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Found 105 results

  1. So I got a staph infection from a flea bite from a guardians dog. The dog urinated everywhere pooped everywhere. I would clean it up while I was there but the guardian wouldn't while I was gone. I informed the company they told me to suck it up and do my best. I had no insurance in 2014 so didn't go to a doctor until I was sure I could loose my leg. I have medical records and the company I worked for will have records as well. (So will medicare) this was a home health case so the work done, names addresses, possible incidents will all be noted. Can i still file a suite if this happened in 2014? Or is this useless?
  2. So my nephew is 15 living with his dad(mom has left the country no communication for 5 years)who has full physical and legal custody in CA. I live in IN. I know his dad is abusing him because I have seen it. 3 reports of abuse and neglect made to cps this past year and nothing but some questioning has been done. His dad collects gov assistance while his son stays with me every summer. I, my/brother's mother, his stepfather/my father and his son have all asked him to let my nephew move here. He refuses. If while on a trip out to Indiana(with dad's permission) I decided to not send him back to his father in California what would the fathers recourse be? What could I be charged with? If the father cannot come to indiana can they get the cops to force me to send him back?
  3. My husband was at fault of a car accident. we not wanting to fight that, but our questions is how long does the other party have to sue him? Is it legal to go to a different county to file for a law suit? I have the reports the other party was a resident where the accident happened at but he went to a different county to file the law suit. on top of all that we never knew he had to go to court at all. we never got anything. so one day he gets this letter from the bmv saying if he didn't pay almost 15,000 dollars his drivers licenses would be suspended for 7 years. we need some advice and how should we deal with this. he is our bread winner in the house without his job I don't know how we would make it on my little income. our kids and I depend on him.
  4. Hi i'm Michele. I'm new to this site...I'm currently living in Lake county Indiana but crime was committed in Porter county Indiana. In 3 weeks i will be sentenced to 3-6 months house arrest which Porter Co. is allowing me to serve in Lake Co since my home is located in Lake's the question: The home me and my husband are staying at is my parents but my husband just got a new job in Crossville Alabama and he left already. does anyone know if they will allow me to move to Alabama with my husband and do my house arrest through Dekalb county Alabama? Any ifo would be very appreciated. Thanks Michele
  5. If a set of grandparents literally sees the kids 30+ days a year, in spite of living more than two hours away, with no estrangement of the parents, what would allow these grandparents to gain GPV rights? Are each parent allowing time with the grandparents? Yes Is either parents relationship with the grandparents strained? Yes, one but not both, and this does not hinder their ability to see the grandchildren. Is there a history of drugs, abuse, or mental illness? No, No, and nothing has been diagnosed in either parent. However, the grandfather does have a diagnosis.
  6. I have two children. My daughter is 12 and my son is 16. My fiancee and I are planning to live together. We plan to have him move into my current home, but we are currently looking for a new home. This is the situation. My ex (kids dad) is demanding that I give my daughter her own room or he says he doesn't want her to spend the night at my house. I have a 3 bedroom home. Almost 1500 sq feet. Up until now, my daughter and I have shared the master bedroom which is large enough for two beds. There is my queen sized bed and her loft futon/bunk bed. My 81 year old mother currently lives with me and she has her own room, my son has the other room. I just want to know what guidelines there are, if any. I can move people around if I need to, but just trying to find out what I'm actually required to do.
  7. My husband purchased a used car on 2/9/17 when the car salesman asked him if he had a bank account he told them yes he was unaware at the time that the savings account had been closed. After he signed the contracts for the bank who financed his loan and took possession of the car the car dealership calls him and says the bank is requesting a bank statement so we tried to find a recent statement when we could not find one at home my husband goes to the bank and they tell him the account was closed my husband informs the dealership of the closed account and that he was going to reopen the bank account the dealership said that was ok just get a statement after the account is open and bring it to the the dealership my husband did what they asked and brought the bank paperwork to the dealership and they said everything was good shook my husbands hand and congratulated him on his car purchase on his drive home he gets a call from the dealership stating that the bank is demanding $2000 more for the down payment because the bank account is less than 30 days old when my husband told them he could not afford to pay $2000 more they said the could take it down $1500 and that if he could not pay it that he would need to return the car or the dealership would repossess the car I advised my husband to call the bank directly when he called the bank they said they never requested any more money that the $1000 down payment he paid when the contracts were signed was sufficient the bank then says they have a complaints department and that we need to file a complaint and the rep started the complaint process the bank also stated that the dealership had no legal ties to the car that the bank was the only lien holder on the vehicle my husband then called the dealership and told him what the bank had said the salesman got very quiet and acted confused and said he didn't know what was going on and he would get back with him a couple hours later a manager calls and states that my husband has 2 choices pay them or they would repossess the car the dealership has made several threats of repossession since this whole processes has started it feels like they are trying to bully money from my husband and we want the harassment and bullying tactics to stop they call my husband everyday at work we are mentally and physically tired of dealing with this dealership and their threats of repossession is their any legal recourse for this situation and what can we do if the dealership does come and take the vehicle
  8. My apartment lease expires 03-31-18. My complex is trying to claim that i should have given a 60 day notice to terminate my lease. So now, they're explaining that my lease doesn't end until 04-12-18 because I didn't give a notice until 02-12-18. Is this even legal? If so, what's the point in the lease expiration date???
