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Found 18 results

  1. My boyfriend has a daughter with a woman who dropped off the child at an unknown location in the same state of birth of child, and residence of father. The mother then left state, The father is on the birth certificate but they were not married at time of birth nor at the present time. Does he legally have the right to go get his daughter from where the mother dropped her off at and file abandonment charges on mother for emergency custody?
  2. Ex-boyfriend and I signed a one-year lease together in November 2016 in Olive Branch, MS. The ex-boyfriend signed lease extension addendums in 2017 and 2018. I was told the lease renewals were in the ex-boyfriend's name only and the house was his responsibility. I even had to complete a Residency Affidavit for my son's school due to there not being a current signed lease in my name. The original lease stated it was only good for one year and that a renewal would be required. Due to the increasing toxicity of our living situation, I gave the ex-boyfriend more than a month's notice of moving out verbally and gave him $600 the day we moved out to cover credits that were on our utilities. The ex-boyfriend decided not to pay the rent in the house we shared and the landlord sent a 3 day quit notice on the 25th with both our names. Am I legally responsible for the property if I never signed another lease with the owner? If I am, how come I cannot force the ex-boyfriend to clear the property so that it can be surrendered to the owner? I need advice please!
  3. Landlord broke into home and stole the front and back doors off the home along with the stove and refrigerator that was just filled with over $700 worth of food. Filed a police report. Landlord claimed they had nothing to do with it. We had just been given our 3 day quit notice, and then that happened. So while we were waiting on detective to get back to us on the investigation, the landlord never replaced anything. Then almost 2 weeks later we were told that he had gotten the judge to sign the eviction order at a hearing we were never served notice of. He's the city building inspector so even the constable is lying for him. Needless to say we were foraceably removed from the property And our belongings thrown in the street to be looted by passerby's, even though we lived on a not so traveled dead end street. How do we press charges on our landlord for burglary and theft of property? And also get back some of the things we lost in damages when he's got the whole town willing to lie for him. Also the doors that went missing magically reappeared on the house as soon as he had our things removed.
  4. Someone I know has been indicted on two charges (aggravated assault and felon with a weapon).said person has been offered the max sentence for each indictment. However, said person does not want to take the time and wants to go to trial. The public defender is cautioning that if the "deal" isn't taken, then the district attorney would then go back and re indict said person with an additional charge of repeat offender. Can this be done and if so, under what statutes?
  5. Just wanted some insight on this; I currently have a lawyer but also wanted to see if anyone has gone through something similar. I am an unwed father to a mother that is presumed to be having my child in December, I am sure that it is mine but of course the paternity test will be done the day of birth. As it stands right now she agreed to my petition for injunction to be there when the child is born and to update me on the status and health of the baby. Between the time the child is born until my custody hearing, a period of about a month and a half, I have been given unsupervised visits with the child for 4 hours a week, clearly not what I wanted but nothing I can do around that time. She is much younger than me and doesn't want me to have anything to do with the child. At the same time I am excited about this child, willing to pay everything I have to, already had a baby room completed and very cordial with communication. Here is a little background on both of us. I am a business owner, I have the financial means to support a child, I can stay at home all day and night with the child, my employment history is solid, no history of crime or violence, no debt, stable home, stable vehicle. She currently has one child (this will be her second from a different father), she is in a lot of debt, she receives government assistance (WIC, medicare), she has joint custody of her current child and lives with a friend and that friends' child (rented mobile home), not a stable vehicle, does not have paid maternity leave and will still work, jumpy employment history. She doesn't have any immediate family and lived with her first boyfriends grandmother who helped raise the first child because she didnt have anywhere to go. I have text messages etc that will be used in court with specific information relevant to my case as well. Given all of this, I just wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar case like this. Most of the ones that I find are fathers that do not want anything to do with the child or will not support the child. I am just real nervous about this custody hearing because I do not want to settle for visitation only. I live in Mississippi so they go off of the Albright analysis to determine the best interest of the child. Does anyone have any tips, advice, examples etc that may help me out further in my case? Thank you,
  6. My issues start with landlord being very laid back and lazy when it comes to repairs and getting things done. I been living at my current residence since 2012 never been late a month. My lease expired in Nov. of 2015 she said nothing just continued to take the same amount from previous contract. When I ask she changes the subject. We are about to have another sit down this time I want a copy of lease. My question is I have a patio that is falling apart you can feel the wood giving away as you walk on it. I told her about this 6 months ago a maintenance man measured and that was that. I have mold setting up in my bathroom from a leak in the roof that been leaking forever, They fixed it or, I should say covered it up with paint like that was going to fix the problem. This leak is now spreading to the spare bedroom and the paint is falling from the ceiling all over my stuff, The master bath is now raining in the the house this all because things were not fixed when I initially told mgmt. about them. The staff here are so laid back I can go in the office and there in there watching YouTube or just doing nothing at all. I'm allergic to mold this is a very uncomfortable situation for me, I am more allergic in the house than I am outside. Any advice would be great what should my next steps be besides moving, That's not in the cards right now..
