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Found 520 results

  1. Landlord waived rent in verbal agreement on the condition the tenant would agree to show property to prospective buyers.Three months later tenant is being sued for $2,625. back rent in a 3 day pay or quit notice.
  2. I was sitting in my truck, cleaning it out, my truck it was parked in front of my house around 9 pm when a gentleman slammed into the back of me. My truck (a mini) ended up through my cyclone fence his truck (a maxi) the wheel broke off the axle and skid about 3 houses down. My neighbor directly next door has damage to his fence also. I immediately called 911. All the neighbors came outside and a few immediately recognized him to be the owner of the tobacco shop and the auto repair shop a few blocks away. As far as I know I'm o.k. and he is o.k. but the vehicles and fences are not. After every thing settled down I invited him into my house. He smelled like alcohol. I gathered his information and from what he says, "He was locking the gate as he was out of the truck a black man jumped in the truck and started off he in turn jumped in the bed of the truck and the suspect drove off", shortly after plowing into the back of my truck then fled. No one seen the suspect me included, driving or flee. After two hours and the police did not show, the man wanted to leave. I called 911 and asked what should I do? They said, "let him go", and he left my house. The police showed up about two hours later and wrote their report and I called my attorney and ended up at the emergency. room. All of this happened on the 27, Sept. 2018. The truck that hit my truck was not reported stolen and has not been reported to date.The police officer is going to charge him with hit and run and suggest I do a six pack line up. His insurance is fighting my claim because they said there client said it was stolen. If they bothered to check they could see no reports of stolen vehicle. Are they the judge and jury now? Does their policy dictate the law? How long does the law say they can carry on with this injustice?
  3. I live in California and my mother lives in Tennessee. She wants to give me financial/durable power of attorney so I can help her manage her finances, including accessing her bank accounts. Since she is in Tennessee, will her power of attorney be valid for someone who doesn't live in that state? All I can find out is that she will need two witnesses when having her power of attorney notarized.
  4. This is in regards to a case asking for a Civil Harassment Restraining Order. At the first (ex parte) hearing (of which the respondent had received notice and chose not to appear) the judge stated that the case was borderline and decided not to grant the TRO. When petitioner was asked if she still wanted to schedule the evidentiary hearing, she stated she did, and a hearing date was set. Respondent was not served in time for the next hearing, and petitioner planned to attend and request a continuance. However, the day of the hearing, petitioner did not have transportation to go to court to request the continuance, nor did she have access to a phone to be able to call the court to say she would not be there, so petitioner failed to show up for the hearing that she had requested. Two days later, there were new circumstances that transpired which may have compelled the judge to issue a TRO. Petitioner assumed her original case had been dismissed, and she filled out new paperwork and all the forms again. She rewrote the description of abuse with the new occurrences and went to the Clerk's office to file again. At the Clerk's office, she was told that her first case had been dismissed with prejudice and she was precluded from filing another case. Can we ask for a writ of mandate or a writ o prohibition so she can again ask for the restraining order? Any idea where to look to find statutes or rules of court that describe justification for dismissing a case with prejudice? Would appreciate any help please. Thank you. And yes, we already know how lame it was for petitioner to fail to make it to the hearing if it was so important to her. She is well aware, but still needs to try to get the help od a much-needed restraining order.
  5. When the defense attny asks for medical records,labs and so on should you just send them or explain what pertains to what or let him figure it out
  6. my 7 year old son is currently under guardianship with dependency of court , and im curious as to if im allowed to be apart of his school activities , i enjoy helping out in his class and being involved , up until this school year there never was a problem and now for some reason im left out of everything , its very painful as it is not having him with me and now this , whole situation has been roller coaster ride , can anybody please help me out with advice or rescources on our rights something please
  7. I have so many questions about pc1368. When the violent felony cases have been suspended . What does the defense need to happen ? Will the defendant get a speedy trial ever and council fight for an acquittal? Am i making any sense ? Can someone help me out here please.? Thank you
  8. My ex-girlfriend is now married to a known gang member and convicted felon he's doing life for attempted murder. She is now taking my three-year-old daughter and my nine-year-old daughter with out my permission forcingly to go see this murderer in prison. My little girls have no buisness over ther. What can i do. Please help.
