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Found 143 results

  1. Madison Hurley

    Wrong name on ticket

    I was issued a ticket of failure to stop at a stop sign. When I read the ticket the name was of another women as well as the birthday and physical description. How will this effect my situation?
  2. I owned a very small construction delivery s corp from '89 to '12 when the state dissolved it for lack of yearly fee which I found out about in '17. I am the only employee since '08 & continued as a sole proprietor since. Business was decimated in great recession as customers in '08-'09 didn't pay & then almost no business. Stuck with debt that built until '12. Managed to pay off all debt except 2 credit cards. In '11 or '12 called Capitalone & told them I couldn't pay the $14,000 & they agreed to take payments of 200/mo. & do a write off. The payments were made every month but decreased over the years. I retired in '17 on $1061 social security & a few small deliveries. I finally missed the payment in Nov. '18 which they immediately sent to collections for $11,400. Got my 1st inquiry from that firm yesterday. Second credit card was Lowes for $14,500. I have kept this card current by paying interest each month, but now will not be able to pay that any more. In less than a month I will be hearing from their collection folks. Both cards are in the name of the incorporated corporation as business accounts. The corp had/has no assets in '12 or now. Should I write/call them that the corp does not exist, wait til lawsuits are filed & then state entity doesn't exist, file bankruptcy for the corp against both, let them get a default judgement & try to collect versus a nonexistent or what?
  3. Wife, Petitioner, Lawyer, income past eight years $360k average/yr, chose trial by jury as case in Fulton County, GA - reason jury pool would think large dollar awards in small dollars. trial result: wife won house with $300,000.00+ equity, about 65% of cash $170k. legal fees pending judgement total $150k. Husband, Retired, awarded cash $120k, left with credit card debt of $50k and potential legal fees $75k Both get 50/50 division of furniture. Husband first lawyers backed out of case due to lack of funds on part of husband and filed lien for $8k aqgainst house. Wife insisted on paying husband in taxable (capital gains) stock. decree called for husband to be paid in cash. husband filed contempt against wife for non payment. wife claimes non payment is due to husband not opening account where her investment funds are so she can transfer taxable stock. decree states wife to pay husband by transfering frunmds into account of his choice. wife on three occasions comes close to setteling furniture but wants 70% of value. wife suddenly sells house with occupancy date of jan 4 2019. writes husband that she will move his furniture to wherever he wants. husband and wife hav both petitioned the court to settle furniture division. wife's lawyer writes cort and asks for court date in dec to settle and court responds that earliest date is end of jan 2019. husband writes wife he will settle to help her with her jan 4th date but she must pay the cort ordered money due him in addition to agreeing on settlement.. wifes lawyer responds you have ubtil dec 20 to get your stguff or give us permission to move your stuff, or we will give it to goodwill. husband responds, how do you know what is my stuff. wife responds with a partial list of what she is willing to give husband. her list is 75%mto her 25% to me. What is my next step to protect my assetts? I have already weeks ago given wife our almost agreed to furniture split.
  4. Hello to all! My mother has guardianship of my three kids. Age 10-11. I had them when I was 17 and so she took over the primary care of them as I was just overwhelmed. During this time, I still lived in the same household as the kids and my mom but I was in school and unable to take them to their appointments so we took a piece of notebook paper and I signed that she was their guardian and we got the note notarized. This was in 2008 or maybe 2009. My mother really means well, but now that I am completely finished with school and making decent money Inwant to move out with the children and she tells me I can not. I understand that she’s helped me immeasurably and of course loves the kids, but she keeps saying she will take me to court and tell the judge that I wanted an abortion at first and that I am an unfit parent because I’ve been living with her for so long. Can someone please tell me if the paper we signed can stop me from taking me kids and moving out with them? Thank you.
  5. I was arrested February 2017 for a misdemeanor and felony possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The fact is I have never been charged with a felony much less convicted and I've never stepped foot in Superior Court. The felony charged was later dismissed and I was acquitted of the misdemeanor charge. The criminal record was corrected with the GBI by my criminal attorney but the felony charge is still published on public websites advertising criminal background checks. The felony arrest with my photo was published in a newspaper and their website too. My question is do I have a lawsuit for libel defamation and if so against whom?
  6. I had totaled my car in May and my father presented me to this mechanic who lived near my area. He had tinkered with my fiancé’s car and we had trusted the he could help us,plus; he was cheap and lived near us. Two months go by and my car is still at his place getting fixed. He kept giving us excuses and reminded us that It’d be done soon. At that point we just wanted to take the car elsewhere to get it fixed but we had already payed him. We asked him to pay us back and he was having personal issues and said he wasn’t paying his rent due to his wife stealing all of his money or something (I couldn’t make this up even if I tried), therefore he couldn’t pay us so we had might as well wait until he finished what he started. It’s novemeber and he was forced to leave his home. We had to tow my car from his place and to our surprise he had taken the car battery. I regret not making him sign some form of contract for legal purposes because it never occurred to me that this would happen. Ive learned from my mistakes.I had payed him $1,500 for him to fix my car and I basically got robbed. that and I got a broken car missing a battery. Can I take any action even though I have no proof that he had worked for us as our mechanic? It’s a stretch but I still had to ask. Thank you.
  7. On 11/21 I was rear ended by a teenager doing between 45-55 mph (I was at a stand still awaiting the ability to turn into my neighborhood-my blinker was on and witness testified to this on the police report). It was totally her fault and it has probably totaled my car. Whats worse is as of yesterday the family hasn't even contacted their insurance to accept liability for the wreck. I went to ER the same night and of course my neck-back-head-hips and leg is hurting. I realize it was a holiday weekend-however I have still been unable to get a rental car (luckily a friend loaned me a spare car) even tho I filed the claim on Friday morning -until the other family calls or returns calls-the claim is at a stand still. I do not have medical insurance and my car insurance company says I have medical coverage on my auto insurance however if I use it they cannot collect from the other insurance. I am in pain and cannot get a doc or chiro to see me unless I pay out of pocket. I do not want to get a lawyer but it seems I am not going to get the medical I need unless I do. The day of the wreck -the mother of the teenager that hit me mentioned that her daughter (the driver of the car) has epilepsy and this is why I believe they are not returning calls to their insurance. What are my options? Yes I have talked to their insurance company and they have left them a message but still at a stand still. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  8. Lee Walker

