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Found 204 results

  1. Thank you for taking the time to read this. all infomation is public info that anyone can access. If you would like to see docs that i mention please let me know and i can setup a secure way for you to view them. My collage/friend signed a plea agreement in a federal criminal case in the Southern District of Texas. She is currently severing a 78 month sentience. After her public defender convenced her to take a plea snice she could not afford the discovery. Keep in mind the victim worth about 60 million. She also was ordered to pay the victim 1.3 million back which she lost her house to him. The alleged victim filed a civil suit against the criminal defendant and Whitney National Bank. The case is filed in the 24th circuit court of Jefferson Parish Louisiana. Well Whitney did a full discovery. The victim is order to provide a list of fraudulent charges. Well the list has none of the original charges that where used in the criminal indictment. Matter a fact the discovery show the checks that he claimed where fraud in the criminal case as being authorized by himself. The alleged victim and his CFO even admit in court transcripts they are authorized checks paid to defendant. Also the discovery show the victim in his email to defendant. " Please attach a copy of my signature to this document" Which she would all the time as part of her job. The civil case is dismissed by Summery Judgement and the victim appeal was denied by the Louisiana appeals court. So my question is this. The victim made false statements in the criminal case i believe that can be proven. The defendant give up her right to appeal. Is it possible to go after the victim in civil court for Defamation and slander. Do to him providing false statements to both the FBI and criminal court? I understand on the criminal side we could file Heabus Corpus. But we cant find an attorney willing to get involved for under 100K. She mother making 50k a year and we just dont have that kind of money. Plus her savings and home has already been taken by the alleged victim. I was thinking a civil case would cost much less plus if the defendant where to lose she has nothing left to take. I have copies of all the discovery from the civil case. The criminal case has mostly been sealed. My relation to this case is as followed.. I own a Information Technology company and the victim was a client of mine from 2009 to 2013. I handle all servers and Files etc.. I have no confidentiality agreement with alleged victim. Thank You Jonathan
  2. My mom and sister (handicap) were kicked out of the house 8 years ago by my dad. My mom is still under the house deed. My dad left in July 2008 but then returned a week later to tell my mom to get out including my little sister. The reason she left was because she was afraid of him and what had just happened prior to him leaving the first time. My dad has had three heart attacks already and he has a nephew who thinks that after he passes away, he can take over the house. My mom wants to know if this is true? Or does she let my dad live in peace and then fight for her house afterward.
  3. I currently pay child support and am trying to determine whether I can file to have the child support requirements removed. My ex-wife and I divorced in Hays county in Texas. We have a daughter who is now 14 and has stated she wishes to remain with me in Houston. Her mother was originally living primarily in Louisiana since the divorce but has since sold her home and has been traveling with no home address. She is now looking at living in a tiny home, possibly here in Texas but I've not heard anything solid. My ex is, however, the primary conservator. My daughter is currently in 8th grade. During 4th and 6th grade her mother agreed to allow our daughter to stay with me for those school years. During those years she paid me back about 75% of the child support. Now we are midway through her 8th grade year. Her grades have consistently been higher even though the school district is rated higher with a tougher curriculum than back in Louisiana. She has been with me for over 6 months now. I've remarried and we moved to a larger home in order to guarantee entrance to better schools. She has her own room rather than sharing an 8x12 with her mother in a tiny home. I've not discussed my intent with her mother but have discussed my desire to have Dakota remain with me for the final four years of public school, which her mother has, at least informally, agreed to. I've met with an attorney about modifying custody but it was looking very expensive and frankly they were promoting an approach that seemed like it would end up causing a great deal of hostility. My ex may have access to funds well in excess of my own so I'm not interested in getting into a massive legal fight, but the impression I get is that I would probably have a reasonable chance of reversing primary conservatorship and child custody along with it. I'd like some opinions on the custody aspect as well as putting a halt to the child custody payments. Thanks in advance, and if you have any questions I'll try to answer as best I can.
