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Found 55 results

  1. Hello, I am a mother to a 9 month old daughter. I am legally married, however her father is not her biological father. We were legally married at the time of conception and the time of birth, though we were separated at the time just not legally. There is no father listed on her birth certificate as her biological father is not involved, and I was separated from my husband. My fear is that one day her biological father will decide to try and fight for custody of her (though he has made it a point that he does not want anything to do with my daughter as he or his family have never met her) or that his parents will try. I want to know what I need to do in order to prevent this from happening. He is not listed on the birth certificate, and I know by law my husband would be seen as the father since we were married at the time of birth, however I don't know what rights the biological father and his family currently has. I need to know what I need to do legally in order to make sure I am the only person with rights to my daughter. Thank you,
  2. I would like to know can my wife change the locks on the house and lock me out?, we are still married and have not been legally separated or divorced.
  3. Does a patent have he right to ask her doctor to reinstate her medications to the dosage she has been on for 10 years? I feel that this is a very bad time, being winter months and holiday blues. I will have to look at maybe , a change of meds , done in a clinical setting. I have severe depression and if the doctor wants to do anything, I need to be monitored, as I live alone.
  4. I had a friend who stole my bankcard I have photos of her at the atm as proof I did not realize she had it until she told me and $7000 later she also stated she would pay me back so to the courts we go.would this be filed as criminal law or civil?
  5. Title: Someone w/ same 1st and last name and d.o.b. as myself arrested--background check has me on it incorrectly This question can overlap into different areas: 1) identity theft 2) mistaken identity 3) landlord tenant 4) section 8 housing I had been on a 10 year Section 8 waiting list Someone by the same 1st and last name AND the same d.o.b. (date of birth) had been arrested and put into the DOC Dept of Corrections for the State of Maryland My Section 8 background search did not come back yet, it will in 45 days, but to avoid any problems I decided to find what was in my background report This person who is definitely not me, since I had never visited let alone lived in or committed a crime in Maryland, has a middle name Is it possible that since I may have lost my driver's license in NY in 2009 just before I moved to California....some thief who remotely may have looked like me took it and decided to go from NY where I lost my NY State Driver's license and commit a crime in Maryland? This person also has a middle name M (1st name) Jason (middle name) and S. Surname so for example, he is John Jason Smith and I am John Smith but we were both for example, born on 12/25/1977 Does not the darn Dept. of Corrections verify I.D. with a social security # or card? Can this really be as messed up as it sounds? The background report had as "unavailable" the crime this scumbag did, so I do not know if it was a felony or misdemeanor or if a felony a violent felony or just a drug possesion felony I guess I am looking for the standards that a Dept. of Corrections or Jail or prison uses in verifying Identity so that this does not happen to good law abiding citizens like myself I am able to vote successfully, so if I had been confused as a felon, I would not have been able to vote in this recent November 2018 midterm election , right? So I guess that is a good thing Section 8 housing also claims that in order to avoid problems like this they match a social security number to the full name The background search I ordered only asked my full name, my date of birth, or my age, and the city in which I lived in.... thanks in advance for any constructive help
  6. Hello, I am currently ordered by the court to pay child support ($500 a month) to the mother of my second child--which has been a struggle, but it has been paid every month. We recently agreed to alternate claiming our child each tax season, and this year we would go half. It has been about 5 months that have gone by, and I have not received a dime of it, however, she's told me countless times that she has it; she even makes jokes about it. Now, this is not the reason for my post, however, it leads to "meat and potatoes" of it, if you will. She gave me a consent form for me to sign and have notarized, so that my daughter can get her passport so that they can go on vacation. As I always have in this situation, I attempt to shy away from any drama, so I had the papers signed, notarized, and returned to her so that they could go. After about a month and a half, the papers came back because the dates of signing were different, so they had to be redone. Prior to this I had received excuses as to why I had not received half of the tax money, and initially I was not to get the money unless I had sex with her, in her attempt. Fast forward, after the countless excuses as to why I wasn't getting the money, she gave me the passport papers to get signed again. I got them signed, notarized, however, I proposed that I get the papers signed and she give the money that we agreed I would receive. Of course, she did not like this and instantly got mad and began threatening me with going to court for more money, getting full custody of our child, etc. Never has child care become "too expensive" until this conversation, and now I'm being taken back to court for a modification that is totally out of spite. Is there anything that I can do if/when we go to court so that they can understand this is not a matter of child care being "too expensive" but a matter of an action coming from a spiteful emotion?
