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Found 529 results

  1. Fallguy

    Sub Rosa

    Can you request for all sub Rosa or purchase if it doesn’t cost too much
  2. I was just part of a sting operation for contacting without a license. I should up to look at a job and the under cover officer ask me for a round about figure. I replayed saying i couldn't give her a figure and that id have to price some items before i ouldd give her a answer. She then said well i know the amount will change but can't you just give me a estimate. I then said i really don't like to give a estimate before do some price checking, but she continued to push us for a answer. My partner then said i don't know i guess off the top of my head id say 10, 000 which i agreed upon.. So from my understanding this should be coercion. Am i right. Once we said we could not give her a bid at this time. Wasn't it illegal for her to continue to try to get us to tell her a price anyway
  3. CandidyRae

    Simultaneous Death

    I am the executor of my sister's estate, both she and her husband died in a house fire earlier this year. While their death certificates have different times of death (my sister was later found in their home while her husband was transported to a hospital where he was later pronounced deceased), I recently obtained the coroner's reports for both my sister and her husband and the coroner made the note that it was difficult to tell who succumbed first. When I took the coroner's report as well as the incident report from the firefighters (where it was noted my brother-in-law was unresponsive when found) to my attorney, he said simultaneous deaths are difficult to prove because a judge is unlikely to go against a doctor and quit on the spot. It's my understanding that simultaneous death would change how both estates are administered (mainly the fire insurance proceeds). Is this something I can bring to the attention of a judge without an attorney (while I search for an attorney)? If so, what can I do on my own? Thank you.
  4. Jan

    notice to vacate

    I live with boyfriend I'm not on the lease I get my mail there I've been given notice and asked to leave in two or three days
  5. Carmen delatorre

    Can I sue the dr

    If fell off a ladder at work I was taken to clinic and put in a ankle brace and told to return to work I was then sent home by boss I didn’t go back to work I was in Un human pain I needed up through the course of the month @ 9 emergency room visits was told and called a junky looking for a fix finally on my last and 9thvisit they did a cat scan and found that I did not have s sprang ankle I had a shattered heel they immediately took action so I went to the clinic and gave them the paper to prove I had more than a sprang ankle they sent me to see another dr I went he told me we’re going to put u in a cast and let it heal so 6months latter but 9 months from break the dr says he needs to do surgery topin the bone so he did befor surgery I had a regular foot now I have a collapsed foot my incision is still open my foot is unable to bend I can’t wear shoe on foot or can’t step on ground because I have a screw touching the bottom of my foot I had a second option dr do ateport he said 2 Nd option was amputation can I sue the surgery
  6. I bought a property that shows 3 addresses inside my land on the Tax Assessor’s map. One of the addresses is for my home, and the other two are being used by two neighboring homes. The neighboring homes are built within a railroad right of way easement that runs through my property. The easement states it is for railroad purposes only. The County Tax Assessor told me that it appears I have 3 homes on my property. Mine and two other. My title report made no mention of other homes. A surveyor told me only my home is inside my deeded boundaries. He said there are no physical encumbrances other than my home and garage on my property. I asked one of the neighbors how they have a legal right to live within a railroad right of way easement that says railroad purposes only. He responded that he has a lease with the Union Pacific Railroad Company. I have not been shown this document. I question the legality of this lease, or if they are even telling the truth about it. I have no way to verify this information. It appears they are using the addresses I own to pay their taxes, and had previously registered a home salon business using my properties’ parcel number. These acts seem blantantly adverse to my ownership, and are making me appear as a willing party to their deception. I have contacted a lawyer. He recommended I make a claim to my title insurance. The title company is currently looking into whether or not this situation is covered by my policy. My policy states that it protects me against adverse claims on record that existed at the time of purchase. Physical encumbrances on the property are not covered, only recorded encumbrances that they missed in the title search. From a third party perspective; is it likely my title insurance will remove my neighbors’ claims against my property - considering the facts? Thank you for any advice.
  7. appointed attorney criminal case never once talked to me about ANYTHING never ask me who when what ,and never did any kind of investation or wasn't given a chance to prove that Iam innocent of the charges I been accused of.. never informed me of anything I mean anything I was brought to court was told to seat and then taken back to jail attorney never came up to me to say a word to me my question is this legal ? it just cant be I was give life in prison Iam reaching out hoping someone can tell me what can be done I have no money for a lawyer can anyone please tell me I can do something at lease try to HELP THANK U FOR READING
  8. Bonita Esskew

