im used to chaos and now its just silent. The Judge granted the order of terminating rights with reasonable parenting time which is up to the dads. I went to inpatient treatment successfully and now i barely get to see the kids or talk to them. The ex who I have my 1 year old with is a user on top of all this, the one who got domestic,and they never made him to a hair follicle and they gave my little girl custody to him. Any help or suggestions or guidance of what I could do will be very appreciated.
  23. New to the area and beginning a relationship, my boyfriend and I agreed that before we became intimate we would each have an STD panel. I made an appointment with a physician recommended to me by a friend. The whole experience was horrible for reasons I won't go into. However, recently I happened to look on the MyChart website, where one can access records, make appointments, etc., and looked at the doctor's notes for that appointment. I was was horrified to find she had written that my pregnancies (the last one over 27 years ago) were complicated by IV drug use. That is absolutely untrue. I cannot imagine how she came to that conclusion because there would be no support in any records for such an outlandish suggestion. I did have a short stint using IV drugs following a trauma, but that was over five years ago and fully 23 years after the birth of my last child. I believe it has more to do with the doctor's delivery of substandard care to a woman she believed to be undeserving because of prior drug use, than it has to do with reality and who I actually am. How else could she so thoughtlessly write such rot? I asked to have this removed. Despite receiving a note from her office saying it had been, it has not. All my physicians in this medical system have access to my chart. As well, I have several close family members who could see it. It is untrue, humiliating and potentially damaging to my care. Can I get help? Is there anything I can do? Thank you.
  24. My wife and brother-in-law both work for the same company. An internal position was created within the company that my brother-in-law applied for, and he considers his dream job. Unfortunately, he learned that company policy states that family member cannot by within 2 tiers of each other, which is what would happen in this new position, and would make him ineligible. Fortunately, there was another new internal position created that my wife applied for that would allow my brother-in-law to also be considered for the job he applied for. Both jobs are still within the interview process, and going somewhat slow. My brother-in-law was interviewed last week. My wife is set to interview this week. There is a delay in the results of my brother-in-law's position as it depends on how the interview process of my wife's position goes. This whole process has affected our family, but that's not even my real question. While my brother-in-law is waiting to hear on this new internal position, his current boss has constantly been asking if he's found out if he's hired for the new position. And now just yesterday he is threatening to fire him this Monday if he doesn't find out. With my wife's interview not set until this week, the results will not be decided by Monday! This is absolute madness as my brother-in-law has no control over the process. To my knowledge, his boss has not gone to HR or anyone else to find out how things are going in the hiring process but is instead taking it out on my brother-in-law by threatening him and treating him poorly. His boss has said, however, if my brother-in-law is hired for the new internal position, he would need my brother-in-law for 3 months to help with the transition, yet he is threatening to fire him at the same time! Is his treatment of my brother-in-law and the threats of termination he is making legal? Is is legal to fire someone just because they haven't heard back yet on an internal position? My wife and brother-in-law are both highly regarded in the company for the great job that they do. It just seems unfair on how they are being treated. Any advice, specifically for my brother-in-law's situation would be greatly appreciated!
  25. If a driver records a traffic violation on their dash camera and takes the video to the police station, Can a ticket be issued against the violator? Or do the police have to witness the violation? Just a curiosity question.