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Found 260 results

  1. My daughter is 17 & seeing a 28 year old. She went missing for 1 whole night & next day missed school. She finally showed at 6pm when she found out the law was looking for her, but no law was broken?
  2. I'm coming to you because I'm unsure of what else I can do. My father has just passed he has 2 children and is not married. His siblings and I have not spoken for 17year (I'm 34yrs old.) Now every step that was made for his funeral I was not apart of, 4 days after I was asked 2 come sit so they can tell me what was done so far. I was told to come to a meeting with funeral home but was given the wrong time. As I'm pulling into the parking lot my Aunties are walking out the door leaving. I was told to wait to pack up my fathers things but get a phone call 2 days later. His sisters have already went to his girlfriends house and took EVERYTHING. Now me and my children are left with all this pain and suffering plus on top of the whole situation I lost my job being depressed from them leaving me out being able to make sure my father has a great home going and being able to say good bye. IS THIS LEGAL? I could not get any information from the hospital as to why and where was my dad bleeding from when he just had surgery done. Nobody will tell me anything and as his child I feel this the hospital and the way the family is acting. Can't be right or legal please help me.
  3. I am a self-published author, and I have written a humorous parody novel about Navy SEALs. (And I plan to put a disclaimer on the copyright page of my novel that I am not a Navy SEAL, former Navy SEAL or associated with the Navy in any way.) My novel is titled NAVY SEAL RESCUE. I put the cover, which is clearly humorous, into a writers' forum asking for feedback on the cover's artistic merits, and a couple of people said I couldn't use "NAVY SEAL" in the title, and this one person said I couldn't even have Navy SEAL characters in the book without obtaining authorization and/or a license from the US Department of Navy. Other people said I had a first amendment to publish "NAVY SEAL" on the cover and within the book without contacting the US Department of Navy to obtain authorization/license. The post that troubles me (from a fellow self-published writer, who identified herself as not being an attorney) is as follows: Trademarks are not copyrights. There are no fair use clauses in trademark laws. A trademark cannot be used, without authorization of the mark owner, for satire, educational purposes, parody, or anything else. And a cease and desist letter is not required before a mark owner can drag a violator into court. Although not surprised by the number of excuses on why using a trademark without permission is OK, it is disappointing to see, here, writers who depend on the honesty and integrity of others to protect their intellectual property to spend so much time making excuses for breaking the law. The old question, "How would you feel if someone was stealing your stuff for profit?" may be appropriate to ask, too. Because I've done the song and dance (applied for and received various licenses for several projects) with the military over this issue, I strongly urge any one who isn't a licensed attorney to contact the Navy at the addresses and/or phone numbers listed below if you feel the information provided at is incorrect. Basic questions are most quickly answered via email, and the application process is fairly simple. By Mail: Department of the Navy Office of Naval Research Office of Counsel 875 N. Randolph Street Suite W515A Arlington, VA 22203 From a previous post, the writer has clearly stated that I can not use "NAVY SEAL" on the cover or within the book itself without authorization/license from the Department of Navy. My questions: 1) Can I use "NAVY SEAL" in my title and on the book's cover without authorization/license from the Department of Navy? 2) Can my characters in the novel be Navy SEALs without authorization/license from the Department of Navy? 3) Since my Navy SEAL characters are bumblers (think "Stripes" or "Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C") and basically idiots doing idiotic things, will the Navy lawyers have a basis for suing me even though the novel is clearly fiction and clearly a parody? Thank you
  4. Hi, I am a renter, To keep it brief My question: 1. Are there legal standards that need to be adhered to when doing remediation work? 2. What would be good next steps when work was not completed according to basic standards? Thanks, JD
  5. I was served a summons, stating I MUST be in court, to answer to a complaint lodged against my grandmother's house. My grandmother died in 2003 and, presumably, the house was left to my uncle; my father proceeded her in death. There had been talk of some property having been left to my brother and I (when she past) but I never was contacted. I was recently force fed a summons which listed "Unknown Heirs and Legatees" of my uncle, c/o me. What exactly does the c/o mean? Do I having any legal right to the property? How was I selected, when he has grown kids & grandkids still alive?
  6. currently just recieved documents saying my ex is wanting to flip custody. we were married from 2003, separated in 2010, divorced in 2012. There is a chance that my daughter is not his biological father. If I bring this up and get a paternity test is there a way to gain sole custody of her.
  7. Can an unsolved murder be investigated into after 30yrs?
  8. I am an experienced nurse that was hired into a position in an ICU (as stated on the contract I signed when I was hired). During the interview process, I had explained to the director that I was looking to gain ICU experience specifically due to the requirements for a doctorate program of which I was applying for. Since beginning my position at the hospital, I have been rotated out of the ICU roughly 50% of the time. I have explained that I had not signed a contract to work in other departments and needed the hospital to stick to the signed agreement so that I can be ready for my next level of education with no avail. I am in fear of not having the experience I need to be accepted into the program and will have to wait an addition year to apply. On another note, since I have stood up to management, I have been rotated out closer to 75% of my shifts and have been bullied by management. Do I have any rights?
