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Found 86 results

  1. I agreed to pay ex monthly for lifetime. I was not represented by an attorney. Can this lifetime support be modified for cause?
  2. I am trying to find some info about this cause I cant find it anywhere. My friends and I were on our cruisers the other day and got pulled over by an unmarked dodge charger police vehicle and gave us a ticket for speeding, we are totally fine with the ticket but we have heard from people an finding videos that it is illegal for a unmarked police vehicle to pull you over an give you a ticket because people can easily do this and replicate police officers. We are just trying to figure out if this is legal in washington state if an unmarked police vehicle can pull you over an give you a ticket or if it is illegal. We were in Clallam County and the car was a Dodge charger and the only indications that it was a police vehicle was that it had lights in the grill and visors. Any info would gladly be appreciated on the matter. Thanks
  3. (Sorry for typos, poor grammar and punctuation, typing on phone)Almost 10 years ago I was banned from a casino. I was much different person back then and since then there's been a lot of changes in my life that are for the good. About a year-and-a-half ago I went back to that casino and I got a player's card and everything was fine and apparently I was no longer band I have the card and earn quite a few points over a number of months. Then I believe somebody that was angry with me and vindictive went to them and complained and said that I wasn't supposed to be there or something because the next time I went there the machine told me to come to the Players Club where they said that I should be there. So I wasn't really clear on what was going on so I waited some time went by again and I went back and started playing there again jumping forward I want about a $1,500 jackpot 13 hundred some or something. Zelle pay said they weren't going to pay me because I was banned from there of course I was confused because it seems like I was banned and then I wasn't and then I was so you can see the obvious confusion at any rate they did not pay me and I'm wondering if it's something I should go to small claims court over. I can't find anything in the gaming laws that requires them to even pay somebody by the Tsum that's in there somewhere I'm in there and I'm putting my money in the machine that seems like they should pay me my winnings or go and figure out how much money I spent and give me back all the money I spent as well it would seem unfair for them to have it so that they can take my money from you and so long as you're taking the money keep taking it but soon as I win and wanted to get money back suddenly it's not okay anymore so I'm looking for a vice of whether it's worth taking them to small claims court or Superior Court or I would assume maybe a small claims thing. I have another question I'm going to put in another section about a medical issue at the emergency room which is not a small claims saying that's something I would need an attorney for thank you for any advice on comments in advance
  4. My Dad died without a will about 8 months ago. Just before his passing, he and his wife of many years had a community property agreement drawn up with an attorney but never finished it. It was incomplete. His estate is worth almost $190k and only $10k is owed (med. bills). After he died at some point, probate began at the request of his wife. So yesterday I received a certified letter that there will be a probate hearing for my Dad's estate in like 4 days. She, myself, and my sister we're named heirs. Only my Dad's wife died 2 nights ago. And with the letter was a waiver for me to sign to allow some other lawyer to handle his case. What should I expect at this hearing and would it be wise to get an attorney if I want to get a portion of his estate?
  5. Hollis v Garwell is a settled case: https://caselaw.findlaw.com/wa-supreme-court/1441122.html I now own the "Hollis" land and JABOC1 owns the "Garwall" land. No other facts changed, Jabco1 et al is firing up a Mine and other business's on the former "Garwall" property. I live on a small disability check and am just tryi9ng to keep the Land as is. It was purchased because of these covenant restrictions - no subdividing, 1 residence per lot, NO business esp. mining. I think I need to file for an injunction to stop this, in Superior Court? Or that comes latter or? Must I file in this County where I have been threatened or may I move to any WA Court? I just have no idea the correct starting procedure. Any thought would be most appreciated. Thank you, John Blount I certainly would be happy to provide more facts if it helps just tell me what.
  6. Can a atty take control of an estate if the client is incapacitated and the deceaded husband had written his son as executor and poa in will
  7. What kind of proof is required to contest a will? My dad got married 4 months ago, and changed his will 2 months ago to disinherit his 5 kids and 13 grandkids. He gave everything to the new wife. He had a heart attack 5 days after changing the will and was randomly shot in the head and killed last week on his way home. He told the rest of my siblings to keep it a secret from me so I was not aware of this will change until now. They were suprisingly not upset about it but the majority of them are quite wealthy. I was getting the bulk of the $2m estate before this change.... He has acted very irratically for the past year. He was apparently head over heels in love with this lady. They saw a therapist to make sure the relationship was going to work out. He went to AA meetings with her to help her recover from being an alcoholic. They split up a few times before getting married. Apparently, he couldnt bare to be without her so he really wanted to marry her. He ended up paying off her $150k mortgage just before they got married. This from a guy who complained about his electric bill or just paying for dinner... Then they went on a trip to hawaii where he bought a timeshare. They also booked a cruise for later this year. He was spending money rather wildly it seems. He was alone for the 6 years prior to this relationship. This woman seems like the opposite of my mom(who is deceased) so I dont quite understand how it worked out so well. I have never met her, they were supposed to come for a family reunion this week... He was 76 and the new woman is 70. She says she didnt want the will to be changed.
