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Found 482 results

  1. This is kind of complex and I hope it will make sense. My previous employer who fired me over things that anyone would consider petty non-issues had some pretty shady practices that I don't think are legal but would like some input on. #1. The time clock was not set to provide any sort of record for you about the time you punched in, it just went to the "system", basically the computer that anyone with access could go into and change at any time. The place I work now provides a slip of paper with the date and time that you may keep for your records and I was told this was the law in CA. I was confronted with a sheet of supposed punch times while being written up and saw that every one had been changed as I distinctly recall looking at the clock and seeing 2:52 and even asked if the clock reflected the correct time as I seemed to always be early and didn't think I should clock in 15 minutes or so prior to 3pm which was my scheduled shifts time, at the meeting they showed me in at 3:01 a few times and 3:03, which I know was incorrect but couldn't prove since there was nothing I had proving this. #2. I worked long hours and I went 18 days straight without a day off, some of these days were double shifts and were 12-13 hours so I think I should qualify for double pay for some of this time but my overtime was always at the rate of 1.5x pay. Also I did not receive meal breaks, I was allowed meals at times when available but I had to work throughout and didn't get to actually sit and eat uninterrupted. #3. We received all tips paid on credit cards on our paycheck and weren't permitted to look at the totals to find out if they were in fact all paid out. The first few months of my employment there was an old fashioned cash register and cc reader so it was nearly impossible to know for certain but then they installed a computer system that allowed you to print out everything you'd done for the day as far as sales and tips so I found that I had been shorted 150 dollars of tips on one paycheck and doubt that this was a one time deal but I can't look at the records to be certain. Also when 2 people worked the same shift the tips on cc weren't split because both of the employees were serving the same people but the person who started the tab received the full tip and so there were many times when the other bartender got all the cc tips simply because he had the tab first. #4. I was given a written warning over something that I knew nothing about. Apparently there is a sheet stating you understand this that and the other are rules and you won't break them that goes into your file when hired, however I was not given this document until after I was disciplined for it which I think should not have been valid. I was also being given these "verbal warnings" about supposed behaviors that I hadn't even done and they counted this as proof that I could not comply with their expectations and needed to be terminated. None of this was in any way true but what can I do?
  2. patuhs

    Reporting Hours

    How long does an hourly employee have to report their hours? We recently had an employee forget to report her hours for December. In July, she remembered she hadn't been paid and asked to be paid for those hours. We paid her, but we want to know if we can put anything in our employee handbook limiting how long an employee has to report those hours. Our hours reporting system is completely automated, so it goes from the app we use to report the hours, to the creation of the paycheck. Thanks.
  3. Richard


    My neighbor tore down a perfectly fine wall and fence and. Without consulting with us they put up a new wall and higher fence then after the fact gave us a 2500.00 bill now they are taking us to small claims. Do they have a case?
  4. Crackerjack4691

    Probation search

    I am on probation in California. I have a girlfriend and her son that live with me in a 2 bedroom apartment. She pays rent but the apartment is in my name. When the probation officer comes for a random home check , do they have the right to go through my girlfriend's things and her minor child's room?
  5. 😡 The county is demanding that my son come home a month early, from a court ordered visitation. Is that legal?
  6. Sharon


