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Found 221 results

  1. What is required of the medical professional/physician in reporting infant or fetal death? Does the coroner or JP have to be notified in Texas?
  2. Can they go around letting people hear there voicemails and also accuse someone of having a criminal record when they don't but they place the child in custody of a person that does have a criminal record and can't be around his own child unless supervised please help
  3. i have two children ages 10 and 12. I was divorced five years ago in Texas, and the children's father didn't bother to appear in court for the divorce hearing. I was granted my divorce, and the managing conservator rights for the children. Their father was granted the non conservator rights. We have a standard joint managing custody order. At the time of the divorce I lived in a different county then I do now, and since he decided to move to another state and not come to court. I requested that there be no geographically restriction be placed upon me. I later learned her remarried about six months after our divorce was final. About three years went by and their father moved from one state to another.He did not notify the courts of any address change during this time but the attorney general's office was aware of his address's because at that time he was paying his child support on a regular basis. I can only remember one time that he fell into contempt for not paying his child support but quickly resolved the issue during that period. He did however take out insurance medical policy's on the children and would not send the information to me. Then later he would threaten to turn me in for being on assistants programs while he carried these policies. I was unsure how to go about my legal rights. In the forth year, I was remarried. He decided to move back to the county that I had filled a divorce in and they still have legal jurisdiction on our case. This is when the children's father decided that the children needed to come live with him. He first stopped paying his child support for almost a year and a half. The children have a lot of medical issues, and they are severe issues which forced me to keep them on assistants from the state. One child is on disability while the other I am still in appeals with at the moment. The second thing he did was start calling child protective services on me and filling false allegations against me and my new husband. The allegations were ruled out and have been closed. He would send the police to my home to check on the children even though he was not exercising his full custody rights. He only comes on holidays, spring break, and summer. After he called cps, he then filled to modify the parent child relationship on both children. I was never served and had no knowledge he had filled this. I called the attorney's general office several times asking how could I get him to pay his child support. Finally my sister advised me to call them up and verbally request that they file legal action on him for being in contempt of court. So, I did this. And for any of you mothers or fathers that are having trouble getting your child support into legal action.....this actually worked. They filed on him to enforce child support and to get my case transferred to the county I live in now within a month. I went to the first hearing and he had not been served. Before the second hearing I was served with the paperwork on the motion to modify the parent child relationship and this hearing was before the second hearing on the child support. I went to motion to modify the parent child relationship, and the judge saw were the attorney's general office also had a case open. The judge said he was suppose to notify the AG office and he had not. So they brought in an attorney for the attorney general office. The judge said that he could not proceed with the motion to modify the child relationship because the ag was involved and that he had to have proper notification of such hearing. The children's father was asked if he wanted to wave his rights to be served and continue the hearing and he objected. So he told him that he would half to reset his hearing on the modification for the parent child relationship. I have read that he has to be given 10 days after he is served before he has to appear in the child support case. At that hearing child support hearing there is a motion to transfer the case as well but they reset the modification hearing until next month. I am without an attorney. He did start paying child support again right after the ag filled on him. Both children have stated they do not want to live with him but still want to continue their visitations with their father. Before we seen the judge, he sent me a text message asking if I wanted to try to make an agreement before we spoke to him. My response was no because it would be his terms or nothing. His reply was that it was time for one of the children to go live with him and since our son was now 12 he could decide who he wanted to live with now and that our daughter still had another year to make that decision. In other words if I let my son go live with him he would let me keep our daughter. The children have expressed to me that they do not want to be separated. I am unsure on what I need to file as a respondent. My husband and I live paychecks to paychecks. i do not work because both children have an unusual amount of doctor visits. I guess my question is what should I do from this point. The child support hearing is next week. What will happen in that hearing/
  4. My husband and myself have multiple rental properties. My husband is a perfectionist, and even though the houses are not that great, when we are done fixing up for renting they are a standard he would feel good about living in himself. We spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning the existing carpet when we first purchased the house. Just last week, one of the two tenants turned over the key to the house. The other tenant moved out unexpectedly just a few weeks prior. The carpet is in unreasonable condition, insanely dirty, like there was a car disassembled in the living room, burn marks from smoking(not allowed). Two doors inside were kicked-in at the bottom, and or chewed on(from unauthorized pet). Heaters stolen/ broken(cord chewed off from unauthorized pet), as well as an ac wall unit stolen. And bathroom knob missing, not just broken, but missing. We would of fixed that in heartbeat while they were renting! Of the two renters, the male one that left early calls with his number blocked. So we can not get ahold of him. The second, the female said she would pay for all the damages/do the work, and we wouldn't sue/go to collections. But she has not purchased a thing for a week. Regarding the damages, is it divided evenly(50/50) between the male and female, or are both considered liable for the full amount? I used to work at an apartment complex, and the property manager would say that all tenants were liable for the full amount till it was paid off. The female tenant just messaged my husband saying she talked to a lawyer, and that she should only pay half, so now my husband and I are worried. I was perusing chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code, and could not find a answer to this.