    Hours Scheduled

    I am scheduled for 8 hours Monday - Thursday. Frequently we finish early and I go home. How many hours is my employer required to pay me for when sent home early? on Friday I am scheduled for 4 and most times sent home after 3.
  9. Sheeprock13702

    Intentional tort

    In November of 2017 my mother was taken to the hospital because of a fall after the hospital and she was sent to a Care Center where she remained until December 20th of 2017 when my mother came home my sister my brother his husband and my sister's three daughters we're all there claiming that I physically and financially abused my mother this occurred after I have let my sister know that my mother had left me everything in her will I told her because I wanted to be fair and share when my mom got home on the 20th I was locked out of the house by my sister and told that I could no longer use the restroom do laundry or the kitchen the cops were repeatedly called on New Year's Eve I went to go pick up some clothing and was served a an elder abuse restraining order that was also for financial abuse and I was not allowed to get any of my personal belongings close anything I filed a response that denied the accusations and claimed that they were fraudulently written by my sister during court I prove my case and the restraining order was dropped after that time I returned to my mother's home to retrieve my belongings when I got there my sister called the police and claimed that all of my things have been put into storage and that the storage had been lien sale this was in April of 2018 by accident I found out fat my sister still have the storage unit and that all my things are in there not only did they break into my personal space by kicking in the door so hard that they not the whole frame out of the wall and everything that I had in there was stolen at one point when I was going to call the police my sister's boyfriend came out shove me with his chest and I said that that was a salt and so I called the police and was told that the judge would throw it out of court so there was no need for me to press charges of assault since that time in January of 2018 I have been homeless I have lost everything I own I want to file an intentional tort lawsuit I started a civil lawsuit in small claims court for $10,000 I want to I want to know if I should do the civil lawsuit or the intentional tort lawsuit
  10. SammieGIrl


    My mother passed away 2 weeks ago. She did have a will made out by an attorney a couple years ago but thus far I haven't been able to locate it. I've called her attorney to request a copy of the will and am awaiting her response. After my mother made out her will she told me that she was leaving me everything. Here's the bad part. I have an older brother and my mother excluded him from the will completely. She apparently had her reasons (which I won't go into here). My question is as follows: Can my brother contest the will simply because he was left out? He's questioned me about his share of the money already and since I haven't actually seen the will I haven't told him anything. Thank you in advance.
  11. Fallguy

    Modified duty

    How do you determine if an employer have modified duty available? i called to see if there was any modified work and the employer said he would call me back. He never return any calls for the next three days so I went in on third day in case they said I abandon my job but I was handed termination papers. Was there modified work available? Or is this a loophole for employer and IC to deny benefits?
  12. I strongly believe San Fernando Courthouse located at 900 3rd St, San Fernando, CA 91340 is Corrupted! I must reveal criminally fraudulent court staff (that practice law, including judges) to the right authorities, and fix my record that was damaged by the courthouse' misconduct. The questionable attorney at court of appeal (The Law Offices of Kent D. Young) IMHO didn't even move a finger to help me. I realize it's a BOLD statement citing with a term "CORRUPTED". However, I can prove it! And I have several innocent people with similar stories confirming my allegations, and they're ready to testify. Please name all authorities that will handle the Courthouse's corruption. If you prefer to know the story I will annotate it here too. Thank you!
  13. I had a lease agreement for 12 months. I moved out around 1 month before my actual lease termination. I followed my lease agreement for breaking the lease before the term end and provided a one month notice to my landlord - taking the rent responsibility in case the apartment is not leased till my lease expires. I took rent responsibility only because I was planning to not move-out if the apartment was not leased by a new tenant, since I had only 1 month of lease remaining. Two weeks before vacating, my landlord informed me that the apartment is leased to a new tenant and also told me that I cannot retract my move-out notice. A couple of weeks after I moved out of the apartment, my landlord said the new tenant has canceled the lease. Although the landlord is saying that the new lease was canceled before I moved out, I was never informed about this. I had clearly conveyed my intention of not moving out in case the apartment was not leased, so that I don't incur any extra rent. Now the landlord is asking me to pay the rent for the remaining period of my lease. When I contacted the landlord, they are saying that they didn't have any responsibility of informing me that new lease was canceled. Is it legal for my landlord to charge me the extra rent in this case? Do I have any scope of getting out of this without paying rent for the period I did not stay at the apartment?
  14. monocledwitch226