  8. For years surface water has ran down my driveway from the street above. It collects at the bottom where my home and garage sit. It found its way into the neighbors property which was once an orchard. It's been that way for twenty plus years. There has been 3 owners that have lived there and now the last one is developing it into 7 houses after living there 10 years. He has put a curb along our property line from the street above to the back of our properties. It has caused water to collect on my property to the extent my garage gets water up to it's foundation short of going into the garage. That's a good rain. If it decides to rain much harder or longer it will flood. My question is what rights do I have in regards to this situation. Do I just take it, does he have any responsibilities in regards to the surface water that use to flow and seep into his property. What makes it worse is my driveway is at a low in the road so water from the left and right of my driveway dumps all that water down it. Also there is nowhere else for my water to go. His development storm drains are on the other side of his curb. Any help would be great. Thanks, Wet In Washington
  9. I have an open style RV cover which we just discovered one 12" x 12" leg is over the property line by 5'. The cover has been there for about 9 years and the neighbor has not used their property for about 8 years. This is recreational property for both of us 1/3 of an acre each. They just had it surveyed and that is how we found out about the encroachment. They want me to move the RV cover so that the property line is not disturbed. I do not wish to pay that kind of expense to move or go to court over a pole that is over the line "by mistake" 9 years ago. We share a well that they have not used until now and we are not feuding yet. Hopefully it will not get to that. Does anyone have some idea that they my accept?
  10. Grandfather passed in 2010. A will was found (after gossip of wife wanting to sell the house) leaving his share of the house to his 7 children. His living wife has a bid on the house. An appraiser was at the house yesterday. Siblings want to keep the house. Would siblings be able to buy her out of her share? We have an open probate. We were told the will was filed some time ago, called yesterday and was told no evidence of a will in his name was filed. Called again asking if it was filed through the open probate, no once again. Is this the reason wife is able to not honor the Trust and Will he left. Didn't know you could do a private sale of a home when not all are in agreement of the estate. Need guidance..
  11. hi i have a important topic, i just recently did a trade with a friend of mine with a van and car. i was recently told that i have 72 hours to say i want my vehicle back and and he told me nod a deal is a deal but it wasnt a deal it was a trade and he said that if i wanted my van back he would give it right back and then he said no but im also dealing with child support and i dont wanna get in trouble for something i just found out about. is there any way that i can get my van back with out going to civil court
  12. In Washington state (King county), does the closing day equal to the selling/buying date? I mean, when I say I bought my house on 3/1, I mean that I closed on my house on 3/1?
  13. I live in the State of Washington and I have a question about temporary third party custody orders. If a judge orders temporary custody to a person other than the parents, can the person that was granted temporary custody give the child to another family member at a different address to raise instead of the person that was granted the temp custody? Sorry if this is confusing, but I have no other choice than to have to represent myself pro se and I have been dealing with this situation and trial is on Monday. Thank you for your time. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  14. I was denied an attorney 8 times during questioning. When asked for public defender they said (detectives on tape) that I had to pay for one. Would not leave. I had to wait 7 hours in cell without water or allowed to go restroom. Told by police I had to talk to detectives and must wait till after questioning. I immediately asked for attorney but denied 8 times on tape. The judge in pre-trial said my video was admissible. After motion said not allowed except if I took the witness stand. I am in an appeal. Please share. I am a 59 year old teacher. Impeccable record.
  15. I notified my landlord a week ago about a Mice problem and they responded 5 days ago saying "They will contact me shortly," and I still haven't heard from them. The mice are not our fault, we keep a clean house. I know I am covered by law for them to exterminate them, but just wondering how long I have to wait until I can just call the exterminator myself and bill the tenant?
  16. I live on a fairly steep hill with a poured concrete retaining wall separating my property from that of my uphill neighbor. This wall has cracked and shifted, so I am concerned about the risk to my house and property from a potential slide. (It really does rain quite a bit here in Seattle.) I had a boundary survey done for other reasons some years ago. The wall is completely on my neighbor's property. They are reluctant to fix it and do not want to spend much money. I am will to share the cost but not foot most of the bill. They have also refused to do any work to find a contractor to repair it. I tried contacting my homeowners insurance company, but the agent said that they do not deal with retaining walls despite the risk to the house. I really do not want to get into a lawsuit. Is there some law or regulation that I can present to my neighbors for a stronger argument to get them to fix their wall? I appreciate any assistance with this matter. Thank you.
  17. I currently live in Washington State and will be moving to a state that does NOT have a state estate tax. However, my living trust was created in Washington State. When I sell my home in Washington and move states, will I need to get a new living trust to avoid Washington State's estate tax? My trust includes many references to Washington State statutes (RCW), but I'm not sure how much this matters.