  5. Months back my daughter went to the emergency room she was having seizures and was throwing up everything she ate she's 7 months old. They asked me if she had any recent accidents because she had bleesing in her brain .and she did. Her 1 year old cuzin had flipped her over from her car seat and fell on to tile floor. Cps and HPD investigated us and they were just about to close a case. Then my daughter started spitting up again about a month later so I took her to the emergency room. They again diagnosed her with new bleeding in her brain and now NEW bleeding behind her eyes. The doctors asked how it got there but we have no idea completely clueless we were extra careful with our baby but the hospital says it was shaken baby syndrome. I have NEVeR shaken her. Now Cps took our kids were on the verge of getting them back thankfully but now HPD says we have to wait and see what the district attorney says. If we get procecuted or not. My question is will we be charged will we ever get our kids back?? Will we go to jail over being falsly accused is the doctors record enough to put us in jail. The only evidence they have is the doctors evidence Cps says they don't see neclect
  6. I am living in texas, and i am paying for child support and back child support for 1 child and I do not mind paying child support but I am just needing to get my payments reduced i am not making what i use to make and cannot afford to pay for this and take care of my 1 year old daughter who i have with a different woman, They are taking out $880 from my biweekly paychecks and I have recently been layed of so I just got a new job and I barley make $$2000 a month.... My payments were based off my past 2 years of tax returns and previous employers, and i am in an industry were my hours and work fluxuates and right now I am in a bad spot and looks like I will be here for a while work wise. I was told by the custodial parent she will not sign anything to let me reduce my payments, that I need to suffer like she has suffered the past 5 years and we should not have had a daughter if I couldnt pay for or be a dad to the one I already have...I have done all I could do we live 6 hours apart i have offered to pay for gas, hotels, etc... and went down as often as possible to see him and sent money all the time. She also has never worked, lives with a family member, no bills, HAD him on government assistance snap, Medicade, WIC. And decided she didnt want to do all the paper work so wants me to pay for health care which I cant afford and cant even afford it for my daughter who is on medicade... Can I ask if she can get him back on medicade because its free for both of us? Im not on insurance due to not being able to afford it. I dont want to go to court over this I just want my payments to go down low enough to were me my fiance and baby can survive while paying her, Also, if I claim my daughter and fiance on my taxes will they take all of my taxes because of back child support or just a portion? My daughter and fiance's money should not go to her in my opinion it for them not me or her,,, I am trying to do the right thing but got screwed in the mediation she said she wanted to take me for everythin I had, and doesnt care what happens to me or my family. If our payments do not get lowered we will end up homeless and I cannot do that to my daughter. I understand she needs help and i am paying her but she also needs to not being rude but get off her lazy butt and go to work.,,, she is 31 yrs old and i am 25.... shes living for free and lately for free and off my child support n back child support. Im doing my part why am I being punished for giving her cash the past few years and have no reciepts so she lied and said i never helped which is such BS. I am by no means #1 dad but I gave her ALOT of money and now she woke up one day and decided to take everything she could from me after 5 almost 6 years. What should I write, or any advice on what to mention or write on my review to help my family out so we do not become homeless because she wants me to suffer. I do not have the time nor money to drive back down there to go to court because i am trying to work as much as i can and when im not working im stuck because i have no money. PLEASE HELP ME just dont want my daughter to suffer she doesnt deserve to suffer from my mistakes nor my fiance
  7. My tenant has moved out of the home without notice. He left all sorts of household items. He is over two months past due in rent. He will not return calls or texts. I need to know if I have the right to clear the home of his abandoned possessions so I can get it ready to list for sale. Do I need to store his possessions for a period of time? I would prefer to call Mission Arlington and have them take everything so they can use it to help others.
  8. been with my husband for 13yrs. we came into our relationship with me owning 1 house and he owns 2. However we refinance them and both of our incomes have been paying for them. He also refinance my house with an extra $10,000. and now I owe more than what I started with. He paid his down. I let him handle the finances. he is military and has 1 1/2 years left till he retires and is stationed in cali was supposed to come back to tx. What am I entitled to?
  9. MDL Judge supposedly requires doctors reports to specifically say metallosis. My reports do not say that but do say the hip failed and it failed in less than a year. I had to have two revisions and had three dislocations.The main muscle to my hip was completely torn from the hip and could not be repaired and I now have a constrained hip. My Doctor told us after the surgery that there was metal after the first revision, but that was not in his report. I had to get the doctor to write an addendum to his report and he went back through his notes and wrote one, that stated metallosis and a pseudo-tumor and they will not accept this. They are wanting to throw my case out or settle for very little when I was first told that I had all the symptoms and within the time frame to be entitled for the full amount that they were going to offer. I am now disabled, and simply can not move like I use to or do the things I use to do. I was told that no one else could sue this company after September of 2014. Does that mean that I have to settle in this MDL. I have been told that even if I take them to trial I can not win because my doctor report does not say metallosis and the other side will not allow my doctor's letter. He said this judge will be the one that hears my case regardless and that is his criteria.