  9. Legal help required please. Can anyone guide me towards the case law or sanction that occurred in California mandating the electric company supply an analog meter instead of a smart meter. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I requested copy of a Compensation and Pension (C&P)medical exam conducted by a Department of Veterans Affairs “contract” doctor. The doctor stated they did not have the exam results and to contact the firm that hired the doctor to perform the exam. The company which employed the doctor is one of the largest the Department of Veterans Affairs has a contract with. The company stated they were not the “legal” custodian of the ‘data’ and refused to release a copy of the exam. HPPIA Regulations, as well as California, does require the doctor release a copy of the exam to the person who was examined. The laws allow for the individual examined to sue for release of the exam, am I mistaken?
  11. Around Jan, 2018-my son entered into a verbal agreement for representation with attorney (Tom), recommended by a former girlfriend. No actual fee was ever stated, however my son made payments monthly. The charge was cashing a check received for work done, saying he manufactured it. a weak case. A couple months later another charge was added of fraudulent use of credit card which in fact was a third party reservation made by someone else , another weak case. A third charge developed of cashing a bad check (under $900) and unlawful taking of a vehicle that in fact was never stolen or reported as such. Final charge was Identity theft where he used anther's cdl to test drive a car. The second and third cases were originally DA rejects filed later to strengthen the other cases against him. There is no doubt that a preliminary examination of all charges would have resulted in no more than misdemeanor convictions , if even that. The problem was his attorney. Showing up late, never remembering the charges, constantly continuing the cases for reasons never fulfilling. In Dec. 2019, my son went into custody as bail was too high due to enhancements. I am not a medical expert but have been around those with Alzheimer. It is almost certain Tom was developing it as all his memory lapses showed signs. He would always say how the cases were bull****. That he personally spoke to the judge and he agreed. My son made numerous requests for the discovery and was always told "next time" by Tom. When next time finally did come, he was given discovery. However it was discovery for another client of Tom's. In Jan, 2019 Tom began asking for more money. Despite him and my son discussing the fact he could not pay while in custody, tom never remembered the conversation. He would ask me what judicial branch his next appearance was when we spoke on the phone. When I told him west court (always) he would ask when it got transferred thinking it was in Compton. He always told me to bring money next time. On three occasions I did because his secretary told me he wouldn't show up if i did not. Plus I was not aware then that tom was unable to legally request money from me without my sons consent. In March, Tom advised me his secretary was leaving the state for a lengthy period of time. Having over 30 years of legal study and paralegal experience, he asked if I would help him in her absence. I agreed and this is where my suspicions were confirmed. Tom no longer had an office. I discovered that after suffering a breakdown from losing both his wife and daughter, his son placed him in assisted living. He was very nervous driving, could not grasp gps, and relied on others to take him to the courthouses. I learned later that he has not had a driver license for quite some time. His client files were in boxes, stacked, undisturbed throughout his single room living space. I have never once seen him referencing one or having a briefcase to carry paperwork. He met most clients at a donut shop and never had files with him. At first I attributed this to his inability to recall where his court dates were. That his secretary was to blame for inefficiency. Tom would profuse his anger at his son for putting him in the home and said he was of completely sound mind. That he was formerly a psychologist and had passed an evaluation his son insisted he undergo. The bar has no record of his living arrangement and still has his former address listed as his business location. But he seemed to say many things I found to be less and less true. His secretary has him on a vitamin program targeting enhancing memory loss.I began noticing strong irritation with both the district attorney as well the judge at the hearings. He continued to delay proceedings for motion filings he never submitted. He insisted that what wouldn't be dismissed, would result in no more than misdemeanor convictions. That the outcome would be a sentence of one year county jail and informal probation if any. That was exactly as I believed from the extent of the evidence. I continued to ask for the discovery. When I was given his email access to attempt organizing a database and foundation for his practice, I discovered several issues completely disregarded by him and ignorance of client issues. He had matters that he never addressed, missed court dates, overlooked meetings, and complaints to the bar by clients, for fee refund and misconduct. There was notices to pick up client discovery in several cases. But most disturbing was that they included my sons. Repeated notices that reflected every one of my sons four cases. Almost a year and a half of representing my son. yet not one page of discovery ever picked up. I asked him why he hadn't done so and his secretary claimed she downloaded them. That was a lie because discovery must be picked up personally. I found myself both worried for my sons welfare as well sorry for the mans inability to do what he so loved for the past 50 years. He sounded so convincing and sincere. 