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Found 219 results

  1. A fake website called BailBondCity.com posts old records on Google saying I am currently in jail!! They will not contact me, and I finally realized why all the jobs have been denying me. I have not been able to take care of my 3 daughters (4yrs, 9months, & 2months to be born) because I can not get a job because they're falsely accusing me of being in jail and it was two years ago now. they also posted my number and my address and my full name and picture all on there fake page. I looked up some of my friends and I mean none of their old information is on there, and some of them have convictions way newer then my conviction. I did time served and have back time. I even contacted the jail and they said my information is completely out of their system. so why are they posting false information and how do I go about this? what type of criminal matter is this I found their Real Facebook information along with their fake number and fake address. I need an attorney desperately. I do not have $200 to give to them to take off this false information.
  2. Does the homestead exemption apply to purchase of contiguous lots automatically or does the property owner need to requested additional exemptions?
  3. The Health Insurance Companies that pay our providers require that we have direct deposit. If we set up direct deposit with these Health Insurance Companies (Aetna, BCBS, UHC, etc...) can they at any time pull money from that account that they have on file for any refunds owed to them? Does the refund request have to be in writing? And how far back can a Health Insurance Company request a refund for? Can you direct me to some Law or Regulation that governs these items? Thank You,
  4. Hello, My husband was fired last Monday. On Friday, he tried to pick up his final paycheck and was told that it was $9. Their reason is that the employer had to pay for the whole month of his health insurance and deducted it from his final check. ($600+ before taxes). Employer also refuses to pay commission that was earned based on a chart that was given. This comes from an employer that has a history of refusing to pay commission. Commission was based on how much was sold as a total with other employees per week and also based on how much he sold to customers per week. My husband has had to email his employer several times in the past to collect commission; sometimes he received the commission but not always. He has copies of emails that were sent to his employer if it helps.
  5. My neighbors house was recently foreclosed upon and he has since left and it has been placed up for sale by the loan company. There was a fairly large oak tree that has been on his property since we moved in. There have always been big branches that have hung over our property but we never had an issue with it and kept it trimmed as best we could. About a month after he was evicted, we noticed the branches suddenly hanging pretty low one day. We looked and saw that the tree seemed to be uprooting. We immediately called the broker company that was on the listing sign and told the broker (who is also the owner of the real estate company) what was happening. I also emailed him through his website. He said that he would have someone take a look at it and that was it. Within 2 days the tree branches were touching the ground on our side of the fence. We called him again and were adamant that someone come out because it was fixing to uproot and land on our fence. He again said ok, but did not seem to really care. The next day, the tree almost completely uprooted, with part of it being held up by another tree on his property and part of it on our fence. We AGAIN called him and told him that now the tree was on our fence and had done some damage and to please get out there and have it taken care of before more damage was done. We called him repeatedly over the next few days. We told him and told him that it was not done falling and it would cause more damage. Finally, it did. It ripped our fence off the posts and bent it to the ground. We told him what the situation was and about a week later after having the majority of a huge oak tree in our yard, he had a company come out and remove the tree up to and off of the fence- leaving the rest of the tree still leaning on the other tree. We asked him why he didn't just remove the whole tree, as when it finally fell the rest of the way, it would land back on our fence- he said because the "asset management company" did not approve the whole tree removal. We couldn't do anything about that so we asked about having our fence repaired. **I had this fence installed 8 years ago, paid for it fully myself, and had it installed just over the property line on my side, actually giving my neighbor several inches of property** The broker told me in text, verbal, and email, that he would have it fixed, but he had to have several bids to send to the "asset management company". We waited for over a month with an email here and there asking for updates and always got brushed off with some excuse. I asked him for the name and number of the "asset management company" and he refused. Then one day I got an email that he was no longer involved in the property and to contact the new broker. I did so and she had no idea about the situation. I was so frustrated. I demanded to know who this asset management company was. She gave me the name and said I could google it myself to get the number, as she only communicates with them by email. Apparently the asset management company is a company that has multiple properties for sale and they assign brokers- idk!! Anyways, I got ahold of them and was told that they were waiting for bid approval. I finally got an email that said a bid was approved and they would let me know when the work would start. I told them that I need to be at minimum contacted by the company that is to do the work, as I am the fence owner, I paid for it, and I would like to know who the company is, and what they are going to be doing to repair the fence!! The asset management company doesn't seem to think this is the case. Am I not entitled to know who these people are they are sending out and what they are going to do to my fence????? This has been a long journey just trying to get this done and I am grateful that at least they are trying to fix it, but shouldn't I be included in this?
