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Found 27 results

  1. Dezmarie1


    So my boyfriend was just pulled over and the cop thought that he was drunk and arrested him. They took him to the station and he blew 0.00 and they blood tested him. They took his medications and his asthma meds as well. They also took his gun shells when he has a gun license and he can have deathly withdrawls from his medications. Is this even okay and he has a clean record! They even impounded his car.. What should i do?
  2. i lost my job a couple of days ago because i am a felony. But my quetion is this .The company that i worked for sold the company But the new company has this policy that they do not hire felony. But i was already employed with the previise owner . Were do i stand as to keeping my job. And also there are still people there who are felonys as well.
  3. My question is two part. I'm moving out of my apartment at the end of this month with 5 months left. I have been living at this current apartment for 19 months and have been a low maintenance tenant having always paid my rent on time. I wrongly assumed that at the end of my first 12 months that I would be month to month after that. However, 44 days before my initial lease ended, my apartment complex contacted me to see if I wanted to renew my lease and that my rent was being raised by about 5%. The reason why the 44 days I feel is important is because in the initial lease it says as a tenant I must give 60 days notice if I plan to leave at the end of my lease. Yet my apartment only told me 44 days before my lease expired that my rent was going to raised, which I found rather unfair. At that point--even though I was planning on staying--I felt I had been almost coerced to sign a new 12-month lease as I wasn't within my the 60-day renewal date. So the first part of my question is: Is that a breach of contract or some kind of leverage I can use in breaking my contract early? Second part of my question: Because I have been a good tenant--one that's never had a late payment--what's the likelihood of a buyout?
  4. This happened on July 10, 2016. I work for a dry cleaning company. My boss has me go over the weekend to pick up clothes from the rest of the stores and taking to the production plant for the production crew to start early on Monday morning. So I'm driving down the freeway and get off the freeway at my exit. I park the company van in the parking lot. I see two different police officers drive around me. One stayed looking at me for about 5 seconds and drove away. Each police officer was from a different city. I grabbed the trash and go behind the dry cleaning building and on my way to the dumpster. When I step outside I see the two police officers parked right next to each other. I start walking back to the building and I see one officer get out of the vehicle and approach me. He asks me if I have driven "company name van" and I said yes. Also asks how long have I been here. I tell him 10-15 minutes. I know I shouldn't have answered any questions. The other officer from a different city is out of the vehicle now. I ask him if I'm free to go or if I'm being detained? He raised his voice at this point and said No! You're not free to go! You're under arrest for a hit and run and reckless driving! At this point I tell him I'm going to record this. He says that's fine I'm recording too. He asks to see my ID and I ask what crime I'm I suspected of committing? He says hit and run and reckless driving. Later that night I looked up the law for my state of Utah. I learned that I shouldn't have given him my drivers license. Just state my name and address. Only give my license if I'm already in a vehicle like speeding or in a traffic accident. He also tells me "from the way you're acting. You're acting really nervous and that tells me you know you're guilty". I was freaking out because I've never been in this kind of situation before and the first thing I thought about was my two young sons. I was the only one working and my wife doesn't work because my sons needs medical attention. I kept thinking about no money for bail and the time lost from not working my regular job. Cop asks to show him the van I was driving. Second cop finally talks and tells the other cop "yep that's the license plate number that was reported". Second cop does a full walk around the van inspecting any scratch or dent. I told both cops I will not be answering any more questions. I keep unloading the van because I was 20 minutes away from clocking out and going home until the police showed up. I start walking back to the van and the one police officer that I've been talking to asks me "You understand you're the prime suspect of the hit and run?" "You understand that"? I told him I'm exercising my 5th amendment rights according to the Constitution. He rolls his eyes. He tells me you understand that the 5th amendment in the Constitution only protects you in a court of law. This is NOT a court of law. In my rebuttal I told him No. The 5th amendment protects you from any police encounter. He walks away at this point to talk to the other police officer. They call my boss and he comes over.Police later changed from being arrested to being detained. They told my boss I was being detained. My boss told me Whew! The police are not happy with you! My boss told me they gave the insurance information to the police officers. Police only called my boss because I was "being uncooperative". I did ask a few minutes before my boss showed up for my drivers license back. He said no. I said okay and went on unloading the van. Police gave my drivers license back. The police told my boss that further investigation will be with the Utah Highway Patrol since it happened on the freeway. The woman that called the police on me for an alleged hit and run and also reckless driving left a nasty voicemail in the company's phone system. Boss told me this. I was freaking out in the following week. I was really scared that the police will get an arrest warrant and my oldest son will see his dad getting arrested. I thought about all the bills and lost time at work. I couldn't 100% focus at work. The woman that accused me couldn't find any damage on her vehicle and neither her husband. My van was not damaged in any way either. Not a single thing on the company van. My boss only talked to her one more time over the phone and told me she was more relaxed at this point. I told my boss nobody honked at me to try to get my attention. I saw no one pull over. No response from police either. Not even from the Utah Highway Patrol. I do want to say I have most of the incident recorded on my phone. Except for the part when the police officer told me I was under arrest! But no handcuffs were put on me and I did not sit in the back of the police car. The whole incident for the detainment was an hour and 20 minutes. Do I just let it go? I don't know what to do at this point. If you were in this situation what would you do?