50 years trial lawyer experience, I believed he had camaraderie with the judges and that maybe my son would get the one year sentence he was so definite and certain the judge agreed too. After eighty-two court appearances, doing nothing but delaying each time, never once even having a preliminary hearing, he said my son was going home and he made a deal. I was unable to attend that day and was horrified when I later heard the days news. The year my son received was only part of the sentence he accepted on his behalf. My son was suckered into what tom called a plea bargain. One year in custody, two years out of custody. Formal Probation and 12 felony convictions for charges that if argued, could not have been proven. Charges that if a prelim had occurred, bore no evidence to bind over to trial. When I literally screamed into the phone that afternoon of my disbelief, Tom told me that it was agreed all the felonies would be dropped to misdemeanors upon probation completion. There is no such order in the paperwork nor did my son recall being advised of such by the judge. And in reality, there was no plea bargain because the three year state prison sentence was the first offer ever made and never litigated to reduce. Four hours after court ended, I was informed that my sons discovery was finally picked up by tom. The day before he pled my son to the charges. Never once throughout the 82 court appearances did he even read the evidence the prosecution had against my son. Never once was he ever capable to discuss any of the charges against him. Never once was he competent to proceed because he never once did his job. But the worst part is that tom has several other cases he is defending. Other people are being lied too and represented by this man. I have no doubt that a psychiatric evaluation would declare him incompetent. I did not accept the job working for him as I refused to be held accountable for the only item he ever appears to consult is an appointment book that he has trouble understanding. He has nothing close to an office. Has no legal reference material, must be reminded what his clients names and charges are. Has no record or retainer agreements of clients, collects social security benefits yet still practices law, has no filing system, accounts payable or receivable records, and a alleged paralegal who does nothing more than babysit him. Sadly, the other court officers make jokes about his performance rather than doing the right thing and advise him of his problems, or offer assistance. I am thoroughly convinced that my son would not have received the amount t of time he did if adequate council had been representing him. He allowed his pride to come between his obligation to the people who he swore to defend. This conduct is unethical, unacceptable and un earned. I feel malpractrice allegations are clearly evident in this issue. I just need an Orange County CA attorney to take the case.
  12. Is it legal for a service (Gas) station to charge a minimum amount for liquified gas? I wanted to fill up my liquified gas container with gas for a holiday picnic. I stopped at a gasoline station to fill it up. It took a little over $2.00. Once in the office, they charged me $16.50, stating they have a minimum charge. Is this legal. There is no sign or notice outside at the pump.
  13. An unauthorized driver of a car that was rented by me is refusing to pay for damages that he caused. In addition to the he promised to pay for the cost of the days the car was rented but has failed to. Can I take him to small claims court? What are the chances of me winning?
  14. I was with a friend partying at my hotel and was arrested for possession of meth with intent to sell 14 months ago, which I'm still fighting. The cops found 8.7 grams of meth in 4 or 5 baggies and 4 glass pipes, two of which were my friend's. I told the cops it was for my own personal use, which it was. There were no scales, no large sums of cash, and no payola sheets. My friend lied to the cops ( I have a copy of the police recordings) saying he had no idea what the glass pipe right next to his wallet was for and that I said I had a lot of sh*t. I knew that he had been to prison, but I didn't really know what for. We met online and that was only the third time we hooked up. Well this new information I just received is that he is a convicted felon for this very same charge. The cops ran our names that night. So my first question is, why wasn't he arrested as well? I don't even have any prior possessions. Nothing related to drugs at all on my record. The second part of this scenario relates to my current attorney. So, my friend bails me out, who I'd only seen three times. Then he comes with me to every court appearance I have. I had decided to hire a private attorney to help me fight this bogus charge. My friend didn't like my attorney after speaking with him and encouraged me to fire him and hire his attorney he's used for 20+ years. So I did both. His attorney has only been in court with me one time in the last 14 months, and that was for my preliminary hearing. All the other times it's been one of his associates. After learning about my friend's prior conviction, it all of the sudden dawned on me why he wanted me to hire his attorney. Because he was a former client and has retained his services multiple times. Therefore, my attorney wouldn't ask anything about him during my prelim and he didn't. He did not question the rookie (I am his first sales case) who arrested me that night about why my friend wasn't arrested when he has priors. He didn't mention him at all.This seems highly unethical to me and I do not believe that I have been represented fairly. Am I right? And if so, do I have any kind of legal and/or financial recourse? Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me please?
