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Found 320 results

  1. I was recently terminated from my job for being “too emotional”. I believe I have a valid case for harassment. What should my next steps be? I appreciate your help, this is my first time in any kind of situation like this and I could use some guidance.
  2. I have an Issue with the landlord not allowing me to move in with my partner. I want to be an occupant but instead they want me to be a signing tenant, which is something neither I nor my girlfriend wants. What can I do in the situation?
  3. We are 4 unrelated ex-felons trying to make ends meet. Singularly, we cannot afford rent but the four of us, together, are capable of living in one mobile home. The average age of this household is 63.75 years. We have an amputee living in the house. Another one has End Stage Renal Disease and is on dialysis treatments 3x a week. Another is on disability. Together, we currently pay $2,135.00 total rent for this mobile home. The owner wants to raise the rent, collectively, $140 making the total payment output to $2,275.00. All of us are on fixed incomes and annual increases are an average of $30.00. The roof is not repaired, the skirting around the mobile home is in bad shape. These are huge issues that need to be addressed, especially now we are entering hurricane season. We feel that this increase in an already overpriced mobile home is because we are ex-felons. Due to the nature of our past background, we are unable to move anywhere we wish to move. We feel that if we lose this home because of overpricing, we would be homeless. Regardless of our ages and disabilities/ailments, we feel the owner is getting ready to sell the house out from under us but has not said anything to us. How can we combat this oppressive practice by the owner?
  4. Ex Wife decided to take our youngest daughter with her back to Virginia after living with me for 11 years. No violence involved. Daughter was born & raised here in Florida. I would like to know my rights as a non custodial parent.
  5. My 9 year old daughter has been living with her father since June 2015. Her father and I were divorced in July 2011. According to the divorce decree, our daughter lives with me but goes to him every other weekend, every other holiday, etc. We have not gone to court since we were divorced. He lives in the Florida Keys and I moved to Orlando last year. His wife has been inhibiting me from having contact with my daughter because I didn't send her $100 (I send money every two weeks, pay for sports, etc. even though I’ve never been ordered to). When I speak to my ex-husband he just says "I don't want to get involved." I called the courthouse where we got divorced and they told me to file a Motion for Contempt, but I'm not sure that's the right way to do it since she's been with them for so long. When we first got divorced he was not in our daughter's life for 20 months on and off and owed $14,000 in child support up until 2016. I want my daughter to live with me again since I'm finally financially stable and on my feet again. The whole purpose for her to stay with them was to help me out only temporarily and now it is backfiring. His wife said she's going to file paperwork for more help from me and that I can contact our daughter through her father's phone. Our daughter has her own phone, but her step mother continuously blocks me on it and my daughter has been acting very distant lately when I do speak to her. I want everything done the legal way to be sure they can no longer keep her from me if she does end up staying with him (I'd prefer for her to come back to me), but isn't he technically disobeying the court order by keeping her from me? Also, she is my first child.. my other two live with me (6 year old and 3 year old, not sure if that matters). There's a lot more that has been going on with them when it comes to them keeping her from me over money here and there, but I would be here for a while. If you need more information, you can ask and I'll answer. What should I do next? Any information would help, I'm so stressed out over this.
  6. I am looking for some advice in a unique situation. I am the non-custodial parent and recently got married to a UK resident. We moved to the UK two and a half months ago and I can't legally work until I get my residency. My ex-wife in Florida (Mother of my child) decided to submit Child Support review papers which just got served to my forwarding address in Florida (friends of my wife). I have reserved enough money to continue to pay the amount of child support initially ordered on support until i get my residency and can obtain work. I am totally confused in how to proceed with this. Should I contact the court and let them know of my situation? Would it even matter on their decision to increase or decrease payments? Should I do nothing and let them determine that I am no longer employed as of the beginning of Feb 2018? BTW, I do still make my payments and I am not behind on support. I am just looking for some advice as I am in a foreign land and was not expecting her to do this at this point. Thank you for any advice anyone can provide.
