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Found 494 results

  1. In Ventura county when someone is on probation the sheriff's will come to your home for what the call a probation search if your sleeping will wake you up say your under the influence. They make the arrest take you to jail and you will get released that night. What do they think your not under the influence later on that same night. It's not right to make an arrest then release someone for something that has not changed the original issue is it? Is it just to make the head count in jail so that tax payers are being charged. Does this sound right to anyone?
  2. My ex husband in CA used his cell phone to photograph my years old divorce decree and text it to someone, but he sent it to my son in NV. When my son asked him what this was and why he had sent it to him, my ex husband told him it was a mistake, his lawyer in the UK asked him to photograph it and text it to him. My son was very upset and showed me the text photo and the full decree he received. I am concerned that this private document was exposed when sent over unsecured cell phone text messaging. This was done without my permission and I am concerned about my private documents being texted within the US and internationally. I feel this is a breach of my privacy. Do I have any legal protections regarding this?
  3. I don't know if this is the right place to put this but please forgive me if it is not. My elderly mother lives in California. I will try to make this as short as I can. I apologize in advance for the length. She has always had a particular flair for the melodramatic, a never ending need to be the constant center of attention, and an uncanny ability to charm or persuade just about anybody into believing just about anything. These things have been true of her for her whole life. It is that last skill that I am worried about. Her only real health issue right now is that she does not want to have to start using a wheelchair due to arthritis. She refuses to take pain medication or prescribed antidepressants or use a wheelchair, and then complains that she can't stand the pain of trying to walk. She's one of those people who says they'd rather die than be seen in a wheelchair, and apparently she means it. Well, so now she is planning on making that happen.. She sent me and 3 other people an e-mail saying that she has made a decision to end her life on her own terms "within the next few months" and she hopes we'll all come and be there with her for this momentous event. She also asked us not to tell anyone else. Not only do I not want to be there for it, I don't want to have anything to do with it, because I am opposed to it, and I don't think she is even eligible. She is NOT TERMINALLY ILL. She IS terminally self-centered and manipulative and stubborn, but she is NOT terminally ill. (I'm sorry if this doesn't sound like I am a very loving child; I am just really angry about this stunt right now. But I digress.) My concern is that she does have a doctor who hates to say no to her. She charms him like she charms everyone else and he pretty much just goes along with her. QUESTION 1: As the eldest child with her Health Care Power of Attorney in the event that she is incapacitated, do I have any standing to say, "No, I am opposed to this at this time. Don't do it." (If she really were terminally ill I think I would reluctantly try to respect her wishes, but again, she is NOT TERMINALLY ILL, at least not at this time.) What I want to do is let her doctor know that if he even THINKS about signing that form certifying that she is terminally ill (let alone helping her find another doctor who will go along with it for the 2nd signature) I am going to sue the living daylights out of him for malpractice and wrongful death and better yet, hopefully have him arrested. She is NOT TERMINALLY ILL (unless you count age, itself as a "terminal illness" which SHE DOES, but I went and read the California statute and it looks to me like it explicitly says that neither age nor disability alone qualifies a person as being "terminally ill" for purposes of that statute.) The thing I'm worried about is that she is (and always has been) such an expert at being charming and manipulative -- I'm afraid she'll charm or manipulate some doctor or another into going along with it and giving her the death drug before I can do anything to prevent it. QUESTION 2: What can I actually do, if anything, to prevent this from happening? We have argued about this before, and her view (which I'm sure she will try to charm her own doctor into believing) is that I am heartless and cruel and "just don't understand."