  15. An engaged couple purchased a home together and took title is a divorced man and single woman. He is retired with a close to $9,000 a month income. He has too many credit cards, is paying the IRS $600 a month for the next 3 years, a car note, ......he has bills and a low credit score; even after paying off his credit cards. His Fiancé of many years had a great job with very good credit. She had to leave her job (2 years before the purchase) to care for her father for 2 years. She had an injury and can not go back to an 8 hour job. Her plan is to find part-time or work from home employment. He has known her situation for years and has volunteered his help and contributions to help his wife-to-be. He has the income and she had the credit to qualify to purchase their home together and they are both on the loan. One month after they moved in , he asks her to sign the deed, so only he would be on it, She refused and he says that he will intentionally not pay the mortgage and allow the home to foreclose if she doesn't sign. I’m pretty sure he will try to force her out and have a family member buy the home before the bank takes it; with hopes that she would sign in order to try to rebuild her credit. She has text of his threats to not pay the mortgage if she refuses to sign. He doesn’t care if it forces her out, ruins her credit and leaves her homeless. Is this illegal???? Can she do anything to stop him or press charges in San Bernardino, Calif? They have known each other 16 years. Dated 5 years. This couple has been the envy of others.
  16. I am helping a lady in Hollister, Ca. Her dog was with a dog sitter and the dog bit a child, when the child kicked at the dog while riding by on a scooter. The dog has no priors, the Hollister ordinances are so gray, they can literally impound a dog for chasing a cat with intent to injure it. The lady can not get an attorney to help her. The case has had one hearing in dog court and is set to be heard in the superior court. Questions are, will she need to subpoena her witnesses prior to the hearing date, or can they just show up and testify? Doesn't she have a right to get the discovery? How does she do this? The city attorney will not return calls. Will an email or certified letter get these documents? Maybe some suggestions on who to contact for a case like this in San Benito county? (All referral lines have been called, I even reached out to the American Bar for numbers) The shelter that has the dog is starving him, we have intake photos and recent photos, dog needs medical care for an open sore on his paw from stress licking. The dog owner has provided dog food and is giving the dog antibiotics. She visits him every day during lunch and after work. Any help or assistance or references would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  17. I received a ticket for expired registration a few days ago. The next day, I was given the same ticket. I was on my way to get enough money to pay my registration. A friend of mine said I should not have been cited again if I had time to fix it. Do I need to challenge one?
  18. I live in a development with an HOA. A Meth head lives with his parents in a duplex across our small cul de sac. He has affected neighbors on the street and on the other side of the walkways with loud f-bomb cursing, interrogating pedestrians including children, noisily throwing items around, doing demolition inside the house at all hours, driving a truck recklessly in spite of the children, pacing and raging around his driveway shirtless and shouting curses at "someone" we can't see. The children are afraid of him and the parents only let them play out front if they are with them the whole time, or if they are sure the Meth-head isn't lurking around. The parents have locked him out and he removes the sliding patio doors from their tracks to break in. Sheriffs say that since he lives there they can't lock him out. The renter who shared the party wall was driven out after four years of unpredictable banging and slamming on the wall and loud shouting. The Owner is selling only the empty half of the duplex while keeping the other half. I asked the realtor at open house whether they don't have a duty to disclose conditions to the seller, she said no. I have written to the realtor whose name is on the open house sign. I detailed the years and types of outrageous behavior and gotten no reply. I went to City Hall to see about code enforcement but was told there is no code for this situation. When I phoned the DRE they told me they have no jurisdiction. Sheriffs have made numerous calls to the houseover the years, sometimes arresting the Meth-head and taking him away, sometimes just sitting him inside the squad car while his mother cries and begs them to release him, and sadly they do. It takes them longer and longer to respond to calls now. He wanders around and walks into open garages and if the resident is there, mumbles some lame excuse about why he is trespassing. He opens side gates and trespasses into yards. Sheriffs told one woman there is nothing criminal about that, since meter readers and UPS drivers have access to the yard too. They said she could hang a No Trespassing sign on her gate, which she did. Thefts from vehicles parked on the street or in driveways forced some of us to buy and install surveillance cameras to monitor our property. My AT&T service runs me $600 a year and I review tapes every morning. He has interfered with gardeners doing their jobs and threatened them to turn off their equipment, and decided to chat up my painters who were hired to comply with the HOAs demand to paint the house trim. One was on the roof, the other was on a ladder. They were not interested in his attention. I warn visitors not to make eye contact with him. I got a copy of the CC&Rs. It has one section about Nuisance. The behavior is a nuisance and interferes with our quiet enjoyment of our homes. The Quiet Enjoyment Section seems to only deal with the recreational areas, like swimming pools. (from the CC&Rs) "ARTICLE XI - USE RESTRICTIONS Section 3 - Nuisance." "No noxious or offensive trade or activity shall be carried on upon any Residence, or any part of the covered Property nor shall anything be done thereon which may be, or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood, or which shall in any way interfere with the quiet enjoyment of each of the Owners of his respective Residence, or which shall in any way increase the rate of insurance." So, short of hiring a Real Estate attorney is there a remedy anyone on this site has used successfully for something like this? I'm in California.
