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Found 219 results

  1. I own a town home with assigned parking spaces in a carport. The homes were converted from an apt complex many years earlier. I have two vehicles parked in my assigned spaces. Due to title issues I was unable to obtain registration stickers. However, I had the cars inspected (required annually in Texas prior to registration) and both passed. However, due to the title issues, could not go down and get the registration stickers. I have been working on the title issues to get resolved. The HOA had both towed after warning me about registration. I told them the reason for no stickers but they didn't care. Nobody else that I know of here has had vehicles towed for lack of stickers. The Manager of the HOA is targeting me because I have 3 vehicles all parked in assigned spaces (I only have one space but contracted with other owners to use their spaces).. There is a shortage of parking here and they want my spaces for other owners. While sympathetic, I have the right to use those other spaces. I think my cars where towed illegally. The rules and regulations are in conflict with the Associanion CC&Rs and Bylaws over the parking rules. I am suing the HOA. for costs of towing, damage to vehicles, and cost of bringing the lawsuit. Hope someone will comment or offer advice, either way. Thanks Background Information.docx
  2. My fiance is in jail first offense agg.robbery first degree felony.theres 3 other dudes on the case being charged but they are coming together blaiming it all on my fiance what can i do.?!?
  3. we have been renting this home in grayson county texas for many years and more recently renting on a month to month basis. we have been negotiating over last few months to purchase this home from landlord. after paying 500.00 for appraisal which came under the sellers expectations and requesting some fixes in advance of purchase with included some potential safety concerns, owner decided to end negotiations rather than address fixes and gave 30 day notice to vacate. being we expected to live in this home we don't have the time, money or resources to comply in this short period of time with both adults working and 2 children in school who will now have to be uprooted from home and school. any recourse to save our sanity?
  4. My brother is on parole in Texas. He is living in a halfway house. His parole officer has requested "a plan" from him to move back to the county of his conviction. Is this something that happens a lot? He would like to avoid this situation if at all possible.
  5. When an American Citzen marries a student foreigner with a student visa in the us, it takes six months to receive a Green card after application and interview. How can one stop this from happening if family members believe this was done on a sham marriage?
  6. My mother in law recently passed away. My father in law passed away 3 years early. We had been told many times by my father in law that the will shares everything equally among the 4 children. There is not good will between my wife and her brother who is the executor. Is he legally required to read the will and inform all the children when he does so?
  7. Hi, I am seeking professional advice on whether or not I have a legal case against a hospital in Longview Tx. The story in a short version is, I was sent to the hospital for follow up testing by a Imaging office that my doctor sent me to for my final pregnancy scan. The office sent me to the hospital due to my sons decreasing heart rate. I was there for a fetal non stress test at 33ws 1 day. My son wasn't move much on the sonogram as well as he heart rate kept fluctuating from 180 at times to 40bpm. I was told they would be doing further tests at the hospital and that I would be taken straight up to labor and deliver. Arrived at hospital, checked in, told the receptionist what was going on. Was told someone would be right now, time kept passing, I went back to the desk and ask if I could just take myself, was told no, that she would call again, waited another 20 mins, finally a nurse came and got me apologizing for the wait. Now I have waited for approximately 45 or more mins, upon entering the room , changing into a gown, giving urine sample. The nurse start looking for fetal tones, could not find any called in others, long story short, I had to have a emergency csection but my son Caden had passed away. I eventually went back to the patient relations coordinator and asked her at what point does a pregnant woman go straight to the back without any wait. I asked for the policy and procedures. She told me at 20 weeks you do not wait, you will check in and go straight back. So I asked why did I have to wait almost an hour to be able to go back even when I asked to walk myself up? I said my son is gone now I feel because I had to wait so long even though waiting isn't a part of your policy. She proceeded to write some things down and told me there would be an investigation. 2 weeks later I receive a call stating the CEO of the hospital would like to hold a meeting with me, advice I was given told me not to go to the meeting at all due to the fact that the CEO of a hospital never wants to meet with you. I have went back and gotten all my health records, for myself and my son. I was told that I had one other set of records to get but when I went to get them Friday Sept 16th, I was told that she couldn't give me anything else and she had nothing else to give, even though the same girl showed me documents previously that needed to still be signed and told me to come back the following week. Also one of the nurses told my husband, my cousin and a friend that was in the hospital that night that, "they dropped the ball again, somebody messed up and they are going to have to pay for this" She started this after my husband asked her what in the world happened? I didn't learn of this comment until weeks later. If anything can be done possibly in the case please let me know. Also after looking at my medical files, it stated that I had a thin umbilical cord and something wrong with the placenta, due to me being a high risk, I received sonograms every Friday, but this was never mentioned.