  9. Bad relationship with husband and may go for divorce. 7 year daughter. I have been cosleeping with her since when she was a little over 2. One reason is that I have on and off relationship with husband and we don't want to sleep in the same bed. The other reason is to better care my daughter during the night. BTW, I am Chinese American, growing up in China. And in China, it's not uncommon to see mother co-sleep with kids until they are very big, like 9 or 10. Now, my husband threads me to use this against me for child custody. He claims I am not a good mother since I don't give our daughter a chance to sleep by herself and grow up. And he claims I spend too much time with her so that our daughter likes me more than him. The truth is he is not a very patient person and doesn't want to play with our daughter most of the time and I take care of her, bathing, cooking, playing, homework, school. Now he accused that because I "occupied our daughter 24 hours" so that he doesn't have a good relationship with her, and our daughter doesn't have a good relationship with his parents, either. He was mad and for two weeks, gave our daughter cold shoulder, refused to play with her and in my daughter's words: daddy sounds mad and mean to me. Now I forced our daughter to sleep by herself and schedule some days that her dad sends her to school and make breakfast for her. So he starts to act nice to our daughter. I don't know whether I am doing the right thing. I want my daughter to be happy even if we get a divorce. I don't want what happened last weekend to happen again, when I had to go to work and left her home with her dad, she cried and asked me not to leave because her dad will just be in basement and ignore her. This morning she told me that her dad said he would take her to a movie tonight after dinner. She is happy. But on a weekday night? Is that not appropriate? I guess he wants to "win her" very much. Please advice. Thank you very much!
  11. I am considering requesting a change of venue? Can I request this anytime ? I filled an ECO mid summer, my ex has had supervised visitation and still currently has them its still going my way sorta but we had a pre trial conference and there was some modifications to the supervision in my ex favor but its still supervised my ex has a family member that has worked for the court house for years but not currently at the time but my ex family member has traveled 600 miles one way to be at every hearing. and my ex family member has conversations with multiple people working in the office I'm talking like hugging and I miss you like my ex family member was friends with everyone, and I know my ex family member was really good friends with someone that was high in authority in the court house. why I know is because I have been in this persons house to attend his pets when they are out of town a couple times. I like to think they wouldn't intervene in the safety of a child. I am a very humble person that thinks the best in everyone and I have new evidence that should be a nail in the coffin but should I present it before the request or should I just ride this out if a judge doesn't go the way I want then request a change? I am paying for legal help and I have brought this up but they said the judge would do whats best for the child at the first hearing my legal help even recognized the family member we are going against. and the judge already said that this was not permanent or a punishment for my ex and the judge said she personally knew my ex family member and granted her over nights when they are in town and I'm tired of forking out money when I am completely capable of raising my child and letting my ex have visitation when ever they want I haven't tolled my ex no in 8 months on visitations
  12. Please help me. My nine year old daughter (Hannah) is the victim of a very severe case of Parental Alienation Syndrome (Pathogenic Parenting). Parental Alienation Syndrome is considered by many to be one of the worst forms of child abuse. Hannah was abducted by my estranged wife on May 3rd 2017., after being taken out of elementary School under false pretenses Hannah's mother then took Hannah to domestic violence shelter 100 miles away. Hannah had been living with me for a year and eight months before her abduction. My estranged wife then files a frivolous and fraudulent order of protection against me. In the order of protection is accuses me of assaulting her, threatening her, and stalking her. The hearing for the protective order has been repeatedly continued and I have not been able to see or talk to Hannah (nor my other two children) in 8 over months. This is actually the 5th time Hannah's mom has taken out children and disappeared (up-rooting them and disrupting there lives). In the past estranged wife would stay gone for a few weeks and then would return home with the children. Hannah has been brainwashed into believing I am stalking her and that I will harm her when I find them. In Hannah's own words (during psychological evaluation) “Dad is hunting us, and that I will hurt us if he finds us”. In this psychological evaluation summery it's also revealed that Hannah is acting out and misbehaving in class, restless, and disobedient to her teacher. And as a result her Just days before Hannah was abducted a DCS case manager spoke with her at her School as part of his investigation, and said that he did not see any evidence of neglect or abuse and closed the case after a couple days. My case is being heard in Muncie (Delaware county) Indiana. I am desperately seeking any help that I can get with defending myself a again a number of false allegations and lies. Any advise, suggestions, referrals, and networking contacts that you might be able to share with me would be very much so appreciated.
