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Found 842 results

  1. For a trust deed on California bare land, let's call that land "Paradise," to be valid, must all co-owners of fractional undivided interests in Paradise sign the trust deed or could a single co-owner, Mr. X, sign the trust deed, without telling the other co-owner, Mr. Y, and legally record that trust deed? (In the actual case, the trust deed on Paradise was to secure a note previously taken out by Mr. X not on Paradise but on a different property, his home, years before, which was at that time secured by a different trust deed, which was reconveyed soon after the trust deed on Paradise was recorded.) If the answer to the above is negative (i.e, all co-owners need not sign a deed of trust), how might Mr. Y prevent the trust deed on Mr. X's fractional undivided interest from encumbering Mr. Y's own interest? (The trust deed on Paradise shows up as an exception in preliminary title reports on Mr. Y's interest. The actual case is complicated by the fact that Mr. Y purchased the entire interest in the property when Paradise was sold by court order (partition) so Mr. X no longer owns any interest in the title to Paradise but Mr. X's trust deed on his former fractional undivided interest in Paradise remains on the record as encumbering the property in an amount far in excess of its market value were it unemcumbered.
  2. Trustee has left the residence of the trust with doors wide open and now valuable personal property is missing! Trustee and his attorney now just say, prove it was ever there! As an heir and possible beneficiary, the horrible trust does not name anybody as a beneficiary whatsoever so court has to decide, I have demanded that to have the insurance companies name and phone # along with proof the trustee has reported it to the police and a claim made on the insurance. The trustee, wrong/incorrect/scammer/fake/phony trustee and his scammer attorney just refuse to provide anything and say prove it was in this house! What can be done to stop these scamming thieves?!!!
  3. If a grandmother tells her grandchildren that their mother dont love them as well as their father isnt their father and is true then gains Temporary guardinship due to the 15 year old as well as the 9 year old makeing false accusations cause the oldest is angery what can i do?
  4. How would it be determined who is "at fault" if two cars backing out of spaces in a parking lot backed into each other?
  5. Ok, Where do I start......I wanted to work for Uber and I didn't have a car. So I went through all the background checks and was ready for the next step. I haven't worked for a long time I'm on disability. I was getting a fresh second chance at being a productive member of society. I was jazzed. I have a learning disability and other mental health issues that have kept me trapped at home and unable to deal with life and people and the things that happen in real life. My social worker/case worker and I worked on preparing me for this big day for almost 3 yrs. So this was big stuff for someone like me. I felt like I was ready and the only way to find out was hands on trial and error. So I was to go to a dealer on the list Uber provided and get a car that fit the requirements listed on the website Uber provided. The first lot I stopped at was a nissan dealer in Sacto. (I was with my support person) These were the instructions Uber said I had to follow to get started on the job . I was to speak with the Uber rep that was located there onsite. So I found him told him what I needed to and he told me. First of all I wanted to lease a vehicle. With the mental health issues I deal with I didn't know if I could perform as I should to fulfill the job description put forth by Uber. I didn't want to be stuck making a car payment I couldn't afford on my SSI income. I made this perfectly clear several times during the whole process. I didn't want anything to go wrong. He told me I couldn't lease and it lt would be $300. more a month if I was to go that route. Then he said I have 3 choices. White , black, and gray. The type of car was to be Nissan Sentra. Plain and simple. Then next thing he did was to find some way to run off my support person. He said I needed some pieces of info to process the loan. It wouldn't get approved without it. So my peeps was off to my file cabinet at my home . I was freaking out inside. Either I have my therapy animal or a person I feel safe with to accompany me where ever I go or I don't go. As soon as we were alone I began having an anxiety issues.....I was told to go siit in this one area and someone would join me shortly to fill out all the paperwork. By this time I was a mess and my brain was trying to tell me "fight or flight" . I answered all the questions honestly and to the best of my ability. The next thing I remembered the two guys came out with some papers and said sign here here and here. I kept saying stuff like.... , are the payments low enough so I can make them even if I don't work out driving for Uber. I told him everything. He says don't worry you'll do fine. You will make enough to cover it. If you have trouble we'll help you . Don't trip. But he wasn't telling me how much. He handed me the key and said ok your off. Go get rested for work tomorrow. So what ever info. he sent my support person off to get wasn't needed now I guess . I drove home all in a tither over everything that just happened. So when I got home my husband was very upset. Apparently, things were not as we agreed on and he said it was going back the next day. I haven't ever bought a car before and I guess the dude hustled us. First of all I didn't need a new car, it very clearly states that Uber accepts 2012 and newer . And the payments were $567. 