  5. My ex and I broke up 2.5 years ago and he kept the cheaper car that he took upon himself to not put my name on. His car is paid off and I was left with a high interest loan, with him as a consigner, on a cheap car. I asked Reddit and they think I shouldn't file bankruptcy over a car. I don't make a lot, less than 15k this year, and as a single mom 30k on a 3k car is a little overwhelming to say the least. I dont want want to pay this alone for one. What are my rights and his obligation to pay? I'm thinking I just stop paying my phone bill under his name, which he also can't stop paying since our phones are in contract. That would at least save me $120 a month that can go towards the car. He has never paid anything on the car and we had 3 cars total that I paid for with him yet he kept my name off of against my will so I never got good reporting on my credit for paying. I read that he has a right to take our car - this is legal but seems really unfair since he's never paid a penny on it. Anyways, can I even file bankruptcy on this car since his name is on it? How would that work in a 13 or 7? Thanks for your time. -K
  6. 5yr old on rittlin for ADHD 12yrs old severe TBI always next next years problem 7th-12th grades ready to graduate in 1978 i was told Ca. now requires passing exit exam. struggling with communication, reading, math, oganizing, no time management, and interaction with people. injured in 1997 whent to High Tech institute to be surgical tech. schoolnot acredited frauded into get gov loan with no assessment to see if i would last in this field not able to get certified. 2005 devorced, no job, tested for disabilities. in devorce ex-wife ID thiefted me didn't pay school loan. need help to cancell loan. remarried and school skills still 5th grade with 4th grade reading speed. i struggle in my daily life because having a "Blank Brain" thoughts and ideas are not there. living with my mom need to move for she would like to move. With Boarderline Personality disorder im panicing. If the DOT agrees with medical Board i will lose my liscence due to severe TBI with reading speed 4th grade schools will not let me atend for i will fall behind and fail. time taken to type 1.25hr. Hhaa
  7. I am being charged $1000 after my lease for various 'damages'. Almost all of which were present when we first moved in. Including smashed cabinet doors, broken blinds, numerous holes in walls (some with the nails still in them painted over). Then I am being charged to both deodorize and to replace the carpet, which seems to me like you would either do one or the other, why would anyone deodorize a brand new carpet. Then there are multiple 'cleaning fees' , cleaning fee, cleaning blinds fee, etc. Can I dispute these charges successfully? I have been reading and rereading Utah code all day but there are still some confusions I have as to whether I can successful dispute these and how. My biggest Concern in all this is that I don't want to spend hundreds and something that I did not damage. Also, they almost certainly would have had to charge the previous tenant for the damages as they were already there when we move in, so are they just not repairing damages and then charging each new tenant for the exact same thing? that seems more like fraud to me or something? Also, we signed up for a 12 month lease but they put in our lease that we had to pay rent through the end of the month. From what I have known in renting, common practice is to have it end the day it started. So I already had to pay a full months rent when were moved out on the 2nd (lease began on the 6th). Are they exploiting a loop hole to do this? We also did not receive the reasons in which these things were being charged, only that they were. Doesn't Utah code require them to provide an itemize list and the reasons behind each charge? It anyone can help better explain what I have hear, that would be great. I have always been a model tenant according to my other landlords and we spent weeks and money scrubbing that entire apartment. We had the carpets cleaned twice during our year and we cleaned was left behind by the last tenants. (dog feces on balcony, caked on dust on baseboards and laundry room.)
