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Found 81 results

  1. My fiancé and I went through a tough time around October and November last year and sent our daughter to her grandmothers because she said she wanted to help us and give us time to get back on our feet. My daughter was never without what she needed but we thought she deserved more than what we could give her at the time. We had an agreement that we’d be in constant contact and that we would pick her up again when we were stable which happened around January. After December, Christmas to be exact, the grandmother stopped responding to us and letting us see our daughter. She blocked our numbers and refused our facebook messages and calls. She apparently filed for guardianship but we never received a summons or anything. My husband has custody of his daughter(I’m just stepmom but I’ve raised her from 6 months and she just turned 2). We live in Florida but she is in Fort Wayne which is where grandmother lives. We only found out about the motion for guardianship when my daughters bio mom came out of the blue and told us she got the paperwork. Basically what I need to know is since my husband has custody, can we go get her if we have the custody paperwork? His paternity was established and joint custody with grandmother and him was denied by our county judge last year due to bio mom not agreeing to it. We didn’t know she was going to take our child and not give her back. She’s had her since November and we’ve been trying to get her back since January to no avail because we don’t know what to do. Can she get guardianship without our knowledge? Can we go get her if he has full custody? This woman is psycho. Please help!
  2. Hello, I'm just an aunt looking to see if there is a case or not. My brother and his wife divorced over a year ago, They did go to court and established visitation and child support about 4 months afterwards. In the court agreement it stated they needed to stay within 50 miles of each other, and be able to have phone calls with the children (2 children). About 2 months ago, the Ex Wife jumped state without approval to Kentucky due to her house being sold on back taxes. She went to Kentucky to live with her mother, her mother kicked them out after 2 weeks. Currently they are living in a hotel in Kentucky. Since then see does not allow myself (aunt), my parents (grandparents) or my brother (paternal father) to talk (we have spoken to them 1 time since the jump) or allow us to come down to Kentucky to see them. My brother did file this through the courts about the leaving state and court is this month. Both parents aren't the best fits for the children but that's a matter of my own biased opinion. IF she doesn't come to that court hearing (99% chance she wont) what will happen then with the children? and her? Do my parents (grandparents) have any legal rights ? Can CPS step in because they are living in a hotel ? Being that the Mother has put the children into 3 different school systems in 3 years, clothes torn or dirty, no job, house jumping (this isn't the first time she has been technically homeless) and breaching their court agreement. The father is willing to sign rights of the children to my parents (grandparents), can my parents go to temporary custody of these children bases on these issues? there are a few other things but i think I'm a courts eyes its more of a feeling bias than a true legal safety concern. Last question, what can we legally do to get the children back into Indiana ? Thank you for your time.
  3. We were sued for Fraud & Conversion. I am disabled and very ill, even more so after this lawsuit that dragged out for 2 years. We were sued by a former client and friend. This person lives over 1,000 miles away from us and had to file in a court where we live. Due to my poor health and delays by the other party this lawsuit lasted 2 years. We won the case as it was determined by the judge that we did not commit Fraud or Conversion. In fact no money ever changed hands. Both parties made purchases of breeding stock and equipment. This person was suing us for $26,000. From the very start and thru mediation we asked for invoices or receipts because the $26,000 was an extremely overinflated number of what was actually spent. The opposing attorney either never asked or was never given any proof that this other party had given us or spent any money for this project except a homemade spread sheet with fake invoice numbers and made up numbers. Shouldn’t the other attorney ask and see some proof that the complaining party did in fact give us money or spent money on what was supposed to be a joint venture involving rare chickens? Not just accept a homemade spreadsheet as fact? We could not for the life of us figure out why this attorney would take a case from someone out of state and file a lawsuit with no proof that we had done anything wrong. We think we have figured out the answer in our own is money. We recently learned that this lawyer and all the other lawyers in town turned down this case. We live in a very small town with maybe 5 lawyers. After being turned down this guy offered and paid the lawyer $7,500 to take the case. It was about money this lawyer should have trusted his first instinct not to take the case but he got greedy. $7,500 might not seem like a lot of money but the small town where we live the cost of living is very cheap. You can purchase a decent house for under $50,000. You can purchase a 3,000 sq ft house on 12 acres with woods, stream and farm ground for $130,000. Also we just realized that this same attorney was one who was involved in another case that was brought against us 5 years ago when we first moved here. We were living on a one acre lot outside the city limits and we had chickens, dogs and parrots as pets. The neighbors didn’t like the chickens so they tried to use the county to make us get rid of these chickens that we were allowed to have