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Found 24 results

  1. what is procedures on letting an inmate free mistaken for his father amd told to return to jail? And why would they be aabsoconder after all the I jail let them free?!
  2. What exactly does "Forfeited" a bond mean whom does this? Judge or Bondsman? Aren't the bondsman supposed to help inform you of upcoming court dates? And when told and in touch with bondsman correct address he repeatedly sends mail to wrong address? Thanks
  3. My son was given 12 years in ADC for a probation revocation that were two D felonies of breaking or entering and theft of property.(He is out on Parole now) The probation was revocated due to two counts of a class B misdemeanor video voyeurism and also a class A misdemeanor drug paraphernalia. He was railroaded by the judge thinking pleading guilty would lead him to go easy on him, big mistake. He was, at the sentencing, given the 12 years plus ordered to register as a sex offender. The transcript of the proceedings show the the prosecutor wasn't certain that it was within the law. The Sex Offender Registration Act A.C.A. 12-12-903(13)(A), definitions, says that sex offenses under video voyuerism must be a felony level offense. Under (13)B(i) it says the sentencing court has the authority to do so if he was shown in court to have attempted to commit or have committed a sex offense if not enumerated in (13)A(i). So how is this legal? Video voyuerism is only a sex offense if a felony, and its not a sexual offense coded under 5-14-101 et sec. either. The sentence order awknowleges that it is not an offense requiring registration. The requirement to register was written in under "other" for special conditions. The video voyuerism was done in public and not against a minor. He was interviewed by SOCNA in prison and made a level 3. This has been the worst because of the restrictions, especially not being able to work or live 2,000 feet of a school, ect. He lost a fiance because he could not parole out to her. This is completely against his civil liberties. His crime did not involve a minor, but they act like he is a threat against children. His parole officer said no contact with minors and to stay away from parks with playgrounds!!! Ridiculous! He also has a condition placed on him that says "no access to digital cameras or cell phones". He was not given a suspended sentence. His parole officer said that this was completely wrong and even contacted the prosecutor who told her to tell him to get an attorney. How is he to get a job or have any type of relationship with anyone without a phone? She also didn't agree that he should register since she's never seen a misdemeanor voyuerism sex offender. He was told by an Attorney out of Little Rock that possibly a state Hebeas Corpus could remove the conditions. He asked for way too much money to do it. Please help. This has destroyed his life.
  4. Can a Arkansas body attachment be ran concurrent with a felony or misdemeanor sentence?
  5. my house was robbed awhile back the person who did it has long ago been arrested, paid fines, and restitution. My question is doesnt the restitution go to the victim and if so why have I not received such?? And what can I do to get it??
  6. In 2008, as part of a plea agreement, I plead guilty to felony possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, and felony possession of drug paraphernalia. Got probation and a fine. Then in 2015,in a freak accident, I broke my neck and had subsequent spinal cord damage. I am a C6 incomplete Quadriplegic Paralyzed from the chest down. Have most of my arm movement, but extremely limited in hand function . I have several secondary health issues related to my SCI. Since the injury, I have had to deal with all kinds of bureaucratic problems involving Medicaid, Social Security, DHS, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, and other state agencies. While a lot of people have difficulties in dealing with these social services, I on the other hand have a good understanding in navigating the bureaucracy because I was a political science and public administration major in college and was about 30hrs short of a bachelor's degree when I was arrested and forced to quit school to resolve my Legal problems and find employment. Fast forward to today, and I will finally be able to go back to school. I am considering g two possible career options, either going into being a social worker or going to law school to become a disability rights attorney. Here is my problem, both careers require either state licensing or passing the state Bar exam. Because I am a felon, I can get neither of these state licenses.The only way I can get my felonies expunged is by applying for a Pardon from the Governor. I have researched the process and downloaded the application and believe I can obtain all the necessary documents it requires. My question is what is the odds that the Pardon would be granted. Has anyone here either received a pardon or represented someone granted a pardon. If anyone knows what is the ratio of pardons requested versus pardons granted. Anyone with advice on how to increase my chances because it would require a lot of work to not have any chance at all to be granted
  7. My parents had a lake home and Dad bought house and farm for them to move to when they sold lake house. They knew they were getting to old to drive the long distance into town for dr appointments and daily errands. in the meantime parents gave my brother choice of farm or lake house in inheritance and he chose farm and I got lake home. They had the lake home for sell for quite a long time while the market had drop. So they rented farm to brother but he failed to pay rent and then dad told him to at least pay taxes and insurance. He never did so parents paid it until dad passed away and my brother finally started to pay the taxes and insurance , still no rent. This home plus lake home was suppose to be o be my parents retirement. Mom sold lake home and moved to Farmington Arkansas into a new 5 bedroom home not on farm. My mother recently was given a dr directive that she could no longer live by herself. My brother is trying to get deed transferred into his name so mom would be eligible for Medicaid. He found out that it wasn't easy that there is a 5 year waiting period and also that the money needs to be paid down. He is shifty and has strong armed my mother for different issues at times by holding visitation to her grandchildren, other words he has threaten to not allow mom to see her grandchildren if she doesn't comply. I can see him doing this to get deed transferred into his name. I added up that if he paid rent , he owes over 100,000.00 to my mother. Do I have any recourse in getting home sold so as that money is used for mom, or force a sale and I get some benefit from it like head before mom and dad passed away?
