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Found 201 results

  1. I did not see any other place to put this. We are a PAC that opposed the ban on greyhound racing in Florida. We believe not only is the amendment itself Unconstitutional but the path to the ballot could be considered election fraud. The taking of a legal profession would seem to violate the 5th and 14th Amendments. We are looking for a Constitutional Lawyer to challenge this in Federal Court. If you are interested, please contact myself steve@overturn13.org
  2. We had an apartment in Panama City, Florida up until the day Hurricane Michael hit... Our apartment was not habitable after that.. On the 1tth we told we had a few weeks to go through and salvage anything that could be.. Spent 8 days with family about 50 miles outside of town, confirming with the landlords agents of the time frame, told we still had 2 or 3 weeks.. On the 19th..unable to find anyplace nearer Panama City we planed to head north to visit other family for a few days.. Again confirming with the landlords agents that we would be back in more than enough time to square up and sign their "waiver" to dispose of our belongings that were not salvageable. We were told that we would be getting the security deposit and the prorated rent returned.. On the 23rd/24th of Oct we headed back and called the Rental Office.. they opened the call with "we were waiting for you to call.. we had to throw away your belongings...".. She went on to say that the insurance company called and said since it was a total loss payout we weren't allowed to get "anything" out... In my understanding it was their responsibility to exhaust several means of communications before disposing of our property, and that the insurance company has no place to say that documents, important family pictures and other personal items could not be retrieved.. They made no effort whatsoever to notify us of the impending disposal, allowing us to gather our important documents and other items.. One item in particular that was thrown away was the title to my 1985.5 Porsche 944 still in storage up north..
  3. While married, my husband coerced me into signing a Quit Claim deed on our marital home. He then went on to put it into a Life Estate in his eldest son and two grandchildren's names. When we were divorcing, the judge over-ruled this and awarded me a property settlement anyway. My ex has been paying it in $300 monthly installments. Sadly, he passed away last month. His eldest son has already rented the property out and has taken possession of all personal vehicles, motorcycles and welding equipment for himself. I've been told he has already traded off or sold most of these items 'under the table'. Is there any way for me to collect the remaining $11,000 owed me from the property settlement ? I've started the paperwork on a Claim of Lien but don't even know if this would be valid because of the Life Estate issue. I'm disabled and on a fixed income and can't afford an attorney. ( death certificate had not even been recorded last I checked // my ex did not leave a will// divorce judge has retired) Can someone please tell me what steps I can take ? Thank you.
  4. RickGrant

