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Found 586 results

  1. I live in Los Angeles County in California. Today in the mail, I received a Notice of Unlawful Detainer from West Covina Courthouse. It was only 1 shhet of paper with the Certificate of Mailing on the bottom of the page. I never received a 3-day Notice. On January 24, 2019, there was a 30-Day Notice posted on my bedroom door. I rent a room in a residence. The owner of the property accepted my full rent, which is $650 for the month of February, which would make the 30-Day Notice null and void, correct? I filed a civil harassment restraining order on the owners son who also resides at the residence. We go to court on the 19th of March on that. I have not been formally served any other papers. Is this unlawful detainer good ince I have not received anything else? Thank you.
  2. I supplied a distressed real estate property lead I found for a referral fee of 10% via an online website. The person that owns the website and received the lead is located in California. He wound up purchasing the property and made approximately $100K on the deal. There was not a traditional signed contract for this transaction it was a matter of completing the lead details and my contact information on the web form and then clicking submit. After I submitted the lead I was contacted by the website owner and he told me how much he purchased it for which I have verified thru the recorder/assessor. After it closed I was only paid $2K of the total $10K I was owed and he now refuses to pay me the balance. I will need to sue him and need to know if an online agreement such as this is enforceable in California. Thank you.
  3. I received my eviction letter recently but they want me to sign new lease. I’m two months behind on rent and I’m just thankful I still have a place to live. do I have to pay the balance before signing new lease?
  4. Hi few years ago, my brother divorced and lived alone. My parents worried about him and decided to sell their home in HK and to move to California to be with my brother 4 yrs ago. When they arrived they found out he had been going out with a single mother with two kids. On the 2nd day after their arrival they were hashed to go and see houses. Eventually they were persuaded to buy a big house in a expensive area because they said it was good school catchment area. My parents didn’t like the idea but felt had to go along with it. They handed over $400K as the deposit. The agreement was that, my brother and his future wife will pay the remaining 400K mortgage. My parents were told in order to buy the house they had to sign a letter to say they gave the 400k to my brother as a gift. My parents asked to have their names to be added to the house, they were told, it was not wise to do that as the government may take the house if one of them is sick and ran up a big medical bill. So they gave in. A few months after they bought the house, my brother married the woman who had been seeing for few months. My parents paid another 47k (1/2 the cost) to build a extension to the house for themselves to live in. After a year, they had a son. My parents helped my brother to bring up his son. But my sister in law was very cold to my parents, ignore my parents most of time. This made them very unhappy, but they put up with it because they didn’t want to upset his wife. After just over 3 years marriage, my brother was diagnosed with Bile Duct cancer in March 2018, and he passed away in December in the same year. while he was alive, my sister and I asked my brother to make arrangements for our parents just in case. Shortly his condition became worsen, we later found out his wife told the doctor she wanted him not to suffer and prefer him to sleep away, his wife is pharmacist. She agreed to gave him a very high dose of morphed pain killer, his slept nearly whole day and when my parents woke him up, his was very confused. my parents saw the drastic condition change, they told his wife to ask the doctor to reduce the dose. My brother’s condition never really recovered from that. Later when my brother was a bit better, we asked him to sort out my parents’ affair again because they do not want to live with his wife after he is gone., he agreed to discusse giving my parents 300k back with his wife as the house price had gone up to 1.1m by then, but his condition drastically deteriorated again because a misunderstanding between him and his wife meant that he didn’t take a critical medicine for few days. By the time we discovered the problem, he had gotten too weak. So I talked to her myself and said my parents want to move out and need some money out of the house., at first she agreed to give 400k, but after talking to her parents, she insisted that she cannot afford to give anything. We suggested maybe after my brother was gone, she can sell the house and buy a smaller one. But that was rejected. Then we suggested maybe she get another 250k loan to give to my parents, she can keep everything. That was rejected. She said they can stay and if anything happens to them my sister and I have to take over,, or they can move out and she can pay them 1k per month from her son’s nursery fee because her parents can move in to help with the childcare, so no need for the nursery. so the situation is, my parents gave all their money to my brother to buy the houseand biult the extension. When he was sick, my parents used up their remaining money to pay for his medical tests and medicines, now they have nothing and they are not happy to live with my brother’s wife for their remaining years (they are brother over 80). I think the house and all my brother’s assets now belong to his wife as he didn’t have a will. is there anything my parents can do?