  10. I have a question that not many people have been able to help answer me and I don't know where to turn to. I was under the impression that my childhood home I grew up in belonged to my father. The land was originally my grandparents' land but after they divorced back in the 70s, my grandmother left to Premont, Texas and my grandfather was left with the property and the house. He since then has not paid any property taxes since. When both my grandparents had passed, my father (who was the oldest sibling of his 4 siblings) had mentioned to me that all of his siblings had signed the property over to his name solely along with the owed school and property taxes that have never been paid. I do remember my father was trying to sell the land but had no luck, but those and other details weren't shared with me as an adolescent child. After my father passed away when I was 17, I was told the land was going to be taken away by the city because it was violating city regulations since it has been considered abandoned and not up-kept along with the past due taxes. As someone who was ignorant of what was supposed to be done, I had left the state due to my personal affairs as a 17 year old child with my father labeled as a missing person's case. Upon my arrival, the land had not been taken away as of yet but I was told I needed to contact the tax office. Once I did, I was informed I personally had owed over $145,000 in taxes. Being a young mother with no job and a disabled husband in desperate need of back surgery, I was not able to even afford such payments to keep up with the property. I just had a sense that they would take it away sometime soon and I had no control over it. Now, my common-law husband was trying to sign up for disability a few months back due to his past medical history and his informative letter had showed up that the property was under my name. I currently live out of state. If I had known this land was passed down to me legally, I would of found a way to at least upkeep it or sell it if the choice came right down to it. I've had a cousin of mine try to help me but with the amount of taxes owed on it, he was unable to. I find it unfair my grandparents and father were not able to meet with what was supposed to be paid for on it and now leave this burden with me. I don't want to lose the land, and I have no idea what's the first step to save it. I'm looking for at least some tax pardon that can help me with the property so I can use it for my and my younger sister's advantage. It's a commercial property and as someone who was left with nothing but debts and trying to pursue an education in Law, this has become something of my interest and would like to see my options to save this property that has been apart of family for quite sometime.
  11. In 2012 i was received a ticket for no passanger seat belt. I had been nomadic due to a bad divorce which left me homeless. I had no job, no vehicle,and was scheduled to leave by bus to stay at a friends in another town 4 hours away. i had filed for disability/ssdi before i left and faxed over the letter with a request for deferred adjudication. All before court date. When i called they told me i was not to ever call but had to show up or it would go to warrant. The cost rose to 1000.00 and suspended my drivers license. They still will not work with me and i cannot drive very far with anxiety and panic attacks. What can i do.
  12. I once was told years ago that if you owe a bill like say a Medical Bills, that if money is short & you pay on that bill say a Dollar that, that Business had to take it & no I'm not saying that's what I want to pay cause I owe & have for years paid them $50.00 a month but I'm on S.S now & cant pay that much they want $25.00 a month But so does a lot of other businesses I owe & can I pay them $10 $15 a month do they have to take it or do I have to pay them what they want , sorry this is so long Thanks, Mary
  13. next to my brother home, there is a business, on the middle there is a broken fence, on that section my brother put a piece of wood, the business customer came and knock out the piece of wood with his truck, then my brother came and try to put the pc of wood back, by accident he scratched the bumper/muffler of the customer's truck, owner of truck called police and they arrested my brother, he out now with a bail, he already had court ,then he received letter in the mail stated that, Intentionally and knowingly damage and destroy tangible property to wit a ford truck by putting objets into the exhaust pipe and by striking the truck with various objects without the consent of owner , and did thereby cause pecuniary loss to the owner of fifteen hundred dollar or more . AGAINST THE PEACE AND DIGNITY OF THE STATE. Offense ;Criminal Mischief .Midland texas. On his first court owner of truck didn't show, also police took the store video as a proof in court. We need a legal advice please.
  14. We are being wrongfully accused of Burglary of a Building. We were given permission by a person who paid the supposed owners a cash sum to scrap and or junk items from the property. In a nutshell we were arreste, jailed and given $10,000 bonds for going to pick up a couple pieces of furniture that was sitting on the front deck outside the home. We never entered a building at all. The arresting officer not only allowed the person who now claimed to be the rightful owner to go through not just the bed and toolbox of our truck but also the cab and our personal belongings inside the cab of the truck. Then once the truck had been placed on the tow truck for impoundment we all followed this unknown to us person back to the home and the officer and tow truck driver unloaded the entertainment center, desk chair and wooden bench in to a open front shed across from the house itself. How can they place us under arrest without even giving us a chance to defend ourselves with the truth while allowing her to say we went into the building and stole these items. She wasn't there at all. Then how is it they can return "stolen items evidence" without first taking them to be logged in as just that, Evidence? I know that we had no intentions of committing theft of anything. We were under the assumption that permission had been given and even paid for to remove items from the property. We didn't enter any building at all. We only went on the deck and front yard.
