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Found 19 results

  1. NJ father predeceased CT mother. Now mom died. Are funds inherited from (1) an irrevocable trust and (2) residual (cash) estate taxable to CT heir?
  2. Two-pronged inquiry: Mom died June 2019 at medical facility in CT. Her residence was in PA though she kept a rental in CT. Executor of Will is seeking to engage T&E lawyer. What state do we need to focus on and can you offer suggestions on what to ask as we interview for an attorney? Topics that come to mind are retainer fee, hourly rate, whether firm has paralegal and/or fiduciary accountants on board (and their fees). Could you provide us with any other helpful tips when looking for representation? Thank you.
  3. I'm currently in the process of doing some research for a book, and I'm confused about the statute of limitations in Connecticut for Sexual Assault. I've read two variations, one that it can be up to five years, and the other up to thirty years. So my question is this. If the crime occurred twelve years prior, and had not been reported, and there was no DNA evidence, could it still be brought to trial? The girl would have been 15 at the time, and the assailant 16. I know that I've read something about the age factoring into this as well. If anyone could advise me on this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  4. State of Florida, 1977. I pleaded no contest to a larceny charge. The judge withheld adjudication and imposed 2 years probation. I left the state to find work. A violation of the terms of probation. 1982 I returned to the state and turned myself in to authorities. I reappeared before the court on the 1977 case. Again the judge withheld adjudication and imposed 1 year probation, which I completed successfully. Fast forward to June 2016. I've been charged in the state of Connecticut with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Connecticut doesn't have a withheld provision in their statues. However they reciprocate the standing from Florida. The problem I'm facing is My FDLE report shows 1977 case as withheld adjudication, next entry is "probation violation. Adjudication unknow" The prosecutor is insisting that the probation violation constitutes a conviction and is not acknowledging the 1982 court ruling on the 1977 case in which adjudication was once again withheld. I am facing a mandatory minimum 6 year sentence. I've lived 34 without considering myself a convicted felon. Was I grossly wrong? Any advice on how to remedy my present situation in the state of Connecticut ?
  5. My friends and I were hanging out at a field, that had 0 no trespassing signs, and had a large visible opening with what appeared to be a dirt road. The cops came, gave all 9 of us a ticket for, simple trespassing. A day passes and the land owner decides they want to have all of us tried for criminal trespassing in the 3rd degree and criminal mischief in the 3rd degree because there was damage on the property. If there is no evidence of us causing the damage, and we have evidence of others causing the damage, and if we all are first time offenders, and if there are no witnesses, is it possible to have this case dismissed? And is it legal to raise the crime after a fine/ticket was already given? Thank you. This is in the state of Connecticut.
  6. I just received divorce papers from spouse who resides in Katy, Texas and I live in Connecticut. Spouse and I entered into an informal marriage at the Harris County clerk's office in 2010. Spouse had moved to Connecticut in November of 2012 and moved back to Katy, TX in April 2013. Since then, spouse and I have been separated (not legally). The divorce papers state that there is to be no contact with spouse or child and that I have to appear in Texas at court in December. My question is: do I have to show or can I submit something in writing, especially since I cannot make it to Texas. I would prefer to handle the issues of divorce through an attorney in Connecticut instead of Texas. Is this way best?