  5. Hello, I have what I consider a complicated landlord/tenant situation. As my grandma's caretaker for the last eight years, I lived and still reside in her home, although she recently passed away. I am a full-time student, school in full swing when she passed. My mom and aunt who do not speak became owner's and have waged war with against each other. Also, they have both sent me eviction notices. Mom's not so valid, but aunt has lawyer so is.going by book. lawyer phoned me prior to termination of tenancy notice and offered.me a deal, $2500 and move at close of escrow. When I tried to contact him to respond he did not take my calls or respond to my emails. Then termination of tenancy and when that time came and went I was served a summons. My mom and I were named as codefendants, and last week my mom met with a lawyer to have her case squashed..complaint stated she was not complying with sale of house and she is amending that now, I think her part of the case will be cancelled or ____ insert legal term here. My question is if an answer or a demurrer is the better choice for me, I cannot afford a lawyer and have little time to file. I have been to law library and contacted a legal document preparer service but cannot afford their fee in the next four days. My intention is not to be a squatter but I have not had time to prepare to move or save to move. Also both parties have gone beyond the point of harassment and violating my privacy..lockout, utility shut off and more. A motion to strike may be more appropriate, based on the grounds my aunts.lawsuit is asking for rent dating back to 2017 when my GMA was alive..My aunt has never lived here, paid property taxes, insurance or for repairs. She lives in another state and has not even visited in years.
  6. I am 5.5 weeks pregnant and the father is my now ex-boyfriend who is a citizen of Taiwan who does not have a greencard or visa to stay in the US, I am a US citizen. Since finding out that I am pregnant, he has verbally and emotionally abused me. We had some minor relationship problems before we got pregnant, but we both believed that we could work through them. We both had the same dream to have a family and life in LA. Since finding out, he has changed as a person - he informed me that his intentions are now to stay in Taiwan. He later told me that we have to get married, and when I told him that I think we need to go to counseling first and get through our problems prior to getting married, he became very angry and mean. He told me to get an abortion approximately 50 times over the past 10 days. He puts me down and gaslights me and he makes me feel like trash. When I told him that I don't need him to raise this child, he then changed his mind again - he told me that now I have to have the child and he will take it and raise him/her in Taiwan. When I told him that he cannot do that, he told me that we need to go to mediation before the child is born and make an agreement, and he wants the child to spend one year with me, then one year with him, and keep going back and forth. As of today, i'm so confused and hurt - he is a completely different person than what he has shown me and his intentions for his/our future have changed so much. I'm scared that if I have this child he will chase me & my child and I will spend my life in court battles and stress and sadness. I'm also concerned about international shared custody (case of kelly rutherford) since I don't think it is healthy for the child. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you!
  7. I won a breach of contract case. As instruct all the documents were filed along with a memorandum of costs. The judge retired and it was given to the new judge. A motion to tax was filed and a date was set to hear the motion. The judge recused himself four days before the motion was to be heard and vacated the date of the hearing.the case was moved to a new judge. I was told by the court that I needed to refile my memorandum of costs with the new judge in his courtroom, which I did and it was received by both the business office of the court and the other party on January 30,2019. The other party did not file a motion against my memorandum of costs this time and the 15 court days have passed. Will the court approve my memorandum per Rule 3.1700.? How much longer do they have to decide? As of today, nothing is shown for approval or denial on the website. Thank you in advance
  8. Well we got pulled over in a uberpool due to her double parking blocking entry and making a ilegal u turn, so the police officers had witnessed all that before we entered the car and as soon as we did she made another illegal u turn right in front of them. They shine there lights told her what I wrote and asked for her drivers license and registration , she told them her registration tags where expired, very nervous shaking. Asked me for my identity card and friend I asked him what was the reason for my identity if I had just got in the car when all that occurred before getting in the car so why are we being questioned so I got upset and passport agency makes it a couple water and actually grabbed my cup smelt it was water Porsche models and dumped it out in the street grab my purse I said what do I have to hide I said nothing I was just asking a question and I got arrested for a controlled substance claiming it was mine because the driver said it wasn't her''s I stated I'm 34 years old never been in trouble with the law and actually worked for the city of Alhambra as caretaker for disabled adults with random drug testing and background check, then let the driver leave with a citation and arrested me bucked finger printed me and was in jail for 10 hours . Now I have that on my record and jeopardized my career. Help please
  9. My wife and I were added to the title of our home 7 years ago, (My Mom is also on title). We have paid the mortgage during that time. We need an attorney to help structure our ownership agreement. How will this effect the value for tax basis?
  10. So I live in the riverside county and am in the middle of a reunification with my children, but I am being tested randomly by Dpss for drugs, but does that also include marijuana since it is now allowed for recreational use?
  11. I am an HR admin in our company and I assist the man that does the HR for the company. We have several salaried employees but there's one specifically, who will call in sick or take a vacation day (or week), but while out, she'll call the office or answer an email then say she worked so she isn't taking sick or vacation time. I know that as a salaried employee she would get 40 hours regardless, but our company offers 3 sick days per year but she probably takes 9 per year. The question I have is, is there a law in place that says it's ok for salaried employees to do this? I've asked our HR guy and he says it's ok (by the way, he's salaried too). I'm not sure if he has legal grounds for his answer or if it's an unwritten company policy.
