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Found 558 results

  1. Can A Canadian US dual citizen travel on their valid Canadian passport if they are in arrears on their Child support payments in California and are denied a US passport. With out fear of being arrested upon return to the US ?
  2. Tulare city animal control shot my companion dog on my property using a lethal dose of tranquilizing agent officer says dog was off leash, and claims he had been chasing him for three days at time of shooting both officers said my dog was sedated they wanted to take him while he recovered from the tranquilizing dart and would bring him back once recovered? went to the humane station where my dog was being held officer came out said my dog was dead, so went to city hall they said someone would return the body of my dog this incident happened on 12/12/2018 It's 11:38 pm I have not received any information on the whereabouts of my dog. please note my dog is an 85LBS german Shepard with no violent background people in uniform visit my home on a routine of about twice a month he has never had to be isolated for any reason have not even received a courtesy call undecided on what actions to take
  3. Is there a law in place in California which controls how long the executor has until he/she must distribute the money (received from the property sale) to the beneficiaries?
  4. I want my name back. I never got married in any way. I walked into DMV and applied for a new ID using my boyfriend last name. With a new ID I got new SS card. All my #'s stayed same. But I never filed married on my taxes.We are no longer together,and I want my real name back. Social Security wants to see ID,& DMV wants to see SS card.What can I do??
  5. I have some questions about the following case - see description and specific questions below. “Bob” is a green card holder that has been charged with multiple charges of child sexual abuse after a single incident with a single victim. He was arrested and has remained in custody due to inability to pay bail. He was appointed a private pro-bono attorney due to his inability to pay for one. The case is located in California. So far, the trial is still in the preliminary hearing phase. Bob’s family is having a very difficult time understanding the legal process due to a language barrier and little legal knowledge/experience. They have many questions that the attorney has apparently not been helpful in answering, perhaps because of his legal obligation of confidentiality to Bob, his client. The family has been able to review one forensic analysis report that indicates that DNA was found on the victim, and Bob “could not be excluded” as the contributor. The family does not understand what this means – does it mean he is more than likely guilty, or that a jury would certainly find him guilty based on this evidence? Or is there a reasonable possibility that the DNA could have come from someone else? There is reason to suspect that the accuser (the mother of the victim) might be accusing Bob out of spite – she is notoriously unstable, mentally ill, and she and Bob had a tumultuous relationship. There is also suspicion that she may have been unfaithful during the time of the abuse, and had other men around the children that could be alternate suspects. It appears that the attorney is encouraging Bob to take a plea deal for one of the charges, which would carry a 15-year sentence (the attorney indicates that a conviction at trial could yield a life sentence due to the severity of the charges). Bob maintains his innocence and refuses to agree to the plea deal. It is not clear if the attorney is pursuing any alternate theories of the crime that might prove Bob’s innocence. The family is also concerned about the ramifications of the charges on Bob’s immigration status, and does not know if the current attorney is considering how a plea deal might impact his immigration status down the line. The family wants to believe that Bob is innocent, but has not been able to review the whole discovery packet (which the attorney refuses to share) and therefore is not sure what to think. The writer of this description wonders if the advice to take the plea deal means that the DNA evidence is certain enough to yield a conviction. Nevertheless, the family is concerned that the attorney is not doing a good job, and they are considering hiring another attorney. This would put the family in considerable debt. Recognizing that it might be difficult if not impossible for anyone here to comment with certainty about the case without knowing more specific information, here are the questions I’d like to pose to anyone reading: Basically, what should/can the family do in this situation? Should the attorney be doing more to help them understand what is going on with the case, or is he restricted from doing so due to his legal obligation of confidentiality? Is there a way that the family can access the full discovery packet, so that they can consider ALL of the evidence before making the decision about potentially hiring a new lawyer? How can the family interpret the DNA evidence which shows that Bob “cannot be excluded” as the contributor? The probabilities listed with the DNA evidence have been removed from this description for confidentiality purposes. Is there a resource that could help the family determine the degree of certainty of the DNA match, or how it would be interpreted by a jury? Can/should the lawyer help the family interpret that information (ie. how certain is a conviction with this evidence?) Other than hiring a new attorney, what other steps might the family take to help the situation? Could they offer to hire a private investigator, a paralegal, or another consultant to help the current attorney? Could/should the family hire an immigration lawyer to collaborate with the current attorney to help her with the immigration consequences of the charges/any convictions? Should the current attorney be taking steps to build a defense that suggests alternate theories of the crime? If DNA evidence corroborates one of the charges but not the others, what is the likelihood that a jury would extrapolate the evidence and convict on all counts? Could the family get a second opinion from another attorney in the area (either through a free consultation or a reasonable fee) – to help them determine whether or not the current attorney is acting in Bob’s best interest? What would they need to do to get a second opinion – could the second attorney gain access to the necessary documents to give them a better understanding of what is actually going on? Could hiring their own attorney help the family in communicating with Bob’s attorney? Would it actually be recommended for the family to hire their own attorney to help answer the above questions? Is this something that an attorney would do, and how much might it cost to hire them as a legal consultant as opposed to hiring them as an actual attorney for Bob? Thank you in advance for any advice/perspective you are able to provide. We are desperate for some clarity about what we can/should do in this situation.
  6. glocat24