    My ex wants to file for a divorce and leave my son's name off the paperwork because he says it will be easier. What I want to know is will the court grant me sole legal custody and does that take away his responsibility to pay child support if it's done that way?
  7. I have a joint checking account with my mom. My partner who does not have an account, received a small inheritance of $8000. She was unable to cash it so deposited it into my sisters account, when it cleared my sister wrote a check in my name and I deposited it into my joint account. I got a letter today from the franchise tax board that they seized the entire amount of the check to satisfy a delinquent court ordered debt of mine. The money was not mine and I was wondering if theres any way I can stop them from taking the money by proving it was not mine for them to take? thnaks for any help you can offer me
  8. In early 2017, my wife and I purchased a home in California. We asked about the HVAC system, the sellers provided a statement saying the system was a "new, Carrier system installed in 2016". This statement was backed up with an invoice from a state licensed HVAC installer. We went through with the purchase, believing the HVAC was just one year old & carried the standard 10 year warranty that Carrier brand products carry, even with transfer of ownership. This improvement, paid for by the sellers was considered when we made our offer. HVAC installer was under contract to install a new (model from 2016), Carrier brand Heat Pump & Carrier brand Fan Coil. What was actually installed was a PAYNE brand fan coil / air handler that was manufactured in 2010. It was sold to contractor by the distributor on 9-29-2015. The Heat Pump, while it was an actual Carrier branded product, was manufactured in 2007. This unit was sold to contractor by distributor on 8-12-2012. I went to the state board & they claim they have no jurisdiction (except for the lack of a permit) due to the change in ownership. That the contract was with the sellers & not with me. They further claim that even if the sellers would cooperate with me, they couldn't file a claim because of the sale. So, no relief via mediation by the Board. The board suggested a small claim lawsuit (damages are above $10,000 but for simplicity, I may opt for that). The challenge is finding case law to deal with my claim of breach. I did not participate in this "contract". It was between the sellers and contractor. I was the "buyer" of this contract & it was used as a negotiation tool by the sellers for our real estate purchase. The transfer of ownership is why the contractor was not pursued by the State license board. I basically need help with the legal argument. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to show up in front of a commissioner and he dismiss for the same reason the Board let it go. I have filed against contractor's bond. They have a week or so to respond still.
  9. I am the executor of my father's small estate in CA. He has about $10,000 in assets (car, bank account, furniture) and $8000 in credit card debt. However, if unknown medical bills come in later, his estate will most likely be insolvent. If I use the Small Estate Affidavit process with no court involvement, do I have to follow the "Priority of Payments" rule (admin expenses, secured debt, funeral, last illness, etc.)? How do I handle this estate??? How do I pay debts without full probate?
  10. The mother of my child keeps putting road blocks in order for me not to see my child. Now she’s telling me a DNA test is required. I have no problem doing it but she lives in So Carolina and I live in California. I sent my daughter tickets to fly down here to see me and my family but they ended up going to see her family, on my dime! When my daughter was born the mom didn’t put me down on birth certificate as the father. As a matter of fact, she disappeared a fee months before want to be able to see my kid and have her get to know my wonderful family that adores her. Now that would be in the best interest of the child. What do I do? Help!!! Ryan
  11. My issues are rather unique . my family and I joined Calworks a County welfare program From the County of Los Angeles . We joined this program in 2014. The County told us that we were Exempt from participating in their welfare to work program. However we still would receive our cash aid funding . Under current State Law and Federal work Requirements, a participent that receives cash aid MUST attend their welfare to work program or you will not receive cash aid . We did not have to attend because the County stated we were Exempt . So we went from 2014 to 2017 without a problem. Then all of a sudden the County came after us really hard . they were trying to CYA themselves . They changed their statement that we were not exempt but given extensions but the only problem with that is you have to run out of time before you can get an extension . They give you 48 months in a lifetime to get cash aid. But if you are exempt your clock stops. well ours didnt stop while we were Exempt and the county though it would be better to leave Our clocks running and now try to get us to go threw the program at 46 months . There was no individual work plan or job assessment done in in my behalf and under State Law and federal regulations this is suppose to be done within the first 90 days of first receiving benefits . And this is why they came after us so hard. They scheduled us an appointment at their office and made it mandatory or face a sanction on our cash aid. So 2 days prior to this appointment I called there office to request special services due to my disability and asked for transportation which is a special service they provide. However, they were not going to offer it in my case. They told me "We dont do things like that" but actually they do! Then they went on to tell me that if i dont show I will face the sanction . And that i better figure something out . I to them that it will be impossible . So i wasn't able to attend and they sanctioned me. They withheld my funds and caused me to lose everything i had in storage. Because I lost the ability to pay because of this sanction. Everything we owned was in that storage. We took them to state appeals and won they sanction us unlawfully and were ordered to pay back the funding they withheld but court could not do anything with the loss of Our storage and stated that would be for another court to decide. Now the retaliation from the County hit us hard they still came after us but this time I was not going to give in so easy . they continued to get us to go in and. Complete the job assessment and other mandatory program requirements but I was not going to give them what they wanted until I got answers which was my legal right . I requested a review of my 48 month time clock to show weather were were in fact exempt And i wanted it in writing And it was like asking a mother to give up her child . . by law when you ask for a review of your time They are suppose to provide this to you within 30 days . but in my case no way no how . so we filed another state appeals and we are waiting for the judges decision But that didn't stop the County because they exited me out of the cash aid program due to my 48 month time clock expiring And while waiting for the judges decision on this very same subject . And without providing me a review of my 48 month clock which I feel is a violation of the 14th Amendment And my due process rights.
  12. Background: Two years ago, I helped a friend in California buy a car by signing for her loan (she co-signed). We were listed as co-owners, but she had sole possession and made the loan payments. A few months later, I moved from California to Arizona, where I now reside. Early this year, she stopped making loan payments and dropped out of sight. I don't know where she can be found, I have no valid phone number for her, and when the loan company sent a certified letter to her last known mailing address it was returned unopened. The loan company has repossessed the car. Last November, while she still had the car, she received a parking violation from the city of Los Angeles which she didn't pay. Since my name is on the registration and the DMV has my address in Arizona, Los Angeles has sent me notices demanding payment. My question is: if I simply refuse to pay, what is the worst they can (and are likely to) do to me? Some of the notices said I wouldn't be able to renew the registration until I paid, but that's a moot point now. I don't have a California driver's license for them to suspend. Can they get Arizona to suspend my license?
  13. jose ruiz


