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Found 36 results

  1. I was arrested 3 years ago for indecent behavior and my personal and work computers and flash drives were seized to look for evidence as well as two cell phones . My case has since been dismissed "nolle prosqueii". Am I entitled to receive my seized items back?
  2. A few years ago I was arrested on a felony charge. Since then the case has been dismissed nolle prosequi and record expunged. I am trying to get back into my profession but I was told by a school board that Louisiana passed a law last year stating I couldn’t be hired if my case is Nolle Prose. I am having trouble locating any law that states this and even further, can this really be done?
  3. I found videos and pictures of myself on my husbands laptop, which he took without my knowledge or consent. The videos are of us having sex and the pictures are of me naked or in my underwear. He does not know that I went on his laptop and found these things. He has given me his password to log on to his laptop in the past, but did not necessarily give me permission to get on it whenever I want. But he also has not changed the password. My question is, what are the privacy laws between spouses in Louisiana? Is it illegal for me to go on his laptop to obtain evidence that he has been videoing me and taking pictures of me without my consent?
  4. Can someone tell me about prosecutorial misconduct during a criminal trial? I believe my cousin didn't get a fair trial and I am trying to get some advice. During closing arguments the Assistant DA said the following thing to the jury..... "I don't even care that some of the state witnesses lied on the stand during their testimony. I would have done the same thing if it were me." I just don't understand how a ADA is allowed to say something like this to the jury and nothing be done about it. Isn't our criminal justice system structured around the idea that the truth about a case is being presented. If the state nor the court care that perjury is being committed than that in returns totally undermines the justice system. There is more to this case but can someone help me out with understanding the complex law of Louisiana regarding this question. I can then ask a few more questions that I have. Thank you Less
  5. Who determines how much you pay in arrears once your monthly obligations are done. No longer owe monthly obligation just arrears.
  6. Iam wanting to make a lawsuit against Walmart. For locking up all the female products. For public humiliation. For making women feel uncomfortable to go to the store and buy the items that we women would like to not advertise and keep discreet. And for having someone walk you to the front of the store with the famine products that you want to purchase and placed on the counter in front of everyone. Products such as female private area washes, douches, powders. Female pregnancy test, private area infection test and medicines. Everything a female needs for herself at times is now locked behind a glass and we have to wait for someone to come and open the door, and we have to say in front of everyone what female products we are wanting to purchase and we have to be walked to the front of the store and have to advertise in front of other strangers what female products we are buying for ourselves. Since this as become I have not wanted to go buy what I need at the store because it is humiliating. And no longer private. Especially when a guy worker comes to open the door.
  7. In February 2019, my husband was asked by a "friend" to help her move because he had a truck and we needed rent money, as she offered to pay for his help. Come to find out, the storage units that she was moving things out of didn't belong to her. She had keys to everything as well as the passive to get into the gate. They both went to jail on 4 counts of Simple Burglary. I bonded my husband out in March on those counts. On April 6, 2019, he was pulled over and taken to jail again on 3 new counts of Simple Burglary to which the Sheriffs Department claims he committed alone, and this "friend" had no knowledge of these burglaries as they were separate from the ones committed in February. So, she didn't get charged at all with these 3 burglaries. I have physical proof that my husband did not have anything to do with these 3 burglaries and that the friend and another companion were the ones that committed these crimes. My husband had never been to the unit in question before the night he took her there under the assumption that it was her personal unit, as she had the key to open it and the passcode to get inside the gate. He never even got out of the vehicle that night. If the Sheriffs Department is so confident my husband committed these burglaries alone, why was I never questioned? Why was our home never searched? Her house was searched... where they found stolen property. My husband has been in jail for over a month for crimes he didn't commit. Not only do I had proof in hand, but anyone who would actually look at the evidence the Sheriffs Department has, would see that he didn't do it. The problem is that since we don't have a lot of money, there is not a single person who will help us. The Sheriffs Department is trying to put this crime off onto my husband, who had nothing to do with it, and letting the actual people that did the crime go free. I cant figure out how in the world that is Justice. We have tried to get my husband court appointed attorney changed due to violation of his 6th amendment right to effective council because his current lawyer wont answer phone calls and anytime my husband asks a question about the case, all he gets is a shrug of the shoulders. But, the Indigent Defender Board told us that we would just have to bring up the change of Attorney question to the judge on my husbands TRIAL date. Where does that give the new attorney time to form a case. I have contacted various local, state and even federal agencies regarding this and am currently awaiting responses but I cant give up on this knowing that hes innocent and sitting in jail while our family is being ripped apart. If anyone has any advice, it would be a blessing.