00 a month. Then a $115. insurance payment each month on top of gas and the car payment. I can't afford the car if I can't perform up to Ubers requirements. So the next day we went back and tried exchange for something closer to my income bracket. They have that system they calculate your bills, your rent, income and come out with a budget that works for all parties involved in the transaction.. I learned that from all this crap. Well, they wouldn't let us exchange it. He says make it work you can do it. So I went to work the next day. I tried my best to make that job a success. It was difficult to do. I wasn't making enough working to pay for everything. None of my other bills were getting paid and I had to keep borrowing money for gas. I kept getting suspended for little stupid things that weren't my fault. So I scheduled an appt. with the Uber rep like he told he would provide. I sat there for 45 mins listening to all that he had accomplished in life so far. Then all of a sudden he excused himself. He said he would be right back. I sat there for a half hour maybe a little longer. My car was done being serviced so I left him a note asking him to please to call me I needed help fast. He never came back and he never called. I went out and borrowed some money for gas and tried to make it work Again. I also had to accept the fact it was never going to work . Not because I did or didn't do anything wrong but because it was off balance, top heavy. I was about to find out for sure. I decided to try and sell or trade my car off for something that would fit into my budget. Sure enough, I tried 2 or 3 places they all said the same thing. I know every time someone makes an inquiry( hard) on your credit it brings your score down. I didn't care. I knew if I didn't give it all I had to try and save my car I would be so mad at myself. So I tried I think 9 or 10 more times. At places that were "for sure" that they could help me. I found out not only did they make payments to high they also charged me double the price they were asking others. The car isn't worth what they charged. That's what top heavy means. Now the payments are falling behind and the finance company is trying find it, They are threatening me and calling continuously. I felt paranoid and something inside of me wanted to give them a run for their money. They had no idea where I was with that car.....but after I exhausted all the options to save it or just make it fair for us both I drove it back down to Sac and parked it on the street. After I washed and waxed her, even vacuumed her well. I felt like I let her down. Anyways, they came and got her that night. They sold her in auction and billing me for $15,000.00 still. After this all happened I get an email telling me there is a class action lawsuit going and if I had a lawyer I could be amongst the other poor saps that fell for this scam. All across the states. You see I say scam. The loan for this car shouldn't have ever been approved. The math doesn't come anywhere close to adding up. They pushed it through expecting it to fail. I didn't have a chance of making it work from the start. Now what? Believe it or not this IS a shortened version of what transpired. There's a whole list of things they did to make it all go sour. please advise me, I'm past desperate......Thanks
  6. During the repossession of my vehicle. I jumped onto the back of the tow truck while it was hooking up to my vehicle. The tow truck starting driving away with me still on the back. I started yelling for driver stop, It came to stop in about 5 or 10 seconds. I jumped off the back of the tow truck injuring myself. The repossession was illegal because in was done under my protest and the police where called to the scene. With the police involvement with the matter a Breach of Peace has now occurred. Now making the repossession illegal in california. With the repossession illegal and my action of jumping on and off the tow truck. Can hold the repossession company liable for my injuries.
  7. What is the law regarding auto loan contracts and Accord and Satisfaction? Once a check is rendered and cashed, does a person still owe the balance owed on the contract?
  8. My vehicle was repossessed during a Breach of Peace. When driving my vehicle it became disabled and came to a stop on the side of the road. With in minutes the repo man arrived at my location. He fully hooked up my vehicle with me inside and threaten me to call the police and that I would be arrested if I didn't exit the vehicle.. The police where called by the repo agent. When the police arrived on scene I remained in my vehicle while they talk to the repo agent. Then my car was surrounded and I was removed at gun point by the police and handcuffed. The repo agent had told the police that I had made vague threats to having a gun and might shoot him. I had not made any such remarks to the repo agent. This was false statement by the repo agent to the police. The police search me and my vehicle and did not find any firearm or weapons. The police told me that my vehicle was being lawfully repossessed under my protest and that I would be release once the tow truck had left the scene.
