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Found 204 results

  1. About a month and a half ago, we noticed a consistent leak coming from our ceiling (timber). We immediately notified our condo management company and followed up the next day. They sent someone out to check the rooftop deck roofing, insisting it was probably coming from there. Over the next few weeks, the leak did not stop and others appeared. We contacted our management company again and again, more roofers, the cycle continued. I even asked if I should be worried about mold and was told "it's rain water so no". We insisted it was not the roof. There had been days without snow or rain. Finally, during the 4th visit, my husband insisted they check the unit next door, since they had a leak the previous year that made its way into our unit. Turns out, the neighbor's toilet was leaking around the sealing. The neighbors are renters so I am not sure if they had previously informed their landlords or not. Anyway, toilet/pipes fixed on neighbor's end. Leaks stop. Queue mold. We again contacted our management company and they sent out an inspector a week later. Just got the report back, no surprise, it's mold. Our management company is saying our neighbors will have to pay and to file a claim with our insurance. What I am wondering is how messy will this be, legally? I don't believe mold is usually covered under insurance policies. What are the chances this will be considered and covered under resulting from a covered loss? I imagine the time it took to pinpoint and stop the leak will come into play, which is why we were so consistent in our follow ups.
  2. My ex husband attempted to strangle me while drunk and my 15 year Old son pulled him off of me after a few seconds, he then fled avoiding arrest before the police arrived. In Illinois there is what is called the no-drop law where even if the victim wants to drop charges, they cannot due to the state itself being able to press the charges. Sure enough there was a warrant issued for his arrest. 2 days after the incident (before he knew about the warrant) he admitted himself to the hospital for detox from Xanax and vodka. After about 5 days, he entered a rehabilitation facility and after 28 days of the program, then went to live in a halfway house where he is currently. He found employment right away , upon waiting for the background check, they hired him anyway. About a week later he received the results from the background check and it did state that their was a warrant issued in the county where the violation took place. He admitted to his new boss that the altercation did occur and that he was once not a friendly drunk, but that he had rehabilitated himself and swore he would never go back to the demons that once chained him for nearly 10 years previous. His boss admitted to him that he too, had been in a similar circumstance once before so he wanted to give him the chance to make it right. He turned himself in just a week later and served one night in the county jail, and before bond call in front of the judge that next morning, the states attorney called me and asked me what kind of bail i would like to see posted, (The week before she called saying that the judge was also known for being very lenient), i said "let go on his own recogniscence if possible ". I knew he didn't have much money having just started that job, and i certainly didn't it to bail him out with. Sure enough, after being appointed a lawyer that morning he was able to leave free until the upcoming first official court date where by then he WILL need representation. I'm sorry for the long version, what DOES Usually happen to first time offenders under this charge of domestic battery especially those that do seek out help and DO rehab themselves? He is currently looking for a lawyer. Thank you
  3. Hi I need some advice on a domestic issue I keep having with my parents that has gone on for a couple of years now with my property and I have suspicion to be believe that my parents are playing house with my things. My issues had first started when I made purchases for two used vehicles with my mother's assistance back in 2015 after we agreed that when I fully purchased it I would get licensed to operate it shortly after getting some repairs made, but after I purchased it my mother has not allowed me any rights or access to personally use my vehicle, and stopped me from getting licensed to use the car after having my attempts get fallaciously thrown off for up to four years from when I purchased it until now. After this I attempted to get another vehicle I could use with little repair shortly a year after in 2016 with permission after my mother started holding on to my first vehicle. This time she agreed to help me get to the purchase site and would drive it back home with me after I paid for it, since I still had no license or insurance of my own. When this purchase was finalized I was surprised to have received the title in my mothers name and had even saw my mother sign to the vehicle even with no clear explanation why, so I went to ask and was told this was for insurance purposes. Later during that time after signing the purchase agreement the only record of purchase I received to my name was a sales receipt with all other records of purchase recorded in my mothers name. I now have ended up with two vehicles that I can't use and I need to find some assistance.
  4. Is there a recommendation on which side should own the paperwork? It makes sense to me that the person owns the pension account from which the qdro will come should take care of the paper.
  5. My mother and I had a meeting with a doctor i never met and that neither of us knows how she came to be involved. While my mother's roommate in the hospital was present this doctor proceeded to tell us my mother has six months or less to live n needs hospice. We were floored because this has never been mentioned. We were in shock! Is there something that can be done? I have the entire meeting taped with the doctors permission. She was horrible and very nonchalant about my mom's approaching possible death. This has left us very disturbed.