  4. MAIN ISSUE - I WAS SLAPPED WITH RESTRAINING ORDER AND THEN PUT ON 72-HR INVOLUNTARY HOLD (which turned into 6 days due to "lucky" or planned timing). Even though I am the one that was assaulted in my own home in May and have been abused for years. I NEED LEGAL HELP RESPONDING TO THE RESTRAINING ORDER BEFORE HEARING ON JUNE 27!!!!! ------------- I graduated magna cum laude from Ivy League university, then Ph.D. in engineering, and worked for 20+ years as environmental consultant for clients such as NASA. Five years ago I became disabled and lost my job. This has created financial hardship for my family. Spouse very stressed, and began to be physically abusive to me. Won't go into details on obtaining SSI, but still in the process. I do have only quantitative test that proves I have CFS/ME. And have diagnosis from family doctor, rheumatologist, and from physician from Workwell Foundation. Had to go through bankruptcy, but were able to keep our home. Younger son lives at home while going to college. He just graduated from SDSU. Older son is from my spouse's previous (2nd) marriage. He is 27 and still lives at home - BUT DOES NOT PAY RENT! He flunked out of community college. Then joined Army Reserves. After which things seemed to be looking up for him, BUT then commited and was convicted of, FELONY ASSAULT! More financial burden for us, paying for his lawyer, etc. Not sure if he has paidoff all fines and fees, but I think so because he recently quit Army Reserves. He works as a waiter. Over years I have been told if I really loved family I would kill myself. Been repeated threatened spouce would stop paying for my medication. Fortunately, now get it for free. But anything else I want or need told that until I start bringing in income, then there is ZERO in household budget for me. I have been expected to cook, clean, do yard work, etc. - which I have been happy to do. Just frustrating that there has never been any thanks. Only criticism and escalating emotional, mental, financial, and physical abuse. I have called police in extreme cases, for example, to try to keep spouse from destroying laptop a friend lent me (sady, only delayed that from happening for 2 years). I have called APS twice and fully described situation with very little help. About 2 years ago was attacked and I hid in the guest bedroom (where I have been forced to sleep) while spouse screamed over and over again I should kill myself, so I tried. But not after calling several people for help. Did not reach anyone, but left messages. Finally gave in and tried to kill myself with knife. Luckily (?), pastor called police and I was sent to Paradise Valley Hospital. I then did out patient treatment at Bay View until insurance company rules requiring me to go more days than i was able to given my CFS/ME forced me to stop. BUT MY POINT IS, I told everyone there what was going on. PHYSICAL ABUSE HAS - UNTIL RECENTLY - BEEN BEARABLE. AND I FAR AS I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DETERMINE - IT IS EITHER REMAIN AND ENDURE ABUSE OR BECOME A HOMELESS PERSON. RECENT - Older son, who I adopted before he was ten, was in his room with is girlfriend. Spouse, younger son, and I were having an argument. BUT NO PHYSICAL VIOLENCE AND NO THREATS OF ANY PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. Suddenly, 6'5" , 250 lb, 27 year old, felon (convicted of felony assault in similar circumstance s) blind sides me. Grabs my by throat, lifts me up, and slams me against outside wall of house. Says something like "Did you think my girlfriend likes to hear this ****?" I try to fight back, but I end up being slammed against the ground - resulting in bloodied knees. I go to guest bedroom and barricade myself. Take photo of self with blody knees and post on Facebook . I contact acquaintance, who is on way back from LA. I believe he is one who calls police. Etc. Then weeks later I am the one forced out of my own home.
  5. My mother has multiple chronic conditions due to which she needs assistance for day-to-day activities and psychological support. She splits her time between USA and a foreign country. She sees doctors only in the foreign country. She has been in USA for couple of months, my wife helped her and now due to change of circumstance she needs my help. I want to take FMLA for 2-3 months. Is it OK to get the medical certification from the doctor in foreign country since that is where all her treatment happened and her medical records are present, even though she saw him two months back? Or do we need to get it from doctor in USA? For her conditions which began many years ago, what should the doctor specify for the question when did the condition start? Or should he mention the date she arrived in USA since she needs assistance here since we are her only family? For estimate of time care is needed, can he mention 6 months (her duration of stay in USA) - in case I need to take leave at a later time? For continuous leave, can he give the start and end dates for the two months that I am requesting.
  6. Sun am husband pulled off fwy to rest and couldn't get back on. FD and Chp came, he blew something over 0.10, and was arrested and booked. Prev DUIs in 2012 and 2015. I bailed him out 24h later, court is 7/1. He never got his notice of suspension and temp DL. His cell phone was stolen as well. Went to Chp to ask about missing susp notice and they gave us a blank copy and highlighted dmv phone # for hearing. Why won't they give him his temp license? Is this legal? They put a 15day impound on the truck.
