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Found 59 results

  1. I bought a vehicle with a rebuilt transmission from a private seller. I was assured by the previous owner there was a one year warranty on the transmission and he gave me the receipt from the shop that stated that. Six days after we bought the vehicle, the transmission hung in second gear. It has a manual shift on it, so we were able to get home with it. Called the shop that rebuilt the transmission and stated the problem, the owner said bring it in for him to look at. He said that the part was under warranty and could be an easy fix. Told my husband to drive it back home and he'd let him know when to bring it back. A week later my husband takes it back and the owner said he would get to it asap. Two weeks later, we get a call from the owner stating that the warranty is non-transferable and that it would be $500 to fix the issue. The paperwork we have does not say anything about the warranty transferring from the previous owner to us and the previous owner said it would be covered until June of 2018. The owner came right out and said he would fix it for the previous owner but would not do that for us because "we were just trying to get something out of nothing". Where do we stand legally? Small claims? Lemon law against the previous owner? It's not about the money at this point, its a matter of ethics.
  2. Im the mother to a 2 month old, the father requested a DNA test before he was born on January 24th, I was summoned with a court order for a DNA test on Feb 08th, on March 9th my son & i went and completed our part of the dna test. His father still hasnt done his part of it, if it went to court would that have a factor in the decision of custody since he hasnt done his part in 30 days after it was filed or almost 30 days after we completed our part since it was filed through a court ordered?
  3. I was charged with DUI on my own prescribed medication. I've retained a lawyer on this case already and they said it out until August. However I was already on probation and the Commonwealth is moving to revoke. I'm trying to see if anyone has any information that may help me thanks
  4. I made a post on here a few weeks ago, its clear I did not explain it correctly, alright to start this off I am a juvenile, age of 17 , so what happened is one of my friends out of state thought it would be funny to call my school and tell them that their is a bomb in the school. I influenced him to do it by saying stuff like "you won't" , "I dare you" so they took it serious , I being scared when they called me down to the Police Department for a interview confessed to complicity , and they said they will charge me with complicity of terrorist threatening. So they try to get the kid from out of state and they were not able to because lack of evidence , now a few weeks later I have to meet with some counsel(Forgot what they are called) to talk about a court date or community service next thursday, and they said now that they are gonna try to charge me with terrorist threatening , and they also want to charge me to the 2nd degree which is a felony. I can't get a lawyer because my parents told me I am on my own. Also one thing I forgot to mention is that they took my phone and computer to look for evidence, which I don't know if I will ever get back, (1000 dollar pc and 700 dollar phone) Can they charge me like that?Will I ever get my property back? Please give advice.
  5. How can someone be charged with 2nd and 3rd Degree Burglary at the same time ?? Here are the charges >>Burglary in the Second Degree, Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree, Burglary in the Third Degree, Persistent Felony Offender... Do you know about how much time he is looking at ?? Thank You in Advance
  6. My daughters school is refusing to accept her doctors written medical excuse because the doctor is out of state and she wasn't physically seen. She has a medical plan for migraines and was following what was written. She did go to a local clinic for other medications and testing too. She has exceeded the 10 excused they allow. They want access to her medical records and if we don't give them permission to access they are threating her to be served with truancy papers. She has a current IEP for learning issues and I have asked to have an ARC to include the migraines. They also want a signed release of all medical and psychological records. I don't see why the physician can't be the one to decide what they need instead of them access to all her records. They aren't doctors.
  7. My friend was recently tried of a felony , but because of lack of evidence he was not charged or taken to court, they have not got back to me yet but they took my phone and other electronic devices searching for more evidence on the case(which they will not find nothing) they want to charged me complicity of aiding him in the crime, but a week ago i admitted to helping him in the act , but that is because too my knowledge i thought he committed the action, but now i think it was not him...Can i be charged with complicity if he does not get convicted?