  7. I'm in the process of applying to graduate school. This particular graduate specialty funnels most of its applications through a central application agency that collects and disseminates all application data. So essentially: You apply to the application service, they process your materials, and then you choose which graduate schools to have your application forwarded to. The rub for this year's application cycle is that the application service itself has incorrectly entered program materials from one of my undergrad transcripts. In this instance, my programs have a floor of a 3.0 overall GPA in order to be considered for application. The application service's error caused my GPA to be misreported (automatically) to my graduate programs, and I've had to contact them in order to put a hold on my application - AFTER having received automated rejection emails from both. I've been fighting with the application service for a week now. It's a verifiable error, and the customer service branch of this company is actually on my side. Unfortunately, they are dealing with a separate department that does the hands-on entry and interpretation of these prior transcripts, and they are being extremely difficult. I've sent them transcripts, explanations, and letters from the registrar's office of the affected undergraduate program. It's to the point now where I'm about to send them an email that isn't quite threatening to become litigious, but comes pretty darn close. Point being, if I did take that tone, would it be taken seriously? Is this situation in any way, shape, or form, legally actionable? (even in the far eventual future, since I realize I'd have to prove their willful misrepresentation of my GPA delayed my entry into grad school for a year, which means I'd likely have to get into grad school immediately next cycle, and probably then successfully complete the program before any harm or delay to my career could be technically proven). Mostly I'd just like the application service to take this as seriously as I do, as a person who's invested years of my life into this pursuit. At the same time though, they are the gatekeeper for 99% of the grad programs in this specialty. I'd be worried about retaliation and being blacklisted from applying to ANY of these programs should the application service choose. Finer (not necessarily important) points: If I miss this cycle and have to reapply, I'll have to retake a pair of prerequisite college courses to the tune of about $1,000 total. I paid money for their transcript entry service, which is now causing me so much trouble. The starting median salary for my degree program upon graduation is roughly $80,000 in my area. P.S. a friend of mine, who is a lawyer, mentioned "tortious interference with business opportunities." Not sure that applies by the strictest legal definition, but maybe with a shoehorn...
  8. I apologize if this is the wrong forum. I understand this may be a gray area, so I'm trying to find a clear cut answer. Is CBD legal? I deal with chronic pain and currently am prescribed Gabapentin, Ibuprofen and Oxycodone. I'm not fond of the side effects, so i was hoping to find an alternative. I don't like the way that marijuana leaves me "high" and unable to be productive so even medicinal marijuana isn't really the alternative I am looking for. A friend had me try CBD and it seems to be the solution I am looking for. I just don't want to find out the hard way that it really is too good to be true. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  9. Assuming that the deceased could, had they lived, won a suit for negligence, pain and suffering, etc. (really, for any tort), can the executor sue on their behalf? The particular incident I have in mind did not cause or contribute to the death.
  10. ***If this is posted in the wrong place, feel free to move it to the correct one.*** I have been snared into a rule/law that I believe is mal-conceived and is being applied in a way that is contrary to its intent. This rule/law is intended to cause folks to keep their vehicles insured, a goal that I am personally supportive of. In this state they expect you to return tags when they expire and/or if you take the vehicle "off-the-road". As you might imagine, I was not aware of this and I gave my car, which was inoperable, to the kid next door to tinker with. If you don't abide by this rule/law, the penalties are exorbitant to begin with and I wasn't informed of my non-compliance for many months (about 13). By that time they said I owed $3300! I tried to argue several points to the Motor Vehicle Admin (MVA): that I wasn't aware of the rule/law, that I didn't have possession of the car, the car wasn't and hadn't been on the road, they were penalizing me for this when my tags were actually expired. Their response was that there was no way appeal this and my only remedy was to pay. I tried for several weeks to resolve this to no avail and I couldn't register a newly bought car. My solution was to register the car in my wife's name, which worked, but she passed away a couple of months ago and now I can't register our cars in my name again AND they now want $4400! Again, they are also saying that there is no way to appeal so... What I'd like to know here is: To what court do I file a complaint for injunctive relief? If I decide to try this, I will do it myself vs. hiring a lawyer as I imagine a lawyer would cost as much or more than paying the "fine". My only other option is to move out of state and I'm not sure this doesn't "follow" me anyway. Before you offer advice here, consider that I DO understand that one of my options is simply paying the "fine". Unless I win a PowerBall jackpot, I won't be choosing that option. Also, PLEASE... Don't frustrate us with an answer that is not likely to be helpful; I just want to know what court to file a complain with. If you know of an alternative available to me, please share. I say this with the hope of averting the occasional answer that is more designed to stroke an ego than answering the question. Thank you in advance.
