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Found 45 results

  1. Hello, Former employee of a hotel, I had to manage a situation with a dissatisfied customer who later posted a comment about the hotel on Tripadvisor.com, quoting me (first and last names) as sole responsible for the hotel final decision and describing me as a crook for doing so. The management of the hotel contacted tripadvisor who at the time refused to withdraw this comment. I then contacted tripadvisor in turn, asking them to remove my names and first names from the comment, showing them that a Google search on my name / name led this review, with my name + crook title in the list of pages to visit (I did not ask them to delete the review but just delete my name). Tripadvisor again refused, and asked me to contact the hotel (which I left already) to ask them (hotel) to log a request by themselves (which I do not intend to do). Does this situation seem normal and acceptable to you? If not, what argument, principle or text of law could I use to push them to withdraw my first and last names? Thank you for your answers
  2. What recourses are there when a medical establishment has perpetual ethics, HIPPA and discrimination breaches, who are also a FQHC?
  3. My soon to be ex-daughter-in-law borrowed $35,000 in 2016 to start up a gymnastics business and agreed (in writing) to pay it back in 4-6 weeks when her home equity loan went through. She could not pay it back as agreed and long story short, the business failed and she filed for bankruptcy and divorce in Nov/2018. She told me that the place she moved/sold her gym to, as part of her contract, (which she has yet to provide me a copy as requested) agreed to pay her a salary plus the cost of the home equity loan and the $35,000 she owed me . Her pending divorce is a result of her new personal relationship with the owner of said gym. After many months of calls, texts and email, her last communication with me regarding the repayment of the loan was that "her lawyer advised her to finalize the divorce and bankruptcy before moving forward with this repayment." I have an agreement to repay in writing and only text messages and a couple emails of conversations after the initial loan. What are my options and do I wait for the divorce and bankruptcy before I do anything legally? Can she throw this into the bankruptcy or force my son to partially repay as part of a divorce settlement? He fully owned the house years before he met her and her name was not on the equity loan. Is there a statue of limitations on collecting this debt? What type of lawyer should I use?
  4. Hi, and thanks to anyone who can help!! My child has a 504 Plan for Severe ADHD. She is 11 years old. She has had a 504 Plan since 1st grade (now in 6th). However, she just changed schools. Until now, she has had modifications in her Math classes which were simply to reduce the number of problems assigned or grade on completed problems without deducting points for incomplete problems on tests. She would have to complete odd or even numbered problems for homework/classwork assignments. Suddenly, her new school is telling me that she cannot have "modifications" in her 504 Plan. Here is the actual email: Hi XXX, I spoke with our Director of Counseling, XXXX, and reducing the number of problems on assignments or assessments is not an option for a 504 plan because it becomes a modification of work rather than an accommodation. This is only an option for students on IEPs. We would be able to add an accommodation for 50% extra time on math tests, which should give her enough time to finish. Thanks, XXXX Can someone please tell me if this is accurate, and if not point me to regulatory information etc...that I can share to help my child get help. She has had a 504 Plan all of these years vs an IEP because she was in a private school with minimal special education services. I am in the process of a getting her a new neuropsych eval to see if an IEP would be a more appropriate path. But until then... there is the 504 Plan.
  5. Hi. I filed chapter 13 a little over a year ago. I now wish to convert to a chapter 7, as the car that I was trying to hold onto via the Chapter 13 is falling apart. I have contacted my lawyer 3 times about this since August 17th. A couple of questions were answered in one email, but I have not had any response to my follow up on August 24th. I want to find a new lawyer, but I guess it is not as straightforward as I thought it would be. Can someone please tell me what steps I must take to find a more responsive attorney. I feel like we could be so far into the process already as I don't think it is that complicated. My Chapter 13 certainly wasn't. Thank you ahead for your help. Donna
  6. Wanted to cancel a contract and I counted Saturday and Sunday as non business days and the company states that Saturday is considered a business day in Massachusetts since the post office is open!!!I have never heard of this...can anyone enlighten me thanks
  7. My order was to pay child support for two children until they reach 18 - then if they attend college, until the age of 23 while they are in school. I have two children, the oldest chose not to attend college, the youngest did. My child support payment stayed the same for years while the oldest did not attend and the youngest did. Now I am responsible for half of the owed college tuition for the younger child. Can the past years of the over payment amount (for the older son) be applied to the currently owed tuition of the younger son?