  7. As I have mentioned previously my child had a social services crisis intervention last Christmas due to behavioral issues. I tried to describe how the mother, aunt and grandmother were using him essentially as a weapon, as well as other children physically attack him and the adults just allow it to happen, and then the school officials leave bruises on him and just ignore the abuse situation he is in, and actually add to it and take part in it. I referred to photos of my son, posted on fb by his mother, of him dressed up for a gay parade 5k run as an example of how the mother, aunt and grandmother are attempting to deliberately use the child as a weapon to harm me, and in turn are harming him. It is somewhat referred to in the police report from last Christmas, albeit skewed by the officer's manipulation and selective listening. However, that very night my son's mother went and dressed him up and put women's lipstick on him and posted a photo og him like that on fb, as well as a photo of him extending his middle finger back when he was around the age of three, and her, her mother and her sister were all making comments in the comment section which appear aimed at causing me emotional distress, perhaps in trying to get a reaction out of me. My understanding is that she took him camping with a transvestite, takes him to a restaurant with flamboyant waiters in order to deliberately influence him, simply to try to distance the child from me. I personally do not care if my child chooses to live whatever lifestyle he WANTS but my issue is with him being used as a weapon. Is this enough evidence, along with the fact that her attorney initially made fun of a physicians referral in court when my son was one that he be seen by a developmental specialist for probable autism, which was ignored by the mother until two years later when a day care provider gave her a written referral that she was legally obligated to act under after ignoring verbal referral from the day care provider; as well as the child has been literally taken out of the classroom since Christmas from the other children. I live 1000 miles away, largely due to the hostility from the mother. The actual facts are the complete opposite of the stereotype. She is the abusive party, yet nobody will entertain reality due to it conflicts with their desired beliefs and sticking with the status quo. Is there truly no remedy for the child in this situation other than that he must suffer abuse because society just says it is ok? The police officer literally refused to investigate a puncture wound on the child that the child claimed came from his teachers aid stabbing him with a lego stick, claiming it is a conflict of interest against his job to protect the administration last year. I made complaints to the school staff and social worker about the abuse and they ran out and called the police on me. This is absolutely really occurring.
  8. Police report reads principal calls about 'agitated parent' during crisis intervention with social services. Nothing further describing what actions accused made to define 'agitated parent'. Police report ends that matter is resolved and closed, but that Principal requests officer be posted at child pick up. Principal begins making horrified faces and behaving like a child as non-custodial drives up to pick up child, but child is placed in car and non-custodial and child leave school without further incident. Non-custodial gets police report 8 months later noting that it reads principal wants police officer posted at school during pick up, even thought police report states that matter is closed. Non-custodial has not returned to school since Christmas to allow emotions to settle. Non-custodial contacts school board secretary to get guidance as to if it is ok to pick up and drop off child on visitation, noting that there is a court order which specifically reads 'visitation shall not be interfered with while child is in school, and requests how to obtain any reports on incident'. No response from secretary of school board for over a week. Non-custodial sees link to facebook page from school board site and posts questions again, seeking if ok to pick up and drop off child at school and how to obtain reports as to what accusation are causing concern with principal. Non-custodial receives phone call from police department that he can continue picking up and dropping off child upon visitation, but any contact with school board will be considered harassment. Questions: Does non-custodial have right to access reports by principal and school staff made to the school board? Does school board have a right to ignore requests of such information? Can police legally threaten criminal proceeding on a non-custodial parent for requesting information concerning themselves from the school board? Is there a section in the Connecticut Digest that would address laws on privileges or overstepping privileges against a non-custodial invitee to Social Services intervention? Can Principal unilaterally bar non-custodial from school grounds indefinitely when there is a court order stating that visitation shall not be interfered with while child is in school for no reason other than she is offended by such a trivial matter as the ex doesn't like the child's father because she and the child's mother are friends? If so what section would I search, or what case law takes precedent on such matters? Please forego conclusory hostile attacks based off of stereotypes, or at least argue BOTH SIDES of legal argument. Also, I am not seeking to find remedy. I am a FYLS and am actually blown away at this, but would like to know what Statutes allow a parent to be treated like this, as well as have to go see child while mother is in surgery, and wish to know what I am legally talking about if I am attacked again.