  8. I am in serious discussions concerning a possible adult adoption of a long time close family friend that we've known since she was 6 yrs old. I live in Texas and she currently lives 2 hrs away in Oklahoma. Her parents died when she was 14, soon followed by all of her natural grandparents. She is somewhat estranged from the rest of her family. She now has children of her own and I am filling the role of grandmother to her children. The purpose of the adoption would be to legally establish our relationship for purposes of identification as next of kin and inheritance. Currently she has sole legal custody of her young children and the bio father has no visitation rights. His paternal rights, though, have not yet been terminated. His family name in the town where she currently lives has a negative stigma. If we follow through with the adult adoption, can the Judge also approve a name change for the grandchildren, or would we have to seek termination of the father's parental rights first? As I said, the mother currently has an order granting her sole legal custody of all of the children.Also, would I file the petition for adoption in Texas or Oklahoma?
  9. I replied to all on an email that I told the original sender Fu$& You on. Some of the recipients from the email were minors. I have been contacted by angry parents telling me I broke the law and they are seeking legal action.. I am having trouble finding case law and statutes on this. Did I commit a crime?
  10. I am a non custodial parent with 2 children. I pay all of my child support every month, I have shared custody, I am very involved in my children's lives, and I live in poverty because of the amount I have to pay every month.. I was just needing to know if I had the right to know what my ex makes per year because she make a lot more than she did when we were divorced. Also does her getting remarried change anything as far as child support payments. Thank you for your help.
  11. This is in regards to a real estate contract in Texas, paragraph 23. The buyer is allowed to terminate contact up to 5:00pm and receive their earnest money back. My question is: Is the fact that the seller or seller's agent didn't receive this notification (but was signed thru Docusign at 4:59pm) a legal reason to NOT return the earnest money to the buyer?
  12. If insurance company is taking too long to pay claim can insured pay to put their house back together and not jeopardize their claim?
  13. I run a car service. Because of the nature of the business, most services generally pay chauffeurs 'by the trip' with no compensation between trips. This could be construed in some instances to be compensable time, depending on the amount of time between, waiting to engage, engaged to wait scenarios, etc. I understand that. The way to avoid this is to pay chauffeurs min wage during the entire day and take the "tip credit" off of their overtime calculation. The problem is, this USUALLY results in LESS pay for the chauffeurs for each day resulting in unhappy chauffeurs! I am wondering, can I pay the chauffeur the GREATER of the 2 amounts calculated weekly, without affecting their rate of pay for any other calculations or an overtime dispute, etc?
  14. I have written before but was wondering about the narrow field of rules governing my forced amenities. According to the Paper I can only set out trash from 6-8 and trash cans being left out earlier forfeit you right to pick up you are in fact paying for. 2 hour window. I let them know I work from 3 - 10 and they said put it out prior to leaving. I reminded her of the rules and was told that they were not enforcing that rule. Given her nasty demeanor, I asked for that in writing and was told no. Also now my mail is lost. What should I do? I fear retaliation due to complaining. Ideas?