  6. I went to court mandated mediation last friday. I have no lawyer and was given the papers from the mediator and he said because i have no lawyer i need to turn them into a court order myself. I have zero clue how to accomplish that.. is there anyone that can point me in the correct direction? I also found out that afternoon our court date was moved up to this next Tuesday instead of the 20th of this month. NO ONE told me or notified me at all. The only reason I found out is because my ex told the mediator that the court date he had was wrong, because not even the mediator knew that it was changed. I thought someone would have to at least mail me something letting me know, or is that just something im supposed to assume may happen??
  7. I am in a Civil Action in Circuit Court, small claims. I have served the Defendants 2 times. Each time service was accepted. First service was by U.S. Postal, return receipt requested signature. The envelope was signed for by the Management Company for a Corporation. The defendants did not appear at trial/hearing. The sitting judge wrote out a "Sheriff's Service" and that was also served by "Sheriff" and accepted/completed. The sitting judge at 2nd hearing/trial said service was not done. The Attorney who appeared for Defendants denied that either the first service or the Sheriff's Service had been received. The sitting judge (who was not the same judge) said that service must be made on all three Defendants separately. The Board of Directors are three people of a Corporation. They employ a vendor/Management Company. All correspondence to the Board of Directors and the Association Company is directed to be sent to the Management Company in their rules and regulations. Question: Is a three person (officially elected) Board a "formal entity" of a "parent company"? Can service of a complaint be served to "The Board of Directors of (titled Company) as an single "titled entity"? Each Board Member (total of 3) were named as "Party to the Complaint" in the "Complaint Pleading". Question: Was service to defendants completed or does Plaintiff have to serve each separate Board member on 3 separate mailings? Thank you for your very kind response? M. Ivory, Blue Island, IL
  8. Hi, I have a question regarding the evicion that was filed under my name, however I was not the one being evicted... Here's a quick summary: I own a condo (fully paid off). I haven't lived there for over 3 years. Meanwhile, I allowed a young family to stay there (close family friends). Our condo association does not allow to rent units, however even thought I was not renting it - it was considered as if I was.. (if a unit owner does not live there OR relative, then it's considered rental). As soon as Condo Association found that out, they asked me to get the tenants out of the unit. I notified tenants and unfortunately it took them 2 months to leave (they ahd to find new place..). Sometime in week 6 (as tenants were moving out), the condo association filed for eviction under my name. It said "John Smith and UNKOWN TENANTS". They have now confirmed that tenants have moved out and they will dismiss the case on 10/18. - Here are my questions: 1. Did Condo Assosiations law firm did the right thing? meaning that should they have filed eviction under MY NAME? If no, what should I do? (I have court date of 10/18) 2. What can I do to remove the eviction record? I'm going to court in less than 3 weeks and wonder if there's anything I can do to get rid of? My biggest convern is that now i have eviction record under my name and I'm moving in next 2 months. It will make it nearly impossible to get approved for an appartment. Thank you.
  9. So a person in another vehicle was using his phone and went off road on the shoulder and hit a pole and ended facing the wrong way on the opposite lane. He was ticketed for use of electronic devices, too fast for conditions,and improper lane usage. (A disabled vehicle) 4am on a dark road. So our friend is driving to work and could not see the vehicle until the last second, since it had no lights on or anything, swerving and hitting the vehicle. Their insurance says they wont pay for our friends car because it was disabled and we should of avoided. And they want our friends ins to pay for the damage she did. Is allstate correct?
  11. If a landlord gives you a eviction notice for unauthorized live in and week later give you one for non payment wich one is most important to go first
  12. My Employer is doing construction on their building and are closing 2 days of the work week 3 times in the next couple months, which is cutting into hourly paychecks. Is this legal? Since they are hired as Full time employees? They are part of a union, which I would think would protect them from this type of action.