    hello my name is Jose , My house was foreclose on January 19th 2017. MY house was sold for $49 and some change I only owed the bank $280. An attorney called me and told me that there was a surplus of money do the foreclosure .He offered his services. I was really unsure of what was going on. i agreed to hire him. On january 23dr he sent me three forms via email. We agreed on 20% contingency fee. That night that attorney emailed me the docs And on the message it says "we will work for 15% cont fee. I received a contingency fee agreement that said 15% an a release doc and claim of surplus doc. The next day he sent a notary person to my house. He had the same forms that he had emailed me. So i thought they where . Because i thought that the forms where the same ones i sign them. The notary guy was in a hurry. Ok on july 2nd 2018 called to see how everything was going he said he had my check ready i just need it to sign a release dock. I started to read it and this was different. This one said that we agreed on 20% and some where toward the last page there was another 10% fee. This was if my case went to interpleader action. I signed this docs thinking it was 15 percent.This attorney charged me total of 30 %. I have not seen any court docks he never called me to ask me any question wen I would call him he would tell me to call back because he didn't have my case with him. I requested him to forward me all court docks and detailed billing and services rendered.I feel like I've been taking advantage of. Is this something i got to live with or is there a case here of breach of contract. Please let me know soon Jose
  14. My mother died last year. I need to retrieve some items from her home (which was also my childhood home) that I consider my personal property. A few months before she passed away, I gave her a list of what I wanted back. However, it was a big list, and she didn't think I had enough space to store all of it where I live. So, she told me to pick up the rest of the stuff some other time. You can guess what happened next. She passed away, and I didn't get all my stuff out of the house. The difficulty with this situation lies in the fact that my mother left the house to my adult daughter, from whom I am estranged. She is living in the house and unfortunately, since there is a restraining order in place between us, I do not know how to proceed. My questions are: Are my high school yearbooks and other old family photos considered my personal property, or does it depend on who actually paid for them? Since the photos were taken before my daughter was even born, does that make a difference in determining whose "community property" they are? Should I wait until the restraining order expires before I even try to tackle any of this?! Since my mother's Will gave "everything in the house" to my daughter, does that pertain even to MY stuff?! Can my cousin, who is the Executor of my mom's estate, assert any leverage into this situation (like, by insisting I get my stuff back before my mom's estate is distributed)? Or is that too much of a stretch?! Would it just be a waste of time to try to work any of this out?! Should I mentally try to move on and forget about it? There's no way that my daughter will just "get all my stuff together for me" out of the goodness of her heart, so unless there is some legally binding reason for her to get off her lazy behind, she won't help. I don't know if this is really the right category in which to post this question, so I apologize in advance if it's really out of place. I appreciate any suggestions you might have! (Oh, I live in Los Angeles County, by the way). Thank you!
  15. I am currently in divorce proceedings with my husband (California) whom I've been married to for 12 years. I signed a prenup which states that after 3 years of marriage I am entitled to quote "10% of husband's income less state, fed fica taxes". After my attorney had tax returns reviewed for years subject to the 10% came to about $1.1 million. My husbands attorney (who wrote prenup) did the same came to about $31,000. When my attorney received document that showed how husbands attorney came up with this number he stated that "income" was based on what the IRS deems as income, meaning losses to be included in calculation of "income"(my husband did lose one of his businesses 5 years ago which did net losses) however he still has other business which has made him a multimillionaire. My attorney argues back that the prenup did not reference any loss of income only the deduction of taxes. My attorney feels that in order to include the losses of income the prenup should have defined "and any losses of income that may occur". To add, my husbands attorney has relentlessly tried to get me to settle out of court, which seems suspicious to me since he is adamant about the $31,000 settlement. This is my 1st marriage/divorce so I am confused as to what really defines "income" as documented in the prenup. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
  16. I am wondering if I might have the right to file a class action suit against amazon.com? Amazon has no means of communication between their shipping vendors. Customers are forced to communicate via email with amazon.com vendors. It takes upwards to 4 times as long to get any sort of resolution from the vendor because customers are at the mercy of amazon.com's lack of providing adequate customer support. I myself just dealt with the likes of their vendor sending me only a partial shipment of a product I purchased. Amazon.com makes it very difficult to locate a customer service phone number on their web site. Once I did find it, the experience was utterly disappointing in that once I hung up with amazon.com I learned that everything that we had discussed was ignored and that amazon.com took it under their own authority to override our conversation and told the vendor that I wanted to return and refund when in fact I stated the opposite. I told them that I wanted the rest of my merchandise. Because of the conflict and lack thereof in communication between amazon.com and their vendors I had to endure some very upsetting issues that prolonged my getting the rest of my merchandise. H ad I been able to talk directly with the vendor, I am 100% positive that my issues would have been resolved at a rate of at least 5 times faster. There is also an issue regarding emails being sent from the customer to the vendor which is the only means of communication the customer has through amazon.com vendors in that amazon.com proof reads and modifies their customers email correspondents prior to the vendor gaining access the customers email. I think this is unconstitutional, and is unethical for a company much less anyone to take control and to modify another persons written documentation. I really do feel that there is more left unscratched on the surface of the customer to vendor relationship. I do understand that amazon.com doesn't want their customers dealing directly with their vendors but that doesn't give amazon.com the right to modify my emails to their vendors. I also believe that there are others that have experienced the same as I have and that this is common practice in part by amazon.com. In my case, I ordered my product on 10/21/16 and received partial delivery on 10/29/16. I was then forced to call off a 5 day camping trip and I spent the next 7 days writing back and forth to the amazon.com vendor (FCH Direct) by which it ultimately took amazon.com and their vendor until 11/4/16 to ship the rest of my merchandise out to me. I finally received it on 11/8/16. So it took them 8 days to ship me a partial shipment and another 7 days of trying to convince amazon.com and their vendor that their vendor messed up. I am sure that there is some sort of legal junction that can be applied which is why I was asking if a class action suit could be viable. The stress, the headaches, and the stomach aches I endured during this mess is all preventable and I am absolutely sure that others in the United States have dealt with the same. I feel that because neither amazon.com or the vendor offered anything to accommodate for the time lost, all the mental stress and aches and the fact that I wasted a weeks vacation dealing with this instead of taking an actual vacation that they should be accounted liable for what they put myself as well as their customers in general through. I believe that they are wrong in their actions. Is there anything that can be done? Can I file a class action suit against amazon.com and/or their vendor (FCH Direct)? I do have every email correspondence between amazon and their vendor on file .
  17. localson


