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Found 75 results

  1. My daughter filed except from payroll taxes on her W4 and employer will not do that and fired her because of it. She texted messaged her the reason why she was fired. She has 4. Children, single.
  2. I am currently 16 at the moment, but will be 17 in late October. My mother and I have been talking about this topic for a long time and she is perfectly fine with me moving out at 17. (Considering I won't be far from home) But I plan to live with my boyfriend who is 18 and he lives in Tennessee. He hopes to come up and we can get an apartment together, but he's new to the moving out just like me. I have multiple questions for my situation. Can/does my boyfriend have to sign the legal documents, or does my mother have to due to me being 17? Will my SSI disability go to me or my mother? Do I have to get a redetermination? Would me and my boyfriend be able to survive with minimum wage jobs? (plus SSI) Would my tribe (if enrolled) be willing to assist me in my living costs, if needed? I am currently employed, receiving SSI, and am eligible for Native American tribe enrollment in Minnesota (Leech Lake) Thank you!
  3. Its for Michigan if it helps. I cant seem to find one on the forms on this site, or anywhere (not even the MI scao forms website) Anyone have any links to the forms or templates or published examples?
  4. Problem: The city is asking me to put in a 75 foot cul-de-sac on my property and pay for it to provide a turn around for city service trucks like garbage, snow plows, etc...even though they have dealt with this condition today and for the last 20 years. Unless I agree to this request, they will not allow me to put in a culvert and driveway to access my property off the end of the dead end road. In order to install the culvert, I need a county drain permit which I have, another permit from the city to remove the guard rail, and a building permit. We do not have our home plan done yet but wanted to access the property to clear and prepare it. The city planner seems upset that we bought this lot for a private residence which prevents some future development plans and possible connectivity to future roads. Right now, there is not a lot of building activity in the area and has not been for about 15 years. Questions: - Doesn’t there have to be city ordinance that backs up this demand? - Aren’t there state laws that guarantee the right to access your property? - What should my next steps be? Background: I purchased this 26 acre lot within the city limits of a smaller city in Michigan to build a home on. The lot was originally a part of about 116 acres that was at the back of a subdivision that was going to be platted but was lost to a local bank during the real estate bust around 2008/9. One of the subdivision roads dead ends (1 of 9 dead ends in the sub) into my property which was never platted and has no easements on it. There is a small county drain that runs along the lot line that my property shares with the road. The remaining 90 undeveloped acres have other dead end roads providing access to it.
  5. I was caught stealing from Walmart on Friday. The item came to a little under $13.00. I posted bond for $500. Back in 2011 I was busted and charged with Larceny 3rd degree, item was $83.00 at a Walmart but different locations. I'm 33years of age and in nursing school. What are my chances for a second chance?
  6. I was caught stealing from Walmart on Friday. The item came to a little under $13.00. I posted bond for $500. Back in 2011 I was busted and charged with Larceny 3rd degree, item was $83.00 at a Walmart but different locations. I'm 33years of age and in nursing school. What are my chances for a second chance?
  7. Me and one other person signed a lease to a house that we are renting together. His name is the primary person on the lease and I'm the secondary person on the lease. He said he is going to kick me out and I have 30 days to move out. He said since he is the primary person on our lease that he can kick me out even though I pay half on everything and my name is on the lease as well.
  8. back in June 16 of 2015 my father in law and mother in law signed the POA over to me. we had them notarized. then on July 15, 2015 i had to go in front of a judge because the home my father in law was in said the POA wasn't legal and i believed them. so the judge granted me conservatorship on July 15 2015. after the fact i talk to a lawyer and he said the my POA was legal. today i went back in front of the judge with the POA i already had to get the courts out of my father in law business like he ask me to do. the judge said he couldn't do it because he had a letter from my father in laws old home he was in saying that he was incompetent. i have a notarized letter from all 3 of my father in law son saying that they want me to have full say so about their dad like it was before July 15, 2016 when i went to court. i have my father in laws medical records from that same home and i done have one that says in he is incompetent. now the judge is saying he is hiring a court appointed attorney for my father in law. what does that mean.