    fraud by conversion

    party who is in contempt for failing o pay court ordered settlement is attempting to pay with securities on which there is a tax due.
  9. Im a father about to go through the divorce process. Certain of a custody battle, I would like to have any advantage I could possibly have. I ultimately would love joint custody, since my children's mother is actually an excellent mother, but she's also a terrible person and will fight for full custody (which I know she won't get because I'm a great father). Not only can I prove that she's committed adultery with multiple people, she's attempted suicide a few times and often tells me that she's going to kill herself and leave me with the kids. I have text messeges of her telling me about planning to kill herself, but i dont have proof of her suicide attempts. Is there any way that any of this could help in court?
  10. My father has defrauded the bank and myself by taking money from my account without permission and forging my signature on bank documents and invoices for the money. What kind of lawyer for I need?
  11. I missed 2 days because of pain in my upper back and arms. I sent my supervisor a text letting him know that I couldn't work because of the pain but didn't say what caused it. In fear of loosing my job. I returned to work but wasn't able to do my job . I let him know that I wasn't able to return yet and needed to leave. He then said I needed to bring a drs. Report before I could return again. So I went to get my pay check and he met me as I got there wanting to know if I could work the next day. I explained to him that if he wanted a drs.excuse I couldn't afford a Dr. Visit and that my injury was from work. So his attitude changed he basically said that I was a lier. He wouldn't give me any information on workman's compensation. I never seen a poster so I didn't have any information. I still have not been seen by a Dr. But was told that I couldn't come to work. I ask if I was being terminated he said no so I ask for workers comp info and he said I would first have to see my Dr. To find out if I was truly injured.i ask again if I was being terminated for my injury. He stated I terminated my self . I let him and owner know I wasn't quitting my job. Owner of the company replied in email saying I was no longer employed. 3 days no call no show. Complete lie .do I have any rights to sue.
  12. I recently had my former employer served after filing Discrimination in the Cobb County Court Sytem. This was after the case was dismissed by the EEOC. I was discriminated against, me and several others who were on approved FMLA. After being served I was contacted by the defendants attorney who asked to extend the date to respond to additional month, Sept 17th 2018 because they needed more time, I said that was fine. That attorney also told me that they were changing the location from Cobb City to the State Court in Atlanta. I got a huge envelope of papers I don’t understand. I do not have an attorney representing me. I called the defendants attorney last week to inquire if a court date had been set to which the Attorney told me he had until the 17 to file and that he planned to file for dismissal. Today, Sept 17 th he emails me the dismissal. How do I stop the dismissal motion. Who do I contact? I was told after I filed that the defendants attorney would be contacting me discuss settling the case. What am I required to do next. I want my day in court.
  13. Profga