  9. How do I file a Freedom Suit and how do I find out who the slave owner is of Peoria, Il?
  10. Hi , my mother made out a will Years ago. She passed away a few days ago . My sister just showed me a codicil that removed me from being an executor and beneficiary. Do I have any recourse?
  11. My wife and I have barely begun a collaborative divorce process. She currently lives with her boyfriend most of the time although some nights she stays in the family home. She has had her boyfriend in the house for supper with the kids a few times despite agreeing to not involve him in the lives of our kids. She's been with him for three months and is now talking about moving to his house with the kids for part of the week. Obviously this is really bad for the kids (research, family therapists, counselors, books etc have affirmed this). Do I have any legal recourse to prevent him from having contact with the kids, and also prevent her from moving into his house with the kids (sharing custody with me)? Thanks.
  12. Hello I have a question. I was pulled over by a state trooper a day ago going down I-88. He pull me over and everything went by normal I gave him my drivers license and insurance, about 10 min later he shows up and gives me a ticket. I signed and went on my way I was in a hurry to get to class so I didn't pay much attention. When I got to class I realized that all the information on the ticket was wrong. He put my fathers information on the ticket not mine. Not only did he get that wrong but he also put that I was doing 60mph on a 91 mph zone. The whole ticket is incorrect he also said that he clocked me but he was in a moving vehicle. I'm wondering if there is any way that I can fight the case and get it dismissed by the court. Thanks.
  13. Hello All, My wife went to see her friend. While finding her house in apartments driveways ( roads going within apartment community) ,she was trying to do K turn. In K turn, when she is backing up she hit a car parked wrong side of the road. Both cars are damaged.There is no double solid yellow line on that. So I think she can do K turn there as per my knowledge. Please correct me if I am wrong here. I believe its her fault though she hit a wrong side parked car. Because she is moving ,she should be careful about surroundings. Anybody have different opinion on this. Is fault on both sides? or Is it fault on the guy who parked wrongly. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. Hello,A few months ago, my wife and I heard scratching in the ceiling of our apartment, and assumed it was just a squirrel that had found its way into the attic (this is a rather old building, so we knew it would probably be easy for this to happen). Since then though, we had been hearing the occasional scratching in the ceiling, and then the walls. Fast forward to about last month, and we heard scratching coming from one of the bedroom cabinets (they are made into the wall). In an attempt to see what the animal was (so we would know more information before we called our landlord / animal control), I had opened the cabinet door slightly and shined a flashlight in to investigate. After not seeing anything, I was about to shut the door again when a bat flew right at my face. I quickly shut the door and called our landlord to have these bats taken out of the apartment. He sent over the repair guy, who had no idea what to do (understandably), and wasn't able to find the bat in the cabinet. They then called animal control, who told them (and later me), that they were not allowed to remove the bats, by Illinois law, until the weather warmed up. So here we are, living in an apartment with bats crawling around in the walls and ceiling, leaving bat guano behind them (which has been linked to multiple health issues). My wife and I are afraid that we are going to get bitten by one of these bats that eventually makes its way into the apartment, and will have to get an expensive rabies shot, which we honestly cannot afford right now. We are uncomfortable in our own home, and just want to move out, but after looking at our contract, we noticed the following clause (spelling is exactly as shown below):"This agreement is for 1 calendar year of the move in date. (After 12 months, tenancy of the unit will be switched to a month-to-month status). Deposit will be lost and an EXIT FEE of one month's rent will apply if resident fails to stay for one year. Your will be liable for the remaining term of the lease without paying exit fee."We will pay the exit fee if we need to, but we cannot afford to pay the rest of our rent upfront (we still have another 5 months before our lease expires), and pay the additional fees to rent another apartment through someone else. Does anyone have any advice on how we can move out, or possible interpretation of the clause shown? We are afraid to talk to the landlord before seeking any advice since he has been known to be quite aggressive towards his tenants, and we are afraid of being evicted as a result.
  15. I stayed 3 years in an apartment and recently moved out. During first year we faced bed bug problems, and I reported to the apartment company and they did pest control treatment. After that we did not face any bug issue, however there were proofs of infestation on the walls (Black color formation), ceiling and corner of floor. The pest control team didn't do anything about the marks. After I moved out, the company has sent me a huge fine (1 month rent + 400$ pest control fee), saying that they found bed bugs in the apartment. The photos sent as evidence are the black colors formed during previous infestation. When inquired, they claim that they saw live bed bugs when the maintenance personnel entered the apartment, and asks me to make the payment as I failed to report it. After the previous pest treatment, we never faced any further problem. I find it hard to believe their claim of live bugs and I strongly believe that they are trying to take by money just by seeing the black marks formed from previous incident. Is it legal for the company to charge me, when a previous history of bed bugs exists and I promptly reported it? Do I have any chance to defend?
