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Found 219 results

  1. I am just wondering if anyone knows how to calculate the cost of the childs portion of Medical Insurance premiums. I have all the monthly payroll deduction amounts for each plan. We are on the Employee and Family plan. But there is Employee only, Employee and child, Employee and Spouse, then ours Employee and family. Just wondering which amount I would deduct from the Employee and Family to come up with the Child Only Premium for reimbursement for Medical Support. There is a large difference in amount when doing it differently, and I am required to provide the amount for a child support review. Any help is appreciated.
  2. For background, my daughter's father passed away several months ago. State of Texas. He was never married and had 3 children. Two of the children are adults and my daughter is a minor. One of the adult children has already begun the probate process and is being appointed administrator. The decedent passed without leaving a will. He owned a home, several cars, and I know that he had bank accounts and investments and even some life insurance. The probate seems to be going very slowly. I don't even see that the Administratior of the estate has even been approved yet. From a very reliable, inside source, I know that one of his sister's was on his bank account, and I know that large sums of funds have been deducted from this account and given to 3 of the sisters. My understanding that each sister was given 10,000.00 each. Shouldn't this account be part of the estate? I am trying to stay clear of this whole situation , and have had no contact with the other siblings or the family, but I just feel that something wrong is going on here. It's my understanding that the Mother has also received his retirement account. I am guessing that he left her as beneficiary,. Just seems to me that a lot of things are going on, out side of these probate proceedings. My understanding is, that while in the probate process you have to get an inventory of the deceased things. Would that inventory be based on date of death? If the accounts have been liquidated or diminished, would the administrator have the right to request that funds be returned? I just see that things may be about to get real ugly.
  3. Need advice ASAP!! A friend was intoxicated with his elderly father (also intoxicated) at bar. They got into an argument and a fight erupted between the two. My friend got arrested but his father dropped the charges, and recalls nothing from the incident. However, El Paso county is still holding him due to a warrant for him in Coryell county. He has been told he can be released on bail, but they are still holding him (since November. 23). No one in their family has money for atty (no other family in area to help) and aren't being told anything. What can we expect? Can they hold him with no course of action as it seems?
  4. My wife and I are in the early stages of estate planning for our minor children. Practically all advice points to separate wills and not joint - especially since we are fairly young. We have hit a snag in our discussion of executors. We would each name the other as primary executor but in the event of both passing at the same time we need (at least) one other executor. Theoretically with two separate wills we could name a different backup executor for each will. She is thinking her sister, I am thinking my sister. Most of our property is held jointly (house, cars, bank accounts, furnishings). I am a little concerned of the potential consequences of having two different executors each working with separate wills but a joint estate. In the best case scenario it might lead to a social loafing effect where each thinks the other is doing things and they never get done. In the worst case it could lead to disagreements and even legal proceedings if they think the other is pursuing the wrong course. Are these legitimate concerns, and if so, what is a good approach to take here?
  5. Someone please help! I cant find a darn lawyer who care about the kids rather than getting paid. I AM A Iraq and Afghanistan Vet with disability and losing my kids to a sociopathic narcissistic woman. I cant use the Vet services in Texas becasue I am not a Texas resident. Im glad to know that people rather look at a price tag rather then look at the facts and see that an Autistic child to include my other 3 are be being manipulated, coerced, used as collateral, Disparaged in front of, and broken down into thinking this guy that she moved in with while we were still married and I was still deployed. I am divorced and now dealing with the custody battle that has been dragging out over almost 3 years becasue of a personal vendetta she has against me. If you know someone who can help a disabled vet in short noticed please let me know.