  9. I cannot seem to find the post I placed here asking about Tort laws v. school and school boards. I am seeking direction on black letter law and case law on the matters, not people's emotions and personal opinions. Just emotionally claiming that because a person has a child that it makes all interaction with a school family matters clearly does not have legal standing. School officials can not abuse children, and that is not a family law matter. Can anyone provide me with case law on the course of action required on the part of a school official and of what is required of a state social worker when a verbal report is made of concerns of child abuse in the State of Connecticut? Also, is there recourse for a non-custodial parent through Tort law when the school retaliates against a non-custodial parent for making a compliant of abuse on the child, by the school calling the police to have the non-custodial parent removed by the police out of malicious action? Please only respond with case law and black letter law, instead of childish insults and emotional tantrums? Are we simply saying bigotry and genocide are ok as long as we call it something else? Really? Just because family attorneys get away with making up outlandish stories against fathers in family courts does not negate that some mothers actually harm their children intentionally in real life. There must be law that handles when people hide such action and take part of it. There must also be law concerning school officials who break laws. Just being offended when someone says something is occurring and claiming it did not happen does not make it so.
  10. FACTS: ( issues list below fact pattern; real life situation, not test fact pattern) Non-custodial parent visiting from out of state to elementary age child diagnosed with autism for Christmas break. Receives phone call from Principal demanding appearance at State Social Worker crisis intervention taking place at school. Ex wife and her sister are present, along with Principal, School Psychologist, State Social Worker, and Teachers Aid. School alleging child is violent, needs physical restraints on nearly daily basis, and seeking to remove child from normal class-room for remainder of year. Non-custodial parent with joint legal custody states that because earned an Associates Degree in Psychology among his academic achievements, that he believes there are some basic principals that seem to be getting overlooked in dealing with the child, whom he does not have to lay hands on. Non-custodial brings up fact that child currently has bruises on body that child claims came from isolation restraints from teacher's aid. Non-custodial brings up he believes child is presenting from psychosis from being in a dysfunctional home where mother, her sister and their mother use child as a weapon and are mentally abusive towards child and that mother is a demonstrated sociopath ( also performing Munchausen Syndrome-by-proxy on child with aid of her mother and sister) and that psychologist are ignoring glaring scientific procedures and presentations in place of political beliefs of women's rights. All present other than non-custodial are females offended by non-custodial's concerns that child is presenting from abuse and does not need activists with psychologist licenses ignoring psychology training to ask child how he feels about being abused for being born male, and that this child needs his father. Non-custodial was cursed at by mother and ridiculed by child's aunt for stating that if the psychologists used science based principals they would clearly see presentations of abuse rather than using what is called the 'feminist lens' where male child is automatically targeted as aggressor. Principal and school psychologist went and called police. Mother yells 'Please don't leave me in a room alone with him!' Non-custodial quickly stands up and walks out of room and sits on bench in sign in area of school, assuming he is waiting for police to arrive. School Safety Officers arrive and ask Non-custodial to come outside to talk. Police report states that non-custodial was sitting calmly when they arrived and that non-custodial complied with request to come outside. Non-custodial explained how mother and her family have been posting photos of child at gay pride parade, dressed up as gay person in order to use child recently as a weapon. Police report states father mentioned child having homosexual ideals forced upon him. Police report reads mother interviewed by other officer states she has no concerns of child being endangered through visitations with father. Then officers ask to do pat down for weapons as they state Officer clears non-custodial to continue picking up and dropping off son for elementary school. Principal requests officer posted at school that evening for pick up when children where let out for school. Principal begins staring at non-custodial with horrified look on her face, humiliating non-custodial parent as he drives up to pick up young minor child, apparently endangering child's welfare by attempting to get officer to confront non-custodial parent, and para-professional for handicapped child sees this and hurriedly gets child into the car. Non-custodial parent has no incidents the following day, but does not return the rest of that school year. Visits child during summer when child is out of school partially to diffuse situation to help ease any aggression against child as non-custodial fears child will be targeted. Non-custodial obtains police report six months after it is filed but does not understand what statute or law he violated by stating that he believes child is in abusive home and essentially being beaten and