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Found 52 results

  1. If you receive a speeding ticket and they don’t have you sign it and your signature is nowhere on the ticket , is that a grounds for a dismissal of the ticket?
  2. I bought a large shed from a man that sold his house to another man. The shed was not part of the real estate. I bought the shed and when I went to prepare it for shipping the new home owner said it was his shed although this is not reflected on the deed nor did he have a bill of sale, as did I,plus the man I bought the shed from said new home owner knows it was not included in real estate sale. Home owner had me arrested for criminal trespass breaking and entering and theft of property. Who do I sue?
  3. My husband was T-boned in December on his motorcycle. It took 3 months to get the settlement on the bike but now they are fighting over personal property. They want the original receipts of how much we paid for the items instead of the price to replace them. Is this right? What is the law that governs this? It is borderline harassment!
  4. My daughter has been diagnosed with JRA a chronic inflammatory arthritis disease. My question is . Does the school have to let her back on the cheer team? She has been on it for 7 years now but she is afraid as soon as they find out about her chronic illness they won't let her back on the team. Does she have any rights as far as the school has to let her back on the squad?
  5. I am currently a plaintiff (Arkansas) in a civil lawsuit, where I am suing my previous employer for gender discrimination, sexual harassment, & retaliation. I paid my attorney a set fee for his services, where I didn’t pay anything other than a % after I won my case. So far, my lawsuit has been on-going for almost 2 years now. At this point, we have not yet received a complete discovery from the defendant. The defendants’ answer, to the series of general questions in the discovery, are “I object”. Four months ago, the defendant scheduled a deposition hearing & when I showed up, my attorney wasn’t present, so his partner took his place. His partner didn’t know my case, so I had to quickly fill him in on the details. I then asked why we were doing a deposition before the defendant has even turned in their completed discovery. Supposedly, at the moment I brought that to his attention, he claimed that according to lack of discovery, he felt the need to cancel the deposition, so, while we were all there, he stated on record, (the lady recorder was there) that he was going to file a motion to enforce the defendant to complete their discovery. As of now, he has not yet followed through with his motion. A few days ago, I received an email, from my attorneys partner. The defendant offered me a pathetic settlement & my attorney’s partner encouraged me to settle and suggested that I call their office, to discuss details. So, I call, and of course, my attorney wasn’t there, so I spoke with his partner. His partner began to tell me that I didn’t have a case & really thought I should settle. I wasn’t happy, so I called & scheduled an appointment with my attorney. My husband and I meet up with my attorney. He tells us that he has spent over $25,000 on my case so far, and because of the President & his harassment scandals, he can’t win my case, or ANY harassment case. He said that he has cancelled/closed over 50 of his harassment lawsuit cases, because people have turned a deaf ear to harassment cases. He wanted me to settle for the pathetic offer from the defendant or suggested that I get a 2nd opinion. We asked him why he hasn’t made an effort to get a completed discovery from the defendant (it’s been almost 2 years now) or why we haven’t had depositions, and he then informed us that it would cost us another $5000.00. Now, after a little bit of research, I have learned that since our meeting a few days ago, my attorney has filed several new sexual harassment cases, for other clients. I also found out that 3 days before my meeting with my attorney, his partner has accepted & is now representing a client, who has filed a harassment lawsuit, against the husband, of one of the witnesses in my case. I see that as a conflict of interest & malpractice of my attorney. I feel that he was purposely trying to mislead me, encouraging me to settle, so that he would be relieved of any liability. At this point, I’m not sure what I need to do, who to contact about this, or what I should/shouldn’t say. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. My husband pays weekly, for 2 adopted Mexican girls, faithfully.. In the divorce he is supposed to see the girls every other weekend, but he don't see them, also, his ex wife forged his name on the second girl, So what can we do to her to quit paying for the girls?
  7. Bought a used truck in April. The timing chain and gears are about to break. Been sitting in driveway since November cant drive it, scared the chain will break and do more damage, What should we do about it?