  9. My roommates sublease the room to me (I am not renting from leasing office). Now I want to move out on June 16, and I already paid for May rent in April 30th. My roommates insist to ask me to pay for the full month for June, instead of half a month (June 16) or increase my daily payments in June. I wonder if she has right to do these? How can I protect myself form their bully? Btw, our lease was expired last year, and we are doing oral month to month lease. Please help me. They are super mean roommates.
  10. Here’s my statement of accounts that happened before, during and after the repossession of my vehicl e. On March 26th just before 1am I drove to 7-11 in my 2012 BMW 328i to buy milk for my 14-month son. After purchasing milk, I headed back home, and my car suddenly shut off as I was going through the intersection of Mission Blvd (Hwy 238) and Niles Canyon Road (Hwy 84-traveling east bound on Niles Canyon Road.) I coast off the road about 100 yards east of the intersection. I tried to start the car about 3 or 4 times but, the starter was not working. I was really had no idea what was wrong with my vehicle. I walk back to 7-11 and called my wife (1:15am) to let her know that I had broken down. She didn’t answer and could only leave a message. When walking back to vehicle a tow truck passed my vehicle and headed up Old Canyon Road. I really hoping they would come back, so that could get some help with my vehicle. About 10 to 15 mins later (appx 1:30am) the tow truck returned and pull behind me. I exited my vehicle to communicated with the tow truck driver and the tow truck continued to back up and the tow truck started to lift the rear of my vehicle. I started yelling STOP, STOP! My vehicle kept going up and my car door was still open, so i got back in and I shut and locked my doors. At this point I was in fear of my safety, so I pushed my onboard SOS button that communicates with Emergency Dispatchers. It would not work and then two men exited the tow truck and approach my vehicle at both drivers and passenger windows and one of the men started demanding me to get out that my car; That my vehicle has been repossessed. I replied; I would not, and the police were on the way. This continued for about 5 to 10 mins and when a police vehicle arrived they stopped and started walking towards their vehicle or the police vehicle. I could see anything because of the spot light of the police car was pointed at my vehicle. I remained in my vehicle, waiting for the police to come talk to me. It seemed like a long time had passed (5mins) and the police still hadn’t come talk to me. I rolled down my windows and stuck my head out and said; Officer could you, please come talk to me! Then one of the officers replied for me to show my hands and to keep them outside of the window. Then I he said; he was going to give direction on how I was going to exit the vehicle. They had open the door from the outside and keep my hands above my head and walk backwards until he said to stop. I did exactly that and they place handcuff on me and told me that I wasn’t under arrest at this time but, I was being detained. My view was clear now and there were four officers, maybe 5 had the weapon out and two of them at automatic rifles. I explained that I was in the vehicle when they tried to take my vehicle with me inside of it and the threats they had made towards me. He replied; what did you throw out of the window. I replied; I don’t know what you’re talking about. Three officers were searching in the field beside us. Then office holds up something that look like a cell phone and asked is this your scale. I replied; NO and let’s get back to the attempted theft of my vehicle. He replied; What kind of drugs do you use. I replied; No. The officer then asked; where do you live? I replied just down the street. He told that the tow truck was leaving with my vehicle and when they are gone, I would be uncuffed and that I needed to go home. I asked; if he could at least get my milk out of my car for me. The tow truck drove off with my vehicle and was uncuffed and given the milk and then I started walking home.
  11. I have a warrant for failure to appear on a prostitution charge. When I went tried to put myself on the court calendar i was told by the court clerk that the judge stipulated to not set a court date for me that I had to turn myself in on any Friday at 7 pm, which is almost impossible due to me being the sole caregiver for my 4 year old disabled son. I haven't even been arraigned
  12. My boyfriend and I moved across the country from Chicago to California. His friend had been asking us for quite some time. We stayed with so called friend from Oct 10th to Feb 7th. We were told Oct was rent free to get on our feet. November was agreed to be paid with tax returns. December, January, and February were paid in full. On Feb 7th my boyfriend and his friend got into a heated argument leaving tensions high. We decided to stay at a hotel that night to avoid any further problems. When we woke up we had received text messages stating we needed to leave immediately and that we didnt owe him anything just get out. So we left, homeless and new to the area. He then the next day stated we owe him 700. And has changed his price numerous times since then as high as 1300. As time went on we gave him a check for 100, then 440, and paid his Feb phone bill of 160 totalling the 700 he once stated we owed him Now he's saying he won't take any of our checks and that we will be receiving papers soon. (Which he has been threatening since February). We only paid the 700 honestly to try to get him to leave us alone. We never had any written lease agreement. Help please!