where we lived. Our neighbors used county departments to try to make us get rid of our chickens. They contacted zoning, health, building the county commissioners and finally the area planning commission. Zoning concluded we were in fact allowed to have chickens where we lived. The matter was then given to the health department who sent a representative to our home with a sheriff deputy in tow to tell us we had 10 day’s to get rid of our chickens and all of our pets. When my husband asked both the health department person and the sheriffs deputy for the paperwork on the matter he was told there was no paperwork? If you are accused of some violation and ordered to get rid of your pets in 10 days you think there would be paperwork stating such. We called a law firm in another city to represent us in this matter. They made a few phone calls for discovery and before they could even get back to us about taking the case the guy from the health department came out and said nevermind we were ok to keep all our pets and apologized for bothering us. We later found out that a year or two before this the health department had been under investigation for malfeasance and some people had been fired. Guess they didn’t learn their lesson because it seemed to us they were trying malfeasance again. I should also mention our sheriff department is volunteer and the deputies have no problems putting their uniforms on and doing stuff like this when they have not been asked to do anything by their department. It’s basically bullying. Then we moved the chicken coop to the other side of the property away from the 2 neighbors that were causing the problems to try to be good neighbors. As a result we were next reported to the building permit department for building a building without a permit. The building department decided that no permit was needed as it was a portable coop.Then we get something in the mail from the area planning commission again telling us to get rid of our animals or they were going to sue us as being a common nuisance. We then hired a local attorney to represent us. We told him if going to court is the only way to make all of this stop then let’s get it overwith. They never filed anything and the matter went away. We recently learned the attorney who brought the lawsuit was involved with that whole other mess. He was a city attorney at the time he was the one telling these people to try all these different departments to make us get rid of our pets. It was on the front page of the local newspaper where he told them at a county commissioners meeting to try area planning. Shouldn’t he have called conflict of interest in the beginning? We would have if we had known he was involved in this other chicken thing. We also don’t know why he was giving advise since the county already had a county attorney. Now that the lawsuit is over we feel that this attorney needs to be reported to someone for his conduct. For not getting any proof or evidence before taking us to trial on the Fraud & Conversion issue and for not recusing himself from taking a case that he didn’t even want to take until he was given $7,500. This whole exercise almost killed me. It caused so much stress on me that the medical conditions that caused my disability spiraled out of control during those 2 years this case dragged on. We don’t want any money, we want his conduct looked at and if it is determined he did anything wrong then the proper consequences for him. Do we need another attorney to help us? Do we notify the state bar? Any advise on how to proceed would be appreciated.
  4. are verbal contracts legally binding in Indiana?
  5. is oral swab testing admissable in court for probation violation? and if I have moved from address I listed on court paperwork can the police still search the residence
  6. I want a 2nd driveway. CCR doesn't prohibits it. Open space violation was cited. The citing makes no sense, but maybe they think that the curbing needs to be cut. All curbing is shallow. The low profile curbing needs no cutting. I asked for a meeting with the board. Currently there is no Board in place, since the builders are finishing up the last of the homes to be built. The HOA manager said they she was the final decision maker for approval, and since she denied my request, the request is denied and there is no one else to talk too. I'm now contemplating legal action in small claims court. Assuming my situation, do I have a viable claim for anything.
  7. I was charged with a DUI about 6 weeks ago. I have been to pretrial and my next court date is about a month away. My question is about the Probation Department in the county where I was charged. They are requiring me to meet once a month. I have not even been convicted or sentenced for anything. Am I legally obligated to this once a month probabtion meeting when I haven't even been convicted of a crime yet? Are we not innocent until proven guilty? Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  8. I am a real estate buyer in Indiana. #1 - If it states in my contingencies that I must be able to get insurance, and I sent a response from from my insurance agent stating that he won’t cover it because of knob and tube wiring, am I still obligated to buy the property? #2 - The Purchase Agreement has the wrong parcel number and legal description, but the correct physical address. Does this make the purchase agreement unenforceable? #3 - Seller was sent a mutual release, but responded by saying they want the earnest money and $7500. They refuse to sign the release. Can they refuse even if I can’t get insurance and the parcel # and legal description are wrong on the Purchase Agreement? #4 - Seller’s name is not on the title. It is in the name of 2 deceased people who left it to their granddaughter, who is of legal age. Grandaughter’s name is not on the title either. Am I being scammed? #5 - Can I purchase another property if the seller won’t sign the mutual release?
