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Found 215 results

  1. The two beneficiaries (a niece and nephew) are not happy, and refusing to communicate with him. The deseased bank accounts, money, stocks, and home, were all left to the two individuals. The Home does have a Mortgage and Home Equity loan tied to it, and was not left to them free and clear. There is only enough life insurance to pay for his funeral expenses and the dew medical bills that were left. The personal belongings, guns, vehicles, furniture, household goods, jewelry, was all left to my husband. The two individuals, did live in the home, but have recently moved out, and took everything with them. The man died in August, and the individuals moved out in March. My husband had allowed them to live there while going through probate, being that the home was left to them, they were paying the mortgage and also a Home equity loan that was tied to the home. We just recieved notice that the April payments for both the mortgage and loan payments were not made. My husband has called them, left messages, and mailed them letters stating that they need to bring the property back that they removed from the home, or provide receipts that they have paid for the items removed. (Can he file theft charges on these two for the removal of the items?) Also to let him know what they are wanting to do with the home. Such as, try and get a new loan, get the home refinanced or sale, and neither one will respond, or sign for the certified mail. The will does state that the Exector may sell any property without any permission from the court. He is tryuing to work with these people and do the right thing, but they are not very reasonable, when you can't communicate with them. What are the next steps? He does have a Probate Attorney, but he stays very busy, and we are just waiting for his return call. I am just curious as to what others might suggest his options will be.
  2. I was in a car accident because I had a red light in an intersection that I had just been given a left green arrow to enter. To make matters worse roads were wet. When I told the officer that i don't know why I ran the red light since I had my cell phone powered off in the car. I told him that I had had a green light to enter this intersection. He said that this happens all the time at this intersection and that the lights aren't synced right. Looking at other intersections that I use regularly the light after the turn is always green under a bridge. Do I sue the traffic light for the damages to my vehicle or do I fight my ticket for running the red light?
  3. My bathtub is peeling and rusting and my landlord told me that if I want it fixed I can't use the only bathroom I have for my family (4 kids) for 4 days. That means no toilet or tub/shower and they refuse to provide us with a place to use either stating "that's not our problem, you want it fixed you need to find somewhere to go!" I pay my rent on time if not a week early and have never asked for anything fixed in the year and a half I have ice here. Is this legal for them to leave us without any where to use the restroom or bathe for the 4 days it will take for them to scrape, sand and let it sit?
  4. My daughter has been charged with Intoxicated Vehicular Manslaughter, but has been offered a plea bargain. The plea bargain is a misdemeanor DWI. The issue is my daughter was not driving & this stems from a fatality accident. Her 2 year old daughter was also in the accident, but unharmed. My question is: If she takes the plea bargain, can CPS charge her with something, such as Child Endangerment. This accident happened just over 4 years ago& I am trying to find out if there is a statute of limitations & if so what is it, for CPS to be able to charge her.
  5. My husband has been absent for 2 years now. I have recently had him served by publication. I'm doing this pro se, and it has been a difficult process. We have a two year old but she has been with me the whole time. I have not had a single phone call or anything from him. Anyways, I've done some reading and I noticed I have to hire a lawyer ad litem. Now do I absolutely need to do this? If so what are the usual price ranges? There's a reason why I am doing this pro se.