  7. I work for a church as an Administrative Assistant to the Pastor. Today I was forced to take Family Leave due to my father being ill and in the hospital. I did not request nor did I want to take leave. Can they legally force me to take family leave?
  8. I live in CA. Last year (2014), my tax return was garnished by the Mississippi Department of Human Services for unpaid child support. Funny thing is, I do not have a child and I do not live in Mississippi. Apparently, someone made a mistake somewhere down the line and someone's unpaid child support was reported under my SSN and name. (I found out that we have the same name). After about a month of phone calls, they finally sent me what they took from me. The following week, they garnished wages from one of my paychecks. After an angry phone call to their department, I was told that I was out of their system and that this would not happen again. Last week, I applied for a car loan. I have great credit, so this shouldn't have been a problem to get. When I was denied I was shocked. I ordered a credit report and imagine my surprise when I see 7 unpaid child support payments on my history. This caused a poor credit rating. I called their office on Monday and the woman who answered was very nice, but told me that the file was still open. She said that she would immediately speak with her supervisor and get this handled. I called back today to get an update and was told that they couldn't find me in their system. After explaining my situation a couple more times, I was told to fax them a copy of my credit report. I was told to call back on Friday. So still nothing had been done at this point. As if this isn't bad enough, when I checked on the status of this year's tax return I got a notification that it was going to be garnished to pay unpaid debts, such as child support. This is getting to be extremely disruptive and stressful on my life. I had plans to buy a car and a house this month, which I now cannot do. Money had been wrongfully taken from me and it appears that the MS Department of Human Services is making no real effort to correct their mistakes. Do I have a case against anyone in this situation? I know it can be difficult to sue the government, but this is something that I feel needs to be done. Please advise if you can!
  9. My daughter was pulled over for speeding in North Ms. She was arrested for DUI at approximately 2:30am. Not sure if the officer read her her rights at anytim. She was not booked in until 5:14am that same morning. The officer did not give her a feild sobriety test nor did he do a BAC until right before she was booked in. She was never informed what her BAC was and was not given a written citation of any kind. She was not allowed to make her first phone call until 48 hours after her arrest. When she was released out on bond she was not given her money or her drivers license back. She was told that she could get her money and license back when she brought in a paper proving that she appeared for court on her court date.
  10. My domestic partner will not leave the house that I own. I have requested since June for her to move out, she leaves and comes back and now she says i'm not leaving its my house too. She attacked me physically, i called the police they came to the house and said if she gets mail at the residence she does not have to move out. The mortgage is in my name only and she has not paid one dime in 17 months of the mortgage. She does have a cabletv account at the address. I went to the eviction office and they want a ledger of paid rent. Since she has not paid rent ever I'm not sure what to do. Any advice on where to turn would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  11. My father passed away October 6, 2014. He assigned my sister in law as executor of his estate. He did not have a will because the only property he had was 3 trucks, a boat, and a utility trailer. My father wanted one of the trucks to stay at the property that he changed the deeds on before he passed. Then he wanted my sister in law to sell the other 2 trucks, the boat and the utility trailer and split the money 6 ways. I have one brother who passed away, then I have another (evil) brother and 4 sisters, (one of which is evil). My father is only on the birth certificate of my brother that passed, my (evil) brother and my (evil) sister. Myself and 2 other sisters do not have my father on our birth certificate. I need to know what rights we have to fight my brother and sister on my father's estate so that they don't take our part of the estate that my father wanted split 6 ways. And I need to know what legal rights my sister in law has as the executive of his estate.