  16. I lease a campsite at a permanent campground in Illinois. My 1 year written lease agreement ends 3/31/2018. I gave 60 day notice (per lease agreement) to owner in writing that I would not be renewing lease and would have all property off lot by 3/31/2018. We moved the last item off the lot 3/4/18. The campground owner put another tenant's camper and shed on our lot on 3/14/18 and our lease does not expire until 3/31/2018. What are my rights? What can I do?
  17. couldnt find a proper category for this so i am posting this under car repairs This is a going to be lengthy. It started when i sold my car back in december of last year 2017 to a lawyer from out of state. I am in chicago. Back story on the car: It is a 2002 Subaru WRX from California that I drove it back to Chicago without breaking down. Ive only had this car for about a little over half a year and decided to sell it because i barely drive it. I've only put about 3000 miles on it since i bought it including the trip back from Cali. The car has a jdm engine, manual trans, and jdm cluster swapped by the previous owner. I also bought the car with a couple issues disclosed to me by the previous owner; loose ecu wiring that causes engine light to illuminate, 3rd gear grinding, headlight wiring could use a clean up, and it could use some new tires. The previous owner had done a major head gasket, timing belt, 90k service, rebuilt coilovers, etc. to the car prior to selling and gave me all the receipts. Fast forward, I listed in my ad with these problems. The Buyer called about the car, I told him the problems and he flew in the next day to purchase it. I went over the car with him very detailedly about every maintenance work that was done by the previous owner as well as documentation by the State of Secretary of IL that it is original title, not salvage or rebuilt, that the NICB (national insurance crime bureau) says the car hasn’t been stolen before, and CarFax stating that during Owner 1, it was in an accident, stolen and a Convertible. I told him the evidence is here, this is not a convertible, NICB says its not stolen and state of secretary says title is not rebuilt. Take it how you want. While going over the car with him, I told him about that the car could use some new tires soon, passenger foglight and headlight bulbs are starting to go out, ecu loose wire, remote fob not working sometimes and of course the transmission grind. Mind you he also didn’t get the car inspected before purchasing it. I never told him the car was in tip-top perfect condition, it is a 16 year old car for crying out loud. I mentioned during our phone conversation as well as during our signing Bill of Sale that the car is sold in “As-Is No Warranty” The Bill of Sale also states that is sold AS-IS No Warranty. Sold the car and thought that was the end of it. About 20 days later he texted me saying that the car needed a lot of things to repair that added up to over $10,000. He wanted me to pay him back half of the costs in check form or he’ll sue for fraud. I was very honest about the car when I sold him the car. I invited him to my home and went through every receipt that the previous owner gave me. I didn’t do anything to the car mechanically nor am I a mechanic. He said he held off the case because I asked for an estimate of the repair from his bodyshop to see if he is lying. He finally acquired an estimate and turns out majority of the repairs are things that I’ve told him about or things that are deemed as Upgrades in the car community. List of things that need repair include: -they acquire a new jdm transmission instead of fixing the current one -Sti Rear Brembo Calipers, Sti Trailing Arms, Sti Lateral Links, Sti Drive Shaft -new bulbs for the headlight and foglight. The bodyshop states that the wiring is indeed in working order -fix ecu wiring -water pump -throttle cable -new tires -turbo drain hose -alternator cover -new rear coilovers that costs over $1000 -alignment My thing is majority of these are problems I’ve already told him that needs fixing, the car had an alternator cover already. The transmission issue i definitely told him about as well stated in my ad. The Sti rear suspension stuff and brembo calipers are considered upgrades because the car is a WRX model. Bulbs and wiring issue I told him about. I showed him that the car will need new tires later. I don’t get why the other items need to be changed because the car was in working order. He drove 5 hours back home without problems. If the throttle cable needed replacing or the water pump was going then the car would not be operational when he bought it. He also said the car had been in an accident. I showed him papers that the title is original by the State so unless Illinois is lying, I don’t see how the car could have been in an accident before. Today he got personal by sending me a text saying that he will again delay the case until the car is fully repaired and will be pursuing 3x the damage as punitive damages and said that my dad (stating his full name) also needs to be added in this suit for unknown reasons. He also said that he is trying to determine if my dad is a US citizen because it “impacts the actual filing”. So basically he looked up a family member of mine and threatened me with my family member. What does my dad has to do with this small court claims? I’ve read through so many scenarios that are similar to mine on the internet and they all says since its AS-IS and I disclosed all the information that I knew, I am protected. But as a reassurance I am asking here. Can he do this? What should I do? And like why would I purposely lie to a lawyer that is buying my car knowing that if I did, there would be consequences. Ironic how he is trying to sue me anyway.