  13. Counselors: I would like to 'serve a civil complaint against a corporation'. It is a national, multi-state corporation in the United States. The agents of this national corporation have many agencies within each U.S state. That is: If it is the Corporation of Allstate Insurance Group, and one of their agencies/agent who insures my home is the agency/agent I wish to file a civil suit, under an Illinois State Statute, then do I make 'service process' to the agency/agent who issued the home insurance? Or, do I file make 'service process' against the 'Corporate Headquarters' and name the 'local Illinois agency/agent? Or, do I 'service process' to both the Corporate Headquarters separately and an additional 'service process' on the same 'complaint pleading' to the 'local Illinois agency/agent?, i.e. (2 separate 'service processes'). Thank you so very much for your help. M. Ivory, Blue Island, IL. 60406
  14. I am a tenant and my building is a three flat. I live on the top floor. Our building recently got new tenants in the building this year first week of July. Ever since they moved in they have been nothing but trouble. They are inconsiderate of the property/peoples things they leave trash everywhere they smoke marijuana all day every day. I got threatened by the husband's brother who to my belief our landlord does not know about the brother residing with the husband and his family. He said he will beat me up and get his gang on me.. i told my landlord they have been nothing but an issue to the entire building threatened me according to the cops they have been called the day before i had an Issue. I want to insure these people are gone and i know i will be safe in the building my way of doing that is only giving my landlord half of the rent till these people are gone. Now he legally can evict them asap with the amount of drug use taking place here. Now i have been threatened. And cant i technically do that only pay half that is cause technically the landlord broke the lease by the home being unsafe and uninhabitable?
  15. In my union book it states that any employee who's schedule reflect a swing shift should get an extra 30-50 cent, I've been working 7a-3p on the weekends &3p-11p on Monday&Tuesday
  16. I have worked for a man who has paid me in cash for various things I did for him. I recently quit for reasons you will read. There are emails him begging I come back and work for him While I was working for him these past few months he has send me Numerous texts that fall under verbal abuse threats/blackmail. Sex offers. I also have a separate court case where he is Not involved in where he has threatened to put me in jail and I fear he wants to somehow sabatage me. Is there Anything I can do to File A HUGE LAWSUIT. CAZ THIS MAN DESERVES IT
  17. I was on unemployment, but got a job: 2 months ago I signed a job offer letter agreeing that the job was contingent on permanently relocating to a new state within 1 month. Offline, my boss told me don't worry about the letter, just sign it, you can work remotely from your home city and that he authorized it: so that's what I've been doing. They've been employing me and paying me while I work remotely, even after the 1 month deadline. Now my boss said that's not what he meant, I can't work remotely, I'm required to permanently relocate to the new state immediately. The employee handbook says if you don't show up at your assigned work location (that other state) for 3 days in a row, the company considers you as having voluntarily resigned. They also say I agreed to relocate (since I signed that offer letter) and my boss denies giving me permission to work remotely (even though the company has, in practice, been employing me as a remote worker). Will I be disqualified from unemployment since I signed a job offer letter agreeing my employment was contingent relocating? I know you DO get unemployment if you leave/lose a job because it changes location. I don't know if I screwed myself over by originally (supposedly) agreeing to relocate originally? They're going to say I voluntarily quit, but I say it's constructive discharge.
  18. My son turned 18 and is transitioning from a therapeutic high school to a transition program. He is his own guardian. The transition program is full-time, but he is taking one college class this semester and plans to take more later. Since he is still in the IEP, he does not have a diploma. However, his father has filed to stop child support, claiming that our son has "graduated." According to Educational Law, is he graduated from high school?
  19. Hi everybody, I’m having a rough time. I have several limiting and chronic medical conditions, that I understand will stay with me forever. I’ve gotten pretty good at managing them and accepting my new normal. In January, I was actually paralyzed from the bellybutton down. That was terrifying. As for a reason why, doctors were debating over whether it was a functional neurological condition, or my back was just pushing too hard on my spinal chord and it would loosen eventually. Since the paralysis corresponded directly with back spasms, and my back felt a release whenever I would regain motion, I tend to believe that the problem was in my back. My parents were having a rough time with accepting that I was in a wheelchair and projected a lot of anger and blame onto me, their 16 year old daughter. I haven’t felt safe since then. Recently they brought up sending me away from my junior year of high school to a program in another state that is not guaranteed to help me in any way, shape, or form. I am having a really difficult time handling this, especially since my future matters so much to me. My stress had been under control, but now, with them bringing me to this facility to treat a condition I don’t think I have for months, away from my school, friends, familiararity, and other coping strategies, I’m scared of what I might do. It makes me especially angry because they don’t understand how I feel or how well I manage it all, and because I’m only 2 years away from being a legal adult. I feel like this program would upset my future and schoolwork, push me behind schedule, worsen my medical conditions, put me in a mentally unsafe position, and separate me from all I’ve ever known. They have psychologically and emotionally damaged me for years, but I could handle that. I know they mean well, but this is going to be the end of me. Is there any way I could start making my medical decisions independently at 16? Or do I have a custody case? Both of my parents are dead set on this to remove the burden my illnesses put on their lives, but I don’t know anyone else. I feel like I am so close to my graduation and that all I need is control over my medical and mental health. Is there anyway to do that? Please help me!!