  8. Rented a condo in Arkansas for one year. I learned the very hard Wayne arkansas tenants have zero rights. My condo was infested with rats. Not one or two but a rat infestation and they mostly lived in the walls but being Rats would come into tenants dwelling. Aside from finding rat feces everywhere and any type of food like cereal or boxes of crackers being eaten through they would eat through hard plastic to get at my dog food. I discovered the rat infestation 30 days after moving in thinking it was a minor problem, it wasn’t. Long story short not only could I not get out of my lease nobody wanted to do anything about it. Condo association refused and my landlord would come by and “seal any openings” which was impossible to seal of every opening or crevice. To help keep these rats out my boyfriend used that sealant that would expand to fill the spaces as well. The plastic stuff he used did leave a visual noticeable sight, but the rats were much worse to deal with. Eventually the rats died which I only noticed because of the smell and 100s of flies in my condo that never went away. I found a few dead rats behind the stove and dishwasher. Meanwhile I’m paying my rent and counting the days till my lease is up. I could have moved but Arkansas actually arrests you if you owe rent or something. So I was stuck. Now here is the issue. I moved out. Have the place professionally cleaned and it looked better than when I arrived. My landlord was to busy to do a final walk through and told me leave keys on counter. There was never a move in checklist to note any damages bc I didn’t think he was a slumlord. 30 days pass and finally I contact my landlord even though he had 60 days but still couldn’t be that long to send my deposit right? Well he had the audacity to charge me for damages from sealing up the crevices and also the metal thing on dishwasher was bent when I had to move it to remove the dead rat behind it bc I didn’t want to wait 2 days for landlord to come by and look at it. While technically the damage was done by me, it was all to deal with rat infestation that he refused to fix. Not once did he say that the sealant was damage to the apartment during the year I lived there. There were other issues but are irrelevant by a legal standpoint. I feel he is keeping the deposit since I’m now in Hawaii and can’t take him to small claims court. Although I’m so angry i will if I actually have a case. Advice? Or just cut my losses. Attached are a pics of some of the times I found dead rats. I jump now anytime I see something on corner of my eye or if something brushes my foot when I’m home now. So many times rats would run across my foot at night. It was that bad. Even the county would do nothing. Arkansas.
  9. Im the H4 visa holder (expiring Jun2018). However I’m a Class A misdemeanor, to offense theft of property on12/3/2015. And it was dismissed and seal in dec2016. Im in USA from April 2011. I have no other offence on my record. Can you please tell me what are my chances to get approved green card. My husband has approved I-140. Can I apply along with him as dependent? Cloud you please guide me to the process of application to avoid denial of GC.
  10. Here's my situation: I've been paying child support on 2 children since my divorce. I currently pay $600 a month. My oldest son is now 20 and will be 21 in June. However, my paycheck withholding never changed and according to every Arkansas state law I've been able to find, child support stops when the child turns 18 or is out of high school, whichever comes later (but he graduated at 17). I've been in touch with the clearinghouse here and they informed me I'd have to get a lawyer to change the order. Well, I decided to let it go for a few months to help out while my son had started college. He actually lived with me for nearly a year after he turned 18 and I still paid on him. We had a falling out over his unwillingness to get a summer job while out of school and he decided to move back in with his mom. His mom and I had a confrontation over the child support thing and she disagreed saying I was obligated to pay until he's 19. To shorten the story, she started giving me nearly half of the child support back after he turned 19, so I haven't made a big fuss over the $600 still being taken out. Well, now she hasn't been paying it back since November and it's causing some problems with my current wife and I. I confront her and I get a text about how she has an appointment with a case worker in February and this case worker has told her that since the oldest still lives at home, is going to college on a scholarship/Pell grants etc., that I may be obligated to pay until he's 21, so they're going to look into that and in the meantime she's not paying anything back. What kind of crap is this? There's nothing in our decree about paying through his college years, there's no Arkansas guideline I've been able to find on the state's child support webpage...where is this "case worker" getting this idea? The kid is even working part time while he's going to school, I'm still giving him medical coverage and somehow I'm still responsible to pay child support on him? This sounds like a load of crap to me.
