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Found 37 results

  1. I worked at cargill and one day saw a part in the dumpster knowing company policy forbids taking anything from the plant ..I took the part and placed it in my truck in the parking lot security saw it and called the police the piece was returned to the plant and I was fired. Now 3 months later the state picked up the charges..have I any defence
  2. Can a judge secretly alter/change a court audio recording? I was pro se. Since I had asked for some subpoenas of the opposing attorney and third parties, I thought the hearing was for that. Instead the judge held the hearing even though I said three different times I did not realize the hearing was that day. I was unprepared having none of my documents. As soon as I left the courtroom, I wrote down everything I could remember. The judge ruled against me. I asked for a Motion to Rehear and wrote why I felt there should be a rehearing. The judge turned the motion down. I filed an appeal with the court of appeals and requested and paid for the transcript from the court reporter. When I received the official written transcript, there were changes and deletions. The opposing attorney who is also a part-time judge in three towns in the same judicial district. As an officer of the court he has not come forward to tell the truth, neither has the judge. The judge stated in his/her comments near the end of the court hearing that I had used the phrase "mumbo jumbo", yet no where in the transcript it is where I am recorded as having said this which I did. In addition to be a 55 minute recording, each minute generally is one page of typing, there are 38 pages of typing or about 38 minutes of words. Seventeen (17) minutes of the hearing are not accounted for. Changes made to the recording were similar to what I had mentioned in the Motion to Rehear. I am interested in comments.
  3. is it legal to conduct supervised bond with weekly drug test and tell someone where they can and can't go before trial and conviction? this is like probation before conviction and sentencing. bond in the past has only been toale sure you appear. this contradicts my right of innocent until proven guilty
  4. My husband and I recently purchased a home, this was our first home purchase and everything went really fast with signing and everything. We had lived in the house for 2 weeks and the first rain storm we got we ended up flooding, after the fact we had been informed(by neighbors) of the homes history of flooding. When we went back and looked at the disclosures, the owner skipped over the questions asking about flooding. We missed this when signing but would have asked if wed been informed. The Realtors both worked for the same realty company and the realtor that listed the home had actually rented it for 2 years from the owner before listing it for sale so she also knew of the homes history of flooding and nothing was mentioned to us during the purchase of the home. Do we have any foot to stand on here. I have been told to reach out to an attorney because our realtor didn't represent us like he should have. What do we do if anything?
  5. There is local conflict of interest with sheriff and district judge about a local business person who is abusing locals into financial support and forced free labor support of her business. District attorney won't touch her either...The malicious intentions went decade+ on other victims so I'm motivated. This is also a situation with 'brainwashing' with the business person claiming she will provide protection to people for supporting her or torture her foes with 'third party attack' by strangers to land foes fired and discriminated against in their housing in order to bring ruined people back as slave labor on serve on her commune rural event center ...The terror campaign is bad one off threats made to employees & victim's face by multiple people on property. I entered mess myself in early 2015 when I accepted a volunteer marketing internship from this business. I tried leaving this go for a while after threats made to my face on this job by owner and drug addict felons on property, but it's just malicious intentions here. The job ad is still posted despite my complaints to the job board manager and this business person is still allowed Airbnb listing despite bragging from some of her drug felon associates (now claiming to be life coach btw but no medical training) that renters were mistreated long term after use. I am mandated reporter of abuse due to old social services work, so I did turn this into adult protection services and child abuse as the abuser is seeking elderly, disabled and underage for later use. Lady even found a postman for relationship to use so she can keep track of people who moved away to protect themselves & their family from this scam. I'm trying to go back through Kansas Child/Adult Abuse Complaint review process. I turned my complaints about sheriff into Attorney General who claimed this isn't a policing issue as I was never arrested. Attorney General said the Peace Office Standards and Training Commission is who to talk to. Their answer was 'we have nothing to do with these type of complaints.' Sheriff refused to take a police report on extortion attempt and threats until 2016 when local