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Found 121 results

  1. Was pulled over for DUI long story short the officer provided me prescription Xanax from my car. Then took my blood at the station. This doesn't sound like it should have happened. Am I out of line here or was that perfectly legal to do? I did ask for the Xanax, however if intoxicated as was suspected is that not a bad thing to do on the officers behalf? Wouldn't that affect my blood test? I'm very curious about this because it is the one thing that really stood out about the entire encounter. I was also charged with a (slightest degree) dui when the officer claimed I was far over the limit however he did not complete the breathalyzer on scene (he pulled the device from my mouth before I was able to finish the test)
  2. My question is, I’m in the process of developing a game. In this game can I use names of movies, games and famous people? Thanks for your imput
  3. How far back can dcs of arizona go in to your criminal records ? and does dcs look at your last case with them or can they go years back? Ok so i might not have a good past with dcs but that was 15 yrs ago just 2 years ago they opened a case on me and it was closed with in 72 ours along with 6 months of paid daycare at my choice from arizona department of child safety. im trying to be placement for my nephew whom is days old
  4. I was in a headon collision on 04/12/2019 I suffered sever injuries and was not charged or sited at the time. but tested positive at the hospital for meth. now 8 months later they are charging me wirg dui, criminal damage, endagerment
  5. We have a local Facebook group in an educated, upper class community. We have a local Facebook group, registered as a 5013-c, which is the center of the community. People post topics, ask for advice, post community events, and it’s almost 30.0k plus strong. Many of my friends and I converse on this site several times per day. It is a central part of the community. They offer businesses the ability to purchase a membership, and advertise on their site twice a week. My husband and I recently started a Hemp CHD oil business with medical grade oil (our oil is currently being used at a few well-known medical campuses). After accepting our membership payment, they refused to let us advertise. I made them aware of the recent Hemp Bill that was passed, and that Hemp is now legal to grow, manufacture and sell in all 50 states and will change the landscape of medical pain management. But they wouldn’t budge and quickly refunded our membership fee, apologizing but not changing their position. Isn’t this a case of discrimination? Once they accepted 5013-c status, how can they allow some members but refuse others? Appreciate your legal opinion. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I have a few questions that I'm unsure about. First let me just start by saying that I had found out from a family member that I was a person of interest and I contacted the police, I was to go meet with them the following day, in the afternoon, to clear my name. They showed up to my house at 8 in the morning, i was hanging up with someone on the phone as i heard my door open, i thought it was the wind but all of a sudden the cop is saying my name and pulling me out the door, taking my phone out of my hand, they still didnt have a search warrant signed. I waited four hours in 110 weather for them to get it signed, meanwhile being threatened and told they were going to kill my dogs if I didnt talk to them, I had no clue what they were talking about, my bf did, but I didnt know that until he was being put in the cops car. Even knowing they were not there for drugs I'm not going to lie to a cop if he asks me if there's something and I know about it, so when I was asked I told them I had drugs in the house. While my bf was in jail I had people threatening my life because of what they thought I had and wanted, my place was broke into 3 times in that week, I was so scared and I stayed awake for 3 days ( without drugs) because of all this, I called the detectives and told them what was going on and how scared I was, he told me I brought it on myself... I was shocked to hear that because despite things that happened with cops when I was like 12 yo I have always thought they would be there to protect me. I cant reveil anymore about the case even though I feel its neccisarry. Were my rights violated? If they were who do I go to? What do I do. I can not afford an attorney, so please dont suggest one. And one other thing, i know most drug addicts steal or need to be high, i use it to ease my pain, and to actually get something done around my house. I have chronic illnesses. I dont steal and i dont lie. I do understand that's hard to believe with a drug user. But true.