  13. So question: I live in Southern California in a city where the building codes for houses classify it as a R1 Zone, which in my city is a single family dwelling, and a couple other things, but do NOT include renting individual rooms out, classifying it as a boardinghouse/roominghouse which is illegal in my city. I have rent this room out in this city for the nearly the last two years. I finally found out that I was renting an illegal room out. My question now is if the terms and conditions of the house doesn't allow for renting, would it be possible to levy a lawsuit at them for all rent/payments over those last two years? Or does the contract still stand? Also, since I will be moving out quite soon, would there be any way to get the entire security deposit back because the house is considered an illegal rental? Thanks!
  14. I have been served a subpoena and an "order to produce a statement of assets and appear for examination" for a civil judgment that is eight years old. The judgment is for back rent. The statute of limitations for a judgment in California is 10 years, the statute of limitations for collection of of rent is four years. Can anyone tell me which statute actually applies in this case? I’ve kept it really simple, but of course there’s plenty more detail and I’ll be more than happy to provide it if needed. Thanks
  15. Hello everyone, recently I had bought a prom ticket for the price of 90 dollars at my highschool. Due to an assortment of issues I have decided not to go. The broad "policy" is that the ticket cannot be refunded, but the payment can be exchanged for something such as a yearbook. I need the 90 dollars back because it is not mine in the first place, it is my parents and although I did exchange it for a good, I feel like they should be able to refund a measely 90 dollars. Do i have the right to get a refund or do I not have a case to argue. Thanks, Chris
  16. LLC Licensor and LLC Licensee has a Intellectual Property Agreement. The Agreement has a provision to pay royalties in month after the calendar quarter but does not have a provision for late interest if licensee is late in paying royalties due to Licensor. Is there a California law which permits Licensor to charge interest for late payment? If yes can you cite the law and reference #? If no, what happens if Licensor performs audit of Licensee and finds under reported royalties were not paid to Licensor. Can Licensor charge interest for late payment in this case? Thank you
  17. I had a tenant who invited a guest to stay with him a few days. He went to hospital, and will not be back. He turned in his keys, gave a notice of relinquishing all rights to the unit, family moved out his belongings. The guest refuses to leave. Is this a civil matter? Or can we remove them?
  18. HI, I was visiting my grandson at his home, when one morning in the bathroom I had fainted due to a medical condition. When I came to on the bathroom floor my leg was killing me. When I got back to Las Vegas, I went to the ER and found out my leg was broken. They ran tesrs and decidee=d I faibted due to dehydration and tiny little s=cysts in my brain. My health insurance is now going after my gtandsons mother;s homeowners insurance. Is this legal....It was not their fault, nor was it caused by anything in the home. Thank you in advance
  19. My boyfriend got arrested, went to court and was sentenced for sales of meth. The cops were nice enough to let him text me where the car was so i could go pick it up because my keys and clothes were in it. When he called me he told me that he had left my stuff in the car. I asked him why he took a sells charge because it was only 26 grams, personal use. he said he wanted them to stop searching the car. They had already torn up the inside pretty bad. about a week later the station that took him in called me to tell me they had a property slip for me to go get his property. I made an appointment for 4 and didnt leave my house till that time. Wait let me back up, the day before he called me and asked me for my address so he could write to me. So before i could even get the key in the door they grabed me and told me they were looking for that car and told me they had a search warrant for the car and the house. I asked several times to see the warrant. They searched me and found my keys and told me if I didnt tell them which keys were which they would bust my door. So i did. They went into the house where my friend was their and then brought her out to the car I was in while they continued to break open my safes one which was already unlocked and the other one i offered to open for them but had rather break it. There was an oz of bud in their with a scale. And less then 3 grams of meth on my desk. They keep asking me what it was my boyfriend had left for me in the car and where was it. Then told me they were listening to our calls. They were mad because i wouldnt unlock my phone, i told them i wanted to see the warrant again and they let me read only 3 out of 7 pages and told me the rest wasent public record. So they took my phone and said it was going into evidence. My name wasent on the warrant only my address. How could they get a search warrant over him saying i left that in the car? They arrested me for sells and when i got to court it was a d/a reject. I recieved a letter in the mail yesterday from them and they said to show up to court in june and they are charging me with the same charge. They wont let me get my property out because i dont have the paper suit. Which has my id in it and i cant do anything with out that. While i was in custody i didnt get a phone call or a shower for 5 days. I dont know what to do although I feel like they didnt do things according to the law. Could someone please tell me if i'm right.