  9. Hi. I am a person that has two dogs that I breed and sell puppies from. I also donate many of the puppies to disabled people to be trained as service dogs and other people as well. My question is do I need some sort of business license, tax ID number, or anything so that I can write off the puppies that I donate? This is not a business that I live off of. It is just something else that I do, mostly to help others. I would appreciate it if I could know for sure if it is legal to write off the cost of the donated puppies on my taxes. It cost me a lot of money to breed and take care of the puppies until they go to their homes and they are definitely worth a lot of money, but I am not in it for the money I am in it to help people. Please let me know so I don't get into trouble with Uncle Sam. Thank you so much!
  10. Loaned money for quit claim deed on house, filed the deed, court evicted people, did a title search and found a mortgage on property. What are my rights ? Can I rent it ? Can I sell it ?
  11. Hello, I have been a single mother for 17 years now, my daughters father left us when she was born, 2 years later he wants to be in her life, ok so I let him, I was going through a divorce he would not help me babysit so I had to move 50 miles away, ok time going on he would see her every other weekend till she hot 13 she started high school and she started and was in cross country and he blew her off for 3 years. Mind you I have full sole custody, all he has is parenting time. I wrote letters and letters to the court about this they never did anything, now she will be 18 in 7 weeks and he keeps going to the court and lying and saying that I won't let him see her at all. They will not evern listen to what I have to say at all. She was in the hospital for wanting to kill herself due to being depressed because her father blew her off for so many years. The court would not hear me or even let me speak. He has never even been there when she was sick or school activities he did not want to be bothered with it. Now he goes to the court every week and lying and they are harassing me threating me and my daughter that we will go to jail. All I am trying to do is help her be a responsible adult. I only make 1000 buck a month and this just isn't right help can they really do this to us? I want to change my number. Thanks Kristie L.
  12. My daughter has always had issues. But over the last 5 years they have become overly concerning. Abuser of drugs, cares more for strangers than her family. Has put this son in horrible circumstances his whole life. She's taken to suicide attempts, I'm not talking a couple I am talking probably over the last 2 years. More than 25 times. She has been in jail 2 times for aggravated assault. The first was against b/f. THe 2nd against b/f and minor son. She took a plea deal and dropped the one from her son?? Lovely huh.. Brought it down to one count against b/f. 1 yr probation $$ and therapy.. since this time she's tried suicide 2 times. In 2 months. I have the child in question. He doesn't want to live with her.. THERES a lot more to this story. I need to know cut and dry what to legally do. I am low income and really need help. She is not by no means a good mother. Horrific hoarded, filthy apt. She wouldn't even get him up for school. Left it up to b/f. I can not send him back. I can not give her any more chances. Please help. Thank you
  13. Hello, I am wondering if it is possible I can sue my ex in small claims/civil court for not getting the kids 50% yet i paid religiously the 50% obligation on the honor system. Meaning i paid her 50% yet she only saw the kids 10%. I paid nearly all the daycare costs too. I have full documentation to prove this too. FOC is currently in place after the official divorce. They are helping engorce the divorce decree snd she seeing the kids now. However, Iam looking to possibly recoup the 40% of funds I paid for 6 months prior to the divorce, yet she didn't get the kids. Is this possible? If so what do i file? Thanks in advance!
  14. The police came to her house while I was there. Asked to search the room she rented and she told them NOT without a search warrant. They proceeded to threaten her with trashing all her things, destoyig the home which would've resulted in her becoming homeless. After about a hour of them threatening among other things she let them. They seized many things among items that she owned. Then after I refused to unlock my phone for them to go through they arrested me on unrelated traffic warrant and after taking me to jail got her to unlock my phone. Then 4-5 hours later after all that got a search warrant for residence and my phone. I refused to make any statements without an Attourney present. All the stolen property was not at my residence or in my physical possession. I have multi felonies, she never even had a speeding ticket. Can they do all that or any and what should I do? I haven't been charged but was printed on b&e of motor vehicle(felony) & rec&conc stolen property (felony).. Nothing was in value over $999. Therefor all under well under $1000...Please help in any way. Advice etc.