  4. My Uncle (Joe) recently passed of Cancer (Nov.5,2015), he was a retired Veteran living in Seguin,TX. My Mother (his sister,Zelda), was his only living relative, and lives near Houston,TX. My step cousin (no blood relationship) has been making false claims and taking his property since his passing. This includes his truck and several guns. She has admitted to doing so to the funeral director, and he told her she cannot do this. She has made false claims that my uncle had a son, and also that a will just turned up naming her father(Dean) as benificiary. The acting Administrator was reccomended to us by the Funeral Director, and rarely returns calls or keeps us up to date...he wont even say if he will take the case as Probate Attorney. My mother has limited income and no savings and is losing much sleep over this. She simply wants to grieve for her brother. I feel that her health is at risk, and I cannot help financially as I have disabling health problems. I am wondering what to do about this Administrator and also if it is in anybodys best interest to file some kind of charges against my step cousin for making this situation worse...she just wants a piece of the small pie my uncle left behind. Please forgive my spelling, and Thank You for any response.
  5. I am 64 years old and on public housing. In 2013 I decided to move into these brand new Senior Apts. I moved in and the apt above me stayed empty until for about 4 months after I had leased mine. An older gentleman 76 moved in by the name of Gerald I later found out his name and age. About a month into him living here I noticed to men coming and going from his apartment. They would leave for work and come home after work. I noticed one of them parked his car in the parking area and it had a our apt parking sticker on it. Everyone who lives here is provided a parking sticker to identify who is a tenant and who isn't are at least that is what I thought. Visitors have a certain area to park in. Then at night they must park outside the gate area. One day I didn't see Gerald and didn't see him for awhile but there was noise coming from his apt. Loud noise like someone was building something. Bangs and clangs it was awful. So at that time I went to the manager of the apts and told her about the noise and that I had not seen my neighbor Gerald. I told her it sounded like they were coming in though the ceiling and sometimes they were loud at night. Sounded like a bunch of people in the apt. Walking and stomping. She told me that Gerald was in the Hospital and it was probably his son's that have come to clean for him and put up a hospital bed that Gerald was having some kind of surgery. I was not happy with that answer and did not want to start any trouble so I didn't mention the two men coming and going and seeing one of their vehicles all the time night and day. Okay a couple of more months went by the noise was terrible. Gerald had by now got out of the hospital. It was the constant in and out slaming their apt door the foot steps back and forth across the floor and they were loud. Like they were stomping when they walk. Heavy footsteps. One Saturday night the noise was loud music sounding like dancing and that had gone own all day. So the next morning I went to the office again I complained to Maria about the noise and how loud it was the night before. I told her it sounded like a party going on. She did not say anything as I recall and so I went back to my apt thinking she just blew me off and didn't take me very seriously. That night around 9 pm I go out to check my mail and there is a letter on my door it is from Gerald's son Joe. He told me that I was imaging things that there was no party no people and they were not having a parade I guess he thru that in to be smart. I was upset it said some other things so I thought well Maria must of said something to them. So months went on the noise continued the two men continued to live there. One day Gerald came and knocked on my door and ask if I would help him with a rent money order. At that time I found out he was on housing like I was. The same government housing as I was in fact we had the same office. So then I knew he was not supposed to have anyone living with him. That is one of the restrictions of housing. But I did not say anything but knew that would be my leg to stand on. They should not be there anyway. I cannot remember if I mentioned to the apt mgr that I knew Gerald was on housing are not. The noise continued and i put up with it. Now I know your going to have noise when someone lives above you. I have lived in apts most all my life. But this noise was above and beyond. What it was I found out is people lots of visitors. When you are in a one bedroom with wood floors and there are at any one time 5 or 6 people your going to have some noise. It is like they didn't care that someone was living underneath them. So then I didn't see one of the brothers anymore I would see him but this time he was just visiting because I would not see him like I did. Now all this time has passed and we are into the begining of 2015 my timeline is missing time I am just trying to summarize all of this. The noise has continued all this time but this is what really got me upset. I started seeing a woman with a little boy I found out later he is 3 years old. Now keep in mind this is a senior over 55 project. I started seeing her all the time. I would see them go in but not come out. Then the little boy you could hear him running back and forth all day across the floor and hear him I guess he was jumping off the bed onto the floor. I complained a couple of times the noise would be quiet for about a month and then it would begin again. One morning around 6am and I was bothered by the noise all the night before I don't think the little boy stopped running back and forth until about midnight it finally got quiet. Oh by the way since the mgr didn't do anything about the noise I had sent emails to the management company too and that is when finally the noise would die down and pick up