  8. Currently, I pay my ex-husband $275/mo. for child support. Since I am a homemaker, I don't receive a paycheck. Therefore, the current support amount was calculated based on what I would earn if I were working full-time for minimum wage. However, every time my ex-husband gets upset, he threatens to take me back to court and have the support amount re-calculated based on my current husband's income. My husband makes a good living, but we have a lot of financial problems and debts from years of poor money management. Also, we just filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy. So, can my current husband's income be included in calculation of the support amount that I am ordered to pay my ex-husband? Additionally, I have read several posts in the forums on this topic and a majority of the answers basically stated that the current spouse's income cannot be included in support determination, unless I am "intentionally unemployed." I don't know what is meant by that. What is considered "intentional unemployment"? Lastly, if my husband's income were, for some reason, included in the re-calculation of support, would the fact that we just filed bankruptcy have any bearing on that determination? We are in Louisiana. I'm trying to find out where the laws in my state stand regarding this issues. Any help sorting this out is very appreciated!
  9. My grandfather passed away in 2007 presumably leaving everything to his current wife at the time. Fast forward to 2019. Upon news of her remarriage, I was told by a relative to pull a copy of his will as he seemed to remember it stated something about the estate to be given to the grandchildren upon her remarriage or death. After pulling a copy of the will from the courthouse, I learned she was granted full usufruct of his estate, but a trust fund for the grandchildren was to be set up. The terms of the trusts were that she (his wife) were to be trustee and income beneficiary of the trust. The grandchildren were to be the principle beneficiaries and successor income beneficiaries in the event she passes or remarry. It also details that the trustee shall only invest the principle in accounts fully insured by the FDIC. The trust is set to terminate for each principle beneficiary upon their 28th Birthday. As the beneficiaries were all minors at the time of his death, none were made aware of this trust until now. It’s been nearly a year since I, the eldest grandchild, had turned 28 and still no news of this trust. I have an attorney looking into this matter, but I’m curious if she is indeed liable if she did not follow the terms of the trust by either depleting the assets or not distributing the principle upon my 28th Birthday?
  10. I am 8 Months pregnant with a past history of mental illness. Minor psychosis. Auditory hallucinations. I am no longer on medication. Haven't been on any medications for 2 years. I never attempted suicide or tried to harm anyone else. Ob told me I needed a psychological evaluation based off my past history. I do not want one. He said if I refuse, social services could be involved at the time of birth for the "well being of the child". The child's father has been to every prenatal appointment. We live together. I am wondering what are my rights and the fathers rights as far as not participating in an evaluation and not having to worry about our child being taken away? There has been no formal complaint, as far as I'm aware, to dcfs regarding my family. However, should anyone show up at the hospital or my home after birth trying to assess my child, myself, or my home, what can I do in order to be prepared to protect my family? Thank you.
  11. My ex and I share joint custody of our 3 children. I am the domiciliary parent of two and he is the domiciliary parent of 1. Based on the recommendation of a psychiatrist, we have agreed that we will continue to share joint custody of two children one living with me and one with him while I will have sole custody of our oldest child and he will have limited visitation. In the past, I've written and filed stipulated judgments, for custody & visitation, but this time I'm not sure what I need. Do I need separate documents for sole custody & joint custody? One document stating that the previous document still stands with the following exceptions and list the change from joint to sole custody for one child as one of the changes? Would one completely new document stating which child I will have sole custody of and which two we will share joint custody of be better? I am really lost and have to bring finished documents for my ex to sign on Sunday. This has been very sudden and I want to make sure that this is signed and filed before he changes his mind.
  12. I have a 8 year old who was recently prescribed vyvanse. After a few days of taking the medicine , his hair started falling out. It's been a month and his hair is still falling out and is so thin. I'm hoping and praying that his hair doesn't all fall out and not grow back. Is there anything I can do?