  8. I am posting for a person who has been homeless a number of years and living in a homeless shelter in Utah. He receives a social security disability check of $ 700 a month. He has no other income or assets of any kind. He received a call from United Credit Recovery, LLC That he owed a $ 1000 due to a overdraft with a Utah bank nine years ago in 2007. He never received any notice of this but thinks he remembers an overdraft of $65 which he sent to them and they returned it saying it had been paid. The $ 1000 was supposedly because of accumulating interest, fees , and court cost. He told them of his personal situation and that he could not get a $ 1000. They said they would put in on 12 monthly payments or a onetime payment of $ 400, an offer good for one week. We are in the process of getting a statement from the United Credit Recovery company. We checked with the bank and they said they use this company to recover debt. We are also in the process of getting with the bank to verify the original debt. The telephone on the web site for this company has a recording that it is no longer in use. My question is can his Social Security disability check be garnished to satisfy this debt and if so how much can be garnished a month?
  9. Can somebody explain why UT is not allowing immediate deportation and/or international transfers of state inmates currently serving their time? They are only wasting hard earned tax payers' money.
  10. Hello and thank you for your time: I have been researching adverse possession because I would like to attempt to build a cabin in the woods. I believe this could be possible in Utah, is it? How do you pay the taxes on the land in question? -Hayden
  11. I am the sucessor trustee for my parents trust. 30 days after my mother passed I met with their attorney.He handled all the paperwork, Fed tax Id#, selling family car etc. He counciled me, on my duties as trustee, record keeping, compensation, as well as filing taxes. I was billed for 1-1/2 hrs $560. He has sent via USPS letters reminding me of a deadline for filing tax forms etc. My brother has filed with the Probate Court to have me removed as Trustee. This same attorney is representing him. Isn't that clearly a Conflict of Interest..
  12. I was put on probation after dealing with court for months. I was found guilty for possession of Marijuana. As a requirement of my probation the judge has asked me to get a letter from my parents saying that they know what has happened and know that I am on probation. All my friends and coworkers think this is illegal considering that I am 20 years old. I have dealt with this whole court thing without letting my parents find out and I would like to keep it that way. I could really use some legal advise to find out if the judge can really ask that of me, since I live on my own in a different state and pay for myself.
  13. I am the trustee of my parents Trust and the personal rep. of their Last Wills.. Their house and a small life ins. policy were the only articles transferred to the trust. Personal effects and insurance money has been distributed, only the house remains. My brother changed the locks to gain access. Can he do that legally?
  14. A former friend is claiming married couples unborn child is his. The married couple not questioning paternity. What rights does the 3rd party have?
  15. I moved here in Jan 2012 and signed up at Planet Fitness. My contract ended in Jan 2015. Planet Fitness is refusing to cancel my membership because they claim I owe them $157 dollars. I was late a couple of times, but paid the late fee to them- it shows they took the money from my account (the late fee and the monthly fee). I have no idea what the $157 is for, and it is no where on my contract. I have written a certified letter and gone in the location in person and they still refuse to cancel, because of this $157 that I never agreed to. I have asked them for proof that I owe this, and they cannot show me any. They are still taking the monthly fee out of my account now. I have filed a complaint with the Utah AG office. Any other advice on what to do? Thanks in advance.
  16. I am renting a room in someones home and have occasional visits from family or friends during the day or evening but not any later than 11pm or midnight. I have a separate entrance than the owner. Recently I was told by another renter that the owner had stated he documents info on any vehicle that comes there, such as plate numbers, make & model, ect. And because he is a tow truck driver for the local law enforcement, he is able to run the vehicle info just as the police do. I don't understand WHY he's wanting to do this as my visitors do not bother or disturb him, do not park illegally or in the driveway. Does he have the right to do this? I feel it's a violation of my privacy as well as my visitors privacy.