  6. Just watched a 20/20 episode where Dr. Thomas Michael Dixon was convicted on two counts of Capital Murder. He got someone to murder a rival so I'm confused as to why he was convicted on two counts instead of just one.
  7. What is the maximum amount of time an individual can sit in jail awaiting charges when initially charged with a misdemeanor? How long does the prosecution have to file a charge for a misdemeanor/felony before a case must be dismissed if the individual is in jail. This is in Texas.
  8. There was a shooting In my building in the apartment directly in front of mine. Bloody foot prints and blood stains were on the concrete the next morning. The police were called several hours later and a total of 7 squad cars showed up (10 or more cops). The occupant of the unit was arrested-I think (I was too scare to look out). The complex did not wash up the blood until one whole day later (nothing to do with tempering with evidence). I am terminating my lease for safety and believe the management company will take me to court. Do I stand a chance or should I get a lawyer? My lease expires January 2017. Thanks
  9. I am a ConcernedNanny my son and his wife have a open custody and divorce in Texas, but she lives with their child in Florida and he recently moved to Tennessee , in March he was in jail so she got a hearing to modify their custody orders knowing he could not be available in court, so the judge gave her temporary custody with his visitation suspended until it goes back to court, now that he is trying to get his visitation back , she is avoiding being served to return to court in Texas. What can he do to get orders changed if she isn't served?
  10. Hi, Some where around 5 months ago I bought a vehicle from a used dealership we're I had previously bought a van. It was an all day process and we'll into the night. It was like they had planned it that way so that I would be to tired to read the stack of papers with small print. Before I signed I asked the finance lady: "with the car sellsmen standing off to the side", if everything was the same as the last time I had bought from them, and in a manner that said I had no choice; she said to me: "I'll go over everything with u as soon asi can get a signiture". Then she proceds to tell me that I have to carry collision and repair $89 extra every payment and I had to pay it to them in till I could go get my own, plus I still had to carry liability, and I would have to pay deductible of $250. The warranty had also changed but that's not relevant to this matter."Well just for the reason she gave me for the new policy; my mom had a wreck. It was the other drivers fault and after a month their adjuster claimed it a total loss. "Well" now the finance co gets the check, the other drivers ins co gets the SUV and I'm left out of $2,000 and the finance co still wants me to pay the $250 deductible.I had no full coverage because but feel the collision and repair should take care of that, and I feel I shouldn't have to pay a deductible when it wasn't my mom's fault. Is there anything I can do so that I'm not screwed? P.S. neither have showed me , nor told me the amount of damage, or how much the check is for, or how much I owed.