district court judge pressured him. I refused to talk to the sheriff at the time without counsel. I asked for accommodation to turn in my version of the story in affidavit and did so without comment from sheriff. I tried for over year to use a website to file police reports. My access code was canceled immediately. No one would return my contact attempts on this to fix this either. I'm 3 hours from this area. I don't feel safe going near this police department without counsel as this business person is bragging about using the police and courts to ruin other victims. Where should I complain about sheriff? KBI not interested even with HUNDREDS of victims in financial or labor slavery here. I did get court date in 2016 for the 'do it yourself restraining order kit' on stalking which just requires two comments or threats to be made to a victim. However, I got a gallbladder attack timed with the court date and needed 5 days in hospital ICU for recovery and surgery and did not fully recover for 6 weeks so unable to attend hearing. District court judge refused to reschedule the hearing even though I was inhospital and provided paperwork. I got a second hearing in 2017 but court was unable to serve this defendant...The judge decided to fine me for nonappearance which is unusual handling. Now in 2019 , I'm denied another restraining order hearing 4 years out from the initial threats. Kansas restraining orders are limited to 1-2 years so useless anyway...What is the right place to complain about court prejudice? Local District Attorney doesn't return contact attempts. No help from ACLU. Local attorneys don't want to get involved as just too messy an abuse situation for them too...Was told to file a workplace discrimination complaint on this one. But perfect loophole as volunteer employers may mistreat anyone they want. I even tried the health department for wrong kitchen setup for 'religious' institution she claims to run from this non-profit business. Fake non-profit complaint paperwork with attorney general was no use. Even the bathrooms are taped on property didn't matter. IRS tax review of unclaimed income not investigated. Situation did get me mistreated as this brainwashing situation claimed would happen to me...I do have a LOT of financial damages as situation affected my employment and discrimination started for me in housing... What would you do with situation? Who would you complaint to about this? Local politicians not interested... Similar scam is being run at other non-profit event centers in this area. Was taught as a way to support/protect a parasite situation with business owner who didn't work for pay and just forced community to take care of them. Life coach scam is supported by this as well with victims forced to do business where instructed to support illegal activities, drug addicts and welfare cheats in area
  6. My father passed away and his will states that his belongings and profit made from selling his house is to be split three ways evenly between his three children. However, soon before my father died he had put his sister on the title to the house. She is the executor of his will, but instead of splitting the house 3 ways evenly, she is planning on giving more than a third to one of my siblings. She has never lived in the house and I am not entirely sure why my father had her name added to the title. Is there legal action I could take against her for not properly executing my fathers will?
  7. I was hired last year at nonprofit that turned out to be a scam - harassment of customers/volunteers to get the money & labor. Is there anything different about suing the Nonprofit and Director? The Director has been sued in the past and still continues her scam so she put the ownership of the business in 501C3 status so no one can seize it.
  8. I encountered an employment law problem. Owner of business is bragging about all the other people she hurt and complaints against her she ruined. Is there another resource to use besides Lexus Nexus to look up cases the victims may have lost in civil court?
  9. When my mother and father sold there house they left 10 acres to my siblings and I. They sold the house with a walk in easement. Now that I'm older my wife and I want to build a house on the property. But the current landowner days it is illegal for me to have a drive in easement, can someone tell me if this is true, will I never be able to build our house there? Thanks Jason
  10. I'm dealing with PFS situation with experienced defendants with long-term intentions to use people they met. Is just scam I ran across while working for someone questionable. Group is NA/AA addict's group who hold felonies on domestic violence and crack possession (not intent to sell). Can the current PFS laws which cover for 1-2 years MAX be extended by judge due to criminal record of defendants or history of long-term malicious intentions against others. Thank you in advance.
  11. Does money need to be involved for 'fraud' to be committed?
  12. If the content of a person's possessions are placed in a trust and the trust is in the person's will, if the will is contested does that lock up the trust with it until the contest is resolved? And is the person named as the trustee able to access the contents of the trust if the will is contested?