  20. No warrants, no charges filed against me, but for some reason (slander) someone has been making false claims about me to my employers, former business colleages, friends and family. Do you have experience with clandestine investigations done purely to disable ones ability to earn income? The facts are interesting and follow a pattern of slander, identity theft and possibly even some sort of corruption. * 2011 idemnity paperwork signed for attorney that requires protection for allowing next two actions: * 2011 irrevocable trust dissolved. * 2011 $500,000 life insurance policy cancelled. * 2011 layoff from (name withheld) as Lead Senior Consultant ($100,000,000) software sales deal only partially paid for. * 2011 look at employment options in many different career paths when laid-off from (name withheld). Offered contract and took job with (name withheld) a well known San Francisco eDiscovery firm. * 2012 was an interesting period of time some sort of hardcore background investigation for a job I was offered in early 2013 as a financial systems analyst (I applied to this job in early 2012). * 2013 took job as financial systems analyst - was asked to move acro ss country and make a five year commitment. * 2013 November / December wrongful termination. * 2013 a week later pulled over in a speed trap crossing Delaware Memorial Bridge by a New Jersey state trooper. * Given all kinds of tickets that were all dissmissed after hiring a NJ based law firm. * Things start getting really interesting here involving entrapment and all kinds of constitutional rights violations to cover up something I will discuss in a more private setting if you are interested to assist me with this legal matter. As an example: Random checks sent to my PO BOX one by the PBGC in early 2014 as a means to potentially cover up the wrongful termination. Looking for help to get my FOIA requests responded to. Otherwise where do I address the necessary cease and desist letters to? Possibly have to sue for lost wages and damage to professional career, but to be honest all I ever wanted to do was work. Thank you, Matt James Matt Ullakko (415) 637-0113
  21. Need to know if there is an original custody agreement and in it it state neither party can consume alcohol or illegal drug while child is in there custody. And the one party decides they want to do a stipulation for the other party to do random drug test no more then 2 times in a 3O day period. When there are no reason for the drug test no priors or anything should the receiving party sign and agree to test
  22. So my 15 year old nephew comes to stay with me every summer in In with his dad's permission. If I were to say not send him back to his dad in California what could I be charged with? What would his father's ( mom is out of country no communication for years) recourse be if I refused to send him back? Would the police arrest me here? I ask because I've reported abuse and neglect 3 times and the only thing done has been questions by cps.
  23. Hello I have searched for this answer for a few months. Please can someone guide me in the right direction to my question? I'am filing a Sm. claims in California on a Home owner who had a Open Invite to the Entire Public to his Property. The invite day & time were set by the Property Owner. After arriving with My Reg. Medical Service Companion in my arms he was foreseeable seen in my arms. I was welcomed and guided into the gated property. There was no way to see what or who was on the other side of the fence. And there was No posted warning signs Telling the entire Public That the Owner of the property had his very Lg. in breed of dogs running loose & unattended to. After a minute on the inside the pk of dogs had us surrounded, And instead of trying to safely help us get out of the yard the owner started yelling get out of here. the owners yelling caused his pk of dogs to become very aggressive finally one jumped on me and Ripped my beloved Companion out of my arms ripping his throat from ear to ear. I would like to sue the property owners home owners insurance as well as him. If it's possible how can I find out who the insurance company is? And what forms would I have use to file. Thank you
  24. We been Harassed by are surrounded Neighbors we are the only Hispanic family with kids and my husband is disabled and out a 1 year we had only 3 nites of rest. From braking and entering to Vandalism and local pd won’t give us copies of are reports. We had pictures and a crap load of Evidence and still nothing they we evidence went as far as cyber stalking are kids And nothin can be done. What attorneys would help out I believe I still have civil rights
  25. My landlord has demanded I pay him extra $30 Everytime my boyfriend stays overnight. I do not except that amount is way too much. My landlord also offered if boyfriend needed a place to stay he could stay for $500 per month. That breaks down to about $16 a day. I told him I would agree to that amount and would pay $16 per overnight stay but he will not agree with the more reasonable amount. Now because we can not come to an agreement he say he will start eviction process. Can he evict me for having an occasional over night guest?