  6. Ex employer owes me unpaid wages and the wages they claim they paid me I never even received. I received my W2 for filing taxes and the social security number is not mine. I need help to increase the process of either the Texas unemployment/Wage Commission or the IRS to prove the fraud my ex employer is committing towards me. I have been fighting this case since last march
  7. Hello, My name is M****** and here is my problem. In May of 2013, I moved from College Station, Texas to the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. I had a gym membership in College Station and wanted to transfer my membership to the Garland, Texas location. I went to the Garland location and explained that I had a membership but needed to change my home gym to Garland, Texas. The lady said that was no problem and took me and filled out the paper work to transfer the membership (or so I thought). In January of 2015, I decided to cancel myembership in Garland, Texas. I noticed on my billing statement that I had a charge from the gym, but not from Garland, but from College Station. I began looking back into my files and statements and come to find out, my account was never transferred from College Station, Texas. I have continually been billed since May of 2013 to the extent of over $800. I contacted both gyms and have been informed (now) that the College Station, Texas location is a "Corporate" owned gym. And the Garland, Texas location is a "Franchise" gym. I have spent hour on the customer service phone line attempting to explain that there are two things wrong, only to be told two things. (A) It was my responsibility to cancel my membership in College Station (I was never once even remotely told this. I was told everything was transferred). And that ( in the contract I signed in College Station, it states that there is a 90 day time-frame to dispute a charge after a membership has been cancelled. So here is my problem: (A) I was incorrectly told (lied to) by the gym in Garland, Texas that it was possible to transfer my membership from College Station, Texas to Garland, Texas. I was never given a form, a piece of paper, or anything explaining how to go about cancelling my other membership, it was strictly told to me that the transfer was done. ( The gym's corporate office continues to state the "90 Day Clause" of wrongful billing, but it was gym who dropped the ball and did not cancel the membership in College Station. I have even said that I would be willing to just take the amount for the past 90 days only to be told that those charges were not incorrect because the account was never cancelled (again, at the fault of the gym). © I am now being told that the gym does not do transfers, and mind you this was not even spoken of until the 5th time I called them, and it seemed they are trying to back peddle. The ending statement is that the gym of Garland, Texas and College Station, Texas dropped the ball. Somewhere between the two, something was not done at the expense of me, and I am told that I will NOT get a refund, period. And, to top it all off, my membership agreement doesn't even have MY signature, it has my wife's signature. She has her own membership agreement, and hers does have her signature, mine does not, it has hers. What do I need to do to pursue this? This is wrong, underhanded, and shady, and I need to be reimbursed for their wrong doing that comes to over $800 in charges. Thank You, M*****
  8. My boyfriend of two years recently moved out of the house that I bought while we were together. We live in Texas and we have never claimed to be married. He has lived with me for two years. I bought a house in only my name and only using my credit a little over a year ago. He paid half of the bills but none of those bills were in his name, he just gave me cash every month. He is now claiming that he can get half of the house and everything I own because we were common law married in the eyes of Texas because we lived together for over a year, his driver's license address is the address at the house and he receives some of his mail there (he never filled out the change of address form through the post office). We had one piece of mail that was sent to Mr and Mrs from a furniture store but we never said that we were married and we never wrote down that we were, that was an error from the furniture company. We have no loans, checking or bank accounts together, we have no joint accounts. His name is not on anything having to do with the house or its bills. I paid for the house, closing costs and downpayment. Is there a way he can get my house or that I will have to owe him half of what I have?
  9. Judge granted a temporary injunction to prevent HOA from foreclosing on my property until separate lawsuit in regard to illegally charged fees by HOAs has been heard in separate court. HOA claims they were legal, although they stopped charging them, but still owe the prior ones. The injunction order specifically states that it is effect "until entry of final judgment or until the decision in the separate court is ruled on" The court date to hear the financial discrepancies regarding the HOA charges is not set until later this year due the backlog. However, the court ordered a Dismissal for Want of Prosecution hearing. What motion do I file to cancel the DWOP. From the advice I got from the court it is a filing that will require an Answer or will if no answer will result in a default judgment. Do I sue HOA in this court too for the overpaid fees I allege I made. Or with this being a temp injunction do I file for a permanent injunction to keep order in effect
  10. My husband might have another child with another women. We are not sure if it is his since he found out she was sleeping around with his cousin as well. She left him when she was pregnant and he didn't know she was pregnant until the baby was born. In between those months me and my husband started dating and that's when she called him to tell him she had "his baby". My husband never signed her birth certificate and he only saw the child three times because she got mad that i was there when he was with the baby. She is a crazy women had many people harass us. The child is about 9-10 years old now. My husband doesn't really want to see the child until she gets older. I don't blame him because the mother is crazy and she might make up all this lies just to make his life miserable (like child abuse, molestation, etc). We have 3 children together and i want to know how this will effect our income. We know that there is a day where he might have to pay child support. My question is how do they determine how much child support? i have a separate account with my name only with they take my money? How much back child support will he have to pay? Also, we have a saving account that we opened just for the child support, the account is under my husband name. Do they look into the bank accounts and if they see a lot of money do they make the child support more?
  11. Back round the grand kids are in Texas. Yesterday the cops came to the house for pot growing. Both parents were taking in to custody. As of right now grand kids are with grandparent there, but she can't take care of them. Yes C.P.S. is now involved. We spoke to cps. and told them that we can take them we are in AZ. They kind of hemmed & hall about it. They were inform that back in 2012-2014 that custody signed over to us by the parents. No cps involvement.We had them for about 18 months. # 1 How do we go about getting back in are custody we don't care if cps is involved. Or can we? The parents are willing to sign the kids over to us. The mother was not involved with the growing of the pot & she is clean but no one would test her. The cops clam she new it was there they charged her with 4 counts of felony child endangerment. He was put in prison for domestic violence when he beat her. She could not get rid of it she might get beat for. # 2 How do we go about getting the charge dropped? We don't have the $ for a lawyer. It seems to me that we shunted need one. Sorry this is all over the place still trying to my head around this. Thank You for your time Dogcatone out.