  8. Hi I rented apartment but after less than three month, I was laid off from the job. The rent is pretty expensive, so I broke the lease and have to move back to my parents home and try to find job. At the time the leasing office gave me two options, basically paying three months of rent for out of lease OR giving one month notice and pay the rent until they find the new tenant. Since three month of rent is way too much for me to handle, and I thought the Boston housing market is very strong so I selected the second option. Now the company put my unit on their website but raise the price more than 15%, it has been almost two month now and the unit is still there. I called them they said they are using market price. I can't continue pay the rent for the unit that I already moved out. I don't know how long I have to pay. The argument is: 1. Based on the law, the landlord has to make reasonable effort to find new tenant which I don't see it happens. 2. Their market price is ridiculous, my original rent is $2,800, they list $3,400 on their website now. I told them I will stop paying the rent. They threaten me for collection agency. What can I do? If finally I have to go through the court system, do I have chance? This is a big rental company. Thanks.
  9. I really need advice. In October my roommate and I were in a car accident. A car stopped short and we rear ended them. By standers immediately came to car and told us that the engine was smoking badly and we needed to get out of the car. My roommate and I were sitting in chairs on the side of the road when the police arrived. The police office gave my roommate a ticket at the ER. There was writing at the bottom of ticket that we couldn't read. We were in the process of trying to figure out how to go about deciphering the ticket when my roommate who was the driver got a letter in the mail telling her she needed to pay the ticket immediately or she'd lose her license so we paid it right away. Shortly after that we found out that the writing we couldn't read said that my roommate wasn't wearing her seat belt which is completely false. If she hadn't been wearing her seat belt she most likely wouldn't have survived. I'm writing this instead of my roommate because she's unable to deal with the accident and everything that's happened as a result. There has to be a way to correct this. Her car insurance has gone up over $150 because of a lie told by a police officer. She feels like a burden because she has no money and is constantly in pain and to make matters worse a police officer who's supposed to protect people lied and said she wasnt wearing her seat belt when he didn't even get to the accident until we were already out of the car. Please any help or info you can give me will be greatly appreciated. She's never even had a speeding ticket. It's a horrible situation Thanks
  10. hello, in new to this.I've never been too computer savvy. So I apologize in advance.I've been my 80yr old mothers primary/ only caregiver for almost the last decade. I was her durable P.O.A. and only healthcare proxy.I've initiated surgeries, brought her to all apps.(pcp, neurology,e.e.g's etc.)In June of this yr she became very ill w/an infection. It completely exacerbated her dementia. After 2 1/2 mths I realized she needed much more help than I could provide as I am a single mom of little girl also.I have 4 other older siblings that have done absolutely nothing to help or even visit often.I never dealt w/her finances.my oldest sister whom my parents paid for her college degree in business did.she has seen her 2x in last 3yrs.once 3yrs ago after mom suffered heart attack & once after spending the month of June hospitalized in U.T.I. induced delirium. Last mth I was delivered with court papers for immediate guardianship &conservatorship. The two oldest were claiming abuse & neglect on my part.I cannot afford atty. Of course they had a big Boston atty.although I won that battle in court because it was plain nonsense and the judge seen through their lies.we went back to court this past mon.and i agreed to have a court appt. Guardian (anyone outside the immediate family) I never had any interest in being responsible for her $$ and honestly I don't have the skill set.(my late father owned a large construction co.&left her what I now know is a few million in a financial institution.)but for all my yrs taking care of my mother we have lived off of our ssi &what I had in savings before I entered this situation. Also back when my mother was competent and just needed knee replacements and my family wasn't doing anything about her constant falling(that is when I moved in to help her &took over as health-proxy) she wanted to make sure she left her primary home to me as I gave up my home to come live w/her,left vacation home to another sister and divided the rest of estate between us 5 siblings. So she did all her estate planning/last wishes/will prior to surgeries and while still still competent.(even had competency testing,atty was very thorough)in court I received papers saying now not only did they have her sign proxy/ P.O.A. a week after being released from hospital (she didn't even know how many children she had the morning of) but the visit after the heart attack the two oldest had her sign new "will" saying the home she left to me is now in a trust in their names.I don't understand how they can get away w/this.my mother has been clearly incompetent for at least the last 3yrs. They haven't had anything to do with the caregiving of my mother yet they are truly talented at scheming &lying and the worst part is they take advantage of her when she's at her most venerable. They have done soooo many other underhanded things also.far too many for me to get into.like basically just taking over my fathers business which he left solely to her.while she walked around in shock for a yr.after her husband of just under 50yrs passed away.now a guardian is getting involved (which in very pleased about) just in the past yr.I've received help from an elder service agency that has a cna come mon.&wed.'s for 3hrs so they know what's going on but have no legal authority. I've also became so isolated because of the 24hr a day care i have to dedicate to my mom.I am very alone in this.now I fear in going to end up homeless w/my 8 yr old.They have all the money and resources while im completely spent in every sense of the word.emotionally, mentally, financially. Im hoping against hope that I can find a pro Bono lawyer that can just honor my mother's wishes.that's all I've tried to do for almost my entire 30's&now im 41-year-old. All I have is her doctors referrals of me and the few people that have worked to help me w/her care in the last yr. Any advice and or help with this matter would be so very much appreciated. Sincerely daughter of Alzheimers.