  13. Here is my situation I have been wanting to start my own business for a while now but I was in need of a job to provide income coming in. Working on my own has not been working out due to not having the right tools and equipment. So I am saving and getting close to my goal. But the place I work for had me sign a non-compete. I do the same work at this company that I would be doing at my own business. They also hired me on as a Senior Technician. I have not needed no training from this company due to my knowledge and previous skill level. I have not learned no new trades nor have I needed to be taught anything other than their two software systems Magento and Filemaker which are generic and can be bought over the counter or online. The Certain Acts reads like this: "During your employment with Company, LLC or within two (2) years after it ends, you will not do anything to compete with the company's present or contemplated business business nor will you plan or organize any competitive business activity. You will not enter into any agreement, which conflicts with your duties or obligations to the company. In addition you will not, without the company's express written consent, directly or indirectly solicit or encourage any employee, agent, independent contractor, supplier, customer, consultant or any other person or company to terminate or alter a relationship with the company." Now the only part that I very much dislike is this " within two (2) years after it ends, you will not do anything to compete with the company's present or contemplated business business nor will you plan or organize any competitive business activity ". This company works out of a warehouse and primary does mail in jobs. People do walk in and drop off their product like a regular brick and mortar store. If they had to survive off the brick and mortar side they would be gone in a week. My Business is a mobile version doing the same thing just going to the customer. I have no need for anything that this company has other than the work I do at this time and the pay check I earn at this time to save for my business. I know my trade well and I do not want to be forced not to work for two year or be forced to work in something totally different that could effect my family and I. If I was to quite or be released from my position would their non-compete hold up in a court of law? Is there anything I should do? Is there anything I should worry about?
  14. I was fined for speeding in a 50 mph traffic zone. However the speeding ticket says I was in a 40 mph zone. Is the fine accurate and can I contest that this is wrong and be dismissed?
  15. I accepted job with scam event center that hosts a lot of addict's group, however the reason is malicious. The addict's group threatened me in several ways. One other involved admitted she wanted to die after meeting these and told me to run as far as I could get to leave this. Others advised they get a lot of goodies when locals meet this group and leave housing and jobs behind quickly. Owner just said they have been in trouble before, social worker involved admitted they just get the victim a forced mental care warrant. I filed a discrimination suit as I was treated to VERY abnormal situation, nothing but malicious intentions as things were not even left okay enough for me to finish the job for which I was hired as a volunteer. There was no other intention than to scare me and tell me I would be paying bills for the place, laboring on the property or buying stuff for the addict's group in order to be left alone. I filed discrimination suit with Kansas Human Rights Council but it was denied as businesses must have 4 - paid - employees in order to be found guilty of discrimination. A year later, I do need to restraining order due to ongoing problems from this group and my growing worry for my family after coming across this group. Some were left homeless after meeting this group and forced to do labor at the event center property, too many people really. My aging parents will need home care eventually as we had two family members harmed by local nursing homes and I want to give my parents better, and my husband is chronically sick as well with migraine. Was told group went after people for decade+, harming people and making threats in order to keep the monies coming for the event center and addict's, none of whom hold down paying employment. I do not think the PFS/PFA apply to this matter. I am seeking simply, attorney referral to help me get through a civil suit to prove malicious intentions and provide a permanent restraining order. I am able to pay cash retainer, which I would like to have charged to the defendants as punitive damages. I live in Wichita where restraining order courts are almost pro-defendant due to large amount of sex abuse locally and women's cases are usually denied as counsel refuses to assist -- female is frequently ruined and forced into lodging with her abuser & servicing him until children are usually harmed in these situations. Event center and defendants reside near KC. If absence of attorney representation, I need to know the following information: Is 'civil' restraining order still available in Kansas? How many years does this apply? What is maximum length a PFS restraining order could be extended? To what extent do I need to prove malice? Can I tell exactly what was said to me first-person from other participants about what happened to them or do I have to call these as witnesses? (I'm pretty sure lots of the involved people have slit due to transient nature of these kind crashing at what is basically a 'work camp' with slaves.) To what extent could hearing case in another county be considered a 'hardship' excuse? I would really like to find attorney in Kansas who will help with this as the social workers/unlicensed therapy leader's have ruined other complainers and got forced mental care, even able to order their medical records of the complaintant. Local police and district attorney are no help as they were conquered 15 years ago according to owner...
  16. Ellie88

    Illegal stop?

    My daughter was stopped for a DUI in Mission,KS. The station is very small and to my knowledge only my daughter and the male officer were there. There was a female officer in another part of the building.My daughter was using the restroom and the male officer walked in on her. I suspect that this is not the first time he has done this. She is still shaken by his lack of respect. Is there a way to obtain this officer's arrest records to see if he appears to target females?
