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Found 138 results

  1. In signing a purchase agreement for a house on a corner lot we found out that the sellers and sellers agent had failed to disclose a very material fact. They moved into a brand new home they built and are moving a year later (for reasons unknown). The house was built with a fence that as it turns out, is 6 feet on a city owned right of way. The builder claims they didn't know and the city agreed they were negligent in approving the fence on city land. When built they decided when re-paving the street a year earlier, to place a sidewalk on the same side of the street the fence was on, so as to not have to tear down trees on the other side. The fence was then built and later was found to be 6 feet on city property. The yard is very small as it is, and the potential of having to lose 6 feet x 100 feet would cripple the yard size. We have a purchase agreement on an agreed upon price, that was determined before the sellers disclosed the issue. The only reason we found out it was an issue is we went to public records and saw that the city had a hearing on the property to discuss granting an easement on the 6 feet for the homeowners to be able to keep the fence. The sellers tried to pressure us into closing sooner than originally agreed upon and we found out that the date they now wanted to close on, was a Friday before the Monday hearing. Thus if the easement wasnt granted, it would be our problem. Needless to say they were shocked when they found out we did our homework and did not agree to close. We attended the counsel meeting where the sellers were also there and pleaded for the granting of the easement - never mentioning that they were selling the house, and claimed they never would have bought the house had they known about the easement issue since the yard is so small as it is. The city agreed to grant the easement saying there were no plans for utilities of for the city to need to land in the foreseeable future. We talked to the city attorney afterwards to get his opinion and he agreed that even though the easement goes with the deed to the land and would pass to us, the city still retained the right at any given time to take the land for their use or tell us to take down the fence. We also need to carry extra insurance in case of injury on the easement with the city named as interested party. Lastly, the fence built was a cheaper wood fence, if we were to have to replace it soon with a higher quality vinyl fence, the current commission at the time could tell us no as it is city land. This would be a huge risk for us to potentially lose all that land. Our question is, what recourse do we have on the seller for failure to disclose, if we decide to buy the home? We offered above asking price and now they won't budge on the final settled upon price - even though this is clearly an issue that would reduce the value. They wouldn't even agree to the original asking price and are demanding acceptance or withdrawal from the purchase agreement. We have on paper until the 31st to close, but is that even null now that it was based on not having all the material facts about the property? What can we do to protect ourselves and make sure these sellers bear some form of responsibility for failing to disclose - we otherwise really want the house. if they claim they never knew about it, then they could reasonably agree the house is worth less than what was agreed upon with the prospect of losing 600 ft of yard potentially. appreciate thoughts and guidance
  2. Hi, i am a single mom of a two year old. her father and i dated from 1-1-15 Until 6-28-17. When i left i moved back to michigan to be with my family. i can count on one hand in almost a year that he has contacted me. and not even half of those times were actually asking about his daughter. i never filed for child support because i dont need it and i would rather not let him have visitation if he doesnt care about his daughter unless he has it (i have a screenshot of a text of him saying it) i also know he is back with his ex wife who tried to physically attack me. i need to know if there is anyway to take his rights away from him? or only have supervised visitation in the county i reside in
  3. Hello my son was recently charged with having no insurance and operating a motor vehicle with improper plates. Hereś the kicker he had recently bought the motorcycle (by recently I mean 3 days prior) and had the motorcycle stored at a friends house where they had been trying to work on it to get it to run (the motorcycle has never been operational it doesnt run) on the day of the incident he had decided to bring the motorcycle home he was pushing it down the road when a cop pulled up to tell him he needed to be on the side of the road at that time the officer got out of the car and ran the license plate that was on the motorcycle it did not belong to this paticular bike however my son was not operating the motorcycle he was simply pushing the motorcycle from his friends house to home again this motorcycle does not run nor has it ever when he went to court today they court officer showed him the original ticket the one they showed him does not match the one he was given at the time of the incident it has since had things added to it (i.e description of vehicle license plate number Mcl codes which are all in different hand writing than the writing that was on the ticket at the time it was given to my son. my questions are 1.) can he be charged with no insurance and improper plate for a motorcycle he was pushing down the road? and 2.) can cops add information to a ticket after the ticket has been issued?