  7. I bought a vehicle from my brother in 2011. When we went to transfer the title my brother put his name on the title as lien holder (and me as owner) because he didn't want me to get a title loan. At the time it made sense because it's something I would do and I believed at that time he had my best interest at heart. I don't owe him any more money on the vehicle and this was something we both agreed on at that time. In May 2018 I was rear ended and the person that hit me was insured. The insurance company needed his signature as well on the claim to receive pay out for the damage. The insurance company asked who the check should be made out to and I said just me. I told my brother that the money was going to be used to get it fixed. I got the check I was in the process of making arrangements to take it in to be fixed. My brother wanted to know if I got the check and he wanted the money. I said it was going to be used to get it fixed. That afternoon, after I told him that, he went down to a 3rd party DMV took ownership of the vehicle. He made himself sole owner of that vehicle. What I want to know is since he took ownership am I no longer obligated to get it fixed now that he took ownership?
  8. In Arizona My older sister kicked me out of her house without any notice. I have established residency there for 3 years, no contract. Verbal agreement was for me to watch her dogs and do work around the house to earn my keep. She said I could stay with her until I got back on my feet again.(moved in with her after my husband passed away) On a whim she got verbally abusive one morning she told me I had to get out and she started to throw my stuff out side. I ended up walking away because she escalated things too far and had a violent temper.(shes bipolar and not on meds) She changed the locks also. I learned that the police can't do any thing to help me get my stuff out of her house. They stated I would have to go through the courts to get my property and that it is a civil matter. What are my rights and what can I do. When I went over to her house and asked her if I could get my personal belongings she said no and that she will call the cops and get an order of protection against me. Do I have any rights like tenants have? If need be I would file a civil complaint against her myself but I need to know more on her rights my rights etc.
  9. Our HOA has always limited parking on our narrow streets for temporary use only. This is to allow for guest and maintenance vehicles. Our CC&Rs clearly state that owners or residents are to park their cars in the garages or driveways. This would give them four places to park their vehicles. We have residents that are continually parking their vehicles on the street on a permanent basis and stating that the HOA cannot tell them where to park if the street is not maintained by the HOA. I have a sister that lives in a nearby neighborhood with public streets and the same regulations and all the residents comply. Can our HOA legally notify our residents to not park on the streets overnight or permanently?
  10. Hello, I am confused by some things and I am not sure exactly who to contact concerning this incident. Last Thursday, October 18th, my child was expelled from a charter school for accumulating ten detentions inside of 45 school days. (All based on interactions with other students and inappropriate language. Nothing firearms or vandalism related.) The school had me sign an "Official Notice of Pupil Withdrawal" with the withdrawal type marked as W3, Expelled or long-term suspension. I contacted another local school district via email to ask about enrolling my child in one of their schools and was told by them that they would have to honor the expulsion from first school, so they would need to know the length of the expulsion. There is no length of expulsion on the "Official Notice of Pupil Withdrawal" so I then contacted the principle of the expelling school to try to ascertain that information. He sent me back this email: Mr. Smith, Your child is permanently expelled, so there is no “end” to it—your child is ineligible for return to our school. If your child's new school needs an amount of time before enrollment, then it’s a 3 day suspension. There’s no other paperwork relative to withdrawal. However, your child’s new school will request their file, which we will send to them upon request. Sincerely, Principle I have read through the Arizona laws title 15 chapter 8 on the suspension and expulsion of pupils, and none of what the charter school did seems to match up with what I read. https://www.lawserver.com/law/state/arizona/az-laws/arizona_laws_title_15_chapter_8_article_3 I am now extremely confused and wondering what happened with my child. Is my child expelled and if so for how long, can someone be expelled from a school permanently? If my child was expelled and I do what the principle of the charter school told me to and report to the new school that it is a three day suspension, am I lying to them or committing fraud? Was I tricked into withdrawing my child from school by signing that form? This situation seems like it is wrong or has been handled poorly on many different levels and I am just seeking some clarification as to what actually happened. Thank you for any information you can give me. I have done my best to remove names and identifying information. I hope that doesn't cause any problems.