  9. I bought an extra cell phone and pay the monthly fee for the phone. I allow my 11 year old to carry and use the phone for her safety and convenience. By court order, my daughter spends every other weekend in her fathers care. During her last visit, he got upset with her for calling me and took the cell phone from her against her objections and without my knowledge and consent. While in possession of the phone, the device was broken beyond repair. Is he responsible for the cost of replacing the phone?
  10. I purchased a Sleep Number bed and was advised by the sales lady that my sleep number was 45. When the bed was delivered and set at 45, it was lumpy and had no firmness. I had to set it up to 100 and it still was not equivalent to the demonstration bed at the store. I want to return the mattress which Sleep Number has agreed to take back as there was a 100 day trial period. they will not take back the adjustable base which cost $3,500.00. I would not be returning the mattress if it was the same as the demo one; but now I am stuck with the adjustable base as I signed a contract stating it was not returnable. Why can't I get any help as it is obvious Sleep Number sold me a defective mattress knowing I would be stuck with the adjustable base which cost $3,500? This is fraud as well as selling defective merchandise. Can you help or direct me to someone who can help? I contacted the Indiana State Attorney's Office, but did not get a positive response from them. I look forward to a response. Thank you for your time.
  11. DCS is asking me if I want to take guardianship over this child I have. She’s 16 and her adoptive parents no longer want her. I have had her for 10 months. Guardianship would make me totally financially responsible for her with not assistance from the state. Isn’t that correct?
  12. Hello! im 14 years old and i have a question about death threats. i live in indiana. and ive talked to the police before about sending out death threats and they said it could be serious, but i have done it again recently with threating to run a drive by on people and killing them, i was wondering if i could go to jail or get charged for that?
  13. I was recently in terminated solely based on here say in regards to an accident at my job with out proper protocol. There was an accident where property was damaged and I was accused of causing the damage. And I disagree. Instead of reveiwing video to either prove or disprove and adminstering a drug test the company decides to let me go. I was was also just training for the position based on the information do I have a lawsuit
  14. Hi. Question. I have approximately $125,000 in unsecured credit card debt with no income, though possibly Social Security Disability in the near future. The unsecured debt is all in my name with none in my wife's name. My credit is terrible. My wife & I own our home together and see makes sure that our mortgage is current. Can I file Chapter 7 and get rid of all my insecured credit card debt without affecting her in any way? Thank you
  15. My husband is currently looking for an attorney to help him with a matter involving his former employer. The problem really isn't "Does he have a case", so much as it is "What kind of case does he have". Quite frankly I am exhausted mentally and emotionally over having to fight and argue my husband's side (Starting in March 2018 and still fighting) mainly with unemployment. Forgive me for this but I'm going to copy and paste the statement submitted to unemployment appeals. I just can't bring myself to type it all over again. I just really need some direction. ........... I am appealing the recent decision to deny me unemployment based on an untrue and malicious statement made by Mr.C , owner of COMPANY NAME. I am not a dishonest employee. In fact, it was my honesty and morals that were the reason Mr. C fired me. I was fired by Mr. C because I refused to violate DOT policy and regulation by coming off my 10-hour rest to get the truck I was driving back to the yard. I was taking my rest an hour and a half to two hours (estimated) away from the yard. My wife came and picked me up so I could go home to take a shower and have my clothes washed as it was my impression that as soon as I arrived back in Evansville Mr. C had another load that needed to go right back out for delivery. After my refusal to come off rest Mr. C called me and told me “You’re done”. On March 16, 2018 I drove my personal vehicle to the yard to see if Mr. C was there and get my payroll check. Mr. C, who was at the yard, told me “He wasn’t giving me a f***ing thing” in response to my question about getting my check. I told Mr. C that was fine I would file a wage claim. I got into my vehicle to leave and Mr. C stood at the front of my car and took both his middle fingers and flipped my 13-year-old daughter, who came with me, off and yelled “F*** you too B****” at her. I revved my cars motor to get him to move out of the way, so we could leave. This caused Mr. C to run around to my car’s driver side door and jerk it open. He started punching me in my head repeatedly until Evansville Police arrived. At that point Mr. C was taken into police custody and charged with assault. At that time, I was asked to come down to the Evansville Police Department to speak to a detective in the Auto Theft Unit as Mr. C had, that very morning, contacted them claiming I stole his truck. I obliged and while speaking with the detective I showed him my DOT log, text messages from Mr. C and his wife demanding that I come off rest and explained to him that after Mr. C fired me I could not go back to retrieve the truck because I would be acting as an individual instead of a COMPANY NAME employee and if anything were to happen to the truck or the load I would be personally liable. The fact of