  20. I have a property line dispute with my neighbor in a small town, so I have a survey done and the neighbor has clearly crossed over property line and has no regard for the survey. Call the zoning officer and the police department and they pretty much gave him verbal permission to put a fence on my property, they both stated that it is only a few inches I asked the mayor for the Neighbors fence permit and he denied my request. what are my option? I would like to have the fence move also the cut a few tree root from my tree,
  21. When a Plaintiff's initial complaint is dismissed and defendants are held for "naught", and then the judge allows the Plaintiff to "Amend Complaint", are the prior initial filings of complaint which are now 'dismissed' or 'denied' as to 'not properly served'.... is the initial complaints 'stricken' from the court records? and therefore cannot be accessed upon an appeal? thank you for your kind response. Does the word "strike" mean the whole record is no longer available for a "request for preparation of records" on appeal?
  22. Our neighbors above ground pool collapsed funneling 20,000 gallons of water directly toward our home. Water filled our window wells, and the pressure caused the windows to explode, depositing 6 inches of water and mud in our 1,100 square foot finished basement. Neither our insurance company or our neighbors will cover the damage sighting "surface water", which is not covered under either policy. The cost of repairs is in the $10,000 range, which would qualify for small claims court in Illinois. Any advice on moving in this direction would be greatly appreciated.
  23. My husband has custody of his two daughters and they’re mother has a restraining order nd the courts first denied her all visitation so went back to court and changed it so now she can only see the girls on her visitation days wich she only has because he was nice enough to let her have weekends but my question is we pulled up to drop them off and she was high out of her mind so we told her the girls couldn’t stay she called the cops and they told us we have to go back to court and change it wich we already are waiting for a new court date but she has been unable to serve. when he granted her visitation she had her own house and since then while waiting for a court date she has lost her house her car and on drugs bad question is he allowed to denie her her visitation and not let the girls go for they’re own safety since she is clearly high and acting crazy ?? Or he is obligated to let the kids go no matter what ??
  24. I have illinicare insurance- a medicaid plan and I was seeing a local chiropractor for about 3 years in this time I never once received a bill or receipt or anything. I just sign in on a piece of paper when I got there and that was it. I was going on average three times a week because it was paid for by my insurance. Recently I made comment to my dad that he could go there because he has the same insurance and my dads gf said she thought other wise that they only accepted my insurance until age 18. At this point I was almost 20. I texted the chiropractor that owns the office and she confirmed what my dads gf had said. I replied and asked her how that was possible If i had been going to her for over a year since I had turned 18. she told me she would have to look into it. I never heard back then all of a sudden she tells me I do in fact have a bill about a month went by where she was supposedly "making adjustments". I asked her why I was never notified or sent a bill and she said it was because my insurance takes forever to submit payment so they were waiting. I then received a $ two thousand some dollar in the mail. She "adjusted it down" to$450 I talked to another chiropractor I know who told me to call my insurance. I did and my insurance has no record of them ever submitting a bill to her, I also never received a insurance denial for any of the visits or received a bill prior to the $450 one. I called the office and requested EOB's for all the claims they submitted. The office was very rude. I ended up calling again and was told they would look into it and never received a call back. I then got another bill in the mall with a "this bill is due now! sticker". I emailed the owner again and told her I had called and wasn't going further with the bill until I was given the forms I requested. Never heard anything back. Today I got a third bill in the mail with a sticker that says"your insurance states your responsible for this bill payment is due immediately!". The bill charges me 50$ for every visit without my insurance yet the office offers an out of insurance program for cash patients and only charges 15$. What do I do here? If I knew my insurance wasn't paying I wouldn't have continued going because I cant afford it. Another thing to is that they claim "Apex insurance" was paying before, yet ive never had Apex insurance and have no idea who they are. Thanks
  25. Is it illegal for a dealership to sell you a car that was in an accident, no matter the severity, without informing you before purchase?
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