  11. I have a 16year old child who extremely mentally sick and required hospitalization often. I recently went to court and for medical issues I had asked the judge to grant me the primary and only person to provide medical insurance for the child. As agreement from the court that what it said. Dad live in VA and I live in MA so there no need for his insurance to be involve and also when she is admitted to a hospital the dad insurance don't coverage close to home so it very difficult to have both insurance to be involved. Since I am the primary care for the child and my insurance is from here it just make sense to for me to have the primary insurance. We both agreed to this. Now I am facing a big problem, My insurance wont pay because his insurance is still active and he had no plan to remove her after many discussion and argument even with a court order. My insurance is asking for "end date" from his insurance to pay for any outstanding bill and I am taking about thousand of dollars. Now I am also facing that the PCP clinic that she is goes to wont take her until I pay this outstanding bills. I also have another child with my current partner and they are refusing to see him as well because the bills are attach together. I don't know whats to do. Any please help!
  12. Hello - I graduated from college in 2004 from a private institution. My college is withholding my transcripts because there is a phone service bill overdue on my account. Since this debt is not related to academic fees, what possibility do I have to get this waived/removed? I've asked the school to provide me with back up documentation for the debt, and they haven't replied to my email. Any help/guidance is much appreciated. Thanks!
  13. If i own two homes on the same deed and want to split the land and sell one of them, how would the gains be calculated? We use both homes and have one mailbox. There are separate 911 addresses but it would be hard to say which home is our residence. We've been here 17 years. Would i claim one as a residence now , and the other as a residence for a future sale? Or would there be no deductions until the whole property is sold?
  14. I have a few questions regarding converting my Chapter 13 to Chapter 7, and also Attorney's fees as reported in the National Data Center. How long does a conversion take once initiated? When do Chapter 13 payments stop? Once a conversion is filed, or completed? What will happen with my car (do they come and get it?), and approximately how long do I have to find a replacement vehicle? Regarding attorney fees: Some of my attorney fees are included in the Chapter 13 plan. What happens to them if / when I convert? When I look at my information on the NDC (National Data Center) website, I noticed that there is zero payment recorded for "Attorney payments made outside the plan". I did pay my attorney $1500.00 outside the plan. Should this concern me? Should this have been reported to the Bankruptcy Judge and be recorded in NDC? I know this a lot, and appreciate any and all help! Thank you!! Donna
  15. Michelle57


    Hello, I am out of work pending approval of a LOA after a car accident. I have submitted several doctors notes & a return to work note. However, my employer will not approve my LOA until my doctor fills out a form with a start & end date due to my injuries, after instructing me I was ok to go on to contact my work office to set up a return eligibility interview. I was released to go back to work on 7/18, but I am unsure what date should be the start date for several reasons: - After being out on paid sick leave for several days, I attempted to return to work. I could not, went out sick again. - Human resources instructed me to file for LOA. - I am unsure what would be the official LOA date? What date would be correct ? Thank you for your time, Michelle ,
  16. My adult disabled child is entitled to survivor benefits as she has had a disability since teenage years. She was on SSI, now is collecting the survivor benefit which is a little more, but her food stamps went away so it is what it is. Anyway, she is supposed to be getting back pay going back 4 years. Her SSI income was $733 per month. Her Survivor benefit is $1101. How is back pay calculated, and is it dispersed in a single or multiple checks. I am her rep payee, so I want to plan wisely as to how to tell her, and guide her decision making. Have gotten different answers by calling the 800 number. Any help is appreciated. I know this may not be the right forum, but I did not see one specifically for social security. Thank you in advance... Donna