  8. My husband and I found out about a mobile home park (large and slightly ran down place) that was selling some of the the mobile homes that needed various stages of of repair and prices starting at $500 and going up from there. We we're in desprite need of a place as our previous landlord sold the property he was renting us to someone else without telling us and the new guy gave us 45 days to get out. Anyway we looked at several of the trailers and settled on a newer one (late 90s early 00s) that had the best structure and needed the least amount of major work. Since someine stole the furnace water heater half the light fixtures and of course the stove and fridge and diswasher... And it only had 2 hole in the floor and a few broken windows but it was mostly just really dirty... Anyway they only charged us $500 to buy it outright and gave use 2 months free lot rent since they figured it be 2 months before we could move in... It took 2 weeks lol... Anyway they only gave us a receipt that said $500 paid for lot xxx in xxx park (its 2 parks in 1) and they said when they go to pay 2017 taxes they will inform us so we can get the title. Well its been 3 months since the tax bill came in our mailbox under some mans name and they have still not contacted us about the title. I asked them about it when we paid the rest of the lot rent on monday and the guy said you'll have to talk to mom about that she's out sick let me take your phone number again and ill have her call you... Ive talked to others in the oark that did the same thing and there are some that's been here 2-3 years and have not gotten a title and was told they cant move the home (most are too old anyway) i know our county requires it to have a peaked roof and be no more than 20 years old or have been 100% reconstructed with the peaked roof and proof of remodel ect.. Anyway we are wanting to buy a little land futher south in the county and after thw home was inspected was told it was ok to move as long as it isnt within city limits. Well I'm worried that 1.) they dont have the title at all 2.) If we try to move it without the title in our name they will try to cause problems say we are stealing it or something. The receipt doesnt say for the purchase of just paid on lot xxx so they could try to say that it was lot rent or something cause we get the same receipts when we pay lot rent. 3.) If we do something to make them mad and they try to kick us out i dont know what we'd do other than be out that $500 plus the costs of repairs... We've already put 500 just to make it livable. So I guess my questions are: 1.) Can we get a title in KY with nothing more than the receipt and the serial number if its in someones name other than the parks people? 2.) If we cant get the title for whatever reason can we still legally move it out of the park? What if we give them notice or something? 3.) If they decide they want us out of the park for whatever reason and we still dont have the title are we forced to leave it, ask them to buy it back, move it out too or can we resale it ourselves as long as we follow the parks guidlines for tenets (ie they run a background check cause its within 1000 yards of an elementary school) I love my little trailer but i dont want to keep putting money into something thats not truly mine. I know i should have gotten title with payment but they have over 250 trailers and they said they just took ownership of this one a few months before we bought it. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I've been in a relationship with my husband since 1998. He purchased a home in 2000 when we moved into it together. In 2002, we got married. He says that I am not entitled to any of the house since he had it before we were married. I haven't worked outside the home for ten years so I'm worried that I will be homeless after. Please help.
  10. so my truck is in my mother's name and my tags expired. She wouldn't go with me to renew them so I bought a 2018 sticker from my friend . Long story short I got pulled over and they are charging me with a class D felony. Shouldn't it be conversion and not theft or improper plates .
  11. i need serious help. My landscum wouldn't fix a thing in my house so i had to hire outside help, i then deducted this out of my rent. She was also supposed to come spray once a month for cockroaches she failed to do so. i was hurt in the house the laundry room door fell off of the hinges and hit me and my dryer breaking the glass on the dryer door. i told her i was moving she hit me with an eviction two days later. She has decided to sue for back rent i held for fixing problems in the house. im also counter suing for the rest of the money owed for repair. we did a walk through yesterday and there was no damage to the house and i also cleaned it completely, shes said she not giving back the deposit because she feels i owe the money. lts doesn't mention in our lease reasons she can with hold rent ( i wrote the lease) and she never sent me anything about my deposit not even a receipt. My question is, what can i do to get my deposit back as im already suing for the max in small claims court
  12. Just found out a friend of mine was giving her daughter adderall adhd meds. She said her daughter life was at risk. My friend is pleading guilty what could happen to the mom?