    Election Fraud

    A person who worked for years in the Election Department told me that while working a mostly republican population, and helping seniors vote, she used to "mark whatever candidate she wanted" in the elderly person's ballot after they told her they didn't want to vote for Hillary, "but as they can't see well", she marked Hillary anyways. Isn't that election fraud? Thanks in advance Rick
  5. I am buying a house, I applied for mortgage and as expected, I had to give the mortgage lender all sorts of detailed senstive information. Now, a week before closing, my mortgage lender sent the conditional approval letter to the listing agent and the buyer agent. BUT he was supposed to black out any personal information. He did not do that, he sent it to everyone with my SSN on it. My problem is that this is supposed to be confidential info and not to be given to anyone. I am very scared of theft identity stories and I am usually very careful who I give my info to. This can have major consequences from that type anytime in the future and for the rest of my life. I believe this is considered breach of confidentiality or fiduciary duty or something. What is my legal recourse against that lender?The Lender said, yes it should have been blacked out but it is a "human error". Can I sue lender for breach of confidentiality (negligence) ? and what will that help me in.. my info is already exposed.Also, I can't bring myself to continue sending more documents and info to this lender and give them more of my sensitive data, but the house purchase contract says I have get mortgage in good faith. What can I do? Can sellers sue me if I stop the mortgage process at this stage? I am so confused about all the legal implications. of my exposed data and the consequences of not continuing with this lender.
  6. Filed supplemental motion to modify time sharing and child support: was based on real world overnights with my two children. The final judgement gave the ex 289(her)/76(me). Final judgement was 27 Nov 17, yet together with the ex we have been exercising 50/50 rotating custody (weakly rotation January 2018-October 11th 2018). My ex realized that the child support would be changed so she changed her mind. She had a lawyer and I was Pro se: I make too much for free legal aid and do not make enough to hire a lawyer. (I am retired military and have a fixed income from what's left of my pension and my disability check. The judge ruled in favor of the ex and now were back to 80/20 which means that I lost my kids until Christmas and then I get them at summer break. I have 15 days to file a motion to appeal or rehear or reconsider and the pro se helper doesn't know how to do it either. I need any case law available to support my case or a sample motion...… to move forward. The judge told me that in Florida the best interest of the children doesn't matter, and the real world exercising of the time sharing doesn't matter. Also, the ex doesn't work... she failed a test at work (cna nurse) and was let go. My request for child support was dismissed even though the ex has not filed a financial affidavit to this day. The judge and my ex are both Hispanic, female, and the judge just returned to work after having a baby and my ex is 6 months pregnant (claiming that she is high risk). what do I do now?
  7. My ex has been garnishing my retirement wages since we were divorced for the portion of my retirement she was awarded, the child support awarded and for the buyout payment for the equitable distribution from our marital house. The final judgement clearly says ALL of these payments "will be paid directly by ex husband (me). Is she breaking the federal garnishment law? can I sue her?
  8. Question, I was divorced last year after 15 years of marriage but we never filed our marriage in any states court. does that matter? of course this hope is so I can get the judgement vacated since I lost my a## in the judgement.
  9. the judge striked a portion of our msa/final judgement allowing me to request additional overnights with my kids and never to be denied. Does this void our contract since it was changed after our signatures? I definitely don't agree with the changes by the judge. is this grounds for filing a motion for modification of our time sharing plan? Breech of contract?
  10. I work from home. Recently, an update that was required of us fried my system and I was unable to work because of this. I troubleshooted with my IT group for roughly 4 days before they determined I needed a new system. Here I am almost a week later after THAT, and I just received my system today. They stated that they do not have to pay me for my downtime, and can only reimburse me for the time I spent "on the phone troubleshooting" with the tech guy (which wasn't a lot) not any of the times while I was waiting to see if the troubleshooting resolved it. Is this something they can actually do? Its not even my fault and Im about to lose 2 full weeks of pay because of it.
  11. When we moved my parents to Florida in 2014 my brother had my mom add his name to all of her accounts. My father passed away last year and my mother is still alive. My brother has been handling everything since July 2014. My mother is 83 years old. I just found out from a friend that she has to take out a minimum distribution payment each year based on her age. Since my mother's SSI and pension cover the cost of the retirement home I believe my brother is taking the money for himself and he might be sharing with our youngest brother. My brother will not talk to me and I need to know what legal course I have to find out if they have been taking the money and not splitting it 3 ways like my parents would want and the way the will reads should my mom die.
  12. On a Far bar AS IS realtor sales contract The inspection period ran out and just before it did the buyer's realtor emailed over an addendum with a lower offer claiming "due to inspection issues" , the problem I have is that they never inspected the house and are lying saying they did just because the clock was running out on their 10 days to inspect. They never contacted me to get in the house. I think they are using the contingency as a tactic to lower the price. Is this Breach of contract? misrepresentation, fraud, not performing or something that I can mention at the mediation over the 5k escrow deposit. I have emails and texts to support their statements. They also have refused to produce any inspection report, won't even tell me one detail from said inspection (that they never did) The last cash offer I received from another company at least they did inspect it and then wanted 33k off the price for ridiculous things like repaint inside and out, new roof, new bathrooms , (that one I signed their cancellation , this time I am not signing) the house was renovated and is move in ready , new floors, kitchen with granite, new paint, new locks, new doors, the bathrooms are outdated but fully function with partial renovations , Standard realtor contract page 5 paragraph reads partly: Property Inspection; Right to cancel Buyer shall have 10 days after effective date (inspection period) within which to have such inspections of the property performed as Buyer shall desire during the inspection period. If the buyer determines, in Buyers sole discretion, that the Property is not acceptable to Buyer, Buyer may terminate this contract by delivering written notice of such election to the Seller prior to expiration of the inspection period. attached ate two pages from the contract , please tell me if the inspection contingency paragraph has any teeth in it? I think its intended meaning is that the house be inspected by someone, its not just "cancel if I change my mind contingency" . I am going to request a mediation (non binding) but may end up suing in small claims court (for the escrow deposit 5k) , but want to know before hand if I have a tooth to stand on. I am aware I could end up paying their lawyer fees if I lose in court. Thanks for any solid feedback on interpreting this paragraph and other relevant words.
  13. Hi, I recently had a eviction filed against me with my current leasing office, where I am residing. All monies owed was paid, resulting in the case being dismissed and no further action was taken. Since, I have noticed that this has been placed on my rental history report, as filed and no action taken. My question, is how do I go about getting this removed from my rental history and credit report since this matter has been taken care of without having to proceed with any filing of an actual eviction? I have been informed by the court clerk, this is will report as a "dismissal" and no action taken. As I have plans to move in the near future, I feel that this will have a great negative impact on obtaining a approval for future rental property or home loan. Please help.
  14. My mom passed away without a legal will; however, she had written wishes for distribution of her property. My 4 siblings & I signed a document stating we will honor her wishes. Hired a probate attorney & I served as the personal representative for my mom’s estate which was probated and closed in 2006. I’ve just encountered “title issue” with one of the estate properties I “purchased” (explained below). My sibling that was to inherit the property loss it to the bankruptcy courts because he had an open bankruptcy case. During the distribution, the property was deeded to the Bankruptcy Trustee via Personal Representative Deed When the property came available for sale, I purchased it from the Trustee; I was given a Trustee deed for my purchase I placed the house on the market in 2018 and now I have an interested buyer. We were supposed to close on the deal Sept 7; however, got an email on Sept 6 stating there are “title issue” to resolve before closing According to the title company, each sibling should have quit claimed their interest in the property; therefore, they are requiring a deed from each them The PROBLEM: one sibling is now deceased; he didn’t have a spouse or kids (SN: this deceased sibling has an IRS tax lien that’s recorded and valid thru July 2019) The buyer is willing to wait another month but I don’t see how it can be resolved in a month’s time-frame. Please provide suggestions on how to handle this…..Thanks!

