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Found 187 results

  1. My son turned 18 and is transitioning from a therapeutic high school to a transition program. He is his own guardian. The transition program is full-time, but he is taking one college class this semester and plans to take more later. Since he is still in the IEP, he does not have a diploma. However, his father has filed to stop child support, claiming that our son has "graduated." According to Educational Law, is he graduated from high school?
  2. Hi everybody, I’m having a rough time. I have several limiting and chronic medical conditions, that I understand will stay with me forever. I’ve gotten pretty good at managing them and accepting my new normal. In January, I was actually paralyzed from the bellybutton down. That was terrifying. As for a reason why, doctors were debating over whether it was a functional neurological condition, or my back was just pushing too hard on my spinal chord and it would loosen eventually. Since the paralysis corresponded directly with back spasms, and my back felt a release whenever I would regain motion, I tend to believe that the problem was in my back. My parents were having a rough time with accepting that I was in a wheelchair and projected a lot of anger and blame onto me, their 16 year old daughter. I haven’t felt safe since then. Recently they brought up sending me away from my junior year of high school to a program in another state that is not guaranteed to help me in any way, shape, or form. I am having a really difficult time handling this, especially since my future matters so much to me. My stress had been under control, but now, with them bringing me to this facility to treat a condition I don’t think I have for months, away from my school, friends, familiararity, and other coping strategies, I’m scared of what I might do. It makes me especially angry because they don’t understand how I feel or how well I manage it all, and because I’m only 2 years away from being a legal adult. I feel like this program would upset my future and schoolwork, push me behind schedule, worsen my medical conditions, put me in a mentally unsafe position, and separate me from all I’ve ever known. They have psychologically and emotionally damaged me for years, but I could handle that. I know they mean well, but this is going to be the end of me. Is there any way I could start making my medical decisions independently at 16? Or do I have a custody case? Both of my parents are dead set on this to remove the burden my illnesses put on their lives, but I don’t know anyone else. I feel like I am so close to my graduation and that all I need is control over my medical and mental health. Is there anyway to do that? Please help me!!
  3. z.a_357.007john.007357.1

    Ignoring a valid survey

    I have a property line dispute with my neighbor in a small town, so I have a survey done and the neighbor has clearly crossed over property line and has no regard for the survey. Call the zoning officer and the police department and they pretty much gave him verbal permission to put a fence on my property, they both stated that it is only a few inches I asked the mayor for the Neighbors fence permit and he denied my request. what are my option? I would like to have the fence move also the cut a few tree root from my tree,
  4. When a Plaintiff's initial complaint is dismissed and defendants are held for "naught", and then the judge allows the Plaintiff to "Amend Complaint", are the prior initial filings of complaint which are now 'dismissed' or 'denied' as to 'not properly served'.... is the initial complaints 'stricken' from the court records? and therefore cannot be accessed upon an appeal? thank you for your kind response. Does the word "strike" mean the whole record is no longer available for a "request for preparation of records" on appeal?
  5. Our neighbors above ground pool collapsed funneling 20,000 gallons of water directly toward our home. Water filled our window wells, and the pressure caused the windows to explode, depositing 6 inches of water and mud in our 1,100 square foot finished basement. Neither our insurance company or our neighbors will cover the damage sighting "surface water", which is not covered under either policy. The cost of repairs is in the $10,000 range, which would qualify for small claims court in Illinois. Any advice on moving in this direction would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Dobsonsd