  13. The internet is as evil and getting worse. This has been going on approx. 2 years with a person living in Maryland and i reside in Louisiana and he paid a company to receive information on me to harass, slander and degrade me from the information he received from this company. I play on a game site where this lowlife puts all this information on table chat - everything from spouse name, relative with their addresses and phone number - even went as far as posting my neighbors addresses and phone numbers and from some he has even contacted them and told them i was a thief. I have never been in a jail and the information he is spreading is degrading and untrue. Companies as well as the harasser should be criminally sighted and the harasser both - criminally and personal injury. Attachment is just a sample of the length that C**** K*** will go to degrade me.
  14. I have a very unique situation. My mother has never known where her father was or anything about that side of the family until recently. I was doing some research and found his brother on Facebook, we have since then met the brother and his sons. We have still never met her father/my grandfather. Here are the facts. Her father never paid child support and I don't believe my grandmother ever went after him in the courts to try and obtain any support. Her father is listed on her birth certificate. My mother tried to contact him several times but his wife kept him away. We found out that 9 months after my mom was born - her father who named my mom Lisa and his wife had a little girl and named her the same name (Lisa) to cover up my mom. Apparently her father was a two timing scumbag who knocked up my grandmother and then knocked up his then girl friend but what is now his wife. Here's the kicker. The other child (Lisa) isn't even his. We found this out recently that she is adopted. So basically the wife and my grandfather were both cheating on each other. He had my mom and 9 months later the wife had her daughter and he adopted her but basically blew off my mother. We have recently found out through his brother that he is not in good health, has about 6 months to live. I have tried to reach out through the wife because he is not capable of comprehending much at this point or using a phone or facebook. She just ignores me. We found out from the brother that he is LOADED. Has a huge estate, money, etc. He's apparently put all of his kids and grandkids through college. We also found out that his mother was half choctaw indian so we could have been getting financial assistance for college or housing for years and never knew it!!!! I watched my mom struggle as a single mother and I myself have struggled. We are so infuriated that all these years not only did we miss out on family vaca's, some pretty awesome cousins but also all those years struggling could have been avoided. Our question is, what are our rights as child and grandchild as far as the estate and his will after he passes? His brother believes that the wife has shunned us in order to keep the estate and money all to herself but also to hide from the other Lisa that she is really adopted by my grandfather. So not only has she kept us from our father/grandfather but now this too? Can they really get away with this??? Can we sue them?
  15. I was fired while cleaning crew truck there was drug paraphernalia found in truck.I was denied for unemployment because I was the driver of the truck? Can I win the appeal decision because it was not mine? I offered to take drug test but was declined.
  16. CajunXChange

    15th Jdc

    What happens when a court district can't provide adequate council for indignant offenders? There are currently only 20 public defenders for 3 counties. Would this be a violation of my constitutional rights if not properly represented on my court date set may 2? I don't have a public defender
  17. My boyfriend and I have lived together in Louisiana since 2004. Both of us are 55. His mom died in Texas in March of 2015 at the age of 86. She originally lived here. She had family money and he gets one half of the estate. His sister who is executrix lives in Texas and gets the other half. His mom put small amounts of money (under $100) in an IRA in his name for him throughout his life. His sister says that the money in the IRA is family money and that he cannot leave the IRA money to me after he dies by naming me as beneficiary. Is this true? If the amounts of the deposits into the IRA were small enough that she could have paid it from her Social Security how can it be "family money" ? Can he name me as beneficiary with his niece and nephew as contingent beneficiary? His sister says if he does not leave the money to the niece and nephew, she will sue me. Can she do that? Also, we wrote up a trust for Keith (boyfriend) after his mom died. We have found out that there was an older will for Keith. Keith nor I knew about the will. His sister says that my will is null and void because the older will comes first. Is that true? Keith's new will was written by a notary at the notary shoppe and said that any other wills were null and void. Which will is good (the old one or the new one) Thank you for your time
  18. I was arrested in 2012 for Owi 4. There is no chemical test involved, no erratic driving pattern, with skeptical field tests. The video and report have numerous contradictions. The same officer is now being sued for unlawful arrest in a DUI case. He is no longer employed with the city police. Can the prosecution still call on him now to testify against me in a jury trial?