  12. A fire happened next door to us in a shopping strip, and it affected us and render the our space usable. Now currently we have not been able to use the space for close to 2 months, becos insurance of where the fire started still dragging and debating if they should fix or not.. Can I break my lease due to this incident, without any penalty on us and also get our full deposit back. We need to move on. Please respond asap.
  13. I was let go/fired after receiving a check for long term disability that I had been paying for at my place of employment. The reason for being off work was due to a broke leg that was taking its time in healing. My leg was almost healed, but not well enough to go back to work, but my short term disability had run out. After being encouraged by my employer to take the long term disability and receiving my first check, I was fired/let go .... Is that lawful for them to do??? .... I had no idea they would do that to me. I received 2 and a half months long term disability, the Dr. released me as being healed ... now I have no job. Just want to know if it was lawful for them to do this to me/
  14. In my court order it states under posession and access that a 60 day written notice is required for the one weekend per month visitation. All the other visitation such as Christmas, Spring Break, Ect., do not have this wording. Yet further in my agreement under the section "long distance access and visitation" it specifically states "It is ordered that the following provisions shall govern the arrangements for the travel of the child to and from the NCP. - Notice if Place and time of posession- It is ordered that, if NCP desires to take Posession of the child at an airport near NCP residence, NCP shall give CP 60 day notice of his intent to exercise each posession period, NCP shall give 14 days notice letter to CP of airline and flight information." All visitation happens out of state. My question is does the section "long distance access and visitation" make the 60 day notice a requirement for all designated periods of posession for the NCP? At first he was providing notice and as of the last 2 years notice has been as short as 10 days before a visit. I have worked with him over the years, and the child has never missed a visit. A family situation has arisen and I have called twice to insist he decide within the 60 day notice to exercise spring break, with no answer. We are now at 45 days, and I must travel out of state during that time and take the child with me if he chooses not to exercise spring break as he did not take the child last year. Do I have the right to deny this visit since no notice has been given and I have tried contacting him twice to arrange the visit? I must make arrangements for travel within the week and can not get a response from the NCP. Thank You
  15. lunchbox154


    I work for a very large local grocery here is austin texas. The branch i work at is in a outdoor mall and the mall has there own parking garage.They have a smoking policy in place that says that you must clock out remove all company logos and go smoke in the parking garage not owned by the company. They also have a policy that says we get two 15 min breaks or one 30 min break per 8 hour shift. I know and understand that here in texas the company doesnt have to provide breaks and can have a policy that doesnt allow people to smoke on site. my questions are these: 1. can the company tell me to clock out to leave the store property for any reason like smoking or getting a snack or going to my car while on "break"? 2. if so can they tell me where i can and can't go while clocked out? 3. is there a legal difference between a break and a smoke break? 4. the FLSA says the following "Rest periods of short duration, running from 5 minutes to about 20 minutes, are common in industry. They promote the efficiency of the employee and are customarily paid for as working time. They must be counted as hours worked. Compensable time of rest periods may not be offset against other working time such as compensable waiting time or on-call time. ( Mitchell v. Greinetz, 235 F. 2d 621, 13 W.H. Cases 3 (C.A. 10, 1956); Ballard v. Consolidated Steel Corp., Ltd., 61 F. Supp. 996 (S.D. Cal. 1945))" Does the use of the word "customarily" mean that they can worm out of paying me for the break?
  16. I forgot my license in my friends car so he brought it up to school for me as he his winter break finished. Turns out he gets pulled over by a cop and mistakenly hands the cop my license instead of his own. Granted it was an honest mistake and he was attempting to do me a favor by delivering it to me, I was wondering if there is anyway I can call the court and have this issue resolved.. Can I legally get it changed to his identification without getting him in trouble for identity theft or anything like that? Would y'all he just pays it off in my name?
  17. Hi , Im a 20 year old college student, my parents separate when i was 14 years old my mother open a case of child support against my father. My father most of the time didn't pay what was needed to be paid, about 4 years ago my mother got in a relationship with this man, him and i didn't get along because he was very violent against my mother and sometimes with me when i turned 18 my mother kick me out of the house because of the bad relationship him and i had, im currently living with my aunt. Recently my father started working and the child support case was still open because of all the money my father still owned, and my mother is spending all the money that there taking away from my father. my question is can i do something to end the case? since my mother is the one who can end it. Or can i do something so my father can transfer the money to me?