    EMERGENCY phone

    I am an hourly employee working 30 or less hours per week. I was recently informed that I will be expected to carry with me and answer an emergency cell phone. How does that work for an hourly employee? Should I be paid every time it rings? Should I negotiate a flat fee for having to carry it with me and be “on call”?
  14. William galinovsky

    Vehicle down payment

    I put a payment down on a vehicle for sale and told the seller if somebody came by wanting it to go ahead and sale it now the seller refuses to give my deposit back.i even have text messages where they agreed to do that. Then they said I could get 800 of it back but after they sold it they refuse to give any of it back
  15. William galinovsky

    Car purchase from individual

    My former boss financed a truck for me,which I've been paying on for 16 months halfway payed off last month I as 10 days late on my payment and he repoed the vehicle even though I am ahead in the over all note payment,my payments were $400 per month but I payment $500 and$600 hundred a month on my note. Plus 10 mins after I saw what happened I call his cell and told him I could give him 2 payments right then but he refused do I have any claim on it now
  16. Paul Leitch

    Is this legal

    The owner of my Complex sold it 4 months after I renewed my lease. However, the new Owners have added a new utility that increased my rent. Can a landlord increase a tenant's rent, by adding new utilities in the middle of the lease?
  17. If i am facing a charge for criminal impersonation and the state decides to press charges will a warrant be issued for my arrest?
  18. Erickaprince2@gmail.com

    Owner sold my rental!

    HELP! My landlord sold this house shortly after we moved in, signing only a 6 month lease. We were under the impression that the lease would turn to at-will after that (as our lease states, unless landlord give WRITTEN notice of termination, 30 days prior) The day before lease would actually expire, she call to discuss pick up of the monthly rent, and gives us a verbal 30 day notice. But she also, after lease had expired, took partial payment for the month. Am I still responsible for that months rent if already given notice? If she took partial payment, can she still evict me for failure to pay? I am in Georgia, isn't she supposed to give 60 day notice?? She will be calling me today to make sure her prosess in working (im sure she thinks I won't research it and because I cannot afford a lawyer) I have done EXTENSIVE research on it ( noone will talk to me physically without money) I just need to make sure I am correct in my plea and stand a chance if I fight this. ANY help you can offer is greatly appreciated..
  19. gaborn83

    GA adoption process

    hey all.im trying to find out the process of adopting in ga.me and my wife hace her sisters child.wife has had him since birth and the father signed rights away long ago.the mother is fully willing to sign. i guess my question is what is the process.our county court house says they do not have the papers for this.they suggested a lawyer but weve recently bought a house for us and a couple thousand is to much for us at moment.is there a cheaper way to do this? id appreciate any help.
  20. My husband and I are currently separated. He filed for divorce (Georgia) and when I would not agree to his terms closed the case (dismissed without prejudice). So, when I file a motion for attorney fees, do I attach the motion to the closed case or will it be a new case number assigned?
  21. One of my acquaintances sent an anonymous email to members of an organization making false statements against me. Under oath, in a different case, he admitted the authorship of the email. Meanwhile, 1 year has passed since the distribution of the email. Are there any exceptions/cases to Statute of limitations in Georgia?
  22. 300.00 child support and 300 alimony until child graduates and he took off the extra 3 years of alimony for spouse he listed as all under child support and the three additional years he took off that he had with the second lawyer and said that it was for education and made me believe it was all alimony unless that it is child support now child is living with father and wife knew his new wife wants to take it all from me he told me that per his self
  23. Nanci

    Property Tax Refunds

    I'm looking for an attorney in Georgia that has experience dealing with Property Tax Sale Overage Collection.
  24. Need some help if I can find justice for my situation. I have been working for this consulting company in IT and they hired me on a work visa (H1B). They do business on providing consulting solution with direct client they have. When they hired me as a full time employee in Oct 2017 the position they offered me was Solution Architect but really they never put me in that role position rather they kep telling me all the time that "wait...something is coming once you finish this assignment". All I ended up dong there was programming instead of architecture role and the promses they gave me were never fulfilled. Worst case they terminated my employment after that assignment got over and none of that so called "solution architect" role ever opened for me. I consider this as abuse of employment. I just want to sue this company with correct help from attorney as long as the case is strong and if suing them can bring this employer to justice.
  25. If a couple has been living together for 2 1/2 years and one of them owns the home does the homeowner have to file eviction? The homeowner filed a restraining order to get the person immediately removed. Now they have put their belongings out in the driveway. Is this legal or do they need to go through the eviction process to be able to put all someones belongings outside??