  15. I am renting a home from a friend and her husband (he is the landlord). Actually this is the second home rented from them. Bad mistake. The scenario. We began renting a home from close friends a year ago. It had been un-oocupied for several years. Just a verbal agreement and how much rent to pay. With promise to make repairs and upgrades. Great we move in. Over a year after request to make minor repairs they go unwarranted. He forgot or didn't have time. No problem. They were not that bad that we could not live there. Some were but that's a different story. Just under a year later,they moved from their home of 15 years and ask us to move into it. Great. Same rent; no problem. We move. This is a house that I frequented but never pried; I did not know what could be hiding behind curtains and furniture etc. So we move in to find all the secrets they hid, bad windows (no interior windows), no gutters, basement stairs hazardous, faulty wiring, crack in the foundation, moisture issues in basement, leaking faucets, falling plaster bits, the list goes on and on. These are problems they know about but never disclosed to us. There is talk of us buying the property. It is in an area that has major renewal and gentrification. We are setting up an inspection. I requested a statement that they are and have been our landlords for the past two years and that we pay them rent etc. I spoke with my friend and she mentioned her husband is writing up a lease. My question do we have to sign a lease? with out an inspection? Do we have any rights without a lease? Should they have to make any repairs prior to a lease? Should we buy... as is? Help we need some advice.
  16. So this is a little long of a story - back in May, a group of us signed our lease with a landlord, and we've had quite a few problems since. There are 5 of us, my SO and I in the basement, and the other three all upstairs. My SO and I are extremely frustrated with the circumstances, since we pay 2/5 of the rent and live in the worst conditions in the house - the basement has flooded a multitude of times, once a pipe burst in the main part of the basement, the landlords came to fix it. Another time, the furnace flooded part of the common area of the basement, and they came to fix it later that day. We've since had flooding in the spare room that we were using as an office space, to the point that we had to empty out most of the room and there constantly two large puddles in the room. Our roommate has been the primary contact between the landlord and the tenants, and she notified them a month ago of the issue, but nothing has been done. When I recently asked her about it again, she said that it was up to us if we wanted it fixed, because the landlord said they would have to tear out our shower from the bathroom we have in the basement. On top of the flooding, we believe there is mold growing in the walls of the basement, since we have both experienced a severe decrease in our health since moving in, but we haven't had the money to go see a doctor because 3/4 of our income is going towards the rent and utilities for this basement. We also recently discovered that the roommate who has been doing the primary communication with the landlord, the roommate who gives them the rent every month, has paid them in cash every month since May, and has not received any sort of receipt for the payments. This is on the roommate, but now, technically couldn't the landlord just argue that we haven't been paying any rent at all, and evict everyone if they wanted to? I've looked up as much as I possibly could on landlord and tenant laws in Michigan, but everything has made our situation look pretty bleak. Is there anything that isn't found as easily, anything that could possibly help in this situation? Thank you for your help!
  17. Hello, My deed states that the street I live on is a Dedicated Private Rd. What does that mean exactly? Issue: I live in a neighborhood that has a homeowners association. They widened the road and took off about 3-4 feet of the property line. They do not have easement rights to my property. None, zippo, 0. The neighbor hood is a very old neighborhood established back in 1925. None of the roads in the area are 30ft wide. They claim they have the rights to widen the road and access my property. The street does not have engineering specifications at the county or township level, because of the private road status. The street I live on has been about 18 ft wide (rural, no traffic, only 2 other houses) since time begin. Advice?