  12. In Dec of last year dhs took my kids and gave them to my sister. At first no one would tell me what I had to do to get them back so I asked friends what to do. I had everything done before court in Feb then they requested a drug/alcohol and mentel health assessment so I did it that same day. It took two months to get back in court and the judge requested a hair drug test. So of course I went straight to medscreens and got that done. Then in June dhs closed the case saying I have completed everything i was required to do to get them back. My sister and ex husband requested that the case be moved to the chancery court. The judge told us to come up with some kinda agreement til we go to the chancery court. How can the dhs and judge do that? I been googling everything I could think of to get answers. I called everyone I could think of to get answers and they are just as puzzled as me. Then on July 16 we went to the chancery court and I didn't have a lawyer BC the one I had I. Youth court was a free attorney and she could only do youth court and I had three weeks to find a new one with no money. So their attorneys ate me alive in there I had to agree with whatever she wanted and my ex husband wanted. My sister gave me visition with my oldest child. Monday thru Friday and that she uses my address to go to school with her picking her up from school Friday and dropping her off Monday. My ex husband said I get my youngest two every other weekend and thanksgiving morning til 2 and Christmas eve to christmas day til 2. My ex husbands attorney agreed to write up the order and it wasn't right. I called him and told him exactly what the order needed to say with my oldest. He got an attitude with me. He then took my visition with my youngest two for Christmas away. How do I get that fixed? Now my crazy sister has come up with another story about my husband whooping my oldest one with a belt and left bruises. The bruises was three little dots on her back which I seen that Monday and asked about and she said that she was playing with her friend and her friend did it.come thursday Dhs of course investigated it talked to my daughter and she told them she doesn't remember were or when she got the bruises. Then she said that my husband did whoop her. They asked how big was the belt and she said 2 to 3 inches. my daughter is 6 what 6 year old says that. They asked her some more questions and then asked her again how big was the belt and she showed it with her hands. Plus she didnwentct scared of comen back home. So they didn't open a case. My sister got mad and went to the police department and pressed charges on my husband that was on oct. 29 and nothing has come that. And I ain't seen any of my kids since then. My sister in enrolled my child from this school and put her in a different school. All I can think about is them. I'm still trying to find an attorney and its very hard not haven any money. So I call the court to see what I could do about all this. Everyone keeps telling me I can't do any thing until I get an attorney. I think that's crazy I represent myself in court so i should be able to get info on what to do now. What can I do about all this myself until I find an attorney? Its driving me crazy not seeing them.
  13. My mother has recently gone through a divorce settlement in court. The man that she divorced is in prison for shooting at her. So his daughter was there on his behalf and is acting Power of Attorney. She is very hard to deal with and is making the collection of property difficult for my mother. Is there a time frame for the property to be turned over or is there something else she needs to do? Her attorney is very hard to get on the phone and is not good at communicating with her at all from the beginning. This divorce took place in Mississippi.
  14. I was found guilty of simple domestic violence in justice court and because of that I was revactied in circuit court and sent to spend a year at mdoc but when i was in justice court they fined me 317.00 and 3 months of probation I don’t think I should have to pay that fine or do the probation because I spent a year in prison wouldn’t that be like Double Jeopardy or res judicata
  15. I recently moved out of my exboyfriends house and left my 11month old son with him temporarily and moved to texas to work and live with family....I agreed to let my son stay with my ex and I would visit when I can...well he is denying me visitation and he has filed a court hearing in October to have primary physical custody and I don't want that because he is not allowing me to visit my son and now I want to fight for full custody and bring him to texas....how can I do that and when I go to the custody hearing in Mississippi in October, what do I say or do?
  16. I'm posting on here hoping someone can help me. A few years ago I was pulled over in the early morning hours of a weekday for an expired tag. I tried to explain to the officer that I had the money to pay to renew the tag, but since it was a month past due, he angrily wrote a ticket anyway and gave me less than two weeks to come up with $120.00. I thought they were supposed to give you a month from the date they write the ticket to your court date? Anyways, I got the day off from work and went up to the local court room to plead my case in front of the judge. But, before I could be called in front of the judge, I was summoned to a window, with a counter, along with a few other people, and told they were pulling less serious cases such as mine to this place so they could go ahead and pay their fine. I asked if I could see the judge, I was told that I could not. They basically, forced me to pay the fine. This occurred at the city court room in Hattiesburg, MS in like 2010. I have not have had an experience like this in any other courtroom that I have been in in the surrounding area. I was recently pulled over for speeding in a school zone here in the city and given a warning by the officer who stopped me. However, I was driving my girlfriend's car and while she normally has her proof of insurance in her glove box, which I am also on, trust on this day for it to be no where in sight. I had a card in my wallet, but it was expired. The truth is, our insurance is up to date, but because I could not provide the officer with an up to date copy of our insurance, he issued me a ticket for no insurance. However, he told me that on the court date on the ticket, which is from over a month from now, that I only needed to show the judge that I did indeed have current insurance at the time I was issued the ticket and that usually the judge will dismiss it. While I am familiar with this, here's my question: If a repeat of what happened to me a few years ago happens again and they try to force me to pay my fine without seeing the judge first, can I protest it? I mean, does one have the legal right to see a judge on their court date? Or must they do whatever his staff says? If they do have a right to see the judge on their court date and they refuse to get up and go pay their fine, can they be arrested? What do I do if I am denied seeing the judge on my court date? If anyone can help me on this I would most appreciate it. Thanks.
  17. I filed papers to modify the temp physical custody order and need to let my ex know but he has no address to mail them to or residence to send a constable to serve him or job etc what to do ?
  18. I recently tried to make a payment to a finance company and they refused to take my payment what do I need to do
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