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Found 35 results

  1. In a small subdivision in Idaho. The HOA has been assessing dues for the maintenance of area that is not owned by the HOA, but owned by multiple individual property owners. The plat map does not reflect any “Common Area”, only an irrigation and landscaping easement in various lots and I have confirmed boundaries through survey pins and a title company. The developer originally put in a “green belt” common area, but never adjusted the boundary lines nor deeded to the HOA? Is it legal to assess dues for maintenance on property not owned by the HOA?
  2. Hi. Can someone please let mean know what is meant by these two words "applicable laws", that are contained in our CC&R's, but there is no reference anywhere in the CC&R's (not in the DEFINITIONS section, etc) as to what laws is the document referring to, or mean, specifically. There is no definition of "applicable laws" in the Bylaws either. I am making an assumption that "applicable laws" is a general legal statement in docs that means County laws and/or State laws, since I do not understand the content found within CC&R's to be "laws". (e.g. County Zoning Ordinance or Building Code Ordinance, etc). Thx.
  3. Hi. Can the spouse of a title holder of a property in an HOA run for the board, even if both of us are not on a title? There is nothing that states "title holders only" in the CC&R's nor the Bylaws (owners can be members). Furthermore, I am assuming that because we are married in a community property state, that the HOA would not be able to prevent me from trying to be elected to the board at the next general election ( we have made a conscious decision to not have both of us on title at this time ). Thx.
  4. 20 years ago I was married. 4 months after the marriage he abandoned me. For 6 months had no idea if he was dead or alive or anything! Then he surfaced and informed me he had gotten an annulment! Fast forward to present day. I was trying to obtain medical ins. Because of the Obama care penalty I was wanting to avoid. The Idaho State Dept. of Health and welfare said I didn't qualify because I was married! Since I had never remarried, they were obviously refering to the marriage i tbought was annulled. Long story short, i was told either provide divorce decree or death certificate to fix. So I decided to pursue filing for divorce. Had not spoken since original seperation 2 decades ago, so I proceeded to look for him or his family but was unsuccessful in making contact. So I was going to file and and make service through the newspaper. Anyhow, the day I was going to file I discovered he had past away about 2 weeks prior from a search I had done online. So, I contacted funeral home for a copy of the death certificate. That went fine but next day his sister and his girlfriend of the last 7 years called and after a brief convo she said well enjoy all the bills and good luck getting any survivor benefits! I was just dumbfounded and hung up! Is that possible for them to stick me with his debt?
  5. After I was terminated by my former employer I discovered they were logging into my personal email account and reading all my nonwork related corespondence. Is this legal? I did have my password saved to the computer belonging to the company, but I feel they overstepped. They are now dragging their feet on promised severance and I’m wondering if I have any recourse.
  6. I made a U-turn on our Main St. in the center of town (this is a very small town. There is a center lane that separates the northbound and southbound lanes. I pulled into the center lane then made the U-turn, the moment I did, I saw the sheriff's deputy lights go on (it was dark so I didn't see that he was parked down the street). I also didn't know that it was illegal until I saw his lights, it was a simple deduction. The following day I went in search of a no U-turn sign. There is one on the edge of town, southbound and one on the edge of town, northbound that says no U-turn next 1/2 mile and that is it. There are multiple street blocks in between the signs with residential neighborhoods east & west of Main street and one main intersection, no stop light. I don't have to pass by the sign to get to town. I haven't calculated exactly how far I was parked from the no U-turn sign, but I would guess anywhere from 1/8 to 1/4 of a mile. Based on everything I have read from Idaho statutes and The US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Admin, no U-turn signs must be posted where the action is not allowed. Does anyone have any thoughts on my chances of fighting this citation and winning it?
  7. susanwilliams


    I travel frequently and wanted to make sure my concerns are heard when it comes to our HOA meetings. I have given my fiance' (who is not on my title) my Power of Attorney. I told our HOA President he would attend meetings on my behalf and provided the POA via email. The President said he can't because he isn't on the title. Wouldn't a Power of Attorney allow him to represent me on HOA matters? Our CCRs say nothing to prohibit it. Thanks.