  18. I have a rent to own property in Detroit, Michigan. In Late July, the landlord called me and told me that if i can come up with x amount of dollars by august, I could have the deed to the house, and that he put in writing on how much i need to pay in order to get the deed in the mail slot at the property. On August 12,2016, I went up to the office with the paper showing how much i needed to bring along with the cash. When I arrived I talked with one of the staff members and she told me that, what was on the paper was how much i owed on rent I failed to pay (mind you the landlord didn't tell me anything about i missed any payments.) She called the landlord, and I spoke with him and he raised the price and said give me what you have now plus $500 for the deed, etc. So I asked her to print out my Paperwork on all that I paid on since I got the property in September of 2015. On the paperwork, it showed i missed April and may of 2016 and July and august of 2016. I didn't pay July because I thought i paid it the week prior to the first of July and somehow the money went back into my account and nobody told me anything. And I didn't pay august because i was paying the x amount for the deed. so i asked the office employee where was April and May rent and she said, "well we talked on the phone back in February and you told me I could put towards the back taxes." I replied I never authorized any payments to go towards my back taxes. and she got irate and said, "You know what your wasting my time," and i replied, "fine take me to court. Can the Landlord do that? What should my next step be?
  19. My step dad has been my dad and in my life for 27 years. His father, my step grandfather passed away. I took 3 days bereavement pay under grandparent, per my Cba from work . Upon receiving my paycheck, my bereavement pay was missing, when asked why I had not received my pay I was told because he was not related to me. My Cba states: To provide proof of relationship to immediate family as follows.... Grandparent. 3 days... However, the obituary states me as a granddaughter... I provided said obituary but someone told my Human Resource I am not related, so they refuse to pay me. Do I have any legal rights to this bereavement leave?
  20. I recently opened a retail business. Before opening, I paid 1/2 deposit for a sign. The sign was not ready when needed, and when it was finally ready, it was damaged. Because of the prior delays from this company, and the fact the my business was going to open in a few days, I took the sign and told the sign business that I would not pay the remaining 1/2 until I received a replacement, undamaged sign. The sign company never replaced the sign. Do I have the right to not pay the final payment because I didn't get proper quality?
  21. Issue #1 My husband and I reside in and own 2 homes in Michigan. One of the homes we rent through a property management company. Our former tenants moved out on 5/31/16. When they moved in on 5/31/14 they complete a move in checklist. They did not complete a move out checklist. When we questioned the management company about this, they stated, " We do not ask the tenant to provide a move out checklist as this is what we pay our inspector to provide once the tenant vacates the home." The property management company did complete an inspection of the home however, we requested to be present when this inspection took place. We were told we would be notified of the day and time of the inspection. We were never notified and the inspection was completed without us being present. When the new tenant moved into the home, they found the dishwasher to be broken. They contacted the property management company and submitted a service request. We were contacted by the management company and asked to complete the repairs. At that time, I requested to see the former tenants move out checklist. I also requested to see the inspection report from the management company. When I received the inspection report from the management company, no where on there did it list the dishwasher or any other appliances as being is good condition, working condition, broken, etc. It seems as if they did not conduct a through inspection and since we were not notified of the time and place we could not over see it. In this instance, who would be responsible to pay for the cost of the repair for the dishwasher? Issue #2 There were some minor repairs that needed to be made on the home when the former tenants moved out and there are still repairs that need to be completed. The former tenants paid a security deposit of $1225, a $250 non-refundable pet deposit and a non-refundable admin / move out fee of $250. The management company has stated, " We used the majority of the tenants security deposit towards the damages we covered and any remaining funds were sent to the tenants." Well, I have learned this statement is completely false. I spoke to the former tenant and she reported to me and provided proof through an email that the management company sent to her, that her entire security deposit was refunded to her. What if anything can we do about this? The former tenant received her security deposit back 8 days after vacating the residence and before the management company completed their inspection. There is SSSoOOooooooo much more I could list, but I thought I would just start with this. Any knowledge that can be shed on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  22. Help! I have a 17 year old friend that will be 18 in December, can she legally move out without permission and without being in trouble with the cops?