ostracized by school staff for being a mentally abused child. Non-custodial emails School Board Secretary requesting guidance as to if he is ok to continue picking up child and dropping off child from school per court visitation orders throughout coming year on visits, as well as requests how to obtain any reports as to why police intervention was necessary. Email was ignored, so about a week later, non-custodial posted same request on Secretary of School Board's Facebook account along with questions on legality of calling police on non-custodial parent for stating abuse concerns. Non-custodial gets phone call from police stating that further contact to school board secretary would be deemed as harassment. Non-custodial perplexed and in fear of long term mental disturbance to child. Non-custodial also has constant severe emotional distress over the incidents of being publicly humiliated, deprived of relationship, possibly slandered, intimidated by threats of force, intimidated through actions of abuse towards minor child, denied rights to aid for child and punished by use of force and threat of force by actions. Also question of compensation of eminent domain as if it is in society's interest or interest of the state that the autistic child be segregated, is he not owed compensation, and is non-custodial parents rights being taken away by 'privilege' a matter of eminent domain where non-custodial should be compensated for loss of chattel in relation to child? Any recourse or remedy; preferably through Federal Court as father resides in state of Georgia and school and school board are in Connecticut and it is a financial burden on P to pursue matter in Connecticut and P believes will not be able to obtain fair trial or even hearings on the matter due to bias against males in Connecticut due to Sandy Hook hysteria making views against class of people ( male fathers at schools) being the main issue. Any remedies for child or non-custodial parent? ISSUES: ( possible list of areas of interest) Can a male be targeted for simply being a male at a school parent teacher meeting or state crisis intervention at the school where the Principal just makes apparent retaliatory claims privilege on decision making in exposing male to being made out to be threatening for bringing up opposing concerns of abuse on minor child. If Federal Courts have jurisdiction over this as an interstate matter, can non-custodial (P) file in Georgia where P resides as opposed to Connecticut where school and child reside, as P believes he will not be able to obtain fair hearing or trial in Connecticut due to bias against non New Englanders and hysteria against males at schools (class of people) in Connecticut, and there is undue financial burden on P to pursue this matter in Connecticut? P does not understand what statute or law he violated by stating that he believes child is in abusive home and essentially being beaten and ostracized by school staff for being a mentally abused child. P also does not understand how asking for clarification or guidance by school board on matter along with any in -house reports on matter is harassment. If it is in society's interest or interest of the state that the autistic child be segregated, is he not owed compensation, and is non-custodial parents rights being taken away by 'privilege' a matter of eminent domain where non-custodial should be compensated for loss of chattel in relation to child? School and state social worker (whom school called) have ignored verbal reports made by visiting non-custodial parent concerned of physical (with current bruises at time of report) and mental abuse on 8 yr old high functioning autistic child when reports where being made during 'crisis intervention' by State Social Worker. Crisis Intervention appears planned in order to have excuse to remove child from all classes for the rest of the year, and Principal and staff seem offended when non-custodial begins quoting basics of developmental psychology and sociology to Social Worker. Police called on visiting out of state non-custodial parent for calmly voicing concerns of abuse, when Principal demanded his attendance at social worker intervention. Officers request to perform body pat-down on non-custodial to search for weapons, stating 'someone mentioned possibility of a weapon' as non-custodial was reported to have kept placing his hand inside pockets of jacket during social worker intervention. Non-custodial complied with pat down. Random woman walks up asking officers 'is everything alright?' on her way into the school. Officer clears non-custodial parent to continue picking up and dropping off child at school as per court ordered visitation order. Principal demands officer be posted at school pick up line that evening even though no mention of threats or fear in police report; whereas police report says issue closed and police report says mother not in fear of father being with child. Principal making extreme gestures of horrified looks aimed at non-custodial parent in front of other parents parked in line to pick up child while Principal is standing across driveway from posted police officer. ( child quickly placed in car by para-professional to diffuse situation) Parent and child drive off without further incident. Non-custodial feels immense mental distress over situation yet feels helpless to get intervention for child in any way Six months later non-custodial visits and obtains police report where he has to be physically present to obtain police report. Non-custodial emails School Board Secretary about concerns after obtaining police report for guidance on upcoming new school year to see if they have issue with further visitation of pick