  8. If brother and sister each own 1/2 undivided interest in property that mining company has lease on (which both receive royalties) but the sister decides to sell her interest to that lessee would the brother be entitled to profit from her 1/2 since now are tenant in common with company.? With regards to half
  9. We are about two weeks from closing on a VA assistance home. However, When we applied for the loan there were two homes on the same deed. The VA would only finance one home. The deed holder had the home that we were not wanting to buy survey and filed as a separate partial. The issue here is that the other home sold before we have actually closed on 'our' home. The home we're buying has a well on it. The other home does not. It was tied into 'our' well. Now there are two separate deed. There is NO mention of a shared water well in our 'contract to buy' or any other record. We were told by the real estate agent that a contract was prepared that would give the other home owner the rights to our well. We were never informed of any contract. Neither were we asked for this right. In fact the only reason the water was still connected to that home was we had not yet closed on 'our' home and felt that we had no right to do. Do we have an absolute right to shut the water off to that home off once we sign at closing? The power to the well is supplied by 'our' home as well. We feel as though we are being cheated out of what we are paying for. The well was part of our property. Thanks for any help in this matter.Don
  10. We have lived on one acre of property for 17 years. On two sides of us there were just fields used yearly for crops of different types. We unknowingly overshot the property line by about 10 to 12 feet even though we had it surveyed 17 years ago the little flags dissappeared (although I never recall the large trees being off our property line) and throughout the last 17 years we have mowed the grass, cut down and removed dead trees, planted poplar trees that we bought, put a hammock and yard swing, and most importantly to me BURIED 9 OF OUR FAMILY PETS, planted an oak tree in the center of the pet cemetery and I have garden stones and solar lights marking the graves. Noone ever said a word and we had NO IDEA we were over the property line until someone bought the one acre beside and 7 acres behind our home, had a surveyor come only to realize that all the trees we planted and our hammock swing and pet graves were 10 feet over their line. They haven't even STARTED on their house yet, and their parents have lived on our other side for all these years so I'm sure we are "in the way" so to speak or for whatever reason they came out the other day and just started cutting down our beautiful trees for no reason. I ran out to stop them when they started on the 50 ft poplar we planted when our daughter was born. I ask why they were cutting and was told some cap about the trees not growing well??? I ask if they were putting up a fence and was told no. So they don't even have their house started, they don't have a septic system or electric running to their land yet and our trees are the only ones on their property so they begin cutting them down? I was told " I guess we will keep the graves weedeated" and we legally could not even come dig our pets up to move them or its trespassing and vandalism. My pet garden and trees and lawn are immaculate there. Do I have legal rights to this and what course of action can I take before they come cut down all my trees out of spite and do God knows what to my pets graves. PLEASE HELP US! my 15 years old daughter is devistated as am i!
  11. I have been renting from the same landlord for over 2 years now and the landlords never had me sign a lease agreement. I have had the same things needing to be fixed for over a year now and some things for almost 2 years now. My husband and I have both told him in person and numerous texts what all needs to be fixed here. The wall in my dining room is bulging out (not sure how else to explain it) and has been since I moved in. The landlord told me they would fix it asap. It still needs to be fixed. I will not go into detail everything that needs to be fixed because that would take awhile. It took him over a month to put a heating element in my oven. My question is I pay $550 a month rent on this house and it is not worth it right now and if we moved out no one would rent it until he fixed everything. Can I legally withhold our rent until he fixes everything?
  12. I was terminated after one day on work!!! The company said I half to wait until the 17th of June 2016 to pick up my pay check. I am almost positive the company only has 24 to 48 hours to pay me every penny they owe me. I am a resident of Mississippi. I am in Ashdown, AR working as a Pipefitter for this company MTR its a newer company and this is thier first Pipe job so now iI am stuck in Arkansas untill i can get my pay check. Also the reason i was fired is becouse they didnt give me a badge so i could get into the plant. .