    Flat rate employment rules

    My employer demands that I work more than forty hours a week, I get cut off of work when they don't agree with what I have to say. They constantly degrade me in front of other employees and now have started taking 1/2 hour flat rate pay away from every job I do to pay the wage of another employee.. .
  16. A Parent gifted money to adult child via check with "Gift" written in Memo of check for their contribution to have a home built with onsuite for the Parent in Adult Child and Spouses home. Parent lived with Adult Child and Spouse in new home with onsuite for one year and decides they do not want to live there anymore and then moves out and purchases new home to live in, but wants Adult Child and Spouse to pay the "Gift" back. Does Adult Child have any legal rights not to pay back "Gift" if sued by Parent ?
  17. I am involved with a wrongful death suit, defendant want's to settle with a group of people involved in the same case. Lawyer has said to me I don't have a case but will get me something. Defendant has offered an amount. I don't know the amount. Lawyer says Take it or he will quit what recourse do I have if any and are all laws in america favor attorneys.
  18. I was hit in the back by a careless driver and my car was totaled. Their insurance company offered me the actual cash value plus tax and registration as a settlement for property damage. I haven't accepted their check as yet. When I shop for another used car, reputable dealers all seem to want "dealer fee" in addition to the price of the vehicle. Can I recover the actual dealer fee from the insurance company as well?
  19. MNichols

    Landscaper damages..

    Found out today that last week my landscaper damaged my neighbors AC unit. The landscaper called him, and had his insurance adjuster come out and gave a generous quote, I know some people in the business. The damaged unit was 18 years old, well past the average lifespan, my neighbor replaced it with a brand new unit, which was a huge upgrade from the damaged unit. This exceeded the quote by 1500. My neighbor called me today and wants me to pay the difference. Until today I had no knowledge any of this even happened. Being in FL, refurbished units are readily available. He replaced his 18 year old one with the Cadillac of units. I feel he should have chose one of comparable value and I also should have been notified that this was occurring. Am I responsible for the difference? Thank you!
  20. We had a 2005 Four Winns Cabin Cruiser with brand new motor (less than 45 hours on it). We arrived at the marina, called the boat to the water, got in and left pretty much right away. We did not notice at the dock that our bilge pump was on. We boated out 13 miles off the Coast of Tarpon Springs, FL. During the ride we were on plane and I was setting up our rods. We stopped & dropped anchor. My wife caught a fish in about 10 minutes. I went downstairs to get a rag to remove the fish and there was 1 1/2-2' of water inside the cabin. I grabbed my mask and swam under the boat to see what could possibly be the problem...NO DRAIN PLUG! Now, we never remove that plug. While we pay for secured boat storage, many other drain plugs have gone missing, yet the marina seems to have "extras" in their storage. My wife actually works for the marina, so she knows the operation very well. Our boat and belongings sank. We tried for 5 months to speak with the GM about it, being put off for over 5 months. Finally, after we involved the Owner, they submitted a claim to their insurance. They denied it immediately citing our contract stating that the Marina is not responsible for drain plugs. However, drivers and dockhands are trained to ensure drain plugs are in. In fact, not only is there a sign on the lift saying "Check drain plugs" but it is part of their job. In addition, customers cannot get behind their boat to check because you are not allowed near the forklifts for safety reasons. We tried to check on Father's Day a few years back and my dad and myself fell into the "gantry way" because of the oil all over, plus the GM screamed at us that we aren't aloowed back there - there is a sign there. After being denied, my wife put together a detailed list of reasons why the Marina is responsible. They sent an investigator to the Marina for a few hours and the same went to my house to interview myself and my wife for over 3 hours. We still have not had anyone heard back from them but we are tired of this. This was our dream boat and the estimated loss is $60,000. What type of attorney am I looking for. Also, they have had people steal lots of items out of boats, like a $1000 Yeti coller with a custom seat, etc. - someone stole the chip out our GPS which we were going to file a report upon our return. We asked to see the video surveillance of our boat because we last left it in around 9/3/18, when we fueled the boat last, never leaving the dock because of torrential rain, but the GM said they only keep them 2 weeks when I know, in fact, that they had no cameras active or angles where our boat was stored in an outside high and dry storage. Plus people have access to the marina boats even after hours, so anyone can get on any boat and take what they want. I need to know what recourse I have, if we even have a case, what type of attorney would take our case - it is not a maritime one - we've tried. ANY INFORMATION would be amazing. This marina has a class action lawsuit against them for tons of damages to boats. The driver apologized to me and said, "I had a migraine and I really was not myself that day." But as time went on, people now can't remember - there have been plenty of boats that went in and had to come back due to drain plugs. Any information is appreciated. Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration in my plight. Have a great day!
  21. Valentin