    diapers in public school

    Iam hoping someone can lead me to what the law says about a paraprofessional changing pull-ups in school. i have been put in this position as have my co-workers where they or myself will be alone with students, and aren't comfortable. i am looking for what options i have?
  15. My parents wrote a check to "me" only a few year ago to help my wife and I purchase a home. I was told by a divorce attorney that in a divorce my parents "may" be entitled to repayment of their investment when the house is sold(such as in a divorce). Unfortunately, my wife has severe mental health issues (borderline personality disorder) and will not move away from her dysfunctional family unless we purchase another house without selling our current home. We both work 90 miles from our home, so this is something we have been contemplating for years. My question is the following: "If my parents give us money for another home purchase and title ownership is arranged as 95% (parents) and 5%(my wife and I) (we would all be part of the mortgage financing as well), would this safeguard my parents' financial interests in a divorce? This is the only way to escape the current situation. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  16. Purrralegal

    Paid Me In Cash & more

    This is in California. I was working at a cannabis nursery in Mendocino county for one year. My employer provided me with a small house on his property in addition to paying me cash for the full time work I performed. I was not charged any rent for staying in the house. I watered plants, transplanted them, cut clones, as well as some clerical work creating forms, invoices, etc. I also handled sales and took inventory. I don't believe he is fully licensed yet, but is in the process of applying for it. The owner's wife never liked me from Day #1 and the only time she spoke to me was either to yell at me or to say something nasty. Finally, after a year, I couldn't take it any more and I scribbled a note to my boss, saying that I was giving him a 30 day notice on the job and the house because I "couldn't take his wife's hatred any more." The next day, he sat me down and said that 30 days did not work for him. He was ending the job right then, and I could have 2 weeks to move out of the house. You could tell I was under duress when I wrote the note because usually my writing is very neat and precise, but not my note to him. It was scrawled haphazardly and looked like it was scratched in the middle of a riot. I'm still filing for Unemployment because I meet all the criteria for it, even though taxes were never withheld. I left my boss a letter telling him he still owed me some money because I never got premium pay for all the overtime I worked, which he ignored. I believe he may try to willfully misclassify me as an independent contractor to justify not paying me the legal overtime pay rate. But as per DYNAMEX vs. Supreme Court of Calif., it won't stick. I was an employee. My questions are: 1) Do I fall in some kind of a farm laborer category? 2) Would that make me an exempt Employee (as in exempt from being paid OT legal rates? And accruing Sick time?) 3) When EDD and the DLSE investigate my claims, will I have made myself a target for prosecution since I didn't pay taxes on that income? 4) Doesn't this matter, in a way, correlate to retaliation against me for trying to quit? Was I) discriminated against by the boss's wife for my sex? (As in being a female.) Thank you very much for your time.
  17. I am a teacher and have written several original study guides to go with a variety of texts for use in my classroom. Now, I would like to print and sell these guides. They are based on works both in the public domain, but mostly not. Some have quotes in which I have removed sections for kids to fill in the blank from the original work. All of the guides would have the name and author predominantly on the cover as well as the words STUDY GUIDE, and my name and the illustrator's name. The illustrations would be original and the rights released to me, however they would be of the characters in the text. Am I violating copyright to sell a study guide with these parameters? If the quotes were a problem and I removed that one facet would it be permissable to sell? Thank you for your time. This is a wonderful resource.
  18. Robyn Yochem

    Live animals in attic

    Curious on the laws of being a tenant of an extended stay hotel in Orange County California when above your room and attic space infested with squirrels and raccoons and I believe bats what are my rights because they do have to go to the restroom and it's not been cleaned up there and you know that it's in the air that we breathe the manager is aware of this problem and is done nothing about it or yet come to listen to the major activity all afternoon from these animals I can't imagine the damage they're doing up there My email is Robynfisher1270@gmail.com I need advice
  19. Jacob