  13. I am the sister-in-law, so I don't have much say so -- I just need advice on how to handle this situation. (ARKANSAS) 17 year old daughter lives with her mother and step father, and just graduated high school. She starts college in the fall and is planning on moving in with her biological father and his girlfriend. However, when her mother found out, she threatened to call the police and call it "kidnapping" if she moved out with him. It caused a lot of emotional and mental stress on everyone -- just a big uproar! Would it be possible for her to do that? I need advice on how to help my sister-in-law. She is miserable at her mother's -- she is depressed and taking medicine for anxiety. Her mother has filed for bankruptcy 3 times, and often is late on her electricity, water, and rent. She gambles away any money that she gets from her paycheck or other family. I do not see how she is a more fit parent than the father --- or how she could afford to take them to court if necessary. (There is a lot of other details I could include, but I think the basic information is proof enough.) She needs to get out of this situation ASAP -- it isn't safe for her there. Is the 17 year old allowed to choose her preferred guardian at this point? They are within the same state (Arkansas). Would the mother really have a leg to stand on? The 17 year old turns 18 in August, so she could obviously move out then. She is just so unhappy and under so much stress I don't think she can handle much more. She wants to get a job and start her life where she will be attending college. Please help! Any advice will be helpful.
  14. My husband's ex-wife has physical custody of their daughter (9) & her son (12) that he adopted. She tells daughter she's working & leaves but doesn't always leave son...daughter is left at sitters (sitters a wonderful lady but shes+80yrs old). We suspected this was going on but it was confirmed Sunday when exwifes sister informed us her& her husband had taken the son from his mother +week ago while daughter was visiting with us. Ex-wife tells son he doesn't have to see his dad, has turned him against him somehow...only time he will speak to his dad is when he's reached his data limit& it's shut off &/or he is speaking very disrespectful & mean to his dad..he won't tell his dad what the problem is he just refuses to visit& verbally abused him & his mother is right there with him doing the same. Her sister informed us the kids are left with the sitter for several days at a time. Not for 8-12 hour shifts several days a week & picks them up after work...SEVERAL ENTIRE 24 HOUR DAYS WITH NO CONTACT. My husband called the sitter yest, asked to speak with his daughter & this is when she told us she was "expecting" her mom to come "visit" her but she wanted her dad to pick her up afterwards. After a couple of hours she realized mom wasn't going to come. So we picked her up. She said she thinks she might have seen her mom once last week...she had picked her up but then took her back shortly after. Mind you the weekend prior she had been with us that Fri-Mon morning when my husband took her to school. (She also has the children enrolled in the wrong school district. We all live within 5 miles of one another & she refuses to allow the kids to attend this school. Her very own older brother said it is because she would HAVE to deal with the kids & to keep the kids from riding the same bus as my kids, and their cousins (same bus route). Her current arrangement keeps them all separated & kids ride bus to sitter & she doesn't have to see them until she decides she wants to.My husband has asked her several times to let him/us know when she works, needs me time or whatever because we would love to have them here more often. My ex's &step moms are all about helping each other & making sure kids know we are all on same page. Regardless of how badly you want to & try NO ONE can do it all by themselves all the time. It takes a team. She refuses though. If she doesn't have her $989 month child support on exactly the 1st day each month she won't hesitate to make a rude hateful call. My husband took his daughter to school this morn & she had told their daughter on the phone Sunday night she would pick her up at school...she didn't. Then she called sitter and told her she would be there shortly...she never showed. My husband NOW wants to take custody of his kids. His ex sister in law is backing him on this. She said that she feels that he should have them with him. That she doesn't know what their mothers issue is but her cars repossessed, evicted from her house & she is tired of watching the kids be pawned off & going without while she is spending almost a grand a month on what? Not rent, not utilities, not a vehicle & definitely not kn clothes, shoes anything for the kids. He has reasonable visitation...no set days or hours, He is retired military and full-time college student right now. I am currently a stay at home mom.I do not want to report her to dcfs/cps...that is an ungodly can of worms NO ONE deserves. Not to mention it will throw her into a frenzy, the dcfs experience will completely destroy poor baby girl & we don't want the kids to feel torn or like they have committed treason against their parents in any way shape form or fashion. But at the same time their mother should have already pulled her head out of her @ss. Any suggestions as to how to handle this? She won't listen to reason, she will play the kids against each other & their father & I'm sure me as well.