  15. Morning ladies and gents, The short story After 13.5 yrs I left a salary plus commission job selling high end measuring equipment, as a distributor salesman (I had a Contract) I now work for the OEM of said equipment as a Regional Sales Manager Upon my departure from previous employer, I am owed approx $21,000 in commissions, I gave my employer the option to pay me in a single check or as the company received commissions from OEM (paid upon shipment of product), they would pay me. This was mutually agreeable. Month one came and went, no check, I phoned my ex VP (a friend, I thought) he blew it off as an incident. Month two, got a check in the neighborhood of 60% of what I was owed for the current period. I sent the VP an email asking what had happened (email string is below) I've inquired with friends that are business owners and my current employer and not one person I speak to can confirm evidence of an industry standard allowing these guys to defer from my contract with regards to commissions. What would be my next step? Sent: ‎10/‎10/‎2014 4:58 PM Subject: RE: closed machine list - unpaid commissions list President had me check what the industry standard was for paying commissions on capital equipment when the salesperson left the company. I check with B******, M****** and with J****** and all three said basically the same policy. That commissions earned on sales that were not delivered, installed and paid for (or in our case commission paid) until after the salesman leaves were paid at half the amount or 10% instead of the full or 20%. Ariel insisted that we comply by the industry standard and therefore did the 10%. This went down last Friday and I knew you were leaving for Germany and thought I would wait until you got back to explain. Regards, Sent: Friday, October 10, 2014 1:46 PM Subject: RE: closed machine list - unpaid commissions list Got notification the deposit went through, thanks! But it’s a little light, by my records the gross should have been $ 4,501.82, but the check is only $2,835.58. What am I missing? Here is the breakdown: Sale 1 – $23,386.80 @ 15% = $3,508.02 (5% to Rick) Sale 2 - $4,969.00 @ 20% = $993.80 Attaching a copy of the pay-stub I got in the mail.
  16. State: Texas On 10/9/2014 I was fired from my job working for a telecommunication company due to the following reasons: - Getting another job - Going over my team leaders head about pay that had been promised to me for over a year. The raise was given to me July of 2014, which I was called at my 2nd job (yes I have 2 jobs just to live which now that I got fired I might lose all that I have) and took the raise back for no valid reason and stated "I don't think it will go through". - A Phone call Below is the observation given on the call by my team leader which has consistent lies in it, I will bold the parts where he lied and provide what actually happened. I do not have the call recording to provide the proof as I was immediately denied access to the Gmail account, and other resources when I was terminated. Fortunately I was able to copy my observations and incidents to show how "good" an employee I was for the company. My Call Notes: "name, email, phone number and callers employee ID redacted for confidentiality" Description of Issue: After trying to get information from customer at start of call and him giving problems providing the information customer states he is unable to connect remote to his computer. Customer states he is out in the field and with customers and needs to connect now. I advised customer that I would have to escalate a ticket for further investigation on the error he is receiving. Customer states he needs this fixed now and started giving me more of an attitude. I advised customer he could contact his field tech if he needs immediate technical assistance and customer states he doesn't know a field tech and just wants me to fix the issue now! I advised customer there was no need to have the attitude towards me as I was trying to help. Customer reply with ""JUST DO YOUR JOB!"". I advised him to have a great day and terminated call. Observation: After branding the call you began to obtain the caller's contact information to begin tracking the call. Thrown off by how much information was being requested the caller asked if he had called L****. (the customer wasn't thrown I asked for 1 piece of information and he was pissed off. All I asked for was his name after he gave me that I then asked for phone number, this is where he started to give me issues, then continued to gather his email but after asking for it he stated quote: "WHY do you need this information, am I calling "name redacted for confidentiality" or not!"). You could have simple acknowledged the caller's question and reaffirmed that he had contact "agency name redacted for confidentiality" Help Desk in a positive engaging response (e.g ""Yes sir, this is the "agency name redacted for confidentiality" Help Desk. I will be happy to assist you with your issue but before we continue do you mind if I obtain your contact information to assist me?"") Instead you smartly (I did not "smartly" reply as he states, I informed him who we were since he obviously didn't know after telling him at the start of the call.) replied ""Right, this is the information we gather from every single person who calls into the help desk"" (I did not state this I said quote: "Correct, we are the "agency name redacted for confidentiality" help desk and we gather this information from every single caller who contacts us" I then aain tried to get his information which in observation employer doesn't state how much trouble he actually gave me to get this simple basic information that ALL people who call the helpdesk provide when they have an issue.) The caller then asked if you were located downtown (presumably referring to downtown St. Louis). You could have simply replied you were located in Texas. There was no harm in providing this information and could have gone a long way in helping the caller understand the reason why you were asking for his contact information. Instead you plainly stated ""We are the "agency name redacted for confidentiality" Help Desk"" which did not answer his question. (I said "no" which answered his question he states I didn't answer his question but I did. Also my location didn't matter