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Found 27 results

  1. A few years ago I was given an ambulance ride that I am now being pursued to pay for. Although I signed the consent form, I was not in my right mind as I had just made a suicide attempt. The ride was from the emergency rom of one hospital to the psychiatric ward of another hospital. I remained hospitalized for a week while I received treatment for my mental condition. Is there any basis for having the ambulances charges dismissed because it was essentially forced upon me?
  2. I believe this is going to be rather complex my wife’s father died last month he had a residence in Ohio but I believe he also claimed residence in Colorado and most of his children live in Washington except one that lives in Utah Ok now the rest of the story last year he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his brain both his son and ex-wife went out to Ohio to take care of him while he had the tumor removed and subsequent chemo and radiation after several months the son went home for a one week stay at home during that time the ex-wife talked him into giving her power of attorney and to open a new account in both of their names so that she could put all money that he was to collect while he was still alive (sale of house, retirement, all of his other accounts IE investment and bank) trying to keep it short then the son came back to help with treatments and he did not learn of this till several months later after approximately 6 months the doctors gave him permission to travel so the ex-wife talked him into buying her a motor home in her name so they could make the trip to Washington where the family could care for him he was there 4-5 months before he died he never had a license or id in that state he did however receive more treatment Since his death he had no will that has been produced by the ex-wife that claims to hold the will and she will not put the estate in a trust as for his wishes a she is not forthcoming in how she will distribute if at all she seems to be sitting on it So it looks like she is going to just keep the cash there is still one property in Colorado that has not been sold. I guess I need to mention he was single And for starters I need to know which state I should be filling for probate
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