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Found 8 results

  1. I am trying to find the statute addressing the reporting of dog bites by medical providers in Vermont. My daughter was bitten by her therapist's dog during a session with her mother. She claims this dog is a "therapy dog", but when I asked for records following the bite the therapist did not provide the records and instead made up an excuse to prevent me from ever attending a therapy session at her office again. This is in violation of the current court order for equal access to medical providers. The therapist took our child(with her mother) to her friend's medical center next door, who then referred then to the larger medical facility 40 minutes away and out of state. Local police confirmed that the medical center in question usually does report dog bites within a day, but did not report this one, nor did the therapist or the out-of-state hospital. I'm now trying to figure out what the legal requirement is for reporting this bite, and how to cite the law in a filing to the court. I've included what I found below, but I'm not sure how to cite it and I don't see where the statute definitively says reporting is mandatory, although, the HealthVermont.Gov says "Health care providers and laboratories are required by law to notify the Health Department regarding patients with certain suspected or confirmed reportable diseases" and provides a link to Chapter 4 – Health Surveillance and Infectious Disease Subchapter 1 at https://www.healthvermont.gov/sites/default/files/documents/pdf/hs_id_reportable_communicable_diseases_rule.pdf Under that section it says 8.1.2 Minors and Adults; No Attending Physician Minors: If no physician is in attendance and the person bitten is under 18 years of age, the parent or guardian shall make such report within 24 hours of actual or constructive notice to the local town health officer and The local health officer shall cause an apparently healthy dog, cat or ferret, regardless of vaccinations status, that bites a person to be confined and observed for 10 days. Health Care Provider as defined in a separate statute 18 V.S.A. § 9432 (9) "Health care provider" means a person, partnership, corporation, facility, or institution, licensed or certified or authorized by law to provide professional health care service in this State to an individual during that individual's medical care, treatment, or confinement. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I work for a business that leases a commercial space that is 1/2 of the upper floor of a building. Our lease was signed while the owner was trying to sell the building and agreed that they would wall off the portion of the floor that we rent and add a locked door before renting the other 1/2 of that floor. Because there was not an additional tenant on this floor, and they were trying to sell the building they did not want to put up a wall. A few months ago the building was bought by a church who wants to use the other 1/2 of the upper floor. For months they have said that they would put up a door, but have continued to have large group meetings in the other 1/2 of this floor with no lock or security for our rented space. They claim that they're waiting on the fire marshal before putting up a wall and door, but given the length of time I am starting to think that they have other plans and just don't want to put up a wall. Isn't there some sort of protection in a commercial lease that gives us a right to privacy and security in this scenario? Thanks for the input.
  3. Long story short, a loved one was transported from jail to rehab two days ago. He is still in rehab as of today, but tomorrow will be taken to court for a "Status conference", in which I think means that the date for the trial is set. After the status conference, will he be taken back to rehab or go to jail or go home?
  4. I signed a 6 month lease on dec1 2014 to rent a house - I was told the electric would be at most 400 (total electric house) I was told the house (because its for sale) would be off the market until lease was up- The electric bill has been 500 all three months dec jan feb.- the landlord did change the rent to less for feb n march because of the outrageous bills- I was hardly there during Jan because the of the power bill, water smells, the realtor is still showing the house ( she leaves curtains open lights on and give little notice)- I put down a 1000 deposit (rent was 500/month) paid 500 Dec 500 Jan 300 Feb and will give 300 for march as agreed with landlord (have that in writing) I want to give him a 30 days notice on march 1st- with the rent- so he will then have the 1000 for april and may if he doesn't re-rent or sell by end of MAY when lease would be up. MY QUESTION is - can I turn the power off In my name before the end of march? with the bill so high and ME not being there im afraid he will crank the heat ... thank you in advance
  5. Please help I have been convicted in which the state lied perjured and haistelly sent my case through with a first time court appointed attorney that never did any investigation or spoke to a witness and only spoke to me the day before the trial and know because of shotty work ethics I am not able to clear my name. I have not been in trouble before this whole thing was from trying to stop a drunk driver from leaving the scene after missing my wife and I by inches. And the person who did this is the best friend of the newly hired chief of police in the town I live in.
  6. Dispute of full/part ownership of real property as the result of will/ trust and fiduciary liability of executor to the wishes of the testator or the trust, in the state of Vermont.
  7. As part of law, state,county, and or local. Is Persona Non Grata used on private or public places to deny access or to set-up trespass on the offending party/parties?
  8. My neighbors septic field is an easement on my land. (This is not a shared septic field.) Recently the field has begun to fail with effluent rising to the surface. I've called and written to my neighbors with no result. It's a health hazard that needs to be fixed and I'm debating what my next move needs to be. I own the land, but the equipment belongs to them right? We've been good neighbors (over 5 years) until this moment. What's the proper course of action? Thanks!
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