  11. First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this and offer advice or give a personal opinion. I was involved in an MVA with impact at approx 40mph where someone pulled out right in front of me and I hit the drivers' side passenger/wheel space. The impact was severe enough to completely spin my car 180degrees. The other driver was at fault and given a citation for failure to yield. My driver airbag deployed and distinctly remember black and white smoke coming from where it deployed. The vehicle is one that is part of the Takata airbag recall and replacement had not been performed yet so the airbag was still a Takata defective airbag. Did not get cut by any metal. My husband says he hadn't heard of black smoke from airbag deployment, only white. Minimal abrasions on hands from it blowing my hands off steering wheel (I guess?). Buttons from steering wheel, like cruise control were found on passenger seat. Most of my injuries are at the sites of seatbelt contact. (Contusions/hematomas,/ecchymosis). Refused medical treatment at time of accident (I am a nurse and my adrenaline was so high that I was more worried about my dog who had been in front seat and hit dashboard). Went to urgent care 2 days after. Then developed shortness of breath with minimal extertion, and coarse productive cough with severe pleuritic pain. Nonsmoker. Thought it may be from breathing the irritants or worst case scenario- pulmonary embolism because my sputum was frothy. Urgent care did rapid flu test which was positive for Influenza A. No xray. Now I've coughed up a quarter-sized gray GLOB of sputum. Before that, only one instance of gray phlegm/sputum/glob less than dime sized. MY husband is a smoker, so I asked if he ever coughs up that junk. He said yes, when sick. I've only ever seen this kind of sputum from cystic fibrosis patients! Of course, I'm neurotic and so I wonder if it could be pneumonitis from Takata airbag and that propellant they used. I have no clue of what I should do, should I contact a lawyer, does it even sound like it would be worth the hassle, am I completely off base with my thinking? Do I need a lawyer for the injuries from the wreck that are unrelated to airbag? I am at a loss. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
  12. Hello! I've just recently learned that my siblings have not been getting treated properly under the care of my mother. I've learned that they have been abused physically and verbally. I've gone through such abuse myself and I know how traumatizing it can be. Their fathers are either incarcerated or not financially able to care for them. I am 18 years old, but unfortunately I'm not on my own. I now live with my mother and her boyfriend along with my siblings. My fiancee is currently in school and looking for work as a welder. We decided it would be best to take in my siblings in order to give them the best life. As soon as my fiancee and I are stable, we want to invite them to live with us. But I don't know how to go about doing that. I'd love to adopt them or just acquire legal guardianship of them. Either way I want them in my care and not with my mother. Please help me find the correct path.Thank you.
  13. Two pieces of equipment in trailer court I live in. One is on my property without my permission and I was never notified in any way. One piece of equipment cut my internet cable. Manager of trailer court knows nothing about why they are there. Can I get the piece of equipment removed from my property, if so how? Police are saying they will do nothing. Is this against the law? Help?
  14. A year ago I was arrested and charged with felony theft by the city I live in. The charges came after a local, privately run program that I was in charge of year earlier, but had recently turned it over to another person because my Mother's illness made it impossible for me to do. After finding someone to take it, and they wanted me to transfer the money left in the account to them, $.57, they immediately decided that I had stolen all the money from the year before. The police chief, husband of the new lady in charge, went to the prosecuting attorney told the story and he went to the bank and acquired copies of my bank statements. Since I was in jail, with a $5000 cash bond, and stunned by what had happened, I had to bond out before I could begin to clear this up. My question is did they violate my rights by obtaining my bank information when this protect wasn't non profit, didn't have a board that anyone answered to, it was a small town Christmas project that was done to supply gifts for families that couldn't afford them. It had always been privately run, and still is to my knowledge. Needless to say, it has ruined my reputation, and now I'm still unable to find anyone here that will hire me for a job.
  15. I received 36 months probation an 48 months SIS on a drug charge . I just finished the probation an have a year left of SIS. I got a new charge a year ago . My probation officer did not revoke me on the new charge. When my probation ran out 3 months ago the County that gave me the probation,sis sentence , issued a bench warrant for my arrest. I was arrested and had to bond out. I would like to know if there is a time limit from the arrest for the new charge to the time they can revoke you. Which is 11 months from the time of the new charge till arrest for bench warrant. I looked up Arkansas Codes an procedures an it said they have 60 days to revoke your sentence from time of arrest . Is this true or am I not understanding it right ?