  6. A transmission shop wrecked my vehicle and won't give it back so I can get it fixed. I had tramission work done in May 2015. A couple months laters in July 2015 I had to go back to the transmission for warranty work. I dropped my vehicle off July 21, 2015 at the transmission shop on 59 @ little York. On July 22, 2015 they drove my car turning on West park tollroad in accrued toll charges. That was the first red flag. On August 8 2015 at 4:30am I was reading my personal emails when I found and insurance claim from an accident on August 1, 2015. I call the insurance company to find out what happened and they said that the claim was filed on August 1 if my car was involved in a accident in the adjuster will give me a call. Later that day the Juster gave me a call and told me that a Willie Moore was driving my vehicle in rear ended someone. I told him I have no idea who will be Moreles in my vehicle has been in a transmission shop since July 21, 2015. I called the transmission shop and they never gave me a call back until Wednesday days later. Now on 5 August 2015 I talk to the shop and they talked about more money $400 more . I asked them why would I give you more money when it's doing the same thing and it's warranty work. On that Wednesday The shop told me that my vehicle was involved in a fender bender in one of them ploy ease hit someone from behind. They will take care of everything they're fully responsible for what happened. After a wow I would call the shop and I would get the runaround they would say I need two more weeks I need two days I need some more time .also they wouldn't let my insurance so my insurance was no help October I contacted by email Professor Gerald Treece from KHOU legal team. He is vies me to send them a letter to release my vehicle and the name of an attorney they could help me. I sent them a letter certified bit I will be picking my vehicle up on October 10,2015. Also I've tried to contact the attorney that was recommended but we were playing phone tag. On 13 October I went to retrieve my vehicle . I wanted to meet the wrecker driver at the transmission shop but he got there first . The shop used to be where you told the wrecker driver that I owed fees and sent them away . I called the wrecker service to see when they were going to call me so they can meet me at the transmission shop in they said they had been there and I owed fees. At this time I called the sheriffs to meet me at the shop .The sheriff deputy and I walked up to the shop in the shop owner came in mitt is in the driveway . He began saying that his attorney advised him not to release my vehicle in my vehicle he'll be fixed in 14 days and also I don't owe anything. By this time I got in touch with the attorney but he really couldn't do anything because it's a civil matter and he didn't deal with civil cases .he referred me to a another attorney. 14 days later I still did not get my vehicle yeah . As of today November 19, 2015 I still don't have my vehicle and I'm running out of options .
  7. In late July 2014 I had a collision. My insurance paid the mechanic to fix it. They had the car for around a month. Soon after it was "fixed" and I drove off, my check engine light came on. Over the past few months my Airbag and Tire Pressure lights have gone on and off. The first time I took it back, he physically adjusted the sensor, the second he replaced it. I took it to the dealership and they also replaced the sensor and when it came on again they said something was wrong with the repair work. My insurance said since they already paid their hands are off and the original mechanic had to fix it. I just took it back last week and he said he adjust some wire. I had not driven 10 minutes before the Airbag Light came back on. (The tire pressure light had been on too, but I wasn't sure if that was the sensor or tires this time, so I was going to check). I turned around and drove it right back. I have not been getting all these visits in writing because he refuses to write up the fixing the wire, adjusting the sensor, etc. I called my Uncle and when the owner explained it, it seemed to make sense to him, and that electrical problems make you come back sometimes. But then another close family member said my car was too new (it is a 2014 Jetta). I don't know whether he is just screwing with me; is there anything I can do legally?
  8. My fiance was adopted by his step father as a child which changed his last name. He wants to change it back to his birth name. Is this something he can do when we marry, changing both of our last names to his birth name at the same time or will it need to be done first?
  9. My husband and I have been married for 10 years. My stepdaughter was 1 when we married and her biological mother was not in the picture at all until my daughter turned 7. My daughter had no idea I wasn't her mother until then. She moved to Texas and got visitation. Four court appearances later her visitation has gone down to only 2 weekends a month and 2 Thursday's for a few hours. She has a domestic violence record. I have been the sole caregiver for my daughter for 10 years now. My husband works a lot so I've done all of the parenting. Unfortunately I think I will be seeking a divorce shortly and was wondering my rights as far as getting custody of my step daughter. She would be devastated if she didn't get to live with me. This will be the deciding factor as far as if I go thru with the divorce.