  15. Hello, I live in Austin, TX. My neighbor has 2 pool pumps on his property, one for his pool and the other one for his hot tub. The pool pump makes noise that is comparable to that of an A/C compressor (about 50 decibels), but it seems to have a higher pitch, thus it penetrates through my windows more easily. When only the pool pump works, it almost cannot be heard if I sit in a farther bedroom and close all windows and doors. Keep in mind, though, that this pump works an average of 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, from morning till late afternoon. However, if it is the hot tub pump that turns on, then it can be heard even with all windows and doors closed, emitting an annoying humming noise. Therefore, that pump is the main issue. This has effectively made it impossible for me to be in the bedroom with the window that faces the pumps, and I can’t imagine anyone being able to sleep in that room while it is on. The pumps are located right under that bedroom’s window, and the distance between our 2 houses is very small, so the noise seems to bounce back and forth between them. If someone from his house uses the hot tub late at night, then it makes relaxing and going to sleep difficult, although lately they made an effort to finish all activities until 10:30 pm (when the city noise ordinance kicks in). I did reach out to my neighbor about this, and he has really tried to help, by cleaning and maintaining the pumps on a regular basis. He even agreed to dampen the noise using some plastic mixed with Styrofoam (which cost me about $150) but it caused the pumps to overheat, and so right now the pumps are not dampened once again. In addition, he has requested some quotes from contractors that may be able to build a different structure around the pumps. On my end, I received a quote for insulating my windows (which will cost me about $1,800), and I’m waiting the result of his quotes first. I do need to mention that while both of our houses are brand new, he and his family moved-in earlier than we did, and so the pool and spa were already there when we were building our own house. It’s just that at the time of our home’s construction they didn’t seem like they would be such a big issue for me. I mention this, because I read an article here on FindLaw.com regarding Property Rights and The Law of Nuisance. An interesting bit in this article is called the “moving to the nuisance” doctrine, whereby if I willingly moved close to the source of the nuisance, and it was already there first, then I may be restricted from seeking injunctive relief. Perhaps this is the case here, I don’t know, and I hope someone can tell me one way or the other, and perhaps offer me some useful advice. Is there anything else I can do, other than soundproofing my bedroom, moving to another room, or moving to another house? Is there justifiable cause here for a nuisance lawsuit, or for an injunction? Thank you!
  16. My apartment decided we should have a trash pick up service. It costs an extra 25.00 a month. I did it for free up till now I pay for trash already and now I am forced to pay for this service or move out. Seems fascist to me. Is it legal to not allow an opt out on amenities?
  17. Seeking advice for adult adoption in the state of Texas. If anyone could help that would be great. Below i have a list of a few questions that need to be answered 1. Can multiple Children be filed for at the same time under the ($250) filling fee. Or does each child need its own case or "form?" 2. My parents are now divorced and i am seeking adoption from my step Father. (mother is aware and OK with it and willing to be present) Thanks for the help. Also i have attached a form i copied and edited for my situation for review it is not done but it is my understanding that i can show up with this pay my $250 and file it. I will receive a court a date and we all have to show up for it. Currently my father (US resident not citizen) is working overseas and not able to file himself Is it possible for me to file? adoption paperwork.docx
  18. I have a question about disclosure of information. My daughter is a distributee in the estate of her father. My daughter is a minor child. Back in 2015 when the estate proceedings began, I signed a consent to application for independent administration and waiver of notice. Since that time, I have heard nothing from the independent administrator directly. I have been able to determine on-line via public records in the county that 1. There has been a judgment declaring heirship. (My daughter listed as a distributee) 2. Independent Administrator has been has been granted. 3. Order granting letters of administration has been granted to the Independent administrator. The last thing that I see on-line is an Affidavit in lieu of inventory, appraisement, and list of claims. It says that "All beneficiaries have received a verified, full and detailed inventory of the estate."  I have received nothing on my daughters behalf from the Independent Administrator or her attorney or anyone else. The inventory is not listed on line under the public records for the estate. My question is this. Does the waiver of notice that I signed in the beginning, permit the administrator to not send this information to the beneficiary/distributee? Can I request that this information be sent to me even if I signed the waiver? If I can, do I request this from the Independent Administrator directly or their attorney?   Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.  
  19. I need to know how long the Attorney General's office in Texas can hold child support payments they have collected from the NCP. I was told they had 48 hours to forward payment after receiving it from the NCP. They receive the NCP payments via direct deposit, there are no arrears, other payments being withheld or any other extenuating circumstances which would cause them to keep payments longer than necessary. Is there a law in place that states how long they can hold on to these payments?
  20. I just received a letter from Tom Green County Justice of Peace for a trailer with no tail lights back in 2000 and I do not pull trailers of any kind, the letter has No Seal or ledgable signature and I have not lived in Texas in 12 years. This is the first time I have heard of this in sixteen years. I have had numerous background checks and even been checked by OSBI and nothing ever came up before. My question is : How far back can local jurisdictions go back thru files and look for people to pay old traffic tickets??????????
  21. I currently have a month old baby. The father of my child keeps threatening to take me to court for the past 5 months. He has a girlfriend who I don't one bit. I told him I do not have a problem with him seeing his child just not living under her roof which is actually her parents roof. He thinks its perfectly fine, but he doesn't approve of me moving to Louisiana with my parents. They have been wanting to move there for 3 years now since my dad can retire. The father of my son has not paid for any of medical bills for my pregnancy or the hospital bill. I was told I don't have to ask for him to pay he should be willing to pay. My parents finically support me and they are paying for my babies medical bills. Could I move to Louisiana with my parents since i am supported by them or would I get restricted to the area that I am in? Also could I restrict him for him not to have a significant others/ family members in his home? Which would cause him to move out of his girlfriend house and get his own place.