  7. Hello. I bought a car, due to my bad credit, I went to Credit Cars in Gainesville, FL. I chose a 2003 Chevy Malibu, with only 55,000 miles on it. Short version. I had problems from day one when I drove it home after the dealer replaced the car, (only took 3 times). I gave it that the car was getting the dust out. Then a few days later, car would not start. I had the vehicle towed to their $250 voucher auto mechanic. After 3 days there, he could not find the problem. Car was fine. I took it home. A few days later, I'm towing it back to said shop. He finally put in a new ignition switch. He states to me, "You won't have any more problems with that car". He was wrong. Few days later, towed to my mechanic, who had inspected the car and did say nothing was wrong. They replaced the fuel filter. A few days later, car was towed again to mechanic as it would not start. 7 days later, after going through everything on the vehicle, replacing fuel filter, replacing already replaced ignition switch, after replacing the crank shaft sensor cable, after fixing a burnt cable, including installing a different computer, everything works fine in fact, "nothing is wrong with your car". The passtime installation is the only problem. Drove car across the street to where I bought it. They said I need to contact the Finance company, they will schedule an appointment for me. The dealer told me "whenever you can get in this week". I said today. Dealer said that's not going happen. They are backed up, but anytime I wanted to come let him know. Instead of relaying back to him my time schedule, I said when's the soonest I can get in. He said Thursday is the first available. They were almost insulted that I had problems with the vehicle. Non sympathetic. Were short and contrite. I settled on Thursday. Explaining how long I have been without a working vehicle. They didn't care. I'm pre-empting, as I will give them the chance to fix the passtime problem. If it is not fixed, do I have any recourse in trying to get my money back at all? I was sold the car as in. Yet, the 3 mechanics I've already took it to said they can't believe that car only had 55,000 miles. I need a reliable vehicle. I'm tired of not having the car I've still made faithful payments on, and it's still not driveable. Again, my query is, do I have a legal recourse to get my money back? There's a few more details, my mechanic has no problem talking with people. After today's experience, I'm looking for help in regaining my money, because they already botched the first installation. The dealer gave me a run around. No sympathy, didn't even say they were sorry. I don't feel I would get anywhere with them. What can I do?
  8. Is a seller in breach of contract if he did not disclose that he is a foreign seller? Closing on June 1st, was contacted by closing agent late on May 25th (holiday weekend) asking for social security number for FIRPTA. This is the first time I heard that this was a foreign seller and I'm wondering why recourse I have. Thank you.
  9. Hello, I do have big concerns . My issue is about child custody and imigration law as well. My husband ( us citizen ) file a petition i130 for me to bring me in the States. I am located out of Usa and i give birth to our son this year . ( He become a us citizen after his father ) . My petition was approved and at this point my husband bring up one condition and said he wont bring us in the States if i dont sign the agreement he made it , which says case of a separation our son will stay with the father in the states of Florida and attend school there . My concern is if i will sign something like this and he will divorce me or separate ...which rights i will have, if i can rovoke it .. being a conditional resident how can i keep my right and continue reside in the states and not loosing my son custody . here it's a copy of it : Agreement to educateZ an American citizen in Florida This agreement only goes into effect on the separation of X & YThis agreement is in no way coerced, forced or pressured in anyway. This agreement is on behalf of Z, (Son of X &Y ) his direction in education, where he is to be educated and whom he lives with should a separation occur. Both Parties (Florentina & James Stone) agree that Jack Stone is to reside in Florida and attend school and college programs. It is the understanding the Florida’s prepaid program that one must reside in Florida to comply. X being a Romanian citizen, could easily pick up Z and decide she no longer would live in Florida or the United States. This agreement is to prevent such an instance from happening. If in fact that in the event of this circumstance, then Z remains with father and attends school. The mother is entitled to visitation and shared educational views. Thank you !
  10. Support orders state " father is to continue paying child support as long as he has the obligation under Florida law." Also: Support was paid via IWO through the FSDU from day one! My understanding of the law is 1. Support is to continue past the age of 18 if child is still a Senior in high school, on schedule to graduate as planned, and to continue to graduation unless orders state differently. 2. When support is paid via an IWO there is to be a court order for payments to cease. 3. Should an employer violate this rule and stop payments without court order they will be liable for the amount owed, as well as $250 for each pay period involved, 4. There is no statute of limitations for retro child support collection when support amount has been based on time sharing. Retro amount owed will go back to when parent first stopped exercising court ordered time sharing. Daughter turned 18 on September 20, 2016, graduated on schedule 8 months later, May 24, 2017. Child support is based on time sharing with a significant amount of time calculated for father: every Thursday night and every other Th Fri Sat Sun. My issue at hand is: 1. Support payments abruptly stopped, PRIOR TO HER 18TH BIRTHDAY, still having one more pay period due for payment. 2. Support was stopped WITHOUT A COURT ORDER confirmed by clerk of court when I called to verify this information. 3. Father also stopped court ordered time sharing in 2009/2010 when child was in 8th grade after meeting girlfriend, placing all additional financial responsibilities on myself with constant refusal to help or participate with anything. My questions: 1. Can I file to collect the past due amount owed through her graduation as well as have employer liable? 2. Can I file for retro support dating back to 2009 for the difference in amount he would owe if recalculation had taken place? 3. Does the court lose jurisdiction due to the fact that child is now 19? Thank you
  11. I've got a great business idea but I have one problem, I don't know what to do next. I want to start a cafe but with a twist. I want to know the legal process of starting a business like this but I don't want to pay a lot for an attorney. I have my business plan set up and know exactly what I want it to be like I just don't know what to do to actually make it happen once I find the right place. Is there something that I can go to that will be with me step by step through the legal process that is not an attorney or is there an easy way to do it by myself?