    Police taking property

    I just had my property removed and disposed of. I was told i hsd 30 seconds to grab what i could. Told it is war on homeless. Pouring rain, no signs posted.saying i could not be there. He told me he personally made sure i could not get into shelter and told me to get the hell out of HIS city and state. He told me be would find any reason to arrest any homeless. I had to to this city for important court case on short notice. I cant leave until its over, i cant get into any shelter, although there is a new one with 200 beds and only 20 occupants. I looked it up and was told my belongings should have been stored, not thrown away. They took my blankets,hygiene products, makeup, and alot of my clothes. Left with nothing, except thier vulgar treats. Again no signs posted, and many have slept there in an alcove in bad weather. They are now going around with a trash truck and picking up everyones possessions and leaving people helpless and freezing at night. I want to file a civil suit to get my possessions compensated and police harrassment stopped. Any suggestions? Thank you. Here is what i found on web pasting below Can You Throw Away a Homeless Person’s Possessions? The manner in which the possessions of a homeless person can be disposed of has been the subject of evolution over the past dozen years. What has happened in Los Angeles provides a good example of this evolution. In 2006, a court settlement was reached in a lawsuit involving homeless people living in encampments in LA and the city. The case is Jones vs. City of Los Angeles. The case was brought against the city by the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, on behalf of homeless people in LA. The case focused on what can and cannot be done with the possessions of homeless people found in a public area. The Jones case ended up in the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. It was while pending in this court that the referenced settlement was reached in the case. The decision of the Court of Appeals can be found via this link. The prime example of possessions of homeless people in some type of pubic space is property of homeless people in encampments. With that said, the case also addressed possessions of homeless people not living in encampments. Possessions of Homeless People Prior to the Jones Case Prior to the Jones lawsuit, possessions of homeless people in public spaces oftentimes was seized and thrown away by law enforcement officials and other representatives of the city. For example, city officials were swooping in on homeless encampments, tearing them apart, and disposing property found at these locations. This included the seizure of all manner of personal property of a homeless individual. Possessions of Homeless People in LA and Other California Communities After the Jones Settlement The settlement of the Jones case set forth the way in much possessions of homeless people must be handled in Los Angeles. This specifically governs possessions found in a homeless encampment. With that said, the settlement ultimately impacted how possessions of homeless individuals not in encampments are addressed in LA as far as seizure of property is concerned. Other communities have established similar guidelines, appreciating that if they ended up being sued, they would likely end up in a position of having to reach a settlement similar to the one in the Jones case. In the alternative, some cities were concerned that if they didn’t adapt, ended up being sued, failed to reach a settlement, they could end up with even less favorable dispositions of this type of legal dispute after a trial. Possessions of a Homeless Person in a Homeless Encampment There is a six part process for dealing with possessions of homeless