the matter is I was on a trip for COMPANY NAME in a truck assigned to me as an employee. Mr. C' s trucks are equipped with GPS systems, so he was able to easily locate his truck which, as a reminder, was where I stopped to take rest. At no time was he unaware of the trucks location, who had it or why it was there. He is fully aware that he fired me in the middle of a run being done for his company and thus must have realized that once he fired me I would not continue driving the truck resulting in himself or someone else having to go retrieve it. Mr.C's attempt to file charges against me with the Evansville Police Department failed as they deemed his claim as frivolous. It is my understanding that the evidence Mr. C presented against me to support his claim came in the form of written statements from COMPANY employees. I would like to point out that at no time were any other COMPANY employees involved with any conversation between myself and Mr. C nor were any COMPANY employees present on March 16th when Mr. C assaulted me in front of my daughter. I feel that having his employees purge themselves was the only thing Mr. C could come up with after his attempt to file false charges against me for vehicle theft failed. Mr. C's attack on me resulted in not only undue emotional stress on my daughter (already prone to anxiety attacks and suffering from the auto immune disease Alopecia Areata with flare ups causing her to lose hair in clumps at a time and which can be triggered by stress) but resulted in medical bills incurred because of having to go to the Emergency Room to seek medical attention for the physical damage Mr. C caused me. My concern during his attack on me was not to fight him back, it was to hold Mr.C back from causing harm to my daughter who was in the front passenger seat beside me. Any returned punches on my part could have mistakenly hit her so my only choice was to sit there, between Mr. C and my child and take the blows. Although this was the first time Mr. C used physical violence towards me it is not the first time Mr. C was abusive. On more than one occasion Mr. C took it upon himself to curse at me, call me names and degrade me. The length that Mr. C would go in his endeavor to enact his vengefulness was also revealed to me a couple of weeks after I was fired when the general manager from a company I had just recently financed a vehicle though, contacted me and informed me that Mr. C had been calling her telling her that she needed to repossess my car, I was trying to steal it or leave the state with it. She also stated that Mr. C informed her that he drove by my residence on a regular basis even going to the extent of parking across the street and “steaking out” my home. I was also told a similar story by the property managment company I was renting my home from. In addition I did in fact file a wage claim against COMPANY and Mr.C which I won but Mr. C has refused to acknowledge and has still yet to pay. ....................... That's basically the sum of it. I have a written statement from my daughter, the police report and a very nice print out of the mug shot I found online of my husband's former employer which I have considered using as a sign in my front yard to scare off young children and small house pets daring to wonder onto my lawn. The statement above has some pieces removed, for privacy reasons but it does basically sum it all up. Any suggestion on which direction we should go from here would be appreciated.
  16. I have a question regarding annulment in Indiana. I have been married for almost 5 years. We are separating and divorcing. We were recently cleaning the house together and I found a folder so I opened it and found my wife’s wedding pictures with her children’s father. So I showed her and said what is this I thought you were never married? So she cried and said they did get married when her youngest daughter was about 1 but she didn’t remember the exact date. No big deal, but the issue is that she never got divorced. I was reading about annulment in the state of Indiana and it says there are no time limits, but that they can not be living together. Basically my question is this, since my marriage is fraudulent (my wife was already married when we got married), so when I move out, I should be eligible for an annulment, correct? My next problem is proving the first marriage. I have copies of the wedding pictures. I have been trying to locate the marriage record for her first marriage but I can’t find it in Indiana or Kentucky. Since they are both from another country, the marriage may have taken place there. My wife won’t give me any more information. What can I do to prove this first marriage to a judge? Are 3 pictures of the wedding ceremony and copies of their children’s birth certificates enough? They have 3 children together (we have none thankfully).
  17. My husband and I had a gotten a car financed through a dealership. When we went to plate the car we didn't have the registration paperwork to register the car. Went back to dealership to get proper paperwork and they were unable to furnish paperwork. Said they needed to get in contact with auction where they purchased the vehicle from, with no luck on getting title. The financial institute said they wanted to return the car because of the title issues. Not sure what my options are. We've tried to go talk to the dealership but they are saying it's not they're fault it's the auctions. We've tried to work something out with trading for another car but they are wanting to trade for something that's not worth the same for the same amount of money. We've asked for just a refund since they aren't working with us on trading it in and they only want to give us a portion for administration fees but they want to take 800 out of what we've already paid.