  23. Please help if you can! My parents bought property in Northern Michigan over 25 years ago and reside in Southwest Ohio. In Michigan, they bought a small lot with a cabin in a remote area on a river from a couple who had developed the land. The remaining parcel of land, on the east side of my parents lot, the couple kept, along with the other of the two cabins they had built. There are about 10 properties in all in this area. Many are unoccupied most of the year and used only for vacations. In addition to the original lot, my parents purchased land on the west side of their property from a neighbor who was selling out and moving away. Included in this parcel is a deer blind which looks like a small shack. There has never been any trouble with anyone in the neighborhood until last Fall. The couple who had developed the land have both passed away and the property was passed down to their heirs. My parents were notified about a year and a half ago that they would be selling the land to the east. All of these years, the two cabins even shared a common electric line and when informed of the sale, my parents had to install their own electric service to their lot. One day last November, my parents received a phone call from a woman who said she bought the land. (We have since learned that she is buying the property on land contract from the daughter of the original owners.) When the woman first called, she started making trouble. My parents were out of town and my brother got the phone call. She claims that part of our driveway is on her property and that the deer blind is hers. She said that she lives across the state but that her son lives nearby. She made the statement that my parents might burn down the deer blind if it was hers because her son said that people do that (Why?). My parents had just recently closed up the cabin for the winter and had not planned on returning until Spring. The woman then mailed a document that came from the surveyor who my parents had hired when they bought the property on the west side. She marked the area where she thought the deer blind was located, and she marked it on her property. My dad called the surveyor and he made the statement that he thought the woman wanted my dad to pay to have a survey done to determine the property line. My dad called the woman and told her that he would not return until Spring and would meet with her then. Several weeks ago, the woman called again. She said that someone threw something up on her roof and broke into her cabin. She also claimed that someone had been ice fishing from her property and had a fire on her lot. Last, she claimed someone broke into the deer blind. We had a neighbor who lives there check these things out and she took pictures. From what we could see from the pictures there was a storm door with a cracked window on her cabin and there were three 100 pound propane tanks missing from outside of the deer blind. My dad and I drove up there two weeks ago to check things out for ourselves without contacting the woman. This is what we learned: 1. There was a new roof on the woman's cabin. According to a neighbor, there had been a large tree branch on the roof which the roofers burned in the woman's yard. 2. There is no way for anyone to ice fish from the woman's property because the river flows too fast through that part of the river. 3. Someone had removed my dad's lock on the deer blind and replaced it with a new lock in addition to stealing the propane tanks. The deer blind is back in the woods and cannot be seen from the road. 4. A wooden sign that someone had made for my parents with their names on it and placed on a tree at the end of the driveway was gone. My dad is now 80 years old and my mom is 76. They are both retired. I cannot tell you how upset they are, along with the rest of our family. We have poured over what documents we have, such as the deed and surveys, and nothing seems to be coming out the same. We even paid for a GPS photo from the county but that is different, too. It appears that the original survey/purchase left them landlocked but it is unclear. It was never an issue before. Quite frankly, we don't understand why it should be an issue now, but we all aren't nice people. We do not understand how property that they had surveyed and purchased on the west side could belong to someone on the east side. What should my parents do? Should they be the ones who pay for a survey? Where should they go for the most accurate recording of the boundaries between them and this woman? If they do not own the end of their driveway, how should this be handled with what appears to be an unpleasant person? They have been using it for years with no problems (implied easement). The same applies to the deer blind. What if it should turn out to not belong to my parents? Since the woman does not technically own the property yet, should the actual owner/seller be notified of the problems? Is there anything she can do? I apologize for this lengthy description. My questions should be clear, but if not I will clarify. Thank you for your consideration!
  24. I purchased a home for my daughter; I have a mortgage on the property and she makes the payment each month. The home is currently non-owner occupied; I called the bank to see if I could sell the home on a land contract and keep my current mortgage in place. I was told no. If the home was owner occupied, the property taxes could be under a homestead and less expensive which would mean more of their payments would go to principal instead of escrow. Would it be legal for me to just Quit Claim the house to her and leave my mortgage in place? In doing this, there would be no re-finance and she could homestead the property to reduce the property taxes.
  25. I have joint legal custody with my childrens father. He does have physical custody. MY father passed away which is the kids maternal grandparent. Their father refuses to let them stay a few extra days to grieve. What are my legal rights or my mothers rights as a grandparent? concerning the children staying with us. they would be missing school.
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