  11. My wife left her son at home while I was at work and the the police wound up being called by animal control and so was cps. I worked for a law enforcement agency. We met with cps and they did not continue any charges and the case was closed. We never heard from the police agency who was handling the case from the time it happened in august to the time i got a summons last week. All of the charges were dropped by the other agencies and we were told by cps that the charges would be dropped or "sit on a shelf" but all of a sudden the states attorneys office is deciding to charge us with child neglect. We are married but he is not my child nor have I adopted him. I don't as at work at the time everything occurred and all of our statements document this fact however I am being charged with child neglect and I had no idea what was going on. I originally thought we were condefendants but we have separate court dates. I've never committed anything in my life and have a masters degree. When I received my preliminary inquiry they told me I was not being charged however my job fired me with a notice that was dated the day before. Can I sue my employer for wrongful termination because I feel like I was charged just so they can get rid of me. Any advice would be great.
  12. I know the executor is responsible for carrying out the will and making sure bills and taxes are paid,etc..however,does the executor have to consult with the other heirs of the will on matters such as how to sell the deceased person's home and property?
  13. Victorious2


    I am writing and need answers to an issue I have with my HOA. Last year they (HOA) assessed a lien fee as stated we didn't pay back in 2012. Prior to making the full payment because we didn't hear about this lien in 2015. I wanted to ask the HOA Atty a question and dispute the additional fees. I had no idea the HOA atty would charge us an additional fees for inquiry. The fees continued to be added not just a few hundred dollars but $600. My intention was not to find service but to inquiry about a debt owed. This is indeed a catch 22 situation. We also attempted to make the payment and it was refused, then again additional atty fees were applied. I need help? now another lien was placed on my home all because of my why? to the HOA atty?
  14. I am so stressed and don't know what to do. My husband's income this year will be around $30,000. He ETS'd from the Army (not retired) in February, but even then it was sometimes difficult to make his $1250 child support payment every month for one child. He's making a considerable amount less now, and paying health insurance for his son. We also have a child together who is in daycare. When he applied to go back to court in the mothers state, he said he was denied. Why he ever agreed to that in the first place I will never know. The mother has decided to not work anymore, which is extremely frusterating considering we each work around 50 hours a week just to make ends meet. We live with my mother-in-law because we are struggling financially. While he was on active duty a law kept them from taking more than 65% of his paycheck, but now that he's out he owes more than $3000 in back support because of that. How are we ever supposed to afford a lawyer? I love my husband madly, but nothing causes strain on our marriage like this does. I just need to know there's light at the end of the tunnel. Is there anything I can do? Please pray for us.
  15. Was accused of theft from my job ,and arrested on the job in front of my co-workers and none employees. Taken to the police station and questioned .I explained that I did not take anything from the job and I was being falsely charged. My job was to load trucks every night and I was doing my job. The company charged me with theft , then after we were terminated they changed the reason for termination to mishandling product . these procedures are continuously happening do to company error . No one has ever been (termed) for the accusations that were placed on me But in my case I am affiliated with the union so they use that reason to terminate my employment . So now I'm seeking employment and I was told that I have a theft charge on my record and cannot obtain employment in my field , do to these accusation of theft when there was no theft in the first place . Just a reason to terminate my employment , and hinder me from getting employed in my field. Is there a case that I can file for deformation ????
  16. Hey, I need some advice for suing Dealership or in this case Lawsuit able??? My car 2012 BMW 528 xi. broke down on 8/28/2016 on the way to new york.car broken down in PA.i towed car to closed to BMW dealership. they couldn't figure out, what's wrong on the car.car crank but, doesn't start. so they did an ENGINE DIANOS to find out ( Internal damaged). still don't know why....they tell me i had an enough oil,even i did;t oil changed for 19,700 miles. last oil changed on APril 17, 2016 BMW dealership gave me a estimate $18,800 for engine replacement car cannot be fix. i paid the service fee of$ 600 for nothing spend $455 towed the car to my hometown Maryland BMW( purchased car from) they call me today. car is fixable...estimate of $6300 they paying half of labor charge. questions is some dealership can fix it, some not? it that make sence to you? I dont get it... if the first dealership told me the same as MARYLAD BMW.i wouldn't spend extra$1,055 for nothing and my times.
  17. My parent divorced in the late 80's early 90's. After very lengthy battle about everything, thanks to dad. My mother's divorce decree stated that instead of alimony, she was to get a property + each of the two children from that marriage were to have their father pay for 1/2 the college expense. The property was settled early. My father (pretty much) helped with my community college without too much complaint (not half, but I am fine). However, my sister's university expense was not. My father stopped paying after the 1st or 2nd year. Hence, my sister acquired (on my mother's credit) a very large amount of debt. My mother is unable to finance much, at this point. My mother still harbors severe animosity regarding the issue toward my father and my sister. She has told me that she will go after his estate when he dies, if he dies before her. This is a problem because I am one of the executors of the estate, AND I have 5 other siblings from a previous marriage, who are not part of this issue at all. The other executor is my older half sister from father's prior marriage. I really wish she would consider filling, arbitrating, or something, now. However, with the amount of time and money my father wasted with the divorce, I understand why she does not. I have expressed my desire for her to do this. She has said that, "She will look for the 'right thing' to be done when he dies." Which just leaves me empty inside, I hate being in the middle with divorce, and here I am again... My questions are many: 1st- Is there a time limitation to my mother filing in this matter? 2nd- Is there a claim that can legally be filed against my dad's estate by my mother for this decree, even at over 20 years old? 3rd- If the debt is paid off before either party dies, can the estate still be held? This is really going to tear the family ties up, between the first set of children and the second set of children. My dad will be dead, and they will look at it that my mom is taking their inheritance. They will say, "I was not part of that divorce. I did not get my university or college paid for. Why should I give up my inheritance because she had to go to such an expensive school?"