  17. This may be rather long, its a long story...March 2015 my 19 yr old daughter had a friend who signed temporary guarianship of her 1 yr old daughter to my daughter for a year while she got her life in order. august 2015 mother went to indiana with the child meanwhile mothers family had contacted my daughter about the child, they wanted the child away from the unfit mother asap so they contacted an attorney, lied to attorney about having the child whle the child was out of state (we are in kansas) the family filed for custody, the day the child returned to kansas the mother wanted my daughter to take child again. family went to court the day mother and child returned to ks for custody, they were granted temporary custody of the child but didnt want to raise her, so my daughter was handed the child again. during the time that the child was with my daughter the family signed a temporary guardianship/medical release to myself and my daughter. my daughter had the child from october 6 2015 until the family decided the child should go to another couple to raise on april 1 2016. during all of this the childs bioligical father was in jail. he signed no paperwork, recieved no paperwork, was not informed at all.. we have trying to get the child to her father but nobody will help us, not dcf, not police department and at this time none of us can afford an attorney. both parents are together and want to have their child returned.. father still has all of his parental rights,mother had her rights terminated under false pretenses. there is proof that family was looking for a "substiute child" to pass off as the child to prove to court that family had the child while child was out of state. also mother was not informed of any court hearing removing her rights.if we can prove all of this, why is it turning out to be so difficult to get the child back to the bioligica parents? we need some help and we need it fast, before the family turns the child over to the other couple they want to raise this child
  18. I was stopped in the state of Kansas for speeding and no liability insurance (on me at the time, but I did have insurance) and was arrested for 2 unpaid tickets I had out. To be honest, I am a student and had no money to pay them and one of them I had completely forgotten about. I was booked and released on bond. It was my first time and my record is absolutely clear except for a few speeding tickets. How can I reverse my Guilty charge? Or dismiss this or get my case expunged (I don't want to wait 3 years). I am not familiar with my options to get rid of this. What are my options and how can I make this go away? Thanks.
  19. Common law married (Ks) since '97. Separated in '02. I had one child from previous relationship and one child durring marriage ('98). Husband filed for SSD in '00 and was granted in '02. He told me that SSD didn't acknowledge common law and myself and his stepson couldn't and wouldn't receive any benefits (kicking self now) When we separated I just accepted that he was disabled and wouldn't/couldnt pay child support. I assumed sons benefits were "kinda like" child suppt. Flash fwd.....I'm 50 yrs.old and on SSDI. I have a 10 yr old (no father on birth certificate). Hus band is 64 and collecting 2 checks monthly from SS office (not sure what two funds are called), and will be able to receive retirement from Boeing in a few months. Question one, can I get some kind of benefits for my new son (produced during marrige but not his biological child) from husbands SSD,SS, Boeing retirement or child support? #2, Do I have right to claim any benefits for self of any kind? He wouldn't agree to anything and I may be morally wrong for taking anything but I'm so mad (at self) for not filing for divorce or checking laws (his lies) and due benefits for myself years ago. Our sons benefits stop in two months (he'll be 18) and living at home for at least another year (not ready for big world just yet) and I have "good cause" to not involve bio father of 10 yr old. My SSI isn't going to meet our needs! #3 Will filing for divorce help? HELP! PLEEEASE!
  20. After 22 years active military I was medically retired at 100% permanent and total. Same month I retired was the same month I found out my spouse of 23 years was not going to stop cheating with different bosses so a divorce was filed and finalized Aug 2014. There are 2 daughters (ages 15-16) that we have joint custody of w/Mom as the custodial parent. I am supposed that have visitation every other weekend and Wed night with rotating holidays. Here are the REAL problems. Mom allowed the now 16 yr old to drive for almost the entire year she was 15 as if she didn’t have a restricted drivers license (only to and from school/work etc..). I just found out that their Mom has allowed the 15 year (14 at the time of the incident) and 16 year old to get drunk on at laest two Occasion in Jan 2016. Not just have a sip of wine or beer! Flat out drunk. I know in my heart it doesn’t happen on a regular basis, but 15-16 is just too young. Another issue is all the "Father Bashing" that occurs often and my Ex- sending text to my girls saying bad things about me despite all the girls and myself asking her to not do it. All of those things are prohibited very clearly in the divorce settlement agreement yet my ex does what she wants and I just want a judge to tell her "You must stop doing that." She works in education as a Principal and I don't want her to lose her job. Problem is, if I file an emgency transfer of full custody based on the 2 drinking incidents (1 of which I can prove) the girls will hate me and I predict they will Rebel at such a high level that everything with crumble, not that anyone is winning now. The relationship b/w the girls and their Mother is NOTHING close to traditional in the way she treats them like best girl friends vs. like her daughters. They openly cuss and listen to every explicit music that glamorizes sexual acts. These