up and drop offs that year, and how to obtain reports made on the issue to find out why Principal said she called police; request for information and/or feedback ignored. One week later, non-custodial Facebook posts on School Board Official's Facebook page listed on School Board website, stating that request for information was ignored and that he had concerns of child being physically and mentally abused by school for being in a mentally abusive home. Non-custodial parent then receives phone call from police department stating no crime as of yet, but further contact to school board official will be crime of harassment. Non-custodial still dealing with severe emotional distress. Child removed from all classes and placed in isolated room for next 5 moths of school except for some children brought in to play indoor with him for recess or lunch. Mother takes issue to school board to get re-introduction plan which started last week (8 months later)
  11. Multiple years ago, my parents house was purchased by the state for airport expansion. At the time, they were going through marital difficulties and my father wanted to split the money and separate. My mother convinced him to try again (the marriage difficulties were on her) and they purchased a larger house. My father put down 50 thousand dollars of money from the sale of the old house as a down payment (his money). Because his credit was poor, the house was purchased in her name and my God father's (my dad's brother). A couple years later my mother left, and my father was left living in the house with his children (me included). From the beginning, my father has made the mortgage payments. When he lost his job, he was unable for 4 months and the house was put on the market by his brother. He has been employed again for a year, continuing to make the payments. He offered to pay the back payments to his brother, but his brother refused. The house has remained on the market and an offer was recently put on it that was below their original cost of purchasing the house. If it sold today, it would leave him with no money gained from the sale. Including eviction issues with an oral lease, what are our options? My father has health issues and still has 2 children living in the house.
  12. Please excuse this post if I am in the wrong forum. My son is in serious trouble and I am out of my depth. I'll start at the very beginning. My son James and his friend (AA - a lawyer) started a company (XYZ Inc.) in 2009 in Connecticut. By 2010 they had taken on a 3rd member (BB - Ex Wall St) so equal interests for all 3., Then a 4th member (CC - a lawyer) came in with 5% share. Excellent product idea from AA who was COO. James was CEO. BB was CFO. The projections for future as determined by CC looked phenomenal (>$5M in a short period). James was on the cusp of a large contract with a large retail chain of pharmacies. Concurrently, as the outlook was so rosy, James was encouraged by his partners to buy a company car to better reflect his CEO image. He did, and bought a second hand BMW which all the partners knew about and rode in. This later became the focus of a criminal complaint. Then a 5th investor (DD) was supposed to join the company, but his full investment did not appear to James to materialize. When he queried this, James was voted out as CEO the next day and CC took over as CEO. Within a week (Nov 2010) the new CEO (CC) and BB and AA had made XYZ Inc. "defunct" and formed XYZ Group Inc.. All assets (product, records, etc.) was transfered to XYZ Group Inc. and they attempted business as usual, but having cut James out of his share interests. James moved to Maryland. James is persecuted still by XYZ Group Inc., then foundered through lack of marketing follow through. AA, who had the original product idea, left and became a salesperson in Macy's. CC resigned as CEO. The CFO dematerialized. XYZ Inc. is still listed as "Active" on the State of CT Sec. of State website, but there is no agent, no officers, no address, no corporate records or reports, resolutions etc.of any kind. There are no records of XYZ Inc. available from any of the "ex-officers", who have variously had computer viruses, etc. [The next part of the saga is legally horrific, but not helpful at this point in my ramblings..] CC has since waged war on my son James, claiming to be acting on behalf of XYZ Inc. and filed many motions in three States with the intention of extracting money from him that he claims James misappropriated. There is no evidence of this - of any kind. My question therefore, is - Can a lawyer represent an entity that (in federal court testimony) has been declared Defunct and Dissolved, has no officers to retain that lawyer, but is still shown as "active" on Sec of the State website? I have knocked down the latest subpoenas at the District Court level in CT, and an action is ongoing in Mississippi now (where James moved to work). This saga extends through CT, MD and MS. I have several friends who are lawyers of one kind or another, all of whom are horrified at the collective failure of the Judicial System over this case, and feel that there is a book and a film at the end of this. But that doesn't help me now. I need serious help, and cannot find it. Perhaps someone in this forum might be kind enough to show me the way. I can provide essential information in the form of court transcripts etc. Thank you, Ian
  13. I recently became disabled due to blood clots in my lungs. I need to move to be closer to home to have someone take care of me and or look out for me. Can I legally break my lease as I have 2 other room mates and I asked to sublet and they said no. I have only until August 30 2016 and my rent is up.