  10. I live next to a "Private school" in Austin, TX which is located on a main street. The address for this school is given as the address on this main street - call it 500 A St. I actually live in a neighborhood on a second street - call it B St. This street dead ends into the back of the school property. The "Private school" property is actually 2 separately deeded properties. 1 Property has an address of 500 A St. The other property has a legal description on B St, but has no designated address "number" but simply an address of B St., City, Zip. The issue is, the school is using the 'driveway' off of B. St. to access the property on A. St. At times, parents drop their children off by entering the property either on A St. or B St. and then drive out of the entrance on B. St. This entrance is about 16ft wide, which only allows one way traffic. This causes backups on B St. which would otherwise be a 'Circle'. There was a recent Texas Supreme Court ruling regarding easements, which seems to address this issue. http://agrilife.org/texasaglaw/2014/09/02/texas-supreme-court-clarifies-law-regarding-implied-easements/ Does the school have the right to use this entrance as they are? This has made my previously owned property on a "cul-de-sac" now a through road. I recently purchased this property and was not aware of this when purchased (school was not in session). I now watch anywhere from 200-300 vehicles go down my street every day school is in session. Any advice on this?
  11. I was recently pulled over and arrested on suspicion of DUI in California and got a really good attorney. I told him I had a job opportunity in Texas and he informed me that I need to get a Texas Drivers license as soon as I can prove residency in Texas. Then stated that there is a form and kind of a unspoken law that that if I surrender my California drivers license and pay all the fines that my Texas drivers license will remain 100% valid. Is this true or can anyone give me anymore information on this to help me sleep at night I am going to attempt to see if this can happen next week and it's driving me crazy.
  12. My husband and i married 2002. Divorced 06. Continued to be with each other. Re-married in 2011 (non-civil because he was being sued and i had money). In 2012 he got sick. After 4 weeks i flew his step daughter in, his sons and sister came.we had rewritten our wills but had not executed them. His step daughter had gotten a will made in 2010 when she was caring for him during an illness that was easily denounced as he wasnt able to even get out of bed. During depositions proved witnesses and lawyer lied. But problem was, before i could even get home from hospital, step daughter had me illegally removed from my home. She asked me to give her two weeks going through his items. I was in so much grief that i was unable to fight. I had a friend with me. I returned 2 weeks later and her and her attorney who is buddy buddy with the sheriff/constable threatened me with trespass and arrest if i didnt leave. I hired a lawyer and eventially came to a settlement after proving i had been making the house payments, 40,000.00 equity abd personal property and part of the community property. I went to the house when arranged and lawyer call sheriff and threatened to arrest me again. They then gave me some of my clothing and a little of my property. The rest was gone. Over 10,000.00 worth. Since then I went to see my home through realtor and it is badly damaged. The attorneys son and family are living there. The lawyer contacted me thru my lawyer early may and stated he had a liw ball offer and would i take a lower amount. Nope! Since then, he has been trying to clean his sons credit up and promising closing date every couple of weeks. Evidently noone is paying rent or mortgsge as they are attempting to forclose the 3rd time. In the meantime their lawyer is writing ugly nasty drunk emails with all sorts of threats. What can i do?
  13. My daughters father recently passed away, State of Texas. He was never married and has a total of 3 children. My daughter is a minor the other children are adult. He did not leave a will. One of the adult children has already begun the probate process and the determination of heirs. I received a document from the attorney ad litem, which was a consent for independent administration which needed to be notarized and returned. My daughter's father did own a home and a couple cars. I am not sure what other items he may have had such as bank accounts or life insurance/investments, but I understand that these things exist. What do I need to do to protect my daughters interest. Does the attorney ad litem help me or do they just assist their client (one requesting to be independent administer)? Do I need to establish guardianship, and will this be done by the ad litem or the court? Since she is the only minor in this situation it concerns me that her interest are not being protected. The older siblings do not really have a relationship with my daughter, although they do know her and have known her since birth. Because of the differences in ages, they just never made that connection with her. Any advice on what I need to do?