  17. So my husband and I are moving out of our apartment and I'm concerned about some things our landlord may charge us with and I want to find out about our rights We live in a house where the upstairs has an apartment and the downstairs has an apartment. We have 2 dogs which were allowed, we paid pet rent, a pet deposit for them and the landlord knows about them. The people who lived in the apartment before us had a dog, the people who lived downstairs had a dog and the people who lived there before them had 2 dogs. We live in Utah and the landlord is in California so he doesn't come by very often. A month ago his wife dropped by to "inspect" the unit (she just walked through. Took a total of about 30 seconds - she had no idea what she was doing). A week later our landlord contacted us and said that she said it smelled very strongly of urine and he said the smell is going downstairs to the apartment below because it is in the vents and this is all from our dogs. He told us not to get the carpets cleaned because he wants to replace the carpets because they are very old, but that he would want us to pay to replace the carpet padding. A month later he came and inspected our apartment and said the smell was a lot better. I don't know how he could know this since he was not the one who inspected the apartment before. Also, we did nothing to clean the carpets or remove the odors since we suspected it was all BS in the first place. Some people moved in downstairs last week who have 2 cats and the smell of cat has started to spread throughout the unit over the past week. We notified the landlord of this. We've never noticed a smell in the apartment, though we recognize that this could be that we're used to it, but we've asked guests and they've said they've never noticed it. If he decides to push the issue, how can we prove whether or not there is or is not a smell? How can the landlord prove that any pet smells come from just our dogs since there have long been dogs in the apartment? Is it possible that he'll blame us for the cat smell? What counts as normal wear and tear since the carpet is very old and dirty as is? Can he charge us for replacing the padding? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
  18. I moved into a rental home in Utah August 2013. When I moved in the landlord informed me of (2) cracks in the master bathroom tub. He indicated to me he would come by in about a month to check and make sure it didn't need to be repaired again. He came a put a clear coat epoxy over the (2) cracks. A few months later (via a text message) I told him that the epoxy had peeled off and it need to be repaired again. Several month went by and still no repair. I informed him again (via a text message) that it needed to be repaired. He told me to shower in the other shower, I let him know that there are (3) kids and myself living in the home and sharing one bathroom makes it hard in the morning, that if he could just come and repair it. After cleaning the tub one day I noticed a water spot and sheet rock on my garage floor (the master bath was above the garage). I told him it was leaking into the garage and that he needs to really fix it to avoid any other damages. He once again said he would be down. After waiting once again I had it repaired by a friend who but a JB Weld over the (2) cracks to prevent any additional damage. I let him know that I repaired it (I didn't ask for reimbursement) he expressed his gratitude and that was it. Now that I have moved out he is refusing to give me back my security deposit because of the damage that I did to the tub in repairing it. I let him know that he could/should have repaired it anytime and that I prevented further damage to his property. I have had no luck in convincing him to return my deposit. I would be thankful of any suggesting that anyone has.
  19. My wife was coerced into quitting her job in August of 2014 due to threatening behavior towards her from coworkers and board members. Cut to January 2015, she has a new job in a completely unrelated industry, old job was in real estate new job is in freight logistics. The old company is claiming that there was a "Non Compete/Non Disclosure Agreement" signed by her. The agreement says that she must inform the old company of her intent to accept employment at a new business, regardless of industry, and that she must provide contact information for the new place prior to beginning work there. We feel unsafe giving these people information that could inform them of my wife's whereabouts. There were threats made against her well being. In Utah, where all this is happening, I read that "unreasonable" clauses in a non compete do not hold up. My question is, would this scenario fall under the "unreasonable" umbrella? Also, her old work informed her of this non compete after she had worked there for over a few months and she isn't sure that she signed it. She thinks they just gave her a copy. No raise or promotion was offered when given the papers. Does this mean that there is no consideration for the contract and that it holds less legal clout?
  20. Hi all, The mother of my child, and I have mutual protective orders. No actual criminal charges were ever filed, but the commissioner agreed that we shouldn't have contact. We later went to mediation, and in mediation agreed to drop the protective order(s). This was never actually done in the court. We went about our lives as though they were dropped. Longer story short, I called the police because I found drug paraphernalia in her apartment. The offer who showed up was a friend of hers, and refused to really investigate my complaint. (I only called because of her reaction & to get a report of what I found). After the officer refused to excuse himself (per my request), I tried to film him & was very rude to him. Yep, I ended up in jail for Obstruction of Justice. When we got to jail, he found the protective order, and I was booked for that as well. Now, these charges were dropped, but I did spend some time in jail (33 days). Oh, just prior to this I got a DWI, and court actually happened(found guilty) while I was awaiting trial. After all charges were dropped (this included an additional protective order, which included my son), I attempted to see my son, via the approved method in the original mutual protective order. She refused to let me see my son, and continues to refuse to allow me to see my son. She/her lawyer, requested that I prove that I'm "clean" via a hair folicle test. I took, and "passed", the test. I responded by requesting a hair test from her. (still waiting for that). Because of the DWI, I'm doing random UA's, group counseling, and Prime for Life. My assumption is that she is using "fear of sobriety" as her reason to keep him from me, while the actual reason is spite. I assume that I need to file the order to show cause for a contempt of court ____. Questions: 1. How do I actually file all of this? 2. Will you please ask me questions/come at me, as though you were her lawyer, so I can be prepared? 3. Because I'm fresh out of jail, I don't have a job so I have to do this all DIY. Any suggestions on litigation to just get in front of a judge?