    When a tenant file a demurrer, does he need to list the objections of the complaint on the demurrer or how does the plaintiff know what the tenant is objecting to?
  18. Hi, we had some questions regarding our situation and the new Medi-Cal Recovery Laws going into effect Jan. 2017. My brother (55 years old) and I (57 years old) own our home.... tenacy in common....Joe has 80% I have 20%. The home is owned free and clear. Neither one of us has children. Joe is on SSI and Medi-cal due to cirrhosis of the liver. One of his new prescriptions Vitamin K costs $2200 a month! Incredible...we were shocked! I am on Medi-cal as of last year….so far I have only used my Medi-cal for a few visits to the dentist. 1. As I understand it, if a sibling has been a caregiver and lives in the same house as the Medi-cal recipient for 2 years, the home isn’t subject to Medi-cal recovery. I also read online that only long term care (nursing homes) were subject to recovery under the new law. 2. Currently the home is Joe 80% and myself 20%...we would like to change that to 50/50. 3. We were thinking of taking a Home Equity line of credit out on the house. Joe has very good credit. I do not. I have an unpaid student loan of $2000 from 25 years ago. We would pay this off with the HELOC and help pay our monthly bills. We are low income. Joe gets his SSI. I have been Joe’s caregiver through IHSS. We also have an ebay store which provides a small income. We were wondering how this would effect Joe's SSI and Medi-cal? Would it be a good idea to get a HELOC on the house? Neither of us has children to leave the house to. We might as well use some of the equity in the home to live more comfortably.
  19. Helpmywifeplease