  12. Hi, I recently had a eviction filed against me with my current leasing office, where I am residing. All monies owed was paid, resulting in the case being dismissed and no further action was taken. Since, I have noticed that this has been placed on my rental history report, as filed and no action taken. My question, is how do I go about getting this removed from my rental history and credit report since this matter has been taken care of without having to proceed with any filing of an actual eviction? I have been informed by the court clerk, this is will report as a "dismissal" and no action taken. As I have plans to move in the near future, I feel that this will have a great negative impact on obtaining a approval for future rental property or home loan. Please help.
  13. Hi, I was served divorce papers a couple weeks ago and have filled out my answer and counter petition, along with my UCCJEA, Notice of Social Security number, and proposed Parenting Plan. Do need to have copies of these served to my son's mother or can I just bring her copies myself? Also, the counter petition forms I found had small sections for agree/disagree/unable that you listed which section/paragraph fell in each category but no section to reasons why. Should I attach another paper with brief descriptions for disagreeing? Thanks, Jack
  14. So I am currently on PTI my charges are posses over 20 grams 3f & a misdemeanor. the weed wasn't even mine, we had stayed at a hotel down the street for the night. I had left to go get our work stuff from home because we lived so close and had to work close to check out time. on our way home we go pulled over and they found it in the glove compartment (infront of his seat ) didn't ask to search just told us to get out and cuffed us. I guess because we arrived and left the hotel in such little time. he said he didn't know where it came from and I didn't want us to both go to jail so I asked if I said it was mine would he be released the cop agreed. from then on I was treated as I admitted something no Maranda rights nothing they immediately tried to flip me and make a deal. I got scared and said to take me to jail because they said I had to decide in like 2 mins.. I recently violated and peed dirty on a po visit and now have a court date. THIS IS TOO MUCH TROUBLE OVER A MAN WHO WAS VERBALLY AND PHYSICALLY ABUSIVE. I thought he loved me, later on he showed me his true self. can I recant then? or should I talk to my po? how do I go about this? I was put on probation already because if it and no violated it. im so scared someone please help me. what process should I take? I want out of this but understand its 100 my fault I violated so I probably wont get out of trouble but I want him in trouble aswell.
  15. I received an H-2B notice from Dept of Labor. Company was closed 9/26/2012 and shows as closed in All payroll was handled by Wells Fargo Bank. Their records show all payrolls paid in full. H-2b says I owe over $250,000.00. I obviously don't have that kind of funds. Contacted 3 local labor attorneys, and all said they have not handled any H-2b notices and couldn't help even though they were all labor law attorneys in firms. Looking to locate lawyer near Destin, FL that can assist or anywhere in FL if I don't need to travel to your office. Thanks
  16. My question involves criminal law for the state of: Florida I used to have a good friend who was my roommate for a short period of time, I lent him money as well but unfortunately I had to kick him out because of cocaine use once or twice a week. I contacted his family to try to help. He filed false Petition for Injunction - Stalking and my attorney dismissed it on the 1st hearing. Can I get him in trouble if I call 911 anonymously with his full name and tell them the address (apartment number) where he is using drugs at that moment with his friend? Even if the cops don't see drugs but they see how inadequately he and his friend act - are they still going to arrest them? It is not even vengeance - I just want him to hit the rock bottom and get help..
  17. In the state of Florida, is it customary or legal for employers to require EXEMPT workers to work while out on vacation or sick leave? If there is a statute, please provide the reference.
  18. Our company was just bought out. Instead of the previous company paying 100% value of all PTO to me and other staff upon our termination with them as their policy states, they transferred our PTO over to the new company who has a totally different PTO policy and limits the maximum you can accrue. We were not notified of what changes were ahead including the difference in their PTO practices. So the biggest complaint is that some of us had a lot of PTO time on the books and it looks like the new company is pocketing the amount over the maximum hours. One staff member alone is losing almost 300 hours due to this and he was counting on that for retirement money in a few months. If this is not straightened out which we have little faith in them doing the right thing, is there a case against the new owners or the old owners? Both companies are headquartered in other states but our facility where we work is here in Florida.