  19. Hi, I received a letter today stating that Quicken sold my loan to LoanCare LLC. My LTV is over 80%. With the exception of the initial home purchase back in 2001, I have never used an escrow account, and have always paid my homeowners insurance and property taxes separately and in a timely manner. The initial down payment when I purchased the home in 2001 was over 20%, so I never paid PMI. I have excellent credit. My question is two-fold. 1. Can they force me to use an escrow account and if so, do I have any recourse? This is a huge problem for me because I prefer to work directly with my homeowner's insurance (which is valued correctly) and LA County for property taxes. This way I can guarantee timely payment by not relying on a third party. 2. I always used auto-pay with Quicken, but with the things that I read about this company, I'm tempted to go back to writing checks, much to my chagrin. Would I need to specify on each check the exact amount for principle and interest so they don't fail to apply the correct amount to each bucket, or is that pointless? 3. If things go sideways with this new company, is there any other agency besides Consumer Finance where I can file a complaint? While I realize that not everyone will have a problem, many of the problems I'm reading involve people who claim to make timely payments, and yet amounts were incorrectly applied, which marked their principle as late, and impacted their credit score. Another issue is that folks were forced to use escrow accounts despite not ever needing them in the past. Those are the types of things that I'm concerned with. I'm not set up in their system yet, otherwise I'd call to get as much information as possible. Refinancing just to get away from them may be an option, despite cost, but there's no guarantee that the loan won't be sold back to them at a later date. So, I'd like to be prepared with as much information as possible. Thanks in advance, Bonnie
  20. Across the street from me 50 ft maybe my neighbor is allowing a homeless woman whom someone gave a motor home to to use his bathroom, electricity, and live outside his fence on a corner on the easement at the corner of my street and the one across from my driveway, police say some state tertiary law prevents them from moving her at least from living out of the trailer. She has friends there and their cars, and her dog. She is there all the time for 7 weeks now. She's even asked me to shut off my porch light earlier! I cannot find this law that supposedly prevents police from moving people who are living among tax paying homeowners I'm the one who has to look at here day in and day out as she is right at my door and driveway not the guy who says she is down on her luck. She also has a car newer than mine parked behind her motor home.
  21. Hi, My cousin Bob has epilepsy and the doctor suggested implanting a device which can monitor brain activity and hopefully reduce severity and frequency of seizures, as well as ultimately reduce his medication. The procedure is scheduled at the end of this month and he had his final appointment with the doctor performing the procedure as well as the anesthesiologist on Friday, and all went well. He was told that after the procedure he will need to be off work for one month and no lifting above his head for a time afterwards, exact time TBT. The doctor told him to fill out the disability paperwork. Here's the issue. About 12 days ago, he was injured on his job, fractured a few bones in foot. Company took full responsibility and sent him to their doctor immediately and he is off work until his recheck appointment in early September, when the doctor will examine and give him a return to work date. His company told him to fill out disability paperwork. There already is a worker's comp claim open for the accident. Our question is this: Does he fill out 2 separate disability forms, one for each incident or is there another way to handle this? Thanks in advance, Bonnie
  22. My girl-friend is an RN with a Master's in Nursing. She is now retired and worked for 30yrs in nursing and grew up with millionaiire father with impeccable taste. My Girlfriend does not know HOW to SPIT! She tried to spit and of course it ran down her chin. When I met her I used Coppehaggen and when she saw me spit she moved away from me and told me "IF you want me THAT was your last spit!" The manager is on a power trip and is evict two other families who have been here for three prior apt managers. The police were called and my friend never had to talk to her. I told them that the manager would have to be committing a simple assault in order to be able to be hit by spit coming out of a vehicle 3 feet away. What? Do you think my girl has not worn glasses since the HIV problem started??? She--more that most knows the dangers of spitting and does not know HOW!!!! Please I need a spinal surgery very soon to save my ability to walk. Im 65 my friend is 60! This is insane I need her help in a very few weeks and have NO ONE ELSE!!!! I NEED HER HELP IN RECOVERY> My girl--apologized for her profanity and asked to be allowed to help me. She was told that I would be evicted if she ever came back. NOTHING PROVEN POLICE FOUND NOTHING!!! Warren
  23. Married 1989, I filed for divorce in 1995 irreconcilable differences/ other reasons. She refused to sign. For the next 24 years we lived separate lives. We have two children that I raised on my own with no financial help from her from 1998- until they moved out 2013 & 2017. In 2017 I filed again, two years later still married. I removed her off my health insurance several years ago. Not knowing this was illegal until divorce is final. She has perjured herself on legal documents stating we cohabitated from 1989-2003 not true. I just want a divorce, I don't want back child support nothing. I also feel she has no claim to my disability retirement that started 7 years after separation. Basically she gets nothing nor do I. Is this just wishful thinking?