  4. I don't understand what sexting is and what it's classified as but would this be classified as sexting and illegal? If a boy took a shirtless photo of himself and nothing else, nothing sexual just shirtless photo and texted it to someone or posted it somewhere would that be illegal in the state of Michigan?
  5. I have been job seeking for fulltime position back in my formative career of quality/design/engineering for the automotive sector. I have removed all chronological dates from my resume (advice from a recruiter). About two weeks ago a contract firm called me and arranged an interview at a large automotive parts (oem) supplier for a quality control analyst. The interview was conducted by a firm from Mexico (the supplier), the contractor was an American Company (whom I would actually be employed by) they arranged the interview but were not present. The Mexican parts needed to be monitored entering this plant, after they were trucked up north from the Mexican factory. Narrative, during the interview which went very well the young man (graduated from university 2012) by some language difficulties, came right out and asked my age (I am 56, with slight graying hair), I however did comply and he was well aware of my technical knowhow to actually do the work. The contract firm did tx me afterwards and simply asked how it went, I tx'd them back and said that the interview went well and I could almost do the work with my eyes closed based on my level of skill/knowhow/experience. Now two weeks has gone by and nothing. I am aware of age bias today especially in the corporate world, my question is this, if a Mexican National asks for my age during the interview is that alright being that the actual hiring firm was not there, but I am pretty sure contact was made between those two parties. I have been to several interviews these past three months and at no time was age brought up, even though it is highly evident I am a mature middle-aged male. Thanks for any thoughts regarding this.
  6. i was tracked somehow to my employer by a mediatore service and my employer called me with the phone number of this service, upon contacting them they said they were attemptingto collect a debt for an over drafted bank account from 8 plus years ago i hadnt even realized i had. They this person said i was being charged with a felonie and if i didnt set up a payment i would be called into court criminally.... is this in fact legal can they do this???????
  7. Is the first step in the process to file a police report???? I am a homeowner that had a legal homeowners insurance policy that funded a claim to make in excess of 30K repairs to my home for a mold remediation issue. The contractor was given access to 100% of the insurance claim proceeds to address and fix the house (up to a livable standard for occupancy). He began some of the work but never finished the job and proceeded to drain the escrow account of all the claim monies. This entire process is now several years old, the contractor has been contacted to either return the $$$ or complete the work to no avail. Where does a person turn in a situation such as this, the contractor has not completely run and hid from this but obviously knows how to scam customers out of monies. Is the insurance company or homeowner the responsible party to go after this scammer. Thank you, state is Michigan, Oakland County.
  8. How do I collect on a judgement if the person doesn’t have a job?
  9. I financed a car for $10,000 plus $500 for gap insurance. Two months later my daughter was driving and got rear ended, it totalled the car and I had no insurance. The other driver's insurance company totalled the car out but did not get it fixed. Michigan is a no fault state and my insurance (If I had any) would have to pay for the damages. Gap insurance paid $4000 and I owe $6000 plus interest. If car has been deemed totalled do I have to still pay the finance company the remaining $6000?
  10. I financed a car for $10,000 plus $500 for gap insurance. Two months later my daughter was driving and got rear ended, it totalled the car and I had no insurance. The other driver's insurance company totalled the car out but did not get it fixed. Michigan is a no fault state and my insurance (If I had any) would have to pay for the damages. Gap insurance paid $4000 and I owe $6000 plus interest. If car has been deemed totalled do I have to still pay the finance company the remaining $6000?
  11. My situation is that I am behind on child support, not proud of it, but I am significantly behind. As a result I was contacted by the county FOC attorney at Christmas time 2017, telling me I am behind and there will be a Show Cause Hearing for non payment. However, the attorney continued to be very clear in her written correspondence to me that as long as I pay "X" amount of dollars each month there will not be a show cause hearing scheduled for me. As a result, I gathered resources and in good faith made these payments as required and on time. While making my February payment I noticed on the MI FOC website when I was printing my form to include with payment being sent in, I noticed there was a Show Cause Hearing scheduled for me first week of March 2018. This is completely different then what I was told by the FOC attorney. Why would this Show Cause be scheduled when I in good faith followed the instructions of the FOC attorney? I even wrote a letter to the attorney asking the same question and included a copy of the letter the FOC attorney sent me. Unfortunately, after 2 weeks I've not heard back from FOC attorney or anyone from the FOC except receive a hearing notice in mail.