again. Only when I sent emails to them. Anyway about 6am the next morning I heard the loudest boom shook my whole apt. I was worried that Gerald may have fallen. So I went up stairs this is my second time going up there about the noise by now through the year of me complaining to everyone. The lady came to the door in her gown with the little boy in arm. I told her I thought Gerald had fallen. She said no it was her little boy playing like what is your problem lady he is just playing. I didn't say anything as I walked away I told her he woke me up. She just slammed the door. Now I know she was living there. So that day I went to the office again and told the mgr what had happened. All of her reasons for them being there is that they are watching Gerald. So I went back to my apt and sent an email to the management company. I told them about the men living there now the woman living there I told them I knew Gerald was on housing and about the nasty note the son had left on my door. The next day she came to my door with a letter she had typed up. She handed it to me and walk off. It said something like this. Ms ??? I am well aware of the goings on in this apt complex. I know who lives here and who does not live here. She went on to say she takes this very seriously. Those were her exact words. She takes the people who live on the project very seriously. She did not really specify if she new the son and his girlfriend were staying there she sorta left it open. So at that point I just gave up and just put up with the noise for the next 7 or 8 months and this brings me today Jan 2016. The other day they had a bunch of people going and coming all day to Gerald's apt. Then that night they had all of their windows open and you could see in and I and my neighbors counted around 5 people up there all standing around. That morning around 3 am like I said they were still loud music people walking around this is another thing when they would stay up late at night it was quiet and my dog would bark at the sounds coming from their apt. It would wake me up all the time through the night. The dog woke me up barking at them that morning. I had it. I told my daughter I wish I knew Gerald's last name I would see if housing could help me. She told me get the licence plates number off the sons car and it will tell you the son's name and Gerald's should have the last name. I have a friend who looked it up for me. Oh my goodness the son who's name is Joe ? has his car registered to this address all this time the manager has been telling me he does not live here. All these two years he has lived here she told me that. Now I find out his car is registered here. Then my friend looks up Joes' criminal Joe has around 7 felonies ranging from being in prison for 7 years, organized crime, burglary of a habitat, Theft from govervnment through a finiancial inst. and others two dwi's a no drivers license as of 2014. I sent all of this to the management company. For two years I have suffered with the noise the stares the intemidations the laughing at me as they went by. I am 64 like I said and have a mental disability in fact I am on SSD for it. For the last two days there has been no sound from Gerald's apt I mean noise it is so quiet feels like I am in heaven after all of what I have been through. They are there I can here them walking and I saw Gerald walking with his dog with his walker. My question is now do they have to make the son and girlfriend move out? Because they are still up there. I wonder what I can expect to happen.? I did not want to ask the mgr she has intimidated me already several times. I feel like they knew I had something wrong with me and thought I did not matter. Is there anything I can do to get any justice for my self for the two years of hell I had to put up with from them and the mgr. What if anything are my choices and what should the apts do about these people.? Thank you so much I am so sorry this is so long but I want to make sure you understand the jest of my problem. If these elderly people new what I know about the son they would have a fit. We think we are all safe here. It is a gated comunity and very expensive. Seniors are moving here because they advertise our safety. A lot of us are very vunoralble some are on scooters some wheel chairs some on walkers and there is a ex con with felonies living here with out our knowledge. I could of been hurt and didn't even know who I was dealing with. If he is here who else is.? The mgr doesn't take the property seriously does not look like. All I can think of is she must be friends with Gerald are a family member to let them get away with all of this with out anything being done. thank you for any advice or comments you can provide for me. I don't have but one sister in my family and few friends who don't know my legal rights.
  6. I live in Texas. My sister in law was recently incarcerated (January 2016). Her 2 children live with me since October 2015. My question is I currently do not have anything stating I have power of attorney or anything of the sorts for them. What is the best course of action to take on this, whether is be obtaining a power of attorney for the children or going thru CPS to get something for the children?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated... Thank you,
  7. In 2005, my father co-signed my private loan for 1L year of law school and he is now in assisted living without control over his money. My father is now 75, disabled physically and has a dementia diagnosis. Navient continues to send him computer generated letters, even after the account was brought up to date recently. They also call him when I am less than five days late. (They have a long history of calling him without calling me first.) He is probably not currently permitted to enter into any legal agreements due to his disability. He gets very emotionally upset each time Navient harasses him. Can he be released as cosigner due to his permanent disabilities? Can another person be named cosigner? He cannot wait 12 months to be released.