    My wife was going through a rough time with her ex, he was filing for custody of their daughter complete with restraining order ECT. Her emotions were getting the best of her and she wound up climbing the local firehouse and threatening to jump if she couldn't see her daughter right then.Needless to say she was promptly scooped into the paddywagon and shipped out to a mental facility for evaluation.She returned some two weeks later with a diagnosis and a prescription. Somebody she got a ride with stole her meds and then got arrested for something and her meds went with him. She went down to the local sheriff office to try to retrieve them but was denied.By this time she was getting manic and said something to the effect of "well if you're not gonna give me my meds I should just go kill myself". This of course got her stuffed into a car and transported to our local hospital for a suicide watch. Her mental and emotional state by this time was deteriorating rapidly . She managed to walk away from the watch for some distance but was quickly tackled into a brick wall resulting in needing stitches in her chin,however she was thrown into the observation room bleeding, hurt ,scared and un-searched .She had a lighter on her and did what made sense to her at the time .Because nobody was paying any attention to her wounds and in her mind she was forgotten in this room she lit a blanket on fire. Long story short she is now convicted of felony arson convicted because she plead guilty . She was put on probation along with a bunch of other programs however she did not check in with them and was picked up walking down the street .probation Dept. is now revoking probation and recommending the terminal of 16mos in prison. Did I mention she is a bright 23year old and had NEVER been in trouble with the law before? Not only that but had graduated top of her highschool class with honours and was just a few college units away from a teaching credential. Now she is heading to prison. She has been denied bail since being picked up. I feel completely helpless .Please if anybody has any ideas let me know. Is it too late to retract her guily plea?...thank-you in advance
  20. i have a business in old town torrance ca...right on the main street...there is a 2 hr limit on parking...other business owners and employees violate it...i have complained to the city over and over...they do not enforce it....ironically a parking garage was built on the same main street to create more parking...they dont use it....can i sue?? by not enforcing the law they stifle business, because customers get frustrated by driving around looking for a place to park
  21. no.criminalintent

    No consent or probable cause

    On Saturday 08/27/2016 I went over to my friends house,he was interested in purchasing my pistol which is registered to me. After he had took a look at the pistol inside his apt ,I was walking to my vehicle to lock the pistol back up when 2 lapd officers Walked to the back of his aptartments and started questioning us, one officer walked up to me grabbed both my arms and started searching me without consent or probable cause I immediately informed him that I had a pistol on person that was registered to me,he slammed me Against the hood of a parked car and proceeded to handcuff me. Back up officers were called and arrived and began searching every car in the parking lot including mine, there they found a pistol holster.Once in the back of a squad car on the way to the station I was told that I was being taken in to the station to talk to detectives and determine whether that gun was really registered to me and not stolen. I was then booked for carrying a concealed gun and currently out on bail.my question is can I motion to suppress evidence due to illegal search and seizure without probable cause?
  22. California-My brother passed away and left his estate to be split between myself and my three brothers and sisters. His house was in a trust but my sister was able to take it out of the trust and put it in her name along with my brother as joint tenants .I have power of attorney for this house with the most interest as my brothers gave their shares to me. Can I list it, sell it and make all decisions and be the only signer all the way through the escrow process including closing without my brothers and sisters signatures? I am not on county records, but I have power of attorney with the most shares and interest for the house. My brothers are on board with me but my sister not so much, she is on the county records. Does the power of attorney give me the power to sell it on my own as the only signer?
  23. livernurse11