girls are 15 and 16 ! Not 18 and 20. Despite all those facts and a few more the daughters are very good students and are well liked by their teachers, but I only see them once or twice a week for a dinner or coffee. My ex has pretty much made me a lame duck and the girls don't feel like they have to abide by anything I tell them. I have zero say in how many nights my 16 year works until 11 pm or anything for that matter. My ex is impossible. I requested mediation and she refuses even if I pay for it. Ok, last two issues. I agreed to let her stay in our martial home for 36 months for which she is responsible for all payments, maintenance, HOA, etc., but has threatened to walk out on the house just to ruin my credit (its in both our names) she did agree to allow me to do a FSBO but then refused to do minor things to assist in the showing like, cleaning out hall closets, pulling out some of the smaller pieces of the oversized couch to make the small family room look bigger, make some repairs, flexing at all yo show the house to agents, etc... Lastly is the child support. We never filled out the KS Child support packet and I just agreed to $1,200 a month ($1000 of that is SSI Disability from my injuries while in the Army) plus I pay all medical and dental insurance monthly payments. She makes just as much $ per month if not more that I do even with me including all of my non-taxable disability monthly payments. I want to ask a judge to order her to either cooperate with the selling of the house or she can have the equity and just obtain her own financing to have my name removed. I also want to have us both fill the KS Child Support packet and have me pay what ever that comes out to be plus her pay 50% of the monthly insurance premiums for the 2 daughters. I drafted an amendment of what a judge would sign if he agreed to all my changes, but I can't find an example of what a motion would look like for me to get in front of a judge. I just can't afford an attorney. I am still paying off the loan that I had to get for the divorce attorney. So 3 things I hope to find help on: 1. An example of what a motion would look like that I can type up and file myself to ask a Judge to enforce the "conduct and name calling" and visitation portion of the settlement agreement. 2. Same example, but to ask a Judge to order her either help sell the house or take my name off. 3. Ask Judge to have her fill out KS Child Support Work Sheet. ANY ADVICE or a way for someone to post/email me an example document that I can make my own and file? Thank you.....
  21. I know this is a long shot & thank you for the time you took out to read this! Even if my attempt comes out fruitless- I am desperate to figure this out. I was scouring the Internet for information on confidential informants for the police when I found this forum. My dad passed away October 16th, just a couple of months ago. He had been in & out of prison or jail for my entire 28 year life. As I grew into an adult, I started putting things together & knew he had to of served police in this way to help himself or his loved ones. My younger sister got into what should've been 3 felony charges but ended up almost just a slap on the hand. Regardless, I picked up on enough to know my dad most likely had these deals with the police for decades, spending time for drug related charges in major prisons. To get to my point, he passed away from a sudden heart attack 3 months after he was finished at the halfway house. Because he wasn't in a hospital when he passed they required an autopsy and the detective kept his phone until the cause was secure. I had made him an email & a Facebook this past year he was in jail so he could make contacts with friends & family through me on there and eventually he did it on his own this past year. Right after he passed, we noticed that he was "online" on Facebook. Though it was disheartening & painful we thought maybe he was logged into his account on someone's computer or tablet somewhere & that's how his profile went online. I changed his Facebook password, clicked "log out of all other devices", and I also changed the email password associated with the account. I didn't want to deactivate the account for memorial purposes and pictures, etc. A week or so after his death his Facebook would go active like he was online ever so often. I had other things to deal with at the time so I changed all the info again, including my security questions. All was fine on his account the past month, inactive & the place by his name that indicated how long since he was active went blank. Fast forward to this week, not only has his account been active (green circle on chat) but my sister wrote a message saying "who is this on my dad's account. Have you no decency?" And it was "Seen" 15 minutes later! This morning. We have changed everything so many times with security measures no one would know but us. After probably the longest message I have ever written (SO SORRY. If you're still reading, God bless you!) the only thing I can think of is the police, government, whoever using his account because of his friend's list & his turbulent criminal history, informant past to find criminal activity, etc. My question is, does this happen? Could it happen? Do they have the tools to override passwords & all that? My younger sister is finding it all very emotionally damaging with the "seen" on her message, the appearance of him being online. It's breaking her heart a little bit & I am just searching to answers to appease her in any way. The detective never gave us his phone back and we've asked with aloof, confusing answers. (Cheap phone). We plan to "memorialize" his page (which I guess disables a log in) but I know my sister and mom are reluctant to do so because it changes a lot on the page & I think they use it for therapeutic reasons. Anyways, any information at all you could give me I would be SO thankful for!! Thank you so much for your time.