  8. Liz and her son were stopped outside of Abilene Tx. Safety violation on the car she had to buy because her truck and belongs were stolen. Her son did have heroin with him, she was unaware. Nothing mattered to the police or the court. She was charged the same. She took a probation plea after three months because it was better than staying in jail for a year before a trial (Speedy trial? right). Since she has worked low paying jobs, spent tiime in the hospital, had surgeries, finally found out she was diabetic. It's been almost 3 years. She is still dealing with diabetes and now a new disease Cushings syndrome. She should qualify for early release from probation but no one will help, legally. I pay her bills to help her survive this travesty. She needs someone to help her and little or no cost. She has other legal recourse against her court appointed lawyer. What to do? Thanks, Dennis.
  9. Background Infill Development was incorporated into our City Code by Ordinance in 2010 for the purpose of allowing residential structures to be constructed on lots compatible with the neighborhood which otherwise would be considered non-conforming under the current zoning requirements. Narrative Situated within 150' of my residence were in the not to distance past 4 vacant lots; however by revision are now 10 platted lots. While these revised plats were submitted to and approved by the City before 2010, a developer recently purchased these lots and obtained residential construction permits on these lots last Wednesday, By Friday, four lots were graded and foundation work will probably start in the morning. The current zoning requirement for lots in this area as a SF-3 zone requires: minimum lot size:10,0000 sq. ft., minimum lot width: 80 ft. minimum lot depth: 100 ft.. 9 of the vacant lots 1 vacant lot lot size 4,285 sq. ft lot size 6,100 sq. ft. lot width 45 ft. lot width 50 ft. lot depth 95 ft. lot depth 122 ft. The previous zoning requirement for lots in this area prior to the current zoning code required minimum lot size: 6,000 sq. ft., minimum lot width: 60 ft. minimum lot depth: 100 ft.. Issue Upon viewing the paperwork submitted for these permits, the developer described the work to be performed as 'Infill development' in his submission to the City. However, the City Ordinance requires properties to have either been initially platted or transferred by metes and bounds before 1980 in order for a property to qualify as an infill development. While I have my opinion that the 1980 deed or plat should cite the same legal description given for the current lot in order to qualify, I look forward to hearng your opinion on this matter. Thank you in advance for your time in reviewing this inquiry and for any responses you may provide.
  10. Someone please help! I cant find a darn lawyer who care about the kids rather than getting paid. I AM A Iraq and Afghanistan Vet with disability and losing my kids to a sociopathic narcissistic woman. I cant use the Vet services in Texas becasue I am not a Texas resident. Im glad to know that people rather look at a price tag rather then look at the facts and see that an Autistic child to include my other 3 are be being manipulated, coerced, used as collateral, Disparaged in front of, and broken down into thinking this guy that she moved in with while we were still married and I was still deployed. I am divorced and now dealing with the custody battle that has been dragging out over almost 3 years becasue of a personal vendetta she has against me. If you know someone who can help a disabled vet in short noticed please let me know.
  11. I bought a lake home and there is a fenced vacant lot with the front open next to me that we have to mow and maintain since July of this year. The HOA is disspelled and no one owns the lot now, it was an old boat lauch. I called the Appraisal district and they have the HOA listed but it is gone and no longer in existance for 20 years. The property taxes have not been paid for over 20 years on the lot. There is people going on the lot at night to sell and buy drugs and there is a nuisance of loud music as well because it backs up to the lake. How do I get help on taking it over so we can get some sleep at night and keep my dog from barking at all hours of the night? The Attorneys for the County, City and School has not filed any lawsuites for the back taxes owned. Help! How can I take it over and make it private and stop all the drug deals at night. Any advice plz....
  12. Hi, I live in an apartment that was recently sold and the new owners have a whole host of "improvements" in store for the community. One improvement is the changing of the porch rails/fence from wood to metal. My satellite dish is secured to the wooden column at the intersection of both sides of my porch. Some time during the installation of the metal grids, the workers knocked into my satellite dish causing it to lose the signal. I was without satellite for a week until someone could come out and realign it. These same improvements also put nails through my wall and left me without air conditioning for a week in the Texas summer, neither of which I sought compensation for, but this time I'm paying for a service that I can't use because they messed up. Do I have a right to ask that the cost for a week of unusable service be deducted from my rent? Thanks.
