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Found 6 results

  1. Im not sure if this is the right forum, but it does pertain to a discrimination case so, im sorry if i cannot be specific with details... Okay, i was "terminated" in June, filed an EEOC complaint, then suddenly discovered i am still employed, but on "indefinite unpaid leave." Ive sat down with 5 lawyers now - one said to contact him after the EEOC makes a decision, but he's 95% sure his firm will not take my case because they rather work with employers than employees. Now, the other four ADA lawyers have been following a pattern: 1) I set up a consultation for $xxx. 2) I go to consultation, describe my case in as much detail as i can. 3) The consultation fee gets waived, i get told "I need to do more research," "do not get another job unless its ABSOULTELY necessary," "this case would qualify for contingency (rates of 30-40%,") and "you should recieve a contract in the mail in a week or so," - the lawyer always appears enthusiastic about my odds. 4) 7-10 days later the lawyer says they think i have a great case, but arent going to take it, OR i never hear from the lawyer again. I am now broke... nothing left... i HAVE to start looking for a job. I was hoping this would be resolved by now, but i dont understand my position. Ive another consultation scheduled for this week (if i can find the cash...) but can anyone enlighten me as to what the issue might be? I dont mind not being picked up as a client, especially if im not paying (at least in cash) but how do i break this pattern? Im assuming these lawyers are seeing something that im not. Is it possible my case is so good they think the EEOC will not let it go? My case is so bad that im not worth touching... Could i be saying something thats an automatic red flag to private council? Basically, what i need to know is if this sounds like a good thing or bad thing to you?
  2. A company named ASAP (American Standard Auto Protection) Auto Warranty was created as a fake company that advertised aftermarket auto warranties. They are filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on April 6, 2018 in Brooklyn NY (not sure if this is the bankruptcy court date). Will the bankruptcy allow them to avoid fraud charges? Will the bankruptcy allow them to avoid paying back defrauded victims? They tricked people into purchasing fake extended warranties by making false claims and they tricked people into signing fake contracts for services that never existed. They also flooded several reputable consumer review websites with fake reviews to make their company seem as though it was a real company. ASAP Auto Warranty paid people to answer phones and sell fake warranties to a minimum of hundreds of people. They have since been ordered to close business. Is ASAP Auto Warranty filing bankruptcy to beat the system?
  3. I intend to form a Delaware Corp.. authorize 10.000.000 shares with a par value of 0.0001, but issue only 6.000.000 of those shares. I'm having difficulty determining what my franchise tax will be. The state of Delaware has a tax calculator on its site, but to make the calculation it requires also the "total gross assets" of the company. Since I'm only forming the company, I don't have any revenue yet so I don't really know what my total gross assets are. How do I determine that? Do I just put a number that feels right? Can I use zero? I don't want to end up paying a ridiculously high franchise tax.
  4. Hello everybody. I've got a business project that may involve forming a USA LLC. Through some researches, I've seen that it's quite easy to open one via web, with no need at all of being a USA citizen or to be phisically there at the moment you form it. My main concern is about taxation: I live in Italy and I know how italian taxes work, but I have absolutely no idea of how USA taxes work and I don't want to do something wrong due to my ignorance. I know a LLC isn't taxed as a company, as its members (I'll be the only one) are directly taxed. I've got in mind to ask some specialist to help me with this stuff, but before doing it I would love to start understanding something, just not to be totally ignorant and to make wiser choices. Can anyone give me a brief explanation (and/or some links, reading is not a problem) about how it works, please? Thank you very much in advance for your attention!
  5. A retired military member passed away in Dover, Delaware. At the time of his passing, his family was under the impression that he was divorced from his estranged wife, who for the past 8 years has not resided with the deceased member. The marriage took place in the Caribbean back in 2000 or 2001, while both members were Active Duty, stationed at Warner Robins Air Force Base. After the passing of the member, the family learned through the estranged wife, that they were still married. The family has done a public records check with Houston County, Georgia for a copy of the marriage certificate that should have been filed after they were married out of the country; however, there is no record of a marriage certificate. Additionally, the military has no copy of a marriage certificate in any of their records, yet still allows the estranged wife to keep a military ID (which is a whole different issue). At this point, is it safe to say that there is no legal marriage and the family can file to open up the deceased estate?
  6. I have kind of an interesting situation. Both my wife and I have orders of protection against each other so we are only allowed to contact via text about our 19 month old daughter. We both have joint custody but my wife has been kind of bitter because of how the custody case went. Therefore, she has been very resistant and challenging in regards to information about our daughter. My daughter was sick recently and I even gave up my custody day so she could stay with her mother and rest instead of being moved from place to place. I have texted my wife to see how our daughter is doing and have yet to hear anything back after 6 hours. She has done this in the past, even not responding. How long is to long to wait for feedback about what is going on with my daughter? To possibly prevent this in the future I have considered letting her continue to do this so that I can document it and look at possibly having full custody of my daughter. Any thoughts? Thanks
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