  13. Ok try to make this not too long. My daughter just turned 18 on 1221 and was arrest on 1228 for having pot and pills and drug par. I'm not saying she wasn't wrong for having these this. But a needle was on her. In the police report she was shooting up in the drive while ordering food. This was the reason the sheriff was called. The kicker is my daughter is type 1 diabetic has been since the age of 4. She explained this to the sheriff and he must of just ignored it. Her bond was15 thousand cash so she spent up Til Tuesday before seeing the judge we were in the court room but they had her thru video. So she came up judge had prosecutor read her charges and still shooting up in the drive thru. The judge said bail stays. I was freaking out. Judge said i will speak with after I'm finish. I went up and explained my daughter wasn't shooting up that she was type 1 diabetic and he was suprised it wasn't in the police report. I also explained she had never been in trouble and she had a 4.00 gpa and schlorship. He lowered her bond and accepted a signature bond. My question she intry to get the police report corrected or don't worry about it.
  14. Been residing in apartment for little over three years, through four management changes, and current manager seems to be trying to get rid of me. During all the upheaval of mgmt changes, I often took my concerns and complaints to the property owners, hence why I feel I'm being harassed and litigated out of my apartment. After many impromptu "inspections"( I feel were attempts to check my home for visitors or recent purchases), I've been cited for things like having aluminum foil drip pans in the stove burners, the oven not being cleaned ( this was the recent one-after Christmas holidays is when it was checked), or having my bedroom door locked during inspection ( yes, I was in the room asleep and did not know she was there). This person often leaves notes about one thing or another one of my favorites was the note about fixing my car in the parking lot. When in actuality, I was checking the fluid levels etc. With all of this pettiness, according to them I've accumulated three violations against my lease. I strongly believe this to be in retaliation for my going over their head and calling the corporate offices. They I also believe have given them the green light to get me out of here. There have been other issues like errors on their part about my lease, omitted or amended parts that affect their ability to evict me and other things as well. Is there a law that can protect me from this type of petty harassing and or a potential circumstantial eviction?
  15. Been doing A2 year sentence for 4 years on probation been to rehab 3 times and had to sanctions can I get a lawyer to file the paperwork to get to get time credited toward my sentence
  16. Ok to make a log story short! My Sister which is over age, my 16 year old daughter and her 15 year old friend was in a single car accident! Well I did sue the insurance company for injurys to my daughter which there is 15,000 in the bank but is now held up by the courts due to! My daughter has received threats she was going to be killed by the 15 year old which was in the wreck with my daughter, like I said long story short I have message after message my child being bullied, harassed, threatened, had to go on home bound and could t go to school anymore because of this girl! So it was oveious it was not going to stop so I went to the courts and filled harassment charges and no contact order on this little girl! Mind you this is 8 mo this after the wreck! Well the 15 year old got put in probabtion and was very upset! That same month which she found out we got the charges on her she went to this insurance company and told them that my 16 year old was driving and that my sister was not! We was threatened she would make sure she would do everything in her power to hurt us! Well that she is just doing! So now she made a recorded claim to the insurance company that my sister wasn't driving and my daughter so! So insurance company is now trying to sue me for the 15,000 back and charge me I'm assuming for fraud! The police report states me sister was driving and 911 proves it was called in that the way I reported! It's clear this is a case of someone tryig to get back at someone because we filed charged on them! If I thought someone had that kind of secret I don't think I would be filing charges in court on them! But the judge.out the hearing in what he called obeyance and I don't have A lawyer due to can't afford one but then again I don't feel like I should waste money on one because I know shes lieing and all they have is someone saying it! Someone of which I had just placed harassment charges on and someone that had 8 months or longer to report it if it had been true. So the judge put a hold on the bank acce but my daughter is now gonna be 18 in may2018 and is wanting her deserved money to buy her a car so can get back and forth to a job! My questions are have you had anything like this before and if so what happen! How long does the insurance company have to sue me? Car wreck happened 11/2016! I also would like to ask how the world can they take an underage child's word on soemthing so serious! I give the insurance company's lawyer all the messages from the girl threatening me and my child! Threatening she would make our lives a living hell! But he the lawyer claims the girl making the claim against us had nothing to gain! Tell me she didn't! She's got right what she wanted! Which was lydia to not get the money, not get a car and to punish us for get harassment charges on her! I just need some direction here! It's been 4 almost 5 months since last time I was in court and everytime I contact the lawyer for the insurance company he tells me they will be going forward with the claim , threatening me this and that is going to happen if I don't return the money back! Keeps asking for the money but not moving very fast in court cause it's been like is aid almost 5 months! I'm not giving money back to them and me not guilty! Heck I wasn't even in the car accident my underage child was! Can they come back on her when she turns 18? So many questions but for now I'll leave it at all! Thank you listening ! I need all the advice and information I can't get! Can not afford an attorney!