  18. I am an Executor of my fathers' estate, who died in 2014 from M.S. (multiple sclerosis). My father made several donations in the months previous to his death, to alot of charities. Many of whom he gave to annually, in the amounts of hundreds of dollars. He always intended to give money and that is and was his wish. But he also did have some assets, that he put into an irrevocable trust, to leave to his two sons, and their families. As his son, and best friend, I always watched closely, and sadly, his last year was his mentally worst. He was told he would die, approximately six months prior to his death. Non of us wanted to believe it. But his mental condition was slipping, and my brother and I wanted to intervein and take over power of attorney, which was our right, in order to care for his welfair. His wife had almost no income. He had over 8,000$ monthly to spend. And she was able to help him spend it. SO, she and he, together, with her as a co-signer, took out a loan against his house (I and my brothers' inheritance) which was valued at 250,000 at the time. My brother and I were unaware of this and his wife, knew that the money was a loan against an asset she did not own, which made us curious how she cosigned. And with her signature on a pre nup that made her liable for all debts when he passed, why would she sign and spend that amount with him when she knew he was dying? So what happened next, He bought a series of "sponsorships" of shows to a local live theatre in their hometown that they enjoyed. The cost was 36,000$ over a 6 month period or so. What happened next? He was sick and in the hospital to receive a Prednizone drip, for two days, to help save his life, and his brain went BIZZURCK with hyperactivity because of the massive amount of steroids. It was time for my brother and I to intervein, but my dad was stubborn, and his wife lobbied him to not let us intervein with their finances. (we are average people with low to middle incomes and she didn't like our influence on her spending habbits with dads money). My dad while sick as hell, contacted the theatre one day, and handed one of the staff ladies a check for 40,000$ dollars that was from the home equity loan, and said "use it to uplift the paintings of the mermaids" .. she recounted this story at his memorial, and told the whole audience, about it, and that was the first time i heard he had done this. I was furious, but had to wait until probate was over in order to say anything, because my step mom had her lawyer threaten us that she would fight her pre nup agreement in court and go after our estate which was just under 400,000$ and we paid 80k of their combined debt, that was leaned agains our place in order to avoid court. My question is can I sue the Theatre for the money back since i can prove he was wacked out on drugs, and giving out non cash donations willy nilly which shows to prove his mental state was in the clouds and not thinking clearly? And should I ask the theatre directly before having a legal request? They don't know where his money came from, or the crisis he was in. But it is against the law to loby sick elderly people for charity is it not? Thank you for reading.. There is much more to the story, but it is truly my intention to use the money for my kids school. I have an auto ammune disease and have to manage my illness too, and I would never give away my childs future to charity.
  19. n the State of Washington, in a third party custody case, can a person be served Notice of ER 904 documents by leaving them on the doorstep of the persons home?
  20. I want to buy my mother's house from her. Her house is in her name but I have been making payments and paying her taxes but I want the title change to my name and get a new loan on the house. I need advise on how to do this so it will be less costly and less hassle.
  21. BobM

    SR 22

    I am in the military in Washington State. I got a DUI on base. I got a letter from the state saying my Washington license has been suspended and I needed to get SR 22 insurance. I do not have a Washington license, I have a Virginia license. The letter had a WA Lic# on it. If this is not showing up on my VA license do I need SR 22?
  22. I am in the state of Washington. My fiancee and i have been living at his mother's house for a little over 2 years. Recently, my fiancee went to jail and when i went to visitation, his mom took it upon herself to throw part of my belongings on the back patio, and the fence is knocked down and changed the locks and is refusing to give me any of my belongings. I called Clark County Sheriff and when they told me that there is nothing that he can do and then i am served with an order of protection for protection from me. Now what can I do when the police wont even help?
  23. I was recently pulled over for texting. I seen the office while at the stop light and made the mistake of looking down at my phone. He either seen that and took it for texting or decided I was texting when he seen my phone on the passenger seat. No text or phone calls where made. When I handed over my insurance, license, and registration to the office he used my ATV registration instead my my Ford F250 registration. I keep all my registrations together: truck, ATV, and trailer. I understand that there is a bit of leeway for the officer when citing, but is this grounds to fight the citation?
  24. hello. I'm a 31/bi/male, I been looking up so many different sites an I can not find any thing I'm looking for. So all I want to know is .... 1) is it legal or not to drive naked ? 2) is it OK to drive with nothing but a male thong on? 3) is it legal to walk on the Gray's harbor ocean shores Washington state in a male thong? There's no nude beach but having that thong on is not naked. . 4) what can a cop do if he sees you in a male thong wen driving??
  25. I signed a lease on 8/14/2013, at the top of the lease the landlord wrote $325 first month, $650 last month $300 deposit. in paragraph 13 he wrote that he received $500 deposit from me (and my cancelled check was written for $500). This issue is this, he collected a total of $1275 from me to move in and it should have been $1475 to move in. Now that i've moved out he is only giving me $280 as a deposit saying he messed up and is charging me $20 to remove a screen (that is still attached). My question is, since he is the one who made the mistake, can he legally keep the extra $200 from me?
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