  7. In a book I'm writing, I want some evidence that's obtained from a search of the trunk of a vehicle to be inadmissible because the search was illegal. Can you provide some interesting examples of illegal searches? Perhaps an officer's body cam footage will help make the case. Consent not properly obtained? Consent was ambiguous due to language issues? Gung ho rookie officer? Officer sees something suspicious because the rear seat is down and he can see into the trunk compartment? Maybe a rear light is out, and the officer, unasked, opens the trunk to see if he can fix it, then sees the illegal item? I appreciate the help! Al
  8. My house was raided due to my oldest sons socializing. But I was under the impression that the search warrent must be presented when asked for. They beat on my door at 5am. Then broke my front door and deadbolt. Arrested my oldest son. While screaming "come out hands first". I walked out to see 4 of those big guns with scopes on them pointed at me. My boyfriend of 7yrs Came out behind me. They immediately cuffed him. Gathered us all out side. Found nothing in my sons room. So they then proceeded into my youngest boys room.(I should mention they are 24yrs & 27yrs old). Who was already on his knees with his fingers laced behind his head. They still after cuffing him, yanked him up and threw him across the room. My 73 yr old father and his wife were also outside with us. I asked to see the warrent within the first 20 min of being outside. So did my father. They found $900.00 in cash, 3 oz of weed, and a hand gun that he was licensed for in his closed dresser drawer . He has a full time job. SEIZED those items Then arrested my younger son. They were asked to show the warrent 5-8 more times. Never produced it. They said they left a list of items seized with a copy of the warrent.Never found it. I called them repeatedly asking for it. 8.5 hrs later one of them knocked on my door and handed me a copy of the warrent. No stamp saying filed in court or anything like that. I have no clue what officers were even in my home. This dont seem legal to me. Am I wrong? Also I thought they had to conduct the search within 2 days of being issued? Is there any way to get stuff back?
  9. This is another potential subplot in a legal thriller that I'm working on. Please let me know if I'm asking too many questions! A man is driving a van and a woman is his passenger The van is stopped by the police After the van is stopped but before the policeman comes to the window, the driver and the passenger trade places, because the driver has a suspended license (OSLT) The woman is found to have some cannabis in her system, and charged for DUI Later the driver confesses that he traded places with the woman In that situation, would the woman be charged with providing false information to a peace officer? What if the driver says he coerced the passenger to switch places with him? Thanks! Al
  10. I am in the initial stages of hashing out a plot for my next legal thriller. I'm sure there are major problems with it. Maybe you can point them out and suggest fixes. A female assassin named Aksana shoots a man in the head. After she leaves the scene, she is stopped (possibly due to a clerical error). The police find her weapon during the stop. The weapon has had the serial number removed. She is arrested on an illegal weapons charge. At her arraignment, her lawyer is able to show that the search was illegal, and the case is thrown out (possibly because the stop was related to a clerical error, haven't decided yet). I'm guessing they do not return the illegal weapon even though the search was illegal (??). The police discover the body and retrieve the bullet. A ballistics test is done, and they get a probable match between the bullet and the weapon. Aksana is not arrested because they don't have any evidence they can use, but they investigate her. More evidence surfaces, and she is re-arrested. Aksana is able to get out on bail. She is held over, and the trial goes through ups and downs. Before the trial ends, a suspect that the police didn't pursue commits suicide with a note confessing to the assassination. The charges are dismissed. It turns out that Aksana faked the other suspect's suicide. Many thanks in advance for your help! Al
  11. Hi, I'm a writer, and my next book will include a subplot concerning blackmail. Here are some questions I have: 1. My initial research tells me that in California, someone cannot be convicted of blackmail (comes under the extortion laws in California) unless the defendant consents to the defendant's demands. That is, if someone tries to blackmail you, but you don't pay up (by transferring either money or other thing of value), it's only attempted extortion. Is that right? 2. Let's say someone goes to an attorney and says he's received a blackmail threat. Might the attorney suggest that working with police, the person make the payment in order to convict the criminal of extortion (higher penalties)? 3. This website talks about a new law regarding sextortion: "The law, which takes effect Jan. 1, 2018, amends existing extortion law under California Penal Code Section 518 to make it a crime to use the threat of releasing private sexually explicit images as blackmail to demand the payment of money, performance of sexual acts or more sexually images." I don't see how that is any different from the existing definition of extortion. Thanks! Al
  12. I am the tenant and received an unlawful detainer. I filed my answer and also asked for a jury trial due to landlord harassment, changing lock on front door, locking me out of the bathroom, quiet enjoyment, etc. I sent the landlord a UD-106 Form Interrogatories on 4/30/2019, however, I have not received any responses back. Could I file a Motion to Compel? Thank you.
  13. I am curious about something I found in someone's file at the courthouse. They were arrested for felony drug possession, have a prior felony charge, but got this one reduced to diversion, which they haven't even done. Their mug shot was supposed to be on the Sherrif's website for 30 days, but got taken down after a week and a half, and when I went to check out their file in the clerk's office, a portion of it was sealed per California Criminal Code, Section 1204.5. I looked up that code and read it, and couldn't really understand it clearly. It did refer to California Criminal Code, Section 1192.5 in part of it, and so I looked up that one, and I can't figure out why a portion of someone's record would be sealed under those statutes. I did speak to a criminal attorney, and he said he was not aware of any way to seal a record except for a 1203.4. Could you please read those codes and tell me what you think for a possible explanation?