  22. The Independent Executor of my mother's estate has asked the heirs to sign self prepared documents for The Full and Final Distribution of her estate. I have a copy of a deed from the county land records for land and a farmhouse from my great grandparents estate that was conveyed to one of their children and she had to deed it back to the estate in order to receive Medicaid benefits. My maternal grandmother and some of the other owners have since passed. The deed has never been updated. The Independent Executor (my great uncle) who is my maternal grandmother's brother that cares for the property, said that I, my brother, my sister and a lot of grandchildren and great grandchildren will be involved in a separate distribution of future proceeds from my great grandparents estate and that it will not have anything to do with my mother's estate. Is this true, or by signing off on my mother's estate am I signing away all interest I have in this property?
  23. I currently have a 12-month lease which is up in May 2017 that I would like to get out of within approximately the next 4 to 6 weeks. After reading my lease, it does not specify any penalties for breaking the lease. I went to the leasing office to ask what was the easiest way to get out of my lease, and the manager said don't, since it would be very expensive. I asked where it said that in my lease, and I was given a copy of the community policies, which does indeed prescribe a penalty for breaking the lease and is described on its face as a lease addendum. After reading the community policies, I realized that I had never seen this paperwork before. I went back to the office to see if they in fact had a signed copy from me of the community policies, and they do not. I have attached the pertinent portion of my lease. Two questions: Can I be legally bound by a lease addendum I have not signed? If I decide to break my lease and give them 30 days notice, can I they say I am in default? lease.docx
  24. I'm not sure if I should hire a new lawyer for my brother or keep the one he has. My brother was arrested on 2 possession charges in Texas, Heroin and Meth both under 1 gram. He was booked in our city jail then 2 days later transported to our county jail and booked in. He got a $5k and $15k bond and I bonded him out after 7 days but as he was to get out on Saturday the city jail came and got him to sit out his traffic warrants. He was scheduled for county court on Monday but missed it because he was still in city jail. So we called his bail bonds as soon as he got out on Monday and he was to meet him at the courthouse on Tuesday. So Tuesday he goes to court and is arrested immediately for missing court the previous day, but he was still in jail. Here's the kicker, they took his wallet and belongings except his phone and searched his wallet and found Heroin between 2 business cards so they booked him in again with no bond. So now the bond has been forfeited due to failure to appear.....again he was still in jail at another location. The state has now forfeited the bond and we are responsible for paying it. I have hired a lawyer. Why wouldn't my lawyer go back to the judge and have those bonds reinstated since they were forfeited on the sole reason of failure to appear... he couldn't appear because he was still in jail.
  25. Good Evening, I am writing to see if here you can help me to solve this problem .I will explain shortly. My dad works in the oil industry for 27 years in a company called Halliburton. He was working in Venezuela and then they send him to Mexico through a Halliburton agencie called PRL as expatriate located in The bermudas,2 years ago they send him again for two months to venezuela to solve a problem in the company and he had a stroke there,so he started a condition in his contract called Short term disability of 6 months where they pay him 6 months of his full salary,then he start other condition called long term disability and he receive 18 months of his 40% based salary and his insurance. In all his disabilty process they threatned,broke clauses in the contract like he need to take a medical check before every assignment they send him to other country,they forced my father 6 months after his stroke to travel to mexico in his condition because if they didnt travel they threat with fired him,they said things like my father doesnt work more and he should go back to his country,etc. Since my father had the stroke has passed 2 years and he still in therapy for the speach and physical.H ecant speack yet,he cant walk yet.Because they made him go back to mexico and then he came here to united states. In this case are involved 4 countries.Venezuela,Mexico,The Bermudas and United States. I want to know if my father have any way to sue the company here in united states through the ADA or other organization because the agencie located in The Bermudas it is an subsidiary of Halliburton and the main office is here in United States,The clearly broke some clauses and didnt help in the recovery of my father in his disability condition.What i can do,which organization can help me?He have 27 years working with this company and i dont know what to do. Thanks for the help. I am his son and i was borned here in the united states,he is living here now and i dont know if i need to apply to him as citizen and find a way to fightfor his rights here. Celso Villarroel
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