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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, My father owns the house that i payed for and says he can not sign the deed over to me while owing property taxes, so my question is, is he telling the truth or lying? Please let me know ant Thank You
  2. Looking for some advice,a friend of ours let my fiancé use his Kay's credit to get an engagement ring six months ago on monthly payments. My fiancé is a month behind on his payment. Our friend made the late payment and just asked for the ring back and said if not returned he's gonna call the police and report it stolen immediately. This ring was not stolen,so what will happen?
  3. I have worked in the medical field for some 40 years and for the last 10 the flu vaccine is being pushed and pushed heavily. I do not wish to have the vaccine, which is my choice; however, this particular year, the facility has required that if I do not have the vaccine, I must wear a mask from November 1 until April 30. In the past, when the flu began showing up in the area, staff were required to wear masks. Once the "threat" was over, the masks could come off. There was only a month or two that I had to wear my mask. I did not find this unreasonable. This new policy, I feel, is the facility's way of "shaming" those of us who do not get vaccinated. Do I have any legal recourse on this at all? What about my civil liberties? Is there any way to challenge this? Again, I have no objection to wearing a mask. I do so now when I'm ill as a courtesy to the others I work with. For the record, I have no patient contact whatsoever. This is becoming a huge issue for those of us who work in hospitals, physician's offices, laboratories, etc. I feel very discriminated against due to my objection to the vaccine. Thank you, in advance, for any light you can shed on this subject.
  4. downeaster


    A piece of property was purchased in 1985. Contrary to the property lines drawn in 1985, in 2001 an abutting neighbor had a survey done that purports that a 2 foot wide portion of a shed and part of a driveway is now on his land. He issues an easement for the property owner only. Said easement requires that in the event of death of the grantee or transfer of the property the encroaching part of the shed must be removed. Does the new survey supercede the old deed with it's property line understanding? Can an easement be granted unilaterally?
  5. I worked for a company that has over 15 employees in Maine. I recently am not employed with them 2 weeks ago. I worked for 4 years and then got promoted to lead staff at another facility of theirs. I worked over and above while they were renovating to go to community support programs. I increased consumers and hours to the program. Everyone consumer loved me and their is proof in the consumer surveys for who I was and my work ethics. The CEO thanked me for doing a great job, and I received a thank you note from the assistant CEO. I also received a Consumer Quality Award. Never had a bad evaluation. A new manager was hired in February and things went down hill. We had an open house for the new program and they had another team lead come and be present and had me in another room away form the case managers. They took pictures of the consumers doing the activities and with the other lead staff and none with me working with them to put up on the website. He then told me I was being demoted because I was not lead material he was looking for. He said that the center was the showcase for the other centers and what people saw when they entered was what would make the program and I was not it. I am over 50 and overweight. He then went to another facility and demoted another staff member who was 50 and overwieght who had her position for 13 years. Another worker said it was because I was not young and a size 2 so to speak. I brushed it off, but then was told at the other facility the manager and asst manager was talking about me to the workers not knowing one was my son' fiance. He told them that he was doing what was best for the program and I was not it. The two of them then told them all the changes taking place, new pay raises starting, gave them the new dress codes to read, and so on. None of this was given to me. So the next day I gave my 2 week notice as I felt embarrassed as they talked bad about me and lied about me to the other workers. I gave the manager a list of care plans that needed to be done by a team lead (as I had signed the new job policy as an aide and no longer team lead), and asked to have my half hour lunch break that I had been denied so many times. I worked 7:30-4:00. The day I asked for the break, they came in and told me I no longer worked for them. 2 days later they was at the program and a young volunteer was there and the manager looked at the worker and said I want her. She is what I want working here. 3 days later they fired that worker who like I said was 50 and overweight like myself. They did not ask me to stay with them and posted my position the same day I gave my notice. My son,s fiancee was begged to stay with them, and another worker who is thin and attractive was begged to stay and asked what they could do to keep her. I feel I was discriminated on for my looks. Am I right.
  6. I was in a abusive relationship when I got pregnant. I left him when I was four months along and had to get a protection order. Because of the protection order, he was not at the hospital, so my baby has my last name and he is not listed on the birth certificate. She will be one next week. He has made no attempt to see her, or to contact me to state that he wants to see her since the protection order was no longer in affect. DHHS had me file absent parent paperwork, and I requested that they not contact him for child support, which they have not done. My question is, since there has been no DNA test, and he is not listed as the father, do I need to let him see her, if and when he wants to see her? Or should I wait until after a DNA test ?
  7. I got divorced and requested the car loan that I co-signed be the ex's full responsibility where I never used the car and such and he totaled it. The judge granted it. The car loan is still on my credit score and trying to have it removed, the debt collector said they don't recognize divorce decrees and kept trying to give me a payment plan. They told me to pay the bill then take the ex to court. Instead, I tried to contact my divorce attorney, and for over 3 months I've received no call back even for them to tell me they can't help me. I can't afford any kind of payment plan and due to safety reasons I am not in contact with the ex. I have no clue what to do now.
  8. I was planning on filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy because my income has been greatly reduced as I cannot work because of an illness. I currently receive only permanent Social Security disability income, which is much lower than my former wages. I found out that my former husband may be planning on cashing in his state employee's retirement-defined benefits plan as a lump-sum. I will be getting half of it due to a DRO court-ordered decree through the divorce court. This has been previously finallized more than 10 years ago. I have have enough debt to make it worthwhile to file. I want to get a clean slate through chapter 7 as I want to move to be closer to my son in a different state and I want to be sure to protect my new home if I have a higher equity than I do in the home I currently live in. I currently have a home that has less than the home equity amount for both the state I live in and the state I want to move to. I would like to use lump-sum payment to help purchase a home so I have little to no mortgage payment. Will I still qualify to file for the chapter 7 with a lump-sum pension payment? If I divide my total payment over 6 mos. it will exceed the minimum average income requirement for my state. Does anyone have any suggestions how to best structure and time this filing and home sale? Thank you for your help!
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