  11. I was friends with my boss and so she had told me she was starting her own company within the walls of the company she was my boss in. One day her whole attitude changed and she began treating me horribly. She would single me out and not include me as part if the team. Almost as if she was trying to make me quit. Then a day came when she claimed a customer that I upsold didn't pay and so I would have to pay my commission back. I tracked down the email I submitted where the client authorized user to charge the card we had on file for the upsell and sent it to her and CCing the owner of the company or her boss. After sending the email to both parties, she suspended me blaming it on absences and tardies but when I was given my suspension papers she had written "STAY IN YOUR LANE" I was then fired. Now they are not paying my last check. Heeelp me
  12. We purchased vacant land 15 years ago in Maricopa County, AZ. On the sales contract (counter offer) the seller who lived adjacent to the property at the time, put the following "This property restricted to home with minimum of 2500 sq ft living area of southwestern style." which we agreed to. The seller has since moved and there is no recorded restriction on the deed or any evidence of the restriction in public record. The only place it appears is the original sales contract. I have secured a buyer who wants to put a 2000 sq ft house on the property, There is no homeowners association, it is just open land. The seller's intent was: "I don't want to look out my window and see a mobile home up there." My buyer contacted Maricopa Planning and was told there are no restrictions on the property. He's satisfied, but we do not want a future problem to creep up. Can the seller's requirement to us be enforced on our buyer? Does the restriction pass with the property? Who could enforce it?
  13. I applied for the testing to become a U.S citizen, turned out at my interview I was a U.s citizen through my mother becoming one when I was underage. can I apply for a waiver even if they made me sign withdrawal of my application, said I have to re apply for the N-400, what can I do?
  14. I applied for the testing to become a U.S citizen, turned out at my interview I was a U.s citizen through my mother becoming one when I was underage. can I apply for a waiver even if they made me sign withdrawal of my application, said I have to re apply for the N-400, what can I do?
  15. Last year my boyfriends brother ( both are retired Marines) came to us to ask to borrow a gun. He had gotten caught with this girl he was ( trying to help). Anyway it was my gun, as we were stating the conditions under which t he was going to be able to borrow the gun. He would be solely responsible for the gun. Only he was supposed to have possession of it. He wasn't using not common sense when he decided to take it with him to meet up with thus girl and ended up getting robbed and the gun was stole. Now he thinks can just walk away. Leaving me without my gun. No, money to place it. I'm look for any case law to use during my small clams case. Not sure what to look up?
  16. I am a student who has a child with an autoimmune condition. I want to know if I have the right to an accomodation from my school as the only legal parent with a child w a disability. I know employers do not have to make accommodations for caretakers, but I thought schools might have to. I don't know if the fact that I am my 5-year-old child's only legal parent affects this, or the fact that he just started school himself factors into the equation. In an odd twist to the equation, I myself am also disabled and am officially on record with the school with the disability office. However, needing a separate recognition and accomodation for the care of my son is important, particularly as I will need to take him to different appointments and his condition can change at any time, which requires my presence and attention. Everything I have found deals with the disability of the person in school, not the caretaker being in school. It's confusing.