  18. Several weeks ago, I was served a "proceedings supplemental" by the attorney who obtained default judgment against me in 2014. I learned that even though I fall below "exempt" levels in terms of assets and currently only have disability income, I MUST attend or be at risk for body attachment warrants being issued. I made the 100 mile round trip (with suspended driver's license) and met with the attorney, who seemed 1) displeased that I am not employed and 2) is adamant that I MUST agree to a "payment plan". I have seen mention of "filing exemptions with the Court" but there are never any explanations as to how this accomplished. At any rate, I was told I must now return in a couple weeks to go before the judge, who "won't accept" less than a $50/month payment agreement. The attorney insinuated that I'm not "too disabled" ... I SHOULD be working, to pay the attorney, apparently. And if I am not working, I need to dig into the disability money, despite the fact that it barely makes the monthly living expenses. I was told I can do this "the easy way or the hard way" and that I "like the hard way" and THAT is the reason I now have to go back to the court. I told the attorney I was left with numerous problems to deal with (on my own) when I was defrauded of settlement; this was after telling atty I had only disability income and believe my assets fall below the exemption level set for the state. I also explained that I am not willing to make a promise that I can't (be sure to) keep. So, I can now go to court again in about a week, tell the judge my "sob story" and the insinuation is that won't get me very far. 1) How are "exemptions" filed with the court? 2) Is there an automatic right to reassign a fee award (from divorce decree) based on sale of real estate to a personal judgment against me, when I took every action I could to avoid the default (of legitimate sale) engineered by ex, which was beyond my control, but which was predictable and preventable - had the attorney chosen an action besides "withdrawal from the case" (which also gave ex clear signal that the field was clear for action)? My insistence a timely motion to clarify/modify the decree was the reason for withdrawal. but it turns out I was correct; the silence and vagueness of the decree was used to defeat it, denying me equalization, dependent benefits ordered returned and ultimately, my personal possessions and those of our children. Based on the appraisal, ex could have received no more than about $10k and that only after the attorneys and I were paid. Instead, the intentional foreclosure and sheriff sale purchase (made by his brother) netted an instant $91k equity (plus, I am told, rental income, now). I was paid up to the time of the divorce hearing. The decree stated a "mutually agreeable" realtor be hired, but ex signed a one year contract with an agent "for show" and it's my understanding that judges can't interfere in private contracts. There was no mechanism to ensure the realtor was "agreeable" (and motivated). I was not on the mortgage or deed and it took me several months merely to get the information from the realtor, in order to petition the court for a change of realtor. By then, ex had allowed the house to go through foreclosure, intentionally. I was not even "allowed" a copy of the contract; I was denied settlement conference in the foreclosure and denied the opportunity to speak at the eviction hearing (small claims court). I'm being held responsible for the failure of a decree that I could see was quite flawed and in which I was not the only actor charged with performance. Any assistance or insight is appreciated. Thank you.
  19. A few weeks ago I was arrested for Domestic Battery after my girlfriend and I got into a physical altercation. I said something stupid and she punched me in the eye to which I reacted with physical violence. We were both intoxicated and I am not proud of how I reacted nor for what took place. This is very shameful and has made me aware of some very serious personal issues we both face. After the neighbors heard the fighting they called the police and of course they should up. The police then proceeded to misinform my girlfriend of the following things in what I can only assume was an attempt to paint me as shady individual in order to convince her to press charges against me... A. They said I was "involved" with an issue concerning a stolen trailer; Yes actually I was "involved" as I am the one who filed the report after noticing it was missing from work. As the supervisor that is my job. Something they did not specify. This is irrelevant. B. They told her I was part of a death investigation in 2007; Yes after discovering my father had passed away (after what was later determined to be a heart attack) on the couch a week after he passed I imagine I probably was part of an investigation. I'd be shocked if I wasn't. This is irrelevant. C. They told her I was involved in a child abuse investigation after a small child my then wife was babysitting accidentally fell down the stairs. 1st of all I was at work at the time and matter of fact was never was around the child even once as she watched her during times I was at work. 2nd of all I was never questioned or even spoke to police or anyone concerning the matter and lastly it was determined to be an accident. Again completely irrelevant. All these things were told to her in an effort (a successful one I might add) to illicit a response of yes when they asked her if she would be pressing charges. Furthermore (this same officer) informed her the following day that I was contacting my ex-wife from jail in efforts to get her to bail me out of jail which is completely and entirely false. My question is did the police do anything illegal here in misleading and misinforming my girlfriend of these things and if so is it enough to get this thrown out? Obviously lying isn't necessarily illegal isn't misleading a victim or witness grounds for dismissal?