  15. I am VERY new to Trusts and recently a very dear friend of mine asked me to be the trustee for her revocable trust. I have done some reading but the more I read the more confused I am becoming, as some websites appear to be contradicting themselves or I just don't understand legalese (as I am not a lawyer). My friend's trust has been written up by a lawyer but decided to have me instead of him acting as her trustee and I don't want to let her down in anyway. What about the original trust? Does she need to keep it, or her lawyer? Currently her lawyer has it but my friend is now wondering why he has it and she doesn't have the original. Believe me when I say any guidance you send my way (in layman's terms) would be greatly appreciated ! Thanking you in advance.
  16. Hello, I have three traffic violation in Bentonville, AR. Speeding 10-11 mph over the limit, breaking the red light and not carrying insurance proof. Actually, I entered the traffic right when it was yellow and the light turned green right in the middle so I speed up and crossed the signal but unfortunately cop caught me right there and gave all tickets. I have the insurance but unfortunately i was not carrying the updated document. I have to appear in the court but I am traveling out of town so need a attorney to reschedule it or how best can I deal with the situation. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  17. Attorney question - Help me please and thank you in advance. My ex-husband had me served today with papers today notifying me of several petitions (reasons) for modification of visitation. In his sworn statements my ex-husband has knowingly lied on three of the six statements but there is one that upsets me the more than the other two. He has clearly perjured himself on this one in particular. It states and I quote " Plaintiff recently discovered that Defendant has relapsed and is currently in rehab for drug problems. ". These are the facts: A) I have never used street drugs or taken prescription drugs unless directed by a physician I took a 12 panel hair follicle test during our last custody dispute & it came back clean. Also I've never failed one of his 30+ ridiculous requested urine drug test my-ex has randomly requested over a 4 year span. (It was a LONG LONG custody battle) I took them because each one cost him $50.00- LOL. D) I was not in rehab for drugs. I was in a mental Heath unit at a hospital being treated for a nervous break down for 5 days. Where I was primarily diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder, I also have co-occurring disorders such as ADHD, major depression & anxiety. ( note: my ex husband was very abusive both verbally, emotionally and even sometimes physical during our marriage. He is still very verbally abusive towards me concerning our son when he doesn't get whatever it is that he wants [swapping holidays, ect...]***my physiologist says his verbally abusive words & text are my trigger, the reason for the onset of my anxiety attacks which in-turn cause me to slip in a depressive state. ) LONG STORY SHORT : my ex-husband intentionally LIED to hurt me. Can I sue him for slander in civil court? He is intentionally trying to ruin my relationship with our son and my reputation. I sick of this crap can I make him put his money where his mouth is???? Thank you again! boymom in AR
  18. What can i do if i was held days(as in 7 days) past my release from the county jail due to the officers mixing my booking/intake folder up with another person with the same name as me?
  19. My dad recently passed away. He was in a nursing home, had no real property, was not married at the time of death, has a truck valued at $2,500, and a life insurance policy with the oldest of four siblings named as the beneficiary. Additionally, he had no "legal" will, the eldest sibling has POA financial, and there are a few credit cards as his only debt. At the time he went into the nursing home (while still of sound mind), three of the siblings cleaned up his apartment, divided furnishings, etc.---leaving nothing but his truck. He had no savings account, and all of his income went to the nursing home. The oldest sibling paid his bills (insurance premiums, cell phone bill, cigarettes, personal needs (deodorant, razors, clothing) for six month while Dad was in the nursing home. He had written on a piece of paper (not dated) that he wants the youngest (half sibling to the other three) to have the truck upon his death, but he changed his mind and called him to tell him that he did not want the youngest to have the truck. From what I understand, the youngest has an unsigned title to the truck and a piece of paper (not notarized) that "I,____, give X vehicle to _____ at time of my death. Questions: Do we need to file anything with our local court (Arkansas) as far as estate or probate? ***Priority Question*** What will happen with his debt (I think it is less than $5,000 in credit card and one small medical bill from the VA for medicine), future personal property due and income taxes for the current year? What claim does the youngest child have to the truck? [it is undecided at the time what will happen to the truck]. I am the middle child. I have the truck sitting at my home, not being used. The oldest sibling (beneficiary) plans to send money to me after life insurance pays for the funeral costs and he has recovered his expenses for what he paid out of pocket while Dad was in the nursing home. He wants me to have the money for what I was out (gas, time off of job to direct Dad's care, loss of income from quitting a second job to help take care of Dad). I think it is nice of him, but not necessary [i would have done those things for Dad anyway--I just wanted him to have the best quality of life possible during his last months, and I enjoyed his company and re-bonding with him. The other sibling is in a state run facility (has severe downs syndrome and is a ward of the State).