people in an encampment. First, a determination is made that a homeless encampment is on public property or a right away of some type. Second, a report is sent to various agencies and organizations about the presence of the homeless encampment. These agencies are Bureau of Street Services Investigation and Enforcement Division, BOS, LAHSA, and LAPD. LAHSA is the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority. Third, LAHSA becomes the first point of contact with the residents of an encampment. The organization is required to offer services to people in the encampment at least once and up to four times. Fourth, the Investigation and Enforcement Division makes a final determination that a violation exists because of the existence of the encampment. Fifth, the city must post a 24-hour notice at the encampment. The notice must advise residents of the encampment of the planned cleanup. The notice is designed to provide people living in the encampment with time to remove their possessions. Sixth, the cleanup of the homeless encampment occurs. Obvious personal possession left at the encampment must be sorted and stored for the residents at a facility located in downtown Los Angeles. Possessions of a Homeless Person not in an Encampment but on Public Property As mentioned previously, city personnel cannot seize property of a homeless person not residing in an encampment even if that property is found on public property or a right away. The owner of the property must be given an opportunity to collect and remove the possessions. If that does not promptly occur, certain possessions that would seem to have some value for a homeless person must be stored in the manner described a moment ago. Possessions of a Homeless Person on Private Property If a homeless person leaves his or her possessions on private property, the owner of that property is not prohibited from disposing of that property. In disposing of a homeless person’s property, a private property owner needs to pay heed to the fact that there could be harmful substances mixed in with the possessions. Thus, care must be taken in regard to the manner that the possessions are collected and disposed by a private property
  7. I purchased a California property from a court appointed referee that had a trust deed recorded against it during a court proceeding for partition by a party to that action. The trust deed was recorded after a notice of action for that proceeding had already been recorded and was still in force. I believe the final order of the court confirming sale automatically voided the trust deed for being recorded after the notice of action per Civil Code 1214. However, the lender will not voluntarily remove the lien and two title companies I asked (subsequent to the sale due to an oversight by my now-deceased attorney) to provide policies of title insurance will not now provide a policy that does not include an exception for the trust deed I believe to be void. One told me they do not exclude liens on the bases of theories of law, such as Civil Code 1214, but on recorded documents. (My argument, to no avail, was Civil Code 1214 is not a theory of law, it is law.) I think the final court order confirming my purchase was such a recorded document but they disagree saying the document has to explicitly name the lien and say it is off so I have declined those offered title policies. Are the title companies wrong and, if so, how do I convince them to remove the exception for the void trust deed? Could I, as the buyer confirmed by the court, ask the court to revise its final order confirming sale (of 2014) to explicitly say the trust deed, which predated the original court order, is void so I can avoid a whole new lawsuit to clear my title? Thanks
  8. StrangerLady