  24. I don't know if this is the right place to put this but please forgive me if it is not. My elderly mother lives in California. I will try to make this as short as I can. I apologize in advance for the length. She has always had a particular flair for the melodramatic, a never ending need to be the constant center of attention, and an uncanny ability to charm or persuade just about anybody into believing just about anything. These things have been true of her for her whole life. It is that last skill that I am worried about. Her only real health issue right now is that she does not want to have to start using a wheelchair due to arthritis. She refuses to take pain medication or prescribed antidepressants or use a wheelchair, and then complains that she can't stand the pain of trying to walk. She's one of those people who says they'd rather die than be seen in a wheelchair, and apparently she means it. Well, so now she is planning on making that happen.. She sent me and 3 other people an e-mail saying that she has made a decision to end her life on her own terms "within the next few months" and she hopes we'll all come and be there with her for this momentous event. She also asked us not to tell anyone else. Not only do I not want to be there for it, I don't want to have anything to do with it, because I am opposed to it, and I don't think she is even eligible. She is NOT TERMINALLY ILL. She IS terminally self-centered and manipulative and stubborn, but she is NOT terminally ill. (I'm sorry if this doesn't sound like I am a very loving child; I am just really angry about this stunt right now. But I digress.) My concern is that she does have a doctor who hates to say no to her. She charms him like she charms everyone else and he pretty much just goes along with her. QUESTION 1: As the eldest child with her Health Care Power of Attorney in the event that she is incapacitated, do I have any standing to say, "No, I am opposed to this at this time. Don't do it." (If she really were terminally ill I think I would reluctantly try to respect her wishes, but again, she is NOT TERMINALLY ILL, at least not at this time.) What I want to do is let her doctor know that if he even THINKS about signing that form certifying that she is terminally ill (let alone helping her find another doctor who will go along with it for the 2nd signature) I am going to sue the living daylights out of him for malpractice and wrongful death and better yet, hopefully have him arrested. She is NOT TERMINALLY ILL (unless you count age, itself as a "terminal illness" which SHE DOES, but I went and read the California statute and it looks to me like it explicitly says that neither age nor disability alone qualifies a person as being "terminally ill" for purposes of that statute.) The thing I'm worried about is that she is (and always has been) such an expert at being charming and manipulative -- I'm afraid she'll charm or manipulate some doctor or another into going along with it and giving her the death drug before I can do anything to prevent it. QUESTION 2: What can I actually do, if anything, to prevent this from happening? We have argued about this before, and her view (which I'm sure she will try to charm her own doctor into believing) is that I am heartless and cruel and "just don't understand."
  25. MoviePass.com gives you access to see one theater movie every day for $10/month or $7/mo paid annually. I subscribed and my wife and I were going about twice a week average until there was a problem, where a ticket agent mistakenly tried to put 2 tickets on my account. Moviepass cancelled my account and I've been negotiating with their cs people for two months, now finally, they are telling me that they have reviewed and are sticking by their cancellation. Does not matter the fault, I'm banned. I believe they are fraudulently offering the service and look for frivolous reasons to cancel high volume users like us. I'm thinking I might get their attention, possibly on a national level with a simple sm claims suit. Although I could not seek relief in the form of reinstating my account, I could cite damages 10 mo x 30 days x $14...$4,200 with the goal of embarrassing them into treating me an other users fairly. I realize there could be problems with the venue, but I've used their service and they provide service in Orange County, so seems like if just getting their attention is the goal, might be worth the hassle. thoughts?
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