  18. I lied to the arresting officer and said everything was mine. Can I ask for a polygraph exam? I will pass. The guy that was with me is a career criminal and was out on parole (4mths) and his bail is set at $121,500.00. He can't pass a polygraph exam. However, his family has retained legal counsel. His lawyer called me and asked if I was going to help him? I said NO, I had helped him all I was going to. I have lost my vehicle, place of residence and the trust and respect of my family and friends. At this time, the Judge has not accepted my application for a court appointed lawyer. She believes my answers to be dishonest. I claimed no assets.When the Judge asked if I owned a bed I said yes. She noticed the costume jewelry I was wearing and said I didn't claim it on the application either. To me an asset is something of value. My 20 yr old mattress is worth what and to who. My jewelry was maybe worth $100.00. I don't own any diamonds, rubies anything that is valuable and would be an asset. My question is Am I going to get a court appointed attorney? I thought it was my right, Miranda right... In closing, how bad is this? My arrest record is: DWI 35 years ago, and a drug charge (empty bag of cocaine) that was dismissed 8 years ago. I have no warrants and I have told the Judge I was proactive in finding that I'm eligible for the Star of Hope program when I can prove my sobriety for 30 days. I have to do this by going to rehab. The program will provide housing, meals, transportation and classes to help me get back to work and taking care of myself. This is my goal. I want this so badly to go to the program and graduate. I had hoped to go on my own accord and not because it was court ordered.
  19. Hello and thank you for any legal advice that is given. I take care of a friend who has been diagnosed with manic depression. When she first moved into her apartment it was owned by another company. she lived there for 1 year and had zero problems. that she knew of at least. When her lease ended she signed another year lease. Not knowing that the company intended on selling it to some one else. The first owner stopped taking care of there properties, Multiple tenants including her neighbor and her noticed the problems but had no idea why all of sudden they were being ignored threw phone calls and emails. 3 months later the company sold it to a larger apartment company. This is when my friend started to be emotionally, physically, and financially attacked by the new apartment manager. This house now caused my friend to slip into a manic state. Where she first attempted to pay some one from craigslist to cut her open. And speaking of suicide. before this happened she had been doing really well. making big strides with her illness taking all of her medication. The first thing that happened was she had been having problems with her AC unit constantly since the very first day she moved in down to the end of when they sold the property. She had made about 5-6 phone calls to maintenance during the time of the sale and was ignored. so i made sure to contact them as well. nothing happened for 3 months then she found out that it had been sold to the larger company. I looked up the company any found out from everything i could read were good landlords and took very good care of there tenants. which she was happy to hear. i also made sure i contacted the new maintenance and let them know. The way the made it sound was that the former company disregarded not just her calls but the hole properties issues including her neighbor who complained of water leaks in her bathroom under her tub for 4 months. They told me that it wouldn't be for a few days until they could get to her AC. because there were more important issues that needed to be taken care of but assured that it would be taken care of. They finally came by one day and filled the AC unit with Freon and said it was fixed. Which is what the previous landlord would say. So i did some research about AC units. and costs. because her bill for a small 1 bedroom hit as high as 300$. which she was already paying 800$ dollars for an "UPGRADED" apartment. her bills reached over 1300$ one month. I knew this was insane because i lived in 2 bedroom. where my rent was the same and my AC Bill is around 60-90 dollars. I contacted the manager and demanded that she come down and take a look at the unit with me. from a nationally recognized website for heating and air. he AC unit was incorrectly installed. and instead of correcting the pipes that were installed into the building they just pinched the pipes around the pipes in order to make them fit. I also showed her that the unit was not leveled and that i could lift it off the ground with one hand. She was very rude to me tell me that it was correct but she would have some one install a new one anyways. The next day the land lord placed a lease violation on onto a nabors door for her. that stated she had broken her lease by having a man live there with her. Meaning me her caregiver. she also received another lease violation another 3 days later saying she was seen walking her dog and didn't pick up after the dog. I thought this was so absurd i could not deal with this women any longer. i had to go above her head. In the mean time the neighbor who had been complaining of leaking water was out of town. When that leak exploded ruining there entire apartment. the entire buildings water was turned off for i think a total of 6-8 days. I had became good friends with her neighbors, if ever incase an emergency they would contact me. sadly while they were gone i could not do the same because they only had my number. i mean when they returned home from a vacation they were met with all of there belongings thrown out on the patio and leaking water everywhere, The neighbor is and was currently pregnant and a very sweet women, When she first contacted the office manager in person she was told that she had no idea of this even happening in her words "the first time i'm hearing any of this" , She was told she would be responsible for the damages and her insurance will pay for it. not them. she told her how she had called the old company for 3 months and then made calls to the new one as well. then she asked where they would be staying at while they worked on there apartment. she was told that she was not responsible and would not be making any accommodations for her. she said that she broke down in tears at this point. im a full grown man, i just might have as well. so she was forced to stay with her father for a day before she could get ahold of a manager