    Contract Worker

    Do I have to pay taxes to a foreign country I work in , if I work for a US Company and I am a resident of the US or is this liability of the US Company should to do business in that foreign Country. Search Again
  22. gordongekko

    LLC for Agents Law

    A woman at the DBPR just told me that an agent can only use an LLC if it is in their own full legal name. Soo.. does this mean an agent can't use a unique business name to conduct business as a property management company?
  23. i have a house that i got before married and only my name on the Mortagage i have a kidney issue and i could die anytime ,, can i transfer the house to my wife even i still pay mortagge every month ,, if i do quite claim to my wife with $10 or $0 and transfer it to my wife name and will keep pay the mortage if my wife want to sell the house in the future are they going to charge her for the income for example i purchesed the house in 2006 for $100,000 , and now i will sell it to my wife or transfer it to her for $10 or $0 ,, if she sell the house later on for $,90,000 dose she has to pay taxes for the 90,000 or she will not going to pay anything because the original sale was for 100,000 or i should sell it to her for $100.000 and pay $700 recording fee we dont live in the house now im renting out and
  24. How or what can I sign my home over to my adult daughter. I still owe on the morgage and want to relinquish the home to her. I have cancer and she wished to take over the morgage so the home will go to her. She has 2 small children and i want to be certain she gets to keep my home in the event I move or pass. What can we do and how do we do it.
  25. Bought a car on the 21st of Aug test drive was good, carfax was good, had 148,400 something miles on a 2003 Mazda 6 mostly everything seemed good. The check engine light was on. I know could be something major or minor. I asked for them to hook it up to their machine for a diagnostic for Exactly what was wrong with it. They said it was 1 code for a BBT part. Some sort of cap, they assured me it wouldn't greatly affect the driving as long as it was fixed sooner than later. The next morning the car stalled with my husband and 2 of our girls in it on the highway. We bought a $20 code reader from Wal-Mart, and 5 codes showed up. Made an appt at the Madza dealer and long story short it needs a whole new transmission, more work and money than what the car is worth. The mechanic that gets paid to work on our car turned our money down because he said he could not consciously take our money and fix it because there no guarantee it'll be safe. And no one in service, parts, or techs even heard of a BBT part or code. We took it back to where we got it from 3 days later on the 24th of August straight from the mazda service department, to inform them we were lied to. Got told oh well it's As IS. It only showed one code here. The owner was rude. And we even showed him the paperwork from the Mazda service people and said it didn't mean anything and it's going to stall when it's cold, but when its hot it won't be a problem. Said they could have us come back on Wednesday for them to do their own diagnostics (Which I specifically asked them to do the day of purchase) to "see" if it could be fixed. I said it can't. He said anything could be fixed he was trying to be fair. I asked if he'd buy the car back for something or pay for the differance in the repairs once it exceeded the cars worth he said No. Any advice. Or options I have. They told me FL lemon laws only applys to cars years 2014 and newer when I called a 1800 number, but I do plan on going to the Better Business Bureau.