  17. Hi, I am an independent contractor and have recently entered into a verbal agreement with a contracting company to perform product installation services for a major telecom during a work stoppage. The contract stipulates that work will be 6 days a week at 12 hours per day and that it was 30 days guaranteed work with an option to work longer as the strike continued. I also have these details in several emails. It was also understood by me and other independent contractors that if the strike ended early we were guaranteed a minimum of 30 days pay. As it turns out; the strike ended 17 work days later. At this point all involved expected to be paid for the remaining 13 days at our hourly rate x 12 hours x 13 days. They said it would be a couple weeks before payment. Nine days later the contracting company states in an email that their client considers the 30 days commitment as a 6 day work week; so we lose 4 days of 30 day commitment. Then in the same email they state that the client is only going to pay 8 hours per day for the remaining unworked days. To me the agreement implies 30 days of work at 12 hours per day. This arbitrary recalibration of the hours and days appears to me as a blatant breach of contract. It has been 45 days since the end of the strike and I still haven't been paid for the unworked hours. I want to send a demand letter to the parties involved for the unpaid hours @ 12 hours per day x 10 days and include a notice of breach of contract. Would be appropriate to format the letter in this fashion? Also, does it appear, to you the reader, that there is a breach of contract in this case? Regards.
  18. Not using real names here but wondering how inheritance breaks down in the following example. Please note, Jill is Jack's mother. They live in the house together, with Jill's second son. Deed reads: Hill, Jill and Jack A TRS Jill Hill Trust Are Jill and Jack are co-owners? How does Jill's trust fit into this? Does this mean that if Jill dies, Jack gets half the house and Jill's trust dictates who gets her half? Jill's intention is for Jack to be a beneficiary, along with the second son who is living there, and two other children who are not living in the house, so that the property will be split four ways when she dies.
  19. Hi, I was looking at the DUI statute for Massachussetts and am confused about the wording for an offender's third DUI. I've been reviewing the DUI laws for each of the fifty states and I haven't seen one worded like this before. It seems like there are two different ranges of sentences that can be assigned to an offender, but I haven't found any statutes or subsections that would trigger either of those sentences. Does the judge just arbitrarily decide? Or maybe one of these sentences refers to a felony charge? I know some states will consider a third or fourth DUI as a felony if it happens within a specific timeframe, but I didn't see anything in the statutes that indicated that a third DUI in Mass. would be a felony. (I don't have a DUI, this is for research purposes, but I have no legal training so I would appreciate anyone who could weigh in on this topic.)
  20. Disclaimer!! this is just a question not a case in court of law!!!! Please help for the purpose of research.. Mr. Ken is a wealthy businessman who is the sole director of a large company known as Laser Printers (Pty) Ltd. Mr. Ken and Laser Printers (Pty) Ltd have been banking with First National Bank for the past 10 years and have various bank accounts with the bank. It emerges that Laser Printers (Pty) Ltd has been funding the election campaigns of a political party in Kenya. The media reports that Laser Printers (Pty) Ltd has been using its bank accounts with First National Bank to warehouse money destined for the political party thereby continuing to further ‘a corrupt and oppressive regime.’ When the bank discovers this information it decides to sever all ties with Mr. Ken and Laser Printers (Pty) Ltd. On 10 August 2010, the bank notifies Mr. Ken that they will be closing all bank accounts both in his name and in the name of Laser Printers (Pty) Ltd with effect from 1 September 2010. The bank advises Mr. Ken to make alternate banking arrangements. After the bank accounts are closed on 1 September 2010, the bank issues the following statement to the media: ‘In light of recent events, we have decided to sever all ties with Mr. Ken and his company, Laser Printers (Pty) Ltd. Mr. Ken was a prominent client of the bank who had millions of shillings in his various bank accounts with us. We were not aware, however, that the bank accounts were used to fund the activities of a political party. Mr. Ken is upset about the fact that the bank has closed the bank accounts and has published this information. He is particularly concerned about the fact that no other bank will now accept him as their client. Advise him on the legal position and on all of his rights in the above matter.