  14. Hello long story short as possible, my father was in prison for 18 years. While in prison his house was going to be lost because the taxes were getting behind, so he signed over the house to my sister so that she could get some loans and get the house paid up. There was a notary present, but no witness. Well 3 years later hes out and shes claiming the house as her own and does not want him there. She did NOT pay him a dime for the house. The verbal agreement was that they would fix it up together and live together. Its a pretty big house but it needs a lot of work from age. So my father and I are searching for a lawyer to get this resolved. We're hoping that we can just give her the money shes put into the house tax wise and get his home back. I don't know much about this, I've never dealt with laywers/law. Any advice? Anything helps? We're in Dallas TX by the way. Extra Details (Don't have to read): I'm sort of venting on this forum now lol but anywho, shes not currently living there because shes got 4 kids so far and the government takes care of her. She has no disability or anything, shes just a lazy baby maker. She works 12 hours a week. Like I said the house needs work, but is makeshift liveable right now. He's living there now, the water is on in his name, the electricity is on in her name, and the internet is in my name. The A/C units were stolen but he has an A/C unit so hes good. I don't think shes supposed to be on those programs with a house in her name. The amount shes paid in loans and work on the house is nowhere near the actual value of the house. I'm appalled that she can do him like this and honestly feel like the house is hers because its in her name. Her own father. But I've got his back, and we're going to bring her down!!!
  15. I received a dwi back late 2006 in Texas. I was given deferred adjudication for this offense. How long before I can stop putting this on my employment applications or will I have to go through the process of having it expunged? Thank You
  16. I received 3 day notice to vacate; answered with a request for an "Eviction Hold-Off Agreement" Water marked the original, and gave the manager a copy and requested that she mail and fax the regional director a copy as well. I never received an answer except for the service of eviction suite. I then went to the clerk and demanded a Jury trial. Now then, my 3 day notice to vacate has a different amount on it from the eviction suite. The 3 day notice claims that I owe 2518.61 and the eviction suite paperwork states that I owe only 1250.00. Is there a defense in this? Also these are section 8 apts. My trial is tomorrow at 14:00 hours. Finally, if I lose this, how much time do I get to vacate, or is that something that I can work out with the manager. Thank you htazman65
  17. Hypothetical: a tract of grazing land in Texas is co-owned by an individual and by a trust. I would call this an undivided interest between the two parties. Can either party utilize (ranch) the full tract without being required to compensate the other?
  18. britlainer


    If a manager is out on Fmla and an employee does a compliance violation at work. Is the manager still responsible and can he be coached for the infraction, even though he was actually out on Fmla. There was an acting manager and the DM was there during the Fmla! The employee was not coached!
  19. I don't understand why my court appointed Attorney did not introduce the written statements from the "victim" and the "witness" they filled out together the day of the incident or the video/audio of their statements that included my statement? That would have shown how their story continued to change is my thought? The written statements, audio/video statements and their court testimony were all different. Had my attorney done his job he could have shown that the witness could not have seen what she claims she saw because it didn't happen and there was furniture, a breakfast nook and the angles just don't work and I pointed that out to my attorney. I am disappointed that I was found guilty in less than 6 minutes by a 6 person jury. They didn't even have time to sit down before they reached a verdict. My question is when is evidence that could be proof of innocence not considered evidence? Or why wasn't it brought in as evidence? There were 2 Deputies in two different vehicles so in theory there should have been two different audio/video recordings although I was only recorded by one deputy. The other recording would have shown the "victim" and "witness" laughing it up and writing their statements together. I am not sure if my attorney asked for the second recording. I know if you don't ask they don't have to give it to you, is that correct? Thank you Stradog
  20. I recently asked my Court-Appointed Attorney for a copy of the information that he has in my case file and he told me that he couldn't do that due to the "Michael Morton Act". I looked up this act and in the second half there is a concern for the victim's and witnesses addresses, DL#'s etc. but I don't read that I cannot have a copy of my case file. This is a class A misdemeanor in Texas. The court has taken that attorney off my case and has assigned me another attorney that handles the appeals process, he was not replaced for a conflict between us, just certain Attorneys can practice in. My question is, does the "Michael Morton Act" keep an attorney from giving the client (me) his case file or copies of this file in a criminal case? What about obtaining the transcript from the court proceedings? Do I have to file a FOIA request for that? I have some more questions but I will break them up Stradog Gun Barrel City, Texas
  21. my ex has tempory orders now, and they have been dropped. Is there anyway that I can get my children back? We have went to court for divorce, but he never finalized it, so my children are still in his care, and my 14 old tells me that she does not want to stay there. How do I go to the process of taking him to court? And do I need a lawyer? because I know for sure he will fight me for them.