  12. Suppose, In California, a grant deed is made and recorded that incorrectly describes the interest to be conveyed to be an undivided 1/2 interest when the grantor actually only held title to a 1/4 interest. Would the grant deed effect a transfer of the actual 1/4 interest in the grantor, contrary to the legal description of the interest in property in the deed, or would it transfer nothing at all? Would a court determination of what was actually transferred hinge on whether the error in the property description was accidental or intentional?
  13. On the Los Angeles County inmate lookup, my hysbands name is there and where it says case number, it says MV........... What does the MV stand for? It then says the bail amount is $50,000.
  14. I moved in with a Roomate temporarily, the landlord knew this and allowed me to move in . i was not added onto the lease so can the landlord apply the lease too me??? My boyfriend stayed with me and since I have no rental agreement or lease can she kick my roomate out for me having my boyfriend here more than 7 days
  15. I was sitting in my truck, cleaning it out, my truck it was parked in front of my house around 9 pm when a gentleman slammed into the back of me. My truck (a mini) ended up through my cyclone fence his truck (a maxi) the wheel broke off the axle and skid about 3 houses down. My neighbor directly next door has damage to his fence also. I immediately called 911. All the neighbors came outside and a few immediately recognized him to be the owner of the tobacco shop and the auto repair shop a few blocks away. As far as I know I'm o.k. and he is o.k. but the vehicles and fences are not. After every thing settled down I invited him into my house. He smelled like alcohol. I gathered his information and from what he says, "He was locking the gate as he was out of the truck a black man jumped in the truck and started off he in turn jumped in the bed of the truck and the suspect drove off", shortly after plowing into the back of my truck then fled. No one seen the suspect me included, driving or flee. After two hours and the police did not show, the man wanted to leave. I called 911 and asked what should I do? They said, "let him go", and he left my house. The police showed up about two hours later and wrote their report and I called my attorney and ended up at the emergency. room. All of this happened on the 27, Sept. 2018. The truck that hit my truck was not reported stolen and has not been reported to date.The police officer is going to charge him with hit and run and suggest I do a six pack line up. His insurance is fighting my claim because they said there client said it was stolen. If they bothered to check they could see no reports of stolen vehicle. Are they the judge and jury now? Does their policy dictate the law? How long does the law say they can carry on with this injustice?
  16. My grandson is one of the countless street people with a mental illness. ADHD, low functioning adult, dis associative personality among other diagnosis. The past 3 years He is repeatedly arrested for misdemeaners booked and released has never remembered a court date so lots of FTA. He did get one felony charge of assault on an officer. My question, he has been kept in jail and is scheduled for sentencing on the 8th I was informed probation will not be re instated they are going to make him do the time for past offenses. Is it to late to change his plea regarding the assault? ( I am still confuse about how an air driven door can be slammed on anyone as their function is to prevent slamming and it was working well) He cognately does not understand the court process or the concept of having to report weekly nor does he understand the consequences. How is it the court does not recognize this young man clearly has mental issues that prevent him from complying. He would make court dates if he had the ability to just remember them. When in jail an attorney can bring him any kind of offer and as long as the end of the sentence is, " and then you can get out of jail" he will agree. However, 15 mins later he cannot tell you what he agreed to. What alternatives do we have at this point? Why can't the court get him treatment? I fear after years of warehousing him they will release a much worse young man on society
  17. In California can a Dismissal be Reversed? And how can you verify if the Records were recorded or processed correctly? My Son had several cases, that he had already served his time for, dismissed in May, 2017. Months later in December 2017, the County Sheriff stopped him on the street, insisted he was still on probation, and arrested him. Stating that his dismissal was reversed, because they found drugs on him, after being searched. Then additional charges for him having them in jail? When they should of had them all after the search in the first place. Anyway I don't understand why the Sheriff's did not see anything stating the fact of dismissal. Why it was not processed within the system as being dismissed? I can't afford anymore Attorneys. The State of California has Extorted all my assets within their court system over the years. w
  18. When your case has been dismissed; does that not also mean your off probation? And could you ask for a expungement at the same time? Then what would be your recourse if you were stopped, walking down the street, searched and arrested; stating to violate your probation? Maybe not recorded properly by clerk or court? Check with the D.A. on the paperwork for dismissal?