  22. Initially treated for a dog bite to lt thumb ref to allow sutures PA wouldnt treat unless i consented to sutures. Left office with no paperwork except script for lortab 5 days later called PA who said she was sorry for sending me home wo knowledge of abt or follow up care.Hrs after leaving only 4 of ten sutures were still intact due to swelling.PA made no attempts to contact me re concerns. requested i start abt stat questioned PA about med and dose said not to worry. 14 days after initially treated went to ER where MD said wound never should of recieved sutures and abt had missed window of oppurtunity to be effective. MRI done and diagnosis of osteomylitis established requested bone scan and bone biopsy but denied. 6 weeks of daily iv abts and po abts dc with clean bill of health by infectious specialist wo any testing to verify prognosis. 60 days later with no meds sepsis set in and sought help at ER told my hand was not infected by 4 different clinicians visual observation and escorted off property by security denied tx and testing. Finally original pcp ordered follow up MRI ordered where it was determined osteomylitis was still present 15 abt later refered to orthopedic dr who changed dx to acute finger pain and ordered bone scan. my request that dr remove himself from my care and ref to out of state dr was denied. charity app has been rescinded paying my bill at 100 after i ref to sign document releasing all liability demanded it be put in med record marked ref to sgn and atty for hospital destroyed document and amended it but refused to release me to seek tx on my own 4 weeks since conflicts and claim submitted my pcp and specialist have stopped all tx and care with certified letters and bone scan order sits not done 8 months into tx and no positive results from the abt therapies. papers submitted to state stating i cannot work .claim i am suffering paranoid ideations over my asking questions and lack of trust re care medicaid denied over dx change. no atty will touch this.legal aide denied i filed claim with SCL claim dept re standards of care i had concerns about and requested compensation based on these very obvious neglect ful acts not sure if ks isnt just as neglectful in denial of medicaid I fear sepsis will kill me before any one steps up and defends me so i have to proceed prose immeadiately sxs are unbearable please help me
  23. I had to quit volunteer internship when it became obvious the non-profit employer is abuser and trying to use the employees & clients outside of work responsibilities through use of coersion, threats, harassment. This situation has caused a 5-month gap in employment while I wait for this problem to pass. An attorney told me it could be considered a discrimination situation treating some of the employees & customers to this mistreatment (due to targeting disabled) while others were not ... I filed the required paperwork with the state Human Rights Organization which I'm told handles businesses with fewer than 15 employees. I'm told in Kansas, if Human Rights Board finds you have a case, the EEOC will be contacted. What happens next? Also, what does it prove hostile workplace? Thank you.
  24. I filed for sole custody ready to mail the forms to clerk so judge can sign them probably will hand deliver in case there is something else to find out in person at Clerk's office. This is the third time since living with me she has taken off with this other man moving to two other towns than where she and I lived with our son... no marriage but verbal agreement of fairness and respect and kept our child from me when it would be appropriate to bring child home. NO lawyer etc. Mailing a copy to her certified, hand delivering to clerk of court. Please inform if I have not done correctly. She bragged that she was diagnosed NPD and has been neglectful, abusive, lying, manipulative and is holding him to get money from the state.
  25. I am dealing with a Local Union regarding my Kansas Common Law marriage. I began this in January. The issue isn't whether we were married since their attorney had requested documents to prove it and I sent them to him. He is 100% satisifed with the documents but still had to sent the info on to the Trustees of this Union. The Trustees seem to be the ones that have been slow at answering, at according to the attorney. Since my common law spouse is deceased now and was collecting his pension at the time of his death the first issue that I brought up was the Retirement Equity Act of 1984. This was resolved also, with the attorney to his satisfaction. All papers requested of me have been sent and the attorney is 100% satisified I have proven Common Law. My issue is: Every week for 3 months the Union Attorney tells me he has done an email poll with the Trustees of the Union and every week he tells me he is positive I will receive a response from him by the end of the week and that I will be accepted as a legitimate Common Law wife and receive benefits. He tells me this every week since he began the email poll approximately 3 months ago. I have two (2) questions 1. As the voice of experience from anyone, do you think the bottleneck is with the Union Attorney or the Trustees? 2. Do I have the right to request the Union By-Laws?
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