  11. 17 years he filed for divorce. Not to represent us both... Only himself. Said if I play nice I will get more. Kicked me out of the house with fist full of cash for "living exp" and claims his dad gifted everything over the years and the money he/we made was just for basic bills. Now house paid for in full valued over $220K, self employed with our two small home based businesses, I stay home wife, mother at his request for last 16 yrs. same week son gets license and car he filed. I worked beside him when available. Worked outside of house for several years always working around our sons scedule with school, sports, doctors apt, orthodontist and much more. Started both businesses while married. Tax records show profit/loss barely making a living most years then occasional "good year" yet he has always had big boy toys, very expensive ones. His wealthy family did pay for a lot but it was never said out loud "this blessing or gift is for my son only" not wife. Inheritance was reason we didn't start retirement or nest egg of any kind. Verbally discussed this and it wasn't nessecary because of inheritance. Now he gets caught cheating two years ago by me convinces me to stay he made mistake and lived me wanted to grow old with me. Now I'm out, no access to money, our home, our son, financial records, income from company or deciding the settlement amount. I finally got legal advise that he could get away with this because taxes show no gain, only loss, dad claiming gifted, most were short term cash loans till he could get paper work done at bank and borrow himself, and he never actually said when handing us a blessing to pay off balance on 2 year old car loan "This is not for your family, you & your wife & child, to bless your financial situation or take pressure off the entire family... it's only for you son, sorry daughter-in-law... up yours"! Besides the moral issue here this is just wrong. If I hire attorney he is assuring me #1 drag out for months & months #2 half of nothing is nothing, but he would get as much together as he could for cash settlement. #3 his wealthy family, no longer paying his way so they aren't helping with cash settlement #4 give me more later down the road when he can Should I sit quietly pray for the best or sale kidney in black market hire attorney??
  12. I am, as ususal when I seek help here, pretty confused about some things and hope someone can help me out with an explanation so I can understand. Background: Me (bio mom) and ex (bio dad) got divorced in 2013, while I was still out of country. Due to that, ex was given sole conservatorship and possesion of the child who at that time had already returned here to the USA. Ex married a new wife. Due to her termnal illness, all three of them did apply for Medicaid, meaning ex (who already was on SSD and covered under MediCare), and then she for herself and the child. Ex was denied, as he was already having the Medicare, and she was approved and had our son under her case. Now, I am confused how a third person, who is not related to the child, and who didn't had any legal guardianship or adoption for the child, would be considered as 'the legal parent', and therewith was entitled to get him under her name onto Medicaid. The entire issue now just came up in a discussion (plus a very nasty argument with my ex), because his new wife had passed away in 2014, and he wasn't allowed to continue the medicaid case as authorized person for the original case applicant (his new wife), because of her being deceased and therefore his authorization to act upon her behalf has seized. So I went ahead and applied for my child for Medicaid. However, due to the fact that we are legally divorced, and he is still the sole conservator, even the child is living in my household (however, as well on the same property as my ex lives NOW), medicaid asked me to sign an affidavit of possession with the Attorney Generals office. Ex is now claiming that I am committing fraud by having provided the necessary medical coverage (as i had as well been ordered to be responsible for through court order), meaning that I shouldn't have had the legal right to apply for the child's medicaid. So, in the end, i guess my question is if the stepmother had any legal claim or right to apply for Medicaid, and how that would have made her a legal parent to my son? And how can it be said that I should not have the duty to do so, if I can't afford other health care for him, when I was ordered in the divorce to be responsible for his healthcare? Is there any fraudulent action on any side??? Thank you and hope someone is able to understand what I am trying to figure out.