  14. My retail workplace (in CA) never enforced the late or missed lunch penalty pay. Also during the first year of my employment, I was never given 10 minute rest breaks. While the CA rest and lunch laws are mentioned in the employee handbook they gave us, none of the supervisors were trained on this matter and most guidelines in the handbook are not enforced by the employer. In fact, the owner does not follow the guideline on many other matters mentioned In the handbook. I have been working there for just over 3 years. Am I owed backpay for my missed/late breaks and lunches
  15. I'm renting a room in a house and pay the master tenant, when I moved in I was told by the master tenant that my rent was going to the owner. I have always paid the master tenant and have never actually even talked to the owner. Apparently the owner had no idea anyone else was living there and she is now trying to evict me. I just received an amended summons and complaint, in the complaint there is a 60 day notice and a signed proof of service with the wrong name typed in and then crossed out and my name hand written next to it. I went to the courthouse and got a copy of the original complaint (which they filed but never served me with) in the original complaint it has the wrong names on the 60 day notice and on the proof of service without my name hand written in, my name is nowhere on the original complaint or the 60 day notice (which was said to have been nailed and mailed, with the wrong name on it) Anyway, my question is this: Can the owner of the property evict me when there is no landlord-tenant relationship (she is only trying to evict me, not the master tenant) also, how the hell can the courts allow a homeowner or the homeowner's lawyer to amend a proof of service to a different name? Especially when they were not the ones that signed the papers either? Isn't that perjury for the person that did sign the proof of service? If I swear that I mailed papers to Mr. Smith and sign and file a POS with the courts and someone comes along and amends the name on my POS to say I served Mr. Jones the courts consider that proper service? How is this legal to change the name on a proof of service, unless I have a DeLorean with a flux-capacitor that I can get up to 88MPH I wouldn't think that the courts would allow someone to amend the name on a proof of service that they didn't sign...if anyone can help me understand how that works I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  16. In California, is there a practical limit to the potential recovery for civil extortion if the extortionate amount paid was small (around $1,000) but the ability of the defendant to pay is large? Can attorney fees be recovered by plaintiff if victorious or defendant if not? Can small claims court award punitive damages for civil extortion up to the $10,000 limit of that venue or would the plaintiff be limited to compensatory damages (i.e., the $1,000 above)? Thanks
  17. I was on a Union (IUOE) Job near the border. We were grading with heavy equipment for a solar array. This was not my first rodeo, as they say, I'm 55 years old and very good at what I do. So when the operator of the blade calls on the radio to the foreman and says "put the kid in the front, the old guy just does what he wants" it becomes obvious this person either failed to read the employee handbook or feels the contents doesn't apply to him. The "kid" he refers to is my partner and he's 50. Working in tandem, my partner and I return for another load, the blade operator "Bo" flags us down. He wants to know "why the **** didn't you give him the radio? Each pair of scrapers has a radio assigned for improved communication and safety. Clearly, this is not effective communication by any standard. I dismount to address his question. I told him that I don't respond well to people that use agression and insults to communicate. He responded with even more aggressive and then threatened to have me fired as the boss was a friend of his. I suggested he read the employee handbook. This caused him to fly into a rage throwing his hard hat on the ground and screaming at me to just do what the **** I tell you! That weekend at home, I researched conflict resolution, while I used the word "rage" in my search query, I also got information on NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) which seemed to describe the behavior I witnessed so far. The following Monday I attempted to speak with "Bo" and suggest that insults, threats, and aggression were not effective for communication. His reply was "if you and your partner weren't so stupid there would be no problem"! And "maybe you're just too old, either way, if you don't do what I tell you, you'll be gone". The aggression and harassment continued. Besides his inability to recognize the safety implications of his requests and the fact that both the Employee Handbook and the Labor Code 6311 don't require me to put myself, my partner or others at risk, he continued to insist on blind obedience. As the Handbook says "report all incidents of harassment even if you feel they don't meet the legal definition of harassment. I did so and got no response, there was no "investigation", no dispute resolution and the harassment continued. I sent a second email reporting the hostile environment and again I was ignored. I revisited the information on NPD. I realized that in the third week of employment when the foreman took our radio claiming malfunction was possibly an effort to isolate my partner and I and make the work more difficult. I still had no response to my emails and the following week a termination effort was made. The accusation was proven inaccurate so I was informed that I would be laid off due to "reduction in force"....the only one. After getting my final pay at the field office I returned to the job site to retrieve my personal property from the machine I was running. It was lunch time and I noticed an employee with which I had no quarrel was waving me over to the lunch area where he and Bo were standing. I walked over assuming they perhaps had an apology for me. Instead, I can see this guy is worked up, fist in a ball, breathing through his teeth and he says "what the **** do you want?" I replied, "you waved me over". He looks at Bo and says "should I?" for which he meant "should I knock him out? I told him it's a little late for that, I said if you or anyone else had a problem with me or my work, you should have come talk to me. Not one of you said a word to me or my partner and now you want to punch me. I said there is not a single man amongst you. As I turned to walk back to my truck, Bo said "my mom is more of a man than you" I laughed and asked did you just say your mom is a man? With that, he flew into a rage, said: "I'll ****in kill you, I'm not afraid of you" he took of his jacket and charged at me like a bull. Someone grabbed him and they fell as I retreated to my truck. As I got in the other guy ran up and kicked my door which slammed into my left lower back and closed. He continued to kick my truck over and over while bo punched the driver side window trying to break it. As I went to my machine to get my property, they pursued yelling threats if they ever see me again. Someone was kind enough to grab my things and hand them through the window so as not to expose myself to another assault. As I drove off I heard someone say "call the cops. I waited at the corner until a Deputy arrived and filed a report. I reserved my right to seeking charges and went home. I filed for workman's Comp for the injury to my back and psychological injury. Both were denied claiming that I was not employed by them at the time. However I was paid until the end of the day. My question is how many civil rights violations and how many labor code violations do you see? Second why have I had no success in finding a lawyer?
  18. Help! My ex who is also a real estate agent said she found a great home that belonged to her sister and brother in law that we could buy and flip and earn a profit on. She said I would need to take 14k out of my 401k and that would be my portion of the investment. I signed what i think was a fake purchase agreement some documents she provided me. I gave her the 14k. Soon after this we were involved in a domestic dispute where I decided to end the relationship after she struck me. The fact of the matter is that the home was never sold and no flip occurred but I never received my money back. Through text, she agreed to only give me only 5k back stating that the rest she would keep being that she felt she was to be paid for funds spent during our relationship for personal use. That being said, I never received ANY money back at all and I feel she abused her real estate licence and my trust to steal from me. Is there a way that I could fight to receive my money back? Im not sure if an attorney would charge me more than what Im fighting for. Please help I feel at a loss and now having to pay back that money to my 401k that was never used for the purpose intended because of the neglect of this real estate agent who I trusted.
  19. I received my eviction letter recently but they want me to sign new lease. I’m two months behind on rent and I’m just thankful I still have a place to live. do I have to pay the balance before signing new lease?
  20. the opposing party filed a motion hearing regarding a motion to tax costs on my filing of a memorandum of costs. The judge recused himself and the hearing date was vacated. I was told by the court that I needed to refile my cost memorandum with the name of the new judge, which I did. But the opposing party did not respond or refile the motion to tax costs or reschedule a hearing till after the judge signed a judgment in my favor, 45 days after the hearing date was vacated. A new hearing date was scheduled 22 days later. Now the judge has reduced the judgment after the opposing party filed late. Was the court wrong in telling me that I had to refile my memorandum of cost? Should the original memorandum of cost and motion to tax be carried over to the new court? How long should the opposing party be allowed to wait, before rescheduling the motion hearing? It seems like had I not refiled my memorandum of cost, the opposing party could have delayed filing indefinitely and the memorandum of cost would have never been considered. Thank you.