  19. Hello, I go to Mckinleyville High School and I have recently turned eighteen (18). In order for me to no longer be required to provide parental consent, I must fill out something they call “eighteen papers” in order to acquire these rights. Is this legal in the California public school system? Best, Full time high school student
  20. I live in a residence that rents out three of the four bedrooms. The owner's son stays in the other bedroom. The son is constantly blasting his music and movies that he watches in his room. He also is constantly slamming his bedroom door every time he comes out of his room, which is numerous times during the day and night. He is using cocaine and tries to get the other tenants to party with him. When they refuse, he turns on them and knit-picks at every little thing. He knocked on my bedroom door and when no one answered it, he just took it upon himself to walk in. My boyfriend was in there but he didn't hear anyone knocking because he had headphones on. He gets very mad if the tenants talk to each other. He is telling one tenant that his mother is selling the house and then then telling another that they have to get out by March 1st because they are renovating the backyard. The mother told me she was selling the house and moving to the Philippines and that her son was moving closer to her. However, she informed the other tenant she was moving back in the house so that tenant would have to leave. Her son said that my boyfriend and the other tenants boyfriend can move in as long as they pay him $100 cash more a month. The son is on the path of destruction with his drug use and drinking. He even told me not to stand in front of the house because people were looking for him because he owed them a lot of money for drugs. We were afraid to say anything to the son or the mother in fear of eviction because we can not afford to move. The son also stated that we can not go in the backyard anymore. The tension in the house is really bad. He is lying to his mother and she believes everything he says. Now we don't know who or what to believe. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please don't say to try and find another place, because we have already looked. I'm on a fixed income of $850 a month so it is impossible.
  21. I’m screaming for help! My best friend/girlfriend was arrested December 18 2018 in Las Vegas Nevada, In front of her kids school. And both kids were taking out of school by child protective services(CPS). She had a warrant from Orange County California due to a failure to appear in court for custody, In which she explained to the oldest daughters attorney and the investigator, she was concerned for her daughters safety because of the alcoholic and abusive step mother, these problems were never fully investigated, oldest child was never interviewed, so “best interest of child” was never considered. But the warrant was still issued. My girlfriend is still in jail awaiting extradition to California, has not talked to or seen her kids since 12/18/18, her oldest daughter is back with her dad in California and the youngest daughter is stuck in limbo I’m Las Vegas foster care. I need help and just but every attorney I’ve spoken to so far has no real interest because it’s a big case. 2 cases in California and 1 case in Vegas. Please help. Not asking for money, just resources to get my family home and safe. Thank you. My family is my world.
  22. I am in the process of finalizing a C & R. The settlement offer states that the PDA that I received many years ago will be deducted from the settlement. Is this law or is this negotiable ?
  23. May I copyright my deceased father's diary produced in 1944-45? He died in 1990.
  24. My landlord has demanded I pay him extra $30 Everytime my boyfriend stays overnight. I do not except that amount is way too much. My landlord also offered if boyfriend needed a place to stay he could stay for $500 per month. That breaks down to about $16 a day. I told him I would agree to that amount and would pay $16 per overnight stay but he will not agree with the more reasonable amount. Now because we can not come to an agreement he say he will start eviction process. Can he evict me for having an occasional over night guest?
  25. hey every one I have been going nuts over this dui I got in nov. it involved an accident with no injuries or vehicles.on a highway in the mountains.i was arrested for a dui. now help me understand how I can beat dmv and the case when the accident happened NO one saw it no one saw or called about eratic driving nothing a little while after the accident happened a car drove buy and he in my dmv report says " I drove up saw the accident and a guy cleaning debri off of road said I asked for ride but said no left the scene to find cell service to call 911 the officers asked if there is any other additional info you remember about this guy he said no.now my police report is stating the accident happened at 10:09 am per my saying it did. the next time anyone saw me was at 11:40 and that was cal trans workers saw me climbing up the side of the hill to get to the road. this highway runs along a big river they said that they had been there for an hour looking for me and directing traffic. the chp on my report says the first call came in at 10:50 for abandoned vehicle he got to the scene at 12:00 noon I refused the breath and said I want blood drawn I never said I drove my dmv report shows that and that no one saw me in that vehicle before or after it crashed the guy that was driving I said left.so then I was arrested and not until 2:15 pm was drawn from me at which I had a .12. so my question to u all is I have no one saying they saw me in that vehicle at all then there is that time when I was not in anyones sight for over an hour + And another big question is the time from my actual driving to my blood test is 4 hours 15 min the cop asked if I had been drinking I said yeah we were fishing and had a a few beers I have a dmv hearing and im not able to hire an attourney . so I have been reading all these laws and defenses and the ones that stick out to me are 3 hour rule of thumb and the no drive if any one has any type of advice that I can take to dmv or court I would highly appreciate it I just feel like I should have this beat with no problem.just not financially fit to have a professional do it for me thank u everyone jayvee any questions feel free to ask.
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