  18. Hello all, Im not sure if this is the right category or not but here's my question. My brother has a son who is 31 yrs old and living at home. The man wont get a job, do anything around the house, sleeps all day, out all night and walks around the house like he owns it, intimidating (bullying) both my brother and his wife. In short, he is a good for nothing freeloader. My brother has asked him to leave but he will not budge. He is very sick with breathing issues and cannot take much more. What are his legal options if any? thank you very much
  19. My son is soon to be 12. Father and I, live in the same town and he communicated when it was convenient for him. He was never stable. I confronted father and ask for help financially. He automatically asked for visitations. This labor day weekend, he came and got him and never gave me the $40 we agreed on. Now he is asking for partial custody. Am I able to collect child support, after he files for custody and collect for the"back" child support for the past 11 years, that he did nothing.
  20. Almost 4 years ago my fiancé and father of our infant son was murdered in front of myself, my daughter and her boyfriend by his 23 year old son. He took a plea bargain for manslaughter. Long story short he is in the process of being released. My question is, can he be held liable for damages that I have incurred since the murder? I have severe PTSD, anxiety, panic disorder, tremors and nightmares. The PTSD has also manifested into fibromyalgia and high blood pressure. The parole board lost my information so I was never notified of the hearing and he was granted parole. Since finding out my health issues have escalated severely. So is there any civil actions I can take to hold him accountable for what I have suffered? Thank you so much
  21. On her way into meet with her teacher for the first time, my 4 year old preK Student was denied use of the restroom. The secretary has been cruel before but this seems not only Immoral but illegal. Please help me understand my child's rights so I can pursue this issue further.
  22. I have an old settlement for a workers compensation claim (~9 years), but still have lasting medical needs. Whenever I am seen by a new doctor for the injury, the forms always ask if it occurred at work. What is my obligation under my settlement in this respect? Do I select yes and then explain that it is a settled case? Will my personal insurance balk at the idea that they are covering this if they see the forms? Or, as part of my settlement, did I agree to say that the injury did not occur at work? Am I expected to bluff on the forms as part of the settlement?
  23. I would like to know our options to resolve driveway encroachment that the builder/developer placed 6 feet outside our property line? The builder/developer still owns the adjacent property (which has a newly constructed home) so is it possible that we get an easement approval from him? We do not have owner's title insurance. We have lived in our house 3 years but this was just discovered by our potential buyer's surveyor. We are selling to move into a different school district. Thank you.
  24. Hello ALL, I recently received a ticket for parking in a in ADA parking spot on a building in a residential area. I would like to know the following. 1. If this parking space is not the standard 96″ minimum and has no access aisle of at least 60″minimum. Is this a LEGAL ADA parking spot? On one side of this “ADA” space is the next parking space and the other side is a curb with scrubs. There is no access aisle or sidewalk at all. The only access out of the space without some type of curb is to the street. 2. The ADA symbol is not painted in the space. 3. The ADA sign just has the symbol and no other info. I have seen ADA signs in MD have the fine on the space. Yes I know that parking in this space is not the right thing to do but I think that this parking space is not up to ADA code and if not, I might have a change in court, thanks.
  25. My grandson visited some friends; shook hands with someone, then was arrested for distribution. When he was searched, all that was retrieved was $5.00, a pack cigarettes and my cell phone. The arresting officer stated that he had witnessed him making a drug transaction. No dope or any quantifiable amount of money was found on him. He has gone to 3 preliminary hearings, in the span of 4 months; at which time the arresting officer has NEVER shown up and the Judge, himself, kept extending the trial. On the fourth time, the officer finally did show at which time the Judge has now decided that he has evidence enough to charge my grandson with distribution. Now, his lawyer, from the Public Defenders office has NOT done ONE thing with regards to defending my grandson's rights. When the officer did not show the first two times, the third time the lawyer should have argued for a dismal of all charges. Do you think we should just get a real lawyer - one who will fight for my grandson? How can you have probable cause if you found NOTHING? No money and no drugs? Tell me how?
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