  13. My father recently lost his wife in Nov 2015. We reside in San Antonio, Tx. During the course of their 28 yr marriage, his wife inherited her fathers property. In 2010 a will was created to leave the house to my father. It was then updated in 2012 to leave it to her biological daughter, and my father could still be allowed to reside in the home until his passing. After my Dads wife passed on, a will has now surfaced stating that she updated it while hospitalized in 2014, to have the home left to her sister. For the last 3 years my sister, the deceased's step daughter, was hired as her caregiver. My Dads wife had a bag with all docs necessary if she were to pass to handle her estate which included the before mentioned will for 2010 and 2012. We knew she was sick and there was potential that she had a high risk of a short life expectancy, so she made it clear that those docs are what would be needed when the time comes. Of course when she passed, as mentioned before, the "new will" was then presented to show that the home was not left to her daughter OR my father. Instead it was put it the name of her sister. We believe that the sister got my fathers wife to sign a new will while being heavily medicated during one of her last hospital stays. That will, when compared with previous document signatures doesn't seem to match up. We contacted the notary (who is a family member thru marriage of the sister) to ask about details regarding the updated will, she seemed very nervous and stated she couldn't help us. When my father and her daughter went to a lawyer to start the probate process, the lawyer pulled up the new will. The date filed was 2 days after her passing (don't know if that has any importance to the situation). The sister has now served my father an eviction notice only a month after his wife's passing stating that he is delinquent 4 months on rent. My father and his wife have never paid rent for that home to the sister or anyone. This home, as mentioned, was inherited by his wife. The only obligation they had were taxes and such. Can I get some direction on what we can do to help my father and his wife's biological daughter with this situation?
  14. I am just wondering if anyone knows how to calculate the cost of the childs portion of Medical Insurance premiums. I have all the monthly payroll deduction amounts for each plan. We are on the Employee and Family plan. But there is Employee only, Employee and child, Employee and Spouse, then ours Employee and family. Just wondering which amount I would deduct from the Employee and Family to come up with the Child Only Premium for reimbursement for Medical Support. There is a large difference in amount when doing it differently, and I am required to provide the amount for a child support review. Any help is appreciated.
  15. For background, my daughter's father passed away several months ago. State of Texas. He was never married and had 3 children. Two of the children are adults and my daughter is a minor. One of the adult children has already begun the probate process and is being appointed administrator. The decedent passed without leaving a will. He owned a home, several cars, and I know that he had bank accounts and investments and even some life insurance. The probate seems to be going very slowly. I don't even see that the Administratior of the estate has even been approved yet. From a very reliable, inside source, I know that one of his sister's was on his bank account, and I know that large sums of funds have been deducted from this account and given to 3 of the sisters. My understanding that each sister was given 10,000.00 each. Shouldn't this account be part of the estate? I am trying to stay clear of this whole situation , and have had no contact with the other siblings or the family, but I just feel that something wrong is going on here. It's my understanding that the Mother has also received his retirement account. I am guessing that he left her as beneficiary,. Just seems to me that a lot of things are going on, out side of these probate proceedings. My understanding is, that while in the probate process you have to get an inventory of the deceased things. Would that inventory be based on date of death? If the accounts have been liquidated or diminished, would the administrator have the right to request that funds be returned? I just see that things may be about to get real ugly.
  16. Need advice ASAP!! A friend was intoxicated with his elderly father (also intoxicated) at bar. They got into an argument and a fight erupted between the two. My friend got arrested but his father dropped the charges, and recalls nothing from the incident. However, El Paso county is still holding him due to a warrant for him in Coryell county. He has been told he can be released on bail, but they are still holding him (since November. 23). No one in their family has money for atty (no other family in area to help) and aren't being told anything. What can we expect? Can they hold him with no course of action as it seems?
  17. My wife and I are in the early stages of estate planning for our minor children. Practically all advice points to separate wills and not joint - especially since we are fairly young. We have hit a snag in our discussion of executors. We would each name the other as primary executor but in the event of both passing at the same time we need (at least) one other executor. Theoretically with two separate wills we could name a different backup executor for each will. She is thinking her sister, I am thinking my sister. Most of our property is held jointly (house, cars, bank accounts, furnishings). I am a little concerned of the potential consequences of having two different executors each working with separate wills but a joint estate. In the best case scenario it might lead to a social loafing effect where each thinks the other is doing things and they never get done. In the worst case it could lead to disagreements and even legal proceedings if they think the other is pursuing the wrong course. Are these legitimate concerns, and if so, what is a good approach to take here?