  13. I am praying someone can help me with this question. I live in Georgia and my family in Alabama. My ex lives in Texas where our divorce was done. Due to the fact he is over 100 miles away he gets 42 days summer visitation. he decided to start his visitation on 6/28 but needed me to bring our son to Texas because he said he had to go pick up his live in girlfriends car. I get my son to Houston on the 28th and take him to his father's sisters house that is our drop off and pick up place in Texas. I find out when I left that the father didn't go pick up a car he was getting on a plane to Hawaii to be with his girlfriend for a week and them fly back together. this is on the day that he scheduled his summer visitation. He can afford to leave and go to Hawaii for a week but is almost 3 months behind on child support. I know his sister and trust her fully with my son. I get back to Georgia and get a call that my son has been moved from Houston to San Antonio without his father being there or consent or knowledge of the move or who did it. I let the father know how I feel and he tells me it is his visitation and he can do as he wants with it. He was in Hawaii and I had no address or phone number to where my son was. I later found out that they moved him to the fathers mothers house that is father lives with his girlfriend their 2 small kids and her 15 yr old son. The same home that the one time I briefly met his mother there was garbage and animal feces all in the house and a broken down pool that has animals that were living in it. The same woman that he calls by her first name and when we were married told me that she was a crazy alcoholic and we would not be having a relationship with her. I have seen her one time for a brief moment 4 years ago when she was on her way to a bar. I received a call from my sons father last night telling me that my girlfriend and the paternal grandmother (that my son has seen 4 times in his life) were taking my son this morning to California along with the girlfriends 2 babies to pick up the car that was supposed to have been picked up on the 28th. The big problem is that my sons father is not with him. I asked and pleaded with him last night not to let our son go that it was his summer visitation and he needed to spend it with our son or just let him come home. He refused. my son is now as far as I know on a 3000 mi round trip to pick up his dad's girlfriends car. I told the father that if he did not go then our son wasn't going. He did not care and sent him anyway. i have had no physical address of where my son has been and now 2 woman have left the state of Texas with him after I firmly told them not to and they did not have my permission but they did it any way. My ex pulled crap last summer to where he took my son to a family member of mine that I wasn't comfortable with and left him there for 3 weeks of his 42 days. now this summer 2 woman I do not know and one have met one time but heard horrible things about her from my son's father. I am afraid and need someone to let me know what right I have today. I am afraid that my son is not in great hands and not with his father but the only thing the father says is he can do what he wants with his visitation. All I wanted was my 5 yr old son to be able to spend time with his father and now most of the visitation has and will not be spent with the father by his choice. I would think I would have some right to know where my son is and an address and phone number. I also thought visitation with the non custodial parent was suppose to be where my son could spend time with his father. Please anyone can you tell me any law or how I can get my son if his father isn't using his visitation to spend with our son but instead send him on a 3000 trip with his live in girlfriend that he had an affair on me with. I'm trying to follow the law and be civil but I cant believe this is OK and that is what my ex keeps telling me is he can do whatever he wants even send our child across state lines without my consent and for me to tell him it is not OK and he tell me he doesn't care what I think. I am the one that raises him. Is there anything I can do to get my son back or even find him since they have already left crossed state lines with him and I haven't even been able to speak to my son. Please anyone who can tell me the law in Texas about someone other than the non custodial parent being able to take my son across state line with out my permission and telling them absolutely not but still doing it without the non custodial parent being with them. Please let me know. I only want to make sure my son spends time with his father and safely comes home. Thank you
  14. I own a Repair Shop in Texas and I did some repairs on a customers car, well she couldn't pay her bill so i let her make a $100.00 payments to me once a month and I let her take the car. Big Mistake on my part, but here is the problem she quit making those payment 60 days ago and i have a sign work order that states that i have a express mechanic lien on her car. I want to know if I can Repossess the car to secure my money that I have put into her car. I had a Key made just in case she didn't make payment, and guess what that is where i stand now with this car. I am ready to go get this car just don't want to do the Wrong Thing....Help
  15. I currently work for a construction company in Dallas. I know by law we are required to post the EEO, Labor Law, FMLA, etc. posters as required by the DOL. We have all current postings (English and Spanish) in every common area in every structure we own (main office, HR Office (for all applicants coming in to apply), our maintenance shop and every field office trailer on site. ​Now here is the dilemma. If we do not have a field office located on a jobsite we currently are working on (either because we are not the General Contractor on this job or simply because we are the subcontractor and the job itself is small and only has 2 or 3 employees at any one time) are we still required to post all required posters at these satellite locations and if so how and where do we post them? Would this responsibility not fall on the General Contractor for that project? We've searched high and low on the DOL and the TWC websites and cannot get a definitive answer. Any ideas? Thanks for your time.
  16. I am in process of name change for my minor child. Under Family Code Chapter 45 Section 45.002 it as if child is subject to continuing exclusive jurisdiction of court under Chapter 155. The court did terminate the parent-child relationship between his father and him. Does this make him the subject to continuing exclusive jurisdiction?