  8. If u r incarcerated and in idaho do u have any rights to the inheritance even if u r in the will ?
  9. My son was recently picked up for disturbing the peace, mostly loitering in a certain business parking lot. They gave him a ticket for a misdemeanor What type of fine will he get if he pleads guilty? He has never had any misdemeanor before.
  10. My washing machine filled and overflowed for 9.5 hrs. The drain underneath didn't drain. Landlord didn't get carpet guys for 16hrs so the water went through the walls into the next apt. I paid for my hotel for 7 days. Now the landlord wants me to pay for drying and carpet. Washing machine hoses are 1.5 inches and drain is 2 inches. Why should I be responsible.
  11. Hello I work as an independent contractor" dog groomer", As a part of my job I a comission " percentage" for the work that i do, and my customers also tip me, these tips come by way of cash, credit card or check. My conearn is that the owner of the company that I work for is saying that because he is taxed on the payments? that I cant take the tip/ gratuity when it is given to me or the next day and instead that I have to wait 2 weeks and collect my tip/ gratuity on my paycheck. Prior to this we took cash tips over the counter and any tips from checks were paid to us in cash at the end of the week on friday, tips for credit cards were paid to us every 2 weeks with our regular paycheck. It has always been my understanding that tips are the sole property of the contractor or employee and really should be settled and paid out within 24-48 hours. For the owner to say that he has to pay tax on the checks does not make sense because the way we do our bank deposit and dailys is we deduct the overage from a check from the cash for the same day and set that cash aside in the safe. Because we do it this way the cash deposit for the day matches up with the point of sale daily report for the business. Thus again i dont see where the claim comes from where the owner says he has to do it this way or be taxed on our tips. I think that the owner may be attempting to include our tips into our contractor income so he can write it off as if hes paying it to us, but this is in correct as the tips come from the customer and not the business. Just curious if this is legal as it does not make sense to me. Please advise.
  12. What are options for 5 beneficiaries to handle a real estate loan owed the deceased"s estate. The loan will not be paid off for 5 years. Seems complicated administration to keep as is and each of the 5 beneficiaries receive 1/5 of monthly payments and then all 5 have to do the respective taxes each year.
  13. Can they meet the rules of competency? No psychologist will make that conclusion that they are because of their IQ. Can they still sign legal documentation in a court?
  14. Some background.In Idaho.In November my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. I do have insurance which is doing a great job of paying. I hit my out of pocket max on my wife twice in 1 1/2 months first time in November and the second time on Jan 2nd. I haven't been paying attention to the bills as the stack gets taller and taller. Last night I opened one and compared it to my EOB from the insurance company. The bill was for $3500 the insurance Co. says the contracted price is $3000 leaving the $500. The insurance Co. says I owe nothing as the hospital is under contract, to be an in network provider, The hospital is billing me for the balance stating I am responsible for the balance. Is this legal? This has already been a life and financially devastating event and for them to expect me to pay more than the contracted price makes me feel like they are kicking me when I'm down. Is it legal?
  15. Employed by national company in NJ fired because i contacted and communicated via phone and text on my personal time with previous manager, seeking advice. Were there civil rights infringed? Can my employer tell me who I can communicate with?
  16. Had a employee that was receiving all bills did not respond to registered letters and bills and let the insurance lapse she is reportedly under doctors care for associated things and we believe a drug user. Suggestion?
  17. My son is 17, GF is 17. She is pregnant and lives at home still. My son lives with us still. They have been very mature about this and are agreeing on almost all parts of the custody agreement. We were hoping to not have to hire lawyers to do it for us, as they agree to 50/50 custody and he will still pay child support until they are married. Problem...because she is under 18, I believe her mother has to sign off on the custody papers? She is refusing to do so, saying that they are not important. However, yes they are important to both of them..how does she go about filing custody agreements if her mom wont sign? Does she have rights? She is in a bad situation..her mom is very controlling and is acting like this is HER baby!