  18. In late July 2014 I had a collision. My insurance paid the mechanic to fix it. They had the car for around a month. Soon after it was "fixed" and I drove off, my check engine light came on. Over the past few months my Airbag and Tire Pressure lights have gone on and off. The first time I took it back, he physically adjusted the sensor, the second he replaced it. I took it to the dealership and they also replaced the sensor and when it came on again they said something was wrong with the repair work. My insurance said since they already paid their hands are off and the original mechanic had to fix it. I just took it back last week and he said he adjust some wire. I had not driven 10 minutes before the Airbag Light came back on. (The tire pressure light had been on too, but I wasn't sure if that was the sensor or tires this time, so I was going to check). I turned around and drove it right back. I have not been getting all these visits in writing because he refuses to write up the fixing the wire, adjusting the sensor, etc. I called my Uncle and when the owner explained it, it seemed to make sense to him, and that electrical problems make you come back sometimes. But then another close family member said my car was too new (it is a 2014 Jetta). I don't know whether he is just screwing with me; is there anything I can do legally?
  19. A transmission shop wrecked my vehicle and won't give it back so I can get it fixed. I had tramission work done in May 2015. A couple months laters in July 2015 I had to go back to the transmission for warranty work. I dropped my vehicle off July 21, 2015 at the transmission shop on 59 @ little York. On July 22, 2015 they drove my car turning on West park tollroad in accrued toll charges. That was the first red flag. On August 8 2015 at 4:30am I was reading my personal emails when I found and insurance claim from an accident on August 1, 2015. I call the insurance company to find out what happened and they said that the claim was filed on August 1 if my car was involved in a accident in the adjuster will give me a call. Later that day the Juster gave me a call and told me that a Willie Moore was driving my vehicle in rear ended someone. I told him I have no idea who will be Moreles in my vehicle has been in a transmission shop since July 21, 2015. I called the transmission shop and they never gave me a call back until Wednesday days later. Now on 5 August 2015 I talk to the shop and they talked about more money $400 more . I asked them why would I give you more money when it's doing the same thing and it's warranty work. On that Wednesday The shop told me that my vehicle was involved in a fender bender in one of them ploy ease hit someone from behind. They will take care of everything they're fully responsible for what happened. After a wow I would call the shop and I would get the runaround they would say I need two more weeks I need two days I need some more time .also they wouldn't let my insurance so my insurance was no help October I contacted by email Professor Gerald Treece from KHOU legal team. He is vies me to send them a letter to release my vehicle and the name of an attorney they could help me. I sent them a letter certified bit I will be picking my vehicle up on October 10,2015. Also I've tried to contact the attorney that was recommended but we were playing phone tag. On 13 October I went to retrieve my vehicle . I wanted to meet the wrecker driver at the transmission shop but he got there first . The shop used to be where you told the wrecker driver that I owed fees and sent them away . I called the wrecker service to see when they were going to call me so they can meet me at the transmission shop in they said they had been there and I owed fees. At this time I called the sheriffs to meet me at the shop .The sheriff deputy and I walked up to the shop in the shop owner came in mitt is in the driveway . He began saying that his attorney advised him not to release my vehicle in my vehicle he'll be fixed in 14 days and also I don't owe anything. By this time I got in touch with the attorney but he really couldn't do anything because it's a civil matter and he didn't deal with civil cases .he referred me to a another attorney. 14 days later I still did not get my vehicle yeah . As of today November 19, 2015 I still don't have my vehicle and I'm running out of options .