    Visition laws

    My husband has custody of his two daughters and they’re mother has a restraining order nd the courts first denied her all visitation so went back to court and changed it so now she can only see the girls on her visitation days wich she only has because he was nice enough to let her have weekends but my question is we pulled up to drop them off and she was high out of her mind so we told her the girls couldn’t stay she called the cops and they told us we have to go back to court and change it wich we already are waiting for a new court date but she has been unable to serve. when he granted her visitation she had her own house and since then while waiting for a court date she has lost her house her car and on drugs bad question is he allowed to denie her her visitation and not let the girls go for they’re own safety since she is clearly high and acting crazy ?? Or he is obligated to let the kids go no matter what ??
  7. I have illinicare insurance- a medicaid plan and I was seeing a local chiropractor for about 3 years in this time I never once received a bill or receipt or anything. I just sign in on a piece of paper when I got there and that was it. I was going on average three times a week because it was paid for by my insurance. Recently I made comment to my dad that he could go there because he has the same insurance and my dads gf said she thought other wise that they only accepted my insurance until age 18. At this point I was almost 20. I texted the chiropractor that owns the office and she confirmed what my dads gf had said. I replied and asked her how that was possible If i had been going to her for over a year since I had turned 18. she told me she would have to look into it. I never heard back then all of a sudden she tells me I do in fact have a bill about a month went by where she was supposedly "making adjustments". I asked her why I was never notified or sent a bill and she said it was because my insurance takes forever to submit payment so they were waiting. I then received a $ two thousand some dollar in the mail. She "adjusted it down" to$450 I talked to another chiropractor I know who told me to call my insurance. I did and my insurance has no record of them ever submitting a bill to her, I also never received a insurance denial for any of the visits or received a bill prior to the $450 one. I called the office and requested EOB's for all the claims they submitted. The office was very rude. I ended up calling again and was told they would look into it and never received a call back. I then got another bill in the mall with a "this bill is due now! sticker". I emailed the owner again and told her I had called and wasn't going further with the bill until I was given the forms I requested. Never heard anything back. Today I got a third bill in the mail with a sticker that says"your insurance states your responsible for this bill payment is due immediately!". The bill charges me 50$ for every visit without my insurance yet the office offers an out of insurance program for cash patients and only charges 15$. What do I do here? If I knew my insurance wasn't paying I wouldn't have continued going because I cant afford it. Another thing to is that they claim "Apex insurance" was paying before, yet ive never had Apex insurance and have no idea who they are. Thanks
  8. Is it illegal for a dealership to sell you a car that was in an accident, no matter the severity, without informing you before purchase?
  9. I worked for 2 large corporations. At the first company,( Corp A) which I left about a year ago, I had a female co-worker sexually harass me. I took another job for which I was recruited, but the job, for reasons of its own, lasted only six months. I would like to get my job back at my old company. I know the statute has passed for me to file with the EEOC. Secondly, I went to work at another large corporation. This was about two months after I was let go from Corp A. During the two months, I had some strange hip/sciatica malady. I had to use a cane to walk, and the commute from home to office was quite taxing. I was in physical therapy at the time, and often my direct supervisor would not let me leave until she was satisfied with my work, and I would often end up missing my physical therapy appointments. I also had a lot of back pain and requested back support, which they refused to provide for me. As a result of this, I now have increased right hip pain which will require more medical intervention. When I told them that I was having trouble seeing the small print on their computer screens, they let me go. Do I have any recourse with either of these two companies? It has been a really hard year. I am in constant pain on my right hip and I will be going back to physical therapy again. I don't know if this is a worker's comp situation, discrimination, both, or neither. I need some advice please.
  10. My mother needs information about what happens if my father, her husband, has made no legal will. Does she automatically become executer of his estate and automatically inherit his estate as his "Closest Next of Kin?"
  11. MzD9116

    Need help....

    My husband is in Pickneyville & we are trying to get him out on work release, unfortunatly that does not seem possible is there any other way to get a person out early?
  12. on Sunday august 5, 2015 a country club sponsored a golf tournament in which a automobile dealership would donate an automobile as a prize to any golfer who shot a hole in one. The automobile was parked near the clubhouse with an advertisement poster stating the free automobile for any golfer who shot a hole in one. I paid the requisite entrance fee for me and my son to participate in the tournament. My son who is 16 (minor) shot a hole in one in presence of other members. We notified the dealership but they refuse to tender the automobile. Can anyone give me any references to any similar case regarding advertising contracts that are false? can my me and/or my son sue the auto dealership or the country club that sponsored the event? any references or responses would be appreciated.
  13. Im a stay at home dad, wife obviously the breadwinner. We argue quite a bit. More maybe than average but that's irrelevant. I'm a large guy; 6'3" 325lbs. My wife 5'7" 135lbs. We were in an argument yesterday in which she became very audible. She's naturally a vocal person anyway but enough to where the neighbors took notice. The result was a glass of water ended up on me allegedly having been thrown onto me and a broom was broken on a poster in the garage. She never laid a finger on me, but those awesome neighbors told police she was beating me even though I have no marks. She was ultimately arrested for domestic battery for the water as I was told after being lied to by the police saying she wasn't. So I'm doubtful a jury will convict her given the fact the police misheard that it looked like she threw/dumped the water on me and my size compared to hers. We are not well off by any means and she has a state license which could be effected resulting in some serious financial implications if by miracle they actually win. Off the record as to not implicate anyone or hold you to any legal advise given; what can I do to destroy the prosecutions case before she is even arraigned. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to see this disappear.
  14. I'm a defense witness for an upcoming criminal trial. The judge just allowed a State motion to exclude witnesses from attendance at all pre-trial court appearances and from buying any court transcripts. The Court's actions are directed towards me, and I feel harassed. Is there any objection I can make and if so how. I have lived in association with this case and other witnesses in it for 5 years now without tampering with anyone's testimony or revealing information improperly. I've followed the case and bought court transcripts but never posted or made improper use of them. My testimony stems from my personal experience and knowledge independent of any information presented to the Court. And, my testimony will be extremely limited in scope, and nothing they are discussing even pertains to it. I feel the Court is permitting the State to overstep it's rights. Please let me know what might apply here, thanks!
  15. I have medical and full POA over my father I am the only sibling of my 92 year old father who is still living my aunt his older sister who is 3 years older than him wants to take us to the lawyer to have him my father filed as incompetent and take over the POA can she legally do this. Also she wants to find out how much his estate is worth. His sister is not incompetent but she is not healthy either. This is going to happen shortly so I need advice ASAP( I stated this is going to happen shortly shortly being in 14 hours)
  16. Is a person required to have Dental Insurance in the state of Illinois.
  17. zaniyabmom