    Landlords rights

    Okay so the tenant is a family member but she never paid rent she was supposed to stay in our home until she found a new apartment but the point is that we decided to change the lock of our mail because mail started to go missing.. is that breaking the law changing the lock of our mail ?? And yes we are going through the eviction process
  20. barbararayman

    signing a lease

    I need some info on signing a rental agreement, I was just recently sued by my previous landlord , I just don't understand how he could when I never signed the lease and he knew I wasn't living in the home . My husband was still living in the home , I had moved out 3 months prior , and it was brought to my attention that I never signed the lease 15 yrs ago when we moved in ,We rented month to month for 15 yrs in the same house, How could I be legally responsible for the rent or anything .I moved everything out of the house when I left the only stuff that was left was my husbands I'm very upset about this and I feel I'm being falsely accused, How could I be responsible for the rental when I did not live there and I never signed the lease in the first place. Please Help, B. Rayman
  21. Bratink

    Working for nothing

    This man I know started getting I'll and was getting worse so I called an ambulance for him. I went to the hospital shortly after they got there and found out he was having kidney failure and got to the hospital just in time. He spent 4 days in the hospital and He gave me a key to his house so I could clean up before he came home. ( He is a Horder, so you can imagine) anyway I cleaned and cleaned and even scrubbed his bathroom where he couldn't control his bowels! Yeah pretty gross. So, when I picked him up and brought him home the nurse told me he was going to need someone to be there for him. I told her and him I would do whatever I could. Noone in his family or friends would help him. So this started to be a full time job. I made appointments, took him to appointments,went to emergency and sat with him twice all day until late night. I got all his medication in order, because I found he was taking 3 if them double, talked to doctors,filled out forms, got him meals on wheels, and on and on. So in the midst of it all he told me he wanted me to get paid and was going to apply for in home care, all the while knowing he can not qualify because he makes to much money. I even asked him what if he can't get it and he said he would pay me out of pocket. Well ,I told him one day he needs to quit all the talking and take action. Well apparently he didn't like the truth and just ignored me after that and got his "SOLE BENNEFICIARY" who by the way, left him for dead, to come from Nevada to help him! So, can I sue him for the money he owes me for doing all that work? 2 1/2 months worth! I have all documented and I also have the receipts from appointments and an advance directive we made together and had witnessed ,all legal!
  22. if I was sentenced and I forgot to ask for a lawyer. could I bring it up after the case to completely scrap my case.
  23. I returned to the Express Care a few days . I spoke to the physician who treated me just days before. I let her know the meds are not working and nothing has changed. She asked i come back in . i went the following day . A different physician examined me . The look on her face clearly was of shock . Immedietly she excused herself and practically ran out the room not uttering one word to me about what she had discoverd. . We both new it was BAD. After about 15 min she returns only to say if tests come back posotive in three days she wil let me know . The test shes stated about had just been tested and came back negative just days before . Clearly i have something else . She said a few words of shesll ger back to me and walked out. How could a physician know u need treatment on the spit but does not ?
  24. mommy of the best 4


    My teenage children's father has recently decided he no longer wants to communicate (and uses very foul language when he does) and has cancelled my children's health coverage, never pays his child support (unless he feels like it).. he is NOT involved in any of the daily aspects of life, like school, medical/dental, social, etc.. he has visitation with the kids 3-4 weekends a month (which he is ALWAYS late for pickup and drop off), he spends almost all of that time NOT with the kids, he is either with is girlfriend or working.. on his visitation weekend he has recently took his girlfriend on a trip and left my kids home alone for what would have been for three days (but I picked kids up when I found out they were alone).. I have tried to have numerous conversations with him in regards to my concerns but to no resolution, he states he can do what he wants.. I have since filed for modification of order and in retaliation he is now trying to get the kids 7 days a week (I know only to hurt me) because he had no interest until he found out his child support $$ is going up.... he is never truly involved with the children except for the "disney dad" moments, and works 5-6 days a week 12+ hour days..what are his chances of getting the kids, and what are some things I can do to help prevent this? HELP :(
  25. I just want to know if it's legal for a landlord to ask a tenant to spy on another tenant and to tell her anytime they saw the other tenent doing something that was against the rules.