  21. Hi, I pay rent, clean house and I went to an apartment with 2 people who were on the lease, one loved me one hated me, and now the one who hates me is trying to kick me out and I am not on the lease, I need to know how long am I soppose to be given by law to move out. been living here since march 10 2014.
  22. I believe our landlords have been misrepresenting themselves as members of the the trade association for apartment owners in Utah. We lived in an apartment for more than 3 years and all our leases and all of the forms we signed were supplied by the Utah Apartment Association. On each form it clearly states that it is illegal to use these forms if you are not a member in good standing within the organization. Once our final lease ended and we were trying to recover our security deposit I called the organization to see if the management company, owners of the property, or the individuals who executed our leases were members. It turns out they are not. Isn't this deceptive trade practices? They misrepresented themselves as members by using their forms and we thought we were renting from a reputable company who knew the law and had proper training and affiliation within the state—which is becoming clear to us that they do not.
  23. I recently moved from an apartment with a $1,000 security deposit. I had not received the balance of my deposit or an itemized statement from the landlord at the 30 day mark, so I sent a letter requesting that either the deposit or the statement be sent. Upon receipt of my letter, the landlord sent me a bill for overages in excess of the security deposit by a couple hundred dollars. My first question is: is this legal? Can they send a bill AFTER the 30 days? Among the items on the list is more than $500 for cleaning the apartment for services such as washing walls. Even at $30/hour that would be more than 16 hours of cleaning. I have photographs that show the apt. was left clean and would certainly not require the amount of cleaning that would cost $500. My ultimate question is: Should I pursue this in small claims court? Even though I have moved out of state and would need to fly back to defend myself.
  24. While my son was married in early 2013, he and his wife (both in Air Force) were scheduled to move from South Carolina to Utah. His wife owned a house in South Carolina prior to marriage and she asked him to prepare the house to sell so they could move. Like any good mother I offered to help and worked with both of them to increase the value of the house to be sold so they could break even, pay us back and buy a new house in Utah. While the home improvements were underway, supervised by myself and my son in South Carolina, his wife was deployed to Korea and kept in contact with us by email, Skpe and Facebook. After a few months and 27,000 and change invested into the house, the two decided to get a divorce. Now here comes the good part. Since they were getting divorced, my son was most likely going to remain in South Carolina. To complicate it further we had the house appraised and its value was what she owed on the house. Verbally, in emails and other conversations for months prior to the sell of the house his ex-wife agreed to split the loaned house improvement money with my son and pay us back. Now call us dumb, but we believed them and to help them out we bought the house for what she owed on it. She gave my son power of attorney while they were married and all agreed to sell us the house for what she owed. In the bill of sale we wrote a paragraph stating monies borrowed by (sellers) from ( buyers) was still owed and not part of the sell. Again, signed by my son representing both of them. We bought the house Sept 2103. My son has paid monthly towards his half of the debt as agreed but from Sept 2013 until March 2014 my ex-daughter inlaw wrote us, called us and confirmed her debt was 12,500 until one day she sent us an email that she didn't understand why (out of the blue) we were requesting her to give us money as the house sold back in Sept 2013 many months ago. Further more she claims a document included in the house sell called ( certificate of compliance of all contract terms and conditions...) relieves her of any money owed to us. Isn't this fraud or intet to fraud? What about breech of contract? She knew that house needed the 27,000 in repairs prior to us buying it, agreed to pay us back, sold the house to us and still agreed to pay us back for months after the sell and then magically back out? Now my son did agree on both of their behave since he had power of attorney when this all went down. Does any or all of this allow me to sue her? If so what are the charges I peruse and would I sue both to force her to pay her portion? Any advice please?
  25. I need to know how to dispute charges on my MasterCard debit card, from online casinos. They show up on my statement from a fake company with a different amount than what should be. I have never done buissness or received anything from these third party companies. I was told that because of the act in 2006, it is illegial for the overseas casinos to charge a bank for online gambling. Ok, here is the deal. I have gambled in the past, so I have some of these charges on my statements from previous months. I want to chargeback the charges for this month only. I have never done this before, and will not be doing this again. How many disputes can I request at 1 time? (I need to chargeback about 20 of them). What do I tell the bank (direct express mc through Comericia Bank)? I don't want to get into any trouble with the bank. I have a problem, and am now getting help for gambling. After I charge back the casinos, I will be blacklisted from all of them. That is what I want to happen. Please don't judge me. I have beaten myself up more than anyone else could possibly do. I just need some advice, Thank you so much.
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