above her. that offered her a place to stay on the property. i told her i would help her in anyway. i saw the explosion of water i saw how they handled it. So her neighbor called the city since the building was going without water for such a long time. They miss drilled 4 holes in the womens small 1 bedroom apartment before they found the leak. which they claimed they couldn't find without a special detection tool. which worked real well 4 holes later. none of which was in the the same room. she invited me to see this. one was in the closet , the next in the kitchen , 3rd in there room , and the 4th under the washer and drier where they found the hole. coincidentally is back to back with the bathtub, where she heard the running water. now when she called the city, the city said that the buildings water showed as if it was on. we both checked the water in each building and it was most definitely not on. this was 2 days by the time she had made the call. so this company was turning the water on, but not usable in the buildings, so they wouldn't be fined. she made a complain with the city, and that continued for another 6 days. My friend was having to use my facilities to bath and get ready for work. I stopped by on the night they said it would be fixed to make sure. I spoke to plumbers and they said it was all clear. good to go. so i told my friend to call the office and ask for them to turn the water on and have the boiler turned on for hot water. i then left and went home. she called me a about 5 hours later around 10 saying it had not been turned on, that the office told her they would call her right back and have it done, and call her when it was finished. which didn't get done. I told her to go ahead and go to sleep and call down there in the morning. the next day she was meat with rudeness, saying it wasn't yet open to call back in 4 minutes when it was, when she called back no one answered. so she just went down there. she asked to speak with her in front of some customers because she was not being acknowledged what so ever. the women snapped on her. saying how she was running a business. my friend said i have been cool with this hole no water thing the hole time, so your going to speak with me now. she said the water was fixed but still not working. could she please have it taken care of, she said once again "this is the first im hearing of this" due to her being in front of customers. that she would have some one down there right away. As she turned to walk out the door, the manager replied to her customers, "wow some one must be having a bad day" while my friend was still in the room. This is when things got really bad. I stepped in and emailed her apartment managers manager. i thought this would solve the problem. it had to after all i wasn;t some man stay with her, i was her caregiver and friend. i had my own apartment. how ever i was on her lease. because i had to have a parking permit on my car. which meant i had to have a background check just like anyone else on the lease. how ever it seemed to have vanished into thin air. but i was so sure that this women was going to lose her job after all these things. after all i read such great things about the company how could they possibly allow this to go on. i sent in the email and to contact the tenant my friend since i was the caregiver. after they spoke she reasured her that all this would stop. Nothing stopped. it got worse. i was over there helping her set a up a new computer. when we heard some one trying to open her door with keys. erratically yelling management , you forgot to pay your rent , over and over. she went and opened the door and at the top of her lungs yells you didn't pay your rent. My friend says i payed you on the first, you gave me a receipt for it, she said well do you have it? she said you don't keep copies of your own receipts she said ok whatever, handed her another lease violation for the dog. she asked me what she should do. i really didn't know what to do. she also claimed that the manager almost hit her with a golf cart while she was stopped not looking or stopping. this was getting extreme. i thought firstly i needed to help her, she was starting to lax on the dog, but only because of all this pressure. people who suffer from manic depression can not handle this kind of pressure. thats why i was there. i offered to find the dog a home. and that we would get her out of this place and into something with her own backyard. paying 1300 she should have a house after all. i reassured her it was going to be hard. but it would all work out. and i did find an owner that day for the puppy. By this time the neighbor's apartment is getting back to normal. she invited me over to see what had been just dirt and holes before. i was shocked there i stood in my friends apartment. but it looked nothing like hers. she had thick nice carpet, nicer counter tops new appliances, nickel finished everything, deep dark wood flooring, and the bathroom was the same, every single room. i asked her was it like this before she said yeah , is hers not like this. i still was shocked. i said do you mind if i ask what you pay in rent? after all they both moved in within 2 months of each other. she said 589$. after all this. i find out she has been paying double the rent without any of these upgrades for the past year. I was so angry for my friend. i grabbed her and said we are going to the office. i explained everything as we walked up there. all she could do was shake her head. when we got up to the office. i started to talk to the women in the first office very politly when comes in the office manager from the next room. like a wild bull and says to me "what do you need now?" i said call your manager. i will not speak with you. she said in a smug voice i am the manager. i stood up so fast and yelled call her now! She got on the phone with her. and made up some lie about how i was all crazy and making a huge deal. anyways i thought this was going to finally change. she gets there and tries to take me into that woman's office. i said oh no. we need to talk some where else this is just going to cause problems. iv been a manager i know how to defuse situations. she says she wont speak to me without her cus she is her building manager. i said ok that's fine. after all this was for my friend. i put all things aside and went in there and explained everything, and then i asked to see the pricing that they offered new customers. she says "i am not showing you anything, turns to my friend and says since he is not on your lease i will not speak with him. as far as your