in the first place. The customer was trying to find out my location to see if I was the actual agency/provider or the helpdesk that has limited abilities to handle issues beyond password resets.) After a brief (2 seconds.....) pause the caller, still confused (He wasn't confused at all he was pissed off with major attitude problem), asked if you were local. Instead of answering the caller's question directly you replied ""We work for """agency name redacted for confidentiality", placing emphasis on each word. (So many lies I did not just state we work for "agency name redacted for confidentiality" I advised him again who I was my name and what we provided assistance for which consisted of reset passwords for computer they login to (not remote connections) and the oracle portal where they print pay stubs. I advised that anything beyond this we have to escalate a ticket for.) The caller, realizing he was getting nowhere with his questioning, (More like he finally understood who we were and told me his issue) stated that he was having trouble establishing a remote connection on his laptop and asked if you could assist him. You replied ""Sure, I can sure help you out but I will still need to gather the information that we are required to gather so can I have your email?"". While acknowledging the customer's request for assistance you still insisted the caller provide all of his contact information before any further assistance would be provided. The caller provided his email address and employee ID upon request. (Now this is where I started to get agitated with customer since I've spent 5-8 minutes just to get basic contact details from a pissed off guy that is obviously not going to listen to me from the start.) You reaffirmed the employee ID he provided was "redacted employee ID". You asked to confirm that he was having a problem logging into his computer.(another lie I confirmed he was unable to connect to his computer "remotely" which he doesn't mention here but shows he lied in next sentence.) The caller explained he was trying to log into his computer remotely but was being returned an error ""Juniper terminal services: Client cannot establish a connection to secure gateway. Please click OK to exit. For assistance please contact the administrator"" and that he had called our help desk for assistance. You informed the caller you would have to escalate a ticket for further assistance. (Down further you will see team leader contradict himself saying I should have escalated ticket and called on call resource which I tried to do multiple times as shown below) The caller asked how soon he could expect assistance as he was at an offsite location in a meeting with clients, implying that he needed urgent assistance. (He did not just simply ask "how long will it take to get a response" he said quote: "I cant wait for a ticket I NEED ASSISTANCE NOW!) You flatly responded that the caller could contact his field tech if it was an emergency. (Obviously he's not a field tech because he doesn't know how to CONNECT to his computer remotely which is very basic stuff but beyond my scope of support for this engagement.) The caller replied in an exasperated tone that he thought that was who he had called. (another lie he did not say this this is where he again got attitude with me and said "That's why Im calling YOU!") You replied smartly (if you cant see the trend with his "smartly" comments showing my TL doesn't like me as I was never acting "smartly" I was telling the customer again who we were and tried to get his location so I could get him a field techs number. Employers notes is also not in order of how call actually went as you can see this part goes 3 paragraphs down. ) ""Well, we are the "name redacted for confidentiality" Help Desk, not a field tech"" emphasizing the word HELP and went on to state ""If you're needing this issue fixed right away I can escalate a ticket (2nd time I told him I could escalate a ticket for him and that was all I could do as we are not trained to FIX any other issue.) but there is nothing I can do to fix the issue. (another part left out I said quote: "There is nothing I can do to fix your issue right this second.") It sounds something more like computer related as far as settings so you would either need to contact a field tech or allow me to escalate a ticket."" (3rd time I offered to escalate a ticket on his issue.) Your assumption that the caller needed to contact a field tech for immediate assistance was incorrect. (Wish they didn't lock me out so I could show the documentation that says to ask if they are a field tech on urgent issues and if they are NOT a field tech to refer them to the field tech on call and escalate ticket which as you see above I tried to start this process but customer had such an attitude towards me from the start that he wouldn't listen instead acted obscenely to me). You assumed the caller was a field tech but never confirmed this by asking the caller. (Its painfully obvious this guy wasn't a field tech so using my best judgement for a pissed of caller I didn't ask more question that he wouldn't want to answer so I choose to not "confirm this" by asking) Based on the Juniper error that caller was receiving this appears to suggest the caller was attempting to establish remote access using the VPN portal. (Again something we didn't handle we ONLY dealt with computer password resets for computer they are actually AT and for the oracle portal which is not the same as the VPN portal.) "wiki link redacted for confidentiality" Further questioning was needed to confirm the method the caller was using to establish a remote connection. (Which I would have gotten if the caller wasn't rude and actually worked with me instead of against me.) Regardless whether the caller was a field tech using "redacted application name" or an employee using the VPN portal the caller clearly indicated he needed urgent assistance. For both of these instances it is clearly outlined within the L*** that urgent issues should result in a ticket being assigned to the specified workgroup and a call placed to the on-call resource for immediate assistance. (Did I not offer this 3 times as shown above? Yes the customer didn't want this he wanted me to blow him and fix his issue right that second.) "wiki link redacted for confidentiality" Exasperated