    Law AB 1909

    Hi there. My friend is wondering about the new law AB 1909 concerning prosecutors who fail to disclose exculpatory evidence – making it a felony to do so. How does he remedy what happened to him – He asked for a bunch of exculpatory evidence but the prosecutor denied him – going so far as to have the judge in the case ban him from having the evidence due to the nudity of his ex-wife and her participation with other girls. The prosecutor said she didn’t want those pictures floating around the county jail. She painted his ex-wife as a pure, wholesome, saintly figure, while meanwhile these pictures show her to be just the opposite. What does he do? Should her request this new discovery or should he file some sort of motion against the prosecutor? Any help you have is great! He has currently been incarcerated for 11 years. Thanks! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below are more details if you are interested as I was also trying to reach out to Veterans legal groups who might help. He is a Veteran. Hi, I'm a nurse of 25 years working at UCLA in California. A very dear (Veteran) friend of mine was a Medical Specialist in the U.S. Army (Honorably Discharged) and member of the Detroit Fire Department, EMS Division (and Academy Instructor) - President of his academy class). Unknowingly he contracted PTSD while in the service when at 19 years old, his base Chaplain DIED in his hands. He actually met the man's wife and children. From then on (exacerbated by responding to serious 911 calls in Detroit at an average of 17 runs per shift) he spiraled deeper into depression and anxiety. He moved to California, had horrible relationships with one ending in domestic violence where he was sentenced to (6) months in the county jail. (10) Ten years later another woman cheated on him with multiple partners. While in a heated argument his mind snapped and he beat her severely. He is currently in prison (11 years so far) on a double life sentence (she is alive and well). In prison, he sought professional help and was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression - placed on prozac and continues counselling. He exhausted all of his administrative appellate remedies to the Federal Court level. However, two (2) things don't sit right and I'm wondering if there is anything or anyone who can help him. 1. His ex-wife claimed she was cut 20 times with a knife. DNA evidence shows NO BLOOD on the knife and Police Photos show NO CUTS on her body (taken the same day of the alleged event).She was under a morphine/darvon IV drip when police interviewed her and she gave these bogus statements. They had to return a week later to re-interview her because they say (on record) she was too "Out of it" at the time. 2. The prosecution painted her as a virtual saint. She secretly was into girls. My friend and his ex-wife were Hollywood types at the time. He took extensive photos and filmed her in explicit sex acts with multiple women. The first judge in the case ordered discovery of all the photographic evidence to the defense. When they changed courtrooms, the prosecutor was adamant about NOT giving the defendant access to these photos because she did not want pictures "floating around" inside the county jail. I am no lawyer. However, I have heard of a recent law passed by Gov. Jerry Brown making it a felony for prosecutors to withhold evidence in a case (AB 1909). Are you familiar at all with it? Can it help my friend? And is it legal for a witness' statement given while clearly intoxicated on serious narcotics to be used to charge a person? He needs assistance. I hope there is something or someone you can refer him to for help. Thanks a lot. Today he is a changed man. He has been an integral part of several Veteran's Groups at various prisons. He has accolades and awards for service in prison and is working closely with the Captain of his yard on a program training inmates for motion picture/television production in both English and Spanish. He is a good man who served his country faithfully. I will say this, he had checked himself into the VA hospital LONG before any of these domestic situations happened. They dropped the ball and said he only had slight "Avoidance" issues. I have AVOIDANCE issues. We all do (figuratively speaking). Had they medicated him THEN I am positive he would NOT be behind bars TODAY. Thank you for your time! Very Best, Joanne B., RN, BSN
  24. Thepoolman1

    Convenience Fee

    An association to which I belong now wants to charge a "convenience fee" to accept any form of payment other than allowing them to access my bank account through ACH so that they can receive my dues when they want. (I pay quarterly). The amount is small, but I am not comfortable allowing them that type of access. Is this type of "fee" something that is allowed by law?
  25. I have a situation that I am not sure of how to go about fighting it. My husband and I live in a small apt in San Diego since 2011. We have a small retail business selling at a local swap meet and some of the items we sell have to be worked on so we have rented a garage when we moved in that had to have owner approval and he did approve. That being said, we rented a full garage and because I have a handicap placard we also rented a carport for me to park in because they don't have handicap parking. They have limited garages and limited space in the parking lot so it has always been a problem. Now we have a wait list of tenants the are waiting on garages so the manager has sent out a letter to everyone that has a garage that if they don't have to have two vehicle parking then they are to give up part of their rented space so someone else can have a garage. Now the manager has a garage that her husband parks in and she has a space in the lot but she says she can't park in the garage due to a room that holds the workings of our pool. That room is off to the side and she could park in there if she would remove the items stored in her garage the way she is tell us that we have to do, also the owner has a full garage for storage that he is not going to give up. My letter said that I was to move from the carport to the other half of our garage and remove all my stuff for my business and park my vehicle in the other half. My vehicle does not fit in the garage with my husbands truck and I told her that. She acknowledged that we were correct so she wants to give me the carport and my husband will have to shut our business and give the other half of the garage to another tenant. We can not share a garage due to security reasons of our merchandise so I have told her that we will keep the garage and let them rent the carport but that will leave me parking on the street god knows how far away with my handicap placard and me walking to the apt with oxygen. My question I guess is how legal is this. Can they do this without going straight across the board and using all the garages this way including the owners garage who by the way lives in PA. She says that we can't store anything in the garages anymore but yet she has no intention of removing her stored items. Doesn't the grandfather clause apply here? I do have an attorney but that is my disability attorney and I don't think he would deal with this. Can some one give me an answer please? Regards, Penny