  21. Context: I work for a furniture retailer and sales have been a bit flat for the last year or so. As a response, our employer has been sending us "Daily Quizzes" in our emails that are "due" by the close of business. They are typically questions about our pricing and the specs in our merch, innocently annoying things that we can roll our eyes at and move on. However, other times they are things like this (I have placed my key concerns in bold, underline, and italics: Today's Email: Team, Please find below our daily quiz please respond back to [Store Owner] by 6pm this evening and those of you not working please complete on next day worked. Regards, [Management] Associate Quiz April 13, 2019 Only 2 days left to vote for [Local News Paper] Best Of 2019... PLEASE VOTE! Encourage your friends and family to vote as well as customers. Remember, from as many email addresses as you or any of them have. Please call the following competitors. REMEMBER..... Use your cell phone for making these phone calls Do Not Call from [Our Stores Name] land line!!! [Competitor 1] [Competitor 2] [Competitor 3] [Competitor 4] Ask them the following questions: What specials are you currently running? Do you carry all of your mattresses in stock? How about cal or eastern king? Do you deliver to [A Town Out In The Boonies] if so, what is the fee? What are the brand name of the mattresses you sell? What is your least expensive queen set? What is your least expensive king set? Find out who is selling the Simmons Beautyrest black and do they have the new floor samples on the floor yet? As well as the new Serta I comfort. Is [Competitor 3] still carrying Chatham and wells? What are the prices and how many models are on the floor? What is our least expensive twin/full/queen/king set? Who is the manufacture and what is the name of the bed? I would like a paragraph explaining your customer service experience on the phone with each of our competitors listed above. Good or bad I would like you to tell me how the phone conversations went. Have a great sales day! Explanation: Our sales team consists of five people. That is five people calling four stores and asking the same questions five times. This is harassment and it's creating a toxic environment among the staff as we all express our grievances over being forced to perform such a task. Our complaints with this email, and all others like it, are as follows: They mandate that we use our personal phones that they in no way pay for They mandate that we use our personal email addresses to vote for them as the best store in their category They force us to go against our moral instincts and harrass people performing the same job as us We empathise with the frustrations of our counter parts and lament how infuriated we would all be if the tables were flipped We've done this so many times now that our competitors have started asking if we're from [Our Company] and then hang up on us We know that management would be irate if the tables were reversed and Competitor 1 - 4 started calling us We've been scolded on allowing people we were sure were customers shop us and were given lectures on how to spot "those people" My questions are now these: Is any of this legal? Are there any links that someone can share with me that I might use in an organized response explaining why this format of quiz needs to come to an end? Does anyone have a link to the laws revolving around the mandated use of personal cell phones for a job (e.g. Using an app to clock in to/out of work / Being on call / Texting sales updates at close of business / Harassing the competition /etc)? Thank you so much for any information you might be able to share, - A. Northbert
  22. Usually, I pay no taxes. In 2018, I sell some land for $24,000 in Tennessee. I live in California. Do I pay California taxes on the sale of that land? what line item on what California tax form do I list the sale? what line item on what federal tax form do I list the sale?
  23. Hi All -- thank you in advance for your help! Is there a law that details how my credit card payments should be applied? Is there a law that stipulates said purchase should reflect on statement as interest or non-interest bearing and time period? In Nov 2016, I purchased a pair of diamond earrings from JCP and I still have the original receipt, but it's a little hard to read. I did a PDF of it, but it's inaccessible at the time. My Nov 2018, JCP credit card statement charged me $378 in interest for this purchase. I had no idea it was a delayed, no interest charge, if paid with in two years. I've requested my statements from JCP, but in the past two years I've made credit card payments in an amount over $1,000 for period Nov 2016 through Nov 2017. Approximate cost of earrings: $ 48.00 tax $ 95.00 lifetime service plan $ 599.00 earrings
  24. My Dad pasted about a year ago with no will. He was married at that time. He has owned a vacant piece of property (less 1/2 acre) for 15 + years in California. He purchased it with his wife at that time. Within a couple of years he was awarded sole ownership of said property in the divorce. Since then, he has been married and divorced several more times, all the while said property has remained in his name as sole owner. I am now ready to transfer said property into my name, along with paying all of the back property taxes that are due on it. Am I within my rights to do this?
  25. My grandson is one of the countless street people with a mental illness. ADHD, low functioning adult, dis associative personality among other diagnosis. The past 3 years He is repeatedly arrested for misdemeaners booked and released has never remembered a court date so lots of FTA. He did get one felony charge of assault on an officer. My question, he has been kept in jail and is scheduled for sentencing on the 8th I was informed probation will not be re instated they are going to make him do the time for past offenses. Is it to late to change his plea regarding the assault? ( I am still confuse about how an air driven door can be slammed on anyone as their function is to prevent slamming and it was working well) He cognately does not understand the court process or the concept of having to report weekly nor does he understand the consequences. How is it the court does not recognize this young man clearly has mental issues that prevent him from complying. He would make court dates if he had the ability to just remember them. When in jail an attorney can bring him any kind of offer and as long as the end of the sentence is, " and then you can get out of jail" he will agree. However, 15 mins later he cannot tell you what he agreed to. What alternatives do we have at this point? Why can't the court get him treatment? I fear after years of warehousing him they will release a much worse young man on society
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