rent were not changing it or reimbursing you for the past year, you signed the contract after seeing your apartment which makes it final." . I was 1000% sure was wrong. i said i was here first of all when she looked at the apartment. she was shown an un upgraded apartment and described what would be there. i said i have signed at least 3 leases that i never saw the apartment doesn't mean you can put whatever you want in it and that's that. she said i refuse to speak with you. i looked her in the eye and said i will make sure you pay for this. we are getting a lawyer. she said good and i'm calling the cops your not allowed on this properties anymore. Lets put it this way. i dont even have a single speeding ticket. or a traffic violation. but yet when the cops got there these women told the cops they felt endangered that i they thought i would become physical, or come after them. i knew that none of this was good for my friend. i had tried to handle everything the best way i knew how. i told her to go home and i would call her later with a plan. so i looked up all kinds of information. on this company on how to contact them and some lawyers then i called my friend. She said to me "I cant handle all this stress, im just going to leave it alone and continue paying my rent as is." i agreed i would drop it. I am there to help her, but yet i felt like everything i was doing was making it worse". i felt terrible. Couple weeks goes by and she calls me hysterical and asked me to come over. its around 11-12 pm. when i get there she tells me a story. and i knew it. she was manic and off her meds. She had found a man on craigslist that said he was a dominant male poster, and he agreed to being paid money for it. her story was horrible. she said he blind folded her and raped her, and had other guys raping her. when it came time for her to get cut he started crying and said he couldn't do that to her. she did have a cut on her back as if some one started to cut her. i told her to grab her. we were going to the police and then to my house where she could stay, and the next day we would see her psychologist and gynecologist for an std test. Her psychologist agreed that she was manic gave her meds and said she would be ok in about 7 days of the medicine, i try and always go to her dr appointments with her. she has trouble saying how she feels or much of anything some times. then to the gynecologist. for those tests. of course that she wouldn't know for 2 weeks, which is more stress. she took one dose of the meds that i saw, then im not sure she took anymore after that she says she didn't. i cant force meds on her. thats not what i'm there for. i never push anything on her. even when i wanted to go to the police or at the very least call the guy and beat his ass. i couldn't do that. i cant break her trust. or she wont ever come to me for help. she seemed to be getting better. then on 1/01/2015 the day of rent. she receives her rent on her door. which i'm looking at right in front of me her month before rent and a negative amount do. of -25 dollars. then it says her bill is 927. subtract the 25 and her bill is 906. she already went shopping for food. payed her phone bill. and still had 1015. in her bank account. there is a problem on her bill though. in handwriting the bill says damages +125 dollars. no reason , no information on the frost or back. but its totalled up 1031.85. she is so afraid of this women. manic and doesnt call me about this. she just asked her mom could she wire her 200$. she agreed . so she called the office and says can she pay rent on thursday because she cant afford all of it. which she could have. easily. there is no way that they can charge her the day of rent being do another 125 and expect it to be paid. but at this point she gets worse she is off all meds. and not talking to me. she is out with a friend from highschool who she hangs out with every time she goes manic. and causes nothing but problems. i guess one night her friend called the the apartment manager saying she hit a car and to call the police. today i come by to see her and she is freaking out. she says she went up to the front office and asked the apartment manager what she owed in total. she is then told she will not except her payment that she causes to many problems. 1 problem was when they called the police on me. which was ridiculous , 2 was her friend she said. and the 3rd time was that she called the city and got them fined. for the water. which i know wasn't her for a fact cus the lady next door told me she did that. and even if she did do that its her right to call for not having water for 6-8 days. they can not penalize her for that. this women scared her out of paying her rent. her rent that was 200$ more then her neighbor for none of the upgrades tacked on another 125$, then tells her she wont except her rent after she told her on thursday it would be fine. tomorrow my plan is to call the corporate office, which i got from her neighbor, i'm calling the apartment association, i have her neighbors numbers for for contact information. but i need to know legally. how do i get rid of this women. has she broken any laws for harassment to some one with a mental health condition. they do know that she does i told the apartment managers manager that she has one. she has pushed her into suicide begging me to kill her after she was raped, badgered her into losing her dog, harassed her for extra money, lease violations, without this women doing all this. she would be doing great and still had her dog. i want to sue this company for risking her life. over this woman's childish game. both management have not helped out in anyway, they only made it worse for her. please please please tell me there is something legally i can do. she is close to 40 my friend is 21 years old. one last thing i forgot to mention when i went up to the office i asked for 2 things. 1 was for her to be reimbursed and also her rent be taken down which you already know they told her no. but i also asked if not can she be let out of her lease. they also said no. but now she is being told she is a problem and she has 2 days to move before she gets evicted. again thank you for any help. And if there isnt a law in place to protect her from this kind of thing. There needs to be. cus let me tell you what if that manager was man then i could have handled this along time ago. but its a conniving backstabbing women. please! its late im going to bed but i look forward to waking up to something good coming out of all this for her. she is so very sweet. she did not deserve this.