by how difficult it was to try to get assistance (Caller was the only one making it difficult the entire time) the caller replied in an agitated tone (He had this tone the entire call because he was trying to make a sell and wanted that money fast but couldn't do it without logging into computer so he was pissed off that he might lose sell, NOT my fault learn to use a computer in my opinion) ""Well, I don't know anything about calling a field tech. I'm trying to get this computer signed on because I have customers and clients in front of me. Now whatever you need to do just do it sir please."" You replied in a defensive posture ""Well, there's no need to get an attitude with me sir, I'm trying to help you here."" (This is the 3rd time I asked him to stop giving me attitude as I was trying to help him and his next response made it even worse) The caller replied ""I'm not here to [unintelligible] my attitude, I'm just trying to get some service here sir""(He put unintelligible to hide or make it look like you couldn't hear what the customer said. The customer cussed at me saying quote: "I'm not here to talk about my damn attitude"). You replied ""Sure, have a great day sir"" and terminated the call. (More lies, I didn't say "sure" I said quote: "Have a great day sir" and terminated call as he had been warned numerous times.) To be able to track the call we do need to obtain the caller's contact information and our call flow does suggest obtaining this information at the beginning of the call (This is where he shows that above he lied about we don't have to get all the information at start of call which as he just stated "our normal flow does suggest obtaining this information at the beginning of the call") but there is no exact script (lies again there is a script that we follow unfortunately I don't have access to the resource anymore to provide the proof which he more than likely changed after this incident.) that we must follow in order to obtain this information. In the interests of providing a positive customer service experience we expect you to use your best judgment to adjust your call flow on how and when to address the caller to obtain this information. When it became apparent that the caller was needing urgent assistance you could have addressed his issue directly and then obtained the remaining contact information during the call when the opportunity presented itself. (Again I offered 3 times to escalate his ticket, its like he wanted me to give him a hand job, while tell him it was ok patting the customer on the head like I am glad to be treated like a POS by some random individual that calls into helpdesk.) There should be no reason why a caller should have to practically beg you to provide assistance, especially since it was clear his was in a situation that required immediate resolution. The caller was initially confused and was asking questions in an inquisitive nature to understand who he was speaking with. You took the customer's line of question as offensive and from then on your replies were said in a defensive posture, (I feel like I am in a football game I was playing offense and defense......) lacking empathy and warmth to encourage a constructive, engaging conversation (Would you show empathy to someone who calls you and gives you non stop attitude? And cuss's at you? Heck no!). The caller was not giving you ""attitude"" as you suggest in your ticket notes and only became confrontational at the end of the call due which was warranted based on your general lack of assistance. This call was poorly handled and is considered a customer mistreat (I get mistreated and he says I mistreated the customer...?...)as you did not follow the instructions on the wiki to correctly escalate the caller's urgent issue to obtain prompt assistance and there was no justification for you to hang up on the caller. (It was clearly stated to give 3 warnings to customers that were irate, not listening to us after repeated attempts, or cussing at us. He did all the above.) Below are the areas you lost points in: Qualifying the Customer (-6) Customer Service/Etiquette (-6) Call Control (-6) Closing (-6) Provided Customer with Accurate Problem Analysis (-10) Provided Customer with Accurate Troubleshooting Steps/Information (-10) Provided Accurate Resolution / Escalation / Referral (-10) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Separated for better reading ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have had multiple compliments from multiple customers showing I am not the so called "bad" guy that my employer is making me look like. Below is 1 copy I was able to get from my employee file showing customer who asked to speak to supervisor to give a complement on me. This is only what I could get I had more than just the below. "name & date redacted for confidentiality" Employee Communication "name redacted for confidentiality", a "agency name redacted for confidentiality" citizen, requested to speak to a supervisor to compliment "name redacted for confidentiality" for being kind and patient in addressing all of her concerns while also going above and beyond to show her how to access agency resources to obtain further assistance with her agency-specific questions. Way to go "name redacted for confidentiality"! Also all my performance review show how I was a great employee and doing a great job here are some example: - You did an excellent job during the month of March, meeting all of your performance standards. - Your stats look good for the month of June with the exception of your Texas.gov chat tracking which you explained was due to performance issues with the tracker at the time the chats was offered - Overall, you are doing a good job. Keep up the good work! - For the majority of your calls you show to be polite, engaging and acknowledgeable in resolving callers' issues. (This is only one I have a problem with. If a caller is rude as heck to me yeah I wont be so polite sorry its called karma) I am sorry for the very long post but have to explain full detail so you can see the full picture of how I have been treated wrong by this team leader and employer. I am asking for legal advise on the following: 1. Should I file lawsuit? 2. I contacted a lawyer 1 said they don't think I have a case, so what do you think? There is a ton more that I have on this team leader mistreating employees. One lady who is around 60 has been told she was stupid and brought to tears by this team leader. There are other agents with similar mistreatment issues who I can have write statements on this team leaders mistreatment and the employer not sticking up for employee since its a right to work state and they just fire people that stick up for their rights. Regards, Former Employee Wrongfully Terminated