  20. My pervious landlord has used my security deposit and is charging over $200 in fees for replacing the carpet in our apartment due to "pet smell". Yes we have a pet. However, my question is why did they not attempt cleaning to remove "pet smell"; they stated that it is up the maintenance's discretion whether or not they clean or replace the carpet. How is that right, they have no policy or procedure to make this determination, basically he just walked in said is smelled like a pet so replace the carpet. He cannot prove that the smell would not come out because they did not attempt cleaning! According to IN state law, landlords are not allowed to use the security deposit for typical wear and tear. Is pet smell, if the apartment complex allows pets, considered normal wear and tear? If not, are they obligated to first attempt a reasonable and financially responsible charge such as cleaning as the carpet had "pet smell"? There were no soiled spots and they have no pictures of damage because it was just "pet smell". Also, I paid a non-refundable pet deposit which the lease states is used for property damage cause by the pet. Well if this isn't wear and tear, would it then be considered pet damage to the property, so why can't they use that towards the cost? I would also like to point out that when I talked to the assistant property manager and asked what the pet deposit was used for, he said "nothing". I would like to take them to small claims, do I have a chance? And my final question, the over $200 fee is due in 2 weeks, if I do not pay it says they will take it to collections (although the office manager stated she wouldn't bring to collections as we are in the middle of disputing the charges, however I don't believe them and feel they will take it to claims anyways). If I file a small claims form are they allowed to still take it to collections? I obviously do not want them to do this, what would happen if I paid the cost so they can't take it to collections, can I still file with small claims even though I paid it? Thanks for any advice and feedback!
  21. So, my husband is an inmate in a facility in Indiana. We lived in Iowa when he was sentenced and we would somehow like to get him transferred to a facility here in Iowa so we are closer to him and can be more supportive. We have 3 kids and want him in the kids life as much as possible and it's hard to travel to Indiana every few months to visit. Does anyone know anything about Interstate Corrections Compact? I have done lots of research and I can only seem to find information on transferring states once you are on parole or probation. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.i
  22. I created an artwork, which is registered as my copyright. A local newspaper photographed it and used it in the print edition of their paper, which is fair use. However, can I use a scanned copy of that photo on social media, or do I need to buy it from the newspaper? Is it fair use to use someone else's photo of your work?
  23. About 5 years ago I was married with 3 boys. What I didn't know was that while I was at work, my husband at the time was not watching my children. The neighbor lady called the CPS and had them taken. after a year of my ex not getting any better at taking care of them at visits, they told us we should give up guardianship to a family member so we wouldn't lose them to adoption. We signed over guardianship to my ex's cousin and his wife. About 2 months after that, my ex threatened my life and I filed for a divorce. I went and got my own place and asked for guardianship. The cousins told me I didn't make enough money to support 3 children. I then went and got my GED and enrolled in college to get a better job to support my kids. Meanwhile, I had financial difficulties and I couldn't go and see my kids for a few months. When I got more financially stable, I asked if i could see my kids and they told me no because I hadn't been much of a mother lately. I had tried to get a hold of them a couple times after that but they wouldn't return my calls or answer my letters. I graduate in December, and I just got a letter in the mail from their lawyer stating that they wanted to adopt my kids and wanted to know if I was ok with that. My question is, what should I do now? Should I answer them right away or should I wait until I graduate and go for custody instead? Should i write them a letter asking for visitation to show that I still want to see my kids or should I go to court to get visitation? I am terribly missing my kids and she won't even send me any pictures of them, but my ex has school pictures of them on his Facebook page, even though I know for a fact that he never visits them. Please help!
  24. Attorney-in-Fact of principal removed many, many valuable items from this person's home when they were dying in a nursing home. Spoke briefly with an attorney who stated there was nothing that could be done in this matter until time of appraisal of remaining items. So, none of items taken were returned and attorney-in-fact is now claiming all items she took was given to her a few years ago. We have pictures and videos to prove this otherwise. When pressed through attorney-in-fact's estate lawyer to see the poa that was given to her from the principal so the actions of such person could be reviewed, the response given was it was thrown away after principal's death. How can someone possibly get away with this?
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