  18. Hello Everyone. I'm a paralegal and I work for an employment attorney. We have a case in which we filed a complaint for administrative review in court. We've included IDES as a defendant. We have had them served via certified mail and they have refused to respond or acknowledge this complaint. So my questions are... do we need to have them served via the sheriff's office? And what remedies are available if they continue to ignore the complaints? Is there a way we can get a default judgement? TIA
  19. I moved out of the marital home that is in my name and mine is the only one on the mortgage, then my husband filed before I did. Now he is living in the house and not keeping up the maintenance on it. For example, the roof is leaking in three places and he refuses to fix it. He also has not gotten the house out of my name which is ruining my credit. In addition, he doesnt respond to my lawyers attempts to get a settlement date so that we can discuss and try to settle. We have been separated now for two years! What can be done by me to move this process along? Can I force him to move out of the house or buy me out since he refuses to respond to me or my lawyer?
  20. Need to find a source that states the legal duties or powers of the CEO of a not for profit corporation in Illinois.
  21. I severely injured my back and after a ruling I am on Permanent Total Disability for life, the case has not settled, and the medical is open and still being paid by the insurer. My doctor just wrote a letter for a Service Dog to be trained to perform three tasks, bracing, retrieving, and carrying. I presume this is covered as there are probably injured workers who became blind and needed a seeing eye dog, as their service dog. However, the only case I was able to find online is one in Arkansas St. Paul Fire & Marine v. Stonesifer Court of Appeals of Arkansas, Division Four 1998 Ark. App Lexis 264; 1998 WL 171076 that held the insurer responsible for the service dog as a medical expense as the result of the injury sustained while at work for the employer, as well as ALL the care and maintenance of the dog while the injured worker returned to college as some sort of vocational rehabilitation. Therefore, I am trying to track down or locate any instances in Illinois or other states that would support my case at hand. If anyone has an example or case in which an insurer paid for a service dog and ongoing care and maintenance I would appreciate it, as a young person with a permanent disability, I will likely need a total of 4-5 service dogs in my lifetime (assuming service dogs are placed at age 2 and work until age 10-12 depending on life expectancy of the breed of the service dog). I know service dogs are a qualified medical expense under the IRS for medical deductions (see below), but if there is no case on point, perhaps there is other information that supports service dogs as a qualified medical expense. IRS 2017 publication 502 -"Guide Dog or Other Service Animal - You can include in medical expenses the costs of buying, training, and maintaining a guide dog or other service animal to assist a visually impaired or hearing disabled person, or a person with other physical disabilities. In general, this includes any costs, such as food, grooming, and veterinary care, incurred in maintaining the health and vitality of the service animal so that it may perform its duties." The goal of asking for your help is to provide as much possible information in support before submitting the claim and expenses to the WC carrier so they will agree to it, and not challenge the expenses. Thanks, Injured IL Worker
  22. Can my Landlord take my parking space in the middle of the lease for someone else if it is in my lease?
  23. I changed attorneys in my divorce case, but it was pretty much jumping from the pot into the fire. My most urgent question is to know is if this new attorney can cash my trust refund check from the previous attorney, made out to my name, without my permission or knowledge? I didn't even realize it until months later because I hadn't been told the check was sent directly to the new attorney Thanks in advance
  24. Ok, so, after working 40.83 hours in a week I was double shifting as a part time supervisor at UPS, I got a text from my boss asking what he was going to do about it. Isn't there no reason for him to want to do anything a out it? I never made an agreement to not work more than 40 hours in a week. However management has been making vague threats to all of the supervisors like, "...if you work more than 40 hours you better be prepared to have an explanation for the division manager..." I would say that is not an agreement, but a threat, yes? So I'm just trying to be prepared for when I go in on Tuesday, they're either going to take away doubleshifting from me, or, fire me. So I just want to be prepared to be able to tell them they're wrong, I just don't know the legal situation they're putting themselves in or how to explain it to them without sounding like I'm planning to come after them, which I'm not, I just want them to leave me alone. So, am I being harassed? Discriminated against? Did I do something wrong? re they doing something wrong? How do I protect both my job and my doubleshifting assignment? If they do fire me, was it for no wrongdoing?
  25. Married in 1993,moved out in 2002 to different state,divorced in 2005. Ex wants her part of my pension from Illinois. I stopped contributing to the Illinois pension when I left the trade in 2000. I moved to another state and started a new pension there. Is Ex entitled to part of that pension from the other employer in the other state too for the years until we divorced officially?