  17. I live in Houston and recently applied with a company in Austin. During the interview process I had disclosed that I had misdemeanors for DUI’s. They stated it would not be an issue as long as it was not a felony and was called back for two additional interviews after that. I was ultimately offered the job. That week that I was supposed to start, I found an apartment, paid the application fee, down payment and first month’s rent. I moved in the day before I was to start and on that day later in the evening I received a message that my background check had not come back and for me not to start until Monday. Monday came around and the back ground check had not come through. I was told that the county was taking long in responding and ultimately ended up waiting 2 wks until my background came back. When it finally came in, I was asked to come back in for a meeting. They were concerned that because I would be managing the department that had involvement with two of the counties where I was arrested in and felt I might be bias. Because of this HR, not my hiring manager, decided it would be best to rescind the job offer. Although I was never promised relocation expenses, I asked about being reimbursed since I would have never moved if I had not been offer the job which I thought was a go even before my start date and never was I informed until the day before I suppose to start that my background had not come in. I was told no, they would not reimburse me. I want to know if, I am able to legally have them reimburse me for all my moving expenses through Promissory Estoppel. Everything that I have read online for Texas doesn’t seem to offer a clear answer. I tried contacting one attorney, but he never got back to me, so I don’t want to waste any more time if it is not a possibility. I spent a couple thousand to move there, when I am already unemployed and just want to be fairly reimbursed.
  18. On Sept. 11th 2014 @ 1:20pm, my rights to privacy and my constitutional right to be free from unreasonable search and seizures were violated. Mr. B the administrator for WORKPLACE demanded a drug test without reasonable cause, basing his decision strictly on hearsay. Mr. B failed to have me sign a consent form. During the procedure my privacy rights and human dignity was violated. Mr. B had Mrs. S, the activity director, who has no training on drug testing procedure, go into the bathroom with me and proceed to stare and watch me urinate, staring at my vagina. I was mortified, humiliated, and embarrassed. This would be viewed as highly offensive to a reasonable person. Even though I passed the drug screen, I have to come to work daily and it has become difficult for me to look these two people in the face. The level of embarrassment I experience daily affects my mental and emotional health. My career as a nurse and Director of Nursing is one of the most important aspects of my life. My human dignity has been compromised, I am distraught and disgusted. I feel as though I have been violated, my personal and constitutional rights have been breached by my employer. Mr. B did not do any investigation into the allegations and proceeded to illegally take action. On Sept. 11th 2014 @ 4:00pm, only 3 hours after this humiliating illegal drug test, Mr. B proceeded to present me with a write up regarding the hearsay. He was harassing me further to the point of emotional distress. I refused to sign such a write up that had no facts or evidence to show cause. I did indeed go home due to being able to properly carry out my duties because of the stress and harassment. Any suggestions on how to proceed? What, if anything, can be done?
  19. When my ex husband and I divorced I still lived with him and our twin daughters...i agreed to the divorce even though we were still together he said his mother would not put the house in his name and Isigned the divorce papers I had no idea he had made me possesory conservator with kids first vists I have always been the primary caregiver of my children well he has used these papers against me for years as I am a recovering alcoholic...well he kicked me out eventually and I would still come over and make sure they were ready for school and bathed etc. well he finally dropped the girls off at my parents house for 18 months my parents and I took total care of them he visited them 3-5 times...well I became disabled he began to receive payments for them I asked that he bring the money so that it could be used for the girls he showed up 2 months later he gave half of the money to my dad and said he would return the following day with the rest I advised him that there would be a hearing with the Attorney General he became angry and said that he would leave with them well the following day he checked them out of school and moved them 5 hours away. My parents took him to court for grandparent rights and were turned away because we are alive and not in jail He now wants me to go over there I have visited 2 times and taken them to the dentist he has brought them over here a few times sometimes for 2 days sometimes for 2 weeks when he brings them he threatens me not to let my parents see them because they will not close their case...well my transmision is going out so I cannot go there at this time so my parents and I made plans to go when I called to confirm he told me he was going to bring them here...when I called to see where he was he said he couldn't afford it...my parents now want to pay an attorney to represent me...he tells me not to threaten him with court he has threatened to leave the state with them he says we are harrassing him with all the phone calls...he still wants me to go over there then one of my little girls has been crying when I speak to her when he heard her the second time he grabbed the phone screamed don't be making her cry I never even got to hear what she had to say and he hung up.