  17. I am a 17 year old female in foster care. My dads rights have not yet been terminated. He wants to sign for me to get married. Can he? Also, please do not think I'm only getting married to get out of foster care I have been with my boyfriend since I was 13. I also graduated when I was 16. Does the court have any say so in weither my dad can sign or not? The state is trying to convince me to recommit and I am refusing. Please help me. I need legal advise fast. Also, I love the foster home I'm in but we live in the middle of nowhere and I can't get to college because I can't drive and it's to far of a drive to the nearest cosmetology school. So, my fiancé would be taking me to school and helping me get my permit. Everyone in my family plus my foster parents support my decision. Please help me. We are all trying to get opinions.
  18. A few years back, I gave my father custody of my children. It was permanent custody. He moved to Florida a year ago. He was going to give me custody back now that I have made some life changes but got upset with me and now cut off all contact. Was he aloud to just up and move out of state without letting the courts know first? How would I go about gaining custody back of my children without having to go to Florida? Is there any way? He will not let me visit with my children no more. What can I do about this?
  19. I bought a camper from a lady on Facebook market place. She told me everything worked the air and the heat. No leaks and only a few light bulbs were out. The reason we needed a camper is because our house burned and we needed a place to stay on our land with my grandson. Well it ended up nothing works like she said and there is no furnace in it either. There was 3 water lines busted. She said she couldn't find the title and would have to send off for one. Well come to find out she and her husband bought it from someone else and never got it in their name. I paid her $2500 and she wrote me out a receipt that said I bought it and she would give me the title when it came in. I have all the messages that she wrote me, also the ad from Facebook. I don't know what to do? Should I contact a lawyer because we are now homeless because we can't live in it. Please help!!
  20. In our divorce the home we built together was to be shared stating in the divorce settlement. In 2015 I was not working so the bills was not getting paid electricity was getting shut off all the time mortgage payments was not getting paid so forth. My daughter was 15 at the time so I took her family members so she would have electric and they was helping me get back and forward to 2 jobs I had got so I could get back on my feet. My daughter goes home and he has changed the locks on the doors and moved his girlfriend in. I have been told there is nothing I can do about the situation. I was told yesterday he could buy me out, or we could agree and sale it but we both have to agree to that. The other option is to go plant my self on the couch and then he will do something then. What would some of you people do?