  17. My sister and I split the cost for a lawyer so our mother would have a will, when asked about power of attorney we agreed on my sister who is older and I thought I could trust, this was 5 yrs ago. Since then my mother has been diagnosed with dementia, my sister has sold her home and property but kept what she wanted, knowing she could not drive she also took her brand new car which was just paid off a yr ago which in the Will was supposed to go to me.My mom now lives with her sister who takes care of her and runs her to her Dr. Appts her payment is my mom's social security checks each month. Do I have any say on this matter or because she is alive my sister can do whatever she wants . More or less she received close to a 100.000 for everything and has no intentions on giving me my share is this legal care-home-fees-protecting-inheritance.pdf
  18. Hello, I was hoping to gain some answers to a few question I have about a pending Partition of a home in Arizona. The home was purchased in 2009 by myself and the other party. At the time, we were together (but never married) and have 3 children in common. In 2013 our relationship ended and the other party moved out of the home, myself and the children in common stayed in the home. I have been in the home ever since and have taken on 100% responsibility for paying the mortgage, interest on the loan, taxes, and other house related expenses. Over the years we have tried to come to an agreement to remove the other parties name from the home, but plans were never followed through with. Here we are and the court process has started to partition the home. The other party is claiming that they want the house sold and to receive 50% of the profit from the sale, stating they have a 50% equity claim to the home since the paperwork states it is a joint tenancy with rights of survivor ship. I am making the argument that the equity is not 50/50 and should be calculated based on the individuals actual contribution to the home. Simply put, during 2009 - 2013 contributions were 50/50 since we both held jobs and contributed to the home/family. However, from 2013 - current I should have claim to 100% of the contributions to the home since the other party has not paid a dime towards the property (or lived in the home) for nearly 5 years. my rough calculations equate to an 80/20 equity split in my favor (purely based on principal paid towards the home) On top of that I then would argue that, for the last 5 years, I have also paid 100% of the interest on the home loan that the other party is 50% responsible for since their name is on the loan (same argument with taxes). This would result in the other party owing me roughly $30,000 that should be paid to me from their proceeds of profit based on their 20% equity claim. I would even think that the fact that the other party has actually married since our split and their spouse has purchased a home, coupled with the fact that they essentially abandoned the home 5 years ago could break the joint tenancy "rules" and I could claim 100% ownership of the home. I was hoping someone had experience with a Partition of property in Arizona and could give some insight if my logic makes sense.
  19. I recently had another boy father of my other son doesn’t want to give me my child back unless I go to court. Court orders says I have most of custody mon-fri I changed everything I had to with the court I gave verbal custody for a year until he finished his school year he agreed to it now hes saying I have to go to court because he won’t give me my son back I live in another state and my son is hard of hearing so he needs medical attention the state he’s in won’t do the necessary the state I live in does. WHAT CAN I DO TO GET MY SON BACK !!! Please help
  20. In 2007 my business went belly up. It was a Mom and Pop mortgage company. I pull all the furniture that I had handmade to my specifications and left had them on my house until I was foreclosed on in 2010. Afraid to lose them instead of renting a storage, I asked a friend if I could put them in his garage, he said his display room was hardly used so he said I could put them there. I moved to North Dakota and meant to bring them with me. Time passed and I learned 2 months ago that he had been evicted and the landlord kept everything that was in his business. I called the property management and wrote an email to her explaining that certain property that was in there was mine. She asked me to send proof and I sent her an invoice and some other paperwork that the carpenter and I had share back in the 90's. She never answered back. I have been calling her but every time she is either in a meeting or on the phone with someone else. She has never returned my calls. My property is worth around $30,000 to $40,000. They are tables that were carved by one three and are one piece each. The carpenter has since passed. Are there any remedies that I can use in Arizona to get my property back? Thank you
  21. My husband and I are getting a divorce. My choice. And we are in alot of debt with personal and business credit cards, loans, real estate payments, etc. I am unable to pay my bills and rent and we have been late in 2 months mortage for our unfinished home and land. We also own a business together that has went bankrupt pretty much and our bank accounts are negative thousands of dollars. My question is can I legally make him sell the unfinished home to pay off debts and get our bank accounts up to not negative. We are both on the second-lien for the property and it was owner financed. He does not want to sell it cuz he wants to finish it and try to make the most money out of it but our credit scores are very poor and we owe a lot of money to employees and Banks Etc not to mention living expenses. Im looking for a job right now the offer we got would pay off all loans, credit cards, negative bank accounts, past employee pay that we owe them, customer refunds over $10k, etc. This offer could get us balanced out. I have an offer cash offer for the home right now and Im trying to get him to sign it but he will not. What can I do if anything to make him sign the offer?