  22. In 2005, my father co-signed my private loan for 1L year of law school and he is now in assisted living without control over his money. My father is now 75, disabled physically and has a dementia diagnosis. Navient continues to send him computer generated letters, even after the account was brought up to date recently. They also call him when I am less than five days late. (They have a long history of calling him without calling me first.) He is probably not currently permitted to enter into any legal agreements due to his disability. He gets very emotionally upset each time Navient harasses him. Can he be released as cosigner due to his permanent disabilities? Can another person be named cosigner? He cannot wait 12 months to be released.
  23. My ex-wife, and custodial parent to my 17 y/o son, has agreed to let him move from Texas to New Mexico to live with me and attend his final year of high school. I am currently paying her child support, through my employer, to the child support division. The question we both have is about stopping child support to her. Does a change to the court order for child support require a visit to court, or is this something that can be completed strictly through a few forms and/or affidavits submitted to the State of Texas? Thanks in advance for any assistance Barry
  24. My husband has joint custody of his daughter with his ex-wife and he pays child support. She took off with his daughter many times and he had to locate her. He last saw his daughter when she was 4 and she is now 17. His daughter contacted him this year and they have re-kindled their relationship. We found out she has been living with relatives since she was 7 as her mother was incapable of raising her. Although my husband was easy to find (no change in address or phone number), he was never contacted to resume his custody or given the opportunity to take full custody. Rather, they hid his daughter, even going so far as to tell her to give false names on social networking and limiting who she can talk to. There is no history here pertaining to violence or abuse. It was simply this family, taking matters into their own hands, and not wanting to "share" this child. My husband is delighted that his daughter visits him now and we want to make this a regular thing, but being mindful that she is entering her senior year in high school. We understand that she wants to stay where she is, with relatives, so she does not have to change schools. That being said, if it were not for that, she has vocalized that she wished she could live with us, but wants to be on a regular schedule with the visitation. This weekend, the daughter let us know that her aunt and uncle that she has been residing with has "legal papers" that allow them the guardianship and restrict the guardianship of the mother. She has scheduled times for her own visitation with her daughter and also, this order requires counseling/therapy sessions. What kind of route did this family go through that they could obtain legal documentation for guardianship rights and my husband was never contacted? I understand that the mother was inadequate so the custody was yanked from her. But wouldn't the courts at that time locate the father? I would think, for legal guardianship, the father would have to consent as well. And we assume that CPS may have been involved as there is required counseling in this legal order. We are happy to have her back, she is a blessing. We are not ungrateful for her aunt and uncle taking her in and raising her to be so well-mannered and happy. However, there is much resentment that we must get past, as he lost 13 years with his daughter. We, in the end, want to know how the court system failed. I assume that to obtain legal custody, both parents would have needed to consent if they could (and my husband has never been jailed, he is actually a former police officer), he was always easy to locate. Any help on what happened, what actions are best advised to take, I am open to hearing. Thanks!
  25. My neice who is currently 16 has been in and out of my home for a few years now. (First time 5th grade, then again 7th again freshman year and now) The mother is emotionally and financially unstable. There is no evidence of physical abuse. She has been in 3 different HS this year. A few weeks ago after another spout with her mother I picked her up infront of her school where her and her mother was battling with officers present. The officers asked me to take her. We enrolled her in school based out of my home but the mother lied to the school district saying she lived with me bc she wants me to have no control. Now the mother is trying to micromanage, she wants me to call and ask her if the child can have phone conversations or visit friends. She wants to control everything. She wants to me force the child to have a relationship with her and go to her church with her and do bible study. The daughter has no problem with church but wants nothing to do with her. She told the daughter that if she, her boyfriend and his mother didn't admit to her that the child was a liar and she wasn't abusive, not only could she not attend prom but she is on lock down, she can't do anything or speak to anyone. She is done with the emotional roller coaster her mother puts her through. So my question is at what age can she choose to live with me and we tell her mother she can do nothing about it?
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