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Found 204 results

  1. (Texas) In the section where you list defendants - and you have to "list all tenants who are still on the premises"(those are the typed instructions on the form to put under Defendant) --- what is the wording to use after you put the person(s) on the lease, to include people like their daughter and her husband who they now have living there, whose names you do not kno? 1) X, and any and all tenants who are still residing on the premises? just like the form has typed in as instructions? Or is there some other language?
  2. My workplace injury was May 18, 2011. Been using Ombudsman. I have contested case hearing June 24th, 2014. Any attorneys willing to discuss my case with me to see if they can swoop in and help me. I can email you specifics (I was a paralegal, so I have all the facts down easy to review).
  3. If you rented a home to a person/family, and they let other people move into the home, whose names you do not know, can your eviction notice be addressed to the person who rented from you, "and any and all other inhabitants currently residing in home who are not on the tenant contract" or something like that?
  4. Can the 3 day eviction notice be given to an adult child who you want to vacate the home of his elder mother -- with the cause typed in as elder abuse, instead of nonpayment of rent, as he refuses to pay rent and no tenant contract exists.
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