    Financial support

    Hello I'm in Chicago and I am puzzled as of what steps to take I have taken my daughters father to court they ordered him to pay $150 a month he paid one month and hasn't paid since, it's been 6 months, he has no legal job but he hustles and drives a nice car, he is married and his wife works for the city makes about 70,000 a year, he doesn't plan to ever get a job he lied and said he cuts hair for a living I just don't kno what steps to take because he will not help support his child I have a question so can they go after his wife then since they are married or what steps can I take to make him help provide for her
  18. I belong to golf club that is NOT private. However, it discriminates due to gender. What recourse do I have? Thanks.
  19. There is an on-going custody case (which is not the issue I'm asking about here) and there has been a plenary Order of Protection in place for just over 3 months. We finally had our court date to suspend childsupport to the custodial parent as my husband and I have had his two children full time since May. On Monday, September 13th, a judge signed an order suspending child support and backdated it to July 26th when my husband filed. He stated that he will have to take his ex-wife to small claims court to recoup the thousands she has received and shouldn't have as she didn't have the children. Two days after she signed this order, she accepted a child support payment knowing it was suspended two days earlier, backdated to July. Is this contempt? When asked about it, she said, "I already lost child support for my oldest two children when I lost custody of them and I don't work, so sue me for it, I'm not giving you sh*t." We have paid her child support faithfully and have also had the children full time since May, and about 85% of the time for the 6 months leading up to that, so while paying child support on time and in full, we have also had 100% of their expenses, including higher household bills, school, after school enrichment activities, etc... We can't afford an attorney just yet, but are working on it before we get to the meat of the custody case. The circuit clerk told us that it sounds like she is violating an order by accepting that money and not giving it back as she signed the court order suspending child support two days before receiving another payment that was already in process and couldn't be stopped as of monday when the order was signed by her, my husband, and the judge. Is this contempt? Should his work cancel the check? It would be fine if she had the children and used it for them, but she's been snapchatting people with all the things she's been buying with my husbands child support all summer since she was evicted months ago and has been sleeping on her brothers couch. I feel bad for the kids, but they're here, going GREAT in school. Haven't missed a day, been tardy, and are getting straight A's which they have found makes them feel very good. I just need to know the best way to get this last payment that was just received back. We do plan on taking her to small claims court, however' she was taken there by a landlord 2 rental houses ago and was ordered to pay $6,500 in back rent and hasn't paid a dime. So we really want to find a way to get at least this last $600 payment back from her since she just received it. Please help!!!!!
  20. I have a serious question which may seem convoluted. I don't want to run and consult an attorney about this because the case is sensitive. But I will do so if all of you advise me along those lines: I know that criminal defense attorneys will use any strategy they can to get their client off the hook at trial. Example: At Anthony Casey trial, did one truly believe that her dad molested her? I asked an attorney that question recently and got the response that it did not matter; that the jury did believe it and that was what was important. I also know that in serious felony cases involving more than one charged suspect, that it is common to play one suspect off to the jury as the culprit while defending the other. And that this is a proven strategy that often works no matter what the truth of the matter is. Can someone please tell me, what are the ethical boundaries for a criminal defense attorney to subpoena and examine a witness in a very serious felony case who he knows had nothing to do with the incident but who he can shape available circumstantial evidence to allege that they did the crime and not his client? Can he do so even over the specific objection of his own client??? If his own client, before trial, sends his attorney a letter in writing directing his attorney to use a different trial strategy putting the responsibility for his being a suspect on the over-zealousness of an investigator who controlled and fabricated evidence against him, and tells his attorney that he is aware of the other strategy his attorney intends to use and that he cannot approve of it and does not want it used because it will instead harm someone who the defendant knows is an innocent party; can the attorney still completely ignore the wishes of his client and proceed to still use that innocent party? Is the attorney in that situation subject to any particular ethical constraints?
  21. Exploring_PostForclosure_Options