  12. My son is in 5th grade. I had noticed some anxiety issues in him and reached out to his teacher to see if he (teacher) had noticed anything or if anything may be going on. Although I did mention to his teacher that I have told my son to lean on his faith, I dd NOT give his teacher permission to discuss religion with my kid as I have no idea what this teacher believes, practices, etc and this teacher has no idea what our beliefs are, either. His teacher, Bob, told me he would sit my son down to see if he could get a feel for what may be going on. When my son came home, he told me this teacher, who is very religious, spoke to him about God, etc. I was taken back. Can a teacher even do this without parental consent? I am not looking for a lawsuit, of course, but am wondering if I should let the superintendent, school board, etc know has happened. Bob, the teacher, also decided one day to give his political opinions to his class of ten year olds. What tipped it off was a news segment the class watched. The opinions were very derogatory in nature and not factual at all...just opinions. The problem I had was that these are 10yos. 10yos can't fight back with opinions. They see that Bob doesn't like X person so X person must be bad....and I won't like X person, either. When I asked for my son to be excused during these discussions, the teacher said he would "consider it". I told him it's not up for consideration. Since then, Bob hasn't been very kind to my kid. He is making examples out of him in a negative manner and has used some of his interests (my sons) against him and make it look like it is bad. Bob has also told me that X, Y, and Z kids who have been known to bully kids have been "a problem since they have walked into this school". Can a teacher say things like that about a kid? Is that a FERPA issue? I wouldn't want a teacher to tell another parent if my kid has been a problem since day one. Thanks for any insight! I am just wondering what limitations teachers are bound by.
  13. i was tracked somehow to my employer by a mediatore service and my employer called me with the phone number of this service, upon contacting them they said they were attemptingto collect a debt for an over drafted bank account from 8 plus years ago i hadnt even realized i had. They this person said i was being charged with a felonie and if i didnt set up a payment i would be called into court criminally.... is this in fact legal can they do this???????
  14. I have been fired believe it was wrongfully done. I worked for a company called chemlink.the hand book stated that they will give an employee a 3 day suspension before they let u go.well in my case the hr was fired as soon as the new one came in she fired 3 days off. And that was june 6th 2017. I just want to know my rights.other employees got suspended twice. Please help i was there almost 2 full years hired in.
  15. My son had his car repossessed last night, and in order for the repo guy to recover the car he would have had to move my car which was parked behind my son's car. I looked up the law and saw that if the car is in a closed, locked, garage, they cannot "break in" to retrieve the vehicle. I'm not really finding anything that talks about moving a vehicle in order to retrieve the other vehicle. Is their anything on the books in Michigan regarding this? What if the repossession service had damaged my car when doing this? Would there be any recourse for me?
  16. October 1st, 2017 I was arrested for Possession of Marijuana. The prosecuter reduced the charge to Usage of Marijuana. On December 28, 2017, I was sentenced and recieved 1 year of probation (which is not a problem) and also a 60 day drivers license suspension and 305 day drivers license restriction following. In the state of Michigan, drug crimes are required to have 30/152 or 60/305 day license suspension/restriction. I would like to appeal this restriction due to some personal reasons which I would be happy to share if relevant. What are my options? A little bit about myself is in 2015 I was convicted of Possesion of Marijuana and recieved the HYTA which resulted in it being cleared off my record when I completed probation. The judge was aware of this previous charge and I feel he took it into consideration when sentencing me, but technically it was still treated as a first offense crime. I am 21 years old and own/operate a service business in my city which requires much driving. Any other questions, feel free to ask and I will provide answers to the best of my ability. Thanks so much for any information in advanced. This is very important to me!
  17. What are the legal implications or risks for a man (living in Michigan) who agrees to establish paternity for a person who is already an adult (35 years old, living in Texas)? For example, can he be sued for any type of back support even though he was unaware of the child?