  22. remo

    miranda rights

    I understand the guidlines and consequences of having ones Miranda Rights read to them, ( or ), Not read to them is the same for All of the United States. Is this correct? Having been pulled over and charged with,1- Failure to maintain a single lane. 2-Liquor, Possesion of open container w/i vehicle, 3-DUI, Impaired to the slightest degree. Curbside breathalizer of .101. Arrested, handcuffed and placed in back of squad car. Refused blood test in squad car. Informed the officer I had just several hours prior had major dental surgery and consequentally prescribed pain medication. Was then taken to the station when after an hour or so the arresting officer finally rad me my Miranda Rights. Then presented with a Search Warrant to take a Blood Sample. Followed by another breathalizer which read a .08. ( the legal limit ) I was told. So- My Main question is; How significant is the fact that my rights were not read to me until long after I had been arrested and confined. (25 or 30 years ago I was arrested for a DUI in NY state and the judge simply dismissed the case because my rights weren't read to me Before I was confined to the back seat of the squad car.
  23. are a couple finger prints on cash register located inside a biz enough evidence of a crime if there is no video or eye witness??
  24. Hey guys I don't want to put anybody on blast yet, but to name a few the R****, A. golf resort, V**** M****, S*****, M********, believe it or not the list goes on and on.. And they all did about the same thing to me. I have a service animal for my disability and I bring her with me everywhere for the most part.. I had rented a room at the R****** and at the A. golf resort and they both kicked me out because of my dog!! They did not believe she is a service animal despite my showing paperwork, (which I do not have to furnish or provide to anyone)... They kicked me out, kept my money for the night refusing the refund. The other businesses asked me to leave, one told me she's not a service animal.. The other called the manager the manager asked that I leave within 2 minutes.. And the other simply said you just need to go.. I could not believe the treatment I was receiving in public for my service animal.. Granted she doesn't necessarily look like your average service animal, she does have pitbull in her bloodline.. regardless, I need her with me for the disability I have.. I have been reluctant to contact a lawyer to file a lawsuit despite even a police officer telling me that that's what I needed to do, because I don't want to drag my dog into court to have her do any kind of performance to prove her worth as a service animal.. I will refuse to do that. I would like to contact a lawyer to begin some sort of lawsuit against all of these. I strongly feel specified training needs to be in place for people who work n the general public so that mistakes and humiliating experiences like this arnott repeated in the future.. I couldn't believe the public stature of some of the corporations that had absolutely no clue what my rights were. I'm not trying to get rich quick, I even warned all of them that what they were doing was that best discriminatory at worst illegal.. it's taken me some time to make the decision to follow through with a lawsuit.. the ultimate deciding factor was due to the sheer number of big name companies who seemingly have no clue how to handle public service.. Now for my questions.. Does anyone know of any good lawyer to contact for this type of thing? Does anyone have any advice as to whether or not this is something I should pursue? Let me know what your thoughts are on that if you will.....i really appreciate iI, thank you! Regards Melanie
  25. Hi there, I came here not knowing where else to find some guidance and tips on where to start with this horrible situation that my 3 yr old god son is about to be in. I had a bestfriend named david and its unfortunate that I had decided that he wasn't going to change for the good anytime soon and that the new women he was with only made the drug use surface even more. I am worried for my god son. I was told thru a friend that his father way facing a 5 year prison sentence really soon and that the kids were gonna be left with their mother & how she isn't looking forward to it at all without david being there to play dad. She is the worst & most awful mother I have ever met & she creams and punches my god son like he knows exactly what hes doing when hes NEVER doing anything at all but playing or laughing & just being ur average 3 yr old boy. She yells at him to shut the f** up everytime he makes a sound or giggles. She has had CPS in her life since I could remember and was slamming drugs and getting high everyday throughout her very last pregnancy. the dirty needles in cups throughtout their entire bedroom. She had her last baby and she treats her like shes the only best thing that's ever happened to her. but treats her 3rd oldest like a piece of crumb on a kitchen table. her two oldest were shipped off to another state cause she couldn't handle taking care of them cause she wanted to have freedom of a drug life instead of saying party time was over. my god sons father is a wonderful father but he has somethings to change. I want to file a CPS report and have them investigate without her knowledge. but first I need to be sure that THERE IS A WAY that I can be grated guardianship or custody whichever it is I'm gonna need. to be sure that my god son is in a safe and loving place when his father goes away. I want him to be in my care & live happily with me......WHERE DO I START? WHO DO I TALK TO? PLEASE HELP ME
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