  20. What is required of the medical professional/physician in reporting infant or fetal death? Does the coroner or JP have to be notified in Texas?
  21. Can they go around letting people hear there voicemails and also accuse someone of having a criminal record when they don't but they place the child in custody of a person that does have a criminal record and can't be around his own child unless supervised please help
  22. i have two children ages 10 and 12. I was divorced five years ago in Texas, and the children's father didn't bother to appear in court for the divorce hearing. I was granted my divorce, and the managing conservator rights for the children. Their father was granted the non conservator rights. We have a standard joint managing custody order. At the time of the divorce I lived in a different county then I do now, and since he decided to move to another state and not come to court. I requested that there be no geographically restriction be placed upon me. I later learned her remarried about six months after our divorce was final. About three years went by and their father moved from one state to another.He did not notify the courts of any address change during this time but the attorney general's office was aware of his address's because at that time he was paying his child support on a regular basis. I can only remember one time that he fell into contempt for not paying his child support but quickly resolved the issue during that period. He did however take out insurance medical policy's on the children and would not send the information to me. Then later he would threaten to turn me in for being on assistants programs while he carried these policies. I was unsure how to go about my legal rights. In the forth year, I was remarried. He decided to move back to the county that I had filled a divorce in and they still have legal jurisdiction on our case. This is when the children's father decided that the children needed to come live with him. He first stopped paying his child support for almost a year and a half. The children have a lot of medical issues, and they are severe issues which forced me to keep them on assistants from the state. One child is on disability while the other I am still in appeals with at the moment. The second thing he did was start calling child protective services on me and filling false allegations against me and my new husband. The allegations were ruled out and have been closed. He would send the police to my home to check on the children even though he was not exercising his full custody rights. He only comes on holidays, spring break, and summer. After he called cps, he then filled to modify the parent child relationship on both children. I was never served and had no knowledge he had filled this. I called the attorney's general office several times asking how could I get him to pay his child support. Finally my sister advised me to call them up and verbally request that they file legal action on him for being in contempt of court. So, I did this. And for any of you mothers or fathers that are having trouble getting your child support into legal action.....this actually worked. They filed on him to enforce child support and to get my case transferred to the county I live in now within a month. I went to the first hearing and he had not been served. Before the second hearing I was served with the paperwork on the motion to modify the parent child relationship and this hearing was before the second hearing on the child support. I went to motion to modify the parent child relationship, and the judge saw were the attorney's general office also had a case open. The judge said he was suppose to notify the AG office and he had not. So they brought in an attorney for the attorney general office. The judge said that he could not proceed with the motion to modify the child relationship because the ag was involved and that he had to have proper notification of such hearing. The children's father was asked if he wanted to wave his rights to be served and continue the hearing and he objected. So he told him that he would half to reset his hearing on the modification for the parent child relationship. I have read that he has to be given 10 days after he is served before he has to appear in the child support case. At that hearing child support hearing there is a motion to transfer the case as well but they reset the modification hearing until next month. I am without an attorney. He did start paying child support again right after the ag filled on him. Both children have stated they do not want to live with him but still want to continue their visitations with their father. Before we seen the judge, he sent me a text message asking if I wanted to try to make an agreement before we spoke to him. My response was no because it would be his terms or nothing. His reply was that it was time for one of the children to go live with him and since our son was now 12 he could decide who he wanted to live with now and that our daughter still had another year to make that decision. In other words if I let my son go live with him he would let me keep our daughter. The children have expressed to me that they do not want to be separated. I am unsure on what I need to file as a respondent. My husband and I live paychecks to paychecks. i do not work because both children have an unusual amount of doctor visits. I guess my question is what should I do from this point. The child support hearing is next week. What will happen in that hearing/
  23. My husband and myself have multiple rental properties. My husband is a perfectionist, and even though the houses are not that great, when we are done fixing up for renting they are a standard he would feel good about living in himself. We spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning the existing carpet when we first purchased the house. Just last week, one of the two tenants turned over the key to the house. The other tenant moved out unexpectedly just a few weeks prior. The carpet is in unreasonable condition, insanely dirty, like there was a car disassembled in the living room, burn marks from smoking(not allowed). Two doors inside were kicked-in at the bottom, and or chewed on(from unauthorized pet). Heaters stolen/ broken(cord chewed off from unauthorized pet), as well as an ac wall unit stolen. And bathroom knob missing, not just broken, but missing. We would of fixed that in heartbeat while they were renting! Of the two renters, the male one that left early calls with his number blocked. So we can not get ahold of him. The second, the female said she would pay for all the damages/do the work, and we wouldn't sue/go to collections. But she has not purchased a thing for a week. Regarding the damages, is it divided evenly(50/50) between the male and female, or are both considered liable for the full amount? I used to work at an apartment complex, and the property manager would say that all tenants were liable for the full amount till it was paid off. The female tenant just messaged my husband saying she talked to a lawyer, and that she should only pay half, so now my husband and I are worried. I was perusing chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code, and could not find a answer to this.