  21. Ok I'm not a lawyer , my daughter who made parole in june 2017, had previously completed sap program , they now have her on waiting list for another 6months sap program 2-4 hrs away.The men's program is recognized in Kenton county jail as a completed sap program, the women's is not in the Kenton county jail so they put them on waiting list which who knows how long it will be to do another 6 months in a jail programis for sap same program I'm guessing , she was sentenced 5yrs third burlary, although she didn't do the stealing she was guilty she drove car had to know of crime ,she co- operated with detectives while waiting for sentencing ,her co conspirator didn't who has a long record of stealing , she is guilty ,wrong not taking up for her for the crime she is as guilty , she took a plea deal to get her sentencing done .Had to wait for him to plea months after her deal because the judge said he may need her to testify .Drugs were the issue heroin this is her third time relapsing , she was charged with 3rd degree burglary Just to give some information about her , after all of that my question is it discrimination because they recognize the men's program and set that up in 2015 but not the women although they do same program in there for sap program men do
  22. My grandmother passed away, and after the funeral service the family members gathered around to what for the POA to mention when and where the reading will take place? It never happened. I am also aware of what the will read before my grandpa passed away and question as if the POA made changes and even excluded me from what was left to me. So I guess what the question Im needing answered is....Where do I begin in the process of finding out what happened to what was left for family???? Please this matter is urgent. I appreciate the help ahead of time. Thank you.
  23. Was Wondering If Anyone Knew Of How To Find Out What That Statute Of Limitations For Prosecution Are On The Following Charges(Some Of Them Might Not Be Listed With Their Correct Legal Term-So Bare With Me. Lol!): 1: D.U.I W/Special Circumstance(Hit & Run-Resulting In Death Of A Child) 2: Vehicular Manslaughter 3: Negligent Homicide 4: Depraved Indifference(Again, This Is Relating To What I Mentioned Above In #1) Also, If There Are Any Other Charges That Might Fit This Situation(I'd Love To Hear About Them): 15 Years Ago, On August 11, 2002, My 15 Year Old Little Sister Shelly Was Vacationing In Florida With 2 Of Her Friends & Their Mothers. Shelly & Her 2 Friends Were Waiting To Cross Hwy98 In Destin, When A White Pick-Up Truck Driving Recklessly With A Watercraft/Trailer Attatched To The Back, Lost Control, & Jumped The Curb--Striking All 3 Girls...My Sister Shelly Was The Only One Of The 3 Girls That Was Killed...Her Two Friends Suffered Non-Life Threatening Injuries(Thank God!) The Driver Never Even So Much As Hit His Brakes, Nevermind Stopping. When The Pick-Up Struck Shelly, It Kinda Grabbed Her By Her Left Shoulder & Flung Her 40ft. She Hit Sand-Which The Impact Of, Killed Her Instantly, & The Driver--He Just Steered His White Pick-Up Back Onto Hwy98 Without Batting An Eye...As If Nothing Had Happened At All. According To Witnesses & "Debris" That Flew Out Of The White Pick-Up...It Is Safe To Say The Driver Was Drunk &/Or Drinking...Due To The Fact That One Witness Said They Saw Him Drinking A Canned Beer When They Were Stopped Alongside The Pick-Up At The Stop-Light Just Before The Accident Happened. But Bc Of The Watercraft/Trailor The License Plate Was Obstructed From View & There Wasn't A Plate On The Trailor Either. The Okaloosa County Sheriffs Dept. Did Recover An Opened Can Of Beer That Still Had Some "Sweat Drops" On It, At The Scene--Along With Several Other Items That Flew From The Pick-Up When The Driver Lost Control & Jumped The Curb. If Anyone Knows Of Any Charges/&Statutes I Haven't Listed That Might Fit This Crime...Or The Statutes On The Ones I Did List...Please Let Me Know. I Want To Research As Much As I Can About Every Possible Outcome. Thank You For Reading My Post-I Know It's Long, & I Want To Apologize For That! God Bless!
  24. Is There Any Legal Avenue To Getting A Non-Custodial Parent(Who Has Been In Prison Since The Mother Was 8 Mo th Pregnant) To Sign Over His Parental Rights?
  25. ai have a friend who is worried about this. Her only child passed away. When she and her husband passes she wants to leave everything to her grand children. She is worried that her sons 3rd wife, who he was married to when he died, will try to claim rights to what they may leave behind. In truth it isn't much, but it is everything to them. Their son passes from complications from drug use, and his wife is in jail for who knows what. they were married for less than a year when he passed, and she didn't even show up to his funeral. But they are worried. So am wondering what are the rights of surviving in-laws.