    July 23, 2017, I, a 66 yr old disabled female was falsely charged with a FELONY ("assault with a deadly weapon"-my keys). The owner of a residential hotel was selling & refurbishing his bldh & wanted to lower his costs of relocating tenants..While incarcerated for 30days, EVERYTHING I owned, AND my two Feline Family members, was removed from my room (the room was stripped of Everything), including personally iden tifiable documents, which were used to rob my bank account of $1,053. It took 2months to get a police report...I became Instantly HOMELESS & a victim. An note dated 8/1/2017 with my FORGED signature was used to justify taking my property. Ownership transferred title 8/9/2017. However....Controlling Interest remains eith the seller, who is also the Lender ti the buyers .. Ten months passed before I discovered where one of my Feline Family had been residing. Pictures of him show distinct signs of neglect and confusion. On the evening of my arrest, I was Battered by the manager's live in boyfriend too. Lots more but too many words for this blog. I NEED A GOOD ATTORNEY bcz these people have been "ABOVE THE LAW" for many GENERATIONS and have an EXTREME amount of money and property and have been s part of this close-knit community for MANY GENERATIONS and sre Very WELL-CONNECTED...and will most- likely attempt a bribe to win their case. Seriously!
  9. james.edgar.milner

    Incorrect Information on Citation

    I was issued a traffic citation for turning right on a red light, where it is posted "no right turn on red". However the CHPD officer that wrote me the citation wrote down my drivers license number incorrectly. What should I do? Should I call the court?
  10. When applying for trademarks, I wish to put many potential goods & services that belong to the trademark class in the application. I read that if a trademark is unused for 5 years, I may lose its rights (is that correct?). May I ask what would happen if I use the trademark only for part of the Goods & Services filled in the trademark application? For example, if I apply a Class 25 trademark with the Goods & Services described as "T-shirts; Shirts; Coats; Shoes; Sandals.". But at the end I only used the trademark for T-shirts, Coats, and Sandals. In this case, would I lose any trademark rights? Thank you very much for your help.
  11. SuccessorTrustee


    I am Successor Trustee for our family Trust and the prior Trustee gave himself property that belongs to another beneficiary. Does anyone know how to get him to return the assets to the Trust for proper distribution? I know to go to Probate Court but don't know the wording that is required for the return of the assets.
  12. Son (16) who has no previous offenses and stellar grades was provided a Ticket (Checked Traffic) with the Code and Section as HS11357(a)(1) and checked I (Infraction) from school while walking through park on way back from lunch - They suspended him for 3 days under the Ed Code 48900(C) - Is this ticket a mistake and should be marked Non-Traffic as well as no signature on the ticket where his signature should be stating that he promises to appear at the time and place indicated below.
  13. Mm1468

    Children truancy

    Hello im having a probkem with my ex who i have 8 yr old daughter with she also has 3 other children from previous relationship anyway my daughter is 8 yrs old and has never been enrolled in any school i need help understanding how i should go about doing right thing for my kid and getting her in school who can i call to report this situation because she is not taking anything i say seriously none if the other children are in school they were enrolled at one time they just stopped going and she is jusg letting it happen do i contact police or another agency to have her comply with my daughter attending school any help is appreciated thank you
  14. During kitchen renovations, contractor brought a guy to design and install the kitchen cabinets. He brought the base cabinets and installed them and is asking for the rest of the money before finishing. He already got paid for half the agreed upon fees before starting. His cabinets were not what we had agreed on and wasted a lot of cabinet space and most his measurements were wrong. We thought we had come to an understanding and compromise but now he says he has to get paid in full before agreeing to finish the job. What are my rights?
  15. I'm filing a motion to stop wage garnishment pending the outcome of my motion to set aside the default judgement. (Wage garnishment is due to an old credit card. But I was never served the summons, or anything.) What should I put in the "Points and Authorities" document? What should I put in the "Declaration" document? I've been doing research to put together other documents, but I'm stuck on these two. (This is in California.) Thanks.
  16. I was never served the Summons or anything, but my creditor claims that I was "personally served". I know I never was though. And, in fact, the "Proof of Service" document says that I was served at an address for which there actually is no building. And I have never lived anywhere near there (maybe 3 miles away). How should I defend this? And should I put my defense in my Declaration document or should I keep it secret until the court date? In other words, what should I put in the Declaration and what should I keep secret until the court date? Any other advice? Thanks.
  17. Itsanono

    Just Wondering

    If a mobile home park serves you eviction papers for non-payment of rent, and you sold said mobile home and paid the mobile home park what was owed, does that mean you can not visit friends in the mobile home park? There is no eviction on record.
  18. Gloria

    Erroneous Warrant

    Sex offender that served required time in CA, on parole 3 years (2015-18). Requested and granted Application for Interstate Compact Transfer (10-13-15) to care for ailing parent. Arrival Form completed by receiving state, MS, 12-22.15. Mississippi Progress Reports full compliance of progress, performance and attitude on 11-21-16, 4-14-17 and 3-20-18. Discharge was completed 5/21/18 in Mississippi. Offender recently applied for a job, background check disclosed CA Warrant for failure to report in 2016. This was not noted by MS officials before discharge, no law enforcement has contacted offender and he has been at noted address in MS the full year of 2016 until now. I called it an erroneous warrant but don't know what it would be called, or what/how to do about it in CA. Any explanation/information you can provide would be appreciated.
  19. Itsanono