  17. Hi, my Texas home (built in 2007) is under contract. Survey revealed the residence protrudes 5 ft over building set-back line and chimney protrudes into 5 by 20ft aerial easement by 3 ft. I am concerned I may lose the sale. If I lose the sale, do I have any legal rights to remedy from the builder?
  18. I recently purchased a vehicle from a exotic car dealership in Dallas, Texas. I am from Seattle, WA. My issue is the following: 1) The car was inspected on 5/2/16 and the car had 61,075 miles on it 2) The inspection came back with rims that were repaired, but not cracked 3) The car is purchased on 5/9/16 4) The car is then shipped on 5/13/16 onto the truck trailer with two cracked rims and one flat tire 5) The car now has 61,193 miles. The truck driver stated to the dealership that the car has a flat, but the dealer signed off that it was ok, and to ship the vehicle. 6) The vehicle arrives on 5/18, and has to be towed to a local dealership of which they inspect the car and they verify that the car has two cracked rims and it is not safe to drive. Spoke with the selling dealership, and they are hesitating to work with me on the matter. The dealership obviously drove the car after the inspection, and was aware that the car had a flat tire. What is the recourse on getting my money back since I am concerned that they may have driven the car and damaged it in other ways after the inspection and purchase was completed?
  19. My mother, aged 65 had a stroke a couple of months ago. My brother claims my mother granted him medical power of attorney over her on 2/29/2016. When I saw this document in early May (he had used his POA to move my mother to a nursing home and would not tell me or anyone else where she was - until she developed sepsis in early May and almost died. Then he told us she was back at the hospital, and we were able to see her.) it was obvious that my mother's signature had been forged. In addition, the notary did not appear to date or write anything but her signature and stamp. I handed the document over to law enforcement and they opened an investigation. Meanwhile I spoke with Notary after looking her up and she confirmed my suspicions of forgery/alteration of document. She is cooperative with investigation. Case is being transferred to county north of us, so charges have not been filed yet. My mom recovered from sepsis, though still mentally incoherent. Hospital discharged her to facility who will not give me any information on my mom. Now, here is why I posted this under family law: I want to stop him from misusing control he never had in the first place. I want to make sure my mothers assests are protected. He filed criminal trespass orders against my husband and I (in my county you dont need a reason) so i cant even legally go see if her belongings are there. He has a long documented history of theft and methamphetamine use. I think the best way for me to protect my mom from being isolated and her assests being liquidated by him is to file for guardianship. I dont have a lot of money, so to hire a lawyer is going to be difficult if not impossible. Is there such thing as emergency temporary guardianship in cases like this? So after he is arrested his girlfriend (common law wife) dont continue to keep me from her home and legally managing her affairs?
  20. During our divorce procedure my ex husband and I attended several mediations required by the county that the divorce was filed in. I have full custody of our 7 yr old son and his father has limited visitation due to drug usage , etc. The final mediation between myself , my ex and the lawyers included a step by step visitation schedule beginning with four hours supervised visits for one year and then increasing the time in 6 month increments until he would be able to see him for an entire weekend on the 2nd and 4th weekend of each month. The increase was based on certain requirements he must adhere to . First; he was instructed to get a hair follicle drug test twice before the end of the first phase . I was supposed to be notified of the results. A positive finding or not showing up for the test would automatically cancel any progression to the second phase of visitation. He was also required to show up for his visitation times 90% of the time.Not adhering to this would also cancel the next phase and cause the first phase to begin again for another year. Phase I began in October 2015. He has now missed 4 visitation days with our son and I have no indication that the drug test was taken. I was trying to find out who to notify of these results or lack of and was told that my divorce lawyer would need to be notified. I no longer have him on retainer because I cannot afford the costs. Can someone tell me who to contact that can record these issues to prevent his visitation from being increased. The AG's office can handle the lack of child support payments and the insurance he is suppsed to be providing but that is all they can do. How can the provisions be enforced since the papers are signed DKSTexas.