  20. My husband and i married 2002. Divorced 06. Continued to be with each other. Re-married in 2011 (non-civil because he was being sued and i had money). In 2012 he got sick. After 4 weeks i flew his step daughter in, his sons and sister came.we had rewritten our wills but had not executed them. His step daughter had gotten a will made in 2010 when she was caring for him during an illness that was easily denounced as he wasnt able to even get out of bed. During depositions proved witnesses and lawyer lied. But problem was, before i could even get home from hospital, step daughter had me illegally removed from my home. She asked me to give her two weeks going through his items. I was in so much grief that i was unable to fight. I had a friend with me. I returned 2 weeks later and her and her attorney who is buddy buddy with the sheriff/constable threatened me with trespass and arrest if i didnt leave. I hired a lawyer and eventially came to a settlement after proving i had been making the house payments, 40,000.00 equity abd personal property and part of the community property. I went to the house when arranged and lawyer call sheriff and threatened to arrest me again. They then gave me some of my clothing and a little of my property. The rest was gone. Over 10,000.00 worth. Since then I went to see my home through realtor and it is badly damaged. The attorneys son and family are living there. The lawyer contacted me thru my lawyer early may and stated he had a liw ball offer and would i take a lower amount. Nope! Since then, he has been trying to clean his sons credit up and promising closing date every couple of weeks. Evidently noone is paying rent or mortgsge as they are attempting to forclose the 3rd time. In the meantime their lawyer is writing ugly nasty drunk emails with all sorts of threats. What can i do?
  21. My fiance was adopted by his step father as a child which changed his last name. He wants to change it back to his birth name. Is this something he can do when we marry, changing both of our last names to his birth name at the same time or will it need to be done first?
  22. My husband and I have been married for 10 years. My stepdaughter was 1 when we married and her biological mother was not in the picture at all until my daughter turned 7. My daughter had no idea I wasn't her mother until then. She moved to Texas and got visitation. Four court appearances later her visitation has gone down to only 2 weekends a month and 2 Thursday's for a few hours. She has a domestic violence record. I have been the sole caregiver for my daughter for 10 years now. My husband works a lot so I've done all of the parenting. Unfortunately I think I will be seeking a divorce shortly and was wondering my rights as far as getting custody of my step daughter. She would be devastated if she didn't get to live with me. This will be the deciding factor as far as if I go thru with the divorce.
  23. I live next to a "Private school" in Austin, TX which is located on a main street. The address for this school is given as the address on this main street - call it 500 A St. I actually live in a neighborhood on a second street - call it B St. This street dead ends into the back of the school property. The "Private school" property is actually 2 separately deeded properties. 1 Property has an address of 500 A St. The other property has a legal description on B St, but has no designated address "number" but simply an address of B St., City, Zip. The issue is, the school is using the 'driveway' off of B. St. to access the property on A. St. At times, parents drop their children off by entering the property either on A St. or B St. and then drive out of the entrance on B. St. This entrance is about 16ft wide, which only allows one way traffic. This causes backups on B St. which would otherwise be a 'Circle'. There was a recent Texas Supreme Court ruling regarding easements, which seems to address this issue. http://agrilife.org/texasaglaw/2014/09/02/texas-supreme-court-clarifies-law-regarding-implied-easements/ Does the school have the right to use this entrance as they are? This has made my previously owned property on a "cul-de-sac" now a through road. I recently purchased this property and was not aware of this when purchased (school was not in session). I now watch anywhere from 200-300 vehicles go down my street every day school is in session. Any advice on this?
  24. I was recently pulled over and arrested on suspicion of DUI in California and got a really good attorney. I told him I had a job opportunity in Texas and he informed me that I need to get a Texas Drivers license as soon as I can prove residency in Texas. Then stated that there is a form and kind of a unspoken law that that if I surrender my California drivers license and pay all the fines that my Texas drivers license will remain 100% valid. Is this true or can anyone give me anymore information on this to help me sleep at night I am going to attempt to see if this can happen next week and it's driving me crazy.
  25. My daughters father recently passed away, State of Texas. He was never married and has a total of 3 children. My daughter is a minor the other children are adult. He did not leave a will. One of the adult children has already begun the probate process and the determination of heirs. I received a document from the attorney ad litem, which was a consent for independent administration which needed to be notarized and returned. My daughter's father did own a home and a couple cars. I am not sure what other items he may have had such as bank accounts or life insurance/investments, but I understand that these things exist. What do I need to do to protect my daughters interest. Does the attorney ad litem help me or do they just assist their client (one requesting to be independent administer)? Do I need to establish guardianship, and will this be done by the ad litem or the court? Since she is the only minor in this situation it concerns me that her interest are not being protected. The older siblings do not really have a relationship with my daughter, although they do know her and have known her since birth. Because of the differences in ages, they just never made that connection with her. Any advice on what I need to do?
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