  19. I have supplied my attorney with loads of evidence to use at trial, and told her she has to show the judge how dishonest he is. I have examples of perjury about his IRA, his pensions, changing his story 2 years into this (I filed in 2014). My ex has been hiding money off shore since 1998, never declared his accounts to IRS, and is now under investigation. I believe he had plenty of money to buy her off. Her representation of me at trial left out any information that would have helped my case. I just fired her, as we still have attorney fees to argue, and I was afraid of what further damage she would do. I am out of money, having spent over $150,000 because opposition dragged this on. I earn about $55,000 annually. How can I right this wrong?
  20. I live in Indiana. I am 7 months pregnant and I plan to move to Florida in roughly a month. If I were to get the child's father for child support. How would that work out if I'm in another state as my residence and give birth to my daughter in Florida Would he have to go to Florida for courts if I file, could he file for anything in his state of residence? I need as much information as I can before I move I'm not wanting anything to come between me and the father of this but I'm wanting to move and we're not together.
  21. In Florida - A job ad for a part time $12 per hour cleaning assistant as an independent contractor. Can the ad ask: no smoking, no drugs, no alcohol. No convictions for theft or drugs. Live in a certain city. Have a registered vehicle, insurance, drivers license, and a SSN?
  22. Hi, My mother has been a resident of Orlando Florida now for 5 years. She adopted a young lady by the name of Khameera who is now 15 years old in Pennsylvania when she was a year old. In the past year, this child has been giving my mother a lot of problems. She's been 302'd on four occasions, ran away on several occasions, caught stealing in a mall and arrested, stole my sister's car keys and gave them to two students in her school so that the car could be stolen, this is just half of what my mother's been going through with her. She was removed from a regular school because of her bullying and behavior and placed in a disciplinary with the hopes that this would be a wake up call for her and to see if her attitude or behavior would change for the best, but that has not been the case, in fact, it's turned for the worse. This school has suspended her on five occasions now with no option to do in school suspension. So the child has to stay home with my mother because they won't accept her in school, what's the point of being a disciplinary school? My mother has been diagnosed with Lupus and can no longer care for this child due to the child's insidious behavior. She attempted on two occasions to burn my mother's house down, my mother has suffered two recent anxiety attacks, my mother lives in fear. Khameera has a team working with her, a social worker and child advocate and doctor. At this point my mother can no longer care for her especially because she lives in fear of her life and her other children, and the child shows no remorse for her behavior. My question is, if she adopted her in Pennsylvania and her monthly stipend is from Pennsylvania but my mother is a resident of Florida, where does she need to go to relinquish her rights, would it be Pennsylvania where the child was adopted or Florida where she now resides, please I am looking for answers to help my poor elderly mother who can no longer care for her.
  23. My partner has an arbitrary "improper passing" traffic ticked for $500 + court penalties, which appeal's time limit is expired and as she is disabled, can't pay for. Is there a way to reduce it, expunge it or fight it. The court now doesn't let her to finance it due to the expiration time. What can she do now? Thank you for any counsel, Monica
  24. i have a house that i got before married and only my name on the Mortagage i have a kidney issue and i could die anytime ,, can i transfer the house to my wife even i still pay mortagge every month ,, if i do quite claim to my wife with $10 or $0 and transfer it to my wife name and will keep pay the mortage if my wife want to sell the house in the future are they going to charge her for the income for example i purchesed the house in 2006 for $100,000 , and now i will sell it to my wife or transfer it to her for $10 or $0 ,, if she sell the house later on for $,90,000 dose she has to pay taxes for the 90,000 or she will not going to pay anything because the original sale was for 100,000 or i should sell it to her for $100.000 and pay $700 recording fee we dont live in the house now im renting out and
  25. From Dec.2016 - Oct. 2017 took leave from work due to medical condition. During the month of December and two weeks of January I was using PTO so deductions for Health Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability etc. were made from pay. During the remaining time off under FMLA and company leave policy received payments from Short/Long Term Disability. Direct payment to a third party company for Health, Disability and Life Insurance benefits were made monthly February thru October. For November and December payroll deductions were normal but January 2018 all of a sudden without any notice post tax deductions for benefits prior year arrearages started being deducted. I have notified the Human Resource Dept, of this, requested an explanation or correction and the only response has been it has been escalated to the Benefits Team for review. Needless to say still awaiting a response $700.00 later and still being deducted. Employed by this company since 2003 so hesitant on involving Wage and Labor if can find the answers