  21. I live in an apartment complex in Dallas, Texas. The complex has a pool/bbq area which is fenced in. It was around midnight when a private security officer showed up and said that I can’t be there since the pool area closes at 10 pm. (there are no signs about hours anywhere). We had a heated argument about my behavior, etc… at the end I told him I will leave after I finish. He then went to the gates and put locks on them. When I asked how am I supposed to get out, he said I’ll need to wait for someone to open them sometimes in the morning. Then he left the place. I know that I was most likely trespassing and acting and etc…. But didn’t he violated “freedom of movement or restricting or however it’s called”? Hazardous - If there is a tornado/rain/hail/cold night/etc., or Personal Safety – Maniacs/rappers/etc. In all situations I can’t get out or find shelter or run away. Freedom of movement – He confined me to a place without having any authority or my consent. He could have called a police to arrest me, but decided to confine me. Plus, I had a friend there with me and he only asked for ID. The whole time he was talking only to me. So he pretty much confined another person beside me without even explaining why he’s doing it and not giving them an option to leave. I did call management office and they called the private security company to send someone in to open the gates and got very surprised that I was locked in. My question is – can he do that legally??? If no, what are my options? P.S. Not sure which category it belongs so whoever has rights/knowledge please put it in the correct one.
  22. I've gone through a lot to break me to this point. I am sorry for it being so much to read but I am at a loss for direction. I have plenty off supporting evidence. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Work in Texas Of my team of 4 I am the only American. The others along with my boss are from the same region overseas. Since I started, my boss has never treated me as part of the team. He would listen and ask the opinions of the other guys, but would not ask mine. Even when I would say something he would either blow it off as being stupid, or act as if I had not said anything at all. While the project was in development, the company had sent these guys to months of equipment specific training. I came to the project to fill a spot that became vacant just before it went operational I never received the training like the others. When I asked if I could get the training I was told they were one time classes and that it wasn’t cost effective. Therefore I was learning as I went. The other guys came from backgrounds of working alone and were used to that. Now having to work as a team and myself not having the same training, I would kind of shadow as I was learning the equipment. Since these guys were used to working alone it bothered one of them making it difficult to work with him. Another guy could not accept when he was wrong about anything and would make him almost unbearable to work with. I would bring issues up to our boss but every time I was told, it’s just the way he is, or made excuses for their actions, but would always tell me to be the bigger man. My first two months my given objective was to complete 80% of needed company training. The others had over a year to complete it, but were still finishing up. At the end of those two months I completed 100% of the training. The project went operational along with actual work beginning my third month. This is when working as a team became difficult and frustrating for all. Language was a huge barrier. We all spoke English, but called things by different names. Everything from tools, to equipment, and components. They know the industry names for things, were as I know the proper names. Since they all knew it by their terminology, and I was the only one that knew it by mine, I was the wrong one. Trying to fit in as best I could I had a few chats with my boss to see if he could help or offer any advice. After realizing it would be me who always needed to change something or be the bigger man, I quit going to him for advice or complaints. Month 4, my boss called me into his office to have a talk. The jist of the talk was teamwork, some of the guys having an issue with me. When I asked who or what the issues were he had no particulars to give me. I re-iterated my prior concerns and he dismissed those again. Informed him language barrier issues were causing some irritable circumstances between us all but nothing major. Also the fact that these guys were used to working alone and I was trying to find the best way to work as a team yet leave them to do their own thing at the same time. I left the meeting thinking everything was fine. Month 5 my boss calls me in for another talk. He tells me he is hearing I don’t know how to do the simplest aspects of my job. Things that I could have easily demonstrated on the spot, but he did not ask for a demonstration, nor did he ask me if it was true or not. Instead he began to question my work background and insinuate that what was on my resume was just lies. After he finished insulting me, he moved on to “safety” infractions. There were two accounts of me not being 100%, I was 95%. I owned the fact that I was wrong. Even though he has seen and known about the other guys doing similar things, yet it was only wrong when I did it. My boss