  18. In Idaho Falls Idaho, A friend and I were sitting on my front lawn drinking a beer when a cop stopped and told us we had to go to the back yard or he was writing us a ticket for open container and drinking in public and if we didn't pass his test he was giving us a drunken in public ticket to. I was like WTFE. wow, ok so we moved into the back yard. Can they do that. Is it illegal to drink a beer in my front lawn. No we were not making any kind of scene, We were not drunk, it was our first beer after a long day, we were just sitting there having a beer and that was it. So can they, is it illegal? Can anyone tell me? Thanks Bill H.
  19. I am a physician for a local Native American Tribe in Idaho. I am eligible for the Indian Health Service Student Loan Repayment, but was denied. I have requested information on why I was denied a month ago via email and voicemail but no response. I've reviewed the literature on their website and can not find any information on an appeals process. What is my next step? If I did want to pursue a legal action, what "type" of a lawyer should I look for? Would this be a consumer action? Thank you
  20. I owned stock in a rollover IRA account. Purchase recommended by broker. Co. went bankrupt. Had preferred stock so broker thought investment would come out OK with re-organization (Chapter 11). Lost a third of my modest retirement fund. Accepted the fact and just moved on. Yesterday, received a letter notifying me that I am being sued for return of dividends paid during 2011 and 2012, the years I owned the stock. Reason: the company should not have been paying dividends or something; this predated the bankruptcy filing. Do I have to repay this money?? How do I stop the proceeding against me without repaying the dividends? How in the world would I know a company should not pay dividends?? Thank you
  21. is being credited "good time" for serving time in county jail in Idaho a state law? this is in Ada County, Boise, Idaho.
  22. I am just wanting to know if anyone has any real information about mining claim jumpers? I would also like to know what ar my LEGAL rights in acordance to protecting my claim and myself and family that work the claim with me?I have heard all sorts of different things ,and I want to be sure of my legal rights on what form of deturants I am able to use legally and how much and what form of postings I am required to post aroung property and claim.
  23. what is conspiracy to traffic drugs defined as? and what evidence is needed to convict a person booked on this charge ? thanks
  24. Find a Law Site: I have been married 28 years and my husband throughout the years has become mean verbally and often in the last 7 yrs has told me to leave. Everyday there is verbal abuse and threats to me for the past few years. He has been physically abusive, but I have hidden it from our 6 children. Last year he was physically abusive of which I could not hide. The state police sent me to the hospital and forensics did take photos and I was put in protective custody and he was put on probation. My eyes stayed black from him pounding my face on the floor for six weeks. We sought counsel, but to no avail he became once again mean and did threaten me. He was put on probation for 2 yrs, but taken off this last month as I did not tell he continued to violate his violations to avoid losing all our 28 yrs of home cars. He has become mean and diagnosed with depression and early stages of dementia. His outburst and memory loss scare me and he often keeps a loaded gun and threatens to kill himself. He did in fact the day he pounded my head, totally demolished his large dodge truck to attempt suicide. He has told me when I drive with him he will grab the steering wheel and make me also roll my car. He scares me often with threats. This last year he continues the same behavior, and I just left because he scares me. I do not wish to be married to him, but he threatens I abandoned him in Idaho and will lose all I have. I have been the one who had the better job and all things are in our name. I am afraid and wish a divorce but he says he will take everything since I left him a few months ago. I have never been in charge of any bills or banking. He has taken me off the main account and have little to live on. He is a retired Union Pacific employee and I am a registered nurse who likely paid more in all investments they he. However he earns more than I do now as I have become disabled due to an accident. I am scared of him and his threats. He will not give me a divorce unless I sign over the house. He said he will keep all his income, sell the house and keep all his money. I have little to live off of with my disability. How can I get help until I reach 60 to get money to live on and remain with my standard of life, until I can draw my pension? Can he pay me some money with his high income until I am 60? He has asked me to come home but I am afraid and afraid to lose all. I know we have bills and assets. Can he take all away for abandonment? I am afraid and do not wish to live with him. I have no money for a lawyer. He keeps all? Can you reply?
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