  13. I was in a car accident. The other driver was found at fault. I'm dealing with her insurance company. I understand they will only pay/reimburse me for my damages based on the limitations of the insured's policy. They keep telling me that my claim exceeds what the policy allows without further explanation. If I ask for one, are they required to provide me with a copy of the policy so I can review it?
  14. Hello! I am getting ready to e-file a Motion to Correct Orders on provisional orders made in a Family Law case in Marion County, Indiana. I understand that the Circuit Court Judge & the presiding Magistrate have to be served with the summons & complaint. Question 1: What is the proper way to serve a Judicial Officer? Question 2: Can proper service be accomplished via the e-file system? Thank you in advance for your responses.
  15. Speeding ticket 53 in 35 plus seatbelt violation. Need help as to how to go about it. Should I speak to the prosecutor? What options will he give? Can I get off the hook?
  16. I have been working for this employer for almost a year. What was suppose to be part time immediately became full time after my first day because of my experience. After my second month on the job, my employer made it mandatory for me to work ALL weekends and holidays. For almost 5 months I handled my schedule being last minute call-ins to work, being forced to stay late and also work my days off. I was promised a promotion several times which I never got. This past month I was allowed to borrow money from my check for a serious health emergency. When I received my check I noticed it was already deducted from my net pay ( which I was fine with). I also noticed it had been deducted from my YTD wages. When I asked my boss to explain to me why it had been deducted from both he refused to respond. I just received another check and again it ( the amount previously borrowed) had been deducted from my YTD wages as if it were apart of taxes. Beside it, it reads cash advancement loan, my question is.. Is it legal for my boss to keep making deductions from my YTD wages when the money I borrowed was already deducted from my net pay?
  17. Need to know if discrimination, legal action can be taken against me and is there anything I can do to save myself at this point? I am a 51 year old male having worked for the company for about 14months. I have had several partners within that time all of which have been in the Manager's office for write including discipline actions of moving them to a different truck and noting if they do not make necessary changes it will lead to termination...expect me. Although, when I have a question and take it confidentially to the Manager "I am repeated told that I can't get along with anyone and I am always causing personalities issues with other employees but not me. I do my best to keep the peace with everyone. So, I was called a week ago Sunday by the Manager notifying me that I would not be working on Monday or Tuesday...would not provide an explanation. Stated I would contacted with the next step. Immediately, my hours were given to a much younger male that has been very vocal that he would eventually have my job "one way or another". Contacted before closing on Wednesday, that I needed to come in for a meeting at 9am on Thursday. I attended the meeting in which I was presented with a write up from a local hospital employee stating that 4 months prior, I placed my hands around her waist and this personal contact was inappropriate. I was told to provide my defense to this information and had to complete my side of things before leaving. I didn't even remember it...told them that but t was not sufficient. So I stated the only time something like that would be is as we are moving patient's from bed to cart, I try to be at the heavier part so the least amount of injury to others but more to myself. In doing so the rooms with a bed and cot leaves little room to squished around the other personnel and may at that time reached out and touched her. I did ask why this is coming us and they responded that she just couldn't get it off her mind. Once, I signed the response they told me they would be in touch on Wednesday. I asked a question on how I was to be handling things and received a outraged attack for over 10 minutes of how poor I am in dealing with everyone and its was getting old hearing about all the personality issues. (But I have never been written up/disciplined unlike many others) No response, so I looked at the assignments again and I had been taken off the shift for Friday. No response, I was taken off the assignments for the weekend. I still have not heard. I do know, I am the oldest in my position working locally for this company and the highest paid in the state (when this company came in 16 months ago or so they failed to do an adequate job to identify what the going wages they hired us...actually bought us from our current companies because they needed a working force up quickly). I have great relationships with everyone from patients and external coworkers. I often laugh and joke with everyone. Do I have any rights? Age related? Can I be sued personally for the personal contact? Do I need to have an attorney to protect myself? My biggest issue is that I volunteer doing all the same functions and will this impact my volunteering my community after 30+ years of service...I am devastated...HELP!