  18. I was in the car accident and I asked someone to move in their house and to be my caregiver it's been 3 months now she disrespecting me twice I've never disrespected her and since she disrespected me I spoke up now she has a problem and an attitude and asked me do it what should I do when I have nowhere else to go
  19. I want to know if i have a case. I was fired for gross misconduct I was reported to recipient rights by a co-worker and was substantiated so i was fired. This is a small agency with about 11 or 12 employees. I WAS at fault but there was an incident that happened with another co-worker where a clients son broke his back for doing work for a co-worker which was also a recipient rights violation. She still has her job though. I had my boyfriend help a woman move to an apt. Because she was being evicted and had no one else to move her and she paid him. The women that son was injured is on a co-workers caseload that she has known personally for years before she worked there and the supervisor is aware of it and did not take her off her caseload due to conflict of interest. I am African-American my co-workers and my supervisor are Caucasian. My supervisor disclose to me that she did not hire an African American female because one of her references was a NAACP rep. is this a discrimination case?
  20. Arresting officer was himself arrested on several felony charges just days after I took plea deal. Back in February of 2017 I pled guilty to ‘disturbing the peace’ which was reduced from a Domestic Violence charge that occurred November of 2016 in Michigan (and is/was complete BS to begin with!! I have the entire incident audio recorded to show that.) Just a couple of days after taking the plea deal the officer that arrested me was himself arrested on several felony drug charges (See link below). I wasn’t too worried about a disturbing the peace charge at first however this is really the only thing on my record and it seems to be causing issues with my employment search. The only reason I took the deal in the first place was because the court dates and everything surrounding the incident was having an impact on the job that I had at that time (and strongly feel was the underlying cause of losing that job). Giving the circumstances is there any chance of anything being done with having the disturbing the peace charge public record? Wanted to do a little research before contacting an attorney. I sincerely appreciate any input anyone can give regarding this. Charges Advance:
  21. My step mother passed away 7 years ago. My father was unaware that he should have transferred the mobile home into his name upon her death. I am not sure if it is a federal or state law, but in Michigan, if you are in the direct line of lineage, there is no tax on inheritance.. my father wants to put the mobile home directly into my name, instead of his own, because he thinks it will be one less thing for me to deal with upon his passing. so my question is, if he puts it in my name, will there be a gift tax, vs if he puts it into his own name, and wills it to me, thus avoiding the taxes due to the fact that I am his daughter, and therefore in the direct line of lineage. Please advise...
  22. I had my phone seized and I recieved a copy if the search warrant after. I thought I also should have recieved a copy of the affidavit and a taulation. Should I have?
  23. Is a medical martial law 3 year continuum court order issued to a community college student a legal allowance without psychological intervention prior to a psychiatric faculty court order without a police issued court order pick up at a private residence 3 miles from a district township county line considered a legal allowance? Logistically? And acceptable by a catholic service issued denied therapeutic interception by a mental health and catholic human services retired therapist?
  24. Ever heard the 'story of The Evil Canary and Martial Law breaches? There was an issue addressed in a Northern Michigan court. It was believed that a family lost their homes due to an accelerant enhanced fire and two men, father and son lost their lives due to an issue of a proposed fire. There was also a family member by lineage, legal and biologically cousins by fifth cousins who was believed to have been placed in a mental facility due to a breach of Martial Law. He was called because of a spiritual issue that a proposed judge of sorts was dealing with. He was issued no therapeutic intervention and was considered a mentally healthy person by the medical practitioner's in the facility. Due to three- year-by year court orders the student was unable to continue and was denied therapy, but ignored by mental health authority employees, and denied access to A Catholic Human Services office recommended former employee was never allowed therapy, and has been living under the care of his own decision. He has been given very dangerous interface just for an issue of his legal interest of civil rights. Wonder if it really happened. Strange things to care about. Psychological therapy is a good thing.
  25. I was driving down the road when was suddenly stopped by police officer the police officer claim that I hit a mailbox I had not hit a mailbox. The officer look at my car until there was no damage then came to my window and said he smelled pot then he took me out of my car and heading to the field Sebright he test at that point he was asking me for operating under the influence of drugs. I’ve been charged with an OU ID then the next day when I asked about the mailbox he told me that the person that reported I hit the mailbox said that I didn’t hit it that I came close to hitting it. and my blood was drawn because of this and I am facing and 0W ID because If this. isn’t the whole situation null and void because it started out with false pretenses? I only had my prescriptions I am on. I need advise and answers .