    A temporary restraining order was filed by me against this guy who keeps harassing me by text messages and phone calls. I have his number blocked on my phone, but he downloaded an app on his phone which allows you to put anyone's phone number for the caller id. He uses my friends number so I will pick up the phone. When the hearing date was set, which is on October 19th, I didn't realize that I was going to be out of town that day. I can not change my plans because there is no refund on the plane tickets and too much money to change the reservation at this point in time. I asked them if they can change the date until I return, which will be October 23rd, and if they can not do that, can they dismiss the case and I would refile it when I returned. The person I spoke with at the courthouse told me that if the person who was served with the papers shows up on the day of the hearing, they will still hear the case. They also told me to go to the self-help center they have at the courthouse, which I am going to do this Friday. I wanted to get some feedback from any attorneys out there if there is anything else I can do. Thank you!
  20. My question involves civil rights in the State of: CaliforniaA person who live in Miami (two party state) has been repeatedly calling California (two party state) businesses phones while recording and broadcasting the phone calls live thru Youtube, the calls are used to get customers kicked out of and even banned from those businesses. The calls are usually along the lines of "so and so is doing lude acts under the table", "so and so is abusing their kids", "so and so is trying to buy alcohol from your store to give to kids", "so and so is exposing their body parts to 12 year old kids inside your businesses", "your pharmacy employee gave someone the wrong meds and now they are over dosing", etc etc etcThe person making the calls usually targets the same people over and over (some people have been targeted 4-8 times). The caller's claims are always 100% false. The Caller broadcasts LIVE as he films himself making these calls and broadcasting the businesses' private phone call interaction without being told they are being recorded. Now here is where the question comes into play, state law in California and Florida state 2 party consent on recording however this guy claims as long as he calls outside of Florida then Florida law nor other state laws have any effect on him and that it goes to federal law ( the law he uses is 18 U.S.C. 2511(2)(d)..). However that law states "unless such communication is intercepted for the purpose of committing any criminal or tortious act in violation of the Constitution or laws of the United States or of any State." So Is the caller correct that he can record and broadcast ANY phones he makes a call to without consent as long as he calls outside of Florida or is he still braking the law?
  21. I received the courts decision in favor of me as the defendant in a breach of contract case. I had to represent myself for financial reasons. I submited a entry of judgement to both the court and the plaintiff . Is there anything else I need to do or any other forms I need to file to complete the case? this was a civil case in San Diego county. thank you in advance for you help
  22. M&M


    Does anyone know information about unemployment overpayment and what to say during an appeals hearing?
  23. I used to live in a mobile home park and was served eviction papers a couple of years ago for unpaid rent. I sold the mobile home and paid what the unpaid rent was. There is no eviction on my record. I visit my friends in the same mobile home park, and one friend watches my dog while I attend my college classes. My friend was recently in a car accident in which his vehicle was totaled. My friend is raising three of his own children and one step daughter ages 8 through 16. His wife passed away a couple of years ago. The three younger children have mild autism so I help him out by bringing them to school or picking them up, as well as taking my friend to the stores as needed. The problem here is that the assistant manager has told my friends sister-in-law that I sell drugs and I am a heroin addict, which is not true at all. The only time I ever seen the sister-in-law, the only words exchanged was hi. Now the sister-in-law is telling my friend that I should not be going over there because of what the assistant manager stated to her. The mobile home title is in his deceased wife's name and her mothers name. The sister-in-law has nothing to do with it. My question is.......can I sue the assistant manager and the mobile home park for slander?
  24. Mariam Makhsoyan


    HI, I am Mariam Makhsoyan. I am from Republic of Armenia, Armenian. My boyfriend is also from Armenia, Armenian. He has green card. Now he is in Armenia, but from January 2019 he is planning to live in the US. we want to get married officially , want to go to the Registry Office, but do not know where? Is it right to do in Armenia or in the US? Are there any differences, advantages or disadvantages? I will appreciate very much if you were as kind as to answer my question. Thanks in advance. Mariam
  25. Carolina

    Defective Refrigerator

    I purchased a brand new LG refrigerator online from Costco. Seven months later it stopped cooling. I have been trying to get this issue fixed for the past month now. Costco and LG just give me the runaround. LG sent a repair man twice and it’s still not working. I need my refrigerator, I have a family. I’ve spent so much money on food. I’m on the verge of losing my job. I get out early from work because they tell me they’re going to come and fix it and the repair guy never calls or shows up. I don’t know what to do anymore. No one wants to help me. Do I have a case?