  18. I paid my rent in full, on time, for September at the beginning of the month. A few days later when I check my bank statement and see the check was cashed. Near the middle of the month, I get an email from my property manager that says there was an issue with my rent payment. I go to talk them and they say that my rent check bounced, even though the check was cashed. I go to my bank to clarify that the check was cash and have a copy of the check and bank statements proving that the check was cash and that I had sufficient funds in my checking account. Another week passes by and they claimed to have looked at the copies that were made and they're still claiming my check bounced. For my next month's rent, there is an $100 late fee plus $50 return check fee. I really don't know how to fight this legally. Also, how can a check bounce if I had enough money in my account?
  19. So when I first registered for school you know how you have to show proof of address and things like that so I've done all of that. Tell me why a few weeks later the assistant principal sees me after school because she doesn't believe where I live and tells me I can't return to school until I show proof of residency. So I bring a letter such as a bill and she says "No, I can't accept that you need to bring a parent or guardian" And then she puts me in detention for the rest of the day. Now bringing one in wouldn't be a problem if they weren't always working and they don't feel like they have the need to take off work just because some lame wannabe big shot assistant doesn't believe I live where I say I live. So she's saying until I get proof of residency don't come back to school but when i did my research the U.S Department of Education states that "School officials may request proof that you live within the boundaries of the school district. School districts typically accept a variety of documents for this purpose, such as copies of phone and water bills, lease agreements, affidavits, or other documents. A school district’s requirements to establish residency must be applied in the same way for all children." So what does she mean I need to bring a guardian when with everyone else she accepts the bill or letter etc. Anyways let me know how to deal with this situation please and thank you Yours Truly, EducatedBlackMan6
  20. So I am going through a custody battle with my ex right now. It has been an ongoing thing for well over a year. She was addicted to heroin and left the kids with her cousin, who is now also trying to get custody so now there are three of us in court. I check a website to stay updated on the case because my lawyer is hard to get a hold of. The last time I checked it, there was a new "clerk administrative event" entered and under the case summary but I don't understand what it means. It says, "Order setting a hearing dated August 3,2017, mailed to Attorney(then only lists my ex's attorney)". It doesn't list my lawyer or her cousin's lawyer's name. Does anyone know what that could mean??? Also, every time my son is sent to his mom's house< just under half the week due to our divorce decree> she refuses to let me talk to him on the phone, won't give me her phone number, address, absolutely any of the information that I am supposed to have in writing, she won't give me along with refusing me to allow me to talk to my son. I said something in court once about it but the judge didn't catch it or something because nothing was said and the same goes for the cousin, he has none of her information either. They meet in a public place. Is there anything I can do to get this information from her without having to take her back to court for that issue since we are already in court for the custody as it is?
  21. We have a house that we are under no obligation to pay the mortgage on as stated in the letters we receive from the mortgage company. The debt was included in bankruptcy and debt was removed from our credit reports according to their records.We have been making voluntary repayment on the debt since 2010 instead of them foreclosing My question is are we truly under no obligation to pay this back and what happens if we tell the mortgage company we would like to surrender the house now?