then informed me evaluations annual evaluations were coming, he was planning on giving me the lowest possible rating and placing on a plan. It was at this moment that I realized I needed to start watching my back and documenting everything I could. I spoke with the opposite teams boss, my bosses lateral, and informed him of the situation. He could not believe it, sighting he had never heard or seen anything bad from me. He contacted HR and had my evaluation score bumped up as much as he could. It was below average, but still better then a score that would get me let go. Month 6 my boss ignored/evaded me the entire month, until his last night before going home. He called me up to his office where he then took me into the big bosses office. As we all sat down at a table, my boss pulled out the plan he made up for me. On it were the basic things you say about someone that you are trying to get fired, lazy, unsafe, not a team player, does not poses required skills, aggressive, unapproachable, ect. My boss began to explain, without actually explaining, his reasons for what he had written on the plan. He would say I was doing things wrong, but could not tell me what. Saying people were having problems working with me. When I asked who and why, he could not say. I asked how I was supposed to change things, without knowing what I was doing wrong. He deflected and moved on. When he brought up my inability to perform the smallest of tasks, I rebutted by saying at anytime he could’ve asked for a demonstration to put those concerns to rest, but chose not to. He responded with ,”true, but now you have your chance.” His explanation for aggressiveness and inapproachability was, it’s the way you look. I said cause I don’t walk around with a huge smile on my face? At this point im thinking that if he had been treated like me by his boss and co-workers he wouldn’t be walking around with a smile either. Towards the end of the meeting no actual instances were given for the reasons why he had wrote what he wrote. Nor were there any defined or outlined goals set for me to meet to show “improvement” for the two month plan. So I asked what I needed to do. My boss said this was rushed and he had none. He said during his time off he would think off some. We signed the document and he left the next day. I was furious and bewildered that with no evidence at all this could be done. I spoke with my bosses lateral again and showed him the document. In the follow up comments box, he wrote he was extremely happy with my work, has never had any issues with me, and that he felt I would continue to be a valuable asset to the project. Month 7 my boss was unusually friendly. He provided a structured, goal oriented plan for to help me improve. Although none of the issues that he had previously mentioned were covered. Instead he brought up new “issues”, and made a plan that involved participation by himself so he could see my work for himself, instead of going off of what my coworkers said. Knowing that some of the new issues were lies, still being new to the company I did not want to make any waves. I knew I was doing a good job and if going through a small hell is what I had to do, so be it. After the first week of the plan my boss said he was completely happy with me. Even though he wasn’t following through on his end of the plan, he wasn’t saying anything negative so I just went with it. Each week he had new goals for me and I breezed through. I was also given my appraisal this month, with the score his lateral got it upped to. My boss stated that my appraisal was written at the same time as my plan and reflects as such. He said it does not reflect me now, but to bury everything in the past and to keep moving forward we had to get it out of the way. And that is what I thought we did. Months 8 and 9 go by without any issues and me still breezing though the plan. A two month plan started on my 6th month, yet still on in my 9th month. But figuring the end was near, why make waves. At the beginning of month 10 we sign off the plan and my boss is completely happy with me. I am doing 100% of what I need to be doing. I’m thinking great, I had to go through bs to get here, but I made it. Months 10, 11, and 12, go by without any indicators from my boss that I am doing anything wrong. Month 13, I just working along as I have been, no thoughts of anything wrong. My bosses last night before going home, calls me to his office to give me my Annual Appraisal. He showed me the score, below average, I stopped the meeting and requested his boss come in as a whitness. My boss continues saying my performance has gone down in the past 3 months, I am fixing too many broke things and need to focus more on planned maintenance, explaining that HR only understands planned maintenance numbers. At this point I was thinking that’s why he is supposed to explain on the appraisal of what actually goes on here, but his original agenda to get rid of me had never left his mind, he had to hide it until his next opportunity arose. I called HR and they told me I could write a statement on the bottom of the page if I wanted, so I did. “If an individual is doing something wrong, why would any manager want them doing it for 3 months without saying anything, especially in a carrier field as dangerous as ours”. To quickly sum up the end, HR called me in for a meeting during my off time. They explained the