  20. What is a hobbs seal and what kind of search warrants does it. pertain too?
  21. I have lived at my residence for 13 years, and a large part was receiving rental assistance, in part, or currently, in full. I have had a good relationship with my landlord, until a guy I had been involved with became employed by my landlord. He then changed toward me, but I just eventually ignored it and went about my life. After approximately 3yrs employed, the employee and I had married, approximately 2wks into the marriage, it fell apart and the employee/husband, moved out and the landlord/employer rented him one of his other rental properties. We had not filed any divorce, or other legal papers, in part due to lack of funds. Just a few weeks ago, I was informed by my landlord that (Mr. X), while under his employment and residing still separate from myself, allegedly had taken money that was not discussed beforehand, but when discovered some kind of agreement between them was reached, verbally, When Mr. X did not fulfill his agreement, my landlord then came to inform me of all that had transpired in the last month or so. Since that time, I am receiving 100% HUD assistance, full time student, and am pending disability, and an unfortunate timing I guess for me, I had my inspection within a week or so. We had discussed the renewal, and no issues were brought up at that time, or even until after the inspection. The house again passed, and I went on with what had happened for 13 years, previously. Then I receive a text message from my landlord stating he discovered that the house had indeed passed inspection, but unless I was willing to pay him the money that he alleges between he and Mr.X, then I have to move, and he will not be renewing my lease. I have several text messages clearly stating that he knows I had no knowledge, or part of, and have personally done nothing wrong. He has stated that because he is not being repaid, that I am being evicted. I have not filed legal papers, but have not been in a marital, or otherwise, relationship with Mr. X, and do not have any plans as of now, in reconciling. But he stated that because he does not want Mr. X to ever gain from him by the possibility of sleeping 1 night in one of his rental properties, that I am being evicted. Trying to stay calm and discuss rationally, he merely states that he is sorry that it affects me. I have said over and over that it is completely separate of my lease, and he should follow through with legal action against Mr. X, and not punish me, and render me homeless in about 1 month. Today I was told, via text message, that because I have Mr. X dog at my residence and other possession's that he refers to as "his belongings" that it leaves it open to a possible future visit from Mr. X, and that is why I am being evicted. I agreed to find the dog another home, and he argues that what possession's in question I have and intend to keep and fight out in court, if need be, that if I keep these items, I have to move. Please, please, please help me. I absolutely have no income, and no way can get the money it cost to move, or even find a place to move, at this horrible point in my life. I am on the edge of having a nervous breakdown, and I am falling so far behind in my classes, that definite failure is imminent.
  22. The minor is a nephew living in rural Arkansas with his mother and step father. I live in New York state with my family - husband and 3 kids in the age range of the nephew. I would like to have the nephew live with me, go to school, receive medical care, etc... It seems like his mother (which I have a great relationship with) is agreeable and sees that this is in his best interests - My nephew is also agreeable. In order form him to obtain benefits from me, I must be designed his guardian for at least a year. My brother is his biological father and divorced from his mother. Is this case feasible for guardianship and if so what would be the procedure to start the process. Can you recommend a family law attorney to assist? Thank you
  23. I am looking to sue DCFS and all of the case workers that were assigned to my case; C****, G***, and one other worker I never met. I am suing because my entire family's civil rights have been violated. First off, the cps worker entered my home without a search warrant and threatened me with criminal charges for obstructing her investigation. Came into my home and strip searched my kids and forced me to take a drug test or they would take my children. I had already passed one drug test for them and took my children to the doctor, who cleared them from any signs of child abuse and/or neglect. During my children's two year stay in foster care DCFS violated court orders to transfer mine and my husbands drug test and parenting from Arkanasas to Louisiana. They placed my son on several different psychoactive drugs and gave me no choice as to whether my daughter had tubes put in her ears. My husband was denied a lawyer even though he actively participated in the case plan and took drug tests as well. He was not appointed an attorney until the termination hearing. The only reason our children were in foster care so long is because of the failure to transfer drug tests to the state of Louisiana. Due to DCFS's negligence in offering me services prior to removal of the children is unacceptable and the fact that they took my children in custody for longer than 72 hours violates due process.
  24. i have a friend that had 4 dwis 2 weeks between the first and second, then the third was 3 yrs after the second ,and the 4th was close to 2 yrs after the 3rd, what is the time distance from the first to the 4th to make it the 4th, or how long does a dwi stay on your record?
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