  21. I lent my ex $5000 for a breast augmentation. It was money that I had received from a retirement fund. She had originally told me she planned to pay me back $150 per month until I was paid in full. I called the doctors office and paid the $5000 over the phone with them, so I have record of it on my bank statement. Since April 30, 2014, the date of the surgery, I have not seen any money from her. A year after the surgery she broke up with me because she wanted to see other men. As I had loaned her all of the money I had to my name, I continue to live paycheck to paycheck as I have given her all of my savings. She is now claiming that I gave her the $5000 as a gift for the surgery and that she does not have to pay me back. Do I have any legal standing here? Do I need more than just proof of payment through my bank statement if she is going to lie and say I gifted her the $5000? I want to take her to small claims court, but I am worried that because I have no written contract, I will be left with nothing.
  22. My tenant just recently needed a plumber to replace a faucet and thinks the plumber or his helper stolen a pair of earrings. She had left a key for the plumber to get in. A week later there was another need for the plumber to go to the residence. He showed up according to the tenant "wreaking of alcohol". These accusations came just after I got the quote and asked him to go fix the more recent issue. She says she wants to be there (understandably) and demands me have the locks changed. My recent reading says that her renters insurance and a report to the police are the ways to handle the alleged theft. What of the Demand for the lock change?
  23. My son must present post release plan to parole board including housing and treatment. He has been unable to find any facilities that accept sex offenders. He is not a predator, pedophile or sexual deviant. His charges stem from alcoholic inappropriate behavior with like minded peers in a private setting. This is not the right forum to detail the facts. How garden variety chemically infused party behavior has become felonious is frightening. Once labeled they have no rights to post release residential rehab, housing, ...they can't even stay in a shelter! With probation to adhere to without any resources , not even a roof over their heads, they are set up to fail. It seems unconstitutional that they are thrown to the curb. There are laws that are enforced if you did such to a dog. Why is it okay to treat sick and suffering drunks this way? This sex offender label is being misused and creating a sub population stripped of all constitutional rights. Maybe that's okay if you ARE a monstrous sexual predator but what if you are not? Living hell on earth, right here in America. Help .....anyone ??
  24. My niece was thrown out of her house by her father (mom lost custody 13 years ago. No relation ship) at 17 years old. She came to live with me in the hopes that I could help her finish school and move out on her own etc... I added a cell phone to my account with the agreement that she would pay me monthly. I planned to hold her to that agreement. Neice decides in 4 weeks she wants an IPhone, Not the Android we purchased. I told her that she is free to buy her own, but she still has to complete the payment plan for the Android. She complains for a couple of months, makes no payments. I don't cave. Next my neices mom (my sister) comes back into her daughters life. She (nieces mom) brings up the phone. I tell her not to buy a new phone, and that it is very complicated. She has a phone, and she has an agreement which she has not adhered to. Mom takes neice to the phone store. Buys her a brand new IPhone, puts her on her cell phone plan, and says "she (neice) will pay me 40 per month for the phone." Her service is $69 per month. 3 months go by...neice moved out the day she turned 18, no payments to me at all. The phone is broken, so I could not get any $$ for it. I asked both Mom and Neice for $400 early term fee so that I don't have to keep paying for service that they abandoned, and a broken phone for the next 15 months. They refuse to give me $400 and state when Neice can...she will pay me some $$. I just injured my back as a Hospice nurse...and am raising my 2 adopted grandchildren. Money is a little more than tight. I know I am legally bound to the phone company contract. Is there any other recourse? I would have never imagined considering this further and just paid it. But I don't have the $$ and this sister has a long history of leeching off the world. In my mind, when she brought her dtr. To the phone store, she was a minor, and that minors mother enabled her to walk away from her comittment and leave me with the burden.
  25. I was married and divorce in another country. My ex husband went to live in Australia and I came to the USA 6 year ago with my tree kids(that now are 15, 13 and 10 years old ), y got married and we are citizens here. Since I came to USA my ex- husband didn't pay the amount we agreed for child support for all these 6 years, because he said that we were living in the country we agreed to do it, so he didn't pay the right amount. I could not enforce it because I didn't know where he was working. Few months ago, I find that out that he is living in Canada and where is he working, so we are trying to agree in the child support . I went to the court here in massachusetts and they told me that I have to fill up a financial statement. 1. Do i have to put in The financial statement just my income o I have to put my income and my husband ? What do I have to put if I don't work.? 2. If the juez give an X amount of child support and it is higher that the one my ex- husband was giving it to me. could I ask for the back child support in all these six years that We have living here he didn't pay the right amount? 3. My oldest son has down sindrome. Do I would receive child support for him for el rest of his live? Thanks
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