    Forclosure with New Century / Countrywide in 2008

    Dear FindLaw Forum I had a property foreclosed on in 2008 that I had refinanced in 2006 with the notorious New Century mortgage. They were bought out by Countrywide which was bought out by Bank of America. I didn't address the issue at the time, and it was foreclosed on in default. I had a lot going on in my life right then, divorce, business issues, etc. So, now, years later, I'm wondering if I have any chance of taking the current designees to court to get some damages based on the fact that I never saw any clear chain-of-title. I certainly didn't see a "Master Agreement" (or series there of) to make it clear that there was a valid transfer of title through each of the parties. Right during my foreclosure in 2008, New Century was under investigation, and they did not disclose any of that investigation to me. Lisa Madigan (our IL Attorney General) got me about $1000 because of the poor business practices of my mortgage holders (in a group settlement) but accepting that agreement specifically said that I did NOT give up my right to sue BoA directly at a later date. So, that part of the settlement has rolled around in my brain for these years, and I know any statute of limitations will run out soon. If I will sue them, it should be now. Has anyone had any success in pursuing chain-of-title issues against a debt company, or defunct mortgage company? Am i crazy to even suggest it? Are there any prior successes in this kind of thing in any state that I can reference on this. Thanks for the opportunity to ask this question.
  22. I will be a witness at another persons criminal trial. I was arrested, my house was searched and thoroughly trashed by police, I lost my job and am still unemployed after 5 years, etc. I was entirely, unrelated, collateral damage during the incident. In other words my life as I knew it was completely destroyed because of this situation, and even though I am cleared now of all charges, it was the police and then the State who caused the majority of the damage to me. When I testify, my credibility will be attacked. As, part of that, the State will allege that the defendant has harmed me. This is a little true, but, again, it was the police and the State who have harmed me the most and affected the rest of my life. And, I want to speak this truth in court. I want to say straight out to the jury: It was the police and it was this woman and that guy standing there who by causing me to go through the last 5 years of stress, turmoil, and loss have harmed me far more than this defendant ever has. Problem is, the judge has ruled that my prior charges and acquittals cannot be entered as evidence at trial. So, then, can I still allude to my harm then indirectly as I indicate above? Appreciate your advice here on what is regarded as permissible by a witness and what is not.
  23. di1b2g


    I work in a assisted living home for 65yrs and older we currently have a resident in the hospital with c diff and another who isn't in the hospital who has c diff also and many more not feeling good, the felicity is only providing gloves for protection . her room hasn't been cleaned the proper , she eats in her room but the dishes she uses are taken back to the kitchen with no special cleaning of them and her clothes are washed by the aides and the same washer and dryer are used for other residents. what can be done about this, they are putting other residents at risk, and the aides that work there
  24. My mother petitioned for permanent guardianship in August of 2015 of my then almost 3 year old son. Back story: I have battled a heroin addiction off and on for 11 years now. I am seven months clean currently, though.) Since I was homeless, (although she knew where I was staying!!) I did not get served with papers. Instead, the judge made her post it in the newspaper. Anyway, as of right now, I have a job, and I am staying in transitional housing, but I am very close to getting my own place. I went to rehab in February and stayed in the town the rehab is in. It is three hours away from my mom and son, but a bus ticket is very affordable. I am writing this because I want/NEED to see my son!! Seeing him every three months is absolutely unacceptable to me! I was wondering if anyone thinks I have a chance at just visitation or "parenting time" as Illinois law calls it now given my circumstances and life changes. I am not trying to get guardianship back yet because I know I am not quite in the position to take care of him yet, but I think seeing him every other weekend is fair. I wouldn't even have to go to court if my Mom weren't so against me being around. she claims she can't handle being around me because she is so angry at me still. Believe me, I more than understand that, but what does that have to do with me seeing my child? Any advice? Should I wait until I have my own place or should I go through with it now? And what exactly would I need to do? I saw online that she has an annual status update court date October 6th. Should I show up!? Thanks in advance!!
  25. I would appreciate opinion as to whether or not a conflict-of-interest exists in a murder case due to the connection between the State's Attorney's office and the family of the victim. Throughout the course of the case so far, the victim's wife has been given a lot of latitude in her movements in court. Each court appearance, she sits in the front audience row designated for court personnel and media only. The bailiffs do not direct her to sit elsewhere as they do with any member of the general public. She also fairly frequently and without being censored by anyone walks up pass the bar (line of demarcation for attorneys only without permission) both before and during court to converse with individual SAs. She has also walked up to the Judge's clerk on occasion. I thought this a little strange, but since the victim was in the legal profession, I thought everyone was just giving her some sympathetic consideration. Now, however, I have since seen this woman also appear in the audience of several different criminal defendants and in the company of the SA's Victim Advocate person and interacting with the victim families along with the Victim Advocate as if she is in training with the SA's Victim Advocate program or at least a volunteer in that program. If so, whether she is a volunteer or paid, does this create a conflict-of-interest for the State's Attorney with respect to this murder case? Her husband was well-known in the legal community but she was not in the profession and not previously involved with victim families. The defense PD knows of her behavior in court and has not raised it as a issue but does not know of her association with other cases.