  20. Rewriting my will and would like to know what is the legal amount I have to leave between my wife and daughter. Is it 50% to wife and 50% to daughter or any variation as long as my wife is given a minimum of 50%. Thanks
  21. Per our divorce agreement, my ex-husband has to give me $150,000 over the next few years. It's not alimony - he is buying me out of the properties we bought while we were married. In about a month, I will be getting married for the second time. I'm wondering if I need a prenup to protect my $150,000 in case this second marriage ends in divorce too. Here are some questions running through my head: Is the $150,000 still considered mine alone if I physically receive it after I get married? If I take the $150,000 and buy a house that we both live in, is that house half his if we get divorced, or am I entitled to get back my $150,000 investment before we have to spilt it 50/50? I live in Louisiana, which is a community property state. I was googling it and I read this: "Property one spouse owned alone before the marriage, or acquired by gift or inheritance during the marriage, is that spouse’s separate property, as long as the spouse can prove the claim with financial records or other documents." Does "property" include cash? Are divorce settlements protected? This is the only thing we would need covered by a prenup - our income is about the same, and neither of us has any other assets. I'm just wondering if this money is already protected since it was technically acquired before the new marriage. If it is, it would save me the trouble of having to get a prenup - which is not something I really want to do. Thanks in advance for your help!
  22. My fiance has a three-year-old son with his ex-girlfriend. They've been broken up since the child was six months old. They never went to court but mutually came to an agreement, which they notarized, that he would pay her $500 a month for child support, and they will split all the schooling expenses and extra medical bills. They have since verbally modified the agreement - he had to put his son on his insurance, so they lowered the amount to $400 a month. The reason I am questioning their arrangement is because they share custody 50-50. I was under the impression that you don't pay child support if you have joint custody. I asked him about it and he said he knows a few guys at work (he's a firefighter) in similar situations, and they all have to pay much more than $400 a month. He says it's based on the mother's income and the courts always side with the mother. It just doesn't seem fair to me that he works full-time, pays her $400 a month, AND has his son half the time, while she just has her son half the time and works an odd job here and there - under the table because she is trying to avoid having to pay back her massive student loan debt and therefore can't/won't get an on-the-books job. However, since my fiance is a firefighter, his work schedule is such that it could be difficult for her to get a regular job - he works for a 24-hour shift and then is off for 48 hours, and his workdays are always rotating. It could be hard to get a regular job if the days you are able to work are always changing. I get that. But once the child is in school (preschool in September), there is no reason why she can't get a job, at least part time. So I guess my questions are: 1 - Should he really be paying child support when he has the child half the time (sometimes even more)? 2 - Does the fact that there is a notarized agreement mean that he is "stuck" in this arrangement? Does it mean that she is stuck as well? 3 - Does her working under the table mean that if we went to court it would look like she has ZERO income? Any insight into this situation would be greatly appreciated. We live in Louisiana. Thanks!
  23. I need some help...if possible in finding out what separates the Independent Contractor status from an employee status when it comes to newspaper carriers. Over the years...we have dealt with the newspaper company setting a time for us to be finished with our routes....charging us for complaints....telling us how to perform our jobs and threatening us if it's not done. Charging us for not inserting store papers when it states no where in the contracts that this has to be done. Using their workman's comp to pay for injuries that happen to carriers at the company itself. Adding more work onto the carriers back but not compensating them for that extra work. Is there anyone that can advise me on this issue? It would be very much appreciated.
  24. I called to put an ad on _.com for a start up business. I spoke to there sales agent . He told me all these things he could provide for a 252 per month charge . It sounded good so I did an over the phone contract , most of my answers to the questions asked were yes . This is to be charged to my card every month. In about 5 days after I realized I was not getting what I was offered by the agent. I called there public relations office and was told that I could not get what was offered to me because it could not be provided , they told me to get out of the deal and sent me to claims dept. This dept. said they would not end the contract and I must pay even thou they knew I was not receiving what was offered to me . I asked; So your agent can lie to me and I still have to pay ? They said yes or they would send me to collections and hurt my credit. The first draw against my card is in a couple of days can I just block it ? or Can they really but me in collections?
  25. What is the statute of limitations for filing a claim in Louisiana against a Municipal bus company? Do you have to file a claim initially as one would with a federal agency?
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