  14. My son is taking over my house. He is 25 year old. When he was working, he didn't give me any money. Now he is unemployed, but receives unemployment checks. I asked him to move out countless times. He ignores me, and bring more and more junk staff into the house. Now he occupies 2 bed rooms, one living rooms, and pile up staff in the family room, dinning room, kitchen, and hallway. On top of that, he is verbally abusive, accuse me for everything, such as I don't feed him well. If I try to tell him that he can't just keep bring junks into the house, in return he yelling at me, and bring more staff to the house. I'm a woman and over 60 years old. I think that I have an abusive living condition. My husband is live in CA. What law will be applicable for me to evict him? The house is owned by me and my husband.
  15. I have a question regarding deficiency after strict foreclosure in Connecticut. Foreclosure judgement occured July 2014, law day was Sept 2014, property was sold by the lender in Jan 2015 at a shockingly low price, significantly under what I owed, closing was Mar 2015. So far there has not been a deficiency judgement that I am aware of, and I have not heard from anyone regarding the outstanding deficiency. My question is, in the state of CT, is there the equivalent of a statute of limitations or some predefined length of time following the foreclosure date, law date, or sale date after which they can no longer come after me for the deficiency ??
  16. In a private parking lot where I work in CT there was an out of state parked car which burst into flames and damaged three cars surrounding it as well as part of the lot. Two of the car owners and the building owner just received notice from the insurance co. of the owner of the car which burst into flames, who said they are not liable and all claims are denied except their client. It was never determined how the fire started and the other vehicle owners were told to either put a claim through their own insurance or sue the building for damages. Is it true that even though there was no known cause of the fire the insurance co. has no responsibility toward the other claimants? The other claimants are hesitant to make a claim against their own insurance and especially don't believe the building has any liablitly.
  17. Had a credit card debt ($9,063) that I couldn't pay, tried to work with credit company, they sold off to a company that is represented by a law firm in my State. They obtained a judgement $35.00 a week, as of 12/06/2013, been paying since notice of judgement. Yesterday they filed and went to my bank and took everything I had. $369.00 out of my account even though I have been paying them weekly since notice of the judgement. To the tune of $905 so far. How can they do both if I have been paying weekly. I have the check cut automatically out of my account and haven't missed any payments and have records. And now they are adding on fees of $1,040 plus marshals fees above and beyond the debt. What do I need to do?
  18. I live in Middletown, CT above a family of bad neighbors. So bad in fact, that the month-to-month extension on their lease runs out tonight and will not be continued for July. And since they've put in no discernible effort to move (the basement and garage are both still filled with their possessions) it looks like they're staying for a while regardless. I have a question about our rights, as legal tenants, while the landlord works to sort this out: can they continue to park in our shared driveway? Equal access to the driveway by all tenants is stipulated in the lease. They go out of their way to deny us use of the driveway, either by parking at the very entrance or having their friends park their cars in the driveway when they aren't around. And yes, the landlord is aware of their parking habits, as it's been going on for months now; it's one of the many complaints we've lodged. I'm looking for general advice or opinions besides “go conult a lawyer.” The state maintained website only covers disputes between tenants and landlords or between property owners. Thanks for any insight.
  19. I was a temp at American Express and was verbally told by another employee on my second day on the job that i should find a class that helps older people re-enter the workplace. I was also told that there would be no time to train me starting the following week and that i did not know a specific program (which i did know) and i was asked if i was screened properly by the agency. The individual knew that i had been out of work for three years but i do not know if she knew my age.
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