  24. Months back my daughter went to the emergency room she was having seizures and was throwing up everything she ate she's 7 months old. They asked me if she had any recent accidents because she had bleesing in her brain .and she did. Her 1 year old cuzin had flipped her over from her car seat and fell on to tile floor. Cps and HPD investigated us and they were just about to close a case. Then my daughter started spitting up again about a month later so I took her to the emergency room. They again diagnosed her with new bleeding in her brain and now NEW bleeding behind her eyes. The doctors asked how it got there but we have no idea completely clueless we were extra careful with our baby but the hospital says it was shaken baby syndrome. I have NEVeR shaken her. Now Cps took our kids were on the verge of getting them back thankfully but now HPD says we have to wait and see what the district attorney says. If we get procecuted or not. My question is will we be charged will we ever get our kids back?? Will we go to jail over being falsly accused is the doctors record enough to put us in jail. The only evidence they have is the doctors evidence Cps says they don't see neclect
  25. I am living in texas, and i am paying for child support and back child support for 1 child and I do not mind paying child support but I am just needing to get my payments reduced i am not making what i use to make and cannot afford to pay for this and take care of my 1 year old daughter who i have with a different woman, They are taking out $880 from my biweekly paychecks and I have recently been layed of so I just got a new job and I barley make $$2000 a month.... My payments were based off my past 2 years of tax returns and previous employers, and i am in an industry were my hours and work fluxuates and right now I am in a bad spot and looks like I will be here for a while work wise. I was told by the custodial parent she will not sign anything to let me reduce my payments, that I need to suffer like she has suffered the past 5 years and we should not have had a daughter if I couldnt pay for or be a dad to the one I already have...I have done all I could do we live 6 hours apart i have offered to pay for gas, hotels, etc... and went down as often as possible to see him and sent money all the time. She also has never worked, lives with a family member, no bills, HAD him on government assistance snap, Medicade, WIC. And decided she didnt want to do all the paper work so wants me to pay for health care which I cant afford and cant even afford it for my daughter who is on medicade... Can I ask if she can get him back on medicade because its free for both of us? Im not on insurance due to not being able to afford it. I dont want to go to court over this I just want my payments to go down low enough to were me my fiance and baby can survive while paying her, Also, if I claim my daughter and fiance on my taxes will they take all of my taxes because of back child support or just a portion? My daughter and fiance's money should not go to her in my opinion it for them not me or her,,, I am trying to do the right thing but got screwed in the mediation she said she wanted to take me for everythin I had, and doesnt care what happens to me or my family. If our payments do not get lowered we will end up homeless and I cannot do that to my daughter. I understand she needs help and i am paying her but she also needs to not being rude but get off her lazy butt and go to work.,,, she is 31 yrs old and i am 25.... shes living for free and lately for free and off my child support n back child support. Im doing my part why am I being punished for giving her cash the past few years and have no reciepts so she lied and said i never helped which is such BS. I am by no means #1 dad but I gave her ALOT of money and now she woke up one day and decided to take everything she could from me after 5 almost 6 years. What should I write, or any advice on what to mention or write on my review to help my family out so we do not become homeless because she wants me to suffer. I do not have the time nor money to drive back down there to go to court because i am trying to work as much as i can and when im not working im stuck because i have no money. PLEASE HELP ME just dont want my daughter to suffer she doesnt deserve to suffer from my mistakes nor my fiance
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