  16. Original child support order obtained in Texas over 20 years ago at $300/mo. Child support enforcement was always a battle, even for Texas Office of Attorney General (TOAG). Non-custodial parent moved to Arkansas. Custodial parent and child moved to Louisiana. A judgment for $50K+ for past due child support was obtained in the state of Texas before child was emancipated. Enforcement of child support refused by LA Attorney General's office because child now emancipated. Texas TOAG contacted Arkansas OCSE and began collection through them. Another child support case with the same father caused my past-due support payments to be dropped to $30. Arkansas OCSE will not accept the case unless I drop it with TOAG. My research of Texas laws indicates that the Texas judgment will be null and void in Arkansas without Texas enforcement. However TOAG cannot practice in Arkansas to take it to Court and Arkansas can't take it to court unless I drop it in Texas. This horrible excuse of a man whom never willingly supported his daughter is getting away with making a mockery of the legal system! What can be done???
  17. Is it necessary to go before the sentencing judge in order for probation to be reinstated following the reversal of a probation revocation by the Appellate court If anyone has case law around this issue would appreciate
  18. Is it legal in Arkansas for one person to record a phone call without the other person knowing about it?
  19. My husband and I have been together going on 7 years, married for 5 of them. His daughter just turned 6 (resulted from a one night stand a few weeks prior to us meeting) so needless to say, we have been doing the co-parenting thing for awhile. It was difficult for the first 2 years or so but, eventually, we all worked together; which is what's best for the child. The mother got married a year ago. Things went from being very cordial to a nightmare. We also began to notice changes in my stepdaughter's behavior. I had mentioned the change in circumstances to a friend, and once they asked who the mother married and I replied, they informed me the mother's spouse had previously had a messy divorce and a few charges that we may want to look into to. So I went to the court house and looked for any information. To my surprise there was in fact documentation showing B&E, harassment charges, forceful entry, terroristic threatening, domestic battery/assault, contempt of a restraining order; etc (his child was present for some of them). His ex was awarded a year long restraining order and he had restricted and supervised visitation for 2 years. Although the supervised part of the visitation has been expired, he still has restricted visitation. Also subject to random drug testing due to whatever circumstances that occurred prior to the divorce (2014). This doesn't sit well with my husband or myself. What are the chances of getting a change of custody?
  20. Can an incapacitated adult with a guardian get married without guardians permission and if they do get married will it terminate the guardianship, I am his Fiance and we are both 25 years old and I am pregnant with his child.. I just need to know the laws on the guardianship and marriage and if it ends the guardianship or are we allowed to marry?
  21. This is a lie, my mother in law lied me and my wife lived together for 6 yrs [deleted] what can I do.
  22. If you owne a home your girlfriend lives with you her adult child does too they have been steeling your stuff and selling it you file charges cops say not enough evadence. how can you get at least the son out of your home
  23. I'm going through a divorce and custody battle and this is a first and hopefully last thing for me. One of the main reasons I'm writing this is because I'm the father and my soon to be ex- wife is behind 30k dollars from a previous relationship and she wants custody of our kids. She also refuses to work a job, since we have been separated I have continued to pay the utilities on the home and our car insurance. Is this the right thing to do ? What are the chances of her getting custody ? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  24. Can the estate be sued when the max liability insurance limit is not enough to cover loss and the driver responsible for the accident lost his life? If so what steps are required?
  25. I have been my mother's guardian for the past several years. She died recently from complications arising from Alzheimer's. When I was awarded guardianship, the court ordered that I obtain a surety bond to cover the approximate value of her estate. I did this through the company that I have all my insurance through. After my mother passed, I went to my insurance agent and informed them of my mother's passing. They said they could not cancel the surety bond until the court has closed my guardianship. I have to pay a $900 annual premium for the surety bond. I was told that a guardianship is terminated upon the passing of the ward. I guess I'm wondering what my rights are in this matter. My brother and I are her only heirs and he would be willing to sign any forms necessary to bring this to a close. Thank you in advance