  20. My husbands ex wife was ordered by the judge to give their son his meds for ODD (he takes Risperidone for anger issues and other problems) and (Daytrana for ADHD)..He has been on both meds now for over 2 years and she was giving him his meds up until the end of June 2014..July 1,2014 was our month to have them and he had his meds everyday and night..Now that they are back with their mother, she has since stopped giving him his meds..How can we go about seeing that he gets his meds like the judge has ordered? Her reasons are that they make him sick and break out, but we know this not to be true its just an excuse to stop making him take them keep in mind the nurse has told them that at no time with out the doctors premission should he be taken off the drug because just like any other drug, risperidone can have some troubling side effects. Please help with any advise you may have..
  21. This is a long story, so I will try to cut to the chase. Over the Labor Day weekend, I traveled to Oklahoma to visit a family friend who had just delivered her 3rd daughter (the other two are ages 1 and 2!!!). She and her common law husband had moved just moved from Texas in May in order to be near his family to assist her with her babies and for better employment opportunities. They informed me that they are struggling financially partially due to child support for his son from a prior relationship being garnished from his check.....DESPITE his having signed over his paternal rights in March. Back Story. He and his ex divorced in 2010 and they had 1 young son. They did not part amicably and she has made visitation difficult or impossible. She served two tours or military duty and shipped her son several hundred miles away to live with her mother while she served duty. He has a less than stellar record of employment and owed considerable back child support when, last summer, she returned from service with a new boyfriend and filed a petition to terminate his parental rights and enforce back child support. By this time, he and my friend had two daughters and still lived in the Texas jurisdiction where the 2010 divorce case was held and where the mother filed the 2013 petition. He hired a lawyer to defend his paternal rights and to seek enforcement of visitation. The mother filed a motion to transfer venue to the county where her boyfriend bought a home and where the child was then living. The divorce court found the mother in contempt and ordered her to permit visitation, but even though the father had to travel 2.5 hours each way to her home, - with the exception of 1 visit - she continued to defy the court and would either not answer the door or would claim the child was ill. The court also held the father in contempt for nonpayment of support and ordered him to bring it current. While he managed to pay $5000 toward the back support, he lost his job before he was able to pay it in full and had no resources from which to borrow the money. it also appeared evident that the divorce court order that the case be transferred to the county where the child lived and his attorney, to whom he still owed fees, refused to continue to represent him once the transfer occurred. Facing contempt of court for nonpayment of support and the inability to afford an attorney to continue to litigate enforcenment of paternity, he instructed his attorney to tell her attorney that he would agree to sign over his rights on the condition that he would be relieved from his obligation for PAST
  22. Parents were married, divorced in TX over 7 years ago. Parenting and visitation docs filed in TX. Father didn't exercise rights for those 7 years. Mother had custody, remarried had child #2 in CO. New husband was psychological father for those 7 years. New husband and Mother recently separated, Old Husband filed docs in TX and Mother didn't appear for court hearing, TX gave custody to Old Husband. New husband appeared, but TX wouldn't acknowledge psychological father. Is there anything that can be done for the psychological father? Please help!
  23. The question is in the topic. I thought I remember reading a US Supreme Court case indicating that not showing a peace officer your ID or identifying yourself (in accordance with your states statues, specifically Texas Penal Code Section 38.02(a) FAILURE TO IDENTIFY) does not constitute reasonable suspicion or probably cause for detainment and/or arrest. However, I am unable to find anything as the search string is too long. Specifically, I am talking hypothetically if the police asked for ID after stopping you for exercising a legal activity (i.e. open carry). I know the basics of Terry v. Ohio and Brown v. Texas, but I have trouble reading the legalese. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  24. me and my mom have been getting into it alot and ive been staying from place to place and wanted to know how can i get some of my paperwork so i can get a job?
  25. My brother is on his 4th DWI in the state of Texas. The last felony DWI was back in 2004 in which he served 2 years. He was not pulled over or behind the wheel the night of the incident. But the police were called because of suspicious activity, once the police arrive they found him outside trying to get into his apt as he girlfriend locked him out. His car was on with the hazard lights on but he technically was not driving or in the car. He refused a field sobriety test, as well as the breathalyzer but once he was in lock up they took his blood. I do not have the results of the test, but I do know he had been drinking. Do they have a case? (I'm unfamiliar with the state laws regarding if he would need to be physically in the car to be charged with DWI. ) Do they have to prove that he was driving? Is the case beatable? Is probation a possibility if he takes the conviction? He currently has a court appointed attorney who doesn't seem to be trying to do much for him. She advise him it could be 25 years to life, so we are trying to find out as much as we can about all this so he can at least have some kind of knowledge regarding this topic. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!
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