negative report they had got about me and showed me the supporting evidence sent with it by my boss. I showed them my evidence proving that I was doing what I was instructed to do. While proving my bosses treatment of me compared to the others. After HR was satisfied with what I had to tell them they asked if I had anything for them. Referring to previous evidence of discrimination, I showed them more and said this is blatant discrimination. No matter what I do, my boss will try to find a way to get rid of me. After a little more explaining the situation I have endured from the start, the meeting ends and they said they will go over everything and get back to me. The morning I am supposed to leave to go back to work, HR calls and tells me, it is best for all parties if we move you to a different crew. I will still have to work with my old boss for a week, but I will be rated by another boss now. My old boss got the other American that used to be on the crew I got swapped to fired while only working a week with him. So it’s just a matter of time until he can trump up stuff to get rid of me. My industry is hurting right now to the point where if you have a job, hold on to it, no one is hiring. I gained my skill set in the military and this is the best money I can make for someone with my training. If I am able to keep my job, I will be constantly worried about when he will finally win, who I can trust, or if the right I am doing is what will be reported. On the other hand, if I brought the case forward, I would be blacklisted in this industry and never be able to make this kind of money again. It’s truly sad when someone who has defended this country, can be discriminated against for being from this country, in this country.
  23. There was 2 work related injuries in one day while on the job. The first injury was a car accident. We have the police report that states the other driver was at fault. (Pulled out in front). Contacted supervisor at scene and was instructed to drive the wrecked vehicle two hours away to home office. When asked by supervisor if I was ok I stated I wasn't sure. I had back pain during the drive. When I arrived at home office supervisor asked me to load some boxes into another vehicle.During that process my back gave out and I fell to the ground could barely move my legs. Supervisor took me to local hospital. She told them I hurt my back lifting boxes. Failed to tell them I was in a vehicle accident. She filed a claim to workers comp on the incident of moving the boxes but not the car accident. After several Dr appointments and physical therapy I was told by the physical therapist I had a ruptured disc in my back. Now I received notice that workers comp does not want to pay all medical bills. They refused to allow an MRI. My back still hurts, I am still working and I am worried about future complications with my back. My supervisor nor the organization I work for will not take responsibility for not filing a claim for the accident.I was treated for picking up a box not for a car accident. I have contacted a couple lawyers who want to go the route of collecting money from the other driver. My concern is that my supervisor failed to follow procedure and now I have an injured back and cannot afford the medical bills workers comp won't pay. I can't seem to find a lawyer who will take the case.
  24. a pharmacy gave all of my childs information to another person and his medicine too.
  25. Hi, My ex husband is the custodial parent for our 14 yrs old son, but we are all still living on the same property (and since a few days, ex even dared to moved back into the house, urgh). Anyway, in his role as the sole decision maker, he had enrolled the boy into a school appr. 34 miles from our primary residence, as he used to live closer to that area before. The school is a 'public charter school', with admission lottery and waiting list etc. Anyway, we are living in North Harris County, and the school is in Sugar Land, Fort Bend county. So not only did my ex refuse to transfer the child to any other school, which might even offer bus transportation to school (ie, Public school), and insisted of driving him daily, but he also refused now, after an argument between the teenager and him, to drive him to school. I personally don't even have any transportation, so I am not able to do it, even if my schedule would permit. Ex has been peddling residences back and forth with the boy since even before the academic school year started and the child has due to his father already as of today 28.5 days of absences in total. My questions are: Who do I have to contact to inform that he is willfully keeping the boy out of school, out of spite over an argument? And are truancy issues, which are NOT based on the child, but the parent, another indication that the custodial parent is actually the unfit parent and can be held up against the custodial parent in family court? To the probably arising question as why my ex has the custody: He had made sure I was out of country when he divorced me, while he was in physical possession over this boy, but not our other child. Hence a custody decision was made, but only for the child in his possession, meaning, this one who's now having the issues that his father willfully keeps him out of school as a form of 'punishment' against the boy and me.
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