  22. First off, I KNOW I need a lawyer. I don't understand what is happening, I will attempt to be clear. My daughter has/had what is called a CHINS (Child In Need Of Services) for the last 5 months my grandson has been with me, per DCS. On August 1st DCS came to get him, to put into foster care, court was the next day. Let me be CLEAR... I AM a grandparent WILLING to adopt or have guardianship. In court they smeared me, with no warning. On July 12th was an email, no saying we are taking this child, no paperwork stating if you don't do this, this or this he will be removed. In June the DCS worker sent me/forwarded info to her supervisor so I may adopt. Now, remember I said 5 months since the case opened (the allotted time for parents, mostly, to get things right in Indiana is 15-22 months) they are have decided to adopt him to someone else. I have started the foster parent licencing classes, DCS was already suppose to get me with an agent for that purpose (I have emails), and did not. We tried for a change of venue(as far as I know), due to prejudiced in that county (I live in Marion Co). The Dcs worker had told me all these months there was no need for me to go to court, that children before the age of 2 are easily adopted, that she didn't have faith my daughter could be clean and I would be adopting him.... then this. In court, they said all bad things my house wasn't up to par, they knew this, they knew my kitchen floor needed work, I was still needing to paint once the weather got better!! He fell down our concrete steps out back, a little scratch ONCE on 5 months, They said my daughter brought me food cause I couldn't feed him (not true, I gave HER food), yes she gave me money (the visitation specialist suggested it would look good to buy diapers) they used it against me. They OFFERED to buy him a bed, toys and clothes, then used that in court. My boyfriend owns this whole home, a double, I live on one side, my son and 2 others rent rooms on the other side. My boyfriend lives and works in another county. They wanted background checks for my son and boyfriend all while saying all that live in the home (which is myself, daughter 11, son 10). They didn't do background because they have another address and they did NOT watch him. I was expected to work, and fix this home with a an 18month old whom no one could watch but me per DCS. I am so hurt and confused. So some questions..... Can I hold up court proceedings for adoption until I get my foster licence? Can I get all the visitation notes history without a court order? Do they have to let me see all info on the case? (The DCS worker told me I was no one... so I can't have any rights) Do I have rights? What can I do? How did this happen, I AM willing to adopt?!!!???? Please give me a first step, I made a complaint with the DCS Obundsman. I have to first work it out with the local office (another county) then re-file the complaint if nothing is done. The contact has been on vacation until today I tried the Indianapolis law help, but the case is out of county the lawyer there says, he can't take it Can they do that, can they deny me adoption or guardianship being a relative? I talked to a foster mom, she says this is very strange, and the things they are referring to are small, fixable, and does not apply to whether I can care for him, she stated I could feed a child (foster) mcdonald's everyday as long as they eat and we eat organic!! I can't think anymore or function, my 2 kids at home are crying everyday. I moved from the county my daughter was in and in 3 months she lost right. I watched him everyday from birth until I moved, I am so hurt and confused. They are right I don't have a lot of money, I have some and I have love. Oh, and they put no stipulations in writing, no emergency (something) plan I failed to mention, DCS and the courts decided I could not adopt my grandchild and he is placed in foster care to await adoption, in case that was not clear to all of you.
  23. My fiance and I moved into a downstairs apartment in January 2017. In May of 2017, our sink overflowed with sewage. We called maintenance and then came and snacked the drain causing to water to go down. A few weeks later in June of 2017 the same thing happened only this time the dishwasher flooded as well. This had continued every few weeks since then, to the point we can't use our sink or dishwasher any more. We went and talked to the landlord and was told that they wouldn't do anything about it. Then last week, I came home from work to find one of the maintencance guys in the apartment. We had received no notice or warning that he would be there. My question is what kind of legal action can we take to get out of our lease? We can not continue to live here as it is unsafe to wash our dishes or to even be near the kitchen sink.
  24. So question. My 18 yr old, will be 19 on August 13th, moved out of my house and into here real dads in Sept of 2016, right after she turned 18. She hasn't been in school since 2013 because she wanted to be a runaway. Real dad wasn't in the picture much. Behind 11k in child support. Kept getting expelled so I asked the court to send her to Madison's County. Which they did and she got her GED there. She got released to me and her dad didn't get back into the picture until she turned 18. She's not working. And enrolled at IVY Tech Part time and now he's taking me to court for college expenses. I don't work I'm a stay at home mom. Would I be ordered to pay for her college expenses? I don't work, she chose to not follow the rules and hasn't even went to school since she was in 9th grade. He's behind in support 11k and our daughter could work but chooses not to bc daddy allows her to run around and she has no responsibility, no vehicle no job.
  25. I have a LLC company and operate as an engineering consultant. Up to now I was the go between 2 companies in regards to product and sell a product. I put both together and if needed did the requiert engineering work and the after the sale of products was completed, my company would receive the predetermined commision. Now several of the producers of goods have asked me to become the direct customer to them, add my markup the the quote and then sell it to the end user. I have no experience doing this, Questions I have are 2 fold. Liability for the products sold by my company, but not produced. Tax issues regarding sales tax and federal taxes. I am a sole operator of my business. Should I agree to the change in the selling process or do I have to abandon this area of my business.